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  1. Sep 13, 2011
    I got this game a while ago when it was ony $5, it was my first cs game, and it wasnt even worth $5. I have since then moved over to cs 1.6, and im glad i did. CS:S is just... no.CS:S..... this game is too easy, too boring, too stupid, and too child filled. it has less recoil, ESPECIALLY on the m4, resulting in that gun being OP, the maps are smaller in height, the player models are larger, the hitboxes are easier, and its just pathetic. the maps are just eye candy, and physics... i like the physics, but they scatter the most random **** around the map to get the point across taht there is a physics engine, and instead of being something cool or interesting, they just get in your way and annoy the **** out of you. the gameplay is boring, the game is easy, its filled with kids, and the game just bombs its legendary background from 1.6. this really was an uneccesary "downgrade" to an already perfect game. it couldve been half decent like dod:s, but it isnt. If you want to get into the cs fad, get the original, the only reason i would reccomend this game is for gmod content. Expand
  2. Mar 4, 2012
    i got counter strike source because it was recommend by a friend and he really wanted me to have this game he gave me a 50 % voucher for it so i got it. when i tired a normal server i rage quited so quickly because it is mainly search and destroy which if fine unless you just get flashed banged 50 times a round. then i found the light at the end of the tunnel. it had a team deathmatch server which is better but it has no total score limit, it is basicly who can spawn trap each other first. the other good server i found was a zombie server and this was very good because there was normal a big boss which would take a thousand bullets before it got bored and flew away. overall if there was no tdm or zombie servers i would rate it a 2 at the highest. Expand
  3. Dec 11, 2010
    I have been playing since the beta versions of Counter-Strike, and I have to say, I'm very disappointed with this release, why you ask? Because everything they have done has ruined the game which made Counter-Strike 1.6 a phenomenon, graphics aside, game play is just not the same, they've changed all the recoil patterns and re textured all the weapons, I only bought this to play CS:Pro Mod which is 1.6 gameplay style with Source Graphics. Just horrible. Expand
  4. Dec 31, 2010
    This game isnt that good.The first thing is its almost impossible for new players to learn how to get good online second its basically pointless.There is no rank system so you just go around shooting
    people i got really bored of this fast.
  5. Feb 27, 2011
    My online FPS history started with the original UT and later UT3. Both excellent yet strategically void games. Then I tried CS:S for a while, only to conclude that it is simply a broken game: Barely any strategy going on, dominated by aim grunts and rather backward balancing (better players get more weapons and armor?!). But then I hit upon DoD:S and have several hundreds hours of play time on it now. It feels like CS:S to some extent, but the player base is generally more mature, it's almost perfectly balanced, and encourages strategy and thought a lot more. I was awful at DoD:S for quite a while, but at least I wanted to keep playing during that time, where CS:S continuously managed to make me angry. It's a pity that DoD:S never got the wide market appeal that it deserves, even though the game is excellent without it too of course. Expand
  6. Mar 3, 2011
    This game is mediocre at best. The problem isn't boring gameplay, but rather horrible flaws. The hit detection is simply terrible, and people just tell you to put this and that into console to fix it or simply tell you your aim sucks. Nothing that i've tried works to fix it. I even once spectated someone shoot an enemy in the LEG and had it count as a headshot. In addition, the weapons are terribly unbalanced. 99% of all players use from a small selection of the best guns and anyone who uses anything different will usually get stomped. And finally, the community is just terrible. If you're better than someone, you're accused of cheating. If you're worse than someone, you're mocked. There are some nicer groups out there that have good sportsmanship, but they're rare.

    I do have to give the game some credit though; The graphics are good, and when the hit boxes aren't bugging, the game can actually be somewhat fun. Overall, the game itself isn't bad, it's just broken. Broken enough to make it more frustrating than fun. I bought it, played it for a few hours, then just gave up. The only lasting thing it has brought me in the long run is textures and models for Garrysmod, which isn't really worth 20 bucks. I'd say if you're REALLY interested in the game and must insist on getting it, at least wait until it's on sale, that way if you regret buying it, you won't regret it quite as much.
  7. May 6, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game used to ROCK. But valve is always trying to make this game even better by updating all its content. This game doesn't make any sense since 2010. Valve, continue the bad work and you are going to see many players quitting and nobody buying this game. UNFORTUNATELY. Expand
  8. Jun 13, 2011
    Quite possibly the most OVERRATED game of all time.

    This game defies all logic to me as to how this game got this high amount of positive reviews from anybody. Even if all the problems I'm going to list can be fixed, other games, like the Modern Warfare series for example, have already done the same thing CS:S has been doing and much better. The points below are here to summarize my
    gripes about this game and my overall experience. -The menuguncharacter selection system is uselessbroken.- When you first enter a servermap, you will get the usual welcome screen followed by a generic shadow board showing if you want to join the Counter-Terrorist (CT) or Terrorist (T) side. The only thing you will want to see on this page is whether you're on one of the 2 ONLY game modes in the game, Bomb Defense or Hostage Rescue. Character selection is just very generic character models including 1 out of place SNOW terrorist who you will never use in the majority of maps. (You can't use them for movie making either, they don't have face bonesposing, something standard in every Valve game.) After choosing a character, you'll immediately go into the game, BUT FIRST you have to buy your weapons. How? Pressing the B button in the short amount of time when the round starts in the small spawn or you can't buy anything. Each time you select a weapon, the menu closes, so if you have to get a bunch of equipment, be prepared to to go into it A LOT. You can't make money either unless you kill other players or complete objectives, making it difficult to acquire moneyweaponsvests. Much of the notes spread throughout the Menus aren't important at all and will just be a waste of time to read. Even those who love this game will say not to bother with the menus and just start binding keys to buy weapons, a very tedious job. -Difficult as hell You're not the target audience!- This game was made for the obsessive compulsive, tourney-league players you hear about. The guns are difficult to use with hitboxes, bullet paths, and cross-hairs never being where you think they might be. No joke, I had to double check replays, spectating, and forums to find out that to get a headshot with the AK-47, YOU HAD TO AIM ABOVE AND TO THE RIGHT OF SOMEONES HEAD BY A FOOT. I'm not making this up, a lot of people are having problems trying to find out WHERE to shoot there guns, even CS:S fans having arguments on how to use them. They can shoot straight, but your cross-hairs are fairly useless with a lot of bullets shooting outside the box if you fire too many rounds. Free tip, "always take out the combat knife for maximum speed..." Why? Who knows. There is no such thing as team work in any server. You're on your own. Standing still is ill-advised unless you're sniping since EVERY HIT YOU TAKE SLOWS DOWN YOUR SPEED BY HALF. No health re-filling of any kind either; no medkits, regen, or buyable upgrades. Once you die, you're dead for the round, which can take several minutes to complete. Both game modes are essentially the same, they're the "Hard-core Search and Destroy"Arena-type mode you see very few people playing on any other video game and usually played by the 'l33t skills' type of people who can headshot across a map with a pistol. Majority of the maps look like crap, like no one even bothers to fill or design most of them with objects to make things pop out and interesting to be in. Some should say "Map Design by Minecraft!" -It gets worse- THIS GAME HAS A TON OF HACKERS! To put this in perspective, I have 1100 hours in Team Fortress 2 and found 8 obvious hackers. In CS:S, I found 5 highly suspicious players, 3 confirmed, and A ENTIRE SERVER OF PEOPLE HACKING IN 8 HOURS! Skyward bunny hopping, aim-bots, speed hacks, they're the norm. It's no wonder when you have a game made for Tourney players being hacked so much, too many people suck and don't care about the Steam account ban. The population of the game is between ages of 8 - 20 and is the most annoying type of people you could find. Turn off the headset so your ears won't bleed too. There is no such thing as team work or help in any public server, you're on your own -The upside?- Some maps don't looks bad for there age. Gun models look okay. ...Very difficult to even come up with anything nice to say. -Conclusion- This game is **** awful. Avoid Counter-Strike: Source like the plague and you'll be a happier person in life for doing so. There is almost no redeeming value in this game. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Expand
  9. Sep 14, 2011
    What can i say? It's counter-strike... where the stupid annoying words that every idiot can't ever stop saying such as "Noob, nub" ect and "Pwn" were invented. Where wall hacks and aimbots were pioneered. Where jerk offs and clans that treat violent video games like its Church or Bible study to censor profanity even though there is blood all over the walls. It gets a 1 because this Title paved the way with its great gameplay for modern FPSs, but with it came the Clans, Cheaters and Trolls. Gameplay is one thing for a game... its community is another. Expand
  10. Oct 16, 2011
    Since the update (2010) this game sucks hard ! fix the hitbox, fix the ragdoll and fix the r_aspectration omg ! WE WANT THE OLD CS:S BACK ! thanks and the 0/10 is for you valve. Thanks.
  11. May 20, 2013
    Cheating is very available on this game such a headshot aimer assists. Kills the game to a point where it is utter most boring. I saw players one shot headshots with shotguns at over 100 metres. Do not buy.
  12. Dec 27, 2011
    the shooting mechanics are good, but the plot and chracter development are absolutely minimal, which i didnt think was valves style. alot of the plot doesnt make any sense, really poor effort there :(
  13. Jan 14, 2014
    A boring, repetitive, multiplayer-only shooter which has spawned a terrible community. The gameplay mechanics are cheap and create a game that just isn't worth your time.
  14. Nov 17, 2011
    The game is okay as long as you are mentally retarded. This game is the definition of boring. In it's entirety it doesn't even face any competitive means nor the vibe of unlocking something new. I wouldn't want to compare Battlefield 3 to such a mediocre game, but I have to since they both share the boring gameplay. A gamer doesn't want to stick with the same boring crap throughout the entire game, they want something new. That is why Call of Duty is the best and I have no idea why people would still play this horsecrap. Expand
  15. Aug 6, 2012
    Allright, this comes from a HC Gamer i have bunch of bucnh of games on steam etc im only PC gamer. Yes you see 4/10. One of my first games was cs 1.6 on PC like when i was 8--10 years old. This game is so HC and unforgiving and hard :S! Really way too bad crosshairs etc i dont like it at all. Im tired of many FPS's these days already like BF3. But this is just too HC.

    Only thing is that
    with mods or maps it can be fun :)! ze, zm, surf, jb(NotForMe) are good fun ways to chill :)! ze being my favourite and its fun. But normal CSS? Too HC, you need to be crazy player if u want to succeed. Expand
  16. Jul 6, 2012
    Counter Strike: Source is a very over rated game. It holds nothing special from any other shooter. The only reason I play it is because of surf. The game play is so repetitive and gets boring very quickly. I played it a lot and thought it was fun at first, but after a while it just got boring. There is nothing special to it. The mods are so much more fun than the actual vanilla game. Idiots play the zombie game mode. It's completely unfit for a zombie game mode. Garry's Mod is much better suited for it or an actual ZOMBIE GAME. Jail break is fun, but it gets repetitive. I don't see what's so fun about this game. The only fun parts are created by the users. Without the users, this game would be nothing. There would be hardly any maps, no other game modes, ect. The shotgun is over-powered as hell. It's ridiculous how much damage it does with distance. You can be 20 ft. away from someone and it only takes one shot to kill you at full health. This game is decent at best. Expand
  17. Aug 8, 2012
    After downloading this game in 2012, playing it for one or two hours, I did sort of enjoy the fast paced action, but some of it was a little too hectic, it didn't really have the same feel as the FPS games i'm used to playing, granted this is an old game by now, but I just didn't want to carry on playing.
  18. Jan 3, 2013
    This game is terrible,a simply pure bad game,headshot headshot headshot hackers everywhere,walk to a corner,i got headshotted again,the only reason to buy it is the jailbreak mode and the zombie mode,also the gmod textures
  19. Dec 31, 2013
    I hated this game so much. I played it for a couple of hours just trying to get use to the bulky and slow controls. Then once I found out how to finally control my character and play the game well I found it to unrealistic and dumb. I read some reviews and some said that the game is very realistic. I shot a guy with 7 rounds from a 9mm he didn't die. Plus not being able to aim down your sights unless you have a sniper rifle. What kinda of fps is this. People say that this game is great for team work and is just a great game overall when I'm constantly being yelled at for not doing good, but then when I learn the stupid controls and actually do amazing I'm called a cheater and still be called names. The community is worse than any other fps I have ever played. The terrible game play does not help either. Your options are move, jump, squat and shoot. What I can't even lay down. I've play iPad games better than this. In all honesty this game is a total piece of crap and is not worth spending your time trying to figure out how it works while being yelled at by your team mates and called some of the worst things and told to go do some very inappropriate stuff. Like blanking my dead father log. Yes I was told to do this by every player in a server, in many different ways. This game should be discontinued. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. 90
    The game looks more beautiful than ever, with structures that feel weighty and solid and little visual touches throughout. The flash-bangs look fantastic.
  2. Valve has done a sterling job of moving a flagship franchise over to a new engine. Whilst the gameplay guts come over correct and intact, (which may disappoint some), Counter-Strike: Source is an even more engrossing and captivating experience, capable of sapping hours of your time, and even the worst "1337 g33zers" abusing voice chat can't spoil the fun you'll have with it.
  3. Counter-Strike: Source is, once you've gained a knack for it, the most consistently rewarding and surprising team-based shoot-'em-up available on the PC today. It's been dressed up nicely for its relaunch in 2004, but it wasn't broken, and Valve hasn't fixed it.