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  • Summary: In the future the government watches over everything for the "safety of the public", society is under their complete control. Cyber links are implanted into each newborn child, marking their host with a unique ID. Cities have turned into monstrous urban centers giving the term urban sprawl a hazardous new meaning. This is the world our protagonist, Katrin lives in. She is a recent graduate of the police academy, an excellent student, and an exceptional athlete. On this morning, she wakes up thinking that this day will be just like any other; unaware that her new assignment on the recent terror attacks plaguing the city will place her directly in the path of an evil genius. COPS 2170: The Power of Law is a hybrid of RPG and Tactical Strategy. The central storyline unfolds in the future where the cyberpunk culture and a highly-urban oriented society have populated North America. Players will control Katrin and her team of up to 7 police agents attempting to eliminate the criminal element in their metropolis. [Strtegy First] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 16
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  1. A good game. I enjoyed playing it, but felt so frustrated initially that it left a bad taste in my mouth.
  2. The dated graphics, repetitive sounds, and high difficulty make this game more frustrating than it has to be.
  3. I would recommend checking out a walkthrough just to get to the first mission because if I didn't have to review this game the disk would have ended up smashed on the other side of my office in the first fifteen minutes.
  4. I’d be able to overlook the weak plot and acting if there were a decent game in there to back it up. However, due to frustrating game mechanics and tedious play, I’m not able to drum up any enthusiasm over this title.
  5. There are just far too many better options out there when it comes to strategy games, so why bother with a poorly designed one that is in the end an exercise in frustration?
  6. There’s no tutorial to ease you into the game, the manual is overly cryptic, there’s no adjustable difficulty level, and combat seems almost intentionally tedious.
  7. In the future, everyone holds their pistols sideways "gangsta-style," which I find hilarious. [May 2005, p.69]

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Score distribution:
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  1. Apr 30, 2013
    I wanted to like Cops 2170 as I'm quite fond of turn-based science-fiction RPGs but unfortunately, this isn't for me. It looks and feels old and that's alright but it's also unoptimized, the interface is horrible and the broken English just destroys immersion.

    On my first mission I had no clue what to do or who the enemy was. The only way I could tell was by following the people that weren't shooting me and I could barely keep up with them, they seemed to steamroll the enemy. I was also given a side-task but I couldn't find out what exactly it was. It seems like there's a complex system behind it all with relationships and loyalties but once again, how do I know? the information that is available is convoluted and not redundant but vital information is constantly lacking.

    I just don't have the patience for games in this state any more. This game is stuck in the 90's yet it came out in 2005. Must have been on the shelf for a very long time and there it must unfortunately remain.

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