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  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. 78
    Once you've adjusted to the unaccommodating controls and camera, Curse: The Eye of Isis is a fun, creepy, good looking horror game.
  2. 75
    If you dig survival-horror games and you're up for a new story and setting -- and don't mind some very familiar gameplay -- Curse is a good time.
  3. A medium of the road horror adventure that has unfriendly controls and a less then inspiring storyline but with slick graphics and spot-on audio, all of which disappoints because I could see how good this game might have been with minimal adjustments.
  4. A decent game that offers a good diversion for horror fans, but not much of a memorable experience as it covers familiar gaming territory that has already been done before.
  5. The action isn't quite as fast and furious (or spooky) as iGames' Nosferatu, but it is a lot of fun. There's a lot of puzzle solving and "find the key" gameplay, along with a fair amount of exploration and discovery that works pretty well despite a few technical problems that make gameplay a little more awkward than it should be.
  6. It's not as spine chilling as "Resident Evil," it's a little less bleak and gritty but it manages to serve up some moments reminiscent of Spielberg.
  7. Curse: The Eye of Isis does do an admiral job of pulling off drama, thanks in part to a very well done camera. Much like the camera systems in "Alone in the Dark" and "Resident Evil," Curse utilizes a fixed placement camera that captures the action from just the right angle in each location.
  8. I still had a good deal of fun with Curse, and I would like to see a sequel - provided Asylum can update and improve upon the clumsy combat mechanics.
  9. It's more so bland than bad, with most of the game play revolving around finding keys and such. This coupled with the fact that there is really no reason to replay the game once you've beaten it makes the game average at best.
  10. The designers have traced the footsteps of "Resident Evil" as carefully as a chiropodist. This leaves the end result without even the tiniest smidgen of originality, though it is an acceptable memorial to a classic genre.
  11. If you absolutely love story-driven horror type games then this may be worth a look. Otherwise, don't even think about it.
  12. Understanding the limitations of weak story, consolitis, and mundane gameplay, you may still opt to try yet another survival/horror game with an impressive atmosphere and novel approach. Remember, I’ve given you fair warning!
  13. All we get is A-to-B puzzles mixed with a huge amount of zombie splatting that takes you from London to The Pyramids. [PC Zone]
  14. 50
    While the graphics are pretty good, the game just isn’t scary, and it really didn’t make you feel that saving the main character from the curse was really important.
  15. Despite a moderately intriguing story, the game suffers from jarring controls and a clunky combat interface. While the visuals are generally good, the audio is lacking for a survival-horror game and a few glitches prevent a truly enjoyable experience.
  16. Might be entertaining enough to play except its interface sucks too much enjoyment out of the game. [Mar 2004, p.76]
  17. The puzzles are a monotonous nightmare accompanied by hordes of zombies that make your finger numb by the repeated clicking on the left mouse button to kill them. Almost 85% of the puzzles involve finding a key to unlock a door, chest, or anything that could be locked.
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  1. Mar 5, 2014
    One of the most memorable game I ever played. There are all sorts of fun moments in the game. Cool bosses, the undead zombies, hard-to-kill mummies, intriguing puzzles and wonderful locations- the game has it all. It is a marvelous game with a very good Storyline. Something in which the today's games really fall short . I would love to play a reboot! Full Review »
  2. RoccoSiffredi
    Nov 20, 2003