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  • Summary: The operative word here is cute, on the order of Fraggles, M&M spokescandies, and the language of R2D2.
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  1. Feb 3, 2014
    This platformer is almost perfect. Music is astonishingly exquisite. Graphic and art direction is still plausible. Minigames are fun, yet kind of hard. It seems like this game is a piece of cake, but actually its quite difficult. Only drawback is weird camera that sometimes mess you up. Expand
  2. May 14, 2011
    Legend of the Gobbos is generic, but also ridiculously charming and fun for children of all ages. Pros: Though the graphics are so-and-so, the visuals are rich and colorful; retro 3-D platforming the way it should be. Cons: Peculiar controls and camera halt it from being perfect. Expand
  3. Mar 9, 2012
    One of the most-cherished games of my childhood. Gorgeous, if techically mediocire visual design. Simplistic, but fun gameplay. It was hard not to give it a ten for the nostalgia factor. Expand
  4. Sep 5, 2013
    Croc is simplistic and not all that challenging, but still a lot of fun to play. It is perhaps inferior to other platformers of its age such as the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games but what it lacks in innovative gameplay it makes up for in pure charm. Expand
  5. Oct 16, 2011
    Along with Spyro and Crash, Croc basically summed up my childhood. The game is very charming; you play as a baby crocodile (who wears an adorable backpack) who has to save his friends and defeat Danitis, this evil... thing. So, the main role in the game is to try to save as many of your furry-friends as you can and defeat Danitis. There is also a sub-role to collect five colored gems in each level, unlocking a bonus level. The bonus level's were quite fun at the start of the game, but as I went through it I found the bonus levels weren't worth it and it was a waste of time. One of my favorite parts of the whole game would have to be Croc's adorable battle cries as he attacks, jumps and swims his way through the levels. I'm not quite sure, but I think there are 4+ lands in the game, each a little different. For example, the first is just basic forest land and the next is complete ice. The game is definitely aimed at children. It is indeed an interesting game to experience, and some parts are quite challenging. But the game does get a bit tedious after a while. After the first land or so, you start to realize that the levels are all the same, but a small change in color. There aren't many rewards that are worth trying to reach, either. It's also kind of bland how you can only pick up gems and lives. I mean, why not throw in some TNT or something? And the minions/enemies- oh. They are very, VERY simple to beat. Just one whip of the tail and they are gone. It's a very easy concept.

    I recommend this game for just casual gamers. For intense and extreme ones; You'll find you will get very bored of this game very fast. For those casual gamers; I guarantee you will appreciate all the cute effects and simple gameplay. And for a 1997 video game, it has pretty good graphics. It's the type of game you pull out every now and then to remember your childhood, as it was a popular game when... you were a kid, i'm guessing XD And it can be quite entertaining for an hour or two. It is a quick game to finish, so it's a bonus for simple gamers. Making them feel smart for finishing the game quickly. But it certainly isn't short of levels. I have never completely finished the game, which does bring difficulties. So it CAN entertain extreme gamers. For how long? ...Not very.

    Overall, here are the results for the game.
    Graphics: 8. For a game made almost 15 years ago, it did very well. It had different colors and affects, which were greatly appreciated.

    Character Design: 8. The characters were all really unique and completely adorable. Especially the bosses. But the enemies disappointed me. Most of them look the same in a different damn color.
    Sound+Music: 7. I was in love with the cuteness of the characters voices and sound effects. But the music was kind of bland and similar, which brought down the mark.
    Gameplay: 5. The game is great to play once and a while, but after a while it really does get boring. I found it hard to concentrate on playing the game, though my baby cousins seemed very into it.
    Overall: 7. The game is a joy to listen to and explore, especially with all the cute colors and adorableness that is Croc. But the gameplay was a letdown, even for a game this old.

    It is still something that I recommend you try, and it's great fun for everyone, even the parents! It's just a cute game to pull out once and a while and remember how much you loved it when you were a kid :)