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  • Summary: If the game were any longer, you'd start getting really tired of its numerous shortcomings and even more frustrated that its good ingredients are only half-baked.
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  1. Aug 18, 2014
    When i played this game, i felt like in between two realms; one was the world full of simplicity, bad graphics, poor AI, story more simple than the construction of ordinary axe. Everyone knows how it's gonna end, but still you want to see it by yourself. The second realm just feels really pleasant, although you know about game's problems, you still do enjoy it's battle mechanics, especially spells, and the territory we get to discover, even if little, linear and ugly, seems kinda nice, you want to go deeper into it. It's the game of antagonistic spheres. And I must say, i definitely felt like the product is really good game, only if you can close your eyes on little (big) cons. If i said something that isn't understandable, forgive me, but the game is alike, it's hard to understand, why is it bad and great in one, but when you get it... Well, better get ya prepared for pleasant time ;). Expand