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  • Summary: Croixleur is 60 FPS of high-speed, hack-and-slash arcade action by one of Japan's premier indie developers, souvenir circ. In gameplay reminiscent of Devil May Cry's Bloody Palace mode, our protagonists, Lucrezia Visconti and Francesca Storaro, must battle their way through floors of oncoming monsters in a ritual called 'the Adjuvant Trial'. The fate of the nation is at stake as these two girls set aside their childhood friendship and undergo a trial in which there can be only one victor. Expand
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  1. May 12, 2014
    A solid arcade hack-and-slash with easy-to-understand, hard-to-master mechanics.
  2. 70
    Souvenir Circ.'s Croixleur Sigma offers a blazing fast hack-and-slash game play style that offers just enough complexity to suck you into its colourful world. While its appeal might be limited, it's still good fun in short sessions - just make sure you've got a good controller handy!
  3. Apr 30, 2014
    For all its flaws, Croixleur Sigma does manage to neatly toe the line of 'easy to pick up, hard to master' – a balance which many games from much larger developers simply can't seem to manage.
  4. Jul 25, 2014
    The developers know how to make action games but they need to put more ambition into it. And maybe less little Asian girls with swords, because concentration of kawaii in Croixleur Sigma is too damn high. [07/2014, p.71]
  5. May 2, 2014
    Quickly hack and slash your way to boredom.
  6. May 12, 2014
    For all Croixleur Sigma can be quite challenging - particularly towards its Story Mode’s end or within Challenge Mode - no real skill is needed to succeed, and it’s lack of variety and intrigue make this feel like a wasted journey west.
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  1. Jul 22, 2014
    Extremely simple, but also extremely enjoyable. Croixleur Sigma is an interesting hack n' slash game where you repeatedly face enemies in a circular arena, which would be boring if there wasn't a ton of stuff to unlock and a pretty high skill ceiling coupled with a low skill-floor. The gameplay is also just plain good, with tight, responsive controls. It's pretty damn fun and incredible value for its price, definitely recommended. Expand