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  1. Jul 24, 2014
    dark blood online in its current state is a very beautiful and fun game that i WISH I COULD PLAY ALL DAY. the reason why i cannot play the game as much as i want to is because they have made the stress system. it allows you to play the game a certain amount of time so the servers dont overflow. witch limits the game to about 500 people. i the stress system is taken out then the game will be a perfect 8 on the scale. another reason why this game is not at its full potential is because its consistently getting updated thus closing the game at hours of times aswell that cuts immersion and aswell your already at a time limit so waiting doesnt make me feel any better. its all up to the devs at this point if they do what the community wants they will get the support they want not a bad game but needs to get fixed Expand

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