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  1. Aug 15, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed the first title, and I was looking forward to this sequel all year. The game itself is great. It even outshines the first in many areas. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend enough to STAY AWAY from the PC version if you can. It's a 100% console port. And that means control issues, stability issues, and no graphics options whatsoever.

    I'd be giving this game a 9 IF IT
    WEREN'T FOR THE FACT that at a certain point, I crashed to desktop which bugged out my game, preventing me from continuing the main quest line 13 hours in. This particular crash also happened to others, not just me. THQ, a game that breaks half way is a game not worth playing at all.

    I am extremely disappointed that such game breaking bugs exist, given that THQ's excuse for the delay of the game's release was to 'polish it up'.

    I want to love this game, I really do. But it doesn't look like I'll get to see the last half of the game unless I start from scratch, and I sure as hell ain't doing that.
  2. Aug 22, 2012
    After enjoying Darksiders 1, I was ready to sink my teeth deep into Darksiders 2, boy, was I surprised at how terrible it is. Separate from all the crap textures and lack of graphical settings in the PC version that everybody is reporting, the game itself just rubs me the wrong way. After a lackluster spreadsheet intro that explains the plot of Darksiders 1 and your role in this new part, you are plopped down in a non-de-script world, hunting a man called the Crow-Lord because he knows how to resurrect humanity (how? why?). Seeing as how proving War's innocence starts with Death resurrecting humanity for some reason (how? why? what?). Also, at one point in the past you collected a million dead souls, stuffed them into a talisman, and forced the Crow Lord to wear it, torturing him because all those souls never stop whispering in the Crow Lord's ears, because of....reasons...
    As you fight the Crow Lord to force him to open a portal to a world where you can start resurrecting humanity, he turns into War (Death is completely un-phased by this) but you kick the snot out of him regardless and with the Crow-Lord literally choking on your scythe, he opens the portal and throws the talisman at you, causing it to break and Death absorbs it into his right pec. Again, because of reasons. Yeah, if you are looking for a story that makes sense, do not play Darksiders 2, but regardless of the plot, as soon as you enter the next world, my biggest gripe with this game becomes evident. It's freaking World of Warcraft, only then as a single player game. There are loot drops from chests and mobs that are either upgrades or vendor trash, there are NPC's who send you all over the place to do their dirty work and there are even two talenttrees to pick from. I am sorry, but NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, if I want to play World of Warcraft or any other kind of MMO, I will play those games. I want to play as Death, a **** force of nature. The Jack Bauer of video games. The Chuck Norris of the underworld. I do not want to spend time comparing gear stats and ponder about talents. Darksiders 1 was hardly original with green/red/yellow souls coming out of chests and mobs, but I prefer that system over gear and gold. And now we shall delve into the mosh pit that is the combat: it's fast (sometimes so fast that you can't even see where Death is), it's fluent and it flows very nicely...
    SO WHY THE **** DID THEY ATTACH SUCH A WORTHLESS CAMERA TO IT! I love getting hit by mobs that are off-screen, because that adds such a fantastic strategic layer to the game. There is no PoV option for this game in the PC-mode, so that only adds to the headache that you get from playing Darksiders 2 for longer than an hour. I was so looking forward to this, I was counting down the hours until launch, but Vigil studios just took my hopes and dreams, grinded it into a pulp, mixed it with pig meat and squeezed it into sausages ready to be sold at the next Oktoberfest in Germany, to feed the great ,drunken, unwashed masses. I normally buy my games from the bargain bin, only with very rare occassions do I purchase it full-price, and I felt that my 50 bucks would be justified in this case, especially as THQ is suffering financially. I wanted to help them out. Now I just want to see them burn.

    My advice would be to stay away from this game, and if you really feel the need to play this, get it on console, because the PC port is just abysmally bad and we shouldn't take this kind of travesty.
  3. Nov 17, 2012
    Going into Darksiders II, I wanted to like it. I loved the first game, but the second spits on the franchise. Terrible glitches, copy and pasted dungeons, and every time I was asked to find yet another three of X plot device I died a little inside. This game has the absolute largest amount of padding of any game I have ever played, and is shameless in doing so.The only two enjoyable moments were the first and last boss battles of the first act. Buyer beware, Darksiders certainly isn't what it used to be. Expand
  4. Aug 17, 2012
    Unfortunately I have to agree with others negative reviews.Game itself maybe would be good but PC version is completelly unplayable so how I can give positive score if I cannot play it ?
  5. Jul 1, 2013
    Darkness II gets lost in meaningless breadth. It has interesting design in characters, worlds, weapons, but it's too much and without purpose. Too many missions follow the "collect 3 of..." format. Some are even nested, so you'll find yourself collecting 3 of X in order to get 1 of 3 Y. It just feels like busy work. Combat is over-complicated, uninteresting and made even more frustrating by bad automatic camera placement. Inventory management is a large part of the game and is also quite lackluster. Simply not fun to play. Expand
  6. Sep 1, 2012
    Well this game could had been a good game of the 2012, if just the developers didn't make it look like a poor console port, that's one of the main problems of this game, almost completely unoptmized for PC's, people even had been forced to play it 1280x720 (Console resolution if i am not wrong), because of a stuttering problem that is happening to many players, i've experienced this issue too, after spending 2 hours trying to fix it, i decided to give up, and hoping for a possible future patch that might fix those problems, another bad point is everytime you will move the camera around, it will reset itself behind you, making it harder for targetting/looking around, i suggest you to wait for a "possible" GOTY edition with all the DLC's and base game being released, but before that look around if the issues has been fixed, cause in the actual state of the game is not worth to be bought on PC's since it's choppy, should you have question you can contact me anytime, ill be happy to be more detailed. Expand
  7. Jul 27, 2013
    Played 10 minutes of it, and that's all I could stand. It feels like a cheap Prince of Persia knockoff, but the game feels completely uninspired and generic. I don't understand why people love it so much. It has cheap console port written all over it. The menus don't even have scroll wheel support, and are clunky and slow. Just remapping keys was obnoxious. And then I crashed while changing some settings and I decided never to load the game up again. Expand
  8. Aug 31, 2012
    It's a shameless console port with some scripting problems, especially when fighting bosses. Seriously this game runs DX11 ? Get glasess or learn to use DX9.c, before you will sell this piece of junk outside US. Actually this so called game has nothing to offer, except very good main questline. Everything else, including gui, menu and controls, is abomination for PC gaming. 2 updates are out so far, but there is no info, what exactly they fix, pity. As for positive reviews, i know some of you need manuals to use toothpaste or play the game, but it doesn't mean others do the same. Collapse
  9. Nov 10, 2012
    i just couldn't give anything more because i played on PC port and it was horrible, wtf is wrong with that camera? i haven't seen such a bad port in a long time. And don't start me with the game cause aside from boss fights and some prince of persia jumping and climbing there is nothing else to this game...
  10. May 13, 2013
    Absolutely God awful game. This has to be one of the most outrageous console ports that I have ever seen. There are literally NO graphics settings besides a resolution slider and a v-sync option. Unfortunately, V-sync doesn't even work. The graphics are pretty poor for a modern game, and the low-res character models (most notably the one of Death himself in the inventory screen) are abysmal.
    I wanted to like this game, because it looked pretty fun, but I cannot bring myself to play any further than the prologue. I've scored this game a 2, because the combat mechanics are actually not bad, and there seems to be a pretty solid RPG element to it, but it is seriously undermined by developer laziness and/or incompetence.
    Avoid this game at all costs.
  11. Aug 29, 2012
    Darksiders II suffers from the same problem very nearly all sequels do. It's worse than the original, and unfortunately it's worse in almost every way.
    If we were to divide it into 10 parts, Darksiders 2 would be 3 parts 3d platformer, 3 parts scavenger hunt, 3 parts puzzle game and 1 part action game. See the problem here? They took all the wrong lessons from the first game and instead
    of giving us more and better combat, they settled doubling, tripling and even quadrupling the puzzle and platforming elements. It gets to the point where a good hour of gameplay has at most five minutes of combat in it. My question is why? Honestly, when did we decide three dimensional platforming was a good idea? Who decided this? Was there a vote I missed, because I feel unrepresented here... And why make a sequel to an action game, the worst parts of which were the endless and incredibly boring puzzle dungeons, almost entirely about platforming and puzzles? Yes, the combat is a bit better than it was in the first game, or at least slightly more varied. But you wont get to see it for the majority of your game time, because you'll be too busy searching for knick-knacks, struggling with the bad platforming or solving tedious and repetitive puzzles.
    Then we come to the story. Who's bright idea was it to take the game away from the devastated Earth and place the hero in a completely unknown and generic fantasy world with absolutely no connection or relevance to the plot of the first game? Why? Darksiders might as well have not existed and we could have called this game something else, and all you'd have to change is half a dozen lines of dialogue to make it work. I find myself completely uninterested in the plot because of this, since the link to the first game and the characters and world I grew to like is so tenuous it might as well not be there. As a whole this is a very poor effort. It takes the worst from Darksiders 1 and magnifies it times five, then throws out the story completely and expects you to stay interested. The combat is it's only saving grace, but you get to do so little of that it's not much of a one. I'd wait for a severe price cut before buying this game.
  12. Jul 13, 2013
    Don't buy this game for PC. It looks nice, the idea is cool (combos, jumping around on walls like Prince-of-Persia), and the visuals are striking. But it takes a full 12 seconds to go into a menu, and another 12 to exit that menu. Quitting the game takes over 30 seconds. So there's no way you're going to check the map or your quests unless really desperate. Even new armor just didn't feel worth it.

    When a game requires holding down two keys and pressing a third with the same hand, I know it's a crappy port. You can adjust the keys, but the on-screen display telling you to press something doesn't tell you which key, it shows some mysterious icon and you have to figure out what you're supposed to press. Pressing TAB to bring up your ability list takes over five seconds, so in combat you'll probably stick with a mash-the-attack-key strategy. However, at least in the first hour of the game, no other technique is required.

    There are lots of little things too, like your character can hold two dozen giant war hammers and battle axes, but only five healing potions. Or the run-along-the-wall button is the same as the jump button, so you frequently jump off a ledge by mistake. But this seems to be planned because you respawn where you were with no penalty, so then you start to wonder what's the point of the movement-based puzzles.

    Also, there's a big warning at the beginning that this game will ALWAYS track your playing data, and you are forced to watch the "created by" animations every single time you boot the game. So it doesn't seem like they really give a crap about the people giving them money.

    In conclusion, if you like games that reward learning a thousand different variations of key presses that are all "kills the enemy" (and want to stockpile gold to backtrack and buy them), you don't mind your personal data being tracked, and you like sitting back watching the screen do nothing half the time, you'll enjoy this game.
  13. Oct 20, 2013
    Much worst than the previous game.
    Combat system(repeating and stuttering but not challenging ):I thought the game is trying to create a fluid combat experience,but i was totally wrong.I played the apocalypse difficulty(with controller), while most of the foes can do the uninterruptable attacks ,that means when you are performing the chain attack you have to break it to dodge the
    attack,from the middle of the game,your foes are always use the uninterruptable attacks,and i mean your FOES.You can hardly finish you chain from then on. At the later part of the game,almost all the combat i just use the dodge+forward+heavy(widow maker?)+dodge and light weapon to steal health.

    Camera:big problem.frustrating.While most combats take place in confine space,camera is really jerking 30% of time when i want to do a dodge forward+chain attack would become side dodge+normal attack AND miss!

    Map design:repeating dully prolonged.You need to solve the same puzzle many times in one dungeon.and there is no great puzzle like previous title.
  14. Nov 1, 2014
    I cannot give a full review as I did not play the whole game. But of what I have played let me list the things that brought me to see it in poor light: Writing isn't appealing - Corny, silly and ultimately not very interesting. Combat was bland - similar to a faster paced Zelda combat with Quick Time Events Performance Issues on PC - Some areas were oddly unstable, relative to the other parts of the game.
    Puzzles were not very satisfying - I just felt like I was going through motions rather than achieving anything or progressing.

    Maybe I am not the target market but ultimately I cannot recommend this particular game unless you really love the Legend of Zelda and God of War franchises, as those are most similar to this game, in terms of play style.
  15. Aug 31, 2012
    It's a shameless console port with some scripting problems, especially when fighting bosses. Seriously this game runs DX11 ? Get glasess or learn to use DX9.c, before you will sell this piece of junk outside US. Actually this so called game has nothing to offer, except very good main questline. Everything else, including gui, menu and controls, is abomination for PC gaming. 2 updates are out so far, but there is no info, what exactly they fix, pity. As for positive reviews, i know some of you need manuals to use toothpaste or play the game, but it doesn't mean others do the same. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 87
    Darksiders 2 is immersive, rich in content, it displays well-executed (although not original) mechanics and is a huge game that will quench your thirst for a top-notch, “intellectual” action game. [October 2012]
  2. Nov 10, 2012
    Ultimately, Darksiders II often makes you think of how it is similar to other games in certain respects, but it still feels like its own creature. The combat is enjoyable if a bit mindless, but considering how some of the puzzles can be, that might not be a bad thing. However, since skills and gear have such little leverage in the game, it feels like something substantial is missing. The rest of the game doesn't suffer, and the title is certainly engaging, but Darksiders II feels like it hasn't lived up to its full potential.
  3. Nov 5, 2012
    While the lack of advanced graphics options are disappointing, the core experience of Darksiders 2 remains intact with its assortment of gameplay genres and content rich world. Darksiders 2 on PC provides fans of the original and series newcomers with a seemingly endless amount of quests to complete and collectibles to discover, with the added bonus of Death himself as the protagonist.