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  • Summary: It's early 21st century and the majority of the world's countries have created the International Corps for Peace, an organisation dedicated to bringing about world peace. However, not all countries are keen to be involved and these persist in generating conflicts through the organisation GHOST. A secret organisation, which warrants only the economic interests of its members without any attachment to morals, GHOST, does not hesitate to create crisis situations with the goal of destabilising the world-wide equilibrium and endanger any chance of peace?[Ubi Soft] Collapse
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  1. A touch that I particularly liked was the ability to delegate certain tasks to commanders who join your campaign at various stages. If you don't really want to spend ages establishing a base then it may be to your advantage to delegate this task to someone else, leaving you free to concentrate on attacking the enemy.
  2. Compelling yet demanding, Conflict Zone is best reserved for grizzled recruits who demand a rugged challenge.
  3. The units do not look as detailed as they did in "Ground Control" or "Earth 2150." Their design is simply too rough. On the other hand, their AI is literally brilliant.
  4. The problem is that the innovations seem incomplete, and without them, it really is just another RTS.
  5. Aside from the occasional slander and the slight slowing down of production, I didn’t quite get the feeling that the press was really all that interesting a factor.
  6. 50
    This is one of those games that at the end of the day are totally and completely…mediocre. It isn't terrible, it isn't great. You might have a good time, you might hate it.
  7. I prefer to spend my time playing games on my computer, not getting them to run. If that also describes you, stay away from Conflict Zone. [Mar 2002, p.92]

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  1. M.B.
    Dec 21, 2004
    Game could've been so much better. The graphics are okay, but sloppy, and the AI is on the pathetic side.