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  • Summary: A piece of mysterious land has been recently discovered by Conquer's adventurers, with countless treasures long buried by the ancestors deep down in the dark sea. Bands of pirates have moored their ships at the shore, threatening to disturb the peace and take what they claim is theirs. They have said that they are here for the ancient treasure, guarded by monsters only spoken of in myths and tales that children fear. The land has been thrown into panic. No one knows where these pirates have come from, or where they learned of this hidden treasure, but they seem to have a deep connection with the land, especially with the strange monks from the mountains. There must be a darker secret hidden beneath all this... Expand
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  1. Nov 26, 2013
    Well it's quite a fun game, easy for beginners, pvp are awesome, but there is a problem the pvp ain't balanced just like if you are a guy with an full +2 (Super) and fight an guy with a talisman +2 Super you are going to lost, don't matter if the guy have no items.
    Well the quests are nice, but the game is too easy too.
    And the graphics still terrible but we can understand it because it's an old game.
    I'm looking forward for Conquer 3.0
  2. Jan 4, 2013
    I would call this a Starter MMO for younger ones. I started at a young age. And it was pretty fun. Very fun for that matter. But growing older the graphics and gameplay just are not what it should be.

    So this rating shall be

  3. Aug 26, 2014
    unless you have 2000$ laying around you wouldn't want to play this game

    this game is fun yes ,, only for the guy with the better gear tho
    the 2.5D graphic isn't bad but its outdated by the time writing this review gameplay is average at best the gear quality system is pointless (super,elite,unique,etc) if you keep playing for like an hour the game will hand you almost full super gear anyway but untradeable , therefore there is absolutely no need to pick any item off the ground . gold from monsters are way too low and you will probably spend it on repair when you back into town the items are useless since nothing you will pick up will be better then your (free) gear other then the +1 items which sold for pretty low price the story are non exist as the player move on from quest to quest without a goal other then leveling there is no big bad guy just quests with no meaning or point other then leveling the bosses thats drop good loot are impossible to kill as a free player and it usually farmed up by people with gear that's maxed out it feel like the game just want you to level as fast as you can to give the company money, you can level to 130 pretty easy then get reborn to level 1 again to get more attributes (usually hp) for you character .. leveling to 130 1 reborn is easy and fast as the game give you more and more exp quests X2 potions to level ... then you hit a wall at second reborn .. you can do the quest for it which is VERY VERY grindy would take you up to a week to finish or month if you only play 1-3 hours a day , or you can buy item to skip the quest for 1890 cps (conquer points) which around 2(5-9)$ after second reborn you level again it supposed to be slower but you still quite the same with some potion wish pretty cheep to buy , after you get to 130 second reborn that's it . there is nothing to do other then buy gear from market you want to level ?? it become harder and harder with no real reward you want to pvp and kill people ?? too bad that's everyone better then you will 1-3 shot you you want to pve and kill bosses ?? too bad that's monster hit you for million damage unless you are geared to get at least decent gear without buying from shopping and buying from players instead which usually sell items pretty cheep you will still need around 2-3k $ to get maxed out gear you would need another 4-5k$ for donation if you wanted to reach king statues for the extra battle power points pvp is fun but classes need major overhaul .. water's are support type but healing are pointless since it cost alot of mana .. waiting for a player to die then reviving him is alot better then healing him fire and archer are jump-right click try not to die for the next minute and win any fight assassin (archers with different weapon) stunlock you to death and any melee class will cry in tears vs them they are insanely strong in 1v1 but too week vs groups monks are too week over all .. they require skill to kill anyone since they are melee ,there supportive passives are good for pve and pvp ,, the pure skill has potential but it restricted with battle power ninjas can 1 shot you but struggel vs ranged class .,, toxic fog got potential but everyone stack anti toxic so it become rather usless spell to cast .. poison star is the only and the best reason to play ninja if you got gear trojan's are pretty much the only balanced class in the game right now with there diversity in style and the skill it take warrior .. is well they are good ,, kinda ,, i don't know really . no one play them for some reason because tanking in the game is pretty much non existence pirates are the pretty much best class overall right now . and every one play him for the amount damage he put out which quite strong knowing netdragon nothing of the above will change at all since the only balance change i sow is from 6 months ago from the time writing this TLDR: the game rush you to the max level so you pay them money and if you got 3000$ to spend on a video game for some reason you will enjoying destroying anyone in the game but if you planning to play a game free to play this isn't it, this is Pay To Win game period 2/10 Expand