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  • Summary: Creeper World 2 continues the 14th millennium saga for the survival of the once great human empire. Decimated by an insidious and unstoppable enemy, the Creeper, humanity at long last sets out to retake its former empire. Led by Commander Dax Joven, a mighty Liberation Ship embarks on a journey that will forever alter the history of the universe. Collapse
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  1. May 24, 2012
    Creeper World 2: Redemption.. where to begin?
    the creeper world series are a revolution of tower defense games.
    You have no waves, no gold,
    no lives and no set path.
    Your enemy is the Creeper a blue..... no idea lets just go with liquid.
    it moves along the maps destroying all your structures by touching it.
    you have several weapons to defend yourself.
    those weapons need energy your ship provides packets to build reactors to provide energy etc you get the idea.
    With 20 story missions, 1000 custom missions and over a bilion generated maps and a lot more I didn't mention, I can recomend this to everyone and this is a must for tower defence/strategy gamers.
    Thanks Virgil Wall and keep up the good work!
  2. Jun 28, 2012
    This has to be on the top 5 list of my favorite tower defense games, up there alongside GemCraft and Bloons, with a mixin of old style Command & Conquer.
    It has a deep combat system, which it is surprisingly simple to learn, but takes real skill to master, and some of the players are almost artfull in their ways of beating the super advanded levels.

    The 20 story missions with a small tutorial gets you going really fast on learning the basics of the game, and once the story missions have been completed there are over 1000 player designed levels ranging from 2 min easy-going levels to downright devious maps, and some with very artistic inspiration.

    There is even a free demo, so you can play before you pay.