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  1. Positive: 29 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Feb 19, 2013
    Naturally the PC version (our test machine was packing two AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics cards) was the visually superior of the three, thanks to its higher definition, better lighting and textures and all manner of other fog effects and shading employed on the highest graphics settings.
  2. Feb 27, 2013
    On the PC, Crysis 3 is certainly better compared to the console versions, with Cry Engine 3 able to give the game true visual splendor, without asking for exorbitant hardware resources.
  3. Mar 7, 2013
    Crysis 3 is a decent set of free-form mechanics trapped, like the New York of its embarrassing sci-fi plot, within the bubble of an all-too-often constricting design.
  4. Feb 25, 2013
    Crysis 3 follows the path of its predecessor. Visually stunning on consoles and absolutely gorgeous on powerful PCs, Crysis 3 is a true landmark. But despite its sexy outline, this FPS runs out of innovative gameplay and a proper scenario. To sum up, Crysis 3 is a beautiful hollow thing.
  5. Feb 19, 2013
    It’s still a terrific, dazzling action experience with a core mechanic that empowers you, and ultimately, this feels more like Crysis 2: Episode 2 than a sequel that deserves your maximum enthusiasm.
  6. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 is stunningly beautiful and will make your video card cry out for joy. Due to mistakes in the past this shooter lacks a good and comprehensive story (and some ground-shaking boss fights), but the fighting mechanics work perfectly, slightly improved by small but suitable changes. Crytek has outdone itself with the creation of a devastated New York that has been reclaimed by nature. This is by far the best looking PC game to date.
  7. Jun 10, 2013
    You are an enhanced super-soldier, the ultimate killing machine developed through nanotechnology, and that fact is fleshed out during gameplay- you can do all the things that you would expect you could do. [April 2013]
  8. Mar 30, 2013
    A series we're glad to see come to a close. But if you like games with HEAPS of graphics, or for the multiplayer. [Apr 2013, p.82]
  9. Feb 19, 2013
    It's a beautiful game with jaw-dropping production values. But it took me a few hours to realize how empty Crysis 3 feels. The best thing I can manage to say about it is this: It didn't get in my way. But I would have had more fun if Crysis 3 had put up a fight.
  10. Feb 28, 2013
    A “CryNET Systems 3.0” logo is plastered all over Crysis 3’s menus, but it should’ve said “2.5”. The final instalment in a story of a super soldier versus alien invaders feels like an expansion rather a full-blown sequel. A six-hour long campaign in a familiar setting, one and a half fresh ideas, slightly improved multiplayer. A few years ago studios were more honest when naming their products – take Crysis Warhead, for example.
  11. Feb 25, 2013
    Crytek's last work is an excellent product. Crysis 3 on PC offers an awesome gaming experience, thanks to stunning graphics and a fast paced gameplay.
  12. 60
    Crytek seem to have this innate ability to forget what made their previous games liked and fail to address any complaints – so with Crysis 3 we once again see poor checkpointing, an abundance of non-human encounters, not so fun shooting, linear enclosed areas, and forgetting about human enemies altogether after the halfway point. Their best looking game yet, but also their weakest.
  13. Feb 25, 2013
    Crysis 3 is visually stunning, and it's still fun to jump around in a nanosuit, but the new additions to the gameplay and the lackluster story don't make it very memorable.
  14. Feb 26, 2013
    Crysis 3 is a mishmash of Crysis and Crysis 2, which is probably the best thing we could hope for now that the series has to work on aged consoles
  15. Feb 22, 2013
    Maybe it's not an extremely incredible closure for the trilogy, but there are plenty of options to beat every level, it's fun, and the multiplayer modes are finally as engaging as we wanted. And of course visually stunning, with a great job done both on PC and consoles.
  16. Mar 15, 2013
    Take away the graphics and the title, and the game doesn't have many noteworthy aspects. The gameplay is decent but in a very generic way that doesn't differentiate itself from any other shooter on the market. That's depressing, considering the series' roots.
  17. Feb 27, 2013
    Crysis 3 is not a bad game by any means, and it is very ambitious in many aspects, but as far as game play and story go, it is not going to impress anyone.
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  1. Mar 2, 2013
    Campaign was just over six hours. I basically just walked through the whole game in stealth, it was so boring and un-engaging. The story was supposed to be psychological but I seriously had no emotional response to it. There were way too many cut-scenes that left me wondering, "Why am I not controlling my character right now?" FFS, the majority of the endgame is comprised of QuickTime events.

    Focus on multi-player is a cop-out. Mutli-player means that developers get to stop working after the levels are built and they expect the customer to create their own sense of immersion. F that. Some 12-year-old d!p$#!t crying on team-speak does not help create atmosphere. If all I want to do is "compete", I'll play Call of Duty (which will never happen). I bought Crysis for the story and SciFi setting.
    The story and single-player campaign deserved more attention. Same price as previous titles, a lot less content and a whole lot more Hollywood. Thumbs down. This was a linear, boring, waste of money.
    Three points for having the most gorgeous graphics of any game ever.
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  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Firstly, Crytek released a true next-gen game. Graphically amazing. Crysis 1 is not the king anymore, Crysis 3 is its real successor, after a slightly disappointing Crysis 2. The game is also well optimized, it still looks amazing with a mix of high/very high specs on a 660TI at +30fps. You'll need a 680 to max out the game though.

    Secondly, they improved most of the issues of Crysis 2: AI is much better, they react to the player, they communicate better, etc. They also made more opened levels. The campaign also has a better pacing, with 6 to 8 hours gameplay. Crysis 2 was indeed a bit longer, but had some very boring parts.

    Some gameplay features are a bit useless, like that hacking which is very poor. The vehicles sections are painful, the handling of the buggy is hard.

    Not a 10 because of these small issues, but clearly a 9!
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  3. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 might as well be called Crysis 2 v 2.0; because that's really all it is. It's a re-skinned version of the second, and it plays almost the same. The gameplay is even further streamlined (casualized) from the second, and most of the environments, while pretty, are genuinely uninspired. The gameplay is easy, the AI somehow managed to be worse than Crysis 2's, and provide no challenge. Why some people even include the bow in their review is beyond me, as it is very much a superficial inclusion in some attempt to jump on to the "bow" bandwagon that is ever so popular in the present. With the toned down difficulty, the increased linearity of many sections of the game (not to say that all sections are linear), and the inability of the game to produce even a fractionally comprehensive narrative, it proves to be almost as weak of an entry in the series as Crysis 2. The only thing the game has going for it is the pretty graphics, but Crytek's continued notion that too much chromatic aberration is a good thing is quite off putting, as it feels mechanical and unreal (in a bad way). Overall, the press seems to be rating this game far higher than it should be, as it does nothing to progress the genre, and really just feels like a re-skin of the second. Full Review »