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  • Summary: Dangerous Waters will be the first title of its kind, allowing you total control over multiple air, surface, and submarine platforms in a modern-day naval environment! The game allows you to focus your attention and to take direct control of individual crew stations and also plan and execute combined arms naval strategies from a top-down 'Commanders Eye' perspective. S.C.S. - Dangerous Waters allows you control of over 10 of the world's most potent naval units out of a total of more than 270 civilian and military surface, submarine and air units included in the game. [Battlefront.com] Expand
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  1. Very well conceived and produced. I am not sure if any but the most die-hard naval sim fans will be able to truly appreciate what they have at their fingertips when playing.
  2. If you crave strategy and realism, Dangerous Waters is a simulation that'll have you playing for years to come.
  3. From hunting submarines in a helicopter whilst utilising sonar buoys or making a tense approach into an all too shallow harbour to stick your periscope up and take a peek at what’s there, Dangerous Waters manages to simulate all the thrills and spills of modern naval warfare seamlessly.
  4. A highly-detailed, multi-platform naval simulator, perfect for fans of the genre. However, Dangerous Waters is also quite unfriendly toward newbies, so enter at your own risk.
  5. With a full range of attack subs, surface vessels and the introduction of aircraft it's amazing that a simulation can remain so detailed and focussed.
  6. If you know sod-all about sea-faring, and don’t have the desire to spend several hours learning about it before getting to blow stuff up, then watch The Hunt for Red October and get Silent Hunter III.
  7. 60
    A good game insomuch as it’s about as realistic as you can get. But that devotion to realism can be an unforgiving master. If you’re new to the genre, stay far away from this game. It’ll only end in tears.

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