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  1. Aug 22, 2012
    CS:GO may seem too familiar to those who have played Source, but £11 for a new title is a bargain, especially given the quality. Source felt a bit wishy-washy, with no official modes and servers. CS:GO is not only well-organised but more catering to less experienced players whilst still retaining the essence of what makes counter-strike a proffessional gamer's shooter. New weapons may seem more like reskins but I prefer the simplicity of having no silencers and the properly working stats and decent achievements right from the game's release as oppose to an update 5 years after the game's release or something. Global Offensive's graphics aren't vastly different, but it is certainly the best looking shooter on the Source engine to date, and doesn't look as outdated as it should do for a 2004 game engine. The game seems well balanced, snipers are impressive, the Scout/SSG is no longer terrible and genuinely viable in competitive matches. Blur is added to sniper scopes while moving to balance them too. WWeapons do seem balanced and people use more than just AK, MR, Deagle and AWP. The 4 game modes - Casual Competitive, Classic Competitive, Demolition and Arms Race means there's something for everyone. Sure there's no Capture the Flag but in a game where there's no sprinting, health regen, killstreaks, aim down sights or ability to revive or heal teammates, it's probably for the best. Gun game is finally officially supported, and Demolition simplifies the game by removing the need to buy weapons. I've always wanted to try counter-strike properly but Source was just far too disorganised and had other distractions. Global Offensive brings the classic game into a modern setting without falling into the trap of being a Call of Duty clone. It's still counter-strike, with exactly the same gameplay mechanics as the original, but presented in a more appealing and fun package. It certainly feels more welcoming for newcomers than Source, which is a big plus not only for competitive gaming but for the franchise as a whole. The only thing lacking is Team Deathmatch, however this would require a "Create a Class" which would turn it into CoD. Arms Race fills that spot, and Demolition combines Classic CS with Gun Game. The primary reason why this game is more accomodating is because it was meant to be a port of Source to Xbox LIVE, so obviously some things needed to be changed or added to broaden its appeal. And for the most part, Valve have done a great job. Matchmaking is efficient, bots for offline play are exclellent with decent AI programming rather than the predictably linear Source AI and the package as whole is much more modern as oppose to Source, where it was a case of "too little, too late" when they decided to update it. If you haven't played CS before and want to give it a go, this is the best game. Equally if you are a seasoned Veteran it might make for a refereshing start if you are looking to get back into it. Expand
  2. Dec 29, 2013
    A solid upgrade to the Counter-Strike series. GO contains basically just revamped maps, weapons, and UI elements along with a store for you to buy cosmetic items. This isn't a sequel so it doesn't offer much innovation, but it is priced appropriately. The core mechanics still need to be tuned up to bring this series into its next generation.
  3. AWG
    Jun 4, 2013
    I hadn't played any CS game until GO went free for a weekend on Steam and I would be a liar if I said it was love at first sight. Everything was so difficult and I used to die like 20 times per match even against easy bots. I kept playing because I just loved its graphics too much to abandon it and now it's one of my favorite games. 10/10 graphics 9/10 gameplay 8/10 online experience 9/10 maps.
  4. Aug 21, 2012
    In a way there's not a lot of point in reviewing this. It is the best counterstrike version by a wide margin, and the new modes such as arms race are face-melting-ly good. But if you hate counterstrike this won't change your mind.
    If you're an old school fan like me and you want it to feel new again like it did back in 99 then this is TOTALLY the game for you!
  5. Dec 13, 2012
    Same as CS:S but with new graphics. There might be more changes under the hood but they aren't noticeable to me after hours of playing it. If you haven't played any Counter-Strike before then pick this up. Otherwise stick with what you have already because this is just consolified CS:S.
  6. Aug 21, 2012
    After the huge success the Counter-Strike mod had for the original Half-Life, Valve bought the IP and made it a standalone game. Now 12 years later Counter-Strike is back with what is essentially a HD remake. Using the newest version of the Source engine the visuals are the best looking in a Valve game to date and by god are they pretty, even on the lowest settings. The game adds a few new maps, a couple of new guns and introduces a new, easier to use interface along with vastly improved matchmaking mechanics. If you don't own a Counter-Strike game already then his is the package for you but if you are already an existing fan then £16 for a graphical upgrade and a handful of new features may not be enough to sway your decision. Expand
  7. Aug 16, 2013
    Counter-Strike GO is sharp where it counts. It's very familiar to the long time veterans who have stuck around for over a decade while offering a much-appreciated face lift and slight variance/additions to bring it closer to modern-day shooters, instead of solely sticking to its "guns" and offering the one classic gametype that carried CS for years without fault. Counter-Strike as a franchise will likely never offer the expansive or immersive gameplay that titles such as Battlefield have come to master, but that's kind of the beauty of it. You can literally jump in and out of games at-will. No matter what, whether you're looking for 15 minutes of tactical fury or a 3-hour binge session, Counter-Strike GO still carries the ability to draw an audience and keep it especially for the fans that favor the less forgiving mindlessness that Call of Duty has rewarded so abundantly. Definitely worth a look. Expand
  8. May 19, 2013
    When this game got released, I was able to see the community "splitted": one who complained that CS was perfect as it was, and the other that it was a great innovation. I personally don't care which side is right, because, to me, this game is basically what the original CS should have done. And that is, to be more user friendly. Yes I also played the original CS (although just CS:S) and I knew why it was good: it required skills in aiming, in timing and you needed team work, but it failed on the learning curve which was INSANE. Most of the matches were "Arena" based (there was also demolition but I rarely did it, while gungame was rare), and this was how I played: I entered, I walked in, I died from a headshot from an Ak-47 from an enemy at the other side of the map, I waited for my team to lose so I could respawn....this wasn't funny. Did I suck? Yeah of course, but I had no way to learn since I would die once I was alive! That's what this game did right: you finally can learn how to play, you can FINALLY play without fearing of dying after 10 seconds you've stepped in...and I started to enjoy! While this might be a rant in a way, what I'm trying to point out is that while it has no real innovation (just graphics and the interfaces), it's also much easier to learn and even newbies like me can go in, play and just try to have fun without being obsessively scared of dying! Of course, you can still play the original method as well, but it's all up to you to choose and you can easily try it once you've mastered it enough. Aside the fact of the innovation, it has also other benefits anyway: the maps are still good to this day, with almost no possibility for camping or hide perfectly, both because it requires a HUGE amount of aming, and in Deathmatch the respawns are random, so you can easily die anytime if you don't move. I believe we got less weapons now, but more "balanced" in a way, although I can't be totally sure since in the original game I couldn't buy due to the my lack income of money. For flaws, in my opinion, I still hate the hitboxes being clunky and very sporadic to hit (like I said, I might suck on this...but I would miss enemies even at blank point range, while for some reasons I was able to headshot with my shotgun. From the other side of the map!!!) and some weapons aren't exactly perfect and in the end people use few of them in total. All in all, I really enjoyed this game and for the first time I was able to play a Counter Strike game and have fun, without however neglecting the old community and giving us all the modes we used to play, plus some customizations. I might be a bad CS player for liking the "friendly" way this game approaches...but personally, if a game isn't fun and it's just made of frustration and constant complaining, it's not worth of my time and I easily quit it. A good remake, with a good learning curve this time. Expand
  9. Jun 29, 2014
    This beats COD any day. Thank you Gabe and everyone at Valve. You guys have probably made one of the (if not the best) FPS of 2011... and 2012... and 2013... and 2014... You know, this could be the FPS of the decade.
  10. Aug 21, 2012
    It's an improvement over the original CS in terms of accessibility and game modes, but make no mistake, it's still the same game with a new coat of paint. This is either a good or bad thing depending on how you felt about CS in the first place, but I will say that it's showing its age.
  11. Dec 11, 2012
    For those wanting a back-to-basics multiplayer shooter or a more polished version of Counter-Strike: Source, CS:GO might be right up your alley. If you're looking for drastic changes over the previous Counter-Strikes or you enjoy unlocking weapon and perk unlocks, then don't bother.
  12. May 21, 2013
    CS:GO is one of the most fun shooters I have ever played. Its game play makes you feel accomplished after every kill and actually takes a fair amount of skill to be good at. The only complaint that i have is that sadly some game modes i cant even step foot into as they are just dominated by "Pro" gamers. I dont stand a chance in game modes like Competitive Demoliton and i understand why, so i dont play it. Its a game that is well balanced and has few flaws, and is just genuinely fun to play even if you arnt good at it. Expand
  13. May 30, 2013
    Anger, frustration, humiliation, and just... pure RAGE online with other people who know the maps better than you and get killed OVER 30 TIMES! I LOVE IT!
  14. May 22, 2013
    For rookies, like myself, the game is almost unplayable. There is barely any skill required from close range besides from spraying (according to my personal experiences) and they will either camp your spawn with a sniper rifle or wait until you come around a corner, and for the new ones among us, that's pretty much all there is to this game. Spawn, get killed, see how accuracy doesn't matter, and all over. The graphics are very dated, and by far the worst of Valve's source engine. The molotov effects look good, but it simply looks as there was barely any polish. People who say it has the best visuals by far haven't played any other Valve games, like Portal 2 and Dota 2. Expand
  15. Apr 26, 2013
    Good remake with nice graphics but with so little new features sadly. I belive that valve could add something surprising and fixed the character movement, that is so artificial.
  16. Sep 2, 2012
    I am so happy to say that Counter-Strike has been properly remade! When I am playing it brings back the amazing memories of 1.6 and having my own server, which I will again strive for in CS:GO. I liked Source, but overall the mechanics didn't feel right to me. Valve definitely hit the nail square on the head with the CS:GO engine, very good graphics and models with smooth and fast paced game play. The guns are also great and the buy menu is easy to navigate. The ONLY reason I am not giving this game a 10 is because there are already hacks available and people using them, there has to be a way to stop this Valve/Steam! Expand
  17. Dec 28, 2013
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a classic first person shooter from Valve. I've played it now about 60 hours and I'm not tired of this game. If you have a coordinated team it is a lot of fun. And there are modes where you can play without big tactics. The graphics are not that good and the atmosphere is sterile. Gameplay and level design are perfect, no shooter I've ever played is at this mechanics so perfect. Expand
  18. Nov 19, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (2/2) Visuals/Story (1/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

    Accessibility/Longevity (2/2)

    (Review this section only on Accessibility if the game has no longevity) (Review this section only on longevity if the game isn’t accessible)

    Pricing (2/2)

    Wildcard (0)

    This is a guideline for how to properly review games. Many reviewers like to get a “feel” for a game, and arbitrarily give a game a score that they believe it deserves. This results in wildly different scores between different reviewers, and vastly different scores between similar games. This guideline addresses these problems and scores games fairly and consistently. This guideline also gives scores that are usually similar to the metacritic score.

    The review score is based out of 10 points. There are no “half” or 0.5 increments. It is impossible to have a score above 10 or below 0. The review score will change as the game gets new dlc, drops in price, or if more secrets are found through the game increasing its appeal.

    The scoring is split into 6 sections. The first five sections can add a possible 2 points to the final score. The first 5 sections are Single Player/Multi Player, Gameplay, Visuals/Story, Accessibility/Longevity, and Pricing.

    Notice that 3 of these sections have two parts. These particular sections will be scored based on the stronger part of the game of the two. For example, if a game has a lousy single player campaign, but an excellent multiplayer component, that section will be based solely on the multiplayer as if the single player did not exist. This allows games to be based on their own merits, as many unnecessary features are shoehorned into video games by publishers to reach a “feature quota”. Games that excel in both areas of a section don’t receive should be noted in the written review, but cannot increase the score past 2 in that section. However, it can be taken into account in the final section

    The final section can add 1, add 0, or subtract 1 to the final score. This final section is the “wildcard” section. This section is for how the reviewer “feels” about the game, but limits this only to this section, rather than the entire 10 point review. This section can include any positive or negative point that was not covered in the previous 5 sections.
  19. Sep 4, 2013
    While the game is fun and addicting, it seems way too different that CS: Source and CS 1.6, if you're going to play a CS game for the first time, go with CS: Source, then pick this up and compare.
  20. Aug 23, 2012
    Maybe the only FPS where it truly boils down to a game of pure skill. No bullsh*t perks or kill streaks, no auto-turrets, no air strikes. If you want to win in Counter-Strike, you have to learn the maps, play smart, and have fast reflexes. Since you work for each and every kill, it's much more satisfying than other current gen shooters. It's a real shame that the console version isn't closer to the PC version though, they could have given COD a run for their $. Expand
  21. Apr 24, 2013
    Believe it or not, I actually like this version of Counter-Strike better than its prequel, Counter-Strike Source, unlike most people who have reviewed this game in the past. When I first bought CS: Source, I really enjoyed everything about it, except for the graphics, which looked rather dated by today's graphical standards. This game updates the game's graphics, thus fixing the problem. As for the gameplay, it is the same as it has always been: fast-paced multiplayer action. That's perfectly fine, I don't think this needs to change one bit. Counter-Strike should stay this way in order to stop it from being like certain OTHER modern warfare games (I'm looking at you COD and Battlefield). This game has the classic Counter-Strike game modes of hostage rescue and bomb disposal, however, it also adds two new modes into the mix to shake things up a little. Along with these two modes, it also adds arms race and demolition. These modes manage to keep the gameplay fresh and enjoyable for everyone by awarding people with new weapons for kills. There is no story for this game, but it doesn't need one. The game is just insane multiplayer action for everyone, so a story is rather unnecessary. This game does also have issues however. The game does crash quite a bit. I'm not so sure if this is a problem just with me, or if it's for everyone, but it keeps crashing and giving me errors such as "The Steam servers are too busy to handle your request". The good news is that this game is one of the faster launching games in my Steam line-up, so this does not hurt the game very much, and it is easy to recover from a game crash such as this. However, there is also another problem. This game lacks a lot of the old maps that veteran CS:S players will have come to recognize. Valve will probably add more in with future updates, but for now, there aren't too many classic maps, and several for the new arms race and demolition modes. Lastly, despite this game being better than Source, it probably will never have the lasting impact Source left on the video game community. Source was much more influential than this game, creating an online community that is still active to this day. However, I still think that this game is better, due to the upgrades that were made on the existing mechanics of Source, along with the new modes. Overall, this game is one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played. It does nothing to reinvent the Counter-Strike franchise, but it doesn't even have to. All Counter-Strike really needed was a graphical upgrade, a few new modes, and a few more tweaks on existing mechanics, and it got it. Expand
  22. May 17, 2014
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is clearly the best FPS currently on Steam, but not the best FPS on PC, it is Battlefield 4 on Origin. In short, this game does not necessarily differs from traditional FPS, it is the sequel to Counter-Strike: Source, but, apart from the graphics, there is not much difference between the two versions of the game short , FPS has an excellent buy, and play quietly for hours! Expand
  23. Aug 21, 2012
    Pretty ok. I was kinda hoping for something different, but it's the same exact thing as the previous games. If you like counterstrike, you'll probably like this. I prefer BF3.
  24. Nov 4, 2012
    Counter-Strike going Call of Duty, AKA being a bunch of sell-out whores for the current generation of little peer-pressured kids with hormone problems.
  25. Mar 29, 2013
    A $15 invitation to reconnect with a classic FPS. Its lost a coat of luster, but its still looking fine. Even though CS 1.6 is better this is still a nice little time waster now and again.
  26. Jun 15, 2013
    CS: GO may seem like an unnecessary addition to the CS franchise: the core game play is still the same and the game still only uses the source engine. However, CS: GO makes some good additions and refinements to the formula. There are new guns, improved graphics and some of the maps have been re-made and re-balanced. There are also some new game modes such as arms race and this is a good game mode for those that don't like having to wait when they die. The new game modes are representative of an experience one would expect from a traditional COD game, and Valve have done a good job fitting it into the Counter-strike experience. CS:GO is also very cheap too ($15) and if you wait for Steam sales you can even get it at half of that, making it an absolute steal. All said, CS: GO makes some good changes to the formula and adds in more modes to appeal to the broader audience. Recommended. Expand
  27. Apr 26, 2014
    This is pure and classic counter-strike formula, updated for more modern gaming. Its worth picking up if you are a CS fan or enjoy multiplayer FPS games. Plus you can get it on sale for really cheap if you're patient enough.
  28. Aug 8, 2014
    Global Offensive is not the original Counter-Strike, and although it's not that great, it's still good. Added some new game modes, changes the guns, added new features,... but keeps the core of its predecessor, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is some remarkable title in these days, when "Call of Duty" style shooter games rule the world.
  29. Sep 13, 2012
    This is a primitive shooter. PRIMITIVE. I understand the viewpoint that some games shouldn't be updated, I can't argue against that, but there's a good reason why it costs 15 bucks. As an FPS experience it comes no where near to standing up next to its contemporaries. If it weren't for it's low price tag, this would be a zero. But at 15 dollars, it's a nice trip down memory lane. And that's it. Expand
  30. Nov 15, 2013
    Decent remake. Yes some could argue that it isnt CS or CSS but those two were also quite different to begin with. Nobody forces you to buy it. Thus an retail version would have been nice since iam against DRM BS. Still refreshing from thousands of hours CS and CSS.
  31. Oct 3, 2012
    CS:GO is ok, the graphics are good, new and better gun designs and a whole new refined experience, If you are a hard-core CS:S player then you might to think before buying this. In my opinion, this game has lost the 'Counter-Strike' charm that made it so popular in the first place. The good things about this is the new buying menu, where you move the mouse onto each slot, instead of clicking, scrolling and getting shot before you even purchase your weapon. The game is also incredibly cheap ($15) on Steam. If you are new to the CS universe then get this, but if you are a CS:S player, you might need to reconsider. Expand
  32. Dec 1, 2013
    To get it short, i expected something more than just the same content just with better graphics. Yes, the game is cheap but still. Its still the same old CS 1.6 just with some minor changes here and there. If you didnt like the predecessors there is no reason to like GO.
  33. Feb 11, 2014
    Counter-Strike Source was a game that I enjoyed from the moment I started playing it. It was a really fun modern warfare game that showed a new side to the genre in which instead of two armies facing each other, it was more of a game of cops and robbers, or in this case terrorists vs counter-terrorists. Now finally a sequel has been released titled Global Offensive. At first glance, people may think that it's just Source with more modern graphics. However, under those shiny new graphics, there is also far more to this game lying in its exterior. Because it is a multiplayer only game, it does not have an actual story mode. Therefore, unlike my reviews in the past, I will not be talking about the story. I will instead be talking about its presentation as a whole. So, does this game make its predecessors look bad, or should gamers just keep playing Source until the next millennium? Let's find out. As I stated, this is a multiplayer game, so the entire game revolves around the whole multiplayer experience. This game does not change much at all from the original Counter-Strike games. There are two teams (under tournament circumstances and bot matches, there are five on each team), and both sides can win either by killing everyone on the opposing team, or completing an objective. Different from the originals? No. Is this bad? Heck no! The gameplay of Counter-Strike was what made it so special in the first place. The gameplay still feels fast, furious, fun and fresh after all these years. It manages to keep these old modes, and also add new ones. The new gameplay mode additions to this game are called Arms Race, and Demolition. Arms Race is a mode where players compete for kills and get increasingly more powerful weapons with each kill. The winner is the first player to get kills with every weapon in the game. As for demolition, it is a much more traditional game of Counter-Strike, but instead of buying weapons at the end of every round, weaker weapons are awarded based on the amount of kills that you have. These new gameplay modes are a welcome addition to the game, and add more to Counter-Strike then it ever had before. Overall, the gameplay of this game is as fantastic as it has ever been. The graphics are probably the best of any Source Engine game as of yet released. Everything in this game looks absolutely stunning and beautiful. From the character models to the weapons, this game makes even its competitors look bad. Okay, that might be overstating it just a little. The source engine, though great, does not beat the graphical power of Dice's frostbite engine used for the Battlefield series. That's not to say the games graphics are bad, after all I just said they are fantastic. They just aren't Battlefield's. They are still better than Call of Duty however. The presentation is nice too. The U.I. is done very well, and so is the A.I. The A.I. is very intelligent and does its job very well. It has very good multiplayer servers. The maps are all very nice as well. It has many classic Counter-Strike maps, along with new ones. However, while this game's presentation is nice, there is one big problem that it will never overcome. It will never have the same lasting impact that Source and the original left on the gaming community. Sure it looks better, but it will probably never have the fanbase that Source has always had. This game is still fantastic on its own right however. Overall, I'd say that this game is totally worth buying, even if you have never played Counter-Strike before. That is why I recommend it to everyone who wants to play.
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Presentation: 8/10
    Overall: 9/10
  34. Jul 19, 2014
    One of the most, advanced and most pristine army games I have played, from its precision shooting, to its ridiculous amount of difficulty (what I mean here, is that you will die a lot more than any other army games I have played) and all the maps or most of them remind me of CS Source
  35. Aug 21, 2012
    This is Counter-Strike. If you don't like Counter-Strike, GET OUT. The three negative reviews expected something other than Counter-Strike. I could never get into Counter-Strike because of how you are either a total noob at the bottom of the scoreboards or a pro who can kill the entire team in 5 seconds. And it takes hundreds of hours of boredom to get good. In CSGO, that all changes. I'm actually having fun. The graphics are the best Valve has done, the UI is very clean, and the new voice acting is actually pretty good. The recoil and hit detection changed, and now instead of dying as soon as I see an enemy I actually use cover, throw grenades, and more. It's a much more active game. The new maps are the best ever made in Counter-Strike. They are very vertical, which encourages flanking, tactics, risk vs reward, and more. The Arsenal Demolition mode is possibly the best idea ever for a game. The inexperienced have a chance of fighting back against pros, because AK47s and P90s deals more damage than a P2000. The pros feel a sense of accomplishment and play just to see how far they can go. I don't care much for the gungame (A CS original, CoD stole it), but it's rather well done. The new weapons and balancing really make the 12 year old game feel brand new. I didn't care much for the casual mode, as it is only very small changes. And, IT'S $15. IT'S 1/4 OF THE PRICE OF A NEW CALL OF DUTY GAME, AND IT OFFERS SOMETHING THEY DON'T HAVE (GOOD CORE GAMEPLAY). If you want Counter-Strike, don't hesitate to buy it. Expand
  36. Oct 14, 2012
    Ok, what have we here... Ah yes. I don't like Valve games, never liked, but i bought CS:GO to look for the magic of CS, same as the other titles btw. And to be honest, i didn't find it at all. This is the latest build of Source engine - hope the last - but still game looks ugly, compare to much older L4D2. Tons of HDR, bloom and motion blur, only to hide graphics bugs / glitches and make you feel like something fresh new. I would say, this game is similiar to another ugly and almost forgotten child of Valve - Counter Strike: Condition Zero. In fast mode, games keeps connecting to official Valve servers, which can be described only as trash cans.Thank god, there is a server list, so the choice can be more civilised. Some say game is cheap and because of that, worth of buying, i say it looks and feels cheap as well. Expand
  37. May 28, 2014
    Gameplay is painfully tedious, extremely outdated visuals, lack of content. Overall a mediocre game.
  38. Ndi
    May 2, 2013
    Zero innovation. Same maps, same weapons, only weaker, a bit more graphics and bam, new game.

    Seriously, this is a minor improvement over Source, one I didn't need. Valve has again caved in to the "pro" gamers (like that's a real sport) and removed all the new features, like reacting to shots. No, the simplest shooter every has made a comeback, with FIRE! But still can't lay down, react
    to shots, the online gameplay is WORSE as lag plays an even greater role, the bugs have come back, and, frankly, this will never change as long as Valve keeps on letting a few spoiled brats who learned the game by heart dictate how "new" games work.

    I'm getting really tired of this. Every new game, the guns are weaker and weaker. Nobody survives 4 shots to the torso with a Desert Eagle. A L96 sniper will still explode you if it clips a wooden box. A salvo from an AK47 or an M16 will put you in a box. This game is going downhill.

    I am a long time CS fan and I'm very serious when I say that every new version of CS is less and less fun. From a fast paced CQB game to a "click the head" flash game with better graphics.

    And bugs, bugs everywhere. It is unacceptable that in 2013 shooting someone in an online game doesn't "take" because he has lag.
  39. Aug 21, 2012
    This game is amazing. It seems like Valve has listened to the fans complaints about how CS:Source modified the basic game-play of Counter-Strike and made this version a way more similar to CS:1.6. Just played the beta yesterday for the first time and bought the game without thinking twice. This one will be HUGE. Thank you Valve for DotA 2, thank you Valve for CS 1.6 and now thank you Valve for CS:GO. Cross Platform will be sick! Expand
  40. Apr 24, 2014
    CS:GO offers the addictive and tense gameplay all Counter-Strike players know and love. With amazing weapon feel, great graphics for the dated Source engine, great maps, and a good community to play with even for beginners, CS:GO is a must buy for competitive FPS players.
  41. Jun 23, 2013
    This may be the best version of Counterstrike, but by no means is it a perfect game.

    I personally am not a big fan of the Counterstrike series, as the game is a good example of "the rich get richer". newbies often have little chance of doing well, as many seasoned players can almost instantly headshot you as you are running on the other side of the map.

    my opinion of this game is,
    its a fun distraction if you play against bots, dont expect to do good, as long-time players are the norm online... and the community isnt very friendly either... with people continually trolling and being annoying using the voip. Expand
  42. Aug 21, 2012
    This is the best Counter Strike TO DATE. They added two forms of gun game, excellent graphics, fun gameplay, a better buying menu + more guns! Defiantly worth the $15 (cheap!)
  43. Dec 22, 2012
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (aka CS:GO) is one of the most addictive games that I have ever played. You always feel like playing another round, and you always want to improve at the game and understand the game better. And improving at this game is unbelievably satisfying and rewarding, and being able to get around the complicated recoil system to pile up the kills is deeply satisfying. This game is incredibly hardcore, and requires skill more than anything. You can't just run up to people and spray bullets everywhere, as it'll get you nowhere. CS:GO takes patience, accuracy and good reflexes. Your heart will pound when you're the last man standing in your team, as everyone's eyes are on you from the spectator screens. Being able to win a match as the last man standing feels very rewarding, mainly because you were able to outlast everyone in your team and win. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very fun and addictive game which will take away hours of your day again and again. Good luck trying to move your eyes away from the computer screen with this game; it's a very hard task. Expand
  44. Sep 18, 2013
    Meh. I played CS when it was in Beta and mod in the 90's and played it for years in to Source. This doesn't show any real improvements and appears to be just cashing in on the name. I admit I'm tired of the series but the maps are even still the same. This is one old horse.
  45. Mar 18, 2013
    It's Counter-Strike. Where can you go wrong? It's incredibly fun and still retains it's challenge. But Valve should've shipped more default maps, I think they're becoming too dependant on that Workshop gimmick.
  46. Mar 2, 2014
    Im not a big Multiplayer Gamer and i do play some of 'em (And im a noob in it too) ... The ones i play is Battlefield 4 , Max Payne 3 and this . Its been almost 5 year since i played any Counter Strike game . Amd getting this was kinda reforming the Old Memories . I bought it on Steam , downloaded and started (EASY) . The interface was easy as usual to navigate through servers .
    Now some people who play the latest Army simulator games may think that the Visuals are kinda dated (May compare it with COD too) . and i dont blame them as they may see the comparison with latest games . But if i compare it with the previous installment in the Series (CS : Source) the visuals are updated .

    The Sound was the similar and my slight con as they might've considered to upgrade or change it by now .

    Gameplay was also quite similar , but CS Gameplay was never easy , it requires special tactics and your deep knowledge of the map to get through your way . The new addition of Arms Race is pretty cool .

    Overall , a great game to try .
  47. Sep 10, 2012
    Alright, a lot of people are a bit disappointed with the game so far, in comparison to CS:S, but, you gotta see things a bit away from source if that makes any damn sense.
    The thing is, this game only costs 15 dollars and it's some really high quality entertainment for that small amount of money, and we all know Valve is gonna drop a ton of updates on us, so whats with the
    disappointment? Now if this was 30 or 60 dollars, i'd bash this game to oblivion even with updates, because charging that much for a game and the putting updates up later is stupid, especially since updates might be halted or cancelled, but Valve gave us a good game, for a good price, the updates from this point are just bonuses from this point, I think ti's under-appreciated, people were expecting the biggest thing ever, well, they only asked for 15 dollars, could it considered to be a cop-out of Valve to just not live up to those expectations? I'm not sure, but right now, all that matters is that i'm having a blast on GO. Expand
  48. Aug 30, 2012
    This is just what the Counter-Strike series has been waiting for. A modernization. However it feels incomplete with the lack of hostage maps (there is only 2), the gameplay is spot on, competitive, and fresh; while all staying true to the classic Counter-Strike experience. The new gamemodes Demolition and Arms Race are very fun if you are looking for a more fast-paced experience, and the new maps are sleek and good looking. This game is also standing evidence that the Source engine is growing and getting better, as the graphics are phenomenal. This game is an upgrade to the entire series in every way. It's still lacking hostage maps though. Since i trust Valve to add more hostage maps, I am giving this game this great rating. Expand
  49. Apr 17, 2014
    One of those games that hit the nail on the head the first time around and as such doesn't need to do anything but improve its graphics over the years and still be the best multiplayer FPS on the market.

    Added game modes are fun, add a bit of spice to the game, but Classic CS is what I came for, and that's where the game shines. "Deathmatch" has the spawn issues that plague CoD (because
    it's just an insta-spawn gibfest instead of a coordinated effort), Arsenal is fun, you have a lot of community maps to pull from as well but you don't get to play these on ranked.

    And that's the game's only downfall as far as I can see. I feel like the ranked system should have a smaller map pool that changes every week, as it is if I select every map before queuing I keep getting thrown into Dust 2, because that was and still is the most favored CS map by the community. Would be nice if they did something to force people out of their comfort zones in competitive mode, to me that's the whole point.

    Aside from that, still has dedicated servers for free, better hit detection and far fewer latency issues than modern titles that cost $60 and charge you for every map pack they release. The only reason I ever stop playing Valve games is because like everything else, I get eventually get bored and feel the need to try something new, but I always come back to Valve titles. They just do it so much better and give so much more value than everyone else in the industry, and this was even the case before they started earning that Steam money. If they ever flip the switch like Blizzard did, PC gaming will truly be dead.
  50. Aug 22, 2012
    As others have said - this is indeed the same old game albeit with a new coat of paint. I feel gamers, especially those interested in competitive FPS have come along way since CS and its days of glory. I don't think this is so much a game of skill anymore, but a dated classic that isn't terribly relevant these days. Still, for the price it's fast, accessible and fun, but there is much better out there... Expand
  51. Aug 22, 2012
    To start out: I have mainly played quake/ut style games since '96 and while I've dabbled in CS through LANs and such back in the day, my interest was very weak. Mainly because the game is very slow paced and favors 2 tactics: mobbing and camping down a thin avenue of approach. This combined with bullet spray mechanic when moving makes aggression a weak and stupid tactic. I don't like playing this style game, but gave it a chance when valve released cs:s. Again, the same, but bullet spray and poor hit detection seemed amplified and I gave it up fairly quickly. Now we have CS:GO. To begin, the game is gorgeous and has more infrastructure to it than any CS before. It DOES have matchmaking which is annoying, but there is also the option to play dedicated so who cares? The bullet spray is either tighter or the netcode better, I dunno which. Overall it's still the same gameplay. The purchase interface is wanky, but most players will bind the relevant options and never use it anyway. If you love CS of any flavor, there is no reason you won't like this one. On the other hand, if you think CS gameplay is stale and want to see it mixed up so that aggression and and precision are rewarded rather than penalized, look elsewhere. This is classic CS with a beautiful engine on top. I think the game is a 4 gameplay wise, but I give it a 7 as most people reading this are probably CS players, and I think it's an accurate representation of what a CS player would award this game. Expand
  52. Sep 20, 2013
    It's counter-strike. No innovation here, but what it does, it does well. There is pretty much no aimbotting, so that is a big plus, although I have seen wallhacks and smoke hacks.

    This version plays a lot like CS 1.0, for those who can remember that far back. 1.0 was fairly different from 1.3, which was again fairly different from 1.6. But yeah, this is a very nice iteration of CS in my
    opinion, so 8/10 from me. Expand
  53. May 18, 2013
    Amazing game, major improvements and a lot of fun. But...also a lot of getting use to. People new to CS may have difficulties in trying to get better at the game. But that was me. And as time went on, i got use to it and played it on a regular basis. I've already put over 300 hours into it which is highly worth my time. Combat is a major improvement from CS Source, it is more smooth and flexible with it's own new guns and equipment. When you play this game, you will need to communicate with you team, work together and stick together in order to beat the other team. You will feel really good when you get a kill, and win a game. But this game can diffidently induce some rage into players. Playing with friends never felt better as it enhances your experience and makes the game stand out of what it was truly made to be. Over time this game can get boring as your doing the same thing over and over again. But i still think it is worth a try even if you are not a CS fan. Expand
  54. Sep 4, 2012
    It worths the weight!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  55. Jul 17, 2013
    There is a reason this game is cheaper than Counter-Strike: Source on Steam; It's worse. The graphics have been "upgraded" a lot from CSS, but it doesn't really look better. Player models are harder to distinguish, but they are larger. Less fun and less skilled than CSS
  56. Nov 29, 2013
    Counter-Strike Global Offensive brings almost everything that CS 1.6 brought when it came out.Classic CS maps,weapons, better sound quality, better graphics and more came together to re-create the Counter-Strike 1.6 atmosphere.For me this game is good and is the best CS game played untill now by me...I need to be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of the series but this one is really good!The high frequency of updates and why not cammos and in-game items will give a long life to this game just like Team Fortress 2. Expand
  57. Feb 21, 2014
    The latest and greatest version of Counter-Strike, and one I personally believe to be the best to date. Global Offensive takes the lessons learned of the earlier games, and also bring along enhanced spectator modes that the game needed to evolve in the eSports landscape. The integration with the Steam marketplace for skins and maps is OUTSTANDING. Outstanding value for those interested in a competitive shooter. Expand
  58. Aug 23, 2014
    Good game that is updated regularly with new weapon skins and new maps, there has been a major upgrade a while ago that introduces lots of map that are new to CS:GO. It's also famous for competition and watching tournaments.
  59. Jul 15, 2014
    Tactical round-based FPS shooter. As a true fan and player of Counter-Strike 1.6 (3,534 hrs on steam record+LAN) I was a bit skeptical about my decision to move on GO, but I think I'm getting into it.
  60. Jan 3, 2013
    It's a really good version of Counter-Strike. Probably my favourite! The weapons are far more balanced, there are more reasons to use grenades other then flashbangs and the gameplay on the whole feels more refined! It's still Counter Strike to it's core, but it shows Valve isn't afraid to risk pissing off their fanbase to release a new one. Good Job!
  61. Aug 24, 2012
    10/10 Why? Because there are trolls who have no idea about how counter strike works that give it a 0. For 15$, for me (13.49) on the sale, this game is by far a 8.5/10 actually. I don't even have to explain why this game is superb.
  62. Aug 15, 2014
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of my favourite FPS ever, hell the first FPS I ever played was Counter-Strike on the old Xbox. The gameplay is great and it controls great! not ever have I had a death in this game that felt unfair to me as when i play COD i eather die from some hidden attack or something. Gun Game is the most fun I had in a long time. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most fresh counter strike game there is, go buy it now its only about $15. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets a 8/10 Expand
  63. Aug 31, 2012
    Quite honestly, mediocre and unnecessary. All it is, is counter-strike source with an updated source engine, and a few re modeled guns. This in no way had to be a new game, it brings nothing new to the counter-strike series, and it in no way should be praised as a revolution of the genre. This is coming from a counter-strike veteran who's played CS since 1.3, and also played CSS. I also got into the CS:GO beta quite early and immediately i noticed it was quite lack luster. Kind of a shame that they didn't try to do anything new or fresh with the genre. It's just a new coat of paint on the same car. Expand
  64. Apr 1, 2013
    The gameplay is not as revolutionary as anticipated. However, still playable and enjoyable as a game. The good features and gears from CS1.6 has been left out and it's basically the original with new graphics, gameplay-wise, it's hardly exciting. However the price is very reasonable for the contents provided, and the graphic is actually not as demanding for your system as it may appear to be.
  65. May 20, 2013
    Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an awesome FPS with a lot of weapons and a fun gameplay. Many people say that the game is showing its age and that it is just like CSS, but I disagree. Valve managed to make CS:GO new and fresh.
    There's both new gamemodes and new maps. You can also download a lot of user created maps from the Steam workshop.
    I would both recommend CS:GO to old CS
    gamers and to people that never played a CS game before. Expand
  66. Sep 7, 2014
    Should be renamed to Camper-Strike. Honestly, moving around in the map has no meaning in this game. Just buy a sniper rifle and wait in a corner. You have better chances to get a kill that way. Also, you can never trust your crosshair, because apparently being precise with anything but a sniper rifle is for losers....
  67. Jan 3, 2014
    CS:GO lacks decent match-making servers. You will miss shots that you shouldn't have and will result in frustration. However, community servers and services like ESEA will improve your competitive drive and experience. Also, there is a major cheating problem with currently no solution in match-making.
  68. Aug 22, 2012
    My preferred CS game now. The graphics are great, map designs are the classic maps you remember with new additions and tweaks that gets rid of some of the bottlenecks, etc. The match finder to get into quick competitive games is a great addition so playing with friends is a synch.
  69. Aug 12, 2013
    i previously gave this game a 5 but i decided to change my mind because this game is worth more than a 5 ans is quite fun so i decided to change it to a 7.
  70. Aug 22, 2012
    I have been having a ton of fun with this game. It's a big upgrade from CSS. The guns feel amazing and the graphics are fantastic! I can't get enough of the new Demolition mode! If you need a reason own a PC and a Steam account, this is it. It's only $15, and all planned DLC is going to be free. FREE! Go get this right now!
  71. Oct 5, 2012
    Underrated game, I would probably rate 9, usually the highest I rate, but feel a 10 would be more appropriate for it's overall score. Anyway, the game itself plays very nicely in my opinion, and I find it in many cases more enjoyable than CS:S. I realise that the game hasn't seemed to hit hard yet, but Valve are already adding new maps and features all the time, and it almost feels like the game is going to get better over-time, since they are famous for delaying games, and it is clear they wanted to satisfy the market. I would recommend that anyone that has bought the game to keep up with updates, major or minor, an in a while, we may have something even more golden for a community to start modding. Expand
  72. Aug 22, 2012
    Better graphics, better balance, more competitive, all weapons are greatly balanced, now you can handle a SMG without feeling unpowered, i dont know why noobs complain to much about this game, its $15 bucks, even cheaper than CS:S
  73. Sep 11, 2014
    Want to play ? Too bad , there is a whole community of people unable to be humans . The game is the ultimate competitive shooter , far worse in many aspects than other AAA MP shooters , but because of its simplicity it makes a great fit for the competitive market . BUT the community , as every e-sport community , are not gamers - they are stats junkies that do not know how to play with other human beings , new players , or generally other gamers . These people with bad language both writen and spoken and the abusive kick system bring this game from a clear 7 , to a 4 . Expand
  74. Jul 20, 2013
    Excellent Game. I played over 600hrs. Very fun. Death has a consequence you sit out 1min and watch other people play!

    Three Major Problems that stop this from getting a 10.

    a.) Hacking. Several People wall hack, aim hack etc. and they need to solve this.
    b.) You get matched up with people from Brazil who have pings of 200.
    c.) Game reset my achievements somehow.
  75. Jul 18, 2014
    Sans doute un des fps incontournable sur pc . Même si la physique des balle est assez bizarre . Un système de marché est dispo sur steam pour personnalisé nos armes . Si vous aimé les fps arcade : vous aller vous régaler .
  76. Sep 4, 2012
    Ok dudes and dudettes. If you liked the old school CS. You will like this one. Also it's 15 freaking dollars. Super cheap and intense FPS fun. I wish they brought back the flashlight and tags, but whatever. It's still fun .
  77. Dec 11, 2013
    The graphics are cool, gameplay is nice, but the services are terrible. The game crashes for me, and doesn't matters how many fixes I look for on the internet, the crashes never stop. This has been a known problem for a long while, and Valve never cared to look at it. The Competitive Matchmaking can sometimes take nearly 20 minutes, and can sometimes can throw you in a server on another country with a ping of 200, if the server has hackers or too high ping you can't leave it because the penalties for leaving a competitive game are atrocious (even if it was not your fault, like if the power went down or something like that happened. Yeah, the system can't see a difference if you were disconnected due an external influence, or if was your decision to click on the Exit Game button). The game has a lot of potential, but I am frustrated enough that I could ask Valve for a refund, if I could. Expand
  78. Nov 25, 2012
    The only thing this competitive game has that compares to call of duty is it's FPS aspect and a few of the guns. Otherwise, it's an upgrade to the original Counter Strike, 1.6, and source with a few additional game modes and better graphics. What I like about this game above it's predecessors is it's offline bots. The dedicated fans that have been playing CS for multiple years makes the online multiplayer very difficult (which is a good thing). So, what I like about this game is the offline bot mode, which allows people who buy this game to enjoy a little pwnage (or challenge when they crank up the difficulty to veteran) when they can't get it online. Also, everyone has an equal chance, not thrown off by prestiging or leveling up, which adds balance.Overall, it's a fun, challenging, and addicting game -- I'd recommend it to all gamers! Especially those who enjoy a good FPS. Expand
  79. Feb 16, 2013
    HOLY S**T Valve have sold us the same game again with the same maps for yes a THIRD TIME!!!!! YAY f*** me these robbin b******s. What people epically seem to be missing "best counter strike yet"?????? ITS THE SAME COUNTERSTRIKE same maps just updated graphics at least the theives over in CoDLand give you new maps when they sell you the same game. Very very very sadly disappointed with this. Anyone whos still playing CS needs to move on and go and buy BF3 or Planetside 2 (Which is FREE!!!!) Expand
  80. May 21, 2013
    CS: GO is a simple, fun shooter. Some people may find it lacking but it brings out the core of FPS games.
    It is a big improvement over Source Valve updated the graphics (could've been better, though, but nice) and added more guns and maps but the content from older games from the series is untouched.
    Servers are fast to find by auto match and games are balanced. Unlike in CS: source,
    players have reasonable skill levels and not insane aim bot- like abilities, meaning you can play a game without being surprised and shot right away.

    Bottom line a great shooter and a great remake, that in my opinion provide everything the AAA titles provide, but for a much cheaper price. One of the best purchases I've ever made and discount are often.
  81. Aug 9, 2013
    It is an improved Counter-Strike over Source, but there are a large number of problems. Getting kicked out of competitive or leaving in the middle of the round can result in a time-out, accuracy problems, hardware problems and more. However it is still Counter-Strike from deep within, and I like playing it. It just needs to be a little bit reworked.
  82. Apr 23, 2014
    I came into this game with very little expectation for its success, after playing years of CS from the days of 1.3 up until its final release of 1.6 at a competitive level. Its hard to convince someone like me that Counter-Strike could be re-released as a updated version of its predecessor. I feel like failed epicly with CS:Source, that game felt nothing like 1.6 actually it felt like a completely new game with similar version of maps. CS:Go is probably the closest game so far to bringing back to those days of the original 1.6 with a few perks that actually make it better in some aspects.

    Gameplay: Standard fps that isn’t friendly to your run and gun style. It revolves some sort of skill and when you play competitive you will find that its not a forgiving game. It requires focus and team co-operation. This game is made for multiplayer as there is very little single player content. Matchmaking is where this game shines, no longer are players searching IRC and forums or leagues for a scrim or match. You are given a rank that does fairly well at placing you with evenly matched players. You will encounter hackers who will ultimately ruin your experience but if you can see past that the game is very well made.

    Graphics: Up to date on today’s standards for computer graphic’s its nothing super special but it doesn't burn your eyes to play.

    Replay Value: Considering its completely a multiplayer game and has a competitive (E-Sport) side to it. It comes down to how much you enjoy it, if you do you will find yourself going match after match trying to achieve higher ranks or you will log in from time after time to mess around on a public server. Either way replay value is extremely high.

    Overall this game is a win, and if you are into the fps genre it is a must have. It will never replace 1.6 in the hearts of us old timers but it does justice to the name Counter-Strike.
  83. Aug 22, 2012
    It's CS so you know what to expect. Quick matches. Intense difficulty. High tension. Some of the most classic FPS moments in video gaming history. CS does not need to change the formula is perfect and Valve knows this. The CS game for 2012.
  84. Oct 24, 2013
  85. Apr 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While this is a fun and competitive game, it lacks something, it may be the lack of change from the last counter strike (source), I mean yeah they added a new interface and a few modes and maps, but in my opinion it would have been refreshing to get a little bit more content. you can argue with me because the price is low, but to me, as a fan of valve and it's games I would appreciate a few more official modes and maps.
    The DLC might be great, but I'm sick of paying for a game that is not complete.
    That's the bad news.
    The good news are that the game preserves it's good old fashion gameplay style, the graphics have improved and are a treat to look at, and the game works smoothly most of the time.
    Also I like the fact that each map has a different kind of characters as for the CT and the T.
    The new hostage rescuing system is fantastic, I like it better and I think it's something they thought about.
    As usual valve have succeed in giving the opportunity to add mods and additional maps and weapons to the game, which is great.
    I would give this game a bit more than 8 but less than 9 because it is not complete in my opinion.
    Still, I think it's a game every casual gamer should get, specially as a fan of valve and counter strike. I've played since the first Counter Strike (when it was a mod) and I'm still enjoying each "upgrade".
  86. Aug 21, 2012
    Great game. Very similar to CSS but for only 15$, who's complaining? The gameplay in myy opinion is better than CSS because of the added gun recoil and enhanced visual. Overall an awesome. game.
  87. Sep 27, 2012
    Its CS:Source with not as clean graphics. There's almost zero reason to get this over 1.6 or source (because both are better games than GO) GO tries to merge the two communities and earn a buck in the process but this game is to cluttered to make it to the big stage imo. A lot of stuff has been reused, like sounds, certain objects is directly takes from cs source which makes the game feel old already. If you must have a "new" fps experience, then sure why not, its still CS but I would recommend something else. Expand
  88. Oct 9, 2012
    A fun new spin on an old classic, revamped graphics, hit registry and weapons at such a low price really does make it a must for any counter strike veteran and non counter strike veteran alike.
  89. May 23, 2013
    It's no Counter Strike Source, but it still has some nice qualities. Graphics improved from its predecessor. At the same time, the movement and aiming feels a little sloppy compared to the crispness of CSS. Great game for the price, but like many other die hard CSS fans, I believe the original is still a better game.
  90. Nov 19, 2013
    I will start out by saying that I didn't play any of the previous CS games before this one. But I find that the game is very enjoyable. It one of those games that you can pick up after a hard day and find some relaxation in (if you can relax playing shooters). Constant game updates mean that new things are always being added. It is also fairly cheap ($15), and you can get a lot of gameplay out of it. The game balance is also pretty good, meaning that one side (Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists) does not have an advantage in terms of weapons that can be bought. This game does have things that need to be learned, especially if you are coming from a CoD background. Expand
  91. Jan 21, 2014
    Speaking as someone who's only other FPS experience is TF2, CS GO was pleasantly surprising as i have not been foddered up by embarrassingly easy **** Everything, From the difficult but satisfying recoil on every gun to the fact that all the classic mode levels (except Office) are perfectly balanced without being asymmetrical. Valve have once again raised the bar for tactical FPS.
  92. Sep 28, 2012
    I play CS all my life. Since 1.3 to CS:S. I remember when people did not like CSS. But i think css more realistic, more stable and more balanced. And now i think can say.. This not CS, this isn't even game.
  93. Aug 22, 2012
    Ok, this game just blew me away the moment as I started. With brand new graphics, new weapons, new leaderboard system, training mode, and more. CS:GO delivers just as well as the previous installments of the franchise, but sugarcoated once again for us, all for the low price of $15. Sure, it's not going to be the same as 1.6, CZ, or Source, but then again there are many people playing those games to this date. 1.6 Still pulls in at least 60,000 on a daily basis. When was the last time COD2 was that high recently? I have to give this game a perfect score because I was a huge fan of Source and love GO just as much. I still plan to get the originals someday since I didn't play PC games that long ago. Expand
  94. Jun 23, 2013
    This game has flaws, it lacks a lot of the maps from the previous counter-strike games and new updates keep nerfing weapons (deagle, AUG and Sg550), but despite these rather minor flaws this game is very good and enjoyable, and worth playing. Valve has brought many new changes to counter-strike, and I especially liked the the new competetive gameplay and the two new game mods; demolition and arms race. Expand
  95. Aug 23, 2012
    This is basically CS: Source with less features (no sprays, no flashlights, not many graphic options....) and worse graphics. Graphics are worse because they added way too much bloom and fog and all that crap that makes you see less and you cant turn it off. The game is cheaper then CS: Source because it is worse then CS: Source. If you already have source you are basically throwing 15$/10
  96. Aug 28, 2012
    Please keep in mind that this game is not fully complete, but it still have the potential to be the best Counter-Strike game to date. Valve and Hidden Path have been very busy listening to the professionals' feedback whom would like to move on and learn the mistakes that were in the previous games, and using that to improve upon Global Offensive. Besides that, the gameplay is still very challenging for being so balanced, I love some of the new balance that they've added to the game so far (like the different money-reward system for killing with different guns), but if you don't think about it too much, it is also pretty fun to play because there is casual mode and weapon course for the new folks. Valve and Hidden Path will still be making tons of upcoming updates to this game and this game continues to have a GREATER community just like we've had in 1.6 and Source. Expand
  97. Aug 22, 2012
    Great FPS game that takes a lot of skill to master but the reward is fantastic. Killing another player is so satisfying because you know you have to work for every kill. Highly recommended.
  98. Nov 13, 2012
    The game is much more harder compared to source. I'm not quite sure about the graphical update. Still, it remains a true Counter Strike game, it's just not that important compared to 1.6 and Source.
  99. Aug 24, 2012
    lets see, my favorite game of all time made again? I wonder what I will do... Give it a ten and buy it of course. But seriously, cs and css were some of the funnest games ever made. Lets look at cs:go, fun. yes. community maps? yes. mods. yes. Anything to complain about no. price. great!
  100. Aug 21, 2012
    I give this an 8 for the following reasons, and may or may not go into deeper detail to some of them.
    -Counter Strike 3 [basically, considering Source as 2]
    -Newer weapons to make more balance
    -Per-Weapon monetary awards, basically making that jerk camper with an AWP in the corner not get much, versus someone getting up close and personal and using SKILL to kill someone with, say, an
    MP7 or XM1014.
    -Rebuilt maps, all the classics have gotten a total re-work, making them feel new again.
    -Music! Some pretty tense music to build the atmosphere as you shift-walk through a corridor, never knowing what jerk is around the corner
    -Included gungame, removes the client-side bugs and exploits which make gungame in source not fun.
    -Price. $15 for this? Sold. I wouldn't pay much more than that, mind you, but this seems to be a fair price for the game we all know and love to be totally upgraded and generally made better.

    Cons, of course, need to be added.

    -Well, lack of NEW content is surprising. I was hoping for the zombie mode or something to be included, and with the 12 years they've had, i'm sure it could've been snuck in somewhere. As long as it doesn't become a pay-DLC addon, i'll be happy.

    Overall, 8/10. It's perfectly priced and worth every penny. A good game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 38
  2. Negative: 0 out of 38
  1. 90
    Brilliant old-school shooter has convinced us that Counter-Strike franchise is in no way to be retired or forgotten. [Oct 2012]
  2. Oct 24, 2012
    A fast, demanding shooter with a huge potential for the future. It's basically CS: Source, but the maps are more polished and the game looks better. [11/2012, p.64]
  3. Oct 14, 2012
    For a non-professional Counter-Striker, Global Offensive is just a cosmetic facelift, with re-run levels. [Sept 2012]