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  1. Feb 6, 2011
    Lots of effort, time, and money went into this project or so I read. This game reminds me of an interactive game I came across a while back when software were making their mark on pc. Darkstar is a gem among gems, an original with its rich story aka a time capsule. I have barely touched the surface and the interest is growing in anticipation. DTIM is definitely not for frag fest fans or strategy games I see flooded out there. It's about patience and intuition and decision making as the situation and events unfold in a much slower pace. Some believe this is Darkstar One and it isn't. More like a movie rather than a game in itself although very detailed and requires your attention to details to move forward with the story. That said, you are certainly the captain at the helm of this long and perilous adventure in search of the mystery as to why earth is no more and the murder of one of the spaceship's crew members of 4. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders despite the fact that you remember nothing as a result from an extended cryogenic exposure. Darkstar is truly some work of art and not to be missed. Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 7
  2. Negative: 4 out of 7
  1. Feb 5, 2012
    Whatever you do, don't go out and buy Darkstar: The Interactive Movie. It's one of the worst games we ever played.
  2. Jan 29, 2012
    It's not a game. [Issue#118, p.106]
  3. Jan 12, 2012
    Get past the obtuse mechanics and there's a unique retro charm here. [Feb 2012, p.97]