• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Sep 13, 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 958 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 45 out of 958

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  1. Mar 31, 2012
    Still playing it in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Apr 7, 2012
    This game is from 2006 yet i dont know a RTS with better graphics.
    Yet i dont know a game with more strategy.
    Yet i dont know a game with more mods.
    Yet i dont know a game with better dynamic combat.
    This is a underrated masterpiece!!
  3. Oct 14, 2011
    This is probably one of the fewest games that defines real-time strategy. This would have been called the Call of Duty RTS game of the century. Excellent graphics, content, story and cinematics make this unique game far better than all the others. Slow gameplay, less FPS usage, less missions, numerous balance issues and big patches are the drawbacks.
  4. Sep 20, 2010
    I have played a lot of RTS (Close Combat, Star Craft, Warcraft I-III, World in Conflict, to name a few), Company of Heroes is the most polished and innovative that I have played. As many have noted the graphics in this game are top notch. The frantic and non-stop action of the game requires a great deal of thought rewarding both the quick and the intelligent. If you enjoy RTS's, you will love this game. Expand
  5. Jan 2, 2012
    This is the best RTS I've ever played, and yeah that's counting Starcraft. I've played over 300 of this game with my friends alone. About another 150 hours on my own, if you want a great RTS this is the game to get especially since it's $10 on steam without specials. Personally not a big fan of the expansions though, which are basically required for multiplayer other than with friends.

    Unit AI, works just fine for those who complain about it are just clicking and forgetting to much. Sure it's not perfect but to give this game a 4 because of it is down right stupid.

    I've also noticed this game has a major historical inaccuracy that greatly effects gameplay. (I assume for balance reasons) Historically during WWII the only tanks that could turn in place was the Panther and Tiger tanks (and a few related versions of those tanks), while no other tanks could do this, but in CoH all tanks can do that. Once again I'll assume it's for balance reasons because the allies would lose a lot more often than necessary.
  6. Nov 5, 2011
    best strategy game ever. really good and cant stop playing it. tanks are wonderful and taking enemy machine guns and vehicles are so fantastic. i gave it 10 since its best for me
  7. Jan 16, 2012
    Best RTS game ever. It's really realistic with lots of actions. Controlling tanks and spuads of troops to destroy the enemies. Campaign has good varieties of missions, like defending or attack with paratroopers. Skirmish and multiplayer can give you endless actions. I especially like 4 vs 4, because it requires teamwork and you can rely on your ally to help you. This is a really amazing game.
  8. Mar 7, 2013
    Never has the RTS genre seen anything like this. Company of Heroes is rightfully, the highest rated game of its kind. And to this day, no other game in the likes holds a candle to its gameplay and tactical immersion. Every battle is something new and exciting, this is one of those games that never gets old.
  9. Feb 25, 2011
    This is my second favorite game of all time, and I'm still playing it long after I gave up my favorite game of all time (Battlefield 2). It's probably one of the most replayable games of all time. It keeps things relatively simple yet provides endless ways to play.
  10. Mar 13, 2011
    Definitely best game ever, much better than so many other RTS as theres much more to think about, much more tactical play, and awesome replayability, Fave game still after over five years
  11. May 15, 2011
    This is the greatest game WW2 RTS ever made. Its graphics and ganmeplay are mind blowing and with updates its even better. I hope this franchise is expanded
  12. Apr 9, 2012
    A jaunt through the multi and even single-player modes of this game will lead you to the inevitable conclusion that this is the greatest and most innovative RTS of all time, no questions asked.

    The gameplay is infinitely replayable, terrain truly matters, and the micro is so detailed without ever becoming overwhelming or tedious. This is a game that makes full use of its available

    Most of all, mastering this game requires intelligence, not block-headed keyboard mashing. If you still haven't bought this yet, it's on Amazon for $14. Why don't you own it?
  13. Jul 29, 2011
    I have played this extensively and YES the graphics and sound effects are AMAZING, and is mostly good for massive battles and intense firefights. I give it a 10 because I have not once gotten bored of it over the last 4 years I've had it. Great game, AI needs some work, I highly recommend this game. P.S. Anyone who rated this game badly never gave it a BIT of a chance, don't listen to them please.
  14. Sep 2, 2011
    Hell of a game. It's 5 years old, but still very good looking, unrivalled gameplay. Squad based infantry, very tactical because you can cut off important strategy points. Excellent cover system. Great tank mechanics. factions are very good balanced. Mulitplayer still totally vivid. On weekend there are more then 8000 players online. Great for a 5 year old game.
  15. Aug 10, 2012
    love this game. the system works well and the enemies offer a challenge. the games upgrade system feels satisfying and doesn't feel a worthless waste of points. I enjoyed the game from beginning to end and will consider buying the sequel when I've finished the game I'm playing now
  16. Sep 12, 2012
    You know what? This is one of those few non-crappy RTSs I ever played. The gameplay is addicting, i barely see any flaws. THQ you did a really good job.
  17. Sep 8, 2012
    "It's like Dawn of War in WW2!" More like improved version of Dawn of War. And there's nothing bad about it right now. Yeah, sometimes it's actually good to keep very similiar gameplay! Take that C- oh wait I hate that game too... The gameplay is very similiar to Dawn of War (Not in a bad way) but the additions improve the gameplay a lot and add more depth. Since there are now three different kind of control points to capture, it's now more important to decide what you want to capture first. It also adds more dirty things to do like stealing the ammunation points to prevent enemy from spamming artillery strikes. Add the fact that you need to keep control points around it secured to make use of the resources you get, there are a lot more things to do to stop the enemy. The gameplay is the most intense I've encountered in a strategy game. Playing 3vs3 is simply amazing in this game. This game is definently one of the best strategy games released. The gameplay is great and was improved from Dawn of War in right places with very good additions. You DON'T avoid this game. You'll buy this game, play 3vs3 (Or 4vs4 and such), and have a lot of fun. 24/7. Expand
  18. Aug 14, 2010
    The best RTS ever made, without question - no game, not even simulators like Theatre of War approach the depth and variety of CoH. One of the few games that gives you such options in battle, and is the only RTS where you can truly use and manipulate terrain and neutral world structures to turn the tide of battle. Use a howitzer to create a heavy cover point for advancing infantry? You bet. Build your own cover? Sandbags coming right upt. That hedgerow blocking your advance? Not if my demolition pack has anything to say.

    No RTS game approaches the sheer variety, depth and brilliance of CoH. I've been playing since release and it still amazes me the new strategies and environmental tactics that pop up.

    A master work of game design, no RTS fan should miss it.
  19. Oct 10, 2010
    This game is the best rts i'v seen because its more tactical than most of the rts where you win is who has the most units this rts its how you play the units not how many anyway I find this a good game! =3
  20. Jul 3, 2013
    Best RTS ever. Great multiplayer play as well as single player skirmish vs. the computer. The support for this game has gone down hill so if you plan on playing online ask the community how the game is being supported on steam(7/13). Worth it just for playing single player if you can get it cheap. There are replays on you tube.
  21. Jan 12, 2011
    I've had this game for a few years now and have all the expansions. I have played through all the campaigns now a total of 3 times and still enjoy loading this up every now and then. It is perhaps one of the best rts games ever made. I really like the idea of being able to have my infantry take cover and get an advantage on the field. I really like not having to mine or collect resources. The fact that you have to take over territories and hold on to them is a great concept and makes the game much more fun to play. It seems that the all sides are good and balanced. The graphics and special effects look fantastic on a good gaming system. One thing that I find annoying though is the AI at times. Path finding seems to be good for the most part, but sometimes your troops will just stand there and take a beating from an enemy mortar team and you have to baby sit them (though they do have the smarts to go for cover when someone is shooting at them). It would be nice if they would automatically retreat back out of range when this happens instead of just standing there like a bunch of idiots (or lying down on the ground as if that is going to help). When playing against a computer player even on a normal setting the computer player seems to obtain far more resources faster then you do....so if there is nothing in the way to slow it down (blown bridges) the computer will just run you over with wave after wave all the while taking all your territory from you faster than you say "cheatinsob!"....over all it is a great game to play if you like RTS games (especially World War 2 ones), and though I have yet to play against a human player I'm sure it would be fun. Expand
  22. Sep 8, 2011
    Best RTS ever. I've played every RTS on PC from Warcraft 1 to Starcraft 2, the DoW series, and the Total War games. This one shames them in all. In terms of gameplay, graphics, fun, and orginality, nothing has and I seriously doubt anything ever will surpass this game. Smart AI, great graphics and physics, awesome voice acting, endless maps and content. There is literally nothing more you can ask for. Expand
  23. Jan 22, 2013
    *Best strategy and tactics game ever! I just bought this in Dec 2012 and have logged more than 200 hours on it. Strategy games are my main interest with computer games and I have played some great ones. Warrior Kings Battles had some epic combined-arms tactics with interesting terrain and base building. Starcraft was OK for its time but was very limited and led to mono-tactics. CoH, and its fine expansion-packs, have set the bar so high that no game has been able to surpass it. The single player game is a fine tutorial and it has high production values and a logical progression. However, the game was designed around the PvP match, and it is very well thought out. There is an amazing variety of tactical options available with three distinct disciplines to choose from within each faction. (4 factions if you have both the expansions) Even still you will find that every player has a unique style that can be seen in their play. The game is about figuring out what your opponent is up to then foiling their plans. This does not boil down to 'this unit beats that unit' like so many other games. With CoH the player can react on the fly, fake out & misdirect, apply their 'brilliant plan' or devise a counter strategy when needed. Anything you can imagine can be attempted. *Many of the so-called 'bugs' are actually signs of extensive testing and debate by the studio. If your AT gun won't face to counter attack it is because you told him to guard the road. This is the army...units are supposed to follow orders, not decide what they feel like doing. Reacting to their pleas for refacing is your job...it's called micro. *The PvP has very little trash-talking compared to shooter games and there is an active community. Automatches will find you an opponent that is at the same level as you and game-play avoids abusive base-rushes and snowballing. Battles will often go back and forth leaving victory up for grabs until the very end. Solid design. Huge detail. The voice acting is great with accents and period-specific & regionally accurate colloquialisms. (Canadian soldiers with authentic Quebecois and Newfie accents.) Oh, and almost every significant unit type from WW2 is beautifully modeled with the actual abilities associated with them. The statistics for the weapon systems are modeled with amazing accuracy only being altered to maintain balance in the game. ( War is never fair but games should be). Matches can also be recorded and there are many shoutcasts for CoH playbacks with commentary available on the net. Company of Heroes is a must have for all strategy and tactics players. Expand
  24. Apr 4, 2011
    There are many things that are just great about Company of heroes. The AI is polished, The campaign is awesome, the maps are pretty much flawlessly designed, the multiplayer is a ton of fun, there is a nice replay feature, AND SO MUCH MORE!!! If you would like to try a unique RTS, the look no further. You like occupying enemy territory? this will be your fix. Do you want a fun game that is going to last a long time? Then buy this game. This game is a MUST BUY!!! If you would like to check out more about this, then go to wikepedia. I would give this thing a 10 out of 5. This thing is so good, it is tied right up there for one of the best RTS/pc exclusive/game of ALL TIME!!! Give yourself a good thing, and make this your next purchase/gift. Expand
  25. Jul 21, 2012
    One of my favorite games of all time and the only RTS I've ever really been able to get into. It's got the mechanics of StarCraft with a WW2 setting and a much slower pace. There is an emphasis on micromanagement because your units are expensive and thus limited. This serves to make each battle realistic. Each faction is unique - they don't just have different units, they play differently. The Wehrmacht and Americans play differently from the Panzer Elite and British. The different kinds of units are very diverse. You can build sandbags, lay barbed wire, tank traps, mines, upgrade squads and vehicles. By the end of a match you won't recognize the environment because of the destruction. You can choose doctrines, upgrades. There's infantry, light vehicles, light tanks, heavy tanks, artillery, anti-tank guns. It's especially addicting if you're a WW2 buff. The game runs decently but has vsync enabled by default (this can be forced off) which causes some input lag. Also it lacks an AA option but this also can be forced on if you have an Nvidia GPU (FXAA). The sound in this game is phenomenal. You can really feel the thump of shells firing and units exploding; the environmental reverb is amazing. Each rifle, machine gun, and artillery piece sounds unique. The campaign is kind of boring but who cares... 10/10. Truly a masterpiece. Expand
  26. Feb 24, 2014
    Amazing game that raised the bar for RTS. Great balance for multilayer with fun maps and multiple game modes one of which is a MOBA with WWII tanks! Sega will not update the matchmaking system which is sad because this game has better balance than CoH2.
  27. Oct 4, 2011
    Definitely one of my favorite RTS games.
    The Company of Heroes series offers many great campaigns to enjoy, different factions and a true to history feeling.
    The Squad-based strategies are easy to get into yet are challenging to use correctly.
    Upgrading and equipping your troops with specialised weapons is an essential part of the game, and the balance is nicely achieved; you can counter
    the biggest tank rushes if you use the right units, use cover or hide in buildings.

    Great franchise, amazing value!
  28. Feb 25, 2014
    PRO's: Gorgeous visuals with a competent game engine. A gorgeous soundtrack and brilliant sound design. A massive modding community that is still making original content for a game close to 8 years since its release. Varied factions that all play in remarkably different ways. Hundreds of strategies, different methods of play, a still active multiplayer community. The sequel drew back in old players after everyone realized how mediocre it was.
    Its Warhammer 40K on steroids and who doesn't like Warhammer?


    Their have been some pretty mind numbingly stupid patches made for the expansion.
    The expansions were not very good compared to the original.
    Some things are mostly fixed, but a lot is still broken since the attempt years ago was made to balance all the factions pretty much at once.
    Its starting to look a little long in the tooth visually.
    The multiplayer community is full of some pretty huge ego maniacal fellas that don't play nice with newer players.
    The automatches can be a dangerous breeding ground for contempt amongst those who are new to the game.
    The modding communities are always heading for different camps, with the intent of making the game more "realistic" or more "balanced," but they never really settle on more "fun."
    Some of the concepts are so far removed from reality that some people might prefer entirely different games such as the "Men of War" games.
    Multiple scathing and somewhat stupid historical inaccuracies that should've never been in the game.
    Tank battles are more arcade-like than any tank battles from actual reality.
    If you were content enough with Warhammer 40K and those expansions- you may have already played this game for the most part- only without the World War II aesthetic or theme.
  29. May 23, 2011
    Possible the best RTS ever made! 5 Years old and the GFX are still amazing compared to most other RTS games. Just wow, if you havent tryed it your missing out!
  30. Jul 21, 2011
    Best RTS ever. Single player campaign is excellent, but the game shines most for 1V1, 2V2. Deep tactical macro and micro. Very strategic, requiring careful planning of attacks. Flanking, using cover, machine guns supressing fire, snipers, tech tree from basic troops, advanced troops, medium vechicles and heavy tanks.

    After so many years, there is no other RTS that offers better
    gameplay. Highly recommended. Expand
  31. Aug 24, 2011
    CoH is not for everyone, but overall, its an amazing experience. the sheer level of realism is impressive, and the complexity is quite deep, but not so deep that it gets in the way of the gameplay. however that being said, the complexity of the game would turn off many people. to truely be able to be good at this game, you need to be very good at micromanaging, which im not particularly very good at. the level of complexity actually gets to the point where you have to actually tell every tank exactly which way to face, since their armor varies depending on which side they get shot... its not a perfect game by any means, but it sure is a great one. Expand
  32. Jul 9, 2012
    This is an awesome RTS. Company of heroes is the most realistic WWII game I have ever played. All of the Weapons and Vehicles are historically accurate. The graphics and the sound effects are great. Company of heroes is territory based yet it still plays like an "Age of Empires" or "Warcraft III", but it is one of the only RTS games I have seen that can be territory based, but still fast and not extremely complicated. CoH only has 2 different playable armies which is one of the only down sides, but that's why I bought "CoH: Tales of Valor" which unlocks the British and the Panzer Elite armies. I personally believe this is one of the greatest RTS games of all time. Expand
  33. Sep 18, 2011
    CoH is the best strategy game currently on the market. The game is flawless in every aspect, and allows for some pretty epic battles. There is nothing more to say, everything is a perfect 10.
  34. Oct 26, 2011
    You'll be hard-pressed to find another RTS as immersive, realistic (in a fun way) and intense as Company of Heros. Even by todays standards it's a great looking game. The objectives, units and weapons are so varied that it fails to feel tedious even over it's extensive campaign stretching 30+ hours (depending on how good you are) . Unfortunately, although it isn't the most complex of RTS games, it can feel overwhelming to those used to Age of Empires, and many of the weaknesses of certain enemy units are not always known or apparent. However that is a miniscule issue that won't prevent you from enjoying the game on easier difficulties, especially considering how mesmerized you will be by the incredibly sound effects. Expand
  35. Jan 15, 2014
    I have played many an RTS in my life, and I must say, this is the best one by some distance! Recommend it and the expansions (Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor) to any RTS lovers out there!
  36. Oct 8, 2012
    Great game! The best RTS game I ever played. The audio, gameplay and graphics all combine together to give a realistic war simulation. The destroyable enviroments are epic, showing the aftermath of huge battles. One of the effects I like is the ragdoll physics when a soldier dies when hit by an explosion. Really realistic. Worth it definetaly!
  37. Dec 10, 2012
    Just started playing, as a certain magazine provided its readers with a free steam code - thanks! I've got dishonoured, far cry 3 and assassin's creed 3 sitting in their boxes unwrapped, as I've been immersed in these strategic/tactical, yet also action-packed campaigns (if you include Opposing Fronts expansion). I was worried that the slightly dated graphics and cut scenes would put me off. This game really stands the test of time. The only other war RTS I bought this year as Wargame: European Escalation, but COH literally is a far, far more fun game to play. Will be eagerly awaiting the sequel. My only criticism, is the population cap limit - I understand the reasoning behind it, but it would be nice to have truly massive and epic battles. Expand
  38. Feb 29, 2012
    Company of Heroes is surprising in almost every way possible. Its graphics were ahead of its time at release, the combat is polished and the gameplay is easy to pick u. Of course it has suffered slightly from imbalance and a bit of frustrating AI at times, but these issues seem to have been worked on in the end. This game delivers realism, immersion and shows strategy games from their finest angle. Expand
  39. Apr 16, 2012
    Company of heroes is not just the best RTS I've ever played, this game simply make other real time stratagy games (which I liked until played this game) look like a joke. I will admit the units in Red Alert 3 or in Starcraft 2 looks cooler: this game has no electricity shooting plane that turns into submarine or Giant 6 legs laser shooting beasts, but as far as the game goes, it's just excellent. And its not just the graphics and sound- in fact I only find myself zooming in while watching replays (Because awareness is key in this game) And the sound is great and realistic but not really varied. Its the game itself that earns the 10 score. The enviorment- Anything in the enviorment: Buildings, fences, trees, Destroyed Vehicles, Anything is part of the game. You will have to make sure your riflemen stay behind cover while running in mortar fire, position them behing fences while engaging the enemy, move quickly on roads (which offer nagative cover) and pretty much consider every detail in the landscape. The Securing Points System make sure no moment in the game remains dull. from the engineers skirmishes in the beginning to the full scale armour and artillary war in the end, the war takes place in every second and in every place, not just the enemy base and yours. Resources management is also improtant.

    The game also brings back many tactics that seem forgotten by other RTSs. Flanking the enemy can make the diffrence between full retreat to full victory. A well placed mine can soften enemy squeds and damage the enemy vehicles' engine and health. firing a supressing Brust can send your enemy troops into cover so you can finish them off with grenade. Tanks and other vehicles can cause total chaos until you bypass their shields and destroy them. As I said, after playing this game all other RTSs, even those created 5 years later, just seem childish. Anyone who loves RTS should definatly get this game
  40. Apr 24, 2012
    Even after all those years still one of the best RTS games when it comes to fast paced combat. A great fun to play online! It's also still one of the best looking RTS games out there. Relic truly did a great job!
  41. Jun 12, 2012
    ClausA u can go screw yourself! the critics gave it amazing reviews. the AI is supposed to be hard ur fighting against a **** computer no duh its gonna be hard. the makers make the AI challenging to give u a challenge to face to make u get frustrated and go head on not to rage quit and whine all day about wasting your money its a good game don't blame the game because u suck!
  42. May 10, 2012
    This game have all what I expect from RTS! Great team play with friends in MP, great single player and graphics is good too. Really looking forward to CoH2!
  43. May 29, 2014
    never seen better WW game...its a complete game in every sense, filled with gripping combat , effect and lovely world... Still holds it position as best strategy..love this game.
  44. May 16, 2012
    Quite simply, a member of the select few games that have ever warranted a perfect ten or thereabouts. Undoubtedly one of, if not the best, real-time strategy games ever made. Roll on, number two!
  45. Jun 7, 2012
    Genre defining game, still standing strong in 2012. The amount of detail on every facet of the game, from audio, to animations, to game play is simply amazing

    Some of the connected features are a bit outdated by today standards, but that's to the expected. And with the latest patches installed, this game comes close to a very good balance between the 4 factions available with the

    There are still glitches here and there (units getting stuck in collisions) due to the physics engine used, but the fact that all unit damage is governed by a random factor can make some moments of it the most frustrating or the greatest game moves ever played :).

    Replays are being uploaded and commented on youtube and there is a hardcore community built around it with mods and the works.

    And let's not forget 2013 will bring us Company of Heroes 2... Well, if THQ doesn't go under in the meanwhile.

    All in all, this game has to be played by everyone who is even remotely interested in RTS. I mean, the first mission of the American campaign is a beach assault in Normandy!
  46. Jun 20, 2012
    This is a must buy if you ever thought of yourself as a RTS.gamer. Relic took the genre to another level much like Westwood Studios did several times before. I was realy impressed with the sound and environment destruction in the game. That is something I feel no other title in this genre have been able to match. It would be weird if you did not trash the whole map with these big weapons so were is the destruction in other games. They are surely missing this realy big part of an actual war.

    Some thoughts taken from my experience in the first Company of Heroes:
    # AI would need to be improved alot cause there were issues with it that made fighting and doing advanced maneuvers a real pain.
    # Multiplayer/LAN were the big thing in this game cause I have always been a player that would want to compete with others. There are big problems with how they have programed the networking. The players without high ping will be set on hold so you cant take action when waiting for the one who is having problems. This is just experienced as latency.
    They also have alot of server problems that still haunt me even now 2012 when the game have had some time to get over these growing pains.
    # Controls would need a overhaul so I can select units easier and not risk to select my whole army cause of their big hitboxes.
  47. Jul 2, 2012
    One of the best RTS of 2012!!!! 6 year's old and this game is still amazing and it's not dead! Seriously people like me are still playing after 6 year's!!!! I can't wait to see what COH2 has to offer..... This game was and is still great!
  48. Aug 1, 2012
    I bought this game on sale from Steam, not expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised. The game featured fairly good graphics, physics, and game mechanics and seemed well-balanced. I especially enjoyed the environmental cover system, which adds an additional tactical layer to any place you fight. The single-player campaign (which is all I played) was pretty good: the story was okay and the levels were mostly fun. As with many games with build limit systems, it does get frustrating at times to be forcibly outnumbered and to have to defend large areas with relatively few troops, but there are ways to counter this (I personally enjoyed building elaborate defensive lines across my territory using turrets, fences, etc.). Overall I would strongly recommend this game to any RTS fan, and if you catch it on sale, you can't beat the value. Expand
  49. Jul 23, 2012
    One of the best strategygames out there, despite it being 6 years old. It is for those who dont want to spend most of the time building houses and farms but to focus on the action while micromanaging your units to take strategic points on the map to recieve resources. It is also graphically impressing even today with detailed units and enviroments and a good physics engine. The campaign is really great with many missions if you include the two expansions (which are cheap today) and the multiplayer and skirmish-mode is hard to let go. Expand
  50. Jul 30, 2012
    This is one of the Best Strategy Games i ever played, even in 2012 i'm still playing it, just because its that great! Really looking forward to the sequel
  51. Aug 3, 2012
    Although this can be challenging to new players, Company of Heroes offers an experience like no other.
    You play as the US Army in the campaign, and must play to ensure the success of the D-Day invasions. The game is however completely brought to life in the Multi player mode. Here you can play as either the US Army, or the Nazi Wermacht. Each faction has it's own 'doctrines', which
    allows you to have certain units.

    The US Army, for example, has the Airborne Company, which allows you to parachute in elite infantry, and even Anti-Tank guns. On the other hand, the Nazi's can pick the Blitzkrieg Doctrine, which allows the player to call in Elite Stormtroopers and Stug IV Tanks, allowing you to smash into enemy lines, for a final push to victory.

    The unit pool is very broad, with many upgrades for your units. For example, Nazi Grenadiers can be upgraded to have MG42 light machine guns, capable of ripping enemy infantry to shreds, or even Panzerschreck Rocket Launchers, to give you the upper hand over enemy armour.

    This game is worth every penny, so this game gets 9/10!
  52. Aug 5, 2012
    Company of Heroes is one of the best (or maybe the best?) RTS games ever made. Beautiful graphics, gameplay and scenarios make this game look like it was released just last month. But it wasn't, it's 6 years old and I'm still playing it.
  53. Aug 6, 2012
    An RTS with great depth. Number of units, fast pace and unit diversity makes this game a real RTS jewel. I 've never seen another RTS that represents land warfare with so much fidelity. Taking cover behind a wall, flanking an MG, hitting a tank's weaker rear armor, advancing behind a smokescreen, laying barbed-wire and placing a mine smartly are some of the things you don't see together in an RTS and used to be features of FPS genre 'till CoH's release. The game features a Campaign (US faction only which is nicely done, still scripted) which serves well as a tutorial to the game's mechanics, Skirmishes against AI opponents which from one point on seems easy cause of the AI limitations. The game really shines when it comes to online play against other players. The variety of things a human player can do and the variety of your response options are so many than you 'll be amazed. The only "bad" thing is that the learning curve is quite steep and the player community quite experienced after so many years since release which can be intimidating for a new player. Still, if you cope with this, learn from your own mistakes and admit that you 'll count many defeats before saying you know how to play then you have a great game at your hands. Graphics are very good, still amazing after so many years, and sound is great and vital to your battlefield performance. I would recommend it to everyone who likes RTS. Personally, before CoH I 've played many RTS extensively, after CoH I only play CoH and Total War games. Even more recent RTS (like SCII) seems too simplistic for me to bother playing! Expand
  54. Oct 8, 2012
    Greatest RTS ever made, period. I grew up playing turn based strategy and RTS games, and without thinking twice, this game is the best RTS I've ever played (I played pretty much every RTS worth playing in the past 15 years). This game gave me the same chills that Total Annihilation gave me when it came out, it was everything that I was expecting from an RTS, and a little more. The game is very solid, with good graphics, AMAZING sound effects, and a great physics engine. The part that makes this game so good however, is the actual strategy design of the game. This is pure strategy in real time, not only positioning, but also planning, decision making, control of units and most importantly reaction to your enemy's decisions. This gave is not as unforgiving of lack of APM or fast reaction times with the mouse, like most other RTSs. The most important part of the game is strategy, planning and positioning, rather than having a perfect mouse/hand skills. The amount of depth of the game is also astonishing. There is more to understand and learn about infantry mechanics alone in this game than most other RTSs have in their entire game. I really can't think of any cons, while of course the AI could be improved, personally I think the AI in this game does a whole lot more than most RTSs out there. Conclusion: This is definitely a legend in RTSs, it's strategy at its finest, and while it's not really fast phased, the amount of depth and strategy involved in it makes it seem to be frantic if you really get into it. The graphics, sound effects and physics of the game compliment perfectly the gameplay mechanics, and the concept matches very well the art of the game. Overall this game impressed me since the very first moment I played it, and it holds BY A LOT the #1 spot as RTS for me. Expand
  55. Oct 8, 2012
    By far one of the best RTS games out there period. There is a reason qualified gaming sources (Critics) didn't score this game below 80%. Any gamer who gave it less than 5 is just that "any gamer". They either couldn't get past the learning curve or understand the balance of the game. It is developed to show the reality of World War 2 while providing a fun, balanced playable game. Complaints about AI have either been exaggerated or are simply based on bad info. The fact there are complaints that the AT Gun does not swivel when positioned poorly and/or flanked is what makes this a strategy game. You need to be able to micro your forces and aim your weapons yourself. If the AI did that for you then flanking would be useless and there would be no need for a player at all. You could just click begin match and sit back and watch. I assume most low scores come from gamers who do not want to have to click on a single unit more than once. What do they expect this game to be simply build, point and watch it destroy the enemy. That is why the call it Real Time Strategy. This game has so much depth it does take some time to get used to. Expect to have to immerse yourself in the game and spend some serious time learning the hard and soft counters of each unit and what to do versus certain opposing strategies. While I find it more enjoyable than Men of War it is a different classification of WW2 RTS than Men of War. MoW is based on total realism. Company of Heroes is based on balanced game play. For instance the King Tiger can be overwhelmed and circled by lesser tanks and Anti-Tank weapons. That is part of the game. Some users commented on the fact the King Tiger was not able to take on lesser enemies with superior strategy. That is what balanced game play is all about. Every unit has a counter and can be defeated with the right strategy. My vote for game of the century goes to Company of Heroes. Even in 2012 it still has a strong online multi-player lobby and has been well supported by the developers. The last balance patch 2.602 was done with community participation and success in 2011. There are currently claims of rampant cheating (mostly by a few who cannot accept loss and point to complex 2v2 or bigger matches) but this is something I have not seen myself for sure in any of my thousands of 1v1 auto matches. Expand
  56. Oct 15, 2012
    This is easily the best game ever made. I bought all versions beginning from 2006 and played extensively on multiplayer. I have played more than 3000 games in multiplayer and still playing every now and then. The multiplayer is very good because it does match quite well the other players skill to yours so there is normally quite a challenge in every game. The game is balanced very well between the factions. I mainly play 2 vs 2 classic and I love it. I can't play 1 vs 1 anymore because I get so angry when I lose to someone so it is better to have someone beside you when losing :)

    Very good game, still after 6 years the graphics are very much worth it. I would buy it again and waiting anxiously for COH#2.
  57. Oct 29, 2012
    This game sucked up a year of my life and I don't regret it. I still love booting it up even now. A perfect PC Strategy Game. GET IT GET IT GET IT.
  58. Feb 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the best RTS out there even today, it's totaly unique. It's so fun to play with friends, or even against random players. I would HIGHLY recomend this game to anybody looking for a great RTS game. Expand
  59. Jul 21, 2013
    Where to even start with this game. This game is just amazing. I can only imagine how much money the developers spent for making this game. It has a physics engine, destructible buildings, amazing sound and graphics, and to even some extent destructible terrain. When it comes to this games, I personally have called it the greatest game of all time. It is really hard to find something wrong with this game. Expand
  60. Nov 23, 2012
    Simply the best RTS ever made, can't wait for COH2. Graphics are still amazing after 6 years, the gameplay is so great and overall it's the deepest RTS ever made with a fast paced gameplay :)
  61. Dec 6, 2012
    Best. Game. Ever Really, i've played it for 98 hours in total. you MUST try it out. And if you have doubts, you'll be surprised
  62. May 21, 2013
    Brilliant, thrilling, exhausting and exhilarating, this must be the finest RTS out there.

    Even the slow missions are excellent, and the fast ones, where you can't take your eyes off the screen for a second in case you miss the AI's tricks are quite incredible.
  63. Mar 5, 2013
    One of the best RTS of all time, still fun to play. The only downsides are lack of map and faction variety in the vanilla version. COH still holds up in 2013 and there hasn't been a game that's challenged its place at the top of the RTS world.
  64. Jan 6, 2013
    I haven't played a war strategy game this good since C and C. If you want immerse yourself in the heat of all out war then this game delivers. Great fun, both playing the campaign or pitting your whits against people on line. Cant wait for the next one. Already pre ordered. The expansions don't really bring much more to the game other than extra teams. Still an excellent Game though. Buy it and try it. Expand
  65. May 9, 2013
    Absolutely fantastic game that restored my faith in the gaming industry.
    Very balanced gameplay, every unit has its purpose and none are completely useless. "Battering-Ram"-tactics will get you completely destroyed and a lot of thought went into the tactical gameplay features.
    Presentation is solid and outdated graphics really don't hurt the overall enjoyment.
    I love the fact that you
    can employ actual strategies. There is no "works every time"-strategy or building order that will guarantee a win. You can accomplish most missions in a variety of ways.
    The entire game has only 3 weak spots imho:
    a) KI ist solid, but makes a few unnecesarry mistakes i.e. Anti-Tank weapons don't turn around when attacked from the back or sometimes infantry has the accuracy of Imperial Stormtroopers
    b) Depending on your system, loading times are pretty long
    c) A Pause-Function in Single-Player would have made the game a bit less stressful, since the AI can give multiple orders simultaneously which puts a human player at a disadvantage without a pause mode
  66. Jun 9, 2013
    This game Is an AMAZING game. I literally can wait for COH 2! The game play the sound affects are just insane Its very addictive and Its one of those games i could play for whole day maybe more non stop. AMAZING GAME! I recommend this too every gamer out there it never gets old even in 6 years
  67. Jul 11, 2013
    Best RTS ever!

    I started playing COH back in 2006 when it first came out and now in 2013 I'm still playing it. I just finished a skirmish about ten minutes ago and I thought I'd pay this game it's over due respect and take the time to write my user review on Metacritic. The first time I played COH I was at my friend Larry's house checking out the work he did in his living room. In
    the background I noticed COH on Larry's rig. I saw a Panzer 4 rolling up the road from the south base toward the north base (Larry's base) in the 2 player map Angoville. I asked Larry what it was and he offered me a chance to try it. I sat down and chose the Easy CPU Wehrmacht vs American's (not like I had a choice of different enemies back then, just which side axis vs allies). I got my tail kicked so bad early on that Larry had to jump in and fight his way back in control of the map. Once Larry had it under control he let me take a few Sherman tanks into the Wehrmacht base and finish it off. I was instantly hooked, not only because it was the hardest most complex RTS I'd ever played but because I love to blow up and the graphics were great. I immediately went out and purchased the game.

    The campaign storyline was great in the original game and both expansions, it truly makes the player feel that they are in the 40's creeping around in Europe looking for Gerry. Playing as the American's when the game first came out drove me to learn more about WW2 history. I found myself reading articles on the net and watching the history channel every time a WW2 show was on. I started calling my Grandfather over and over again to hear stories about what he did during WW2. He was in the Navy and very proud of his role in the South Pacific; it didn't take much to get the stories out of him. COH created an obsession for teaching myself the history of WW2 that hasn't died since I started playing the game. I'm still totally fascinated with WW2 and I credit the motivation I found to teach myself what I did to this game. It will some day be a cult classic game if it isn't already.

    The game play is excellent! The objective is to capture and control as many fuel, manpower and munitions points on the map as you can while kicking the snot out of your enemy; the more points you capture the more manpower, fuel and munitions you earn as income which you can use to purchase units, buildings and upgrades to help your army win the skirmish. Strategy is huge in this aspect of the game, tou can cut off your enemies' supply line by capturing key points thus earning you an income advantage. What parts of your territory you defend and how successfully you defend it and or how you advance and capture is crucial to success.

    AI Enemies learn how to exploit your strategy and will try different things to defeat you if you play against the computer over and over again. Every time I reformat my hard drives and reinstall windows there is a noticeable difference in the AI's strategy; it's much easier to defeat the AI at first but over time it learns to put up a better fight and the game becomes harder to win. At the time COH Opposing fronts came out I began playing skirmish matches like I was training to compete vs the Hard AI computer in a gaming tournament. The Hard American AI became so familiar with my strategy during that time that I was actually looking forward to a reformat just to relieve some of the pressure the AI was putting on me.

    Your infantry units can take cover behind map details, rock walls, bushes, trees, abandoned or destroyed vehicles are all different examples of cover. Different types of "cover" are rated one of four ways, a green shield is the best cover, a yellow shield is good cover, no shield is no or poor cover, and a red shield is negative cover, the shields will be displayed over your infantry depending on the type of cover or lack there of they are using. Cover greatly effect the survivability of your infantry units. When you make contact with an evenly matched enemy if your troops are in better cover your troops will win the melee. Most infantry units can be upgraded to carry a different weapon or tool. Weapon and tool upgrades are bought with munitions. Some infantry units have the ability to spend munitions to gain an advantage in battle in the form of a grenade or a panzerfaust.

    With vehicles where you hit a vehicle can do more or less damage as well as what type of weapon you're using on the vehicle. If you use a machine gun or a rifle on a light vehicle you will do moderate damage, as the vehicles become heavier all the way up to a heavy tank the damage will become less and eventually do nothing when against tanks. Although having a tank is an advantage vs infantry they can be defeated by infantry units if the units are equipped with the tools to deal with the tanks. Most units can be upgraded with munitions.

    In conclusion it's a great game buy it if you don't already own it.
  68. Jul 24, 2013
    This game is soooo good i even made an account on here to write a review on it :D

    10/10 and im still playing it in 2013, also i thing this is better than the second
  69. Aug 31, 2013
    I'm not a great strategy, but loving me is like CoH, beautiful graphics, great video transfer, a long campaign, smart opponents, can only praise is a great word. I recommend to everyone.
  70. Sep 6, 2013
    Probably the Greatest RTS game of all time. Very addictive and very well made. I have enjoyed many hours of playing this awesome game. The online experience is excellent and the campaign is very good too. 10/10
  71. Sep 10, 2013
    Best Strategy of ALL TIME!!! Bar-none. This is my favorite game of all time. It pains me that they have stopped updating it for it's lower, less-successful, less-enjoyable brother COH 2... This game is awesome and I still play online today Fall 2013. So what are you waiting for! Go buy this game on steam for super cheap and have a ton more fun than COH 2. They got it right the first time
  72. Apr 9, 2014
    Company of Heroes is the best video game that I have ever played, and in my opinion it is the chess of video gaming. I am still playing it regularly in 2014.

    It is an absolute shame that COHO- Company of Heroes Online, was cancelled in late beta, because it is the only thing going that could derail this juggernaut. A diamond. Stairway to Heaven. A golden retriever. A sexy lady. An
    object of man made perfection.

    COH also has the most graphic and realistic violence in the most ageless graphics of all war games. The voice acting, sound effects, and graphics are sublime. There is infinite depth in its complex array of play modes. Rest in Peace Brian Wood, you made the game to stand the test of time and honor its subject matter.
  73. Oct 6, 2013
    The game is fascinating. I don't know if the Stormtrooper in reality, could camouflage like in the game. One can device many tactics for the various units. For instance, camouflage a sniper, and disable free fire. Then camouflage the Stormtrooper unit, or two Stormtrooper units with panzershrecks, and put them in a position, where they are behind the sniper, and have the sniper scout for the Stormtrooper units. The Stormtrooper units will fire the panzershrecks, beyond visual range, and in camouflage. Expand
  74. Oct 27, 2013
    Nothing...I mean absolutely Nothing comes close to this Brilliant and wonderfully creative RTS in our lifetime!! It's 2013 and there are more games coming out with unbelievable graphics and physics, but this is one truly GREAT war-time game trilogy that will NEVER be over-matched or overlooked FOREVER!!!
  75. Nov 10, 2013
    Great game, although I never got into the competitive multiplayer because I was busy with Age of Empires 3 at the time. The graphics, sounds and visual effects were just stunning and the combat feels very realistic. The online is still up and running and quite alive (through Steam) for anyone looking for a new RTS to play competitively.
  76. Dec 31, 2013
    This is a fantastic real-time strategy game no one should miss. Impressive graphics that successfully portrays the brutality of battles is what i love most about the game, which simply makes me want to keep playing and playing it although it has been 4 years since i started enjoying the game
  77. Mar 26, 2014
    Best RTS i have ever played, and one of the best WW2 game also. Technically great from sounds to graphics. Something unseen before that. Game play now that's where it shines. I won't try to explay how it works, but simply said the tactics are what really matters, sure with huge amount of man power anyone can win a game, but what usually happens is someone who uses all those little things like cover, flanking, using strengts of every unit and so on. Just great RTS Expand
  78. May 30, 2014
    It's been 8 years since its release but everytime I want to find myself engulfed in WW2 asmosphere I still find this game one of the best choices. The campaign is well-written, the 2 armies are all-around balanced and the skirmish battles are nicely-done. Except for sometimes units engage each other in very very close quarter but they still keep shooting at each other, which is quite hilarious you would wonder why they won't stop shooting and go on melee mode all the way, but still... One of the best decisions I've ever made getting this game in 2006. Expand
  79. Oct 12, 2014
    This game is amazing! Still playin' Autry and Hebecrevon Missions over and over and over again!
    Still playin' in 10/12/2014! 8 Years!
    Relic, amazing job!

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  1. Company of Heroes should be on the must-play list of every RTS fanatic out there, even those tired of WWII settings. It's just that good. [Oct. 2006, p.70]
  2. This is the finest WWII strategy game I've played. Hell, I'm having real trouble thinking of any strategy game that's this spectacular, this intense, this fun. [Oct 2006, p.70]
  3. 94
    The transformation from a idyllic little town into a heap of crushed buildings and burned out husks of vehicles can be shocking. Seeing and hearing major explosions that cause bodies (and bits of bodies) to fly across the screen along with rubble from a nearby building simply puts you more into the battle than any RTS in memory.