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  1. Apr 22, 2013
    Very impressive in scope and gameplay for such an indie company imo. Defo some kinks to iron out but based on the communication flow that has been seen this last year it's fairly hopeful that most things will be addressed sooner or later. Between the vast, gorgeous world and the insanely fun pvp potential (siege warfare, naval warfare, huuuuge battles etc) I've had a blast. Personally I would recommend this for anyone who likes pvp without limits (and the full loot aspect actually makes pvp important again!). It's not a game for carebears, but then I don't think it ever tried to be. Full Review »
  2. Apr 25, 2013
    Compared to the original DF, this game is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. During its initial beta I was apprehensive because of huge preformance issues, but these seem to have been largely delt with (while in the beta I was getting about 2-5fps if more then a few people showed up on the screen) now it runs smooth as butter with my screen filled with both players, monsters and spell effects flying all over the place. Haven't had any issues getting stuck on terrain or falling through the earth yet, as for the grind it's far from mindless, since you're grinding towards specific goals.

    Anyone who played the original DF knew what a mindless grind was, because there people would generally just macro their characters skills up rather then play the actual game most of the time (until they changed it, long after DF had received its deathknell through loss of players.)

    As for a gap between vets and noobs, it doesn't matter what game you play, if it has character progression you'll have a gap. Not just because of the skills but the gear, UO had this just like many other games have and it's nothing new. It's not insurmountable, but don't forget those vets are much more seasoned in the game as well, and could probably beat up on noobs without all that gear, or their skilled up characters.

    As for the missing components, id rather have the game out now, then AV spending as long as they did with DF's original production cycle. I signed up on the DF forums in 2003 when I was in highschool, and it's the longest wait i've ever had for an mmo to date, which wound up being a giant let down with its original incarnation.

    It's not perfect in its current state, but it's a helluv alot better then it was regardless of what the trolls here, or the trolls on the df forums would try and have you believe. Right now it's a genuinely fun game, and hopefully we can get a good influx of players to dilute the troll population that sits around crying like little girls saying everything is awful even though they continue to play and have fun with the game.
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  3. Apr 25, 2013
    Best game ive ever played (Vet)
    You will like darkfall unholy wars if you like games like (counterstrike, eve online, warz, dayz, ultima
    online ect ect)

    For years i went from game to game playing them all and getting bored as in a few months. I always was on the look for that gem of a game. Until a friend of mine recommended some indie game called "Darkfall Online" 3 Years later, and i was still playing it and there was next to no support/updates from the developers just the raw game itself and that was enough.

    That aside this is the new Darkfall, a totally new game that is a successful attempt to fix the mistakes that made the original Darkfall unsuccessful and unknown. And let me tell you they are doing a amazing job this time around with daily updates and patches, while really listening to what the community says.

    Lets get back to the main thing, the game itself. Its exactually what it says, A full-loot, Open PVP Non-flagging mmorpg. Build alliances with others join armies of 1000's and try to take over agon. there is so much to do in this game its incredible, and the open world harshness makes everything you accomplish ingame feel like a real feat. Be a reknown crafter, A Fearless Leader of 1000's of people. Tax people, become rich as a trader, be a paid spy or scout for your clan. Become reknown as a Skilled pvper and watch the lesser skilled run in fear as you slay them down.

    "IMPORTANT TIP" As a new player you will have alot of trouble at first and feel somewhat overwhelmed cause of the sandboxness of the game. First thing you should do is join a reknown clan and tell them that you are new, you will be given advice and learn the game with other players, at the start advice is everything. Soon you will be sucked into the world of agon and after that there is no going back. Good Luck
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