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  1. Mar 29, 2011
    Crysis 2 is the best FPS game i have ever played. It has incredible graphics, ( especially if you tune them up with the graphics utility ) very intense and well made gameplay, the weapons, vehicles and buildings are designed fantasticly. In most city based games the buildings are just boxes with a painted texture for windows...Here the windows are actually see through glass with carefully designed frames. The weapons are almost flawless in detail and as are the vehicles and enemys. Your movement affect the way the hud is positioned and how your weapons is moving, You can glide and engage enemys from the ground or strength jump and shoot them from above, stealth kill em with awesome assasinations, all in the most awesome city enviroments you will ever see...On top of this it has a much more enthralling story than crysis 1. Speaking of that game...I do really not understand how some people can think its better...The only reason i bought crysis 1 was for the editor i only played the campaign to see how far it could go. The visuals were great and the environments were big and open but the weapons looked to be made of plastic, the enemys looked AND ACTED like retarded monkeys on drugs, the story was additionally very un intresting and boring...Crysis 2 beats crysis 1 in every way except for the open environments which was actually not needed cuase they were just empty open enviroments anyway. As goes for design crysis 2 kicks crysis 1's ass in graphics. and if you play without mods ( on normal Very High setting ) crysis 2 looks MUCH BETTER! Crysis 1 looks avarage at best, but for the time of the release it looked great. It looks like people havent realized that technology evolves all the time...Crysis 2 just looks much better. Only reason crysis 1 was such a pain on your CPU was the large environments which were completely uneccesery...

    Sum up:
    Crysis 2 is a game with great visuals in every field, great story, dynamic gameplay and addictively sweet methods of killing the enemy from going in for stealth kills to rushing in with guns blazing...
    Score (10.0) id
  2. Mar 29, 2011
    Before I begin the views and opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I had high hopes for Crysis 2, I had hoped that it would be ground breaking and very impressive, sadly I was mistaken. I will first say that i did not play Crysis for the PC, this is my first game in the Crysis series. I have played both campaign and multiplayer, and I will tell you where I stand with both. I'll start with the campaign. From the beginning, the campaign was both confusing and lack-luster. At first I believed that the story would develop and begin to make sense as it went one, sadly, it did no such thing. The campaign is also painstakingly difficult, even for the normal difficulty. As the campaign goes on though, it does get better, while there isn't a large improvement, potential begins to stir. The length of the campaign, is around 5 hours, which, even for a game with multiplayer, is still quite short. Of all of the low points in the campaign the best part was the ending, not because I wanted it to end, but because the ending was actually good, if not great. If Crytek had to do something right, it was the ending. The multiplayer on the otherhand, is a bit more impressive. At first the multiplayer, has a very sharp learning curve, and you have to learn how to not play it like CoD. You can NOT run around, running and gunning, and expect to win. Apart from the learning curve the multiplayer isn't bad, though games are not very consistent. This meaning that you will rarely ever 4 bar, if you are not the host your connection is usually a 2 or 1 bar connection. Sadly, Crysis 2 did not impress me as much as I had hoped. Hopefully, Crytek will realize that a console is not a PC and that you must treat them differently. Crysis 2 is not a terrible game, but not a great one neither. Expand
  3. Mar 29, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a great game and does justice to its predecessor in most aspects.
    Gameplay is great. The updated nano suit makes it different from most FPS games and allows more option and flexibility then was available in its predecessor. The storyline is good and involving and voice acting is also good. Atmosphere created by the visuals, story, voice acting,sound effects and background
    music (there's lots of it!) really immerse the player in the game. Thus far i would have gave it 10 out of 10.

    However this is where the cookie crumbles. The game is a port or at least appears dreadfully like one. The graphical optimisations which make a game " a pc game" are not there, instead of which presets are used. There is no DX11 support although there are rumours of patches etc to include this later. To me Dx11 should have been added right from the outset. What use is dx11 if you're already half way through game or finished it. Thers is poor crossfire/sli support, altough it could be argued this is a driver issue. However surely the developer realises that crossfire/sli exist and that pc users will require the game to function with such setups,but as i said its a port so such pc setups appear to be ignored. The game still looks good and visuals are by no means poor just dont expect it too look a whole lot better then console version.

    Multiplayer is fun. Maps are good and there seem to be plenty of unlockables. There are also some killstreak rewards. Dedicated servers are supported as well as quick match function.

    All in all a great game let down by poor dedication to the pc community for the sake of the console experience. Most definatly still wort the buy just disspointing that it could have offered so much more to the pc community.
  4. Apr 1, 2011
    Im so ashamed of this game. Its so dissapointing compared to its followers and it need serious improvments on there single player. I have no interest in the multipalyer although im sure its probably good.
  5. Mar 31, 2011
    Disappointed in the graphics and the New York background is to close to reality where the original Crysis was on an Island where anything was possible. DX9 can still rip as the original showed. Dumbed down graphics to rush the game or because it's a port of the console games.
  6. Mar 31, 2011
    I totally agree with those ppl that gave this game an score of 5 points and the complains in those reviews. Crytek, seriously, if you wanted to release the game to consoles too,.. why the hell you didn`t do like Ubisoft and Ghost Recon advance Warfighter. one engine made specifically for the console versiona dn another for the PC version, even the games are different,..each one taking advantage for each system. Crysis 2 is not a bad game,is an excellent FPS if you just change the name,.. this is not the crysis i was expecting.. gimme back my money. Q_Q Collapse
  7. Apr 1, 2011
    Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.Well, /v/ has said it, this sucked hard, graphically.
  8. Apr 1, 2011
    This is disappointingly another case of the console dumb down of a potentially great pc only sequel. The graphics, seemingly more detailed overall because of the vast increase in the number of useless objects on screen everywhere (a cheap trick to make your game not look so sparsely populated), are not very impressive where they need to be. Particularly with textures: in Crysis 1, the textures looked amazing from any distance. Even from over a mile away in-game, mountains, trees, rocks, snow and ice looked like it was the appropriate texture resolution. It's about having the right amount of detail for the distance you are from the object. And up close, sometimes right up against the character, the textures did not pixelate. Crysis 2 on the other hand is underwhelming, with the vast open battlefields beautifully rendered in Crysis 1 completely absent. Textures are dull up-close and there isn't much detail in the distance. Buildings are usually the backdrop, and they just aren't all that interesting to look at. The physics which accentuated the visuals so well in the first game are nearly non-existent here. Shoot a rocket at a wall and it will remain without a scratch. Shoot a wall with bullets and you will only see the bullet hole texture for a few seconds. You can watch the texture for that disappear. Crysis 2 not only under-delivers on graphics but on the gameplay as well. The gameplay has been reduced to a very-linear shooter with a pathetically implemented on-the-fly cover system in an attempt to emulate modern warfare's style of shoving the player along with lots of stuff exploding. The developers also thought it would be a good idea to copy MW's hectic control events, adding in such useless segments as "click mouse 1 and 2 back and fourth to clime up/crawl". In an effort to cater to the masses, Crytek has also made the suit very limited and "easy" for people to use in the sequel. Instead of feeling like a real super soldier, the suit in the sequel has combined all the functions into simple actions. All the ledges are the same hight and it looks as if the environments were hand made for the suit's predetermined maximum jump. It makes you feel normal, whereas with the first game you really felt like you were jumping incredible heights. The speed mode is also decreased and it really just feels like a normal run in other games. Going on with bad design, they decided to take out any save function in this game, and go completely with a checkpoint system. Usually this is fine, but since battles tend to be very long, you wind up replaying a huge chunk of game if you make a minor mistake. And get ready for some long, boring battles. At least in Crysis 1, you had nano-suit equipped soldiers that were fun and interesting to deal with. In the sequel, they don't introduce the best enemy until the final minutes of the game - an alien capable of cloaking. Isn't it a no-brainer to have this kind of enemy throughout the game? I could go on, but the fact is if you hold Crysis 1 dear to the heart, you're likely going to be disappointed in this sloppy (yes there were a lot of bugs too) console-oriented pc shooter. Expand
  9. Apr 3, 2011
    I am extremely disappointed with Crysis 2, I played the first Crysis campaign over and over with so many possibilities with how to deal with your enemies, fun aliens to fight and very innovating gameplay. In Crysis 2 I just canâ
  10. Apr 7, 2011
    Wow! A game where the streamlining actually makes sense!!! And works! The graphics are great. The nanosuit is intuitive. The AI is competent. The story could have used some fleshing out... but, it was still more solid than 99% of your usual FPS fare. The MP isn't anywhere near the standards set by CoD, YET... but the SP campaign craps on the enitre CoD franchise from a height of several miles... Best FPS since, well, the first Crysis! Looking forward to Crysis 3. Expand
  11. Apr 16, 2011
    I really thought that with all the hype going on that this would be a good game but I rented it to make sure and its absolutely horrible. Its the biggest Call Of Duty knock-off I have ever seen, Crytek has copied everything from the killstreaks and effects down to the perks and ability to slide after sprinting. This game is set in 2023 which is 14 years after the release of Modern Warfare 2 so it made me think of a Call Of Duty 14 years into the future. It shouldn't me called Crysis, it should be called Mw2023. In short, this is the worst game I have ever played. Just go and buy your self a copy of Call Of Duty and save yourself some money. Expand
  12. Apr 19, 2011
    I'm very disappointed in Crysis 2. I love the first part,and after I watched the outro of Crysis 1 i was VERY exciting about the sequel,and in 2011 we get this game...It's like a gift what we don't want to get.The creators sacraficed everything for the console gamers...the story,the characters,the whole game was made for the console gamers,who don't know the first Crysis.The betrayal of the first part....the betrayal of a great franchise... Expand
  13. Apr 19, 2011
    Multiplayer is the only good thing of this game. IA is ridiculous and bad, all the news releases intend to make a good opinion on the player, but the game is simply not worth it.
  14. Apr 23, 2011
    All I can say it that Crytek lowered Crysis's standards for higher profit...
    Worst textures & a story that no longer makes me care what happen & They just took call of duty & halo gameplay & called it crysis 2 multiplayer!

    It's a call of duty/halo game aimed at 360 owners specifically! not a crysis game.. oh well battlefield 3 will do!
  15. Apr 20, 2011
    This game is no way a sequel to the 2 original games. It completely breaks the story line of the originals, and the graphics and scripted gameplay are a huge step backwards. I will never buy another Crytek game.
  16. Apr 21, 2011
    Mildly entertaining single player game but with limited replay value: limited and linear environment (basically one path through game), unskipable cut scenes and cloak just makes the game too easy (even on highest difficulty can get through killing everything with just knife, pistol and shotgun).
  17. Apr 23, 2011
    Utterly disappointing and boring - doing dishes is more fun than this. Has definitely taken a step back from the original in all aspects. But then, it doesn't really feel like a Crysis-game. The nanosuit has been copied and they've made a terrible and flawed game based on it's use. The game may render faster on old hardware than the original Crysis, but it's only thanks to worse quality and less complexity. I just don't understand how people can find this "unique", "engaging", "wonderful storyline" - it's just the opposite. And if not dumbed down any more for consoles, save system is check-point-only - so forget openness. Expand
  18. Apr 24, 2011
    Rarely has a game disappointed as much as this one. I own a beast of a machine built to run the most advanced of games to the max. Crysis 2 is simply unplayable without dumbing the graphics down due to the bugs in V-Sync and Crossfire and the lack of graphics customization. Whoever made THAT decision is a fool of the highest order and should lose his/her job because they are clearly missing too many chromosomes to attain even marginal success with decision making. After that, it is hardly worth me continuing. I couldn't even finish this single player disaster. Wait for the bargain bin and then install it at your own risk.

    Consoles are ruining the world. Hyperbole helps get the point across. So, so disappointed!
  19. May 1, 2011
    May be it is not the level of CoD and far away from the best shooter of the present time but I really like it. Nice game design, but simple gameplay and story.
    So my score is 7 for the good view.
  20. May 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thought this game was good yet it just was not quite up to what I thought the second Crysis would be. this game had been long anticipated and though it is a decent game with very good graphics personally I think the game was very shot and was quite buggy. Expand
  21. May 8, 2011
    Started out great...but after doing the same gameplay loops over and over it turned into pretty repetitive and lost a lot of the interesting story elements if any. A lot of things were missing from this game, but without adding spoilers I will keep it simple. Overall its a fun game at best but feels forgettable by the end.
  22. May 11, 2011
    Here is a game that really dishes it up - but doesn't deliver any depth (just my opinion). Its a good shooter. The enemies display adequte AI. But there is not a great variety of enemies....and the amazing landscapes don't really add any great deapth or interactiveness to this first person shooter.
  23. May 17, 2011
    I played this on the Xbox 360, and it must be said that it is one of the best looking games around. Crysis 2 isn't exactly anything brand new, just a new way to occupy your time while waiting for something much better to come out. The single player isn't too shabby, and the multiplayer will entertain you. All in all, it's not a bad game, just not a very good one.
  24. Feb 4, 2013
    Crysis 2 has a solid story, and a fun and some-what lengthy solo campaign. The FPS and game-play mechanics are quite fun and interesting, which are basically that of Crysis/Crysis: Warhead with a little bit of cleaning to the clunky controls. Along with a different assortment of weaponry and Nanosuit augmentations (basically acting as a small "talent" type system to allow the player to customize his/her Crysis experience), is just what Crysis 2 needed to add some edge from the previous game(s) but not totally change the Crysis you know and love. I have not played the multi-player, but from what I hear it is decent. (sorry! D: )

    Graphics! CryEngine 3 is a marvel of video game engineering. With stunning ambient lighting and particle effects, realistic physics engines, along with a great attention to detail, makes this game look like you are personally playing the role of a real life Nanosuit Warrior! **Do be warned: stunning graphics means a well built machine! (Although the lowest settings can be handled by most systems)**

    And in response to those who claim that " is too easy to just activate stealth mode and walk past everyone", well my response is as follows: "If one does not think it is fun to activate stealth mode and sneak by everyone (which I would agree, it is not fun), then simply don't do it!". Use your gun, you are not forced to sneak by anyone! Please do not put down a game because you choose to play it in a dis-satisfactory way. I utilize both the stealth and the armor enhancements, that combined with the harder difficulties provides a sufficient challenge, which allows you to have that classic Crysis feel of being a bad*** commando.
  25. Jun 4, 2011
    *This game is not Crysis 1*. I am convinced though that if Crysis 1 had never existed, that this game would have gotten much better reviews. Half the reason people hate the game is because it didn't quite live up to their expectations, even though it is still a good game in its own right. Crysis 2 is still a solid shooter that plays fluidly and has a decent campaign length. I haven't played around too much with the multiplayer, but this game is definitely worth a rent or a purchase when it comes down to around $30-40. Expand
  26. Jun 9, 2011
    Disregarding the fact that this game is clearly a console port unlike the original Crysis which was so amazing on PC, it is a decent shooter. The storyline is quite interesting, but gameplay is sometimes repetitive and annoying. I do like the setting of the game however, and there are still some very impressive visuals (though not as impressive as the original Crysis). I find it unfortunate that it isn't a game I'm compelled to play often. Expand
  27. Jul 4, 2011
    I'm going to put this a blunt as possible: Graphics 10 -great Story 7 - it was OK not as good as Crysis and Crysis Warhead
    Mechanics 6 - things were moved around and a point system was added for extra perks.
    World 6 - not much to comment here you cant have a big world on a game in New York or can you...
    Weapons 7 - i like fantasy guns as much as the next person but this is real life
    scenario in New York and i wanna see actual military grade weapons especially the 1911,AR-15. Expand
  28. Aug 1, 2011
    I really expects more from this game, he has the best graphics engine, got a real nice physics engine, got a lot of improvements since Crysis 1.

    Althought, the context of the game is very poor, got a little issues the never should happen, like a cinematic scene, that the NPC talk to you, and you move.. then, he doesnt look where you are, but where you were, so... ridiclous.
  29. Oct 22, 2011
    What makes a great game? Some may characterise a game based on its innovations - like graphics, gaming mechanisms, etc. Conversely, I feel that a good game is one that you want to revisit at some point. Unfortunately, Crysis 2 initially failed to captivate me - so much so, that I gave up on it for a few months. One weekend, out of sheer boredom, I chose to re-pursue the campaign. This time, I DID play it thru to completion - at which point, it sat idlely on my HDD gathering digital dust. A few months later, upon hearing of the DX11 patch, my expectations got the better of me and I decided to install it in conjunction with the high-res textures pack. Needless to say, these upgrades certainly made the game much more visually pleasing - in some instances, scenery was almost lifelike. That said, I soon discovered that unlike the myriad of older titles that I have in my collection, I had no incentive to play the game through for a second time. Unfortunately, I've come to the realisation that developers have lost their way... polish doesn't make a game. Whilst Crysis 2 was enjoyable at times, it was nowhere near worthy of the hype. Expand
  30. Feb 15, 2012
    More linear that its predecessor but still enjoyable, even after being dumbed-down for console ports Crysis 2 still looks better than 90% of other games out there. It starts a little slow but once I got into it, it was lots of fun, if a little repetitive - you have two modes of play: shoot aliens or shoot hostile marines and, slight deviations in how you want to accomplish that - stealth or all guns blazing. Good for a weekend. Expand
  31. Jul 25, 2011
    One of the best multiplayer FPS games I've ever played. Combines the addictiveness of multiplayer unlocks and perks from MW2 with the unprecedented graphics of the cryengine 3. Playing on directx11 and high def texture pack at max settings, silky smooth aside from when there is lots of smoke, can be fixed by setting particles lower than "ultra". Must have game, even if your PC sucks the suit mechanics are addictive as hell. Expand
  32. Sep 11, 2011
    Crysis 2 is one of the best fpp-shooter in my game list. This game is so beautyfull. Very good graphics is not all. Amazing gameplay, good story and many more.... This game is example for all fpp-shooters.
    My rate is 9,5/10.
  33. Aug 31, 2011
    Crysis 2 was a major kick in the nuts for PC gamers. PC gamers were assured their platform would not suffer from Crysis 2 being released on consoles. However, we've been handed nothing more than a console port. Make no mistake, this game was designed from the ground-up to work on consoles 1st - and PC 2nd. It is a game that becomes utterly depressing by the time you reach the closing stages; navigating through a linear world with a totally uninspired story told by some of the worst in-game acting I've seen in modern times. I don't award this game so low without much consideration. I really did come to hate it. It's a cheap console port bearing almost no semblance to the original Crysis - if it weren't for the Nanosuit (which itself becomes a tiresome charade that is barked about at every single opportunity) this would be nothing more than a prettier Conduit (Wii). The enemies 'pretend' to not know where you are when you're using invisibility. Other times they run right at you and attack whether your cloak is engaged or not. They only want to kill you; it doesn't matter if you're with allies, they only seek you out and fire at you - ignoring your NPC team mates. Sometimes the aliens will swarm and kill you within seconds if you make so much as one mistake; other times they'll just get stuck on each other/the landscape, or just ignore you. The awful save-system has you replaying entire sections if you die because it uses checkpoints. There's a sense of ignorance by the developers from the very moment you launch the game - you are forced to sit through EA, Crytek, Nvidea, etc, logos without an option to skip to the main menu (thankfully you can find a way to remove them using code posted on forums). These logos take a good few minutes to sit through unless you take the trouble to remove them. The most remarkable thing is the weight of this game's ego. Like when Peter from Family Guy described The God Father: "it insists upon itself" - it truly believes it is the best thing in the world - but it isn't. It's rubbish. Gossip on the net suggests Crytek might not make Crysis 3 available on the PC, which may be a blessing given the massive waste of time/money/effort I've spent on this turd. Expand
  34. Dec 13, 2011
    Consolized graphics, unoriginal linear levels, clunky controls, boring plot, and aim assist O_o. This game is **** and I couldn't even force myself to finish it. Considering Crysis 1 is my all time favorite game, both SP and MP, I say shame on you Crytek for being a slut and selling out to consoles. Now you have joined the ranks of so many mediocre game developers.
  35. Aug 7, 2012
    This game is the most epic game of 2011. I played this for the first time a year ago, when someone uploaded a pirated beta version and I downloaded it just to see how the game is. That version was buggy in an annoying way. That was in a time where the multiplayer demo was live. This game is super epic. The campaign is huge, the multiplayer is addictive and epicly epic, and.... well, this game is a must-have for all fps lovers. End! Expand
  36. Oct 20, 2011
    This will be short, first off i loved the game enough i played the beta on xbox and it was ok the nwhen i built my comp i bught the game pllayed through but didnt play much multi(my internet was capped) but once i was ready for some multi killing and killing and more... killing but I COULD'NT LOG IN, as in it woulddnt recognixe i had an internet connection, i asked them to fix it they did, but after about 4 days and only fixed for 1 day, after abit more trying i kind off gave up i may try again at a lator date but i am quite annoyed at this. i have never played crysis one(as i only got my comp recently(im 14 and a half and have been been gaming online since i was 10 or 11 and gaming since i was two(heros of might and magic 2))). Expand
  37. Oct 27, 2013
    While incredibly linear compared to the other games this shooter is still fantastic and a lot of fun. The changed setting of the city destroyed by alien invasion works exceptionally well.
  38. Dec 6, 2011
    I am not really impressed with the game at all. even in DX11 with high res textures, the visuals are hardly cutting edge for 2011. in some ways it looks little to no better than its 4 year predecessor. it also plays much worse than the original game and is nothing but a linear uninspiring consolized shooter.
  39. Sep 22, 2013
    This is the angriest I've been about a videogame in a long time. I bought the Humble Origin Bundle BECAUSE this game was in it. When I installed it, which took a while because the installer crashed once and froze about eight times, (I should have picked up on this foreshadowing, because the steam installer has literally never ever crashed for me.) I was treated to the main menu which DEMANDED I create an account before I play the game. I started the campaign up and was treated to a long live-action cutscene that probably would have made sense if I had played the first game (Which, for reasons beyond me, was not included in the bundle) before being treated to a long, semi-interactive cutscene with all manner of fancy water effects that made it lag like crazy. I opened the graphics menu to turn down the settings and this is where things REALLY fell apart. The settings, by default were at High. I opened the drop down menu to find the stupidest list of items I have ever seen in any list ever.

    Very High

    What the... I don't... WHAT?! Those are my "options?" That's one Hell of a Hobson's choice. I mean really? At no point in this games development did anyone step forward and say "You know, usually you want to include some lower options for people WITHOUT computers from the future." What happened to that man, if he existed? Was he fired on the spot or just bludgeoned to death by his coworker's Alienware computers? I'm sorry, but when your game cruelly mocks anyone who isn't either in possession of a computer science degree or wealthy enough to afford the supercomputer made of diamonds and magic needed to get the processing power to run this "game," what the HELL is it doing in the "HUMBLE" bundle. See that word? It's called the HUMBLE origin bundle. If I had to pick a billion ways to describe Crysis 2, "Humble" would be pretty close to the bottom along with "Fun" and "Worth my time" and the only reason it would be on there at all is because I would run out of equally stupid adjectives.
    Then I made a mistake. I kept playing the game, figuring "Maybe this is like what Deus Ex HR did, where they turn the settings up real high in the beginning and adjust them based on how your computer responds" or something. My hopes were rewarded with another 5 minute cutscene, ANOTHER 5 minute cutscene, a 5 minute load time, and THEN, after around 25 minutes of playing the game, did I actually get to start playing the game. I wake up in a prison cell, take 3 steps, and watch another cutscene.

    And then the ACTUAL actual game begins, and I realize that I'm getting between 1 and 5 frames per second just to render a room full of garbage bags and dead bodies that both look equally plastic. I wander through the linear path of shelves for a little while before being asked to jump up onto a ledge. I press space, the game locks up, and I say "screw it" and try to exit. I say try because after a full two minutes of waiting, I was still trying to exit the game before I just opened a task manager and killed it. Apparently Crysis is a zombie game, because Task Manager tried to kill it and nothing happened. It just sat there displaying "90%"CPU usage" for a full extra minute before the game actually exited and when it did, I had to restart my computer anyway because it still showed up in the Processes tab and it was still hungrily munching away at my processing power.

    So maybe this is a good game. Maybe this is a great game. Maybe this is the most fun thing anyone will ever play ever. But that doesn't matter because the thing about a game is that to enjoy them, you kind of have to be able to PLAY THEM.

    You might say "Yeah but if you looked at the system requirements you should have known the game wouldn't run on that punch card machine you've got there." But here's the thing: I have an okay computer, and not only that, I've run games outside of my system requirements for one main reason:

  40. Jun 10, 2012
    The game gives you stunning new graphics (thanks to Cry Engine 3) and an astounding gameplay. Though the game lacks the vigor and feel of the original Crysis, it is still better than most of the the First Person Shooter games that have been recently released.
  41. Jan 26, 2012
    this game is such a major downgrade from the first game. Graphics, textures, sound, gameplay, almost everything is a shadow of what it was on Crysis on PC. The developers have really failed this time with their "optimizations" ruining a great series. When a company focuses all their resources on making a console game then porting to PC because of more console customers, this causes even less and less pc players to buy their game because they made a crap port that contains awkward controls and subpar graphics. Onto the game, it actually is a pretty boring game to say the least. I finished the campaign fairly quickly in 7 hours and i found it to be one of the most boring ever. The multiplayer might be fun for a while but i don't see it lasting anywhere as long as other games such as battlefield 3 or team fortress 2(now free). Seriously guys, if a company can't get their game up and actually make a better game than the previous one, then they shouldn't at all Expand
  42. Apr 2, 2012
    The single campaign is great.Addictive and it gave me the feel that i really wanted to kill the bad guys ass.Graphics are pretty good,not as good and not as innovative as the ones from Crysis 1.Crysis 1 was so good for PC cause Crytek worked on it since it did not come out for the Ps3 and Xbox.Some things are wrong for the PC such as mouse lag.The single player campaign is great,amazing and i really liked it.The multiplayer though is a whole different story.It is so bad.It is just boring and just something generic.I tried to play with a friend and got bored after 2 minutes.Overall,this looks like a console port like many other PC exclusive games that have been transferred to the consoles.The single player though seems to be able to save this game from complete catastrophe,at least in my opinion,and is what makes this game good. Expand
  43. Oct 17, 2012
    I have probably played through the original Crysis four times. Something about the exploration of that environment and the pitch perfect carnage is a rare find in the gaming landscape. Warhead did little to change the formula, but hey, it didn't changing. This game gets crucified for being linear and too similar to the call of duty model of the modern FPS. Except that each encounter is so damn exciting, I found a constant desire to keep chasing the endgame. Something I do miss, even if it is a trivial sort of thing - the unarmed tricks you could pull in crysis 1 (Speed dashing into a guard, bowling him over, or simply never firing a gun while on foot) are just about impossible in this game. This is a gun-heavy game, and I have come to terms with this new age. The giant mechs are just fantastic and taking them down is a challenge, especially on delta difficulty. I replayed this recently after picking up on steam for $10 and I REGRET NOTHING! Expand
  44. Mar 15, 2012
    Nice graphics (with HD texture pack and MaldoHD pack), story is weak and somehow the game just is missing that special something. But gameplay is great, you can reach almost every mission how ever you like, silent kills or not so silent. :)
  45. Mar 23, 2012
    First of all I never played the first one, so I'm not going to compare Crysis 2 to the first one the whole review like others have. I recently got an Alienware M17x R3 system w i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 580m GPU. (not going into detail about all system specs here) I also played the game with 1080x1920 resolution. This is the kind of game I got a system like this for! The Cryengine 3 is truly the best game engine out there now other than the Frostbite 2 engine that is also amazing, props to Battlefield 3. I did download the DX11 patch and high res texture patch for Crysis 2 also, and the difference is truly incredible! The amount of detail, particle effects, and textures with tessellation enabled are awesome. DX11 also has real time reflections which you can notice in water and windows. So on the graphical end I give this game a 10. For a FPS this game is also good and holds it's own with all the other A list franchises out there. There are tons of upgradable weapons, and special suit abilities that allow you to cloak Predator style or morph into armor mode. The controls are tight and I never really had a problem being precise. Now the story is standard sci-fi fare and nothing special really. Fight the aliens and safe the planet from certain extinction. The city environment was well designed and detailed, but I was never truly blown away. One scene while you are on an overpass during an earthquake and it collapses in front of you with abandoned cars moving in real time and smoke and debris effects was neat to watch! Overall I give the game an 8. It could have been longer overall. I have not played any of the online multiplayer modes. Expand
  46. Jun 20, 2012
    I so enjoyed this game from the opening sequence to the end credits. Finally being able to use the nano in such a fluid way was great fun. Looking forward to number 3.
  47. May 19, 2012
    Let's see the awards for this game: The Best Technical Graphics of 2011, The Best semi-sandbox game of 2011. These two awards are deserved to Crysis 2, because It's an outstanding game that is semi-sandbox (you can go everywhere, but you need to follow the objectives). Technical graphics are stunning, and the physics is more realistic than ever. CryEngine 3 really did a great job for the graphics, and CryTek made an outstanding job by balancing single player and multiplayer. Expand
  48. Jun 19, 2012
    Crysis 2 It's a great sequel, but not an excellent one. I really had a great experience with this game, but It could be so much better if the enemy artificial intelligence was better, and the multiplayer was slightly more rewarding. But, this sandbox game is really fun, but It could be better.
  49. Feb 14, 2013
    ONE HELLLL!!!! of a game.......amazing graphics amazing audio quality and most of all AMAZZZINGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! storyline......i cant believe some people voted it a bad game.....while they can easily play Call of Duty,Halo,Battlefield.......
  50. Jul 24, 2012
    After playing the original Crysis, I expected a lot from this game and ended up disappointed. The problem isn't that Crysis 2 is bad game, but rather that it's just not that great, which makes it stack up poorly against it's predecessor. The graphics have been toned down to make them suitable for consoles, which makes them fairly unimpressive on a PC. Like the first game, this also suffers in the storyline/characters department: there is a big gap between these events and those of the first game (which is never made very clear), the new story is not all that compelling, and the characters are just as dull. What this games does right, however, is make you feel like you're in a hellish apocalyptic city, make you feel the extreme desperation of the crumbling human civilization. There are also some gameplay improvements, such as removable turrets (don't need that .50 cal machine gun now? rip it off the truck and carry it with you for later!), suit upgrades, and stealth melee kills. The nanosuit's powers have also been streamlined, which offers ups and downs: you no longer have to switch modes to move large objects or jump high, but they now drain suit energy faster. Overall, I think this game is worth playing. In my experience it took awhile for me to get into it, but once I did I found it plenty fun and really enjoyed the feeling of fighting alien armies in a crumbling NYC. Expand
  51. Aug 4, 2012
    Crysis 2 leaves mixed impressions. On the one hand, it all perfectly. Cool graphics, extraordinary gameplay, perfect control. On the other hand, all this has already been! In 2007, during the release of the first Crysis.
  52. Sep 9, 2012
    Crysis 2 may be a great sequel, but It's a disappointment. Not because is bad, actually, Crysis 2 is great, but It have lost the "Crysis" feeling. However, It's pure fun. It haves some new cool things to do, like, climb buildings easily. And the new Nanosuit is fantastic. The graphics aren't memorable as Crysis's graphics, but, It technically shines with CryEngine 3. But, Crysis 2 disappoint me while not being a real "Crysis", and while it haves a dumb AI. I recommend this, but Crysis fans, such as me, may be disappointed. 85 out of 100 Expand
  53. Oct 10, 2012
    Shame that I don't base reviews on just graphics alone, otherwise this would definetely get a 10. However, don't let that scare you, assuming you buy it from steam trading, you can get it for 15 bucks, a great deal.
  54. Nov 5, 2012
    Outstanding graphics, reallystic gameplay and finish. I dont have more good words for this game, the history is at least disapointed, boring, worst than the first game
  55. Dec 8, 2012
    Crysis was a very good game, because it was the first of its genre to had its own style. A slow-paced genre combined with fast gameplay. Ok, it's the same on Crysis 2, BUT THAT'S THE POINT: Crysis 2 is just the same as Crysis, with DEGRADED graphics! Crysis 2 has nothing new and innovative from its predecessor. The game can be completed in a short time and the plot is not so good. Also, what is this DLCs story? Am I supposed to pay other money just to get some new weapons to the game? You have to release the game with all this stuff included with it, not with a separate package which costs even more money! Expand
  56. Dec 4, 2012
    The game is nice itself, but technical problems just didnt allow me to play normally. First, the game can't connect to Internet for multiplayer and advices me to check connection every time. Second, the screen has thick black borders when it runs in the resolution of my monitor (1980*1020). All other games on my computer don't have such problems. And last (but not least) - there isn't any technical support. I could not find where I could send a request for support on their site. Links lead only to forums, FAQs and so on. Expand
  57. Feb 2, 2013
    Game Chronicles was definitely right to give it 99. Crysis 2 is generally the best games of all time, about #5 EA made the abandoned city really stand out and nice settings give it away. For now the best Crysis.
  58. Feb 12, 2013
    I've just finished the game at the hardest difficulty and AI was a complete disappointment, after Cevat Yerli's comments on it, "the most sophisticated AI you'll ever see in a video game." Sadly no, AI was a disaster. Cloak mode and armor mode of your nanosuit are your biggest helpers in the game, and with them, "Post-Human Warrior" difficulty was no match. Enemies and allies, all comporting strange... Crysis 3 will be an improvement on this I hope.

    Scenario: Well, the story was good honestly, being compared to most FPS. Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds and Arnold Schwarzannager's Predator are big inspirations for the writers of this game, definitely. The story takes place after 3 years of the Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead. To be able to understand it completely, you have to pay full attention to the in-game dialogues and watch entire of the Prophet's Visions videos, which are available in unlockable section in main menu. Otherwise you'll be confused with big gaps on the fiction, therefore you may not like the story. It's like a puzzle. My only criticism here to Crytek might be the bad presentation of it. And if you don't like the science-fiction/aliens genre, this is not your game.

    Crytek also appointed a science-fiction writer to write a novel, thay may help studying the story in a wider perspective. Lastly, Crysis Wikia will be enough to "veneer" your knowledge of Crysis universe, especially the page of Jacob Hargreave.

    And even though the game imposes the usual alien invasion theme, Nanotechnology is an important research are in 21st century, so I kinda like it how they built the story of the nanosuit and its capabilities on it. A huge potential area to tell a story, via a game.

    Gameplay: My biggest concern on the gameplay was "spawning enemies". Yeah, when you're beating the game on the hardest difficulty, spend your 30 minutes to clear a part of the map with huge effort, and after all seeing spawning enemies out of nowhere is not a nice experiment.

    So FFS Crytek, drop spawning enemies from your future games.

    There's no savegame function, but that's okay. My only complaint about it is the long time periods between the checkpoints. Dying after a large progression can take you back to a so early portion, which can ruin your gaming and enthusiasm.

    Lastly, about the "Nanosuit Improvement" part... You can access this part by pressing H in-game. You're granted catalyst point by killing Cephs throughout the game, the with enough accumulation, you can buy some cools improvements. But some of these improvements are so pointless. For example, de-cloaking your invincible enemies... There were only 4 invincible enemies in the game, all of them were in the last mission, at the last part of it. Which took 1 minute for me to kill them all. Unlocking this feature took 16000 catalyst points, which was also the most expensive feature of all.

    What were you thinking Crytek? Have you released the game without being finished? With the distributor being Electronic Arts, that's a high possibility. EA is known for putting stress on the developers to release unfinished products in a pushed calendar.

    Musics composed by Hans Zimmer, who's known for his works in movies like Batman Trilogy, Rain Man, Gladiator, vice versa. The Main Theme was perfect.

    Graphics are already critically acclaimed.

    So 10 points for visuals, 10 points for sound effects and musical score.

    And my overall score for Crysis 2 is 8/10 with all pros and cons summed up.

    Post Script: I haven't tried the multiplayer experience, I'll give it a shot when Crysis 3 hits.
  59. Sep 14, 2014
    While all of the Crysis games have their points of excellence, none of them are perfect. Crysis 1 is still, 7 years after release, a benchmark for pc graphics power, and allows a degree of open-world freedom not seen since Far Cry before it, but the enemy AI is terrible. Crysis 3 is one of best-looking game ever released and extremely well optimised, and yet its writing and story is so poor and emotionally vacuous that it's insulting to the player's intelligence.

    Crysis 2 similarly has its own high and low points, and as far as I can figure, a comparison between the three is the only way I can properly outline why, despite the fact that I don't like this game the best or hate it the most, it's still worthy of your time and money.

    GRAPHICS: C2 lacks the visual clout of both the other games in the series. It's a case of optimisation for consoles taken too far in that direction. Crytek corrected this in C3, which remains the best playing AND best looking game in the series, allowing those on PC to milk the CryEngine 3 for all it's worth. In saying that, it doesn't look BAD by any stretch, and when compared to most other games of it's time it's still miles ahead of the pack. There's just a general near-imperceptible blurriness that falls over all things, making this the least impressive visually when compared to it's high-achieving bretheren. In order of preference: C3, C1, C2

    SOUND: The C2 soundtrack, scored by Hans Zimmer, is by far the most memorable and emotive of all the games. C1's soundtrack is pretty standard fare, filling in the ambience but not really engaging the player, while the pompous and bloated orchestral score of C3 was indicative of my problems with that game as a whole - it is a poor attempt at making the player emote to something that isn't emotionally engaging or interesting. In order of preference: C2, C1, C3

    GAMEPLAY: C2 feels more like a corridor shooter than C1, but at least this feeling is contextualised because you're playing in the city streets. C3 had the same basic design, but threw a field in every now and then to con you into thinking it was 'open'. The problem was that there was nothing interesting to see or do unless you moved towards the objective. At least C2 is honest about its intentions and makes the most out of what it's giving you. In order of preference: C1, C2, C3

    STORY: None of the Crysis games have been perfect when it comes to story. In terms of my preference however, C2 and C1 are closely linked. The best part of the story in C1 is that they didn't try to flesh it out too much. The sense of mystery held up for a good part of the game, resulting in genuine wonder when you're faced with the truth, and even then explanations weren't just handed out, which was fine by me as it made sense that no-one knew exactly what was happening, and when the people in the game react in a relatable way, you can then relate to the people in the game. The problem I have with C2 is that they try to explain an inherently silly story with 'science', and you can throw as much 'science' at me as you want, but it's not going to make me believe in something that is inherently ridiculous. As a by-product of this, the game seems to take itself way too seriously, and this was a step towards the nightmare that was C3's story, in which the entire game feels like it's TELLING you to feel something, rather than being crafted well enough to actually MAKE you feel it. In order of preference: C1, C2, C3

    OVERALL: Crysis 2 holds a place closer to my heart in retrospect than it did when it was released. I was expecting a bigger, better Crysis 1, and instead I got a stripped down, streamlined game that was clearly aimed at the console market. In saying that, and after playing all 3 games in close proximity to one-another, Crysis 2 holds many of the most memorable moments of the series - the music and the city locations and some of the action set-pieces are indeed standouts in a series that always ostensibly tries to one-up itself in terms of spectacle. And while it lacks the grand scope of the first game, and it isn't as pretty as the third, it is a much smoother and less buggy game than C1, and it isn't the empty, phoned-in mandatory sequel that Crysis 3 is.

    Crysis 2 feels like the developers still had an idea of what moves a player emotionally, what engages them in terms of gameplay, and what they remember in terms of experience.
  60. Feb 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well, I generally play games for their story and the presentation thereof. After playing through Crysis, I sank a lot of time into it because the story kept wanting me to keep going and see how things turned out. The game even ended on a cliffhanger, with Psycho piloting a VTOL with Helena Rosenthal and Nomad aboard flying back to the island after taking down a hulking alien warship, with Nomad saying the closing remarks with "We know how to beat them." I was itching to play Crysis 2 as soon as I could to see what happens next with Nomad and friends. soon as I started up Crysis 2, I was immediately misled as the game jumps three years forward, playing a now-mute protagonist apparently named Alcatraz. I immediately wondered about Nomad. Wasn't he about to kick some alien butt back on the Lingshan Islands? Not this time, according to the sudden twist that Crytek apparently authorized in a friggin' *comic book series* which bridges the gap between Crysis and its sequel. It would seem that Crytek was quick to dump a character that I assume a lot of fans loved, made apparent by the plot summaries of the comic's six issues that I read online. Basically, Nomad's VTOL is shot down the moment they get back to the island. They meet up with Prophet who explains the aliens killed Aztec and Jester because they were trying to communicate by tapping into the nanosuits. Further venturing into the alien technology somehow transports them to the outer planets, particularly a moon orbiting Jupiter. They return to Earth shortly after but discover that somehow they came back 18 hours before even going to space. Prophet even tells his past self everything that happened so that events can still play out exactly as they happened. It's also revealed that Prophet's not really with the Army; he's actually a "private-sector mole" placed in Delta Force by his employer, Jacob Hargreave, the co-founder of the company that made the nanosuits. So instead of a soldier, Prophet's actually a veteran security guard/spy for one of the largest corporations in the world, CryNet (another play-on of the developer's name). They contact a boat to pick them up, but it fires on them as soon as it arrives, killing Helena instantly. Eventually, just to cut to the end, Nomad takes a rocket meant for Prophet and Psycho and dies.

    Talk about some of the worst writing I've ever seen!! A lot of the stuff in the comics after playing the first game doesn't make sense in relation to the gameplay from the game. How can Nomad die from a single rocket but the North Korean Nano-soldiers in the game can take at least 3 before getting killed?! Why, after so long playing the game, would the developers give players hope that maybe Nomad would have a chance at beating the aliens right there on the island just to have him fail miserably in the follow-up comics (which I would assume almost nobody's even heard of)? And why was Crytek so eager to write off their star hero? I'd like to think that a lot of fans would have loved to see Nomad's triumphant return, heading back to a now-frozen island ready to face the aliens head-on. He had such personality and character development as the game went on, even saying what's on his mind about the mission at hand.

    Not the way Crytek sees it. Instead, the comics pretty much retconned everything that happened from the first game so they can start fresh over with Crysis 2. And boy, does the sophomore syndrome suck. From the beginning, I was surprised, shocked, and a little confused at handling a new character who pretty much never speaks like he's the Crytek version of Gordon Freeman (up until the end, that is). There are major plot holes in the story. How the hell did the aliens overrun Earth so quickly? And why are they using biological warfare instead of just destroying everything in sight and take the world by military conquest? A lot of things don't add up in Crysis 2, especially the streamlined gameplay. Gone is the open-world feature that was presented in the previous game, replaced by linear, scripted, CoD-like missions that scream "console game" (not to mention running into damn annoying invisible walls), something that the first title thankfully didn't have. Also, the quick save/load system and graphics-tweaking options were dropped, especially saving. If I'm so far ahead in a level and I die, it puts me back to the last "checkpoint" I hit, making the last 15-20 minutes of progress a big waste of time. I actually don't care so much about the graphics as I do with the story. Dumping the events of the previous game was probably one of the dumbest moves a developer like Crytek could do. People loved Nomad!! His vocal input during the game really let the players connect to him. And now we're left with a bland, near-mute nobody named after a prison island-turned-museum in the San Francisco Bay. The major story overhaul, controls that feel like a console port, and line-of-sight bugs really hurt the game.
  61. Jun 8, 2014
    One of the best introduction sequences to a AAA game in the last dozen years. Sadly, the combat and graphics take a big step down from Crysis. Seriously, 2014 and blurry textures in sign text? I sort of did a WTF and then checked to make sure my settings were indeed on Ultra. It's like I stepped into a time machine back to 2007.

    On the upside, you can probably run this on your
    laptop. That and Bejewelled 12 (twirls finger).

    The characters are also feeling weak. The first game wasn't strong, merely adequate, but this one pushes the limits of generic bad guys.

    The gun play is solid, and I had fun stealthing up to bad guy 1, snapping his neck with precisely the correct torsional force, and then finishing off bad guys 2 and 3 with my hand gun/melee combo. Nothing like shooting a guy in the face and then elbowing him before he hits the floor.

    Level design is also showing it's age, with urban building landscapes that initially feel open but are really closed with only a few potential routes. I'm okay with this so long as it's truly scripted narrative. Crysis 2 can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to be: an open world-like game or a tightly integrated frag-fest like the latest Tomb Raider.

    Whatever. It's fun enough, just don't pay full price.
  62. Feb 7, 2014
    Literally garbage. Unlike the first one, this one manages to feel like a copy of any generic shooter like cod and removes ALL of the core elements that made the original game unique. These elements include, but are not limited to, graphics(surprisingly awful after 4 years of "advancement") the really fun sandboxy feeling, which is now replaced with being forcefully guided through tight roads, buildings, and allys, and physics. I'm not gonna lie, one of the most fun things to do in the original was to throw your enemies into a shack and watch it collapse on itself, or simply just throwing a frag grenade into a building to gaze at it's pure amazingness. Now onto the actual campaign, which was awfully boring. I was simply just shell shocked at how bad it was an hour or so into the story, which by the way, is the only one that I couldn't wait to finish. Not in a good way, but rather in a "ugh, this storyline and gameplay has been so stale since the beginning, but i don't want to put my money to waste" kind of way. The only gun that you can find most of the time is the SCAR, and occasionally the shotgun or another machine gun. Speed mode was completely removed, as they tried to merge all the suit abilities into one, which i thought was a rather good idea, but the way it was executed, not so much. You now run at the speed of a normal human(maybe a little faster), versus the insane adrenaline-pumping cheetah speed you get in crysis 1. Moving onto the plot, crysis 2 does just as bad a job on this as they did with their gameplay mechanics, possibly even worse. The end of crysis 1 involved flying towards the sphere after you defeat the alien warship, soon to fight the aliens and meet up with Prophet. Now at the beginning of THIS game, they give you a flashy-cutscene hallucination thing(totally original btw) to show prophet killed himself, without any explanation whatsoever on what happened when nomad and psycho went to him. This story line is just riddled with plot holes, and this is frankly the biggest reason why i hated this game, because i didn't know what the hell was going on. The protagonist is now a random nobody, who happens to be chosen by prophet and doesnt like to say anything. At least in the first one your character actually spoke and interacted with people. Boy crytek, you really, REALLY outdid yourself on turning a potentially epic series into a lame call of duty clone. I've never played crysis 3, and i never intend to, considering the fact that it got an even lower score than this one. I cannot even pretend to understand how bad it is, so i'll stay away from it.

    Summary: Realistic physics and graphics downgraded to average shooter material, plot holes, removal of core mechanics. Do yourself a favor and buy crysis 1. It's cheaper, funner, and godlike. If you say crysis 2 is better you don't know what a crysis game is, and shame on you for actually calling it crysis. God i wish you could rate below a zero...
  63. Apr 13, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Single-player Review of Crysis 2 on Veteran Difficulty with Resolution set to 1680X1050 on very high: Despite the repetitive central plot devices-a virus that becomes airborne, infecting the populous and turning them into zombies combined with alien elements reminiscent of the movie Mars Attack-Crysis 2 singe-player turned out to be much more entertaining than I imagined it would be. For me, the impressive cinematic scenes coupled with the top-notch voice acting of the main characters far outweighed the repetitive game-play, namely, the constant need to use cloak with the scar, as well as the frequent need to use the detachable machine gun on larger enemies. Looking at the game more critically, the wide variety of weapons and available customizable options were a welcome addition, but these elements didn't make the style of game-play markedly different from it's predecessor or similar fps titles. The HUD design or the tactical display weren't remarkable either; in fact, the tactical display made the game feel less immersive because it gave me the sense that I was in a continuous tutorial that patronized me by constantly showing me the best tactical options available. The last aspect I'd like to quibble about is the linear story-line. It would have been nice if my decisions altered the plot-line. In this way, there could have been alternate endings that kept me wondering, "what would have happened if I had gone this way or taken that action?" Alas, the story writers are only so imaginative. Negative aspects aside, Crytek deserves credit for making a fun fps with beautiful graphics, smooth game-play, and a satisfactory set of graphics tuning options for scaling your performance. To conclude, this game certainly isn't worth 60 dollars, but if you can manage to purchase it for $40 or less, I'd recommend it. Expand
  64. Apr 14, 2011
    Get a refund !.....i did

    Played the SP for a while, was utterly dissappointed by the lack of story between crysis 1 and 2, not to mention the **** they had put the graphics in...where's all the customization and Directx 11 ? or at least DirectX 10 like the older crysis games, game looked crap compared to crysis warhead, which says a lot.

    Tried to enter the multiplayer part for
    1½ hour......all in vain.
    When i finally entered i couldnt use me code for pre-order...okay bad wont keep stats....back to level **** sake this is garbage....i wrote to EA live chat and got a refund (got the game on EA store).

    Call me back in 4 months when DirectX 11 has been released and the game patched, then i might buy it duing the summer sale :)
  65. May 23, 2011
    Its a good game, not amazing. nice graphics, some pretty low res textures in places. game seems linear in approach unlike the 1st one. Multiplayer is good, ive had no crashes, no high lag and no noticeable cheating.
    My biggest problem with this game is the lack of manual saving, the checkpoint system sucks really. it ruins the fun in taking risks as a death can throw you back 5 - 10
    Minutes (if you take a stealth approach)

    However its still an excellent game
  66. May 13, 2011
    Crysis 1 was much better. Some of the new guns are great. On the other hand they made the nano suit weaker, it doesnt even compare to what it used to be. Now there are no more individual modes for speed and power. They merged those into the default mode and made the effects much weaker in the process. You cant turn on strength mode and throw an enemy 50 yards.. :( ...Throwing up prey and shooting them on the way down was one of my favorite things to do in C1.. The invisibility is not as good either, you can see the octogonal weave armor grid when its on. As well when you turn on armor lock the armor grid comes up on the screen obstructing the vission.. The online feels as if its streamlined perk wise just as COD. Online isnt as good either. It gets a nine souly for the single player. People that never played C1 will drop their jaws. C1 gamers will not be uninstalling C1 anytime soon Expand
  67. Apr 19, 2011
    In my opinion this game was fantastic. Altough it was a console port, it had a really thrilling singleplayer campaign. i loved to play trough the campaign. the multiplayer is a big letdown, because it is very generic and static with only the nanosuit functions that are to little to hold a whole mp game :)
  68. Apr 2, 2011
    Crysis 2 is fantastic game.
    - Gameplay is very fun and deep.
    - Superb visuals and music.
    - Multiplayer is awesome.
    - Outstanding campaign.
    - 9-11 hours for campaign.
  69. Jul 8, 2011
    Brilliant game and with the latest update it easily becomes one of the best graphical games of our time!!!! Good story!!! Awesome gameplay!!! Cool guns and the best of all is that super suit!!!
  70. Mar 31, 2011
    Great game. It's well polished and has very well planned and implemented game mechanics. The singleplayer was engaging and allowed multiple playstyles. It runs smooth as silk where other lesser looking games( namely Black Ops) have faltered and fell flat on their faces. For a new game, it only crashed twice for 10 hours of gameplay. The only thing holding it back is the need for some imminent bug-squashing in the multiplayer portion. Hackers have also run amock and hopefully Crytek will bring their A-game. Also the melee hit detection seems to be a bit off, but otherwise it plays just fine and in a hacker-free match the game is as close to perfect as I've seen. Expand
  71. Apr 4, 2011
    First of all, if this is the first time you've heard about this game, than you've probably heard that it is the sequel to 2007-8 Crysis and Crysis Warhead. If so, I invite you to buy both of those (you can probably get both of them nowadays on Ebay for about $10 bucks) and compare them to this game.When you do that you will see what I mean when I say that Crysis 2 is far from what is used to be. How far? Very far. So far in fact, that this game has absolutely nothing to do with the original in neither plot nor design. And for the most part, has nothing to do with the original in quality. This is a totally different game, in a sense that it is multiple steps behind the original Crysis. First of all the graphics are choppy and rectangular, there are no fine textures, shadows, or detail whatsowever. Trees will not fall when you shoot them, there are no weapon attachments, enhancements or can modify a weapon to your liking when you want to. There is no stealth, enemies charge you at all times, hidden or not, cloaked or not. There is lots of motion blur to cover up it graphic de evolution. AS for the new story, it is a mash up of post apocalyptic infected zombie movies, Call of Duty cliches, and your standard average first person shooter linear gameplay and story. The original story is gone, Prophet dies, but is not the original Prophet. No Aliens, instead alien virus infects humanity and they turn into zombies. Weapons resemble call of duty weapons, objectives resemble call of duty objectives, all you do is shoot your way through them, get there, shoot your way to the next, rinse, repeat...then game ends. No creativity, no art, no thinking.

    In short, what Crytek was once as a studio is dead, replaced by overzealous, greedy and gluttonous businessmen trying to make a quick buck with the least common denominator. This review ends here.
  72. Mar 3, 2013
    Cool linear shooter. Not taking the series in the right direction but really solid for an "A to B" game.

  73. Feb 9, 2014
    yes a 0. quite literally a zero. how EA continue to sell this game on PC is beyond me. like many fools i picked this up in a sale, but oh wait. i need to log in to play. hmm not working. ok lets create an account, ok those details already exist, ok hit reset password. nope. site no longer exists.

    Dear EA. please do not sell games where your DRM for that game no longer actually works.
    you sold me a brick of a game. a game i cant even get into the main menu screen.

    i bet that this game is actually great, but no. you dun goofed. please EA. please please please stop punishing us good users who want to buy your stuff. lets go for a hat trick with that worst company award shal we.
  74. Jun 15, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a good shooter in many ways. Although the fun factor in these games is diminished for me lately, it still is an immersive, powerful experience with some truly great set pieces and optimized graphics that can run on even the most modest systems, such as my pretty good mid range gaming PC! The multiplayer is an added bonus that is fleshed out with plenty of game modes, and a few addictive things, but it is way too similiar to most Call of Duty games these days. The singleplayer is an example of why gamers expect way too much these days; just because the levels are easier to understand and not big boring jungles doesn't make it bad in any way. Crysis is boring for me, I'm sorry; Crysis 2 is not, as it is streamlined and easier to understand! Expand
  75. Apr 16, 2011
    This is an extremely hard game to review. The expectation were so high for me that it was always going to be hard to meet them. In the end it missed, just, but is still an awesome game. Easily the best game as far as the graphical environment goes. The single player story is interesting but difficult to follow. At first I could not work out if they meant to link it to the first game or not. Eventually they did but it seemed forced. Overall, the single player is fun. The TAC assessment with different way to complete missions (supposedly) was a good idea but in the end bang-crashing your way through is pretty much how it will end up. Not that that isn't fun. It's still awesome.

    A.I. in the single player was a let down. Sometimes it's just inexplicable what the enemy is doing.

    Multiplayer is just a COD copy and will probably get boring pretty quick for those who don't find levelling up addictive in itself.

    In the end the good weighs the bad but I think there was definitely scope for a better game. Will be interesting to see what is done in the way of add-ons.
  76. Dec 2, 2011
    The first Crysis was like the most beautiful girlfriend you ever had; she was beyond beautiful, way out of your league and very expensive to get the most out of. Over the years the relationship grew stale and you decided it was best to go on a break. A little time later you tried to reignite the spark, but only this time round she told you that she wanted an open-relationship and that not all her attention would be given to you. You went along with it, against your better judgement, and to make matters worse she'd become a really boring **** in bed. You held out hope, but her disinterest in her appearance really began to grate. A few months down the line she finally decided to patch herself up, but by then you hated who she'd become and you couldn't see the beauty you saw the first time round. It was over, and it didn't matter how hard you tried, whenever you turned her on she was unlikely to ever make you finish. Expand
  77. Apr 8, 2011
    !Before i begin, let me state that i loved the original crysis too! This game is getting a 9 being viewed as a completely new entity, if i compare it to the original it gets a 5. As shooters go, this is a very tight, action packed and thrilling ride, the short campaign being the only let down for it. However, short as it may be, the campaign is fast paced, constantly keeping you on your toes. The nanosuit has been drastically changed, but for the better in my opinion, now suit modes are triggered by the touch of a button (at the expense of leaning left/right, which are essentially useless as long as you have a cloak anyway)
    The only remaining definite modes are armour and cloak, the rest are implemented into the suit's common usage (eg: max speed is your normal sprint, max strength kicks in only when you hold down melee, or jump). This may sound like a step backwards, but it actually allows for the game to feel much more free flowing and effortless.
    The AI is questionable, as alot of effort has been put into it to make it react in cool ways to certain things such as uncloaking in front of an enemy etc, however ive often run into situations where you shoot a guy and then everyone on the floor of the building you are in runs to the same doorway, only to be shot without you even tethering your aim.
    This doesnt always happen, but its a problem that should be fixed. Other than that the AI is very impressive and an improvement over the original.
    A visor function replaces your binocs in this game, which is handy as it suggests tactical options to assist you getting to your objectives.
    Nightvision is replaced with Nanovision, which is more like thermal goggles, useful for spotting camoflaged and cloaked enemies (especially online!).

    The campaign itself is rewarding to play through, and much more fluent than the original, but the game is considerably more linear to boot.

    !(the aliens in this game are about 90% less annoying too, and wont waste all your bullets)!

    The multiplayer offers considerably less than the previous title, and as stated by numerous others is essentially a cod:mw2 clone (in fact one map is practically THE SAME as a map on cod:mw2!), however if you are more into your run and gun FFA, TDM and CP type matches, this multiplayer might appeal more to you. The added bonus of the suit powers spices up the gameplay a good bit.

    In Conclusion, this game is a must have for any fps fan, however fans of the original who are looking for more of the same are going to be let down.
    If you disliked the original crysis, dont shoot this one down in flames, it's completely different, and more resemblant of cod4 and killzone 2 gameplay.
    I didnt realise how much fun kicking cars at aliens was until i played this game.
  78. Apr 18, 2011
    The single-player had good graphics, and was well written. The gameplay was more repetitive and linear than the first one, an obvious sign of how it was dumbed down for consoles. But overall, I was pleased the with single player game, which was surprisingly long for a shooter. The multiplayer was vastly inferior to such games as call of duty. I have been playing shooters online for 9 years now, and I have never been so disappointed by online play. Every level is wide open, which makes for no strategy. The same open levels where you just get shot from the side by 10 people from all sides who are cloaked. No strategy and skill involved, and deaths mean almost nothing. Aiming in underwhelming, as cross-airs are too slow for people's movement and myself as well as the killcams I looked at showed people just spraying (THROUGH IRONSIGHTS). After playing online for 3 days and gaining 2 levels, I have no want to go back to the same 4 levels or 3 uninspired game types. Buy for single player, but no for online. Expand
  79. May 21, 2011
    Quite nicely done, quite lifelike. Done this with the hardcore settings. Surprisingly, there is no animation bug or hands going through an enemy (seen from Stealth Kill), unlike *cough* assassin's creed*cough*. (8/10)

    So far, it's really good. This has a really good gameplay; nanosuits, thermal-vision, and the wallhack-visor (yeah, it can highlight enemies through
    wall). On-the-fly weapon customization is also a good aspect, as some dudes need to toggle between silencer, grenade launcher, shotty, gauss or neither. Oh yeah, by the way, I like stealth-toggling in the middle of the fight.(10/10)

    They behaved like they're supposed to. Friendlies are a major helping-hand or as I like to call it, decoys. It's not like they can win against an alien invasion with a small-caliber gun alone right? (9/10)

    This is the not-so-major downfall. While the main story is good, there's too little clarity on what's going on. Otherwise, it's a good game. (8/10)
  80. Apr 6, 2011
    Amazing campaign, I definitely this game was definitely a step up from the previous, can't wait to see what Crytek delivers with Crysis 3. The campaign trail was a bit narrow but it was much more challenging than most games as the AI is much more intelligent and very reactive to you. Even on normal there were some challenges in the game. Haven't tried multiplayer but I'm sure the suit will make for a new and interesting change to your average mulitplayer mechanic. A must buy for anyone who loves the Crysis story Expand
  81. Oct 10, 2011
    My score is 8.5 C2 SP is not open world so you can't mess around with enemies in huge maps however C2 has 1. Running, Jumping, firing weapon, kicking the car looks and feels more believable, better physics 2. good sound system, awesome BGM scores 3. Much more intense future soldier infantry combat MP 4. Very forgiving system requirement for lower spec PC. 5. Tbh, SP doesn't have much re-playability more than 2 times but MP is my favorite over COD MW1,2, BFBC2, or any PC FPS MP to date. If I have to pick one FPS MP game, This is my choice. It's that believable and great. Expand
  82. Nov 8, 2011
    This one is hard to rate. To start with, I was not a huge original Crysis fan. Therefore I view Crysis 2 not as a sequel but standalone game. I do not care if the game is sandboxed or not so this has not resulted in point deductions. It is a game that clearly had a large amount of effort put in but, unfortunately, it got spoiled by annoying negatives. The goods - huge amount of detail in visuals, well-tuned performance, interactive environment, fairly good story and cinematics for this ganre. Overall a very good but not exceptional shooter.

    Bads deserve to be taken one by one because they are so annoying. First is the blurry textures in the far distance (vegetation is especially horrible) and I am running it on ultra with DX11 and high-res textures. I even waited for those before playing the game hoping it will be fixed! The original Crysis and many less known games look way better with crisp textures close and far. Second, overall gamma is dark and depressing, sometimes to the point of interfering with game play. I run it on super bright Asus 3D monitor and even without 3D on it looks dark. Looks like it is a side effect of being a console port because I see it in more and more recent console port games. Is it because they tailor graphics to look nice on TVs? TVs are considerably brighter and have different color temperature because they are designed to be viewed from a distance. And then the last, but the most annoying, is the weapon controls. For some reason weapon switching is often messed up. On top of mouse lag, many times it gets frozen and would not respond to a request to switch weapon or to switch primary and secondary modes. Needless to say that when played on hard or above it is a deadly bug, which, combined with the dumb checkpoint saving system is causing you to replay quite a bit, spoiling the fun and immersion a lot. Honestly I have not hated any game in the long time as much as sometimes I hate this one. To sum up, it is very sad that a game with this much effort and potential could be spolied so badly. Unfortunately it seems to be the sign of the future of PC gaming.
  83. Apr 21, 2011
    Many PC Gamers have utterly missed the point about Crysis 2. What this game has shown is, few have taken into account. For example, while it does run on DirectX 9, it does so beautifully. Crysis 2 shows PC gamers that DirectX 9 is still way under utilized and still has potential in gaming today. Check any specs when running a game with DirectX 10 and you will see that it runs at a lower fps than DirectX 9 or DirectX 11. Crysis 1 used ether DirectX 9 or 10. However, the lighting, water effects, and shading that Crysis 2 accomplishes with DirectX 9 is simply astounding and reveals a fundamental flaw with PC game developers. Rushing to use a new technology, such as DirectX 10 and 11, often keeps developers from pushing the limits of previous technology. My second comment is about the graphics. I ran both Crysis 1 and 2 on Very High. While some of the scenery textures in Crysis 1 were more noticeable, this was due to it being completely jungle warfare. Of course gamers will notice a difference in graphics when everything is plant life. However, in the city, I have noticed very little to compare, texturally speaking, to the original. The city buildings and characters in the game are wonderfully textured. I feel that Crysis 2 is smoother and utilizes the hardware much better than the original. The textures seem to impact the fps far less than Crysis 1. And, anyone who doesn't notice that the suit looks 10x better than it did in Crysis 1, needs to look again. The volumetric smoke is so realistic, I watched a car burning for several minutes.

    As far as linear versus sandbox play, I will say that gamers are missing the point again. This is urban combat and options are limited compared to fighting in the jungle or on an island. The simple reasoning is, you are in a symbiotic suit. It is directing you rather than you controlling it, as you did in Crysis 1. Also, it is up to you how to approach each situation. Do you take the soldiers out one by one stealthily or do you wage open combat with all at once? Do you take a shortcut through the stores, or do you take the walkway above? The suit shows you the best route to go, often recalculating for some obstacle. It is a beautiful combination of symbiosis and free will.

    Overall, I did not buy this game outright until a few weeks after release. This is because I was discouraged by the reviews. However, I really feel the bigger picture is being missed.

    1) DirectX 9 has potential and was never pushed to its limits, until now.
    2) Island terrain will never compare, texture-wise, to urban terrain.
    3) Sandbox-jungle warfare is far different than semi-linear urban combat.
    4) Developers are not pushing current technology enough without skipping right to next-gen, often leaving behind some of the greatest potential in gaming and resource utilization.

    I give it a 10. I just wish they would have done this with Crysis 1. Which I now play on DirectX 9 and find it, still, quite amazing.
  84. Feb 28, 2013
    This is my favourite FPS of last 10 years, with Half-Life 2, Far Cry 3 and Bioshock 1. This is one of the most underrated and snubbed games of these years. Ok, it has some bugs (1 time I had to reset the game due to suddenly immobility of my character), and AI is not great, but this game is actually great. I love the variety of situations. It's stimulant and entertaining. It's not the usual FPS in tunnels and on rails. You have many approaches to choose for every scenario. The plot is not epic, but not so bad. From many years I wasn't playing on 2:00 am and I think "ok, another checkpoint and then I go to bed". This for many times in one night :D The sounds is great, with excellent weapon sounds and a good ost. Longevity is also good (it took me 12 hours on average difficulty). After I played some overrated (IMO) shooters like Borderlands and Spec Ops, this was great. Expand
  85. Apr 2, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a hell of a game and is better than most fps shooters out there. The Biggest problem is the lack of care for the pc community and more care for the consoles. You see there is no DX11 , limited graphics options and it is a console port. SINGLEPLAYER The Story is longer than most modern fps shooters and is immersing and fun. The New nanosuit is a good change from the first game and is a lot more fluid in combat as you can change the modes very quickly with the q or e buttons on your keyboard.It is approximately 15 to 20 hours long.
    The voice acting is very good and the faces of the people are impressively presented.
    The Graphics are brilliant but could be better with dx 11 and more graphical options as the only option are Gamer,Advanced and Extreme.


    The Multiplayer of crysis 2 is excellent and is a lot better than the fps shooters out there today.There are approximately 50 unlocks including armour, stealth and power modules.There are probably alot more because of dog tags unlocks aswell.
    The Maps are well made and contain some good little extra hiding spots.
    The Biggest problem with multiplayer is that the servers dont work properly and so it takes a lot of time to get in a game there is a patch that has been said to come soon that will fix this problem.


    Overall Crysis 2 is a Wicked game which has been brought down in rank because crytek decided to release for consoles so pc comes 3rd AGAIN.
    I hope there is a patch for DX 11 out soon but there is no real point of releasing it in a patch because some people are already halfway through.
    In my opinion there really should have had DX 11 at the release.
  86. May 18, 2011
    Overall i had a lot of Fun with Crysis 2, i am basing this solely on Single player as PSN is down so no multi player for me. Having played Crysis and warhead on PC it did take an initial adjustment period to adjust to the subdued graphics but once i settled into the fact that this was on Console i found it rewarding and enjoyable. The sound in this game is unreal when played through a Good surround setup and that alone is worth the price of admission luckily the game play is a blast too Expand
  87. Apr 12, 2011
    The fact that I could not even be bothered to finish the single player could mean that I am simply getting to old for playing games, or the quality of recent developments has gone down the drain. The graphics are not bad. The "new" game play mechanics make combat feel more like paper/rock/scissors. Havent played the MP, maybe some for the "new" game play mechanics might make it fun for a little while.

    I would says wait for the sales.
  88. Apr 15, 2011
    Best game I have played in a long time, people who said it sucked is just trying to go against the current because it is a great game. The graphics, gameplay, and music makes this an A+ game.
  89. Apr 27, 2011
    Crysis 2. For those who are looking to benchmark their graphics go somewhere else this game is no longer for that purpose. Also the consolisation is apparent with more linear maps and landscape. But it is not all bad. The plot is OK the pacing is good. On the downside the stealth aproach is way too good you can pretty much breeze through everything with it. On the multiplayer side it is enjoyable , but nothing really new under the sun and with the few and allready well seen gameplay modes it offers theres not really that much to get from MP.

    If you enjoy an rather good Sci-Fi action check crysis 2 out if you get it for a bargain.
  90. Nov 22, 2011
    Obviously aimed for consolers. The game uses Call of Duty aspects for the sequel to one of the most defining PC games of all time. The controls are horrible, no stealth, no exploration, the story is horrid and doesn't match the story from the first game. The graphics are sub par, actually a step down from Crysis and that's even with the DX11 "patch" that was 3 months late. Do yourselves a favor, skip out on this one and just play the original or go download some actual mods for the first one and have fun. You do remember what mods are CryTek...don't you? Thanks for giving the people who made you who you are the finger. Expand
  91. Jun 28, 2011
    The first time. I review I have give 0, I made a mistake that game is easily 10 score with the directx 11 enhancement + High res texture + audio + very good script + music score. plus I have experience no bug at all, game of the year
  92. Apr 4, 2011
    Eh, you know what? I kinda liked it. Crysis 2 is a pretty decent shooter. It's just not a very good Crysis game. Crysis should not be a linear corridor shooter with some powerups and scripted events every 10 seconds. That's the main issue so many people here have with this game; it's VERY unlike part 1. I for one didn't even like the first game(s). The graphics were stupidly good, but the AI was dull, the physics were honestly not that great and enemies falling down ragdoll style is horrible no matter what game it's in. Part 2 has nice graphics. Really. It does. Even on 'low' it looks very, very good. Whether it actually looks better than part 1, I'll leave up to people like tweakers or whatever. All I can judge with are my eyes, and they consider this game to be very pretty looking. Moving on; the AI still isn't good, the physics are... well, there are no real physics in this game since there's barely any destructability. They fixed the stupid ragdolls though. Shooting enemies actually seems to have an impact now, they die sort of realistically. It still looks really dumb when you throw them, though. Toss a soldier in the air and he won't even flap his arms, he'll just float up like a stiff board.
    Anyway, wrapping up. Crysis 2 is not great. It's not even good. It's decent. It looks pretty, plays smoothly even on older PCs and things you point your guns at generally die. What more do you want from a decent shooter?
  93. Mar 30, 2011
    Let's put his way,Crytek is know for the cutting-edge graphics of Crysis and Crysis Warhead,At the time they released both games,no one couldn't run on every setting on maximum, that was the beginning of the benchmark era of Crysis for PC Gamers,Now on 2011 On the verge of Direct X 11,and many others things that we PC Gamers can take advantage Crysis 2 is NOT,graphically speaking, superior to their predecessor,Crytek and many others publishers ,are developing games always with one thing at their minds,"Can the console(Xbox360,Playstation3) run Crysis 2", This title had that in mind, so if you want to "Benchmark" your machine with a game ,stick to Crysis Warhead,Crysis 2 is not better at graphics than Warhead,But on the other hand,The history is Awesome,you will fell a NYC destroyed,and devastated. in some parts of the game,you will fell that they tryed to make a immersive game(and at some points it is immersive),if you want a new Single-Player experience than buy this title by all means.

    About the Multi player : A clone of COD,EA should make something different for this title,there is nothing that different or new for the multi player,you have the same,Domination,CTF,Deathmach,And everything else in this title.The propaganda around the nano-suit, does not stand up for itself,it adds little to no effort for the multi player, maximum armor should absolve damage at the cost of energy,not absolve damage at the cost of your life,speed should be more faster at the cost of speed,not the little running that "Power" ad to the player.
  94. Mar 31, 2011
    I love it. Great graphics and game play. The story could be better, but it is a shooter, isn't it? One thing to notice is that it runs nicely on weaker machines as well. Of course, on my two NVidia 292 cards it really rocks!
  95. Apr 21, 2011
    Not bad. The graphics still look pretty crisp and New York city looks pretty lively if it weren't razed by the next extraterrestrial. The game delivers sci-fi as it was intended and the story, while nothing spectacular, was still engaging enough that I managed to plow through the game from start to finish. Don't expect the game to be revolutionary, however. The game is much more claustrophobic, and lacks the degree of freedom that it did in the original Crysis. The fluidity of your nanosuit, while carrying most of the same abilities as the original, feels a bit sluggish, almost as if your playing robocop instead of some swift harbinger of death. The aliens in the game also seem quite different from what you encountered in the first game. Finally, the game is a bit repetitious in the sense that you face the same sorts of enemies over and over again. Beyond that, the game still delivers enough entertainment for what its worth in my books. It might not be worth a full 60 dollars, but perhaps 50 wouldn't be far off. Expand
  96. Apr 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Are you grateful to game makers for always well prepared games ? Forget about it in Multi Crysis 2. Game is perfect for cheaters and pirates ( they can play on original servers ). Want to help? Follow the three steps outlined on the film:

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  97. Apr 2, 2011
    Metacritic's bar only goes to 10 what gives? This game is 100/10 it's THAT GOOD! I can't pull myself away from the PC and it's 5AM!! This is exactly like Crysis 1 which I adored, it's PURE IMMERSION. Of course I love stealth and this game suits me perfectly. I love a real tactical fight. You have to think and plan. Graphics perfect, Sound absurdly excellent! Engrossing experience I can't put down. No frustration.

    Graphics cranked to FULL extreme plays beautifully on my ZOTAC GTX 280 AMP Edition and using my World of Warcraft Wireless headset THX Surround!! NO LAG. NO problems just a STUNNING EXPERIENCE. How on earth can people complain about this game beggars belief. They must have either poor rigs or poor taste and eyesight because this game has EVERYTHING. But it's a tactical game not an all out shooter like Black Ops. I just finished Black ops and this is the REAL DEAL - GAME OF THE YEAR for ME.
  98. Apr 15, 2011
    terrible networking issues. keeps connecting me to empty lobbies that never fill up. takes 7-10 tries to connect to a lobby that actually has people in it. gameplay gets boring fast. save your money for upcoming shooters.
  99. Apr 5, 2011
    Crysis 2 is an ok game.Of course its not the groundbreaking achievement the first game was but everybody knew that already.Graphics,game-play,game mechanics etc etc all of them are ok... they may not be great or innovative or whatever but they r also far from being average or just bad.
    The bottom line is when the third part comes its gonna be more like MW2 than Crysis 1 which is not a
    good or bad thing.. Its just ok. Expand
  100. Apr 5, 2011
    Crysis 2 is a bit of a mixed bag. It is in no way the incredible step forward of the first, in gameplay or graphics, it suffers from noticeable consolisation as well as a myriad of bugs (on the PC at least).
    I haven't finished it yet or even gotten that far in as crossfire isn't working right and either flickers or lags/stutters, so that is quite annoying.
    But the bit I have played seems
    solid, its obviously great to get some more story on Crysis 1. But the game is consolised, there has been no attempt to modify the control system to match PC, the graphics settings have been reduced from the previous 10 or so options plus AA to simply High, Very High, or Extreme which is very annoying. The graphics are definitely solid, its still a pretty game but nothing like the step forward of Crysis 1.
    The AI seems to be worse then in Crysis 1, which is very annoying and no doubt due to the consoles, but Multiplayer is great (after you manage to get past a heap of bugs) it uses the COD model with unique crysis improvements and is quite a bit of fun!
    Overall a solid game but hype has probably raised peoples expectations too high and bugs have probably cause many to give up on the game.
  101. Mar 31, 2011
    I totally agree with those ppl that gave this game an score of 5 points and the complains in those reviews. Crytek, seriously, if you wanted to release the game to consoles too,.. why the hell you didn`t do like Ubisoft and Ghost Recon advance Warfighter. one engine made specifically for the console versiona dn another for the PC version, even the games are different,..each one taking advantage for each system. Crysis 2 is not a bad game,is an excellent FPS if you just change the name,.. this is not the crysis i was expecting.. gimme back my money. Q_Q Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 42 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 42
  1. 90
    New York in ruins, alien invasion and a hi-tech suit? Sounds like a typical B-movie. This time it's different – it's done with such perfection and enthusiasm that all FPSs can finally retire – either 2nd World War or modern. [Issue#203]
  2. May 18, 2011
    When we played Crysis 2 on the consoles, we honestly could have taken or left it. Only on the PC do we feel comfortable recommending and replaying Crytek's best game yet – and its first chance of matching technical prowess with good game design.
  3. May 5, 2011
    Crysis 2 meets and exceeds all my expectations as a sequel and a next-gen shooter.