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  • Summary: (Known as "Evany: Key to a Distant Land" in the UK) A malevolent power has stolen control of all the souls of Evany, and you alone have survived. With the help of a star portal left behind by a mysterious visitor, you escape your imprisoned planet and find yourself alone in a vast galaxy of unknown worlds, desperate to find help for your beleaguered home. Journey to an island of robots, a mysterious abandoned desert dwelling, and the sparkling glass towers of the Merari, an ancient sea people who are involved in the resistance against the Balial, to solve the mystery behind The Far Realm. [DreamCatcher Interactive] Expand
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  1. 85
    Despite a few bugs, Crystal Key 2 is a fabulous adventure game, with an interesting story, challenging puzzles, and beautiful graphics.
  2. To solve the problems in Crystal Key 2 it's pretty much up to you and it makes for a fun time fitting things together.
  3. A refreshing change of pace although I know that many gamers will hate it due to its relative lack of action. Most of the action takes place in your imagination as you either read about it or hear tales from NPCs regarding past circumstances.
  4. 59
    Anyone other than super rich puzzle freaks should avoid this game. The interface has a high probability of making you nauseous and the story lacks depth and excitement. What's more, the puzzles are either too easy or lack any kind of reason.
  5. It's not something you play, it's more something you journey through. There's nothing here that'll keep the mainstream masses entertained; this is one of those game for those who like adventures to progress without the troublesome orcs and goblins to kill or the daunting levelling up of statistics.
  6. I walked away with a lacking plot, some silly graphics, and a less than satisfying gaming experience. While this game is not a turkey and definitely worth a look, The Far Realm proves that it is not all that far away from its original.
  7. A stunning example of why adventure games aren't as popular as they once were. [Aug 2004, p.82]

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