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  1. Mar 2, 2013
    Campaign was just over six hours. I basically just walked through the whole game in stealth, it was so boring and un-engaging. The story was supposed to be psychological but I seriously had no emotional response to it. There were way too many cut-scenes that left me wondering, "Why am I not controlling my character right now?" FFS, the majority of the endgame is comprised of QuickTime events.

    Focus on multi-player is a cop-out. Mutli-player means that developers get to stop working after the levels are built and they expect the customer to create their own sense of immersion. F that. Some 12-year-old d!p$#!t crying on team-speak does not help create atmosphere. If all I want to do is "compete", I'll play Call of Duty (which will never happen). I bought Crysis for the story and SciFi setting.
    The story and single-player campaign deserved more attention. Same price as previous titles, a lot less content and a whole lot more Hollywood. Thumbs down. This was a linear, boring, waste of money.
    Three points for having the most gorgeous graphics of any game ever.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    Firstly, Crytek released a true next-gen game. Graphically amazing. Crysis 1 is not the king anymore, Crysis 3 is its real successor, after a slightly disappointing Crysis 2. The game is also well optimized, it still looks amazing with a mix of high/very high specs on a 660TI at +30fps. You'll need a 680 to max out the game though.

    Secondly, they improved most of the issues of Crysis 2:
    AI is much better, they react to the player, they communicate better, etc. They also made more opened levels. The campaign also has a better pacing, with 6 to 8 hours gameplay. Crysis 2 was indeed a bit longer, but had some very boring parts.

    Some gameplay features are a bit useless, like that hacking which is very poor. The vehicles sections are painful, the handling of the buggy is hard.

    Not a 10 because of these small issues, but clearly a 9!
  3. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 might as well be called Crysis 2 v 2.0; because that's really all it is. It's a re-skinned version of the second, and it plays almost the same. The gameplay is even further streamlined (casualized) from the second, and most of the environments, while pretty, are genuinely uninspired. The gameplay is easy, the AI somehow managed to be worse than Crysis 2's, and provide no challenge. Why some people even include the bow in their review is beyond me, as it is very much a superficial inclusion in some attempt to jump on to the "bow" bandwagon that is ever so popular in the present. With the toned down difficulty, the increased linearity of many sections of the game (not to say that all sections are linear), and the inability of the game to produce even a fractionally comprehensive narrative, it proves to be almost as weak of an entry in the series as Crysis 2. The only thing the game has going for it is the pretty graphics, but Crytek's continued notion that too much chromatic aberration is a good thing is quite off putting, as it feels mechanical and unreal (in a bad way). Overall, the press seems to be rating this game far higher than it should be, as it does nothing to progress the genre, and really just feels like a re-skin of the second. Expand
  4. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 is a 6 hour long tech demo created with the ulterior motive of selling the game engine to other game developers. There is nothing here that has not been done before. Finally, much has been said about the graphics. Lets end the speculation here and now. Crytek is not the prophet ushering in the era of photorealism for video games. So all this hoo ha hoo ha about "graphics" is little more than paid viral marketing. Expand
  5. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 is a beautiful game. Let's get that out of the way. There's no denying it looks stunning and you'll often stop to look around at the environment you're in. You'll likely want to play certain checkpoints over and over again to take everything in.
    With that said, Crysis 3 plays just as well as the others. The A.I. isn't any smarter and make for easy targets. With the new
    Predator Bow that allows you to kill without going out of Stealth, you'll often feel overpowered and maybe even cheap. If you're only interested in the Single Player experience, you're in for a short ride. The Campaign isn't very long following in many other FPS footsteps offering a fun ride but one that ends too soon. Crysis Vets will likely play the Campaign a few times to find all the hidden goodies and Nanosuit upgrades but for casual players that will play this once, you'll be paying for the beauty, not the substance. Expand
  6. Feb 19, 2013
    Awesome game!Greatest graphics and various gameplay.
    Crysis series continued with prophet and Psycho.Most wonderful art design for levels and great lighting effect,very good textures,awesome dx11 effects and solid gameplay.
    Welcome to next gen fps by crytek.
  7. Feb 27, 2013
    You could see it in Crysis 1, a game was made for PC hardware that included mouse and keyboard control. Crysis 2 and 3 are Consoleproducts, you feel it in the gameplay. Crysis 2 and 3 is a product of Crytek bending over for the consolemarket, casualizing gameplay.

    The games good thing is good graphics, that's it, the mix of jungle and city looks amazing.

    But the gameplay is
    streamlined, made easier so controllerplayers can keep up. As PC Purist this is just horrible, you feel it when you play that Crysis 3 was made with consoles in mind, at least they brought back the speedmode again, so gameplay has at least a little bit more momentum.

    AI is plain horrible, cloak completely destroys the AI. I could rush through the game with cloak abuse and turn the game into a walk in the park, it's ridiculous.

    Multiplayer is just Call of Duty with Nano Suit nothing special.

    If this is what next gen games look like, good graphics and nothing else, we are fkn doomed! Whats left is a mediocre shooter which is quite forgetable, personally i think Crytek has lost their touch and will never reahc the glory of Crysis 1 which was created with the one and only platform in mind, the PC.
  8. Feb 19, 2013
    Hahaha, it's blatantly obvious what "PC gamers" look for in a game nowadays. Yes, this is the best looking game ever made, but I'm sorry it is just another mediocre FPS. Graphics don't make the game, they just enhance it. The game is ok, no I don't have the 680 required to play on max settings, but I do play it on very high. The AI is incredibly stupid, you can simply be in stealth mode the entire game and wreak havok on any enemy you come across. I'm sorry, but the first crysis is still both the most fun and the best game overall out of the series. This one has the "best" multiplayer yet in the crysis universe, but compared to other multiplayer FPS's cmon now, it just simply doesn't compete to something like BF3. It boils down to this, this is a remarkable looking game and truly jaw dropping even on modest settings, but that gameplay is trite and mediocre, which is a shame. Expand
  9. Feb 21, 2013
    It's interesting to see how this game's defender reviews evolve over time. From simple "GRAPHICS, YEAAAH!", to shamefull "Oh, yeah, gameplay is amazing too!" And, of course, reflex dislike to "haters" reviews, without reading what is all about. There s only handfull of companies I respect, because they always uphold their reputation. Valve, Roxtar, Bethesda,... What reputation Crytek have? The most astonishing looking game ever? Check. You have it, but dont expect nothing more. Forcing graphics to the max and disregarding everything else formula couldnt work forever. I was telling this in 2007, even more in 2011, but no one listened. Simply, I was thinking ahead of time, but yet now others are awakeing. Crysis 3 got scores which Crysis 2 should have, and this one even lower. They should just make something like Unreal Tournament to promote engine, and sell it to someone who will know how to use it properly. Ancient F.E.A.R. ashames this game in terms of AI. Remember clones from it, always inteligently using cover, even if you catch them on open they will make it from something overturning furniture, or to block your way if you flank their cover, running backwards shooting at you... Eight years later, what disaster of AI is this Crytek? All resources went to graphics; AI, story, gameplay departements left to use handfull of change ment for buying toilet paper and printer catriges. Characters poking their faces in your nose to show how beautifully texturised they are, but that cant hide how hollow this game is. Expand
  10. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 meets and exceeds all my expectations as a next-gen shooter. Seeing this game run on maximum settings on the PC is a life-changing experience. I was blown away from the very first moment, and even had a few flashbacks to 2007 and that opening plane ride in Crysis.
  11. Feb 19, 2013
    Insane graphics paired with alot variety in gameplay. When you play this game, you get the immediate feeling that you are the only bad-ass. The bow is a very nice addition, to reinforce stealth gameplay. Spectacular ending and the first good large end-boss in the Crysis series.
  12. Feb 20, 2013
    A beautiful engine and an experienced FPS design team failed to make a compelling game. It's smooth, pretty and capable but it's utterly devoid of entertainment or innovation. The writing is heavy handed and predictable. The level design is anemic and offers a false sense of freedom. The AI is some of the worst in the industry and probably should/not have been outsourced. Try it out when it goes on sale for $29.99 but skip it for now. The best experience with this game is watching the commercials/trailers. Expand
  13. Mar 1, 2013
    Great graphics, and that's the only good element in this game. Boring linear gameplay, boring story, horrible AI, very short... Btw, next-gen shooter should not be only about graphics. Other elements are more important than graphics. Crysis 3 is big disappointment!!!
  14. Feb 24, 2013
    Boring rehash of Crysis 2, only 7 levels and just 4 main characters, a story that leads to a satisfying end but otherwise is a complete no-brainer. Maybe I was to fair with my initial rating, but that error has been rectified. At least I managed to get a refund on my retail disc.
  15. Feb 19, 2013
    It's fun, it's extremely polished and it looks fantastic. I'm having a great time with the campaign and can't wait to hop on multiplayer. It doesn't reinvent anything, but it's one of the more fun shooters to play. All it needs is some tweaking in the multiplayer which they have already been doing. I can see myself continually logging on to get a few multiplayer games in even after I have moved on from the game. Definitely my go-to shooter right now. Expand
  16. Feb 19, 2013
    Crysis 3 is hands down one of my favourite FPS story based games ever created. It's a shame that the single campaign only holds about 7-8 hours at best on Normal difficulty, but that's nitpicking, because it's simply breathtaking and should be treated as such. Pay no mind to the critic reviews, Crysis 3 is truly at least a 9/10 experience. The visuals are absolutely stunning, the gameplay is much more refined than the 2nd game, and a little bit of a throwback to the first, and the story is the perfect finish to a fantastic trilogy. If you liked both the Crysis games for what they were, you'll love this third addition. The multiplayer is great fun if you're a fan of the Crysis mechanics and various cloaking maneuvers, and I'd definitely give it a shot if you're a CoD fan as well, as it's much like a crossover between it and Halo. So, without hesitation (even if it is on Origin), give this game a few hours of your time. You won't be disappointed. Expand
  17. Feb 22, 2013
    Here are a couple of reasons Crytek is setting itself up for bankruptcy. First and foremost, lets talk about the game. I understand Crytek wanting to play it safe by not changing the formula of the game much, maybe they think "well if we changed it too much people may not like it anymore and it will be a flop. We will just add to the story and that should be enough to appease most people." From my understanding, Crysis 2 was already a flop, since they changed the formula and made Crysis into a generic average joe FPS. I'm not trying to compare Crysis 3 to the previous games, but it definitely shows how much more effort went to into making Crysis and Crysis Warhead compared to these two newer games. They justified it by saying because it was "console limitations," but why cater to consoles in the first place? one reason is because they probably wanted to make more profit by making the game more accessible to average joes. The other reason is because EA most likely forced them to ,under threats of being closed down, because they weren't profitable enough. It's really sad to see independent developers like Crytek get sucked in by corporate giants and milked for cash by corporate businessmen. They are probably like, "put this into the game because it attracts 12 year olds and put this other feature that a grandmother would like, oh and write the story this way because this is what most people like. We want to reach the broadest audience possible so we can maximize profit. And if you're game doesn't make the quota, you will be closed down and your assets liquidated for every dollar you were short." Ok, now to my second point, the graphics: we understand they want to maximize profit, so why in the world would they bloat up a game with the worse graphical effects, so almost no one is able to run it. Think about it. Why would someone buy a game they can't run...they probably won't once they hear this game is not even playable on a GTX680. Well one reason is they probably did so to make up for the failed game play and story line. No, that would probably make things even worse. Expand
  18. Feb 19, 2013
    This game is awesome! Graphics are awesome! My eyeballs are the screen right now!
    But what is most important is the gameplay and this definitely rocks!
    Don't play it on Normal or Easy, Try the Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting. You'll be much more satisfied and the AI will push you to the limit!
    Can't wait to jump into the MP, looks and plays much better than ever before in any
    Crysis Coregame!
    People who are rating this game a 0 haven't even played it and are just haters!
  19. Feb 23, 2013
    It only supports DirectX 11 GPUs. That says enough, thank you Crytek. What kind of decision was it to not include the support for at least DirectX 10 GPUs? It is discrimination, and only the "elite" directx11 users can play the game. Crytek has just lost another fan.
  20. Apr 22, 2013
    look crysis 3 is a great game it isnt good as crysis 2 thats for sure but for my opinion its batter from crysis 1 and let me tell you why:the graphics are the best in the gaming industry the mutiplayer is awsome (hunter mode is the best)camping is good but its fell very short i didnt play it a lot today (today i bought it)becuase i didnt wanted to finish it on the first day.thats all for crysis 3 if you are reading this review and you want the game you have nothing to loose.the multiplayer is awsome and the single player is very good(but short)right now i am on mission four so whatever i hope you are convinced Expand
  21. Feb 19, 2013
    I've only played the multiplayer so far, so this review is based purely on that. Its not a brand new experience or anything, and is definitely similar to the Crysis 2 (just like every sequel is similar to its predecessor), and unfortunately, at this point (1st day of release) the game has its share of problems. Pings are inexplicably high (Its rare for me to be put in a lobby where anyone has a ping lower than 50), there are bugs in the GUI, and 2 hours in I my game quit unexpectedly. That being said, there's really only one aspect of a game that matters, and that's whether or not its fun. And this game, with all its flaws, is still extremely enjoyable. Expand
  22. Mar 1, 2013
    If you want the best looking game ever, then no doubt this has all it all. Story, AI is stupid and that is the sad truth. Crytek should spend more time on improving AI and game play than just putting all their time on the engine.
  23. Feb 20, 2013
    I bought this in part as a tech demo for my rig, and in part for some fun multiplayer. I got both, but also stumbled upon a pretty engaging story mode, which unlike 90% of the games I play, I want to finish. I love that the campaign isn't a 15+ hour endeavor, but I'm sure most others would complain about that kind of a thing. Regardless, the graphics and mechanics feel extremely on-point, and I love killin' fools online in stunning environments. Great game, only avoid buying if you're all about the story and your computer won't run on high specs. Expand
  24. Feb 19, 2013
    Superb graphic, refined gameplay, awesome music, amazing set pieces, and most importantly, it's optimized so great for PC. It runs very smooth on my GT550M with a few FPS drop in intense firefight and the raining level at the very beginning. The multiplayer surely doesn't have too much to say but also has few thing to gripe on. It was fast pace and intense. It's a great replacement when COD gets old.
    By the way, the bow is fun!
  25. Feb 20, 2013
    To preface this, this review is coming from a PC player, who prior to playing this game re-played both Crysis 1 and Crysis 2. My review will hyperfocus on what disappointed me, and you may not have felt the same way. Cevat Yerli, boss of Crytek (the development studio behind Cry 3) for months ahead of release was touting the incredible graphics achievement of Crysis 3. He brought back the 'Can it Cun?' question, from the original Crysis. Can your PC run Crysis 3? Can it run it at Max settings? A clever gimmick, and one that was relevant in 2007, because Crysis 1 truly was cutting-edge. I played this game with a GTX 680/3770k overall an upper-tier machine, that can easily max out 99% of games while achieving high frames per second. For the record I'm also on the newest certified Nvidia drivers. I also played this monitoring my FPS in-game, using a program called FRAPS which shows your frames per second, in-game. GRAPHICS: Huge disappointment to the PC gamer. Why? Because of the lack of stability in FPS. On the 'high' preset, in standard settings, I would be getting FPS of 50-60, but then, look into the distance or through a window and BOOM. FPS drops 75%. This was awful. I've never encountered such irritating instability in FPS. And it's not because of superior graphics, it's because of poor optimization from the developers, and maybe intentionally to enforce their 'Can it Play?' gimmick. At the end of it all, in order to keep my sanity while playing I had to do a massive tweak of the settings, where putting a couple advanced settings on low seemed to help a lot. Here's a tip for the first part with the rain: Turn water to low, because all that cruddy-looking rain is burning your FPS. Here's the other thing about the graphics, nothing ground-breaking, nothing new, and not much of a step up from Crysis 2, which was a very stable game comparatively. The graphics are not the best I've seen, and objects seem jagged despite high settings and high Anti-Aliasing. GAME IMPROVEMENT? To call this Crysis 2.5 would be an overstatement. There is very little innovation and improvement from the gameplay mechanisms of Crysis 2. THE BOW: You obtain the bow weapon in the first 10 minutes of the game. For the remainder of the game, you feel inclined to remain cloaked, use the bow for insta-kills, and then pick up your arrows after. Infinite ammo unbalanced weapon that breaks the game. THE STORY: Feels forced, unrealistic. Dialogue doesn't feel human. It feels like watching a bad movie. INTEL: Pieces of "Intel" you pick up as one of your only rewards for exploring. They are the usual generic audio/text background story elements, except they act a tedious mechanic, and feel like a forced addition to Crysis 3. PSYCHO: A character from Crysis 1 (and Warhead). In the first game he acted like a rational person, a human being. In Crysis 3 he is physically a different person; he looks different, has a different voice, and acts differently. He goes from being an asset to the story in Cry 1, to being a whiney disturbance, and carrying his personal baggage into the mission.

    PROPHET: A character who progresses through the series as a seemingly wise, mature, and hardened individual. In Crysis 3, he seems to play along with the childish antics of Psycho, and takes himself down a notch in the process. THE AI: Possibly the worst of the series. Basic human enemies are incompetent fools that can be destroyed with little effort. You know it's a bad sign, when in the first fifteen minutes of the game you overhear the same 'unique' guard chatter twice. THE VERDICT: I could probably add a number more details. The bottom line is this is the worst game of the series, and I genuinely feel it deserves a 6/10, while the other two games float around an 8.5/10.
  26. Feb 23, 2013
    The good: It looks nice most of the time The bad: Everything else First of all ignoring the fact that the only way to actually make this game look good and run well is by tweaking it using a cvar editor it is obvious in many places that little to no thought went into the design of Crysis 3. It is essentially just Crysis 2 all over again but this time with some greenery. The sound engine is awful, guns/explosions make less noise than the incessant blabbering of enemy soldiers for example who just will not ever shut the up.
    Speaking of, the AI is once again completely dumb beyond belief and stealth either is extremely overpowered to the point of making any fight trivial or completely ineffectual because enemies have magic insta-detection.
    The story is a jumbled mess, no one says or does anything that makes a lick of sense and the overarching plot is just a mish-mash of bad ideas that only serve the purpose of getitng you from setpiece A to setpiece B.

    The worst part about this game however is the gameplay, nevermind the pointless and frustrating delays in jumping, switching weapons or looking down the sights the controls themselves add a great deal of frustration to the experience. Why for example can you not map each of your weapons to a key? something so basic as this is simply not possible in Crysis 3. I GUESS GAMEPADS DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH BUTTONS THEN?
    Then there's the fact that gameplay is often and regularly broken up by obligatory "hacking" minigames, and should you be bold enough to choose not to put up with that then have fun wasting half of your ammo reserves to take out a turret. Oh and naturally shot placement doesn't matter for so you can't just shoot the thing in the optics unit and be done with it. When the biggest challenges in your game is killing static turrets or throwing a grenade through an open doorway (an impossible task) you've got issues.
    And if it's not the hacking minigames breaking up the experience it's the game itself that removes control of your character so it can hold your hand it show you all the cool Cryengine 3 can do.

    All of this just kept adding up until I'd had enough and nearing the end of the game I came to the realization I just wasn't having fun.

    So I uninstalled this piece of
  27. Feb 25, 2013
    Graphically amazing on max settings.(I am fortunate enough to have built a high end PC.) But if you take a step back in time and look at the direction Crysis 1 was going I do not understand what happened, then you see the EA symbol and realise Crytek have been told to make it more comfortable for the casual gamer. Shame, from great roots and ideas to a graphical tech show to sell their engine. EA need to learn a new phrase for their gaming INNOVATION, not sequel. Expand
  28. Feb 19, 2013
    Graphics are fantastic, story is somewhat a mix of crysis 1 and 2 however I think Crysis is trying to convert into a new COD style franchise...multiplayer focused. Campaign is short and leaves you wanting more however multiplayer in Crysis 3 imo was done right. It is a casual multiplayer but fun and solid having said that im unsure whats the future of Crysis franchise at this point.
  29. Feb 21, 2013
    Crysis 3 is a good shooter with the best visuals to date by a large margin. That's basically all you need to know about this game. It gets a 10 from me because there's no real negatives to the game and it's the first game to truly surpass Crysis in visuals.

    It is superior to Crysis 2 in every single way. The story is better, and it is presented MUCH better. The gunplay is tight and
    feels good. The campaign level design is excellent and offers much more freedom than Crysis 2 did. To those saying it's too short, well OK but it's about the same length as a Halo campaign and I don't see people moaning about those. I'll take a short but well designed, well paced, replayable campaign (like this one) over a long but boring snooze fest (like Crysis 2) any day.

    Multiplayer is competent as well. Won't set your world on fire, but it's interesting enough if you're looking for a new MP shooter to hang out in.
  30. Feb 20, 2013
    Visually amazing. With TXAA enabled, it's easily the prettiest game I've seen. Crytek has really pushed the limits on what can be done with realtime rendering technology. Gameplay is fun, but the graphics are really most of what this title has to offer.
  31. Feb 22, 2013
    Maybe I miss more aliens. Perhaps after playing great open-world shooters like Far Cry 3 or Borderlands 2,for me, this game disappoints.I'm just sort of lost in Crysis 3's long weeds. The narrative is not that compelling, and the AI and combat in general, are too repetitive in terms of strategy, dialogue,etc.
    Graphically, it's beautiful stunningly so.
  32. Feb 21, 2013
    Hands down, the best trilogy of video games is here! The story is fantastic, the graphics is fantastic AND the characters are fantastic! this is an amazing SCI-FI Action adventure and i enjoyed the whole ride! NOW to the multiplayer part which is also amazingly fun!
  33. Feb 21, 2013
    Even on my laptop this thing looked amazing and runs really well which I was surprised about (MSI GE60-0ND).
    Not played that much as yet (only released in the UK today) but liking what I see so far.
    Will come back with more information once I have played much more.
  34. Feb 21, 2013
    crysis3 is the final form of the evolution's of crysis series.
    Crysis3 fix their bad things in 1,2.
    And it came back the open wolrd style, and It have awesome graphics.
    The story was power and some part is touching.
  35. Feb 25, 2013
    Stop reading this and buy this game. This would have to be one of the greatest shooters ever made, and no I'm not saying it is the best thing ever just because of the amazing graphics, it has extremely open ended gameplay, great story and good game mechanics. Get it now.
  36. Mar 1, 2013
    I'm only going to review the single player because at this point that's the only aspect of the game I've played. As far as graphically I think we all already know that the Crysis series is known for its spectacular graphics. They're on point and it runs and looks great, the SP campaign is very well done imo, It's not really big open world like the first Crysis game its its also not so linear where you can't explore a little bit to find guns, ammo, data, or those suitcases you collect to upgrade your nano suit. The AI I've found to be pretty good, they will come looking for you and they are really dumb like in some games, they will hide behind things if you shoot at them, but I guess that depends on which difficulty you play the game at. I've had a blast playing the SP and I'll probably check out the MP too at some point. So far I've got over 8 hours into the SP and I'm not finished it yet, close to it but not yet. I've taken my time exploring through areas though, if you rush through I'm sure you can knock it out in 5 or 6 hours possibly. Expand
  37. Feb 22, 2013
    I will keep this "review" short and sweet. This game is awesome. In my personal opinion, it is the best in the series, and is a massive improvement over the second iteration in nearly every conceivable way. The narrative, while not oscar worthy, I found to be thoroughly engaging. The story is well paced and settings are varied. I played on post-human difficulty and finished in just over 9 hours according to Origin. Visually, this game is an absolute marvel, both on a technical and artistic level. Playing this game at all max settings is truly an experience. Trolls are everywhere here, despicable, trolls. The old canard of Crysis trolls has remained the same since the inception of the series "this is nothing more than a glorified tech demo" hogwash. Expand
  38. Mar 6, 2013
    awesome game, graphics are stunning, addictive gameplay and lots of choices in multiplayer. campaign is short but i buy games especially for the multiplayer so that isnt a problem
  39. Feb 22, 2013
    It's ok. The freedom of the original Crysis is missing, this is a much more on rails experience, and graphics aside adds nothing. So the way I see it, it's taken a 4 year old game and deducted one of my favourite aspects and improved on nothing. I'm back playing the original again and wondering how come Far Cry 3 is so darn good and Crysis 3 is so "Meh". It's not bad at all, it's just not any where near as good as it should be. Expand
  40. Feb 27, 2013
    What can i say? Yes, the graphic is cutting edge, and it (FINALLY) beats Crysis1. Perfectly detailed hi poly models, ultra hires textures, nice vegetation, and not-so-corridor game play as we saw on C2 (but still extremely corridor compared to C1). It really feels that devs did not just port console version onto the PC as we saw it on C2. But that's all. I mean...Just how bad you can ruin great original story of Crysis1? Well, just look at C2 and C3. Great story set in the near future was replaced by dull alien-fantasy soap opera. North Koreans were more believable than CELL soldiers. Story of crashed mysterious ancient alien ship buried in the mountain was more believable than Ceph. Nano suit was just hi tech armor with neat utilities, not "god-mode-on" suit that converts human to machine.... WTF Crytek?. Story of C1 compared to C2,3 is like Comparing Batman: The Dark Knight to Batman and Robin from 1997. Crysis 3 is nothing more but Crysis2 with great graphics. This is simply NOT CRYSIS I hope that we will see one day continue of TRUE CRYSIS story on the island with North Koreans and the mysterious alien ship buried in the mountain. NO CELL, NO dull CEPH. What happened to Nomad, Helena, Psycho and Prophet after the final aircraft carrier scene? How did prophet escaped aliens? How did he managed the alien weapon to work? What about naval fleet from Japan?. Pleas dear Crytek. Forget this "Crysis 2-3" nonsense and make TRUE CRYSIS sequel. The one with open world, sandbox gameplay and mature story. Now, what about ranking? Lets look: mediocre and "everyday" console shooter, with poor (ruined) story, very (VERY short gameplay with great graphics. No more than 4 points, sorry Expand
  41. Feb 23, 2013
    The game has fantastic graphics and is the first piece of software that has really been able to show me what my top notch year old hardware can do. I only give it a 7 in so far as nothing has taken advantage of modern PCs over the last year and it is nice to get a game that does. On the flip side the game has serious consolitis the areas are fairly small and corridor like, the AI is wickedly stupid, the game even on the harder settings is overly easy and the suit modes are still dumbed down compared to the first game this game has amazing graphics and semi-passable game-play. I would feel bad for anyone who picked this up for full price as really when it comes down to it the game is just not very good in any sense other than the graphics. If the graphics weren't so good I would have rated it a 6. Expand
  42. Feb 22, 2013
    Yup, the graphics were great. Good enough that I impulse-bought another GTX 670 so I could go SLI and get back up to max settings instead of medium. Besides that, there were some low points though.. the combat was like shooting fish in a barrel.. and the story wasn't nearly as impressive and surprising as the first game's was.. and not quite as interesting as the second game. It's like they were just rushing to finish off the trilogy, however we did get to see some in depth look into the personalities of Psycho and Prophet. It took me a while to accept Psycho since he was voiced by a different person I want to go back and play Crysis Warhead again just to see him at his best again. They also put in a couple of boss fights to mark the end of the game which is better compared to Crysis 2's idea of just fighting four little guys.. anyway, I like it but it didn't have thrilling combat. For thrilling combat, I'd just go play crash site in multiplayer which I've been enjoying doing during the open beta. Expand
  43. Feb 23, 2013
    Good little game, kept me entertained while it lasted. The graphics...Lets not talk about it, you already know the game looks beautiful. I had no performance issues, like so many people reported it (thankfully). The story is rather weak, so if I want a really good story go and read a book, because you will not find too much brain in the game. Weapons could use some more variety, but overall I was pleased the way they "felt" (well it is not ArRMA (very realistic), but not COD (not too realistic) either). The maps are little linear, but I guess this is the cost of beauty here. The campaign could be little (or lot) longer, but I will do a second playthrough with a much more stealthy approach. Overall I do not agree with the haters, but I would not call It the best game I have ever played (actually it was far from it). Expand
  44. Feb 24, 2013
    The main question is: what the hell is wrong with Crytek? Crysis 3 is nothing but a terrible game. It's not even next-gen, if you consider all technical aspects. Why? AI is atrocious. The game is uninspiring with cliche characters, illusional sand-box and only pretty environments which serve no actual purpose. It's like a candy eat it and forget it. Juicy graphics+physics doesn't help a game with worst gameplay design decisions I've seen in a while. Crysis 3 is undoubtly the worst game in the series. If you actually care about the games industry and its future, ignore this game completely. There are much better developers which deliver in fantastic quality. CD Projekt RED, for instance. Expand
  45. Feb 19, 2013
    The game is more worthy as a benchmark. It has great graphics but the enemy AI is poor and Single player is short .Gameplay wise it is nothing so special to get excited for. It does not worth the 60$
  46. Mar 6, 2013
    Great game, both in terms of graphics and gameplay. The campaign is a bit dry and the A.I isn't all that great. but it is entertaining nonetheless. Multiplayer isn't fantastic either; limited CoD-like game modes, awkward maps and really unbalanced weaponry, but again, it is good fun just to sit back and play.

    I would recommend it, but only if you're going to pay less than £30 for it.
  47. Feb 24, 2013
    As expected the graphics are absolutely amazing I played through the campaign on very high settings with 30-40 FPS (I have a 660 TI). The best looking game I've ever played I especially like the mixed jungle/city setting it takes the best parts of the environments in the first 2 games. The gameplay itself is relatively self-explanatory and similar to its predecessors; the only major change is the bow, which I definitely enjoyed. Although I see a lot of people calling it OP and cheap and also complaining about the enemy AI, I beat the game on supersoldier difficulty and didn't see either of these issues. I found myself changing weapon modifications (ammo, sights, etc) quite often in order to be able to get through specific situations, which shows good and smart game design where these things are actually important and should be utilized. My only real complaints: AI could be a bit better in the sense that they sometimes see you way too easily (for example if you're walking around in tall grass) campaign is a bit too short; story is nothing amazing, just typical "end of the world" scenario; and finally there is nothing really big or new about the gameplay. Nonetheless a great, solid title. Expand
  48. Feb 21, 2013
    I haven't played the other Crysis games or too many strategic combat games really, so I don't have expectations, except for good graphics. This felt like a long hectic game of hide and seek with you being easily overpowered and outnumbered, so you are constantly looking for cover from enemies and traps. Power is always running down when you are in stealth/armor modes. It is fun and exhausting. The graphics seem great to me, but I am not a connoisseur of graphics. My HD 7950 boost play pretty it well on ultra settings, if a bit laggy at times. There are so many weapons and upgrades that it is difficult to choose and compare them. Using the "B" visor is a must to pick things out of the very detailed foliage and buildings and shows you stats about weapons, traps and enemies. I haven't played to the end yet, but feel I'm getting close at 10 hours. I don't really care that much about the story/ending of a game anyway since it's usually some alien invasion thingy concocted as an excuse to shoot stuff. When I am done, I will probably try to play again at a higher difficulty with more knowledge and take my time to find everything ant try the different weapons and ammo. Expand
  49. Feb 23, 2013
    Pros really really good graphics. Nice sandbox gameplay, tons of giant, detailed and awesome maps, good, challenging and flawless AI. Multiplayer has many features.
  50. Feb 24, 2013
    Crysis 2.2 should have been the name. As the second game i will probably have problem to finish it. Gameplay is boring, IA are dumb even at the hardest level of "difficulty". Crysis 2.0 reskinned.... shame on you Crytek!
  51. Mar 5, 2013
    Just finished, fantastic ending and thought it was a great way to finish off the series. I have heard complaints of the game not being long enough, but I did not find this. Sad to see the series coming to an end. Very impressive game play and graphics, only wish I had a bit more grunt in the PC rig to cope with some higher settings to see it in all its glory.
  52. Mar 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I liked this game for the most part, the only think that set me off was the storyline. It takes the most random turns and even the end cutscene has me confused. At the end it shows Prophet on the beach of the island from Crysis 1 and he has his own body made of some nanobots. But the thing was Prophet killed himself in Crysis 2 and the story seems to forget that Prophet was using Alcatraz body to keep him alive in the suit and use him to complete the mission. So having been confused, I do think the game has improved and it had wonderful additions. Expand
  53. Feb 23, 2013
    the game is waaaay better than 2 in every way possible. People comparing it are obviously a bunch of retrasados mentales. Technically wise nothing beats crysis 3 in graphics, not even those lame pS4 games. This game is truly a graphical masterpiece on max settings. The foliage is one of a kind, only dx11 here folk, if you cant handle it at max graphics go play your crysis on console.
  54. Feb 25, 2013
    The biggest letdown is that Crysis 3 is only released on Origin. That pretty much ruins it for me from the get go. EA continuously shows us that they are ignoring customers who prefer storing their games in one game collection. I have yet to meet anyone who likes Origin. Why not give it up and move your titles back to Steam? It would certainly be something that would make EA more likeable to gamers.
    Anyhow, coming to the actual game. I only played it at a friend's house and I am glad I didn't pre-order it because it is only on Origin. To sum it up: It looks great and it is fun to play, but there certainly aren't too many new things to see. This series needs some attention and love. It feels and plays like a giant tech show, but there isn't much else around it. I am wondering if this is caused by trying to become another CoD? Get real! CoD is kind of done and each new version is getting worse and worse. Why not take a look at some cool new titles that got good reviews? Dishonored comes to mind.
  55. Feb 23, 2013
    Firstly like to say GREAT game. Esp cos of the new Bow. However few things that should change are: 1. Not enough time to modify loadouts between matches (the menus and buttons to equip equipment are very clunky and long to navigate) im guessing they made it this way cos of console. 2. Not enough time to switch loadouts in-game, also hindered by the fact that the menus materialise, so doesnt help when trying to change after death. Should have ability to check box for "Auto-spawn" or not which will give player option to switch loadout at death or auto-respawn with chosen loadout 3. Please add "skip -replay" for deaths. Not everyone wants to watch the replay. This may tie into the spawn time, which is why a Spawn button/menu along with loadouts should appear at death/time to spawn (look at how BF3 does it the game isn't popular for no reason) Expand
  56. Mar 1, 2013
    My Crysis 3 review. I give the graphics in this game a 9.6 for the Xbox 360 version. The only thing that I don't like is that the trees don't break up like they do in Crysis 1. There also should be more trees in this game. The wood, concrete, water, lighting, and cloth are definitely better than Crysis 1. The creatures in this game are also better than those found in Crysis 1. The weapons are very good in this game too. I really like the bow and arrow. The only negative is that in single player the arrows should drop more when choosing the lowest bow draw weight. That way you would have to aim higher and arc your shots to hit your target at medium ranges. Your arrow shots would also have more arc to them and you could hit someone behind an object too. Currenlty the bow is to much like a gun. You just point and shoot and hit your target and the arrow doesn't drop much from long range. I still like this weapon a lot in the game. I give the sound an 8.6. Some times the sound cuts out when playing on the Xbox 360. The Typhoon weapon sound and creatures sounds need to be increased as compare to the rest of the sounds in the game. I also don't care for the excess swearing in the game. I give the gameplay an 8.7. The game is missing lean, duck and cover, and prone. If these features were in the game I would have given the gameplay a higher score. I also don't like the fact that you don't run out of oxygen when submerged under water. This would make the multiplayer map called the Hydro Dam more playable in Hunter mode. People wouldn't be able to stay underwater and avoid being shot for a long period of time. I give the multiplayer portion of the game an 8.5. If it had more vehicles and breakables in this portion of the game it would have gotten a higher score. Overall I give Crysis a score of 9.0. It is one of the best Scifi Shooters released this year. I can only recommend this game for those over 17. You might be able to play it with a kid around if you turn the dialogue off and you supervise the child. In comparison I gave Halo 4 a 9.2. Halo 4 has better sound, multiplayer, and less swearing. One negative about Halo 4 is that Cortana is dressed poorly. Halo 4 probably shouldn't be played by kids under 10. Expand
  57. Mar 7, 2013
    Campaign was just over six hours. I basically just walked through the whole game in stealth, it was so boring and un-engaging. The story was supposed to be psychological but I seriously had no emotional response to it. There were way too many cut-scenes that left me wondering, "Why am I not controlling my character right now?" FFS, the majority of the endgame is comprised of QuickTime events. Focus on multi-player is a cop-out. Mutli-player means that developers get to stop working after the levels are built and they expect the customer to create their own sense of immersion. F that. Some 12-year-old d!p$#!t crying on team-speak does not help create atmosphere. If all I want to do is "compete", I'll play Call of Duty (which will never happen). I bought Crysis for the story and SciFi setting. The story and single-player campaign deserved more attention. Same price as previous titles, a lot less content and a whole lot more Hollywood. Thumbs down. This was a linear, boring, waste of money. Three points for having the most gorgeous graphics of any game ever. Expand
  58. Feb 22, 2013
    Crysis 3 is not a bad game, but it certainly doesn't live up to the standards of the previous two. Lets start off with the basics (This is a review of the PC version, not the console versions). The graphics of this game look great, and the game is optimized very well, although it will still require a pretty good rig to run at a competitive level. The sound is good too, but the music is nothing noteworthy. The controls are tight and responsive, debatably better than the previous two games in the series. Unfortunately, that about ends all of the highlights of this game. Lets take a look at single player, shall we? Single player is an unimaginative, mangled storyline which garbles up a bunch of corridor shooting sequences in large levels, and calls itself a sandbox game. This game is not a sandbox. At all. Also, the A.I. seems to be mentally handicapped, I can literally cloak while someone is looking at me, and they will have no idea where I went. The campaign took me about 6 hours to complete on the Supersoldier difficulty. That might seem rather short to some of you, but I had more than enough of my share of such a mediocre campaign that I let out a sigh of relief when I finally finished. Next is the multiplayer, far and away the most attractive part of this game. The multiplayer in Crysis 2 was good, but it struggled from unoriginality. Crysis 3 has seemingly mended this. It has added original gamemodes, exciting weapons, and new mechanics that are rarely seen in other FPS games. The maps are also great, featuring lush environments and good overall design. However, the quality of the multiplayer is not too great. For whatever reason, the quick match feature has a strange selection menu where you choose game modes that you are willing to play on, as opposed to just choosing a game mode. This would work totally fine but Crytek created this system idiotically, not allowing you to be paired up with someone with even 1 different search parameter. If you have crash site selected, and everything else turned off, you can't get into a game with someone who has everything turned on. This essentially forces you to rely on the server browser. The actual gameplay of the multiplayer seems broken at times. You can run up behind an enemy and shoot them 20 times in the back before they finally die. Other times people die in 2 shots. I have had multiple situations where I activate armor mode before I can even see the enemy, and then I die faster than my brain can even comprehend the fact that I was getting shot at. Overall, the game is enjoyable, but even that is a stretch. I did not enjoy the single player mode at all, it was a chore. When you have force yourself to play through a game as short as 6 hours, you know that it is not good. Luckily the multiplayer picks this game up a few points. If you are planning to buy the game solely for the singleplayer mode, I would rate singleplayer as a 2/10. Expand
  59. Feb 24, 2013
    Enjoyable, beautiful, and tactically interesting, Crysis 3 trumps the unfortunate second game in the series and then some. The bow, far from being a frivolous bonus, adds depth to the strategy by allowing you to take out enemies without uncloaking but its limited ammo means you'll have to weigh its benefits before you use it. Once again, the haters are merely confused; this is an excellent title.
  60. Feb 24, 2013
    Crysis 3 is the worst game I've played.Crysis 3 have bad story,bad gameplay,everything is bad.Game is so boring that it is impossible to finish.......
  61. Mar 3, 2013
    only good at graphic and multiplayer
    story and fluently is gone now.
    what happen of crytek?
    their ideas are empty? this games playtime is just 4hours.
    it's shorter than penumbra and as to the moon as
    what a pity money to buy this..
  62. Mar 1, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing Crysis 1, 2 and 3 and think that it is one of the best games ever! I cant explain myself this bad reviewers!! The story is also nice, not THE BEST but its absolutly ok! That game deserved better ratings for sure!!! Stunning graphics, nice gameplay and a bow FUN! Notthing else to say.
  63. Mar 3, 2013
    If this were a tech presentation of cryengine 3 the score would be 10/10 the engine is amazing.
    But since this is a game meant to be played and since I know they can create great game play(crysis 1) in SP and MP the score of crysis 3 is 0/10.
    Crysis 2 and 3 are abominations, everything that could go wrong with the game play went wrong and did not stop.It's a shame crytek stopped
    creating games but they did create an amazing engine so,hopefully someone will use it to create a good game. Expand
  64. BMF
    Mar 4, 2013
    Good but not great the graphics look excellent when maxed out but aiming and shooting feels off. its like a mix of mouse acceleration and smoothing very much like your pushing a controllers thumb stick with your mouse and when you use scopes with a high zoom it gets even worse. Other then that Crysis 3 is fairly average all around and as such I would recomend waiting for a sale to pick it up.
  65. Mar 1, 2013
    I love the stealth and Bow and arrow use of the game. The graphics are best I have ever seen! Don't listen to teh negative reviews if you liked the previous games then chances are you will like this game too!

    Try it for yourself!
  66. Feb 28, 2013
    Multiplayer is super addictive with insanely immersive visual, great sound effect. Personally nothing ;COD4, BF3, BFBC2, COD MW2 multiplayers; can even come close to C3 MP when it comes to its ability to make you immersed in gameplay. If you have powerful rig; fast quad core CPU, good DX11 GPU, over 4G ram, I can guarantee this could be the very best multiplayer FPS title for your life. If you have good to powerful rig, and if you like crazy competitive FPS multiplayer, I am telling you, this is THE MULTIPLAYER for you. Crytek put lots of effort to make MP solid, and one of the things they are doing aside from ever rebalancing ingame values are banning cheaters' origin accounts; this means the chance to meet cheater in MP is ultra rare. Expand
  67. Jun 15, 2013
    I just completed the Crysis 3 singleplayer campain and played a few multiplayer levels after that... the campaign is absolutely intense till the end. There is an epic boss battle you won't forget that quickly and this game has the finest graphics currently around (on PC) and bombastic music. It's a must for every FPS fan out there. The multiplayer is much more enjoyable than in Crysis 2. The energy for maxium armor or cloaking holds longer and that give you more interesting options on how to plan your tactics. Crysis 3 is excellent. I also like the optimization for AMD CPUs and GPUs. I have an FX-6300 and a 6870 and the game ran constantly above 30 frames per second on High settings with SMAA x2. Expand
  68. Feb 24, 2013
    Finally arrived, Crysis 3 lives up to the expectations of everyone in terms of graphics but only a few will enjoy the story. Ai is good but bot too much to keep beginners happy. I definitely recommend a first play at Veteran for people who play a lot of fps. Harder settings display more accurately the power of the engine though so don't be afraid of trying them out too.
  69. Feb 26, 2013
    Everyone here is mostly talking about their PC experience, and of course knocking it for being too much like a console game??!! OK well I'm playing it on an Xbox360 and I'm telling you Xboxers that it looks absolutely stunning on the box you won't be disappointed. Story is not strong but it's not bad either and the guns and the bow are great. best guns yet in a Crysis game. A.I. opponents too easy? Turn up the difficulty. 7 out of ten but I'm adding 1.5 for the "fun" factor because it is fun 8.5 on the Xbox. Expand
  70. Mar 2, 2013
    The game deserves it's 10/10 score, and will be at the top. It's the pinnacle of PC Gaming. Graphics, are superb in almost every detail. The gameplay is awesome, and unique from other FPS games. It reminds me of Planetside 2 on steroids. I can see this game setting new standards for benching in at least 2-3 years. It's worth the money to play it. Story seems a little short, but the game overall is intense. Rendering quality is extemely good. A lot of details went into this game. Picture quality is beautiful. Characters in that game almost look real. Water looks life-like. I think Crysis 2 held the crown as the most demanding and high-end PC Title, and the torch has now been passed on to Crysis 3. No other PC Game on the market will meet those heights unintentionally. Expand
  71. Feb 25, 2013
    This game has a stunning graphic. Jaws will drop several times. The audience behind the player will cry that they do not have a strong computer too. But as always, graphic wow will fade over time and Crysis 3 will be naked.

    This game is the same as Crysis 1 was perhaps little better. You do not play it for fun, fresh and intense shooter experience. Despite the fact, that Crytek wants
    to persuade you, its opposite and all this nanosuit's features, opponents and shooting are incredibly cool they are not. You play Crysis 3 for tessellated water, global illumination and particle shadows. Then you will return to first F.E.A.R., Far Cry and Unreal, if you want to play a real good shooter.

    However, in the fluffy world of Crysis with no gore, weak shaking weapons and weak opponents, Crysis 3 is the best of all! It is not an infamous Crysis 2 at least on PC. Combat, whenever its EAlized boring averageness, is the funniest of all in the franchise. Broken New York is full of interesting scenes and when the game tells you "look, this is cool", it actually is cool. Not like Crysis 2 "oh damn, another falling skyscraper scene, sigh".
  72. Mar 10, 2013
    Crysis 3 is incredibly good. Crysis 3 acts as a fantastic finale to the series. That being said, If you have not played BOTH Crysis 1 and Crysis 2 before playing Crysis 3, your experience will be substantially dampened. Crysis 3 bears the most depth in story compared to it's predecessors, being the first Crysis game that actually made me feel a considerable amount of emotion. Crysis 3 serves as a decent sequel to Crysis 2, as well as the successor that Crysis 1 originally deserved. Crysis 3 also features many open areas to explore, making it evident that Crytek has made an effort to pay respects to the open world elements in Crysis 1. Heavily acknowledging the events in both Crysis 1 and Crysis 2, Crysis 3 wraps up the trilogy beautifully. While it is the shortest, it may be the strongest. I hate to use such an overused term, but this game is simply epic. Expand
  73. Feb 26, 2013
    Call of Deus Modern Battlefield 3 (a.k.a Crysis3) is EA's latest attempt at producing anything that will win the title of world's dumbest game that sells like crazy (currently held by COD). My first impression of this game is "Thank God I didn't buy it!" I played this game at a friend's house because I am currently boycotting all EA games (and now my friend will do that too). The story feels totally disconnected from the first Crysis and this game feels like the bastard child of COD and Deus Ex Human Revolution. Totally uninspired gameplay and story is a drooling disgrace compared to the groundbreaking masterpiece that was the first game. I feel sad that this game will sell loads and perpetuate the cycle of emptyness that is today's PC/console gaming trend. Do we vote candidates based on how flashy their outfits are? Seems like the answer is yes. God help us all! Expand
  74. Mar 2, 2013
    EA must be feeling a lot of pain at this moment and I don't feel any bit sorry for them, there previous crysis is on steam but then they decided to bring all there games including crysis 3 over to their own drm witch is origin, imo the reason why they are doing this is because they wanna see if they can pull there customers around to whatever drm or platform they go to, so since there new games will now only be on origin, do not be surprised if EA goes to PS4 causes its just for the money.. EA screwed up big time on this and there gonna be slowly loosing fans... But this is the end for me... Goodbye EA, i thought you would have none better than to do somethin like this. Expand
  75. Feb 24, 2013
    I have to say that crytek pulled it off this time! Good graphics, good tweakability, smooth gameplay, DEDICATED SERVERS!!!!!! superb multiplayer experience, balanced weapons and so to say perks/upgrades.

    Since crysis2 was big dissapointment with p2p matchmaking and that crap I was really cautious to buy C3 no doupt that money well spent this time for real.

    Faith in Crytek restored for now!
  76. Mar 2, 2013
    In my opinion best of the series. The terrible AI other people have is there is nothing wrong with the AI.. they are smart, careful and know how to aim.. also trowing grenades and shooting at the last spot they see you before stealthing is a nice feature. Sure, the singleplayer is very short, i have to agree.. but tbh.. who seriously plays a shooter for a full worked out storyline.., you play it to shoot aliens in awesome sceneries dont you? XD

    The multiplayer is great, the gamemodes are very fun to play and this multiplayer makes it fun to play alot of the same games as much as you can. There still is balancing needed, but till now its looking nice.
  77. Mar 1, 2013
    People highly rating Crysis 3 obviously have never played the first one. Firstly I have to say the graphics are not that great (I played on max settings.) However, when you step out into New York for the first time, it is stunning. Shortly the 'goggles' wear off, you are left with an average shooter that seems to be more of a benchmark demo. The motion blur looks good but the feel of it is awful and the controls are terrible. It has obviously been made with the console in mind (which is ironic because they basically sell this as a PC experience. I never finished the game and don't have any need to. In saying this, I know it will sell well, the console kiddies will lap this crap up just like annualized COD. Crysis 3 is a prettier, bastardized version of Crysis 1. If you want the real 'experience' buy Crysis 1 for under $10 and crank up the settings. The story is far more engaging and the multiplayer (sadly dead i believe) was far superior Expand
  78. Mar 3, 2013
    Beautiful...absent of soul and lacking the spark of 1&Warhead... even 2 had its moments. Oh and its laughably short but I am an older gamer and I have come to expect 20+ hours to mean value. But hey, its a good looking game. The bow is fun but makes everything too easy, the AI sucks... if you can pick it up as a bargain then go for it...
  79. Feb 24, 2013
    Behind the good visuals lies a competent, yet uninspired game. Sadly, Crysis 1's gameplay aspirations are once again abandoned for the familiar trappings of the "cinematic" modern shooter formula. Some levels offer a modicum of "open-endedness", but these forks in the path are not enough to impress. As in Crysis 2, you cannot find vehicles to traverse the map, though some levels have handful of quasi-forced vehicle sequences thrown in to change the pace a bit. The shooting and sneaking are OK: not bad, but nothing that stands out either. In the end, Crysis 3 is an utterly average experience, guaranteed to be forgotten. And on PC, I fear it will see more mileage as a benchmark tool than anything else. Expand
  80. Feb 26, 2013
    If this was any other game it would have scored much higher but it is a victim of it's own success. I think people are expecting another masterpiece like Crysis 1. It's not but it's still very, very enjoyable. Of course the graphics on PC are leagues above everything else including the forthcoming console. I played it on GTX 680s in SLI simply stunning. Be warned that it is roughly 7 10 hours depending on the difficulty. Multiplayer is simply a blast. Expand
  81. Mar 5, 2013
    Just started to play this game, and what can I say. Beautiful graphics, but they should make better melee and take down system. Guns are realistic, bow is fun. Blot is nothing special and that's it. Good game, that's all.
  82. Feb 26, 2013
    The gameplay so cool, sounds and musikc are outstanding. And graphics perfect, i dont know how to play other games after this one. One of the best game and shoter ever, franchise is awesome. People who made this game are really professionals.
  83. Feb 26, 2013
    I'm really disappointed by the fourth Crysis. After playing Farcry 3 Crysis's level are feeling to constrictive. The rest was all done before in better ways. Graphically Crysis 3 is the ubergame but the remaining shooter is nothing more than standard. )o:
  84. Feb 28, 2013
    totally amazing the graphics will blow you away the game play will blow you away lets put it this way everything will blow you away the only problem i have is the stealth aspect not really good(my opinion)
  85. Feb 28, 2013
    This is my first review because i am the lazy kind. But the dissapointment crysis 3 left in me made me sign up to leave a review.

    I litteraly LOVED the first crysis, the graphs were stunnings, the gameplay was intense nonstop, from the nanosuit to the tank to the V-TOL, the game never bored me and made me play the campain more than once, wich is rare for a game.

    But we are talking
    about crysis 3 here, god thing they went back to make some vegetation, where cry engine really do it's best to amaze players with decent computer. With rare frame drops on max settings, i was delighted by the graphics.

    But the graphic are only a container, and the content itself, be it the game you play, left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Freedom is gone since crysis 2, you have to follow a specific path, dont think about going around your ennemies, you have to go trough (the long way around dosent exist anymore)

    A.I is meh at best, the challenge was pretty much nonexistant. When you compare Cry 3 to the first one, the story is flat dead boring, we see that it was not a priority, wich is a shame, because they had a good beginning, the end, unfortunately, feels rushed and leaves no satisfaction.

    Graphics were great
    weapons were so-so, the bow did not save the game from being average borderline bad
    story, no comments much better could have been done.

    60$ for this is an absolute rip-off, the game did not last me 3 days i still have to give a try to the multiplayer, i will always miss the huge map from crysis 1 with all the vehicles...)

    if you dont want to be dissapointed and wish to have a game worth your money, wait until the prices goes down, big time or you might regret your purchase wich im doing right now.
  86. Mar 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well... there's much to tell.. and not much same time..

    Stunning grapghics? maybe.. but not as stunning as they were promised. probably because then there would be no machines able to run this with current optimization:) Absolutely gorgeous soundtrack..! Yeah!!
    Interesting story, pity that sometimes it was just too predictable.. especially i was amazed how those idiots didnt get it that the old guy was possesed...
    And stupid AI.. just really dumb..they know they are confronting invisible guy, and make nothing from it. They just keep walking by, checking on corpses of their mates, and die exactly at the same spot.. The bow is just a cheat, it makes the game too easy. All those special arrows are simply not required. You can stealth kill almost any opponent in the game and pick your arrows to kill next guy. I've beaten it on max difficulty level without even trying easier ones... Unforgiving they say? lol... TOO DAMN EASY. The only difficulty was fighting stalkers in second mission when the suit broke down... and final boss was not too chalenging.. but took some time to kill..
    Any1 who loved crysis1+warhead will see all those major flaws here.. and "open" levels are still just corridors.. sad...
  87. Mar 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Note that his rating is for the PC version only:

    - State of the art graphics, not much more to say to this
    - Good but not extraordinary sound and music (see also Atmosphere rating)
    - Mediocre gameplay, weapons system pretty much the same as in Crysis 2. The hacking minigame is just boring, Weapons system not really comfortable to use on a PC with a keyboard. Integrating a "god mode" by overloading the nanosuit is imho just stupid and boring. Never had the feeling to face smart enemies, thus not the best AI but not bad either.
    - Story is okay, way better told than in Crysis 2 but still very predictable and not very complex
    - Atmosphere is okay but not really what I would call stunning. The battle sound sometimes starts without really being in battle if you sneak by an enemy.
    - Not much innovation except for the graphics and maybe the bow. Just like in Crysis 2 you first fight Cell, then Cell plus Ceph and finally only the Ceph in an alien level.

    standard shooter with fantastic graphics, good music/sound and the rest ist pretty much average.
  88. Mar 4, 2013
    Crytek has finally hit their stride in Crysis 3. While the first two were by no means bad games, the last one met with some pacing problems, as well as a heavy linearity that many fans were not pleased with. Crysis 3, however, aims to capitalize on the strengths of its predecessors, and deliver (in this reviewer's opinion) the smoothest experience in the franchise.
  89. Mar 10, 2013
    I honestly had more fun with Crysis 3 than I expected to have. But then again, I expected nothing from this game when I saw it at E3 2012.
    Let's just say this: If you liked Crysis 2, you're going to love this game. It pretty much improves upon everything from that game. The game opened up quite a bit and gives you a purpose to explore, as there are off-path caves and such that contain
    hidden upgrades and collectibles. The game is also a whole lot more dynamic due to the fact that everything movement related (sprinting, power jumps) now don't take off suit energy, which makes the game a whole lot more dynamic.
    However you were disappointed with Crysis 2, this probably won't change your mind, as the main gameplay style is still the same. The nanosuit is still very stripped down, giving you only the option between Stealth and Armor mode. The campaign is also very short and pretty easy even on "Post-Human warrior". There's also not a lot of replay value to it, seeing how there's a lot of unskippable dialogue. Granted, it's not as scripted as Crysis 2, but it's still very tedious.

    Multiplayer is fun, although besides of the nanosuit and it's mobility, there's not a whole lot to it that you wouldn't get from other Modern Multiplayer shooters. Still, I'd say it's worth checking out.

    Overall, if you did not enjoy Crysis 2, I'd say it's worth a rental. Otherwise, go buy it, you'll have fun with it!
  90. Apr 13, 2013
    The gameplay has come a long way from the original Crysis and combined with spectacular graphics does make an enjoyable experience. But the campaign was somewhat short and I found myself doing the exact same approach for every section. It was worth the half-price point I managed to buy it at but I'm not sure it was everything I hoped for if I spent anymore on it.

    The multiplayer was
    also not bad, although personally I lost interest after a couple of afternoon sessions. Expand
  91. Aug 5, 2013
    Crysis 3 didn't disappoint me but it didn't impress me either. The campaign is decent. It is a lot more linear compared to the first one and it does get a bit cutsceny every now and then. I would also have love to seen more drive-able vehicles in the game. But you know the gameplay is fun enough It hasnt changed all that much since the previous games. You can still abuse the hell out of the cloak system and the AI doesnt really put up any real challenge most of the time. The checkpoint can be a source of annoyance.

    The production values are great and everything sounds and looks awesome. The characters are extremely detailed and nicely voiced. But i didnt really care about the story or any of the characters. You dont really have any reason to care about the world and the sci fi story is pretty damn generic.

    I might sound more negative about the game than i really am. Its not like its a bad game. Everything works as it should and if you are new to the crysis series then you will probably have a lot of fun with the nanosuit.

    But the game didnt have any major impact on me. It didnt make me feel anything when playing it. I recognize that as far a criticism go this is a quite one. But for me this game was quite a forgetful experience.

    Perhaps its the fact that my playstyle basically is me sneaking past everyone. And the sneaking in this game is way overpowered and dull. Not to mention that you can pick off anyone at any time with little to no consequence. The fact that you easily could kill everyone if spotted could be one of those thing that removes the tension of the stealth.

    But hey i have rambled enough. Crysis 3 is an good enough game and if you are looking for a high production valued 6 hours action filled campaign then you could do way worse.
  92. Feb 26, 2013
    i was so waiting for this game and now i understood that pc gaming is dead
    because when there was bad pc games you could always count on on a crysis game
    but after this one i think we need to droop pc gameing and buy a console
    its sad but true
  93. Feb 23, 2013
    The games visuals are top notch like always but it feels to similar to crysis 2. I've really enjoyed the original Crysis but it doesn't have that extra thing that makes the game series special. For me the multiplayer was average and for no reason I felt like playing a call of duty.
  94. Mar 27, 2013
    Don't let the shiny graphic fool you. This is a very generic FPS with a story, crappy level design and stupid A.I. It's a technical achievement if your gaming rig can handle it on the highest setting but as a game, it isn't fun. Don't like the EA hype fool you. Everything associated with EA is pretty much guaranteed crap.
  95. Mar 5, 2013
    First of all: The graphics are the best that i have ever seen.
    Unfortunately this is the only extraordinary feature of the game. The characters are the best and most "living" in all Crysis games. The Story is not that amazing but its solid. The sound is amazing. The overall Gameplay is also good. 7/10 points from me: -1 for story -1 for short duration -1 for uninteresting Multiplayer part.
  96. Mar 5, 2013
    I love the new lanscape and atmosohere, but its literally pointless, maybe you kick car here or there, and the graphics are amazin on max, but just feels like crysis dlc with pretty nice surroundings, and of course the shoehorned same multiplsyer EVERY game now has to have. I can see the meeting of pulbisher and devs now "We have a dark horse of succss in Dark Souls, anway we can make it lot easierk AND add capture the FLAG!?!? OMG YOU ARE GETTING A RAISE JOHNSON,. Expand
  97. Mar 8, 2013
    GOOD: Nice graphics and nanosuit. BAD: Too easy. Took under 7 hours to finish up, even that I was playing on the hardest mode and tried to explore maps for goods and so on. AI is so stupid and they are so easy to kill. Story was quite boring. And I didn't liked multiplayer game, because it was too much like those COD games. The original Crysis is still the best in my opinion.
  98. Apr 20, 2013
    This is without a doubt a beautiful game.

    But when:
    1) the combat bores you
    2) you can one-shot kill all enemies while still on stealth and they won't even notice WTF just happened
    3) Storyline is predictable
    4) Game is short

    ....You know you should have spent your money somewhere else--
  99. Nov 9, 2013
    The pacing is superb as in Crysis 2 The graphics are the best ever even the minimum settings are better than COD Ghosts graphics The gameplay is very authentic and refined and the controls are amazing It will run well on middle end PCs The multiplayer is well balanced The story is actually emotionally well done The bow is bad-ass The stealth actually works The Bad Odd quick-time events
    Short campaign
    Note: This on the highest settings will destroy anything short of a proper gaming rig my new GTX 780 Ti has helped me with this

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    You are an enhanced super-soldier, the ultimate killing machine developed through nanotechnology, and that fact is fleshed out during gameplay- you can do all the things that you would expect you could do. [April 2013]
  2. Apr 15, 2013
    While it is technically the best version of Crysis out there, it is really only a slightly better version of Crysis 2’s mechanics and graphics. Because of that, Crysis 3 feels more like an expansion pack to Crysis 2 than a true sequel and more than likely not worth your time.
  3. Mar 30, 2013
    A series we're glad to see come to a close. But if you like games with HEAPS of graphics, or for the multiplayer. [Apr 2013, p.82]