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Summary: Set in a gritty, high-tech world C&C utilizes electronic intelligence and covert surveillance to determine who reigns supreme. Join the forces of either the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or the Brotherhood of Nod, and fight for what you feel is right. [Westwood]
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Rating: T
Developer: Westwood Studios
Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Command
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Animated Violence
Cast Credit
Kia Huntzinger Cast- Voice Of Eva
Joseph D. Kucan Kane
Joseph D. Kucan Kane
Jeff Brown Programmer
Bhavin Patel Artist
Bhavin Patel Cast- Nod Soldier #1
Maria Del Mar McCready Programmer
Frank Klepacki Soundtrack
Frank Klepacki Soundtrack
Frank Klepacki Soundtrack
Frank Klepacki Soundtrack
Dwight K. Okahara Sound Effects
Paul Mudra Cast- Voice Of In-Game Infantry
Eric Gooch Cast- Seth
Eric Gooch Video And Film
Eric Gooch Video And Film
Eric Gooch Video And Film
Steve Wetherill Technical Direction
Ed Del Castillo Cast- Nod Cyberspace Soldiers
Ed Del Castillo Producer
Ed Del Castillo Producer
Joe Bostic Concept
Joe Bostic Programmer
Barry Green Programmer
Steve Tall Lead Programmer
Phil Gorrow Lead Programmer
Bill Randolph Programmer
Michael Lightner Cast- GDI Soldier #2
Erik Yeo Lead Designer
Chris Demers Artist
Matthew Hansel Lead Artist
Damon Redmond Artist
Felix Kupis Film Editing
Felix Kupis Video And Film
Dwight Okahara Cast- Voice Of In-Game Vehicle Personnel
Eric Wang Technical Direction
Chris Rubyor Cast- Nod Soldier #4
Brett W. Sperry Concept
Brett W. Sperry Executive Producer
Jack Martin Artist
Rick Gush Cast- Other Voices
Elie Arabian Cast- Voice Of In-Game Vehicle Personnel
Ron Smith Screenplay
Richard Smith Cast- Dr. Mobius
Rob Sandberg Cast- Voice Of In-Game Infantry
Paul S. Mudra Audio Direction
Eydie Laramore Concept
Eydie Laramore Story
Bill Collins Cast- Carter
Ted Morris Cast- Nod Communications Officer
Eric Randall Cast- Greg Burdette
David R. Dettmer Programmer
Denzil E. Long Jr. Programmer
Cameron Chun Artist
Aaron Powell Cast- GDI Soldier #1
Aaron Powell Lead Artist
Joseph Hewitt IV Artist
Shelly Josnson Artist
Nick Desomov Artist
Ren Olson Artist
Joseph Kucan Cast- Kane
Joseph Kucan Casting And Direction
Paul Bastardo Cast- Nod Soldier #3
Paul Bastardo Grip And Prop Master
Eric Martin Cast- General Sheppard
Wendy Bagger Cast- Morelli
R.C. Favero Cast- Science Show Host
Marcia Swayze Cast- Female Reporter
Ian Pugh Cast- Nod Cyberspace Soldiers
Ian Pugh Cast- Nod Panicked Soldier
Jeff Fillhaber Cast- Voice Of Yelling Interrogator
Jason Buchanan Cast- Other Voices
Elsbeth Wetherill Cast- Other Voices
Clifford Davis Cast- Other Voices
Penina Finger Cast- Other Voices
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