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  1. Apr 15, 2014
    Dcs World is one of the best combat flight simulators based on the Su 25 T and it’s incredibly free. If you own a Joystick you should give it a try.
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  1. Aug 6, 2013
    A free to play flight fighter sim. Has a lot going for it, but poor feature implementation and greedy payment model means the game is just notA free to play flight fighter sim. Has a lot going for it, but poor feature implementation and greedy payment model means the game is just not going to take off.


    Damage model looks great, where even the tires blow up if you land too hard.

    Feels more or less realistic. Not a real pilot so cant say.


    Training doesn't work, and only shows you a low quality clip

    Control configurations are all bunched together. So to find a weapons system you have to guess what it's called and then scroll through 100+ tags to find what you are looking for.

    Breaks don't stop the plane, so you have to land right at the beginning of the landing strip to have any chance of stopping.

    The missions have no immersion, no voice acting, no plot, no subplot. Basically feels like Flight Sim but without the scenarios where there was actual plot and story and voice acting.

    THE WORST THING IS THE PRICING! Don't be fooled by free to play, (and this is why people dislike free to play). You get one airplane and a few missions. But to fly anything else, you have to buy it with real money. However, any other plane in the game costs $40. !?!?!?!?!

    Where do they come up with these numbers? To make it worse there are only 2 other planes to fly. A P-51 and A-10. And you have a KA-52 helicopter you can buy for $40

    This game is not worth $120 At $30 maybe but not at list price.
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  2. Aug 9, 2013
    An amazingly well done flight sim. Sure, if you're in reality a terrible pilot with bad habits it's going to be really hard to retrainAn amazingly well done flight sim. Sure, if you're in reality a terrible pilot with bad habits it's going to be really hard to retrain yourself from the hand holding of other well known flight sims. Reality check #1, you can't expect to land at full speed. #2 Your 20, 000 pound Su-25 or A10 won't turn on a dime unless you know how to make the beast obey your wishes.#3 this is a very unforgiving and realistic sim. You WILL be shot down a hundred times before you learn to actually evade enemy fire.

    Also, you really can't blame the developer for the user being too lazy to actually read the manual provided/available to each aircraft. I mean, if somebody's too lazy to read the mission briefing that describes the campaign progression why would you expect them to read the manual?

    In conclusion this game isn't for the lazy or weak willed. It's for those that want the satisfaction of seeing an a10 at the local airshow and knowing you could start that sucker up and off the runway and navigate anywhere you want to go. While using any and all real world equipment in that airframe.
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  3. Sep 16, 2014
    I'll review this combat flight sim and also reply to NutCracker's review (below), this guy was pretty clueless.

    INTRODUCTION: First of
    I'll review this combat flight sim and also reply to NutCracker's review (below), this guy was pretty clueless.


    First of all, DCS World is a WIP modular combat simulator being developed by Eagle Dynamics, it's not an arcade aircraft game like HAWX or Ace Combat, it's a simulator. Players shouldn't expect a plot with characters, voice acting, etc., they should expect a serious simulation platform with a campaign, single missions and a powerful mission editor which allows for the creation of endless custom missions and campaigns. Also, DCS has the best graphics in the current simulator niche, even though some non flyable aircraft models and terrain features are still pretty dated.
    These are remnants of the old "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" from 2003 (DCS evolved from that game). Anyway, in a few months DCS will get a brand new and modern graphics engine called EDGE, which will take care of this.
    DCS consists in a huge operational map which covers the Eastern part of Crimea and Black Sea, Kuban, Caucasus, Georgia, Chechnya and the Northern part of Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
    All Eagle Dynamics did was to populate that map (from the old LOMAC) with better looking terrain and airfields, they also introduced new effects, features, advanced flight models, high poly 3D models for aircrafts, vehicles, etc.
    DCS World is the best modern combat flight simulator to date and will be even better.

    To NutCracker:
    1-Controls are arranged in categories.
    2-It's "brakes", not "breaks".
    3-The Su-25T is equipped with parachutes which help stopping the plane.
    4-DCS is a realistic open world sim, thus, it's immersive by nature. If you are thinking about HAWX and Ace Combat as examples of immersion, you don't know what immersion means.
    5-ED periodically launches discounts of up to 70% for all modules (like they did las week).
    6-The two planes are the Su-25T and the TF-51D.

    -Modular design. (DCS World is the core module and it's free.)
    -Fully flyable Su-25T and non-armed TF-51D Mustang (that's a P-51) for free.
    -Tons of non-flyable planes, ground units, ships, etc.
    -Huge operational map.
    -Campaign, missions and great interactive training for the Su-25T (NutCracker didn't see this)
    -Amazingly powerful and complete mission/campaign editor.
    -Advanced flight model.
    -Realistic navigation, weapon systems and sensors.
    -Realistic armament and payloads.
    -Very high poly models for most planes and vehicles (including the Su-25T and the P-51. There are still some low poly models in the game, but they'll be updated, eventually)
    -Highly customizable controls (the control list is huge, you'll need to spend several minutes just to configure controls)
    -Joystick/HOTAS support (joystick is almost compulsory, you can still fly with keyboard, but I don't recommend it)
    -6DOF 3D hd cockpits
    -TrackIR/FreeTrack/Oculus Rift support


    -Dated game engine (2003), which is based in DirectX9 and only uses 2 cores at most (1 for sound and 1 for everything else). This is the worst aspect of the game since it causes fps drops in crowded areas (near airfields and cities/villages and when flying in squadrons of several planes), near explosions and, to a lesser extent, when inside 3D cockpits while taxiing, parking, landing and taking off. Other than that, the game will run just fine in any decent rig.
    Fortunately, DCS World's graphics engine will be upgraded in a few months, the new graphics engine is called EDGE and features DirectX11 and multicore support among other things, this means that DCS World is about to become the most beautiful, complete and modern combat flight simulator ever.
    However, this will rise minimum specs, so you'll definitely need a multicore cpu and a decent gpu in order to run it from that point on.

    -Limited number of flyable planes and helicopters (even though the list of flyable aircrafts is growing every 6 months or so, DCS is still limited to around 16 flyable aircrafts at the moment. Of course, you must purchase the required modules in order to fly most of those). Eagle Dynamics is clearly adopting a modular development plan, in which they add new highly detailed/highly simulated planes and helicopters to DCS World in the form of separate purchasable modules.


    -Multiplayer filled with custom mission and free flight servers (just create your own mission in the editor and host a game online, you can totally do that).
    -Up to around 16 high poly flyable planes/helicopters (F-15C,MiG-29A/G/S,Su-27,Su-33,F-86F,
    -Hardcore simulation of most purchasable planes/helicopters (you control every single button in the cockpit)
    -Control of ground units such as tanks and sams if you purchase the Combined Arms module.

    DCS is the best modern combat flight sim in all aspects, and it will only improve as it gets developed.
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