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  1. Mar 25, 2014
    darksiders 2 is overall a fun game, but it was pretty inconsistent. most of the enviroments are amazing. some of the dungeons are also pretty atmosphereic and cool. puzzles are overall mediocore. sometimes they are good but some times theyre boring and not fun to do. the music in the game is mostly good and pretty epic, though sometimes its a bit anoyying. and combat system is overall great, but like the puzzles, it gets tedious near the end of the game. the pacing in the game isnt really good. the best thing about the game is the boss fights. they are just thrilling and really fun to do. every boss fight feels unique, even though they dont really innovate.
    the game has few problems though. graphics arent really good. because the enviroment looks good, it makes up for it a bit, but when theres a cutscene and you have close-ups on characters and objects, you see how bad textures and character models are.the animations are inconsistent. finishers look great and opening doors is also pretty cool. combat animation are good, though they can be better. the running animation is pretty bad though. running also feels too slow. the story is bland. writing and characters are bad. voiceacting is also for the most part bad. the game tries to make a cool universe but it fails. the story was pretty forgetable. the open world is useless and doesnt make any real purpose. your horse is also pretty useless as you barely use him. the game is also a bit buggy. the aim redicle is just bad, and its a shame they released it. the aim redicle feels like a cheap port, and there are barely graphics options.
    overall, i sometimes enjoyed the game. it has a lot of problems, but sometimes i just couldnt stop playing because it was so amazing, but sometimes it was really boring and i didnt really want to play it. the game is just inconsistent in almost every aspect. if you like this kind of game, you will enjoy it and in its best moments it will be great, just sometimes expect some boring segments and a bad port.
  2. Feb 26, 2014
    Enjoyable, but not so much that I bothered to finish it.

    really have to have a console controller to make it work...take that for what you will.

    Pretty fun. Kinda a Clone. Too bad the franchise and THQ are dead and gone
  3. Jan 26, 2014
    This game is a port from consoles, and yes it did show. When it came out there were very limited graphics options, it crashed a lot, and I finally gave up in frustration when I kept getting the same freeze/crash at the same point in a boss fight late in the game.

    A year or so later and this game is finally in the state it deserves. Instead of War in his costume that looks like an
    explosion at a fantasy comic convention, we have Death. He is bare-chested, has an awesome skull mask, and focuses on leaping about and being quick for combat (rather than planting his feet and swinging a sword). He still seems to buy his footwear at the same place as War, though.

    The combat was a nice change, but can feel a bit button-mashy if you don't vary the moves chained together. Character development has moved away from the Zelda-esque system of the first game to a more standard RPG system, with skill trees, equipment with lots of numbers to look at, etc.

    There's lots to do, a big colourful post-apocalypse setting to explore, and decent comic-style graphics that match the grand atmosphere very well. Voice work was very good, with Michael Wincott a great choice for a gravel-voiced, sarcastic Death.

    On the down side, the camera is still a real pain in the backside, especially when faced with lots of enemies. Bugs still occasionally rear their heads, and yes there is the odd crash.

    As a game which is essentially a violent version of Zelda with a dark atmosphere and post biblical apocalypse setting though, I was definitely hooked. Budget price with all the addons now, so well worth the money.
  4. Jan 19, 2014
    Игра обдуленная люди старались, выпустить нормальную игру, а не какая то сони блядь, написала скрипты к half-life!!!!
  5. Nov 11, 2013
    What a great game. I put in 30+ hours in this and thoroughly enjoyed it. For a guy who buys 2-3 games a week when bored, this is one of those games that gripped me and was the only game in my cue until I finished it. I just hope with THQ being sold the next game in this franchise delivers the same quality.
  6. Oct 27, 2013
    Much MUCH better than the original in almost every conceivable way. Lots of content, great gameplay, fantastic upgrade tree. This really is a very good game.
  7. Oct 22, 2013
    This is one of my favorite games of all time. I can't describe how much I enjoyed playing it. Graphics are just amazing, great fighting mechanics, great environment, and they did an awesome job with the story. I give this a 9 out of 10. Of course, it has little things that should be fixed, but putting that on a side, this is an awesome game.
  8. Oct 21, 2013
    I am honestly surprised by how much i am enjoying this game, i got it with the humble bundle and just thought meh ill play it some time, after playing it i am thoroughly enjoying the experience only 2 criticisms i have is it can be repetitive and it can be easy.
  9. Oct 20, 2013
    Much worst than the previous game.
    Combat system(repeating and stuttering but not challenging ):I thought the game is trying to create a fluid combat experience,but i was totally wrong.I played the apocalypse difficulty(with controller), while most of the foes can do the uninterruptable attacks ,that means when you are performing the chain attack you have to break it to dodge the
    attack,from the middle of the game,your foes are always use the uninterruptable attacks,and i mean your FOES.You can hardly finish you chain from then on. At the later part of the game,almost all the combat i just use the dodge+forward+heavy(widow maker?)+dodge and light weapon to steal health.

    Camera:big problem.frustrating.While most combats take place in confine space,camera is really jerking 30% of time when i want to do a dodge forward+chain attack would become side dodge+normal attack AND miss!

    Map design:repeating dully prolonged.You need to solve the same puzzle many times in one dungeon.and there is no great puzzle like previous title.
  10. Oct 13, 2013
    Game Play[9]
    contactable/easter Eggs[4]
    replay Value[8]
    gaming Satisfaction[9]
    technical Issues[10]
    Over All[8.3]
  11. Sep 3, 2013
    Looks good for pc on 1080 max Anti Aliasing. Game is a bit different from the first and still an awesome action game. They added a bit more customization of your character by choosing weapons and gear as well as a spell tree. Its hard finding good action games for the PC but this is the best series I have played in the action genre for PC. Recommended even though its a pc port with few nuances that I dont mind. I wish they would release more of these types of games for PC. It seems the delevopers wont be working on another Darksiders for years to come due to a THQ liquidation. They had intentions of releasing a D3 and D4 with a multi co-op using all 4 horsemen. Enjoy D2 as its probably the last of the series. Recommended/ Expand
  12. Sep 2, 2013
    I know there are no graphics option and some really creepy bugs but the game still shines in darkness of the post apocalyptic realms.great fighting style, large maps, rpg elements, mind reaping puzzles and the dark fantasy tone similar to Soul Reaver are the true charm of this world.Overall Great Game
  13. Aug 4, 2013
    I grabbed this game in a 80% sale, and so was half expecting the buggy broken PC port that some have spoken about. I didn't play the first game so was going in cold. But to my surprise, I found a game that I enjoyed on almost every level. I really like the back story and theme. Graphic style and quality is great. Characters and voice acting is great. I like the gameplay, but I can see how some people might find it simplistic. Overall a quality game. However, not just quality.....There is quantity as well. With the story going on and on 50hrs I hear is normal.

    Somebody somewhere compared the atmosphere to WOW. I get that, it feels solid and well designed, but without the 4000 kids telling you you're doing it wrong (Which in fairness I probably was). Another difference to WOW is that you character feels badass, which seems appropriate as you play Death.

    I will mention the controls as this was for me the only aspect of the game that let it down a bit. Obviously designed for a gamepad, it can be a bit fiddly on the keyboard and mouse. But mainly in the menus really than in game, so not a game breaker at all.

    The guys that wrote this game should be proud. I will definitely be buying Darksiders 1, and 3 when it comes out!
  14. Jul 28, 2013
    This is a very fun, action oriented game, with some similar elements to the recent Tomb Raider. If you like that game, you'll like this game. This is a lot of fun. Death feels powerful, even at level 1, as he should. He's death, after all. Only issue I have is slight issue with the camera jerkyness, and some hotkeys use odd keys, like [O] for the inventory instead of [I] and when you go into the inventory, the same key pressed on that menu should leave it, but only [ESC] leaves menus. So, they could have brushed that up a bit. Overall, fun slash fest, with a decent story. Expand
  15. Jul 27, 2013
    Played 10 minutes of it, and that's all I could stand. It feels like a cheap Prince of Persia knockoff, but the game feels completely uninspired and generic. I don't understand why people love it so much. It has cheap console port written all over it. The menus don't even have scroll wheel support, and are clunky and slow. Just remapping keys was obnoxious. And then I crashed while changing some settings and I decided never to load the game up again. Expand
  16. Jul 23, 2013
    This is a great game! And there are indeed graphics options, you just have to look harder. I can also tell that it is a port as I own a console myself but if you didn't, I don't think it would matter. I had to change some of the bindings about as they were incredibly awkward and began to strain on my wrist but...I feel they improved the story a lot from the first game. It seemed more like an open world this time and I loved the wood setting and the field, brilliant ideas (although still a bit Zelda-like) One of the things I did not enjoy (don't slate me) Is the VAST amount of weaponry you could have. And you could obtain amazing weaponry from a silly little bug, which I found odd. I'm walking around playing Death with my scythes and this butterfly pops out and gives me scythes that are twelve times better. Yes, there was little to no variety in the first game, but I believe they overstepped the variety in this one. And that's only by a tad. Gameplay wise, I felt it lasted longer. In the first game it was at a great pace at the start but then it just sped up. To tell you the truth, I remember more from this game than the first. And I just replayed the first in apocalyptic mode! Expand
  17. Jul 14, 2013
    darksiders 2 borrows from a lot of games specially prince of persia but i don't have a problem with that if you could deliver a good game play and this game does it is incredibly fun with great RPG elements the story is not that good but what is best in this game are the boss fights they're well done and very good but the progress of the game is the same nothing new go a place and then you're asked to get three items from three places to advance this happens in this game for about 4 times making it a bit repetitive but i can't deny the amount of fun i had with this game and it is so much better than the first game Expand
  18. Jul 13, 2013
    Don't buy this game for PC. It looks nice, the idea is cool (combos, jumping around on walls like Prince-of-Persia), and the visuals are striking. But it takes a full 12 seconds to go into a menu, and another 12 to exit that menu. Quitting the game takes over 30 seconds. So there's no way you're going to check the map or your quests unless really desperate. Even new armor just didn't feel worth it.

    When a game requires holding down two keys and pressing a third with the same hand, I know it's a crappy port. You can adjust the keys, but the on-screen display telling you to press something doesn't tell you which key, it shows some mysterious icon and you have to figure out what you're supposed to press. Pressing TAB to bring up your ability list takes over five seconds, so in combat you'll probably stick with a mash-the-attack-key strategy. However, at least in the first hour of the game, no other technique is required.

    There are lots of little things too, like your character can hold two dozen giant war hammers and battle axes, but only five healing potions. Or the run-along-the-wall button is the same as the jump button, so you frequently jump off a ledge by mistake. But this seems to be planned because you respawn where you were with no penalty, so then you start to wonder what's the point of the movement-based puzzles.

    Also, there's a big warning at the beginning that this game will ALWAYS track your playing data, and you are forced to watch the "created by" animations every single time you boot the game. So it doesn't seem like they really give a crap about the people giving them money.

    In conclusion, if you like games that reward learning a thousand different variations of key presses that are all "kills the enemy" (and want to stockpile gold to backtrack and buy them), you don't mind your personal data being tracked, and you like sitting back watching the screen do nothing half the time, you'll enjoy this game.
  19. Jul 1, 2013
    Darkness II gets lost in meaningless breadth. It has interesting design in characters, worlds, weapons, but it's too much and without purpose. Too many missions follow the "collect 3 of..." format. Some are even nested, so you'll find yourself collecting 3 of X in order to get 1 of 3 Y. It just feels like busy work. Combat is over-complicated, uninteresting and made even more frustrating by bad automatic camera placement. Inventory management is a large part of the game and is also quite lackluster. Simply not fun to play. Expand
  20. May 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This was such a fun game. The awesome combos are so fun to do i wish there was a replay camera. The skill tree actually works really well and the powers you get are powerful but not overpowering. The loot you get it very nice (don't know why more people don't mention it) and the puzzles were very, very fun. The only reason this isn't a 10 is when you beat the game you have an option to start a new game with your character (not sure what that means) or continue and finish side quests. I decided I should finish the side quests, but what that does is restart right before the final boss so you have to fight him again. So essentially all the fun extra areas like the Crucible exist but there is no good way to get to them. Expand
  21. May 13, 2013
    Absolutely God awful game. This has to be one of the most outrageous console ports that I have ever seen. There are literally NO graphics settings besides a resolution slider and a v-sync option. Unfortunately, V-sync doesn't even work. The graphics are pretty poor for a modern game, and the low-res character models (most notably the one of Death himself in the inventory screen) are abysmal.
    I wanted to like this game, because it looked pretty fun, but I cannot bring myself to play any further than the prologue. I've scored this game a 2, because the combat mechanics are actually not bad, and there seems to be a pretty solid RPG element to it, but it is seriously undermined by developer laziness and/or incompetence.
    Avoid this game at all costs.
  22. Apr 14, 2013
    Tiene varias cosas a tener en cuenta, ademas de que parece que los gráficos empeoraron comparado con su antecesor, tiene controles bastante incómodos, pero con el tiempo te iras acostumbrando, la historia es mejor que el del juego anterior, pero no se si es mejor, la verdad es que quede con un gusto medio amargo en la boca al terminar este juego, pero igual puede resultar divertido, la formula de juego de ir caminado por ahí y matar monstruos sigue vigente y obtener experiencia para subir de nivel esta bien implementado, lo que no me gusto es que se quito la posibilidad de bloquear, cosa que mucho sentido no tiene, por eso vas a tener que esquivar y esquivar y esquivar, pero la verdad es que lo recomiendo a este juego, si te gusto el Darksiders 1, puede ser que este juego también te guste. Expand
  23. Mar 29, 2013
    I would love to give this game a perfect 10 but it has two glaringly obvious issues that detract too much from the game for it to get a perfect score. The issues that really stood out for me were the rubbish performance on a high end system and the very mediocre textures, which was a further insult to it running so poorly on a high end system. I have an i5 2500k Oc'd to 4.4Ghz with a 7970 Oc'd to 1.2Ghz core and 1.6Ghz mem and I can't play this at full settings without jerky gameplay. The blocky textures were also incredibly surprising, considering how mindblowingly awesome the artwork is and how they could not want to display this as best as possible at a smooth framerate has left me a bit stumped. What I also don't understand is that, from what I understand, both Darksiders games used the same engine, yet I could play DS1 on full settings with a 5750 and C2D-E8500 3.4Ghz and hardly get any FPS drops. I would give the game a 6 based on these things but the game deserves so much more because of its other elements. The gameplay was awesome and I couldn't stop playing. It caused me to lose sleep and not wait to get home from work to play more. It was definitely more intense then DS1 and it had a lot more RPG elements that were very well carried out. While we still don't need an aim mode as PC users, the controls were easy enough to use. I could kick infinite amounts of ass and thoroughly enjoyed this, especially in places like The Crucible and The Soul Arbiter's Maze. The combos were well thought out, easy to execute and were really, really cool. I also really enjoyed the Price of Persia style wall jumping and climbing and in a way this game really made up for the awful fighting in Prince of Persia. I did miss the double jump and glide that War had from DS1 and feel this could have been incorporated into this game. The level designs were really well thought out too and flowed really well. The open areas were easy to traverse. It would have been nice to use despair in more areas though for quicker traversing. I though the ability to teleport was integral though and also well executed. The loot was really good, the bosses were badass, the monsters were well executed (good AI), the other elements that war could interact with were very well done (such as the constructs) and the RPG element was very, very well done. At first I thought the RPG element seemed odd (in comparison to RPG games like Titan Quest and Torchlight) but once I got some skills and some possessed weapons, the whole thing made more sense than a traditional style RPG element. It ended up being a huge plus and I wouldn't want it any other way than it was implemented. The other element that I look for in a fantasy game like this is a good story and good voice acting. As I've come to expect in Darksiders games, the voice acting was amazing and they could not have done a better job casting. The music was also really, really good and normally when I play games I've got music playing in Windows because the game music gets tedious and repetitive, but I didn't do that in this game. The story was well carried out and while it feels like some elements weren't well explained enough or left out, it did feel like these would be developed more in further games, which just adds to the mystery. So all in all I'm up to a 9... down to a 6 from a 10 because of the performance issues and blocky textures but back up to 9 because of the incredibly addictive gameplay, fantastically well executed RPG elements, stunning artwork, great music, great level design and brilliant voice acting. Expand
  24. Feb 12, 2013
    Argghh!! This could've been a perfect PC title but Darksiders 2 suffers from an all too frequent developer flaw: the terrible PC port. Let's nail it now: the video settings are HORRID. Not only are they lacking video options but THEY DO NOT WORK. Aside from the resolution settings the video options are useless. I had to go use my NVidia control panel to remove the annoying tearing. The V-Sync doesn't work properly. The only way to get it to function (not entirely mind you) is to make sure the control panel forces it to work. Not only that, but the triple buffering has to be disable in the control panel to make it function. It's absolutely disgraceful that in this day and age, any game produced for the PC has such little regard for simple video settings. The other issue I had with the porting is the lack of key mapping on the number pad. The directional keys are bound to the arrow keys on the number pad so the number pad keys of 2/4/6/8 can't be remapped along with the DEL or backspace keys. Annoying. Aside from these issues, I can't think of any other negatives. This is simply a great game to play. The plot is very well-thought along with the smart dialogue perfectly executed by the voice-over cast (actor Michael Wincott with a British accent). It's a very entertaining, exciting and gripping story that strays from familiar plots. The gameplay is well-thought out and easy to use. There is a small problem with the "quick-action" logo that pops since it looks like a gamepad icon it doesn't make sense for it to be there. The level designs are articulate and well crafted. The production design is epic with such detail and creative environments. The character designs are colorful, detailed and unique. The foley work and voice-over sound great and are very well edited and pronounced. The music score by Jesper Kyd is outstanding. It's some of the best I've ever heard in a game. The game mechanics are excellent. I especially like the role-playing elements involving the weapons and gear. The attributes are random and mix well with the other components that can be added to the character. I liked the possessed weapons in particular. Darksiders 2 is on par with it's predecessor and is just a little bit better overall. It's an exciting game that is thrown into this amazingly created underworld. It's quite the feat only marred with programmer laziness. So close! Expand
  25. Feb 8, 2013
    This game is God of War, this game is Legend of Zelda. All these doesn't stop it. This game is great- graphics, sound, gameplay, RPG elements, story, voice acting, content are good!. Althought, I feel I already played this game before.
    * My rate is 8.5
  26. Feb 5, 2013
    The confusing climbing mechanisms, the disappointing bosses and the numerous bugs can't ruin 'Darksiders 2'. It's a slightly linear, but a great hack-and-slash that it's surprisingly ambitious. It has the highest replay value among all other hack-and-slash games, because of it's ambitiousness that it has. Exploring is enjoyable and rewarding. The bloody combat is satisfying. Don't miss this enjoyable hack-and-slash. Expand
  27. Feb 1, 2013
    Game very engaging and very addictive, has tons of content, the voices of the characters are very well treated and well placed challenge. Although several reviews have said problems in graphics, I can not find them, if the cause is the graphics option from the shadows, you just put in the middle and start playing! The story has a plot and a very beautiful engagement. A final point in my first review, the game is excellent, it is a combination of hack-and-slashing with open world, skill tree like any other RPG, but that combined enough. Earlier in the game, you will get a little bored and very eager to get powerful, just be patient and calm to explore this magnificent game. You will not regret. Expand
  28. Jan 31, 2013
    Love and hate for this game. It is a fun button masher with intriguing puzzles and stays true to dungeon crawler RPG's with some solid base graphics as well. However for a PC gamer this is outdated. I saw so many aspects borrowed from several other titles including their puzzles. Yes, it is worth a pickup. Just don't do it with a PC. With no graphic options and no real keyboard controls you need a controller to feel comfortable. Just pick it up for a console if you can, the PC version doesn't offer anything different. Expand
  29. Jan 31, 2013
    I got this game late. Bought it on steam and was really surprised. I loved it. I loved the music, graphics, plenty of moves and spells you could use in fights, the items you get along the way felt like zelda in a way, and just the atmosphere it creates in each area makes it all come together. The characters in the game were all done very well I thought. Loved how they all looked, and how it played to what kind of character they were. I didn't give it a higher score only because it had a ton of potential to be amazing all the way through. I loved the game, and wished they would of been able to keep making games, but it did get to the point where it was a little lame. Having to always get 3 items or 3 of something to further the story was a let down. Destroyed the immersion of the game. Also the tools you get are not really used too much accept for convenience of the current level you were on. There is a few exceptions, but other then that it felt like you were just lucky to have it right when it was needed. Other then that I felt the game was amazing. I'm glad I was able to experience this game. I'm sad to see THQ fall apart. Expand
  30. Jan 26, 2013
    This game is legitimately one of the best I have played. The intense combat, combined with an amazing storyline, incredibly designed dungeons, and freaking awesome RPG elements, make for a fantastic time playing this game. The dungeons can often prove challenging, but never overly so. And there are always new things to spice it up, be it portals or shadow clones. The RPG elements fit very nicely with the overall schema, with the loot being incredibly addictive and the leveling up always a joy. The graphics on PC may not be on par with other titles, but I honestly did not notice nor did I care. This is an amazing game, and easily in my top 5 games list. If you're main gripe is the poor PC port..... seriously? It may not be the best looking game ever, but its' gameplay and story make up for that ten times over. RIP THQ, and good luck Vigil. I hope you continue this amazing series of games. Expand
  31. Jan 20, 2013
    So, after enjoying the first game I went straight for the second one. In Darksiders II we play as the Death horseman, who sets out to clear his brother
  32. Jan 20, 2013
    Darksiders I was amazing, rated it 8/10, and was expecting even better game with Darksiders II, did I get it? Yes and No. Character Death was very well done, especially if you have read the book, his sarcasm and witty jokes were amazing and so was his voice-acting. Story provided a lot of new information about Horsemen, Death/War, World, etc. The game focused more on RPG elements such as items but you didn't have to bother with them much since the game is relatively easy and 3/4 of gameplay you spend running around doing puzzles, only 1/4 is combat but that is nothing new compared to the previous game. The music is slightly better, it already was good in DSI, but now there are more different motives and from time to time I thought I was playing Prince of Persia. And where the game fails? Poor PC port. No proper video options, horrible aiming with gun/bombs. Another disappointing aspect of the game is difficulty. On Apocalypse it was fairly easy even without bothering with obtaining best gear only depending on what dropped from the stashes or Bosses. Final fight was was probably worst in the game history. The main boss did not inflict a single damage on Apocalypse and was dead faster than some minor bosses. And with the final boss going down goes the story, the end was horrible and it felt like it was rushed/written by someone else. Over and all, I gave the game 8/10. 20 hours fun with not-so-ordinary character Death, beautiful world design, story (omit the end). Main problems of the game are poor port, easy difficulty, weak ending. Expand
  33. Jan 10, 2013
    First of all, I loved the first Darksiders, it had a great plot, made you wonder what was going to happen etc, and I had such high hopes for the second game, and even tho the gameplay is still fun, the plot is terrible. After 10 hours I'm still fighting shadowy tentacle monsters, and "go to da tree, its awsum" quest whereas in first game you wondered what really happened and if samael was going to betray you, Darksiders 2 is just another hit stuff until they are dead game. I'm really disappointed Expand
  34. Jan 4, 2013
    Vigil missed why everyone was excited about Darksiders II which was because Darksiders I was a fun and interesting game with room for improvement which everyone hoped to see in Darksiders II. Instead it was exactly like Darksiders I in every regard but far less engaging. The story is very bland and difficult to be interested in. Death's character was extremely uninteresting. The combat a very standard hack and slash with press A over and over but sometimes with pauses between slashes to do a different variety of slashes with an occasional dodge here and a "super demon mode" there. A drop system was added that doesn't really add provide a sense of progression since using one weapon over another may literally be the difference of hitting an enemy 2 more times or not. There are not even that many weapon or armor designs which means all you have to look forward to is different shades of gray, black, blue, or purple to wear through out the game of items you have already acquired. The replay value is pretty much no existent since everything here can only be categorized as 8/10 which does not beckon people to play a game over and over again on various difficulties, especially when the lengthily and uninteresting dungeons are the core component of this game.
    The puzzles/dungeons were by far the most frustrating part of this game not because of their difficulty but there tediousness and uninspired designs. I found myself figuring out the puzzles in the game at a max of 5 minutes but found myself spending 20 - 30 minutes carrying out all the actions to complete the puzzle. Taking a long time to complete the puzzle is okay when it is actually fun to put to the pieces in place (see Portal series). There is nothing fun about the executions of the burrowed designs from other successful and fun franchises (Zelda, Prince of Persia, Portal). The portals, wall running, time traveling, gadget getting were fun in those other games because of their innovative nature and cleverness that left a sense of satisfaction in your head once you completed. I can still remember the times I completed memorable puzzles and enjoying myself in the process from the previous games I listed. I beat Darksiders II yesterday and I can't recall how a single puzzle looked now. The only thing I remember clearly is how annoyingly and terrible the soul splitting puzzles were. The moment you unlock this ability in the game is the when you experience the death of fun. You can tell that Vigil was so proud of this design with how often they forced the player to do it. But in actuality, there is nothing fun about putting a stone version of yourself on a platform and pushing yourself through a passage. In conclusion, Darksiders II meets the very definition of "Just Okay." Everything Vigil used in this game came from very successful formulas, which is the core of the problem. In order for people to really love a game, innovations need to be created and used effectively instead of copy and pasting popular elements from successful franchises. Something needs to set the Darksiders series apart from the rest of the games out there but nothing comes to mind that does at this point. I am noticing that Vigil is not the only studio that does this but actually almost every studio associated with THQ. After playing Darksiders II, it is very clear why THQ is suffering financially.
  35. Jan 3, 2013
    Think the was better then a 7.7. To start I was a bit of a fan of the first one cool story line neat char's plots epic boss battles and of course puzzles. This one was a bit of the same I think the boss fight was lacking compared to the first, and the puzzles where decent and fun way less challenging then the first. I did love how the char death tied in with war's story I felt kinda let down at the ending really all that work and then bam. So Con's of the game where : controls, my guy was jumping everywhere didn't go where I wanted him at times when I'm jumping one cliff to the next he would fall and die.. kinda, good thing for tho's non death re-spawns or I don't think I would of finished it I'm sure if i had a controller hooked up to my PC it would of made life easier. Another was the game was basically one dimensional I mean I didn't really mind this but every mission was the same in a sense solve a lot of puzzles jump around fight for a short period of time and then boss rinse recycle repeat. Pro's the attacking system was really cool and the equipment that went a long with it was to make the deal even better. Graphics where nice everything looked like how a game should look now a day that animations style that is. Loved the story line big reason why i came back to this cuz the first was Awesome as will...So i would say this is a def a buy...Can't wait for the other horsemen! Expand
  36. Jan 3, 2013
    Fantastic game on all fronts but one. Its a port. The game just isn't made for mouse and keyboard controls and so you'll play it with that nagging int he back of your head telling you that it would be better with a controller. That being said, it is definitely playable. And very fun. The music is gorgeous. The level design is fantastic. The combat is.... WOW. Its incredibly fast but not repetitive at all. The whole game feels a lot like the legend of zelda: ocarina of time mixed with god of war. You've got your "bomb flowers" and your "grappling hook" and even your horse. The levels have that same feel to it as well. The open areas connecting your more corridor-ish dungeons. Even the bosses would feel at home in the legend of zelda game. This is far from a complaint though. The legend of zelda was a fabulously great game and Darksiders 2 is... even more fun than that! The puzzles are thought provoking but almost never frustrating. The dialog is epic (almost humorously so) and the atmosphere is light on the surface with plenty of substance. One of the best games I've played. The only reason its not a 10 is because the PC port. (But please don't let that turn you off of getting this game!) Expand
  37. Jan 2, 2013
    Even better than the first. The game is 25 hours of constant fun and can extend if you do all the side quests and crucible. The story is intriguing, epic and excellent, similarly to the first title, and really ties together with the first installment. More importantly, in Darksiders II, it seems the franchise finally made its own mark and stood above the rest by implementing new and creative twists such as RPG and platforming elements which finally distinguishes the title from Zelda and God of War which it has been compared to countless times. A very entertaining and memorable game that anyone would enjoy. Expand
  38. Dec 28, 2012
    A mon goût c'est un jeu totalement magnifique et superbe, j'adore !
    Contrairement à d'autres personnes, je trouve ce jeu réussi avec une bonne aventure mais
    cela reste mon opinion.
  39. Dec 26, 2012
    This game is a solid 9/10. It's has a great epic adventure, side quests, fun itemization (far better than Diablo 3 IMO), good action/battle system, lots of fun boss fights, good cut scenes, puzzles, exploration, amenities like fast travel, horse combat, collectibles, power ups, leveling, and dual skill trees for a highly customizable experience. Great graphics which are truly outstanding in some areas, a FANTASTIC sound track, Oh, and it's fun!

    With so many positives come some flaws, it's not perfect but ANY gamer who likes action/adventure should STRONGLY consider picking this up. Negatives on the PC include the controls which are a bit difficult at times. Aiming mode is odd for example. Some settings are missing and you can tell it's a port (but I really didn't feel like I needed them). You can you use an xbox controller, sure, but I used keyboard mouse - I have an xbox controller just didn't feel the need it here personally, and it was fine to finish the game for me. Honestly I liked that all the abilities are available by keypress 0-9+ since I'm used to that from PC gaming.

    If you like games such as Zelda, Fable, Kingdoms of Amalur, Fallout 3, Diablo, Prince of Persia, etc. and want something similar but maybe a bit darker then definitely get this game.
  40. Dec 19, 2012
    First, the good. The game's fantasy world feels great, and the voice acting is also great, filled with unique accents and Death's smart-ass remarks. The combat is also very fun and mindless at times of course, despite the camera (i'll mention that later), although sometimes the input seems to not be able to catch up to you, resulting in Death not being able to perform the correct moves. Platforming is also alright, but sometimes it has its moments. For the completionist, there are many different scavenger hunts that can keep you occupied while still doing the main story. Now, the not so good. For starters, the camera doesn't care what angle you have on your enemy sometimes, and when being mobbed you better hope you can pull off some unseen moves on an enemy currently not in your view. Sometimes while platforming it is also prone to going off on strange angles, not allowing you to really see where the hell you're jumping to. The next big complaint is honestly the amount of platforming and puzzles that really put a damper on the fast paced combat. Each area generally has an arena event, but in between that are a bunch of very small groups of enemies, followed by large amounts of platforming to open a door, which then leads to another small group, which leads to doing another puzzle to open another door, rinse and repeat. Its like dining in a restaurant and being forced to eat small portions of your meal at a time, then being handed a Rubik's cube and having to solve it before eating more. Some of the puzzles are brain dead easy, while some are simply confusing because you aren't quite sure where the objects are to achieve the next objective. The third biggest complaint is the fact that it is a poorly done direct port. The keyboard controls are bad, options are about 0, and you can see the remnants of an Xbox port from a mile away (the most appalling is probably your character's model in the menus, rendered in glorious 800x600 resolution it would seem..). Slightly less game-breaking are a couple of features, such as armor and weapons. They are there, but their presence is not felt much, yet they still provide small bonuses. The DLC armor is also shortlived and lasts till about level 8-9, at which point it is mediocre. Dungeons feel very linear and are reminiscent of each other as well, and the story doesn't help this, being mediocre at best. Quests are no more than "fetch this, kill him".

    TL;DR - Overall, this is a fun game, but by no means perfect. The combat is fun, the world feels fantastic, and the platforming is passable. However, the (PC version) is marred by being poorly ported, average graphics, and bad controls, along with some potentially game breaking bugs. Besides the PC port, the game still suffers from linearity, bad camera, forgettable story, and slowed down gameplay due to an overload of puzzles and platforming versus fast paced combat.
  41. Dec 8, 2012
    Michael Wincott is the only reason it gets such a favorable review. The voice acting this man provided is beyond awesome. But that's just me. The game on the other hand is painfully average. It probably shouldn't have boasted "open world" or "mass of weapons" because it delivers only on the surface. Going in depth, the gameplay is exactly the same as the Darksiders, with a "switch" in battle style to accentuate dual wielding, which is purely cosmetic. The story is not as engaging as the first game (which says a lot) and the puzzles feel a bit dumbed down (i'm not sure if they secretly tried to cater to kids or whatever) and there's no real challenge other than an arduous test of patience since BACKTRACKING is the name of the game. There's a system present to simulate a loot driven RPG but that too feels superficial and somewhat out of place. It feels rushed and bland and not at all fun and engaging. Basically, you'll feel right at home if you're a die hard fan but everyone else might feel lost, confused and unmotivated to keep playing. Expand
  42. Dec 5, 2012
    I have to say, I didn't expect to enjoy this game so much, but it really is quite a fun game. Runs well on my computer, but I would have to say a drawback is the controls. Definitely buy a gamepad or buy on console, but you will find it looks much better on PC.
  43. Nov 28, 2012
    The longer I play the better it gets.
    It is a little different from the first Darksiders game, but in a way it makes sense.
    A variety of weapons and armor with different looks and stats is fun.
    New character brings new abilities and a different approach compared to the previous title.
    If you liked the first one, than you probably want to give this a try.
  44. Nov 17, 2012
    Going into Darksiders II, I wanted to like it. I loved the first game, but the second spits on the franchise. Terrible glitches, copy and pasted dungeons, and every time I was asked to find yet another three of X plot device I died a little inside. This game has the absolute largest amount of padding of any game I have ever played, and is shameless in doing so.The only two enjoyable moments were the first and last boss battles of the first act. Buyer beware, Darksiders certainly isn't what it used to be. Expand
  45. Nov 11, 2012
    I always tried to avoid rpg style games...honestly why should I do the same thing over and over again just to gain some cool looking powers..well...this is not the case of DARKSIDERS II which has an unique story,great gameplay,relaxing music,tricky puzzles and boss battles which are pretty cool.Feel free to try this game out.It amazed and will definitely amaze you too!
  46. Nov 10, 2012
    i just couldn't give anything more because i played on PC port and it was horrible, wtf is wrong with that camera? i haven't seen such a bad port in a long time. And don't start me with the game cause aside from boss fights and some prince of persia jumping and climbing there is nothing else to this game...
  47. Oct 26, 2012
    I don't know what happened in the recent years, but when I played Darksiders back then, I enjoyed the game a lot. It did not mindlessly combined ideas of other developers, to me it created its own Bible Arkham asylum. With this game it's different. I don't like it. First of all, I think it lacks story moments. Of 45 hours I spent in this game I had about 2 hours of story telling moments. I thing had the game length of the original, I would not notice this. But here it frustrated me. Secondly, the game artificially prolonged. Instead of one brilliant quest changing another with bullet speed, I go to one person for help, he sends me to another guy, the later needs me to clear 3 dungeons/floors/ collect orbs/crystals etc. You name it! How comes the game that handled quests presentation similar to Bayonetta and God of War, suddenly goes down to MMORPG-style? Next big problem - loot. I have nothing against it. I had my thumbs up for this opportunity. The case is, it is broken. In the original game, developer decided when you receive pieces of equipment, thus carefully selecting right moments to make battles interesting and challenging for you, because they knew how strong you gonna be when you reach this boss. Here developer can not determine that. You can rush forward through bosses, or you can farm experience and gold and become stronger. The result for me was: a) most of the enemies on Apocalyptic difficulty did not pose any threat for me and b) of 100 opened chests 98 chests contained garbage. In the original game, as you remember, every chest was useful, it was a treasure to find one already. It had lots of souls/artefact/map/life enhancer/demon meter enhancer. I really wanted to find all of them on the level. In Dirksiders 2 I don't care for chests. I already know they contain rubbish. As a result the game is easy for me and I changed my equipment 3 or 5 times. And without any enjoyment, because I was buying things from trader. What is the point of creating 1000 of equipment, when you need just 20-30 peaces of it?
    DLCs are a money sucking mockery - you get 2 hours of mediocre gameplay without interesting plot (you can not create interesting story in 2 hours) and innovative ideas. Compared with original game Darksiders 2 looks to me like Diablo III compared with Diablo II. It looks tempting, it feels empty. I witness MMORPG becoming more singleplayer engaging than singleplayer slashers. What a shame.
  48. Oct 22, 2012
    I've never played the first game, but I've been looking forward to play this one because I knew this would be more RPG-like. So I've walked through the game, I'm totally satisfied with it, the gameplay is just great (if you have a gamepad - I've bought myself one especially for this game). I liked the mix of slasher, RPG and puzzle. I didn't get bored by the game till the very final. The plot is pretty average, but the variety of side-quests and lots of stuff to explore keeps you amazed. Besides I liked the design of characters/locations. So... hopefully I'll walk through the first game and I'll hope for the next game in series! Expand
  49. Oct 17, 2012
    PC Port is mediocre, but other than that this game is awesome, And long enough to keep you entertained for a quite a while, Only complaint i have with this game is some of it's bosses, especially it's final boss, It's pretty god damn lame and easy.
  50. Oct 9, 2012
    Altough I did enjoy the first installment of this series it bored me a little, the amazing gameplay and correction of the sins I had seen in Darksiders make this game deserve a perfect score, it brings me back to childhood memories of action RPG games such as Zelda and others, yes I saw some critic say it is not innovative but it does not take away the awesomeness, the light rpg aspect to it is amazing and not too tiresome and despite the somewhat easy puzzles I would recommend this masterpiece 100% Expand
  51. Oct 8, 2012
    Fairly enjoyable game, great fun/active combat with a very simplistic story line, and moderately short play-trough. The game is well worth the full price at launch ($59), I did think I got the price's worth of fun from this game within the first few hours of playing it alone. The game feels tight, fluid with very short loading times (not common in console ports), very immersive combat and visually decent. The bad things about the game mainly strain from the fact is a console port. A BAD CONSOLE PORT at that. Very little effort from the developers to port the game to PC with the full range of options expected by PC gamers. Thanks to this the game suffers mainly in the visuals, which have an amazing art but very VERY poor textures and graphic fidelity. It also suffers in the sound quality, controls, and other details around the game not worth mentioning. It's sad to take points from this game due to this, but it's true. No developer deserves a good score if they don't put the very least effort to port their game correctly to PC. Compared to other recently released RPGS, like Kingdoms of Amalur, this one falls short in the replay-ability department, it's much easier to jump into and understand the game at its fullest, but at the same time I don't see myself playing this game over a third time. The game itself is moderately short, not short enough to make you say "that 'it?" though. Conclusion: Overall the game is fun and easy to jump into, which makes it a good RPG well worth its price tag. Most people don't expect much more from an Action-Combat RPG anyways, so it's a fine game for today's standards. Most of the problems strain from the fact it has a very poor port to PC, otherwise it would've been a 9/10 in my book. Don't expect a Mass Effect quality of storyline, nor a Kingdoms of Amalur quality of world/replay-ability. It's still a very good Action-Combat RPG overall tough. Expand
  52. Oct 8, 2012
    Simple fact of the matter is that it is just as mediocre as Darksiders 1. The camera problems have not been fixed, in fact it has been made worse by the fact Death is supposed to be so nimble in combat (standing still = defeat). Its not BAD by any means but there is a lot better out there. Art direction is good but let down by a mediocre (theres that word again) engine. PC version is OK but again it lacks much consideration that you might not be using the console version Expand
  53. Oct 7, 2012
    A fantastic game. Truly a game made by gamers who love old school games like Legacy of kain. Its basically LoK mashed up with diablo style loot system and the combat from god of war. The graphics style kinda grows on you and man!! having Joe Medura (sp.?) totally makes the game better. Look at the loot and weapons in the game...freaking amazing style and art.. Add together the hours of gameplay and this is a game worth paying every penny for. I hope THQ gets the support it needs and encouragement to continue the darksiders series. Expand
  54. Sep 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is excellent. The graphics , the sound , gameplay and story is perfect. -The graphics of the character and surroundings is really good.
    -And the sound is also good... from the music to the sound effects and voices. It really makes you feel like you are in the game.
    -The story is really good. You can feel the weight that "death" carries with him through the whole game, the souls of his kind ( the souls of the people that he killed ) trapped in the shards on his chest and that his brother "War" will soon be executed.
    -Gameplay... overall the gameplay is great. You loose touch of reality while playing the game just for a few minutes. And when you finally reach the end of the game you feel a great relief.
    The game shows you that 3d graphics that look like the real world are not what matters when it comes to a great game,That the music and story are what counts.
    Also the cut scenes and clips in the game were pretty good, some had a couple of jokes in them just to lighten the mood.
    In the game you will find a lot of items and chests , secrets , collectibles... and when i say "a lot" i mean A LOT.There are also quite a lot of quests too.
    In the game you will find some familiar characters like: Vulgrim the merchant , The stone golems that you have to move using that loud horn..

    All of these things are why i loved this game and it deserves to be on the top 5.
  55. Sep 24, 2012
    I loved the first darksiders this one was just okay. It gives up the main plot in 5min then makes you spend 20+ hours chasing it. If the story had more to it the length would't be a problem. But by the last 3 hrs I found myself hoping for the end so I could move on to other games.
  56. Sep 24, 2012
    Horrendous camera and stupid glitches ruin a game which I'd have given an 8. The story progresses pretty poorly. Lots of main missions are just like side missions in which the NPC sends you on errands-find this, kill that, blahblahblah. Only after several main missions would the story progresses a little.
  57. Sep 24, 2012
    On balance, because of the combat and puzzle element it's a great game. It's pretty decent looking, but very few "WOW!!" moments for me. A few things drag it down for me, dodgy controls on PC keyboard, lots of keys are missed, feels like they haven't made much effort to do it properly (I assume they focussed on controllers). Quests are generally very poor, very simple, very unimaginative, the side quests are few and also devoid of any imagination. At it's very worst DS2 uses the most dreary form of 'quest' to death. Collectibles, f**k collectibles, it's the laziest easiest option and they overdo it, then overdo it some more, and then... overdo it again. The Arbiter's maze is another example of crushingly boring zone design. I guess the Crucible is required by the genre, but given that you have that, the Maze shouldn't have existed at all.

    A few people have commented on the greatness of the score, I think they must be listening to a different soundtrack. Several zones are poor, City of the Dead sounds like I'm back in a hotel concourse listening to piano muzak, simply awful. Entering the dead world you are greeted by overused flanging/phasing. It's nice, but we have heard it before. A very average score with some disastrous moments.

    It's very easy to get sucked in by the great combat and great looking art work, but large parts of this game are dreary, unimaginative and dull.

    But the combat and puzzles ARE very very good, but still at the end of the day, I finished DS1 with a "Wow, that was intense!!" this game I will finish with a "Not bad"
  58. Sep 20, 2012
    Darksiders 2: Is a game I was seriously looking forward too. After playing the first one and getting totally hooked I was desperate for the sequel. Once I watched the trailer I started counting down the days wanting for more teasers. Finally it was released and I waited for what seemed like a life time to download. But lets skip that. First of all, this game is impossible to play with a keyboard and mouse. Even after I changed all the keys to my liking i still couldn't get used to it on a keyboard so I did have to buy a 360 controller wireless adaptor for my PC. However, let's start with the world Death wanders around in. First of all you start in the icy depths of Hell which is imaged 'right down to the 'tee'. Huge sharp spikes emerge from the world, frost covered skeletons thaw from the ice and start to attack you, which straight away shows you the amazing combat system that Darksiders has to offer. Simple arcade hack and slash controls: X to attack with Death's signature double scythes which neatly fit together in certain combos to get a massive double ended scythe and Y to attack with your secondary weapon, which ranges from massive glaives and hammers, which attack slowly but do massive amounts of damage, and smaller claw hands or bucklers that attack with rapid speed but do less damage so the options are yours to play with. You also have B for executions and other moves. The combat combos are very simple and is all in the timing of the X or Y buttons and you can mix the two buttons together which makes Death seamlessly switch between the two creating bigger more damaging combos which visually is amazing to watch. You then get teleport to the Creators world which has been corrupted by something creatively named 'The Corruption'. The creators world is quite standard with rolling hills of grass and forests. Everything you do in this world is to help the creators restore there old forge to help you get rid of 'The Corruption'. However it is Deaths sole objective to free his brother War from imprisonment by any means possible so this traverse to the creators world didn't really hold much to the storyline however it does set everything for the game in place showing you all the techniques and abilities Death has to master. I won't explain any more of the worlds as this would be a spoiler. Darksiders 2 has now developed an RPG system. It has the same leveling up style as in number one i.e. 2 paths, one for magic and one for combat so Death can expand in either of these ways or a jack of both trades. They have also added in a hack and slash style of weapons. You will find many pairs of scythes all ranging in damage and different attributes etc. My only issue with this is that at certain points in the game you will discover 'uber' weapons that make finding new weapons pointless as you have ultimate weapons in your hands already so this seemed like a silly design element to me however it does add something to the game for the first 75% of it. Another issue I had with this game is the objectives of the story. Every objective follows a theme. Which is doing the task 3 times! Many a time did become bored half way through a play session because I was doing the same thing 3 times. Each time wasn't harder or particularly different just rinse and repeat. This was disappointing as it made certain parts of the game drag. Another issue is the lack of guidance. You come across lots of dungeons in Darksiders 2 and many of them have 4-5 ways to go with a puzzle at the end but it doesn't explain which puzzle needs to eb done first to unlock something for the next so I spent hours in some dungeons basically getting lost. I don't want a game to be spelt out to me however I don't want to waste my time heading in the wrong direction trying to solve a puzzle that isn't actually solveable just yet. The game is free roam to an extent. You can go pretty much where you like however you will have to follow the linear path that the story depicts. Although it is free roam there isn't much to do in the world but the storyline. There will be enemies roaming around the world that you can kill, you can also try and get to chest that seem unreachable and hunt for side quest items but that's about it so the free roam isn't all that. Altogether I think I 'Hyped' this game up to much. After the incredible first one I was hoping for the same but better and to be honest it's exactly the same in my opinion so I think I let it disappoint me because of my own actions. I still think it is a fantastic game and anyone looking for a good adventure game should definitely pick this up! Expand
  59. Sep 20, 2012
    I played Darksiders I and I found the sequel much more compelling. Despite the initial bugs, the three patches that have been released so far improved the game a lot (it loads faster, has more graphic options) = +1 to the final score. Death as the character is witty and ironic, a bit romantic in his quest to save War. The RPG elements, with skill trees and Diablo-ish looting system is well thought, though Achidna's Claws are OP and ruined the final experience, making the second part of the game a bit repetitive if you use them. What I enjoyed most, though, were the arenas and locations. Fighting is really the essence of Darksiders and I missed some kind of PvE battleground in the first part. Great choice here, chapeau! Finally, considering the attention by Vigil Games towards the community and the upcoming DLCs, I think Darksiders II is a solid piece of epic entertainment. So sad it isn't selling well... Expand
  60. Sep 10, 2012
    A wonderful action adventure game, perfect story-line, amazing capability for customization of Death. All weapons are impressed and easy customize. music is perfect, the combat game engine is a masterpiece. Execution animations are well designed and bloody. I recommend it as game of the year. It is a must have
  61. Sep 9, 2012
    Great game! The pc version (a simple console port) has a lot of bugs but the game is still awesome. A lot better of Darksiders 1. The only "bad thing" is the plot: not very original and not too deep... but it's ok.
  62. Sep 2, 2012
    While the game is not as much fun as the original Darksiders for a sequel is holds up pretty well. I didn't get as attached to the characters as the original. Sometimes you get that "What was the point of this game again?" feeling as the story doesn't really suck you in and you are occasionally reminded that you are on a mission instead of just randomly looking for stuff to kill. Dialogue is mostly interesting and humorous and you rarely find yourself skipping cut scenes to get back to the action.

    There is a good balance between combat and puzzles but sometimes you wish there was something else in there to break it all up. I'm not sure what, but something. Occasionally you are shown a room full of jumping puzzles and you just cbf. Sometimes having to collected X number of items before you can fight the boss gives you the same feeling.

    While the graphics on the PC port are not perfect the art itself is quite impressive. It is a shame it wasn't ported with a bit more effort as a high end PC would have really made this game shine. Textures sometimes take me back to the late 90's, while the characters are bright and quite detailed at times the surroundings really lets them down. Forcing everything to max via your graphics card settings squeezes a little extra eye candy out of the engine.

    Combat is fun, fast and for a controller based game really not that repetitive. The variety of moves and weapons really puts this game in front. While some fights can drag on a bit the intensive action keeps the game alive. There is quite a variety of items and upgrades in the game and plenty of treasure to be found which makes the long and sometimes quite tricky jump puzzles worthwhile.

    Overall the game is a good sequel to the original and definitely worth the time if you're and action RPG fan.
  63. Sep 1, 2012
    A Terrible PC port, but my gosh this game is fun. Exactly what a sequel should be. Vigil's choice of music is wonderful, and slaying huge bosses with style and that epic music in background make that gameplay an unforgettable experience.
    I look forward to Darksiders 3
    P.S. The port is really terrible, but because of haters i feel it is ethical to give this game a 10.
    This game deserved
    it - plus Vigil is working on a pc patch to make the game behave like any PC game should Expand
  64. Sep 1, 2012
    Well this game could had been a good game of the 2012, if just the developers didn't make it look like a poor console port, that's one of the main problems of this game, almost completely unoptmized for PC's, people even had been forced to play it 1280x720 (Console resolution if i am not wrong), because of a stuttering problem that is happening to many players, i've experienced this issue too, after spending 2 hours trying to fix it, i decided to give up, and hoping for a possible future patch that might fix those problems, another bad point is everytime you will move the camera around, it will reset itself behind you, making it harder for targetting/looking around, i suggest you to wait for a "possible" GOTY edition with all the DLC's and base game being released, but before that look around if the issues has been fixed, cause in the actual state of the game is not worth to be bought on PC's since it's choppy, should you have question you can contact me anytime, ill be happy to be more detailed. Expand
  65. Sep 1, 2012
    Bad console port, but with controller all shortcomings from porting are gone and only truly Great Game is remained - enthralling, dynamic, stylish.

    Good work with elimination of Darksiders defects was done, and correlation of the Darksiders II parts is perfect now.
  66. Aug 31, 2012
    It's a shameless console port with some scripting problems, especially when fighting bosses. Seriously this game runs DX11 ? Get glasess or learn to use DX9.c, before you will sell this piece of junk outside US. Actually this so called game has nothing to offer, except very good main questline. Everything else, including gui, menu and controls, is abomination for PC gaming. 2 updates are out so far, but there is no info, what exactly they fix, pity. As for positive reviews, i know some of you need manuals to use toothpaste or play the game, but it doesn't mean others do the same. Expand
  67. Aug 29, 2012
    Darksiders II suffers from the same problem very nearly all sequels do. It's worse than the original, and unfortunately it's worse in almost every way.
    If we were to divide it into 10 parts, Darksiders 2 would be 3 parts 3d platformer, 3 parts scavenger hunt, 3 parts puzzle game and 1 part action game. See the problem here? They took all the wrong lessons from the first game and instead
    of giving us more and better combat, they settled doubling, tripling and even quadrupling the puzzle and platforming elements. It gets to the point where a good hour of gameplay has at most five minutes of combat in it. My question is why? Honestly, when did we decide three dimensional platforming was a good idea? Who decided this? Was there a vote I missed, because I feel unrepresented here... And why make a sequel to an action game, the worst parts of which were the endless and incredibly boring puzzle dungeons, almost entirely about platforming and puzzles? Yes, the combat is a bit better than it was in the first game, or at least slightly more varied. But you wont get to see it for the majority of your game time, because you'll be too busy searching for knick-knacks, struggling with the bad platforming or solving tedious and repetitive puzzles.
    Then we come to the story. Who's bright idea was it to take the game away from the devastated Earth and place the hero in a completely unknown and generic fantasy world with absolutely no connection or relevance to the plot of the first game? Why? Darksiders might as well have not existed and we could have called this game something else, and all you'd have to change is half a dozen lines of dialogue to make it work. I find myself completely uninterested in the plot because of this, since the link to the first game and the characters and world I grew to like is so tenuous it might as well not be there. As a whole this is a very poor effort. It takes the worst from Darksiders 1 and magnifies it times five, then throws out the story completely and expects you to stay interested. The combat is it's only saving grace, but you get to do so little of that it's not much of a one. I'd wait for a severe price cut before buying this game.
  68. Aug 28, 2012
    A great game, a very good graphic quality, long lasting game, variety of weapons, attacks, enemies and scenarios, great plot of the story mode. One observation: Final uncertain, it is not known if the story runs parallel with that of the original Darksiders...
  69. Aug 28, 2012
    Perfect game I'd consider it one of the best games that has come in the last 5 years. Much better than Skyrim. Don't listen to all the port whiners. Consoles are here to stay and PC gaming is a lost cause and dying.
  70. Aug 27, 2012
    this great game i love it i keep playing it on pc cause it fun the more i get into it more i love this one better then first one this one show more design more open world world
  71. Aug 26, 2012
    This game has no story whatsoever... by all that is holly, you will feel such emptiness when you finish it.
    I hate these guys, and my trust is completely lost. All that good level design went to waste ..

    Legacy of Kain still the king of the hill
  72. Aug 26, 2012
    Fighting is awesome and the puzzles really felt like I was playing Zelda all over again (ppl with no brains may not like that part), however...

    Can't keep up with the story. To many times I end up saying "who is this again? What? Why are you? When did? ..." Questing is also terrible: Get 3 of these and 2 of get 3 of these and 3 of those. Oh, that one is broken into 3 parts,
    so get those while your at it. 2 of these again and 3 of those........ repetitive you say?
    Than the bugs: secondary attack stuck again, graphics changes to low resolution, game crashes and/or is not starting because "this resolution is only allowed in windowed mode", or something like that. Can't turn into Reaper form because hotkey is not working (re-binding is not helping). Using special ability is annoying...have to stop the game, go to the menu, !!!SELECT THE ATTACK!!! I want to perform...come ooon, WHY???

    On one quest I was FORCED to use a gun, because with melee weapons was not causing enough damage...I mean what is this???

    So yeah, bad PC port :(
  73. Aug 25, 2012
    An all around time sink. This game's story is quite average with no new ground breaking or thought provoking moral themes, but it serves the purpose well. The combat is reactive and fast pace, although I found everything to be a cake walk as soon as i built up some critical chance and got Achidna's fangs from the story--even on the hardest difficulty. The aesthetics in this game are very well done although disappointing because of the slightly below average port. The texture work is bad. Without changing the focus i can see whole millimeter pixels in the shadows. For some odd reason inventory is mapped to "o" and "i" just pauses. In order to remap keys you actually have to go into the items screen. The map system is annoying requiring you to click and drag a small white box over the location, but these end up being only slight hindrances. The video options are sparse through and through, but seeing as this is a port, remains unsurprising. The controls have failed me more than once in a high stress platforming situation; I often found Death doing the wrong context sensitive action in a lava-is-rising-you-need-to-get-out-now situation but never enough to cause a rage quit. Over all this is a solid game, not revolutionary, that is barely held back by the transfer from consoles to PCs. Expand
  74. Aug 25, 2012
    The controls are TERRIBLE... Ok I had to start with that, not enough are saying it. The first mission of the game seems custom designed to illustrate just how restrictive the camera controls are and just how bad of a decision having wall running and jumping on the same button can be. Good luck exploring in this game, it's got lots of really bad platforming... =============================================================================
    Targeting units in battle is also a mess, which is to be expected in games like these so it's hard to take points off, but if an enemy so much as taps it breaks your attack combos, leaving the massively overpowered move I like to call 'jump hammer smash' as your best option in most combat situations. The TERRIBLE controls aside, the game looks pretty good. The textures are ported poorly and there's a serious lack of options (I'm playing PC), but aside from a few textures the game is gorgeous. The story isn't great, but it's fairly well presented and interesting enough to keep you playing. The music is fantastic, and the in game cutscenes and cinematic are well presented. The game plays much like TLoZ: Twilight Princess combined with elements of LoK: Soul Eater, the puzzles are often straight forward and sometimes poorly thought out with no indication of how to proceed, but the game can be enjoyable once you get into it. =============================================================================
    If not for the TERRIBLE controls this game would be very easy to recommend. Unfortunately, as previously stated, the controls in this game are TERRIBLE, we're talking accidentally jumping to your death trying to run on walls, fighting with your camera to get a good view of a collectable you're trying to reach, not being able to see where you're supposed to jump to, hard to target enemies, poorly thought out contextual dodging (effected by camera over directions, TERRIBLE idea). The Terribad controls in general are the only reason I can't give this an 8.0, if not for the controls this game would be great.
  75. Aug 25, 2012
    Biggest issue are the controls on the PC. Someone who is not used to using a gamepad is going to be very frustrated, as even the possibility of rebinding the keys (except some keys like Del seem to be forbidden to bind anything to them) is insufficient. This issue is most annoying during climbing as you'll realize you need an extra set of fingers for some moves.
    DO NOT buy this game if
    you are a pure PC gamer who does not use gamepads. Expand
  76. Aug 24, 2012
    sadly, you can't change graphic options, because there's no an option. yes that's bad. But until now, is one of the best games of the year. the characters are really nice, love the environment and the design. Sound is great too. Combat moves are varied and there are great weapons, armors, etc. Enemies are varied and you need skill and style to kill him, and bosses are some easy, but that doesn't matter. Some puzzles are frustrating but are very well done, and that's fun. The game puts you on a beautiful world. Vigil made a great job on this game. If you like Action RPG'S, you must buy it! Death Lives. Expand
  77. Aug 23, 2012
    The game is buggy, for a start. I have a gtx 570, even with Vsync ON there is still a lot of tearing. That is not cool. The game crashed a couple of time, when I tried to restart the game a Steam message popped saying that the saved game had something. Good thing is I restarted Steam and my game was not lost.

    The economy system of the game is totaly wortless. I have a million bucks in
    game, still the most valuable weapon cost 14 000... whats the point of having that much money???? Plus, most loot or chest items are worthless, good only to be sold at a merchant. There is no balance in the economy system which ruins the point of having an economy system.

    The quest are sometimes interresting, sometimes very dull. The economy system was better in Darksiders 1, the quest were better, the graphic options were better.

    The only good thing in Darksiders 2 VS 1 is that you start with your horse.

    That said, dont buy this game at full price of 50$, just wait for a deal.
  78. Aug 23, 2012
    A great game, with great visuals, great combat, and a great overall gameplay experience.
    As of writing this, i am 13 hours into the game, and despite some..fanatical 'reviewers' on this site, i have experienced no game breaking bugs, no problem with the controls (which by the way can be changed through a keybinding menu, so i see no reason for anyone to have a problem), and since i just
    forced higher graphical settings through my graphics card UI, no problems with lack of graphics options (it takes less then 30 seconds to setup a game profile in your graphics card interface, where you can put whatever settings you want)
    The story can feel like it's put to the side at times. In the second dungeon, i almost completely forgot why i was there, i was too engrossed into the gameplay of the game, i hardly cared anyway.

    It's a great game which will supply you with lots of entertainment, definitely worth it regardless of what console you get it on.
  79. Aug 22, 2012
    After enjoying Darksiders 1, I was ready to sink my teeth deep into Darksiders 2, boy, was I surprised at how terrible it is. Separate from all the crap textures and lack of graphical settings in the PC version that everybody is reporting, the game itself just rubs me the wrong way. After a lackluster spreadsheet intro that explains the plot of Darksiders 1 and your role in this new part, you are plopped down in a non-de-script world, hunting a man called the Crow-Lord because he knows how to resurrect humanity (how? why?). Seeing as how proving War's innocence starts with Death resurrecting humanity for some reason (how? why? what?). Also, at one point in the past you collected a million dead souls, stuffed them into a talisman, and forced the Crow Lord to wear it, torturing him because all those souls never stop whispering in the Crow Lord's ears, because of....reasons...
    As you fight the Crow Lord to force him to open a portal to a world where you can start resurrecting humanity, he turns into War (Death is completely un-phased by this) but you kick the snot out of him regardless and with the Crow-Lord literally choking on your scythe, he opens the portal and throws the talisman at you, causing it to break and Death absorbs it into his right pec. Again, because of reasons. Yeah, if you are looking for a story that makes sense, do not play Darksiders 2, but regardless of the plot, as soon as you enter the next world, my biggest gripe with this game becomes evident. It's freaking World of Warcraft, only then as a single player game. There are loot drops from chests and mobs that are either upgrades or vendor trash, there are NPC's who send you all over the place to do their dirty work and there are even two talenttrees to pick from. I am sorry, but NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, if I want to play World of Warcraft or any other kind of MMO, I will play those games. I want to play as Death, a **** force of nature. The Jack Bauer of video games. The Chuck Norris of the underworld. I do not want to spend time comparing gear stats and ponder about talents. Darksiders 1 was hardly original with green/red/yellow souls coming out of chests and mobs, but I prefer that system over gear and gold. And now we shall delve into the mosh pit that is the combat: it's fast (sometimes so fast that you can't even see where Death is), it's fluent and it flows very nicely...
    SO WHY THE **** DID THEY ATTACH SUCH A WORTHLESS CAMERA TO IT! I love getting hit by mobs that are off-screen, because that adds such a fantastic strategic layer to the game. There is no PoV option for this game in the PC-mode, so that only adds to the headache that you get from playing Darksiders 2 for longer than an hour. I was so looking forward to this, I was counting down the hours until launch, but Vigil studios just took my hopes and dreams, grinded it into a pulp, mixed it with pig meat and squeezed it into sausages ready to be sold at the next Oktoberfest in Germany, to feed the great ,drunken, unwashed masses. I normally buy my games from the bargain bin, only with very rare occassions do I purchase it full-price, and I felt that my 50 bucks would be justified in this case, especially as THQ is suffering financially. I wanted to help them out. Now I just want to see them burn.

    My advice would be to stay away from this game, and if you really feel the need to play this, get it on console, because the PC port is just abysmally bad and we shouldn't take this kind of travesty.
  80. Aug 21, 2012
    So many complaints are just jaded. No graphic options for Darksiders II? Oh well, this game was developed for consoles. Does it look and play well on PC, yes it does. The game is amazing. Story is surprisingly good. The gameplay and combat is visceral and awesome. The RPG elements (skill trees, loot, etc.) are very well crafted. And the character Death is just great. His dialogue and interactions make you think now this is how Death would act... And the world is open, doesn't feel constricted, but also doesn't feel like they were trying to do too much. People give is a 0 just because of specific options being disabled are probably the same people that gave Mass Effect 3 a 10/10 when it had limited options. I understand being upset at the limited graphical options etc, but they also claim in their reviews that the game is well-made and fun. So why not just dock a few points instead of giving it a 0/10? Doesn't make sense to me that you give a 0/10 to a game you admit is fun. Oh well, rant over. Don't let these reviews dissuade you from purchasing the game. Vigil and THQ have a real gem right here and I hope they build off of it for the next horseman game? (Strife maybe?) :) Hard to make a more captivating character than Death though. Expand
  81. Aug 20, 2012
    i kept playing hoping it would pick up and actually become interesting. it didn't. great score by jesper kyd... bland plot, boring puzzles, action was pretty standard.

    the characters were totally forgetable and i was glad when the game was over, but felt guilty for naively playing it in hopes that something (ANYTHING!) interesting would happen.

    felt like the second part of a four
    part game series. Expand
  82. Aug 20, 2012
    Yes I have it for PC, yes you can tell its a port. No there are no graphic options. Does it look good? Does it play good? Hell yes it does. Force V sync through you card, Force the AA, and shut up. There can always be patch down the road to add these features. It does not break the great game these guys made. Tons of content, great voice acting, killer gameplay. You would have to be a fool to not realize that PC gamers are not the main revenue for developers, deal with it. Consoles took over years ago. That doesn't mean we should be neglected, but it also doesn't help to cry about it and miss out on a great game like this and pretend your 0 metacritic score is enough to matter. 0 really? Grow up. You are probably playing it right now with a **** eating grin on your face. I'm 31 and have played more games than I want to admit, this is a great one. Pick it up, you won't regret it. Expand
  83. Aug 19, 2012
    I initially gave this game a big fat zero for being a unplayable buggy mess of a PC port, but now that a work around has been found I've actually been able to experience the game, and it's quite good! Very similar to the first one, but as many have said it's much larger and less linear. There are many side quests that let you take a brake from the main quest, the freedom is quite refreshing. I would give the game a solid 9 if it had launched without a hitch, but I've still heard nothing from THQ about any patches for the PC version so I'm going with a 6. PC users should not have to figure out these bugs on their own. Expand
  84. Aug 19, 2012


    Darksiders II
  85. Aug 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I hear very often that the game sucks for PC, but I'm reviewing the PS3 version.

    The graphics are stunning, and Death himself is a badass. The new loot system, the talent trees, and getting my horse at the very beginning was much better than having to wait until over halfway through the game like the last one. Death is not War in any way, and that's great. He's his own person, has his own (wondrously unsavory) personality, and turning into the Grim Reaper as much as you do is satisfying. The puzzles are just as entertaining and frustrating as the last game. Though Dust can, at times, be a bit confusing when you're trying to find the right way, you'll usually figure it out (after a bit of head scratching).

    I was disappointed when I did not see Fury and Strife, as Vigil had promised us that, but perhaps the White and Black Riders will get their own games, eh?
  86. Aug 17, 2012
    Ok so this review will be short but the main point is that after a horrific set of large budget mediocre pc games this is the game that will save ur summer.
    So yeah it needs albeit refining of menus and what not but the underline is GAMEPLAY - and Darksiders 2 prevails so much that I never stopped enjoying it. (the whole 12h first apocalyptic run, going nightmare now :) )
    The infusion
    with RPG elements only made it better, the protagonist is clinical and Mary Sue (like l like them
    ) and u even get a couple of true lols.

    After first playthough:
    AWESOME gameplay,
    Great graphics (not top notch but hey its open world) ,
    Intense soundtrack ,
    Better story than the first one ,
    One tiny flaw is the port thing, in the beginning youll get confused but after awhile it will be better. 8.8 outa 10 defiantly one of the better games (if not the best) this summer
  87. Aug 17, 2012
    Unfortunately I have to agree with others negative reviews.Game itself maybe would be good but PC version is completelly unplayable so how I can give positive score if I cannot play it ?
  88. Aug 16, 2012
    I can confirm most negative opinions about the graphics, no graphical options, no AA, no shadows. The GUI is absolute garbage, the fonts are just plain font like the one you type every day on Microsoft Word. There was a story about a guy at THQ who got fired for the time, I didn't agree with him being fired and all, but now I can see why he got fired, he really did a crappy job. Ok so you set the resolution to 1920x1080, but it's not really 1920x1080, it's upscaled 720p from the consoles. Deaths shadow looks like a bunch of giant pixels, the screen tearing is terrible. Vsync is forced with two HD7770 cards in Catalyst Control Center, but it still doesn't work. Comparing Darksiders I and Darksiders II side by side, the first Darksiders is way better on the graphics. But the game has been fun so far, I can't complain about that. But it is a terrible mess of a game which should have been released on the Wii too. Nevertheless, I like the gameplay despite it's graphical setbacks, considering there are few games like these for PC, I'd rather have it than not have it so I can show my console friends that I can play the same games as they do on my PC. Graphics could have been a lot better. Expand
  89. Aug 16, 2012
    All the people who are complaining about graphic options seriously upgrade your PCs, other than that its really awesome game. Graphics arent always the primary thing when the artwork is simply superb and first class. Gameplay balances perfectly the RPG and action elements. I dont know why people are complaining about this game and giving less than perfect ratings. Excellent Boss fights and awesome environments, and of course story and the characters and the lore perfectly fit to make the perfect and very enjoyable game. I very rarely enjoy games this much and darksiders 2 is on the top of the list. And please buy the game because THQ promised more darksiders game if this one did well. Expand
  90. Aug 16, 2012
    Pretty good gameplay all over except the feel you get when you're moving which is a little bit odd, like you're not one with the ground. No graphics options other than resolution and v-sync, poor for a pc game even if it's a port, but still, the game looks like it'll run very smooth on any pc. Cool story, cool protagonist, cool musics (jesper kyd factor), and it's nice to have even more rpg elements. Expand
  91. Aug 16, 2012
    Non-stop action, rpg elements , loots, nicely done voice acting and much more. It's really fun. Normaly I would give 8 but because of all that "U have no graphic option" reviews, I gave it 10 . By the way, If you're a graphic b***h, you won't like this game. Nearly all games on pc are console ports. Keep in that mind.
  92. Aug 16, 2012
    Very good game. Alot better than the first one. It's the perfect game for people looking for fast paced/deeper combat mechanic action rpg with puzzles a la Prince of persia/zelda. What i like too is that the game has his own lore and has beautifully crafted achitectures.And for people who notice these kind of things, the music is absolutely amazing great and original and fresh soundtracks tha fits the world perfectly. The main reason i give the pc version is because its a godamn port wich means non-existant graphic options only resolution that force you to restart the game to apply if you have a console buy the console version Expand
  93. Aug 16, 2012
    Metacritic is really hilarious, no game deserves a 0/10 because it doesn't have antialiasing options. I mean i can understand not giving it a 10/10 but come on. The game is extremely fun to play and the combat is very fluid. Yes the graphics options are lacking but there has been talk of a config file to fix that, and at least the game runs well unlike other games recently released *cough* Prototype 2 *cough* Also, I think most would agree that this game has excellent art direction and aesthetics, not to mention the soundtrack, which I think is exceptional. Even with lackluster graphics config I still think you're missing out if you don't play it, but to each his own, try it for yourself and form your own opinion. Expand
  94. Aug 16, 2012
    To be completely honest, my review for this game would place it at a solid 9. It's not perfect as a score of 10 would imply, but it's very close. However, with the staggering amount of stupidity running rampant through the negative scores I figured I'd give it the extra point just to try and help.

    As far as the game is concerned, it's stunning. Yes, visually there are no options to
    change and some may feel the graphics are dated...but honestly who cares? The game still looks good, and fits with the graphics of the first game. No graphics options is not, in ANY way, detracting from the experience of playing the game so there is absolutely no reason to rate something a 1 or 2 just because you're spoiled and feel privileged because most PC games have those options. But setting aside the very minor issue of graphics, everything else about the game is superb. I am about 13 hours in and have experienced absolutely no crashing, freezing, stuttering or any other hiccups in performance. The gameplay has been smooth, fun, and engaging. I like that Death is more agile than War was in the first game, and if you have to label the game a Prince of Persia clone for that then so be it...Prince of Persia is also a fantastic franchise, so if you're going to copy at least they copied something great.

    One review cited the questing as boring because it was all simple go and retrieve? Some of the quests are like this yes, as they are in any rpg, but most of the "questing" plays out exactly like it did for War in the first game. Maybe he didn't have NPCs at quest hubs telling him to do things, but he did have NPCs popping up and instructing him on his next course of was exactly the same concept, so why is it so hard to swallow in this game?

    Next, the looting mechanics in the game. Simply put, they're great. Yes you do get a lot of crap gear, but every RPG is like that, so it's hardly something that warrants giving a game a low's just part of the experience to get cheap vendor crap, and it makes it all the more special when you find that really rare item.

    The sound and music in the game are also among the best I've had the pleasure of playing, and the voice acting is fantastic - Michael Wincott was the absolute perfect choice for Death, and his dialogue alone was enough to make the game enjoyable let alone the dialogue of everybody else. So in summation, this game is definitely worth the purchase. Yes, it's a console port...if that's really such a problem for you then well you have a serious case of entitlement. Use a controller and pretend you're playing it on the console...except, you know, you'll get actual patches for problems and stuff much more efficiently than people on console, but that bonus is worth giving up just to play on console and still not have graphics options right!
  95. Aug 16, 2012
    You could listen to all them idiots complaining about lack of graphics options which is certainly true and a shame for a PC game BUT then you could also do yourself a great favour and BUY this game for its amazing gameplay randomly seen on the PC platform which is full of mediocre FPS. The graphics do their job as they also did their job on the first game but the meat of this game is its gameplay and its amazing cast of characters and enemies along with breathtaking boss fights waiting for you on the game's multiple dungeons. This is better than the first game which was already amazing and is game of the year so far although Guild Wars 2 will probably take that prize. DO NOT MISS ! Expand
  96. Aug 16, 2012
    Game of the year without doubt. Awesome graphics and art direction, awesome characters, beautifull world and real epic main character. Death is a baddass. Takes everything from Darsiders 1 and put it in a really better formula. Joe Madureira, you do it again. A must have game.
  97. Aug 16, 2012
    A terrible PC port, but Amazing game. Gorgeous characters and world design, great voice work and a real old school dungeon crawler feel with all the modern day bits from classic's like Zelda, Prince of Persia and Devil May Cry all thrown into the mix. You can quite readily approach the game at your own pace. Choosing to go off and pilfer and loot forgotten chests to your hearts content or follow the quest line and learn new abilities as you level up, earn ever improving weapons and armor and progress through this great tie in of a story to it's predecessor. Outside of the main game you have the new Arena mode which allows you to fight against wave after wave of enemies for increasingly better loot , be warned however, if you die you lose everything. This can really force you to up your game and gives the Arena a great sense of urgency, making each battle increasingly tense. The feeling when you know you've earned a great reward and chosen to risk it all for the taste of something even sweeter is invigorating and how a game should be enjoyed. The combat indecently is very satisfying and pacey. Gone is the brute force and strength of War and in it's place a new sleeker combat system. If I were to liken it to something, then it would be a 'Devil May Cry light' style of combat. You have your standard enemy grapple and main dual wielded weapons, intended for quick combos, pummeling your enemy before you dodge out of range again. Death is a lean combatant, he cannot parry or block enemy strikes so dodging will become your friend here. You also wield a heavier and incidentally slower secondary weapon which deals greater damage and can break through some tougher enemies defenses that Death's scythes cannot. A ranged pistol will soon become your ever present companion also, good for quick bursts of ranged damage. The pistol is less of a focus in Death's combat in comparison to his other weapons, the pistol being more integral to the games vast puzzles, which you frequently encounter along Deaths journey through conveniently parkour friendly architecture. Death will encounter environmental blockages he must traverse with an assortment of talents, from wall running, to climbing, to a ghostly grapple; swinging from point to point. All sprinkled with certain environmental items and golem helpers . Death can also often be found blowing holes in wall after wall with a toss of a bomb and a quick shot from the hip of your pistol, opening a new passage. Puzzles will reveal areas unreachable through standard adventuring and will reap the player rewards such as hulking chest which Death rips open in a triumphant smash of nether world magic to poor more loot into you hulking inventory or the ever elusive quest keys, which can be found throughout dungeons or as rewards from defeating the games many bosses. A boss battle in Darksiders II joins a rank of so few, that only games of the caliber of Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls can hope to rub shoulders with what's been accomplished in this game. Gone are the quick time events of old and anew we find a game where each Boss encountered is as gleeful and exhilarating to the player to enjoy as it clearly was for the creators to craft. Enemies will employ varyied tactics hoping to stop Death in his quest to reap them. Each encounter is compelling, often lasting several minutes and challenges the player to adapt, track the enemies patterns and discern how best to tackle these determined and monstrous opponents. These bosses may be the highlight of the game, but as Death you find yourself in a world so vast you will need to travel great distances to reach these encounters. Compared to the original, the game world and the playground Death now inhabits has grown in spades. Totaling 3 times it's predecessor. The environments are richly varied and detailed, the occasional muddy textures will be forgiven in the wake of such a masterfully crafted world. Death will not be alone on his journey. He can summon his trusty stead outside of cities and traverse the games many environments in a flash. The game offers a quick travel system also, making some task far less trivial and hastening you towards your next encounter. Many players may want to take the extra time to travel the land my horse back however. The music is exquisite and finds that balance so few games can find in allowing the music dip seamlessly into the background as you feel it express your adventure, your trials emote the world, it's environments. Death's journey through the game brings many joys to the player. The game seems to scream at the top of it's lungs it's unashamed to borrow from it's peers whole hardheartedly and concoct a new formula, blending the old with the new. When Death's adventure comes to a close, you will have learned many facts and stories about the world you inhabit. However, this game demands to be played again, going so far as to offering a Game+ mode for those who have completed it Expand
  98. Aug 15, 2012
    For those who are getting freezing on backing out of the menu:

    Enable V-sync in your graphic card's 3d settings. It fixed the problem for me and others. The higher resolution is worth getting it for the pc in and of itself. I haven't played much of the game, but I like what I've played so far.
  99. Aug 15, 2012
    great game. Most people will complain about the lack of graphics options. however, this game just proves that those arent necessary when you have a great game, great art and jasper kyd as your composer, who once again does an outstanding job with the music. Its one of the most fun games ive played in a while. The cons are minimal compared to what it has to offer. dont be an elitist, be a gamer and appreciate what this game is doing. In a world populated by FPS and lame games like COD, this is a gem of a game, which surpasses the first one by miles. I trusted thq to give me a good game and they delivered by giving me an awesome game. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. 87
    Darksiders 2 is immersive, rich in content, it displays well-executed (although not original) mechanics and is a huge game that will quench your thirst for a top-notch, “intellectual” action game. [October 2012]
  2. Nov 10, 2012
    Ultimately, Darksiders II often makes you think of how it is similar to other games in certain respects, but it still feels like its own creature. The combat is enjoyable if a bit mindless, but considering how some of the puzzles can be, that might not be a bad thing. However, since skills and gear have such little leverage in the game, it feels like something substantial is missing. The rest of the game doesn't suffer, and the title is certainly engaging, but Darksiders II feels like it hasn't lived up to its full potential.
  3. Nov 5, 2012
    While the lack of advanced graphics options are disappointing, the core experience of Darksiders 2 remains intact with its assortment of gameplay genres and content rich world. Darksiders 2 on PC provides fans of the original and series newcomers with a seemingly endless amount of quests to complete and collectibles to discover, with the added bonus of Death himself as the protagonist.