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  • Summary: Conspiracies is a first person murder mystery adventure. Join detective Nick Delios as he is asked to help solve the murder of a small-time crook. Nick needs the cash and accepts the case never suspecting the depth of intrigue and twists lying ahead. This seemingly "simple" case thrusts Nick into a complex case of multiple conspiracies, where nothing is what it seems and which extends beyond the very bounds of our planet. [Got Game Entertainment] Expand
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  1. Despite some minor issues here and there, this is a MUST have for any adventure lovers.
  2. It is one of the best detective adventure games I have played in some time. It's a fun, challenging game with an affable main character and a good mystery to unravel.
  3. There are a lot of gamers who will want to play this game and a lot who will enjoy it more than I did. Others will come away immensely frustrated.
  4. The result for the end user however is a mixture of frustration and bemusement, but even during its most redundant moments, one can sense brimming potential in this game, and it would not be too far fetched to imagine a whole new franchise based upon Nick Delios mystery adventures.
  5. One of those games that is just so bad you should never play it, even if somebody gives it to you for free.
  6. It's so bad it's almost worth playing, almost.
  7. Although the vocally overdubbed actors try to give decent performances, Conspiracies' overall quality is so much like a B movie that you'll be surprised no killer tomatoes ever attack - and you just might be praying that they do. [May 2004, p.83]

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    Apr 6, 2004