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  • Summary: Once, the lands were ripe with warriors of renowned skill, all lusting for glory and fortune through their mastery of swordplay. The king, a wise ruler with keen insight on keeping his subjects happy, decided that these fighters should do battle not in dingy back alleys and rat infested warehouses like they were used to, but rather they should be able to showcase their aptitude in an officially sanctioned environment. And so the great Arena was built, and the official Coliseum League was birthed. The sport soon became massively popular. From thousands of leagues away, from every walk of life, the citizenry of the kingdom came to witness the carnage in the arena and cheer on their favorite gladiators. And as in any organized professional sport, there were those that managed the teams of warriors. In a sport where the loser is carted off to feed the crows being a manager is no easy task. Warriors must be carefully groomed for battle. Training is an always ongoing process, and when training doesn't seem to be providing the edge managers may turn to dark sorceries and alchemy. In the end, all of this may be for naught, as old age is still the ultimate leveler of man... In Stormcloud Creations' Coliseum players will get the chance to become those managers. You'll guide three young warriors and with rigorous training, and a little dose of the Gods own luck, transform them into seasoned veterans of the Coliseum circuit. [Shrapnel Games] Expand
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  1. You can learn as you go, but this game is too simple and may have been an enjoyable experience if there was online support with tournaments and fees for entering them, with substantial rewards. As a single-player game, it is too simple and too limited.
  2. Doesn’t feel interactive enough to be deeply involving. Much faster, higher level seasons or far more options are needed to make the Coliseum exciting.
  3. It’s flawed and it’s buggy, and there just isn’t enough to do in the game to make it fun.
  4. Surprisingly dull and is lacking in both personality and depth...Sloppy, shallow, and ultimately forgettable, the game never lives up to its undeniably catchy concept.
  5. This game got repetitious after about 15 minutes and downright treadmill-like within a half-hour. The emperor's verdict: Thumb down. [May 2004, p.71]
  6. A text-based, gladiator management sim, Coliseum asks the question, "How long can you last?" The correct answer is: Long enough to get a real, wicked, #%*!-ing headache.
  7. This game was state of the art… in 1983. Now it's just a waste of time and money. You’re better off dusting off the old 5.25 disks and playing one of them.

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