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  1. Mar 22, 2011
    Lets get this out of the way: graphically speaking, Crysis 2 is noticeably behind the original, both artistically and technically. This should not be a surprise given the console oriented nature of the title. A side effect that has been turned into part of the games advertising is that "it runs better than Crysis 1 because of the optimizations". This is not true, it runs better because the game is so much smaller in scope and the fidelity has been reduced. I will also point out that the entire graphical options menu has been removed, replaced with 3 presets ala Metro 2033. Make of that what you will. The worst aspect, though, comes from the console oriented gameplay. Gone is the intuitive nano-suit from the original game, replaced by what boils down to a handful of hot keyed spells with some upgrades. Strength and speed are now "automatic" which, gameplay wise, means they are no longer present; your jump and sprint are now equivalent to the original strength and speed. The cloak and armor work more or less the same, but the means by which you pick them has been changed to a simple hotkey instead of the radial "jinking" of the first game(which had options for both, as well as combination keys for activation), which cuts the possibility of those awesome predator style murder fests that you might have enacted, or watched on youtube. Those wont be happening anymore. Partly because of the suit, mainly because of the layout and philosophy of the game.

    The entire game just feels alot more homogenized. The levels and engagements are totally linear now, there are only a handful of encounters that have multiple approaches. You no longer have any real tactical choice, but there is the illusion of it by means of very deliberate, obvious, and caged approaches that never go beyond "forward charge with assault weapon down street with plenty of overturned cars to duck behind" or "obviously open building window with sniper ammo in the closet". That's pretty much it. There is no sneaking, no grabbing a guy in cloak, jumping on a building and throwing him into the ocean before any of his buddies can react. No planting bombs on a roadway used by a jeep, waiting in the forest for it to come by and BOOM. No cloaking behind a rock and firing a silenced rifle bullet into the gas tank of a passing truck, and watching while the crew runs screaming into the ocean before picking off the couple of guys who survived. The sprawling jungle is gone, replaced by a cityscape that would have a hard time fitting its entirety into the first section of the original game. This is a console shooter ported to PC with the word Crysis stamped on the box. It is as enjoyable as any other game of this genre, perhaps one of the better ones in fact, but dont be fooled by the pedigree. This is not the Crysis 2 you thought it would be.
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    Crytek were the developer who always, like Valve, raised the bar. Disappointment came as a series of shocks: Shock 1 - this is a console port, and not a good one (mouse lag, lack of graphics options). Shock 2 - no gameplay innovation relative to Crysis (in fact regression). Shock 3 - weak, unengaging plot lacking in continuity (not Morgan's fault, blame the story's integration into the game). Crysis 2 isn't as good as Crysis, or Warhead. It's on a par with BLOPS or MW2 (slightly better gameplay, slightly worse plot and dramatic engagement with the player). It's a good game. But it's not the groundbreaking close-to-perfect 10 that we expect from this studio.â Expand
  3. Mar 22, 2011
    Just like its predecessor, Crysis provides both a unique and engaging premise for its campaign and top-notch graphics that once again raises the graphical benchmark for gaming. Well, kind of. It may not appear as instantly striking in terms of awesomness the original did with its lush, tropical setting but it's in the finer details and when things really escalate in the single player that will blow your mind. The sheer 'destructional' splendour of New York under alien siege has to be seen and played to behold. Seeing screenshots and a few gameplay trailers does not do it justice unless you're sitting there, at your desktop, plugged into your HDTV or whatever, with full surround-sound and maybe even 3D, escaping a sinking sub yourself. This being said, graphics don't make a game. And with such refined gameplay, it sure as hell doesn't make Crysis 2.

    For the core gameplay of Crysis 2, I was initially disappointed about the nanosuit's powers being reduced to stealth and armour. That quickly changed, however. Having a button for each made switching between the two far more fluid than Crysis 1. On top of this, it adds a lovely twist and breath of fresh air to what is essentially your typical combat multiplayer affair. That being said, it is a step down from the large scale frantic antics of the original. But it's this added layer of depth to the tried and tested 'CoD-style' multiplayer offering that lends it an advantage.

    But it was the single-player, like its predecessor, I bought it for. The original garnered some criticism to its rather basic plot, but having never seen it done so well, or in a videogame for that matter, it didn't hinder the experience one bit. Crysis 2, however, propels the Crysis universe onto a whole new level. It's obvious a hell of a lot more thought has been put into it. It's more complex, deeper and smart and makes for infinitely more compelling game. Couple this with the unique and shockingly-real depiction of an apocalyptic New York and well... I can't even begin to explain how awesome it is
  4. Mar 23, 2011
    This is only a slightly above average shooter with barely above average graphics. Sure the graphic are great, if you only compare it to a console. Games like The Hunter and BF3, games that were designed with the PC in mind, clearly blow this game out of the water in the graphics department. Truly a shame, as that was one of Crysis' most redeeming features. You can see the influence in other areas as well. Smaller maps, less players in multi player, cut prone feature. A lot of **** ended up getting cut or just tossed due to balancing around the console versions. It isn't that this is a really bad game or anything, just if you were expecting a sequel that took fps to a level like the original Crysis did, you will be disappoint. Expand
  5. Mar 24, 2011
    This is easily the worst game that Crytek has ever made, but its still miles ahead of the competition, so although I am disappointed that this game is not an amazing sprawling epic designed from the bottom up just for the PC, I still enjoyed the hell out of it for what it is. Textured detailing is not even close to Crysis 1 and Warhread, but this game is still better looking than most all other games out there, plus it does run very well. Game play is linear, which is a total fail for me, but if I want a huge sandbox to run around in I can just turn on Crysis 1 any time. I hope they return to their roots with a more open world style game next time, but if they don't make the best open world game, someone else will come along and do it for them eventually. I guess at this point we can say RIP to the Crysis franchise as we knew it, but it will return again somehow somewhere. My initial reaction was to be totally pissed off that they had dumbed down the franchise, but after playing the game and comparing it to everything else out there, there was just no denying that Crytek really did a great job on this game, plus the multi player is perfect and very fun. Compared to Crysis 1 this game is a 5, but relative to everything else thats come out lately, this game is a solid 10. For the consoles I would say this is the best console game of all time, so they must be really excited to get the bad taste of stale Halo out of their mouths. I will play this game through for each difficulty level, and then multi player a bunch, just like the other crysis games, but since this game is half as long as crysis 1 it will take me half the time, so thats a good thing I guess. Where is the DX11 support for this game?? for a pc game in this day and age to not at least have DX10 is an insult, that and the fact that the graphical fine tuning that every pc game since the beginning of time has had is gone, really is annoying, so for those reasons Crysis 2 I give you an 8, and not a 10. If you fix and patch this game I will give it a 10 :p

    love: story
    love: multi player
    love: game play
    love: the suit
    Hate: lack of texture detail
    Hate: lack of sandbox style game play
    Hate: lack of DX10/DX11 support
    Hate: lack of graphical control

    final score: 8
  6. Mar 22, 2011
    As impressive as the visuals are this games gameplay and storyline are just not good enough. The campaign is too short and the chracters are dull. I'll focus on the multiplayer. Shotgun is major OP Sniper is UP Because a shotgun can outmatch almost any gun at short - mid range the gameplay becomes awfully dull. What's worse is that "maximum armor" is pretty much a insta win. You either use it first and win, or dont a die. Rather than who can shoot better it becomes a "press max armor first" fest. Stealth is far too good in such dark environments. Makes camping easy. Expand
  7. Mar 25, 2011
    it looks ok, at some points it looks even sweet. but crysis 1 looked much better the ingame cinematics looked awsome there and here they look avarage. though the graphics are okey the game itsself is just the worst console port i've ever seen. the whole gameplay is dull, the artificial uninteligence is just stupid like a bunch of butterflies. they kill themselves with their own grenades, they walk into walls, they shoot you when they shouldn't even see you they don't shoot you if you stay right infront of them, they just stay there and look around like a bunch of idiots when you shoot them from a distance.. in crysis 1 the ai was not too good, and was not always a fun to play with but here it's not fun at all.. never dusring the game.. and if that's not enough far placed checkpoints and not having option to save ruins the rest. the game is just annoying and dumb Expand
  8. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a very good game. It has a good story, good game play (thanks to the nanosuit), good AI and all combined in a nice graphic package. On top of this it gives you a very nice MP. Some facts: Single player is around 10-15h, 1 suit (armour, stealth and tactical modus), lots of weapons, more then 12 suit upgrades, lots of cinematic. Lots of (on the fly) upgradable weapons. Breakable environment. 50 Level multi player with lots of unlock-able stuff. Expand
  9. Mar 23, 2011
    This is shame and money suck from famous brand. Buy it on steam summer sale etc. I dont believe in significant patch improvements, would have to revisit so many things. First Crysis is much better choice. Worst graphics, worst gameplay..chimpanzee-friendly game. almost everything is screwed. MP is another CoD etc clone (5 buck value).
  10. Mar 25, 2011
    It just doesn't feel like Crysis anymore. The gameplay is ruined with cinematics and nanosuit taking control on everything. The beauty of crysis was killed, and I am sorry for bucks spent on this childish game.
  11. Mar 30, 2011
    This should not be called Crysis 2: this game is nothing like its predecessor. It is, in fact, far inferior to Crysis in almost every way. The first game didn't have a stellar story, but this story is even worse. It is convoluted. It is also riddled with plot holes and continuity issues. Seriously, modern authors suck ass. The aliens aren't even the same ones that were featured in the first game. WTF? The game also loses the vaunted sandbox nature of its predecessor. That incredible ability to approach the situation from any conceivable angle is now gone; you only have two options in this game. You can either use armor and go in with your guns blazing, or you can use stealth to sneak by everyone, possibly killing him or her silently along the way. Moreover, the environment is now completely static. Lampposts stay standing after enduring a round of swarmer missiles; buildings don't deform after taking a shot from a tank. The list goes on and on. This destructibility was present in the first game. Why isn't it here now? Don't even get me started on the graphics: they are horrid, especially considering how good the first Crysis looked. In this regard the game disappoints on all fronts: the lighting is excessive and fake, the motion blur is nauseating and overdone, bad textures are everywhere, the vegetation is lacking in geometric detail, object deformation effects are virtually absent, and the skin shading is sub-par. Why did they bother making Cry Engine 3? Screw the damn consoles. If they had rendered this game with the Cry Engine 2, it would have looked much better. Hell, Cry Engine 1 might have looked better.

    What happened to Crytek's design team? They abandoned the formula that made them great in the past and made a **** COD clone. They should be ashamed of themselves. I guess that we have to rely on REAL PC developers like 4A games and DICE to pick up the baton and push the boundaries of visual realism now. Seriously, the COD games and consoles are now heinous public offenders in my eyes.
  12. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is an awesome experience. I bought the Xbox360 and PC version and I enjoy each platform. Very well visuals, design and story. I can highly recommend it. Great value compared to other recent games out there.
  13. Mar 22, 2011
    HurDurImADragon doesn't know what the heck he is talking about, he probably got pwnd by some noob with a shotgun and now he is crying and taking out his anger by writing a bogus review on Metacritic. HurDurImADragon grab some tissues and get a life.
  14. Mar 22, 2011
    Apart from the lack of DX11, which does just a minor enhancement on graphics with a heavy FPS drop, and yet only 5% of players have DX11 ready PC's

    and playing a game for the graphics is like drinking a soup because you like the spoon

    Crysis is not about graphics, but about the options and gameplay tactics it gives you rather than a linear scripted campaign
  15. Mar 24, 2011
    What this is: A standard tunnel run-and-gun FPS with some neat, albeit tired, gameplay mechanics and effects. Have the nice people at Crytek take your baby-hand to lead you down the road from point A to point B, point with auto-aim and press the "press-A-to-win" button. You've played this game a thousand times over -- it's a dumbed-down consolized bore. What this is not: A graphical boundry-pushing tour-de-force like its predessesor that offers an open world environment allowing you multiple avenues of completing a mission. To be clear, I played this game all the way through. It's not awful: just a disappointment that is not worth your time. Expand
  16. Mar 23, 2011
    This game is very linear and that gets boring real fast. Compared to Far Cry, which had tons of replayability, here you have none. No more walking around the island (Far Cry) or real tactical decissions (Crysis 1). This is very scripted but sadly nowhere near as engaging as Cod: MW or Half Life 1. I can't imagine anyone playing through this game again.
  17. Mar 24, 2011
    Very disappointing! I loved the first game - I must have played it from start to finish 50 times and was always blown away by the amazing visuals. Crysis2 on the other hand offers low resolution washed out textures, terrible anti-aliasing and does not seem to compare at all to the earlier released marketing screenshots that were doing the rounds months before it launched. I would guess that half the positive user reviews on this thread are either Crytek/EA staff or CONSOLE gamers who cant appreciate how good Crysis1 looked on the PC compared to this sequel. Please Crytek, take a leaf from the Bioware book of 'how to treat your PC audience' and release a high resolution texture pack for those who upgraded their PC's with the expectation that this would be something as groundbreaking as Crysis1! ... Could we at least of had our advanced graphics settings menu?? Expand
  18. Mar 22, 2011
    Incred. game, and absolutely gorgeous on extreme, especially with DX9 tech, Once they add the DX11 patch it will blow away your eyes. This is the best FPS so far 2011 & will only be brought down by Battlefield 3 and RAGE. While the MP demo made me feel like it was a direct CoD rip-off as soon as I loaded it up and saw the loadout I got angry! then I played it and having become tired of CoD during MW2(sux) then got caught into buying BO due to hype (even though still into BC2)played the SP was alright hollywood ride then played MP & quit after I prest. once as it was the same recylced trash

    Crysis1 MP was similar to BF, and I feel Crysis 2 takes mostly CoD elements but adds the craziness of SP to create a MP experience that is quite amazingly gun in comparison. Its the same class of MP shooter as CoD in its style, but adds elements that perhaps CoD should have thought of if they didn't want the communtiy flop that was BO and the destined to fail MW3 (about the destined to fail MW3 and Raven software's mediocre history and how it applies to Crysis 2's innovative success)
    (Sledgehammer who? new IW who? and Raven Software (All they every did was damage ID's FLAWLESS image with the mediocre Quake 4, and new Wolfenstein....) CoD is going to be a terrible experience this year, 3 gaming companies and the only one that knows what they are doing - has only put out mediocre material the entire time they've been a company. (Q4 MP was good, but people would easily rather jump back on Quake 3, or one of the UT2k's and by the time UT3 came out, Q4's MP was mute, and Quake Live brought new life into Q3's community base killing the already dead Q4 player base.... - Wolfenstiens MP had promise but was so.... bland.... so Good Luck CoD, I believe MW3 will be the last or second to last most likely CoD title before Activision kills it like they killed guitar hero.) -- Basically Activi$on is going to play it as safe as possible to reach the same high sales as BO. I believe the next CoD will fail to meet the desired sales. If not with MW3 (may sell high due to having MW in the name, even though us gamers aren't stupid and know we have 2 dev teams with no backround (EXCEPT THE NEW TOMB RAIDER! LOVE THE NEW IW TEAM LOL!) and Raven, if Raven could Tarnish ID's flawless innovative history - then you can automatically expect they will make a mediocre "play it safe" design even worse, from mediocre to absolutely awful.

    Thats Raven For You... they aren't known for MP like ID, Epic, Valve, or ESPECIALLY DICE are. I believe Crytek is now one of the companies that now hits that list of developers with Crysis 2's brilliant MP.
    5 different game modes, and rather than being able to snipe on top of a building and get some type of uber kill streak, you have to go collect all the dog-tags of the enemies you kill for it to count towards your Kill Streak. This balances it out, so the sniper who was nice and comfortable can't just call in a chopper "Ceph Gunship?" I believe the spelling is
  19. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 offers great fun. It looks amazing and plays very well. I do not know how somebody can give it low scores frankly. Nanosuit is probably the best invention in recent years in video games. It offers many options to play the game. The MP is also phantastic. Crytek kept its promise and delivered a great game. Definitely worth to buy it.
  20. Mar 22, 2011
    Surprisingly, an above-average singleplayer experience. Unlike the first Crysis, which started out great as a semi-openworld jungle adventure and kicked off into a horrible ice-covered alien-shooter, Crysis 2 proves a very solid and non-linear FPS. The game switches over from tropical paradise to apocalyptic NYC, and while that might sound more constrained, there are still many choices to be made on how to engage each situation. You can take your time and stealth past huge amount of enemies, or you can start a 5-minute firefight in the streets. The story (I won't spoil it), is also told in a much better manner. It's not groundbreaking, but it's better than the generic action-flick stuff we've getting recently.
    Technically, the game is, for the most part, much above the pack. The lighting and high-poly weapon models make an unrivaled realistic experience, and personally I find this game looks MUCH better than the blurry dark mess that is Killzone. Also, unlike many recent PC releases (DA2, Shogun 2) this game actually runs WELL, even under what people would consider "mid-range" hardware. It's about time game developers actually worried about optimization instead of just screenshot eye-candy. All that said, the game failed to "wow" me as much as the first Crysis did at launch, and in some cases I can still swear Crysis' jungle looks a little better. Maybe it's because of the huge sunset vistas in contrast to the towering (but somewhat plain) skyscrapers. Still, I can't fault the graphics here, they're great. The sound is also about average with modern FPS games, maybe slightly above.
    Where this game starts to fail a little is multi-player. Crytek stated they wanted to become a leading multiplayer title like Battlefield, CoD, or Halo, and apparently their method of choice was to make the multiplayer as much like Call of Duty as possible. It is a somewhat more interesting experience, what with scaling huge walls and smashing down from the sky, but the formula is almost exactly the same. Go off by yourself, run around, and hope you can see someone before they see you. I thought cloak would cause serious camping, but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how effective armor was in countering it. I might play it a little bit, but for the last 3 and a half years I've had my fill of CoD multiplayer. Seriously, it's nothing special.

    So, is it worth your money? If you want an awesome-looking game to impress your friends, yeah. If you want a nice action-packed Sci-Fi story, yeah. If you're only looking for the next game-changing multiplayer experience, don't bother, I highly doubt this will do much to the industry at all.
  21. Mar 22, 2011
    9.5/10 rounded up to a 10, will be a 10 once DX11 patch comes out. Similar to a review by another user I also have a similar build but only have 1 Nvidia MSI 560 Ti and its incredible, I accidently got a Crossfire Motherboard as it was MSI's newest MoBo for the AMD 6 core with USB 3.0 and sata 6.0 etc, and it wasn't labled for SLI or Crossfire on New-Egg at the time, just said "Dual Video Card" - I thought perhaps it was a first (to my knowledge) that supported either SLI or Crossfire, since any mobo will take an Nvidia Card or a (cough crap) Radeon Card. --- the 560 Ti (esp MSI's gorgeous military component that runs at 21C running through browsers etc, and never above 35-38ish even after 5-6 hours of heavy load. I have 16 gigs of Ripjaws as well, I am not sure which AMD 6 core he had it sounded like he had the one above mine, but I have the AMD 1090T Black Edition which works awesome looking at all 6 cores as you convert a movie or render something down, seeing each CPU in usage is just plain awesome.... This was a machine built for the same reasons Winds was.. for DX11 games at the absolute smoothest.

    Unfortuantely, Crysis 2 loses .5 points until DX11 is patched in- if DX9 looks this amazing and i ran it on 32 bit for some reason (I'm on windows 7 64bit, I just looked up a STEAM guide to get it to run in 64) also makes a difference but Graphics are gorgeous, I played about 45-60 minutes of SP before class, and about 2 hours of Multiplayer. I agree with the CoD similarities but improving upon them. MP is the most fun I've had since BC2 was released!! thats saying alot! and while its Basically Crysis 1 in New York City, it feels like a game changer that is unique to the genre at the moment like the stellar (but not as epic as C2) Bulletstorm.

    For now Crysis 2's 12-14 hour (supposed) SP, and I know I'll hit in 100+ hours into MP, if I have 800 hours logged into BC2, will hold people off until some of the later this year DX11 amazing released like Battlefield 3 (Shows DICE cares about PC first with this release, while Crysis 2 felt like it cared about Consoles first ('$$$$$$'). BF3 will be the biggest FPS this year in terms of MP (but id you see the shadowing and lighting?!) and for SP the biggest and most bad-ass will be ID Software's RAGE! (Curious as to wether or not it will have MP, and if it does - maybe it will be equal to BF3 just in a different way as I adore the Quake / UT styles that maybe RAGE will do, or perhaps it will have a crazy co-op or a huge MP.. or none at all! Don't know but these are the biggest games I am looking forward to after Crysis 2.

    Thus far I was dissapointed with how I could do use the red barrels and exploding cars to blow up buildings like in the jungle of Crysis 1!!! with that said, explosions are very satisfying as is the gunplay, and it seems a more RPG like system is added for unlocks in SP. The shooting feels pretty damn satisfying, and killing humans feels equally satisfying, especially in stealth mode, I love throwing an enemy into another and blasting them, or using the POWER HIT (best new addition along with the jump stomp) cars... pfft they are FN weapons now aside from explosions.. Power Hit a car into a group of 5 enemies and crush the limbs.

    Good ragdoll physics, but coulda used PHYSx by Nvidia, Water looks Excellent but CUDA would have been nice.... everything looks great on Extreme 1920x1080 resolution 60refresh vysnc off... Can't wait to see how it looks with DX11 patch, hopefully we'll get a high res pack dx11 with it aside from just the tesselation and shadow benefits (which are worth it on its own!) but like Dragon Age 2 (phenominal game and amazing looking in DX11 with the High-Rez DX11 pack released AT LAUNCH CRYTEK LEARN FROM BIOWARE) -cough- DA1 plays DX9 on consoles, and so does Crysis 2... and it does on PC only 9 not even 10! right now... so naturally even though it looks quite amazing - If it CAN look better with a High resolution pack for DX11 (DA2's needed a 1gig GPU minumum to run the pack and needed DX11 GPU) if they do the same thing my mind WONDERS how gorgeous this game could look when it already is quite stunning..
    last night I installed some of the newer REALLY high quality graphic mods, particle mods, TOD mods, and physics mods for 1 and made the game look damn near life like (on steam if you own Crysis 1 theres news with16 photos of Crysis1 with all these mods on highest hardware highest settingsit looked unbelieveable, if you could tell the rocks and water in the photo or the mud photo (looking down at the ground) from a real photo of the same thing, without knowing prior, Id pay you. This is why I hope Crytek does this with Crysis 2, add a high res pack.... make it look even more amazing like those mods.... get the DX11 patch out ASAP I'm not going to want to run the SP through 2 months from now just because it has DX11 - BF3 Beta(moh preorder) may be out be fast crytek!
  22. Mar 23, 2011
    Crysis 2 runs smooth but the graphics aren't that great, the campaign could be more open world and not scripted sh*t. Multiplayer... my god i hate it, it's a complete clone of Call of Duty and nowhere near the greatness of Crysis Wars...
  23. Mar 23, 2011
    no open world , console graphics and aiming .High expectations because of crytek but only a shadow of the first game.Not enough settings for pc and no directx11.Just a console port.Cry engine 3 is a step backwards.
  24. Mar 22, 2011
    Excellent gameplay. It's about time we had a new fps that plays well straight out of the box. Great graphics - can't complain like others have about them not being as cutting edge cos the game flows that well it looks seamless. If you have a half decent rig you will melt into it with graphics and gameplay combining to give a very immersive experience. There are plenty of lame zeros turning up already and even if some are broken hearted about their issues with the lack of DX11 etc. they should at least have the honesty to give it an average 5. I guess if they can't have the candy they want they wanna discourage others from biting into this - If you're a true gamer then you'll love this. If you're more bothered about whether this works your video card then you probably need to stay away. Collapse
  25. Mar 25, 2011
    This game sucks so much. No DX 11 support. Linear gameplay, stupid repetitive AI, no advanced graphic settings, numerous bugs and much more. Don't buy it now wait for patch and DX 11 implementation. Multiplayer is not working by the way, game is not saving your progress in multi and there is no punk buster only enigmatic crytec anti-cheat protection already hacked on consoles.
  26. Mar 25, 2011
    Game fails to produce good graphics, multiplayer does not work for 75% of people. The developers say there is no problem but just read the forums there is. Dont buy this game its garbage for PC. I loved crysis 1 but hate this one, it fails! save your money fro BF3
  27. Mar 22, 2011
    Way to much comparison to previous title, really its a different game. i like it for what it is. and its great fun, not concerned with the bits and pieces that don't really matter, all that should concern people is how much of my money was this game really worth, and how much time will i spend on it before i get bored and How fun is this game and how cool is multiplayer?.. everything else is fanboy and flamer rubbish. +1: It looks great, its a fun place to visit and stay at for awhile when you want to play a game because the visuals are endearing and detailed environments are gorgeous +2: Its fun semi sandbox feel, Its a first person shooter with some freedom to do more then your average shooter, so it makes it allot more fun when you in the mood for a fps. also boosts your strategies capabilities +3:Sounds awesome: music to the ambients to the guns, more immersion in this area to keep your time in game juicy. +4: Nano suit feels a little weak: but it makes you think, and eventually people will begin to understand it, and able to pull some cool stuff off, timing is everything, no brains no glory in this one. -1: Levels could have been BIGGER, but keep a tense feel and allows for much more detailing the areas your in, -2 Combat animations when doing takedowns need polish. yet this can be patched. -3 Enemy Ai needs polish there are some moments when they seem confused, again patch can fix this. -4 Unfortunately, because of there first game they damned themselves to being compared to it, its not a sandbox, Nanosuit is weak, Wheres my cake, there missing a decimal point in the coding associated wit the graphics output on my whats it. so don't read these reviews as a deal breaker, play the game, make your own decision, if you play. ill see you in multiplayer. thanks, and have a good one. Expand
  28. Mar 22, 2011
    Crysis 2 is wonderful. I've played all of Crytek's games, for fun and as graphical benchmarks. Crysis 2 does not disappoint. It is not Crysis or Crysis: Warhead. It is not Crysis Wars. it is Crysis 2. And like every single Crytek release, it is really good.

    I know well the inevitable pocket of naysayers that come out of the woodwork when a *gasp* GOOD GAME comes out on multiple
    platforms simultaneously (i.e. Deskrit). To you fellow PC nerds who are still pissed they spent too much money on a pair of 8800's right before the 9800's came out so you could play Crysis like a big boy: Shut the hell up. Stand back and look at the big picture. Games are profitable. To game companies, your personal game fantasy is dwarfed in importance by money. Given the state of modern video game publishing / distribution, we are lucky to have single-player campaigns like Crysis 2 on the market today. Expand
  29. Mar 22, 2011
    The graphics are nice, but don't buy yet if you have crossfire or sli video cards, because if you do you can expect an unbelievable amount of light flickering that makes the game unplayable. I can't play single player or multiplayer because it doesn't work. I guess this is the norm for games nowadays. Just release it, then worry about patching it later. Completely unacceptable.
  30. Mar 22, 2011
    It's beautiful. I wish I could contact the development team and tell them what an amazing game they've created and how much freakin' fun it is! I do take off points because it's EA, but Crytek did a fantastic job.

    It feels like you're in a movie, a movie that doesn't suck! This is like The Empire Strikes Back - of games. I just can't get over the graphics and how amazing New York City
    looks being taken over by alien and militia who want me dead! The gameplay is just like any other (good) FPS with added nano suit goodies to make the experience much more exciting. I wish I could say more but..I'm going to go back and play. Play it before you QQ about it folks, this game is the sh*t! Expand
  31. Mar 23, 2011
    For me, anyone who disliked this EPIC GAME, either didn't play the Multiplayer-Demo, or doesn't have a system good enough to handle this beast...I mean, you can't "in general" pick out on this game for being bad, it isn't can't aim, or u can't adjust to the complex features in game, I played the Multi-Demo and right away pre-ordered it, and now i am enjoying it...This game beats anything in graphics...GOOD JOB CRYTEK... Expand
  32. Mar 24, 2011
    Crysis 2 takes everything good that Crysis had, like DirectX10 graphics, advanced graphics options, great customisability of controls, user made mods and levels, total game conversions, realistic weapons and reloads, a believable story, interesting characters and just throws it out the window. Crysis, 2011: DirectX 9, no mod tools, no advanced graphics options, poor controls, lacking multiplayer.

    There is a sever lack of bridging the story. the only thing Crysis 1 players will recognise is the Nanosuit, prophet, and strickland. Everything else has been thrown away. The dedicated speed and strength modes are gone, they have been merged into power mode. Sprinting in "speed" mode uses energy and doesn't make you go any faster. Armour mode is not the default mode, it must be activated.

    The good things: Quadcore support. Thanks crytek, though it would have been better used in CryEngine 2. The original Crysis and Warhead games are ahead of Crysis 2, in terms of graphics and gameplay, as well as controls and multiplayer.

    This is what happens when you go multi-platform. Everything is compromised to fit the lowest common denominator. Much like a computer, it will only ever be as good as the slowest component. The game can only be as good as the weakest platform allows it to be.

    Your money will be better spent on other games. To those of you arguing over Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3, your money will be going to EA no matter which you choose.
  33. Mar 25, 2011
    I'm pretty disappointed. As so many people have commented before me, it just doesn't feel like Crysis anymore. The story is decent I guess, however the rest is pretty unimpressive and that includes the graphics, the music and just about everything else.

    I'm not impressed Crytek. In my opinion you dropped the ball on this one, but oh well...
  34. Mar 25, 2011
    Ok, I originally rated this game a 9 out of ten, but after playing it a while longer I have rated it a 2 out of 10. First off, the original game blows this sequel out of the water in just about every way.

    The game went from an almost open world awesome PC shooter with a great storyline to a simple "rat in a maze" console port. The graphics settings are a 1, 2, 3 stage preset that hardly
    taxes my three year old system even on the highest setting. You are not given any "real" choices on how to approach any given situation except when you are prompted with a hand holding announcement that says "Tactical Choices Available" or some such crap. Even then you are still locked down into basically two choices, "Maximum armor guns blazing down the middle" or, "Stealth through the obvious way around everyone". There is no longer the almost infinite choices of the first game.

    Secondly, the graphics are actually behind what we had years ago with the original Crysis. How a game company that was once bleeding edge can actually go BACKWARDS with their engine is beyond me. The lighting and shadows seem dull and lifeless compared to the original. I know that they went from a beautiful open world tropical island setting to a gritty cityscape... But, the game seems almost dead in detail.

    The AI goes from very interesting to completely broken. I know a game cannot be perfect with AI if it has a lot of choices. However, the pathing is much smaller in this new world. It is awesome when you see an enemy, attempt a sniper head shot, miss just as he turns only placing a glancing blow on his shoulder and then have him go behind cover. Instead of just ducking there for a few seconds then poking his head up, he calls for reinforcements, and flanks you! Freaking awesome! Then you have situations where an enemy is a few feet from you, your stealth runs out and you shoot him with the last shot you had in your clip because you forgot to reload. He turns and faces you, staring you right in the eye. Instead of opening up on you he gets "stuck" and starts turning left and right left and right left and right. He does not shoot you in the face like he should . He does not throw a grenade. He just stands there going back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off. I reload and just stay there for 10 seconds while he bounces around... What the heck?!?!? Then I switch to the sniper rifle and blow his head off.

    I fell through the world. This has happened on plenty of games. And having designed levels for other games I know this can happen. However, instead of falling to my death and restarting from the last checkpoint (another bad design I think) I fall and fall and fall, after a while, the level completes. I miss out on the entire mission, any new weapons I might have gotten, any nano upgrades, everything gone because of a bug.

    I bought the Limited Edition pre-order. I logged in and played multiplayer to take advantage of my perks. I usually complete the single player game then do multiplayer just so I know more about the game, maps, weapons and options. So, I play a game kill a few people, get killed. Log out and go eat dinner. I come back, the game has forgot my CD key. I cannot even get into multiplayer. Once I log out and log back in and put my key in again. I am now level 1 again, no perks from my preorder. What!?!?!

    So, I go back to playing the single player. I find out that my 1400 nano suit points are GONE! I kill a whole host of aliens and see "Collected 100 nanos" several times, then I have a hell of a fight with a big dude! Awesome fight! "Collected 500 Nanos!" awesome! I should have enough points for a suit upgrade. I hit "H" to upgrade my suit. I have ZERO NANOS! What!?!?!?

    This game is RIDDLED with bugs. Completely unstable multiplayer. Cheats, hackers, aimbots, wall hacks are now on just about any multiplayer maps you get onto. Ranked servers have people with 30 kills zero deaths. I am so glad they have anti-cheat software built in! NOT!

    I was so looking forward to this game since I completed the first one. This was the biggest waste of $60 for gaming for 2011 for me. Stay away from this game until they have the issues fixed. Even then I would wait till it drops to the bargin bin. Just browse the forums if you do not believe me. That is if they are not completely overloaded like they are right now. Forcing you to sign in over and over. Pages not loading. Not letting you post. Posts not showing up. etc etc
  35. Mar 24, 2011
    Just another mindless console port just another company selling out to make more money with an inferior game to the original why should we support companies that don't want to support the pc anymore the graphics are not as good as the other games in the series no dx11 on launch the multilayer, is hideous even the story is not good.What in the hell is happening to these companies all in all this game is nothing we havn't seen before so there you go. Expand
  36. Mar 22, 2011
    dont score crysis 2 badly because of its comparison to the first one! your computers has 1GB of dedicated graphics memory and quad core processing, what does your xbox have?!

    people reviewing this game need to be aware that nathan camarillo said that the xbox build of this game takes over 90% of the consoles memory and that even the music player would not work while playing crysis 2..
    its ASTOUNDING given what it had to work with! as for the comparison to crysis 1, jungles and trees and easier to render than skyscrapers.. if you wanna see this thing play as intended, play the pc version, cos the xbox version has been very scaled down, keep that in mind...

    the graphics are gorgeous and the story is compelling and action packed, probably even better than most movies this year.. the only flaw is the sometimes inactive AI, which only seems to happen in the console versions, although, as explained before, crysis 2 is taking all but the tiniest bits of the console memory to keep those graphics and shaders looking pretty, so as for occasional lapses in the AI, its understandable.. like i said, go get the pc version if you want to experience it as crytek intended.

    get used to this people, because this is THE BENCHMARK of console shooters, atleast until the next gen consoles come out, i dont believe anyone will be able to squeese the xbox 360 any further to create better graphics.. before you review, play the PC version, trust me
  37. Mar 25, 2011
    this game makes the crysis franchise look like a drunken dev team. Hate the game and I loved the first two. This game was just a quick throw together in order to sell the engine to other devs. They sold out PC gameing and wont even patch the broken multiplayer. No dx11 or sandbox = fail
  38. May 11, 2011
    An average shooter - not even close to orignal Crysis. Graphics are nice and certainly not as hardware hungry as with original Crysis. I used the same rig as for the original game and it ran C2 on full settings no problem. This is where the good stuff ends though. In original Crysis it felt like you could explore the whole island and go anywhere. While you were gently guided towards your objectives it didn't feel like you were locked in the corridor as it does in C2. Secondly you are only limited to carrying 2 generic weapons at a time which greatly limits the gameplay as you have to forgo picking up weapons that are only useful sometimes. Personally I don't care about realism if it takes away from the gameplay.

    The story is extremely weak. So is the ending. There are no epic boss battles.

    Overall I'd rate the game as only marginally tolerable
  39. Mar 23, 2011
    I don't give a damn about DirectX 11 since I don't even have a DX11 GPU, so the only flaw of this game is that it has no editor. Still, not much of a loss there, since they are going to add it. The rest of the game is great.
  40. Mar 25, 2011
    A single sentence sums up this release: "An amazing game, yet somehow an amazing fail"

    Put aside the plenty of graphical issues people are complaining about with SLI or Crossfire technologies. Put aside the DX11 controversy. Put aside the reduction in freedom the SP campaign offers you. You still have a fantastic game.

    It's great fun to play SP, the story is intriguing and the graphics
    are great (not as good as the first, in my opinion - but still very good). The multiplayer was loads of fun - until the ranked servers broke. The game launched on Tuesday, the servers broke sometime on Wednesday, and have been broken now for several days.

    I buy games to play the Multiplayer. This game does not deliver $60 worth of entertainment.
  41. Mar 23, 2011
    The low review's people are posting are totally unjustified. It is exactly like the spam of total garbage floating all over the Dragon Age 2 user reviews.

    This game is a very quality sequel, sure it is missing a few minor features (DX11) but in general I feel the graphics look better and the game runs MUCH better than its predecessor. The gameplay is fun and fresh, and the events of the
    game memorable.

    At least this game deserves a 9/10 user score. I give it a 10 as it is easily the best FPS on the market.
  42. Mar 24, 2011
    Unfinished with lots of bugs, movement is bad and the graphics are not that good. Multiplayer maps are extremely small, like Black Ops but with nano suit. I feel ripped of...
  43. Mar 26, 2011
    Crysis 2 on DX9 ... Maximum Fail!!!

    Scripted gameplay in place of the original Open Sandbox World of Crysis ... cripples replay value.

    A sad day for PC gamers. =(
  44. Mar 25, 2011
    As a casual shooter it's pretty good - there is a decent storyline, simple yet engaging gameplay, good looking locations, nice visuals and music score. But when you compare this game to it's predecessors - Crysis and Warhead - it's worse in every single way possible. I think what Crysis 2 needed was something like a Just Cause 2 style sandbox, not this! Gameplay is dumbed down, more about letting the nanosuit do the job for you than thinking or planning. And the thing that annoys me the most: graphics are WORSE than in Crysis. Crytek took over three years to tweak the cryengine and this is what they've come up with - worse visuals than before. Come on, this is ridiculous! Expand
  45. Mar 25, 2011
    This game is lame, hope it does worse than crap ops......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
  46. Apr 3, 2011
    Graphics 8 Sound 8 Gameplay 5 Story 4 Controls 5 - Graphically, Crysis 2 is most certainly a beautiful game; this is, however, mulled quite often by graphical shortcomings in the form of entirely flat surfaces where the player may feel they could have spent that tiny bit more on graphics requirements to improve that particular aspect. This is seen most quickly by viewing bullet-casings lying on the ground behind a wall the player may be hiding behind, waiting for a patrol to pass, only to find that not only is the supposedly depressed floor tile entirely flat, but the 'rubbish' and bullet casings lying there are also entirely flat. Similar effects are found in other world-detailing aspects that serve to break immersion significantly.

    NPCs in the game additionally have absolutely terrible animations, with facial animations making all the characters look like they've suffered strokes, with virtually no expressions and wild flailing of arms completely disconnected from the scene's mood, the character's attitude or what they're saying/explaining/expressing.

    The hostile NPCs furthermore come in four varieties for the humans and four for the aliens; the humans may all be wearing full military dress, but even real world soldiers will have some degree of personal effects on their persons and/or customizations to their gear to better suit their personal operational style. This is not at all reflected in the human nor alien NPCs, each and every one of which look exactly the same. A game like Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 had already broken ground in this regard years ago, and one would think that a game heralded as the father of graphics innovation would also have such functionality. Resident Evil 5, built on the Unreal 3.5 engine, also has such functionality, and in ways could be considered to exceed the graphical variety and quality/polish portrayed by Crysis 2.
    Audio wise, Crysis 2 is excellent. Using only a basic pair of 5.1 speakers and a mid-range onboard audio solution that would for many other games often have trouble recreating a believable surround sound audio stage, this game has excellent channel separation without misplacing audio. The environmental effects, while not massively varied nor particularly impressive, do come across as reasonably realistic, with exception for NPC voices, which due to the mixture of ear-based audio and the suit's radio signal interception, may oftentimes cause confusing or 'broken' results when hearing someone behind a wall.

    The voice acting of the story NPCs is terrible. Every one of the characters sound like college students, even those that would otherwise appear to be hardened war veterans, and with exception to a few 'cutscenes', all the human and alien NPCs share the same voices; if I counted correctly there are two sets of voices in total for the humans to use with zero voice font usage to modulate their voices to change the way they sound. This is another feature that simply should have been in the game, but isn't.
    Gameplay wise, Crysis 2 falls short of what Crysis 1 provided. You are no longer on a massive, open world, you are now on a linear path through broken buildings and subway tunnels, occasionally heading out into the open streets only to get to the next pickup location, building or subway entrance. The AI of this game is quite simply appalling. Very often an NPC will break and will not react to anything that is happening around him whatsoever unless he has seen you himself; this includes gunfights in their vicinity where you are standing directly behind them shooting all their comrades with an un-silenced weapon, bumping into them, jumping up and down behind them. They will only notice you if you actually get into their field of view. Other times, NPCs will break and go into an endless loop of performing several 'alarm' and 'notification' animations, ducking into and out of cover rapidly while cycling three or four different voice queues constantly until killed.

    Alien NPC AI is also incredibly predictable even on the hard difficulty, and the bulk of NPCs can be dispatched simply by waiting for them to come into range of you then grabbing them to use them as a meat-shield. There is minimal to no inclination on their part to dodge your attacks.

    Weapons modification might as well not exist, with ironsights, the assault scope and silencer being all you really use.
    The story of Crysis 2 is quite simply terrible. Many of the NPCs encountered in the first game that you would be led to believe would feature majorly in Crysis 2 are simply not there, as though they have suddenly ceased to exist in the aliens' world. The story is also one massive cliche-kiddies-rollercoaster and the game is finished within several short hours of play.
    Controls-wise, the game handles mediocre at best. On the PC version, the console-based weapons switching is retained, meaning you will often be fumbling trying to get to the weapon you actually meant to get out.
  47. Mar 25, 2011
    After playing half way into it I guess its only fair to say that the makers of Crysis 2 put quite some effort in it but worked a little sloppy here and there. Most noticeable about this game is the atmosphere, not created by the very standard story (evil aliens, evil people- go get em bla bla science bla bla...) but by having NY fall into pieces right in front of you. On that Crytek did one hell of a job, much more impressive than in "I am Legend" for example.
    What really annoys me are some things Crytek wouldn't have to worry about if they hadn't said they intended to create the "best first person shooter of all times".
    The AI is not so very intelligent. Sure, they go search for you for a couple of seconds once they notice you, but after that its way too easy to hide again.
    Often enough they get stuck in the laws of physics, running against walls, cars etc.
    And the graphics, as many others already claimed, are not even close to that top notch stuff you can see in the BF3 trailers.

    However, all of that sounds very negative, but Crysis 2 is still one hell of fun game to play. Fast, violent and set into a threedimensional environment. Worth buying it. Score 8.0
  48. Mar 26, 2011
    All I can say is: LOL ! Another game made crap just because of the consoles... Only three (3) graphics options for the PC which is --> Gamer, Advanced and Hardcore. There is no advanced options, how stupid... I'm not saying the game is bad; gameplay, story or other elements may be good but this is not Crysis graphics and Crysis is known to be with its superior graphics... First game is techically way better than this piece of console **** Ultra low detail textures, grass' and trees everywhere... They can at least improve the texture details for the pc. Of course the game doesn't deserve a "0", maybe a 5-6, but I had to give it for balancing the average. Expand
  49. Mar 24, 2011
    Be very aware of the glowing positive reviews:,12397.html

    Bioware (now EA) exec drones are out in droves to skew the ratings favourably.

    So can Crytek (now EA) Perception-Managers.
  50. Mar 23, 2011
    This game is just as good as the first. It's a different game, but still is unqiue compared to every other fps game out there thanks to the nanosuit. The haters that claim it's a console port are just ignorant fools. The demo was ported, not the real game. The only real downside is there is no editor, however the leak had an editor which is a good sign we will get it when it's ready. The Graphics, gameplay. SOUND (very very good in 5.1), physics, ect ect are all top of the line as usual from Crytek. One other tiny downside is the lack of customizability in the graphics options, the first game had per-object motion blur which made it look like a freaking movie, this game just has 1 level of motion blur that still looks good but not as good as the first's per-object. The mp is NOT like CoD. It's tactical low-players small maps like Crysis Wars. The only similiar to CoD is kill spree bonuses except you actually have to walk over to where your target died to get it. I've barely seen anyone actually use anything other than due to this. The nanosuit customizbility is great and thanks to the nanosuit it actually takes some thought to win, rather than just spray and pray. This game is a 8.5 MINIMUM...I'd personally give it a 9, but imo...anyone that hates this game is either just terrible at it due to the amount of thought required...or they're PC elitists that want DX11 which is already confirmed to be coming out in a patch. This isnt the first game where DX11 wasn't available at wont be the last either. I have to give this a 10 due to the unfair low ratings people are giving it based on lack of DX11 Expand
  51. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Absolutely worth the money, the story is blockbuster like and the graphics are absolutely acceptable and IMO superior to Crysis (even though its dx9 only). I've enjoyed every second of gameplay so far, and as the story continues the game gets more and more thrilling and amazing. The new Nanosuit 2.0 is better than the first one and it definitely adds a big unique part to the game (Speed & Strength mode activated automatically). The game runs perfectly here on Extreme @ 1920x1080 and I believe it does so on many other pcs too. It will definitely glue me to the PC for a lot of days! Expand
  52. Mar 23, 2011
    A true sequel to the first game, though this game doesn't have the PC exclusive features that the first game had, but the story, the graphics and the gameplay are as good as Crysis, if not better. Highly recommended.
  53. Mar 23, 2011
    Crysis 2 - a dynamic, beautiful and very diverse game. It has a good story and thanks to innovations from Crytek you can search through the entire picture of yourself play that takes place in New York ..... the game stands out in a variety of passing and excellent multiplayer ... it really superblokbaster 2011
  54. Mar 23, 2011
    This is an incredible game, 10/10 was given because the storyline is absolutely amazing and the graphics involved in this game are the greatest i've ever seen, this is because i didnt play crysis 1. This game running on xbox just isnt as good, everything runs well but things are dubbed down, i play it on pc on max settings and it is incredible. The online is my favourite part and is definately one to keep gamers playing because there isnt anything thats overpowered as of now, everything is well tuned and the maps are very nice to play/look at. They also removed camping which is an amazing achievement and i hope for it to be displayed in other games in the future Expand
  55. Mar 23, 2011
    It is quite disappointing to see a score of "0" on Crysis 2 because, quite frankly, that isn't possible. The game boasts great graphics, solid gameplay and an engaging storyline. As a PC gamer, it falls short for me in a few areas, however. The lack of DX11 support and adjustable graphics settings makes me feel a little short changed and the confused and disoriented A.I. takes a little from the overall experience. I feel like this game was rushed to production and could have used a little more time for development. Overall, the game is excellent, but could have been better. Expand
  56. Mar 25, 2011
    A once great shooter IP ruined by consoles and call of duty fans. All the positive votes on here is either EA, Crytek or console kiddies that liked the game, the game have been dumped down and I would not recomend it.
  57. Jun 30, 2011
    very disappointing compared to the first one. Instead of making it bigger and better, they completely dumbed down the game. Graphics are not as good as the first. The game play is much more linear than the first game. A.I is completely horrendous, especially aliens. The online MP was completely broken on release, and when it was fixed, the games were full of hackers. Not to mention that MP is complete rip of from COD. If you loved the first one. you will hate this one. I give it a 6/10 as a game package but as disappointed fan i give this much lower. 4 Expand
  58. Mar 28, 2011
    Crysis 1 is quite easily my favorite game of all time. There is limitless fun to be had with that game and I can go back to it time and time again and still have more fun with it than any game I have played since. The story, although not particularly interesting or original, always kept you guessing and effectively built up from fairly mundane beginings to a fully fledged alien invasion, dropping hints along the way which kept you wanting to push forward. The graphics were and still are a few generations ahead of anything else on the market and the game performed astoundingly well at max setting considering that and the fact that all the maps were huge and open. The multiplayer was incredible as it offered larger maps than any other fps and ample oportunity for tactical manouvorings based either around deathmatch or powerstruggle (which seemed to in one mode cover pretty much all other game modes in any other fps to date). I could go on for several paragraphs more about why the first game was so awesome but the point is that Crysis 2, especialy compared to its predecessor, is a huge dissapointment. It feels like a totaly generic shooter. The plot is generic, the pointless uncontollable setpices are ripped straight from the likes of CoD which I can't stand. Crysis 1 gave you more than enoguh oportunity to create your own and give you a sense of satisfaction about doing so. The aliens from the first game have had all their mystery removed and have been inexplicably transformed into totaly generic stock. The story picks and chooses which loose ends to tie up from the first game to cater to the story of the second. the "stremlined" gameplay takes functions from suit modes, dampens them, and makes them less dynamic by tieing them to different actions. The aspect of the suit that had the potential to make the previous game most boring, stealth mode, has been made even more boing and been made more or less a necessity for flanking because speedmode has been lost and instead suit power is used up for regular sprinting which kills the momentum of combat. Yet again I could go on about the negatives of Crysis 2 but all in all it just makes you feel like a useless grunt being hunted by the residents of newyork, despite being markedly easier than the first game even on post human warrior. This is not a bad game, especialy comapred to similar console shooters like COD, but compared to Crysis it is quite frankly pathetic especialy for a game I have had on preorder for 3 years Expand
  59. Mar 24, 2011
    Singleplayer = Whited down.
    Multiplayer = Unplayable.

    In the Singleplayer you take the role of a former marine turned nanosuit fugitive. The Singleplayer itself is very bland because you are basically just being told what to do from transmission between either people, or your suit telling you where to go. Your character (stupidly named Alcatraz wtf) never speaks, so essentially he just
    gives everyone a blank stare. Imagine Crysis 1's Nomad never speaking in the game...that is essentially what it is. On the bright side, at least I have a consistant 60 FPS on Crysis 2, unlike Crysis 1 in which I had 25-50 FPS. (Radeon 4870 1GB)

    The "Urban Jungle" as it were cannot really compare to the real jungle in Crysis 1. A lot of areas are narrow interior hallways or rooms, and the open urban environment isn't nearly as open as the terrain in Crysis 1. What this does essentially is make you completely dependent upon cloak if you want to surprise enemies, you cannot simply disappear into bushes.

    On top of all of that, the Speed and Strength aspects of the nanosuit are completely removed. Speed is factored in automatically when you sprint, effectively losing energy all of the time when you sprint which I suppose is good to calm down sprint whores, and strength is automatically factored in if you hold down melee or jump. The multiplayer is largely unplayable due to the fact that game lobbies do not even start once the required number of players have joined. Somehow, some lucky souls have attained higher levels, but the highest I've seen is a 15. Can't really say much, but it doesn't take that long to get level 15, at least it didn't in the demo, which by the way had the same exact issue present when it first launched as well (lobbies not starting). One would have figured that Crytek would have learned from the folly that was the first day or two of the demo, but apparently not, and its now on day three that this crap continues.

    So, watered down/bland Singleplayer coupled with an unplayable Multiplayer earn this game a 3/10 for me, and that is being merciful. Only props I give this game at the moment are that it has managed to attain a stable FPS, and the hopes that the multiplayer will actually be playable, although 2 1/2 days of unplayability for most yields glib hopes.
  60. Mar 28, 2011
    Crytek: "Crysis 2 Is Developed For PC First, Not Consoles" is my ass. Good luck convincing the PC gamers of that. None of us buys it. It's DX9 only and it lacks the Quick Save feature. Crytek you expect me to believe that a game saying "Press start to continue.." is not a console port?
  61. Mar 23, 2011
    Most people who gave this game a 0 have probably never played this game or never considered giving it a serious review. If you really spent 60 bucks and also invested a considerable amount of hours into this game, you will most likely not give it a 0 and say how much it sucks. You may not like parts of it, but no matter you dislike some elements of this game, it doesn't warrant a 0, does it? For one, yes the CryEngine 3 has been optimized for consoles, but that doesn't really make it a bad game does it? Why would anyone be ignorant enough to claim PC as superior over consoles is beyond me. As for the game itself, you can't really focus on a single element and spin a whole story out of that. The game is a package, comprised of the graphics, AI, game play mechanics, sound, presentation and most importantly, did you have fun playing this game? Isn't that what it all boils down to? Whether or not you had a good time playing a video game? If you genuinely had a blast playing this game then it's a good game for "you". I would bet that if the setting remained as a Jungle, there would probably be a bunch of people whining about how this game didn't change or that it's the same old boring setting, why can't people try new things? The Good:

    The Nano Catalyst system is unique that it gives the player a feeling of purpose when they gun down an enemy Ceph, it's akin to collecting loot off of fallen enemies in traditional RPG games, loot that you can use to upgrade yourself.

    The enemy AI is considerably well done (depending on your level of difficulty), you feel a genuine sense of variance when fighting the Ceph or the C.E.L.L PMC. The C.E.L.L soldiers uses formations and fights in a coordinated manner. They communicate to each other and uses flanking tactics to overwhelm you. The enemies will also stay in proximity of each other so that trying to break stealth and pick them off one by one can be difficult at times. The Ceph employs a different tactic and uses their agile mobility to their advantage. It's like fighting Zerglings that dash at you with extreme speed. Of course, there are heavy type enemies from both factions, and taking down those behemoths requires careful planning but also rewarding. The graphics are genuinely pleasing to the eye, even with a pretty outdated specs, I could still turn the settings on max and enjoy the brilliant lighting system. The motion blur adds a sense of realism but also simulates how our retinas perceive our surroundings. The music is amazing, sounds kinda creepy at first, but your mind eventually associates it with the game in a brand like fashion. It is also different than the traditional symphonies that most current FPS employs. The multilayer is a also a treat in itself. It may seem complex at first, given that a player have to keep track of when and how to use Armor Mode, Cloaking and his own energy level AS WELL AS his/her enemies using these same abilities. The nanosuit along with the Mirror Edge like parkour moves adds different layers of strategy and play style to what seems to be another "COD" clone.

    The BAD:

    There are some minor graphic/AI glitches that kinda take away the immersion. For example, one C.E.L.L merc threw a grenade then proceeded to run continuously against a wall until I got behind him.

    Unoccupied vehicles remain on your mini map as a potential enemy. Unless it is destroyed, you will always have a sense of false pretense that there are still potential threats in your vicinity. Conclusion

    If you add all the elements together Crysis 2 delivers an excellent experience with mind blowing presentation and engaging game play. However, single elements such as graphics won't necessarily affect your game play experience in significant ways. All in all, I had a great time playing this game, and I'm pretty sure that most (not all) people who actually bought the game will like it too.
  62. Mar 24, 2011
    Listen people this game is awesome. Don't listen to the bitter pc nerds that are upset this game is on consoles. They are just so hateful to this game cause it's another nail in pc gamings coffin. The game looks great plays great and is very fun. The campaign is a decent length coming in at 12 hours. I like this game!!
  63. Mar 24, 2011
    Ok seriously its only a console port cause you want it to be. First off I think the graphics are better than the originals. Second off the suit is not at all dumbed down, just a sleeker interface. Instead of having to use maximum strength you just hold the space bar or melee button longer or just tap it to not use energy. The hot keys for armour and cloak are easier than the middle mouse button which i prefer for grenades anyways. The storyline is great but its not obvious and you really need to pay attention. It's not perfect but CryTek didn't screw the PC version like IW and Treyarch did with CoD Expand
  64. Mar 25, 2011
    Very disappointed, tried a friend's copy and the game just didn't live up to it's predecessor. The maps are very constricted and the game is much more linear, there's no exploration to be done at all. The ai is stupid and often times seem like they're just trying to get killed, even playing on the hardest difficulty I do not feel challenged. The game feels extremely dumbed down and definitely isn't worth the $60 price point. No modding tools, 64-bit binaries or dx11 support is included in the release, even though they were there when the game itself was leaked a month ago.

    On the positive side, it looks very nice and plays well even on highest settings.

    I haven't checked out multiplayer yet, but I hear it's basically a COD clone with killstreaks and the like. All the more reason not to bother paying $60 for a game where bad players can be pros in multiplayer.

    Crysis 2 is a good way to waste some time if you don't enjoy fun, and just looking at eye candy.

    Crysis 2 is very visually satisfying, but leaves something to be desired in the gameplay department.
  65. Mar 25, 2011
    Oh dear.... Release date checker - I received my copy of the game earlier on in the week, but was not able to play it until the release date (today). Typical EA control-freakery. That will teach me to actually *buy* a game. Graphics - a complete joke - explosions as convincing as a burst colostomy bag. Far Cry 1 did it better. Plot - threadbare. Playability - small, linear maps, 2 of the nanosuit powers removed. Why were the lean functions dropped? I *hate* this context based leaning. In short, Crysis 2 has a dreadful case of consolitus, and is a very poor shadow of it's predecessors. But has taught me a valuable lesson; *do not* buy a game that EA have been involved with....

    Uninstalling this crashing disappointment of a game after 2 hours play time...
  66. Mar 28, 2011
    Firstly , this is just my thoughts on the single player game. Such a disappointment - it conveys an image to me of an EA executive walking into Crytek offices and shouting - "Right - this is how it works - I have a winning formula, no thinking outside the box, that takes us nowhere". It amazes me how a large group of very talented people can come up with something so dross. I honestly think if they had kept the older engine but spent their time on game content/design, bug fixing, new ideas, then it could have been a real winner.

    So, a few things that about the game - in parts it reminded me of Doom (yes that pc game of 18 years ago), and not the good parts. The graphics in parts are basic and are laughable - the bitmaps of lamp posts or strewn rubbish on the floors is embarrassing, even the enemy soldiers look poorly defined at a distance and yet in parts the graphics are great - gently swaying leaves on trees. There are parts where you want to love this game but the faults are too big and you just end up tutting and shaking your head at the monitor. When playing it i do feel i'm playing a console game and not a pc game ( and i'm not kicking consoles, its just to me they both have their different feels).

    The game annoys me the way it highlights an item i can interact with and also tells me that i can interact with it - that might be fine the first 10 times on a training level, but after seeing it for the 400th time is rather insulting - it reminds me of going to the cinema and the characters on screen saying the most obvious thing, just in case that brain of yours can't follow the formulaic gist of it.

    Is the game on corridors ? - for me yes, but wide corridors at that. It doesn't portray a sense of freedom like the joyous Far Cry and Crysis1.

    So to sum it up - A generic studio game, following set moneymaking formula that takes no risks. Dear Crytek, please hand the gaming baton to the next ambitious pc developer.
  67. Mar 29, 2011
    One word to define Crysis 2: Weak. Small maps full of scripting everywhere, bad AI, linear, and a sleep inducing plot.

    Crysis 2 is made for consoles. Shiny effects and bad textures that the outdated (2005-2006!) hardware of the Xbox 360 & PS3 can handle reasonably well. The PCs we have today are 10 if not 20 times more powerful than current generation consoles, technically
    it´s a leap backwards comparing it to the original Crysis.

    Avoid or get it cheap at the bargain bin.
  68. Sep 10, 2011
    When the first game came out, it was innovation graphically, the game play was different from others first-person shooters. All that was because they develop it specially for the PC. This time, they went for the Xbox 360 as the main platform, forcing them to adjust themselves to a far weaker machine and that's the result of Crysis 2. The game is fun for a one time run, but you can't feel the "Crysis" feeling. You aren't feeling the wildness, the survival aspect of it. The multiplayer can keeps you playing for a week maybe and then you will mostly stop playing the game. As for the performance of the game, you don't have a real PC setting for it, it is not very customizable. But the game runs for sure, well it is not very hard when the main platform is a Xbox 360. Fairly, I hope that Crytek makes the PC his main platform again because the Cry Engine is awesome and that games coming from it should also be. Expand
  69. Mar 26, 2011
    Let's get the facts on the table: graphics do NOT make a good game. Good gameplay, good story and good mulitplayer make a good game, among other things. Sure, Crysis 2 might not be as graphically impressive as its predecessor, but that's far from reason enough to give it an abysmally low score (This is a fair warning to anyone reading the 0/10 scores; they have no credibility at all. They're just butthurt fans doing the little damage they can muster). Of all the games I possess, Crysis 2 has to be one of the top 10, if not top 5. The graphics are good, maybe even great, but still not as impressive as the first game. But it's not far from the first, by no means. There are some hiccups here and there, like low-resolution textures and models popping up all of a sudden, but they are so few and far in between that you won't really be bothered by it.

    The soundtrack really captures the scenario and gives you the appropriate feeling. Why shouldn't it? Just the introduction theme reeks of good quality and Hans Zimmer has helped make one or two of the tracks as well so you're sure to love it.

    Gameplay wise it plays a lot like the first game. The nano-suit is back, this time more streamlined than the first, giving all the four suit powers its own hot-key. By sprinting you automatically activate speed, holding the space bar and grabbing stuff activates super strength so you can jump really high and throw really far. No suit power is active by default, like the armor was in Crysis, so that is also a hotkey enabled power now. Unlike the first game, it gives you an insanely sturdy suit, for the cost of energy. Cloak is probably the most familiar power, making you invisible for as long as the suit has energy. This setup now gives you the opportunity to use several powers at once, like cloaking and running fast, or throwing enemies while super-armored. That was impossible in the first Crysis.

    The single player campaign is a fantastic marvel. It gets you through many of New York's streets, and there are a bunch of plot twists in the story too. The voice acting is nice (except for the introduction sequence), and the facial animations fit the voices well. There are a bunch of likable characters, a few bastards you just love to hate and the aliens are a tough bunch of creeps. I won't spoil the story so I'll quit it here.

    Mulitplayer wise, it plays a bit like Call of Duty I think. I have never played a CoD game, but that's what I've been told. There are quite a lot of game modes to choose from (team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.) and a load of maps these modes can be played in as well. If you play well, you can get additional perks on the playing field. If you collect enough of the enemies' dog tags (by killing them and collecting it from where they died) you can hack into the enemy radar and have them shown on your own. You can also summon a strong laser that fries any opponent in its way, and just for kicks, you can summon an alien gunship that hovers around and blasts any enemy it sees to kingdom come. I, and many others, usually die before getting that far, so it's not a common phenomenon. Lastly, if you want a game that looks good, plays good, sounds good and feels good, go with Crysis 2. It's definitely worth the price!
  70. Mar 24, 2011
    Not quite the near perfect game expected from crytek as a sequel to Crysis, this is still a great game. Single-player is fast and exciting once it picks up (1-1.5 hrs into the campaign), but it can be frustrating to die to a tank and having to restart a level. There is no quicksave feature, only saves at checkpoints, disturbing the continuity when you have to restart a level by dying near the end of it. Where Crysis 2 makes leaps ahead of the original is the multiplayer. my major issue with Crysis was the terrible online multiplayer, and this is a great improvement. It is fair -- you can't just get killed in 2 shots like in COD, but it is not impossible to kill anyone due to high health (like in the original). The multiplayer is balanced and fast paced, but also tactical. It's not often that you are killed without it being your fault. Perhaps not worth the 60 dollar price tag, it is definitely a good game which you should not hesitate buying if you don't mind paying sixty bucks for a game. If the price goes down, this is a must buy Expand
  71. Mar 24, 2011
    (7.5) Not bad, not great, but still a worthy successor to the original. My main issue is the smaller areas in which to operate. This is obviously due to the console influence... But I'm not going to rant about consoles ruining this game like they did DA2. There are still multiple ways to attack each open area which, coupled with the Nanosuit's customization options, do give this some replay value. The single player campaign is also around twice as long as recent FPS games, supplying those who love SP a little more bang for your buck. The set pieces are impressive, and if you know NYC you'll recognize some of the locations. WGAF about the story, they almost always suck in FPS games anyway. Crysis has always been about the gameplay

    As for graphics, it looks great. While not the benchmark-worthy juggernaut that was Crysis, it achieves a balance the previous never had: Visually pleasing while still accessible. MP is fun, and is a much more strategic experience than those who are calling it a "BLOPS clone" are willing to give it credit for. Hopefully a lasting community will rally around this, which will be the icing on the cake and certainly make this game worth the asking price
  72. Mar 24, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is fully immersive, both with it's extremely well written storyline, and it's killer graphics. But also with it's very entertaining and fast pased multiplayer. Expand
  73. Mar 24, 2011
    Are you kidding me? All these negative reviews? Crysis 1 was a benchmark, coined the joke behind "Hey. I got a benchmark called Crysis, turns out it comes with a free game." Crysis 2 is not. While it doesnt push the boundaries of the PC's we build, it delivers as a strong singleplayer action game with a blend of great action and effects. Plus, I'm quite a fan of the "play your style" sort of gameplay. Much like Bad Company 2, that you're forced to hide behind cover and strategically time your assaults or retaliations. Honestly. Those griping about graphics? Why are you comparing your probably heavily modified Crysis 1 to a vanilla Crysis 2? Comparing the two games vanilla is like night and day. =P

    Though, I'm still hoping for the DX11 patch to make what already is a good experience, even better.
  74. Aug 24, 2011
    This game continues the story of the excellent Crysis and Crysis Warhead. While it is different in some ways, with a larger focus on creating a tight, action packed campaign, I'd say it's ultimately just as good as its predecessors. Maybe even better, considering Warhead was only 4 hours long and Crysis 1 went waaay downhill in its last act. I will knock the game for a lack of individual graphics options, which should be a given for a game this advanced, as well as the baffling lack of quick saving (I thought Crytek learned their lesson with Far Cry, but I guess not...). Still, the campaign is very well made. It's full of detail and very well paced. It's more linear than the previous two games, but it's still much, MUCH more open and tactical than, say, HL2 or *shudder* a COD game. It certainly doesn't feel "dumbed down," merely different. The new nanosuit setup is pretty nice as well. It still does pretty much all the things the old one did, but the implementation is much smoother. I'm not a big fan of FPS MP, but what's there seems pretty fun. Overall, if you're a fan of FPS games, this game is probably for you. I would definitely recommend it over the recently released Homefront if you're looking for a good action game. Expand
  75. Mar 26, 2011
    Well done Crytek!

    You sold your reputation as a pioneer in the gaming industry. And this latest offering is a pile of regurgitated rubbish you get from 10 a penny shooters and console ports. There was nothing unique, special or beautiful about this game. You should be embarrassed and ashamed at what you have done to the great name Crysis
  76. Mar 28, 2011
    This game is massive dissapointment for me. It is probably my problem, but I expected another milestone in terms of graphics. I played original Crysis and Warhead many times and love both of those games. I have to say, as i see it, the Crysis 2 is step backward. I will leave aside linear gameplay, AI, plot, which I didnt get, mainly because i was bored and didn't pay attention. But the graphic and interactive or the lack of interacive environment are my main concerns. What the hack is this: awful textures, flat sky, plants that don't move when you hit them. Even the tire puncture was better in Crysis... and the water... I could go on, but there are so many details, that are not right for Crysis sequel. Crysis 2 is just another sort of good looking game for hardware that should be in the trash at least for 2 years. I hate consoles and what they did to pc gaming. Why do I need hd 6970 for this rubbish. I think, that for example GTX 580 is under today circumstances completely pointless card. At one monitor there is no game, that can use it and if the developers will continue to make multiplatform games it will not change. More to the consoles: I don't even know why anybody need console like PS3 or XBOX. The whole thing is ****ing pointless. The only real console is Wii. PS3 and XBox is just marketing rubbish and holds the whole gaming industry back. I naively hope it will change in near future. Expand
  77. Mar 26, 2011
    Crysis 2 delivers an overall superior experience and immersion in comparsion with its predecessors, Crysis and Warhead. A better and more immersive story (which is quite long), more fun gameplay and just gorgeously looking visuals combined with a really fun arcade-type of multiplayer delivers hours of fun. There's no denying that the game has been 'consolified' in certain ways (no open worlds, more heavy use of scripting to deliver a more immersive cinematical action experience, less optional suit powers) but in Crysis 2's case this is for the better as the game is leaps ahead of Crysis in the overall enjoyment you get when you're playing the game. Expand
  78. Mar 29, 2011
    If you played the original Crysis you think you would know what to expect from Crysis 2. As unhappy as I am to tell you this you are wrong. Lets start off with the story, the story itself was decent, but they missed in a few areas that just throw things off. Like in Crysis 1 the aliens where ice based and had the ability to turn the environment around them into solid ice, yet no ice weapons or freezing landscapes are present in Crysis 2 at all, and no explanation as to why they are not either. The story does not seem to be focused. For the first maybe 1/3 of the game you are trying to cure a disease then you are trying to do something else without curing the disease and not one character mentions it after that. You see how the disease is affecting the people once after that, but it is only one scene.

    Lets move onto gameplay. The environments are linear, which being linear in itself is not a bad thing, but when creating a sequel to a game that featured huge sandbox levels where players could do things however they pleased it feels like a drawback more than anything else. The nanosuit got some upgrades but got downgraded in the process as well. They tried to integrate the power and speed modes. In the end though it feels more like you lost the ability to use those modes then actually being there at the flip of a switch. The speed mode is just pressing the sprint button, which actually doesn't make you go any faster or just a little bit faster then any regular sprint from any other game. Strength mode is just awkward to use now. Instead of quickly switching to strength mode and pounding someone in, you have to hold it for a certain amount of time which when trying to lay a power melee on someone is just plain awkward. The same thing can be said about power jumping but to a less degree. The Nano powers are a nice upgrade to it, but ultimately don't make losing two suit powers make you feel any more powerful. Next up is cryengine 3. I'll be perfectly honest the cryengine 2 was actually a more powerful engine. Crysis 2 does not seem to run better because they polished cryengine 2 to make cryengine 3, they just took stuff out and made it less of a complicated engine. The physics are not as good as the ones in Crysis 1, the environment is less interactible, and the AI doesn't seem quite there.

    I'll say this about the lack of graphical options. This is a bad move by Crytek sure people can go into the config files and monkey around with them a little but who wants to do that and how much to an extent can you monkey around with them. Crysis 2 is not the system runner its predecessor was, but its still isn't to be taken lightly either. Point being I feel that Crytek made the same mistake they made with Crysis, except this time it might be to hard for people to run on lower to average end comps due to poor graphical options.

    MP to my greatest displeasure is something that will more than likely be forgotten by the time I may even be typing this. Damn near impossible to get into a game sometimes and when you do get the match starting the lobby countdown timer gets stuck at one :(. It is limited to I believe either 12-18 players, and you have just the standard already to have seen game modes. Which those game modes are good, but it also isn't anything people already can't get from the cod series. The nanosuits don't really add anything to gameplay depth. Armor mode just means I have to put more bullets into someone to kill them. Cloak doesn't seem its going to be a major part of gameplay. They got rid of what I felt to be their strongest mode which was "power struggle". The game also seems to have difficulty tracking your level progress. I will have unlocked something and equip the suit power then leave and when I come back it will show me not having unlocked it. I usually don't have this problem if I get it to update after a match. But why can't I unlock something and get my class ready for the next time I play then leave?
  79. Mar 25, 2011
    I love Crysis games for their open level design, and powerful suit that helps you creatively tackle the problems you face. It's polished and streamlined, but it doesn't hold your hand, or hold you back. Cries from PC enthusiasts that the series has been "consolefied" are untrue, but not unfounded. The level design and gameplay are just as sophisticated as ever, but at the time of release the PC version is lacking a couple basic expected features. For a game that so heavily advertises itself on it's fancy graphics, it's offensive that it would not include any modern DirectX support. It's graphics also fall short of expectations. Somehow the original Crysis looked far better. Despite all these disappointed and broken expectations, the game still has everything necessary to have a good time. Expand
  80. KON
    Mar 25, 2011
    Crysis 2 has both unique and stealth combat for incoming battles with a long campaign storyline and hopefully free world roaming. The graphics are much more intense and requires less requirements than the original Crysis. Better graphics and a lower graphics requirement? Go, go Crysis 2.
  81. Mar 23, 2011
    [Single Player Only][Gamer age 30s][GTX580]

    Exhausting! I can only do 2 missions without taking a break. This game is not a "Blow stuff up with lots guns". One could argue that the original Crysis formula was like "just cause 2" or "just cause 2 was like" crisis....whatever, its very different this time., This time it plays sorta like a metal gear solid type mechanic. The game
    frikken exhausts me. There is something about the complexity of the suit as well as the players surroundings, gun options, melee kills that makes it a very intense atmosphere.

    This is a rare instance of a time where I actually didn't mind the non-sandbox openness of the levels. I really felt that the game-play could not achieve the level of player stress if the levels been open and lush like GTA or just cause 2. I would propagate more to gun expectations rather than tactics. Well done Crytek.

    This game is polished and solid.

    if your like me, in your 30s, employed, have kids, have limited time to play, I highly recommend this title for the evenings when the kiddies are in bed and you can go through the sp missions. Its very hard to chain levels in this game as they require critical thinking on hard mode.

    I hate multiplayer in any game, I will not play this game after the single player campaign.
    But from what I've seen not too bad.
  82. Mar 26, 2011
    What a disapointment. From a great sand-box shooter it degenerated to a common run-down-a-corridor shooted with heavily scriped events and a huge amount of retarded hand-holding.

    After Dragon-Age 2 , I can safely say that PC gaming is going down the drain fast because developers seem to focus their games on the brain-dead console crowd. Lowest common denominator indeed...

    Meh. I am dissapoint
  83. Jun 14, 2011
    First off, shame on EA for removing Crysis 2 from steam and making it origin and retail only.

    Secondly, write off any above 80 score for critics as paid-off. Now what do I think about Crysis 2? Well, I know for a fact that the graphics, which is what Crysis was all about to begin with, have been DOWNGRADED from the prequel to make it work on consoles. They didn't even bother making PC
    better. The PC version of Crysis 2 is a poor man's port. I started the multiplayer beta, and it said, "Push start to begin" along with telling me to adjust my "TV Brightness". This, is a pc game, my friends.

    The gameplay was heavily dumbed down from the original. Instead of having multiple powers, you only really have defense and stealth. Both are incredibly overpowered to where you can easily walk right past enemies as they shoot you. The stealth mixed with a silencer can let you kill enemies without uncloaking. That ruins the game, as you can just headshot everyone and walk away invisible.

    The multiplayer is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

    There's nothing new here other than plagiarism and degrading what worked.
  84. Mar 25, 2011
    The PC retail version of Crysis 2 has unfortunately only the DX9 mode to offer. Nevertheless the game looks very good, except a few blurred textures. The music and sound are among the best what i had heard in person shooters before.
  85. Mar 23, 2011
    I've played both Crysis and Crysis:Warhead and I have to say that the graphics absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, suck! They need to rush this game to the ER for the severe case of consolitis. Where's the cutting edge graphics that Crytek is renowned for? Three preset graphics configurationsâ
  86. Mar 25, 2011
    I am very disappointed. This game could be epic on many levels. However, the positives are glaringly overshadowed by the surprisingly wide array of problems... I don't know who is actually responsible for pushing this game out but my eye turns towards EA... This product is not ready for release. It is full of bugs, both big and little. I couldn't get into a multiplayer game for the first 2 days. Loads of problems adding friends once I finally could get in. No DX10/11 support at release time is totally unacceptable from a company like Crytek. If EA is responsible for leaning on this release, Please reconsider your affiliation Crytek. I have so much respect for the technical wizardry you guys have pulled off in the past. But for now, all I can think about are the problems. The 5 people I convinced to preorder this game are all using phrases like "Well at least it's not Crysis 2" when describing bugs in other games no. When Crysis 3 comes out, I won't be able to persuade them to buy it. Please go back to your roots and push the bleeding edge of PC gaming. Please don't let EA force you to release an unfinished product. Please recognize how badly this has tarnished your reputation.

    As for EA... I'm a big battlefied fan... After this experience I won't be preordering Battlefield 3. I simply do not trust your company after this experience...
  87. Mar 26, 2011
    This game reeks of console.If you guys(crytek) wanna make games for consoles go ahead and do it just dont port that sh1t to pc and disrespect us pc gamers.No dx11,dx 9!! are you kiddin me?? I hear they took $2M from nvidia to give dx11 benefits to nvidia users in a later dx11 patch.You guys are sellouts.Crytek seems to be made this game just to cash in on success of crysis,and not out of love.Maybe the main reason I'm so disappointed is cause I had such high expectations from crysis 2,super OVER-HYPED! Expand
  88. Mar 27, 2011
    Just finished crysis... and I hated every second of it. New York again? there are other cities on the planet FFS. The AI is terrible. Giving the Ai wall hacks is not good AI. All the AI does is move forward and attack and hide behind cover randomly. No effort at all. At least us the AI from the original game. another limited scope console shooter... because there just are not enough.

    Story sucked pretty hard. Where is nomad? or even psycho at least? Why do I play random guy X in Prophets suit in which he adds nothing to the game at all. no character, he is just there, besides the obvious plot holes like is he within about 5% of Prophets height and weight how would he fit?

    This is just a money grab, and added nothing to the original 2 games. And the crytek 3 engine seems more dated then the crytek 2 engine. I ran everything maxed at 1920x1200 on the 4870 1gb. this card got crushed by crysis warhead, and i was running medium settings at 1680x1050 and crysis 1 still looked better.

    Im tired of games becoming ***** because of ***** consoles.

    CRYTEK do you hear us? you f*******s set back gaming 5 years!
  89. Mar 29, 2011
    horrible and disappointing. i'm a big fan of crysis one. i was a fan of crytek. i've been stabbed in the back with crysis 2. it's easy, it holds your hand, it completely forgets the story of crysis one, and it doesn't melt my computer whilst getting one frame per second with graphics from the future. also, my school blocks the online play somehow, so even if i did buy it i wouldnt be able to play multiplayer. i'm glad i stole it before deciding to not buy.

    this marks the end of an era for pc gaming. i'm going back to tf2 now. valve will get my money for portal 2, crytek will get none for this kid focused console port they dare to call Crysis 2.
  90. Apr 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Are you grateful to game makers for always well prepared games ? Forget about it in Multi Crysis 2. Game is perfect for cheaters and pirates ( they can play on original servers ). Join to our group on facebook and tell **** that players count too Expand
  91. Apr 10, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a big disappointment. From what the hype said I thought this would be the next step in the evolution of crytek/frysis franchise...and yes... it was a step... but it was backwards several steps.
    Crysis 2 feels much more like Crysis 0.5 than 2. The graphics are not as good as the 4 years older crysis 1. And thatâ
  92. Apr 24, 2011
    Like many of my fellow games we are impressed with the graphics on this game is very impressive. The color, physics and texture enhances the visual feel of New York. The story line is the basic one man show fighting two adversaries while trying to meet mission objective. For a moment I felt like I was in Battle LA, so creativity for the story line I give an average. Now on to the problems and there are many. this game need a lot of work as did Black Ops. It seems many of the gaming companies out there are only focused on console structure and by the time they get around to working the PC portion the game as already be distributed. Then the suffering begins!!!! I've experience crashes and freezing which has killed my experience immensely. Still to this day its a finger pointing game between the gaming company, window and hardware vendors. Regardless if a company has to push countless patches to fix their issues then research was obviously not conducted. My review is going to be low until I can get a product that allow me to enjoy it in it's entirety. Expand
  93. May 14, 2011
    Yeah... I'm very disappointed crytek... very disappointed way to shoot the PC community on its back. I own a Special Edition retail copy and steam copy of the first Crysis + Warhead. I pre-ordered this game because I thought it'll be like Crysis one right? wrong. This game is made for consoles, if you're a PC FPS gamer stay away from this game because its HORRIBLE imo.
  94. Jun 7, 2011
    Crytek was one of the developers I believed in, but Crysis 2 was nothing, but a let down. The graphics are good, but I don't really care about those. Single player, was too short and I personally enjoyed the Crysis 1 campaign a lot more, so I expected Crysis 2 would have a good campaign as well, but it was rather, boring. When it comes to multi player, seems like they just mixed the nanosuit with call of duty, which was a bad move. The game just doesn't feel like 'Crysis' anymore. They really should have sticked to PC only, crysis was not meant to be a console game. Expand
  95. Jun 25, 2011
    Single player is alright, but gets old after a while as it is extremely repetitive. It is apparent in this game that it was made for consoles. You can't disable the motion blur or edit the FOV in multiplayer (takes a third party program or config editing to change it in single player). Crysis 2 feels like a sell-out game made for console, ported to PC as an afterthought.
  96. Jun 3, 2011
    Played this on the PC. It seems the devs didn't care for the PC gamers. The menu was for sure designed for console gamers and you can't customize your graphics settings. The campaigns are somewhat boring and seem more like a move with little interaction. And if you were suprised with the graphics on Crysis 1, and you are looking for even better graphics on Crysis 2, don't waste your time. Crytek has now become and greedy and decided to optimize graphics so the weak consoles could run it. Very disappointed in Crytek. Expand
  97. Apr 11, 2011
    Although crytek has done their utmost to make this game look good, the fact is that this is 2011 and they have coded this game for the 2005 xbox360 and then ported it to pc and ps3. Moreover, they using dx9 which was released in 2002. So yes, this game looks great compared to COD etc, but so what? It's like saying you have a really great looking 480i standard def TV. The game market is stagnant right now because the consoles are old and there is no tripleA cutting edge games. How someone could get excited over this game is beyond me. Unless of course you are a professional reviewer and are looking to secure your next free 2 week all expenses paid EA vacation next year Expand
  98. Apr 7, 2011
    I consider my self to be a PC Gaming veteran. I have played most of the major fps titles to death. Crysis 1 is easily my favourite FPS of all time due to its longevity and challenge. The truth is, Crysis 1 is the sequel to Crysis 2. Crysis 2 is a step back 5-6 years in an embarrassing attempt to emulate the multi-million dollar success of the COD franchise. What a shame! Cryteck had something so unique and so special and they mutilated it and prostituted it into this disastrous FPS. let it be known for all. There are no 'tactical' or 'thinking mans' elements to this game play. You can literally walk through the last 5 hours without a thinking. I began to feel very angry at the lack of challenge. I was playing on the hardest setting.

    Fighting the same 2 types of alien over and over and over and over again becomes totally moronic. And with just two tactical options - 'go invisible' cloak or 'go armoured' armour mode. The illusion of choice the developers offer is pathetic and condescending to a pc gamer.. This is infantile in comparison to Crysis 1. Graphics? Not that great for someone using the latest cards, no dx11 and the AA really is shoddy. It looks slightly better than an x box, but Im using a GTX 480 and an i7. I expected more from this game. i was promised much more. I feel betrayed. Many of the set pieces are recycled from Half Life 2 or Crysis 1. Nothing original.

    Story: Dont even go there. Again - utterly childish and at times - bafflingly stupid. By the end, the writers completely lost the plot and it turns into an utterly predictable nonsense.

    Scripted events and button pushing sequences: Cloned from COD, Boring. Golden rule - dont make a player 'watch' everything fun. I still cannot complete the game because of a bug on the ending script event. Multiplayer: Just a COD clone attempt thrown in to justify the price tag. Nothing of longevity. All the 80+ reviewers either did not complete the game or are being paid. There is no justification for 80+ due to a fundamental lack of originality. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME - you will regret it.

    Shame on you cryteck. Shame on you and your work. I loved you for your genius, now I hate you for your lack of integrity.
  99. Mar 22, 2011
    Excellent gameplay. It's about time we had a new fps that plays well straight out of the box. Great graphics - can't complain like others have about them not being as cutting edge cos the game flows that well it looks seamless. If you have a half decent rig you will melt into it with graphics and gameplay combining to give a very immersive experience. There are plenty of lame zeros turning up already and even if some are broken hearted about their issues with the lack of DX11 etc. they should at least have the honesty to give it an average 5. I guess if they can't have the candy they want they wanna discourage others from biting into this - If you're a true gamer then you'll love this. If you're more bothered about whether this works your video card then you probably need to stay away. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 42
  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 90
    New York in ruins, alien invasion and a hi-tech suit? Sounds like a typical B-movie. This time it's different – it's done with such perfection and enthusiasm that all FPSs can finally retire – either 2nd World War or modern. [Issue#203]
  2. May 18, 2011
    When we played Crysis 2 on the consoles, we honestly could have taken or left it. Only on the PC do we feel comfortable recommending and replaying Crytek's best game yet – and its first chance of matching technical prowess with good game design.
  3. May 5, 2011
    Crysis 2 meets and exceeds all my expectations as a sequel and a next-gen shooter.