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  • Summary: Cultures offers the player 13 complex missions with multiple mission objectives and all the traditional elements of resource management, trading, military operations and discovery. With its rich and vibrant landscapes, colourful characters and nurturing gameplay, Cultures redefines this genre for strategy and simulation fans. [THQ UK] Collapse
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  1. 73
    It's just so freaking slow. Everything these little Vikings do takes forever.
  2. This is what ultimately lets this game down – the boring simple things just take a little too long to do. Your villagers do not recreate on their own – you have to tell them practically everything in order for things to happen.
  3. Cultures suffers from a lack of personality because it feels like an amalgam of other games in this genre rather than a distinct design. If you're interested in city-building games, there are far better ones available that are more worthwhile.
  4. Too much micro-management to contend with and an exorbitant amount of time to...are the primary stumbling blocks.
  5. Only those who are willing to take the time to be bogged down in the minutia of running the lives and future of an entire virtual village should look seriously at this RTS title.
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  1. ThE_RadiX
    Oct 4, 2001
    My dad loves it. He's a big "Settlers" fan too, so this is very similiar... Don't try to compare against "Age of Kings." Try to understand the realism factor. Expand
  2. Jackie
    Jul 12, 2002
    This game is really good, you just have to be patient, as it is pretty slow, it's also a bit like 'Age of Empires' but I liked this better. Expand
  3. Jamie
    Jul 21, 2006
    This is like settlers, only even cuter. Additionally, you have direct control over individuals (Unlike settlers) and can even send them exploring on rpg type missions to find treasure and interact with other people. They can also equip themselves with boots, shields, swords etc that they find. Basically, it's an early RTS/RPG hybrid and the reviewers just didn't "get" it. Tremendous fun, pretty to look at, lots to explore. I STILL have it on my HD, along with 2 and 3 (Which are even better!) Expand