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  1. Sep 7, 2011
    To summarize in one sentence, this game is borderlands with zombies and like no guns. The midnight release play was absolutely terrible. The game stutters every 3 seconds for no reason. Everyone's mic is open and there's no way to mute them. I only got to play first three chapters before Techland decided to wipe my save without warning. Apparently they uploaded a console version to steam (DOH!) and considering how it still hasn't been fixed, the issue goes much deeper. The graphics looked absolutely terrible compared to what I was expecting from trailers. The character animations are hideous. Honestly, I've seen half life 2 mods with better animations. The inventory is a pain in the ass to use. Interface was made for consoles and it's absolutely baby-punch-frustrating as a PC gamer to slowly click through things because they were too lazy to change it. Honestly it wouldn't be so bad if weapons didn't break so quickly and I have to access item menu every 3 minutes. You shuffle through 10 diff containers and get 50 dollars which you'll have to spend to repair a knife that breaks after 5 swings. But seriously though, YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME OPENING CONTAINERS AND PUNCHING BABIES THROUGH BAD INTERFACE MANAGING ITEMS RATHER THAN KILLING ZOMBIES AND SURVIVING.

    The characters are also horrible. The models are hideous and it's really hard to take a liking to a character and level them when they're not likable at all. While they call this game an RPG the characters have no story behind them other than a tiny paragraph intro where they basically prove the developers are bunch of racist white men who never seen a non white person in their lives or something. The asian woman sometimes sounds super asian and sometimes just sounds white. The 'sure' and 'yes's that they say when accepting a quest are sometimes totally out of place and kills immersion. I will say that I liked the zombie animations and their ragdoll mechanics. It's pretty hilarious to stand on some stairs and watch zombies fall down the stairs when you kick them.
    When I was buying this game, I was expecting more L4D element but I was very wrong. This game definitely has borderland written all over it. It even has aimless driving. Btw, Why does a truck have infinite health in a survival game? It needs to get damaged and stalled by zombies. It's pretty ridiculous you just go godmode-run-over-everything.

    Am I mad bro? I think so bro. I just spent 50 dollars on this.
  2. Sep 6, 2011
    Dead Island has the potential to be a great game however, the game feels rushed and as such, there are a plethora of problems with this game that are beyond simple nagging problems. In it's current state, Dead Island is not playable.

    First, you have the sound. The sound works intermittently, one moment you have working sound and the next moment you have piercing static or a repeating
    sound clip. Next you have the actual playability. Dead Island freezes and lags constantly, even on excellent hardware. It's beyond annoying to attempt playing a game under those conditions.

    In the end, Dead Island does have the potential to be a fun game but the wise gamer will sit on this title and see if the developers can improve its functionality, else this game will fail hardcore. Right now, the game will leave you wanting to pull your hair out more times than it will offer an enjoyable gaming experience.
  3. Sep 6, 2011
    Deep Silver and Techland have royally messed up for a major release Dead Island, released a DEBUG version, to fix it caused files to become corrupt and user progression to be erased.
  4. Sep 6, 2011
    Oh boy, where do I begin. I was rather excited to play this game as I'm sure most people who watched the trailers were. It's no secret that a publisher would push an unfinished product out to people in order to meet a deadline, but it seems like it's trending to the point where games are broken and unplayable for the first week or so of play. This to me is completely unacceptable.

    the cut scenes have finished and you're into the menu, the first thing you'll notice about the PC version is how it is nearly impossible to control your cursor. No big deal, after nearly suffering from tennis elbow trying to navigate yourself through the overly simplistic and console-like menu system, you'll find your standard sensitivity bar. Naturally you'll "crank that sh*t up to 11" and enjoy being able to actually move around somewhat normally in the menu. As mentioned your options are EXTREMELY limited, and for those of you who enjoy playing on 120hz displays, you'll notice that the game for some reason has a maximum of 100hz display refresh. No big deal I'm over that.. LETS FIGHT SOME ZOMBIES.

    Once you finally stumble your way into an actual game, the first thing you notice is because you set your sensitivity to max that it completely uncontrollable in game. You turn that back down and just hope you never have to go back into the menu system for fear of pulling a muscle trying to change anything in the future. Now most people's first instincts is to try and invite your friends or have them try and join your game. What's that? You don't have any option and aren't sure why? It's because the game requires you to play through the first part of the "Act" giving you some back story before actually allowing you to play with friends. This is fine, but I would recommend they actually explain it to people so they don't spend 10 minutes trying to get people into the game.

    Once you have completed the first Act, it's on to what I call "the cabin of despair". Why is that? Because you are going to be sitting in that cabin for a good 30+ minutes trying to get your friends actually into your game. Once they are finally in there, enjoy having the in-game Voice over IP system always running.

    Ok, an hour after the games been installed we are now ready to fight zombies. One thing that I found extremely annoying about this game is the movement. After exiting the cabin and you start to move around the island, the overly done bloom effect mixed with the sluggish movement feels like I'm suffering from a terrible hangover. I decide to power through it.

    After about 30 more minutes of wondering around the island picking up badly explained objective missions and fighting a very very small number of zombies around what I can only assume must be luxury resort due to the lack of people/zombies I find myself bored and playing with the "developer features" they forget to take out such as noclip.

    Unfortunately I found flying around the island using noclip and driving my truck off of cliffs much more fun than any of the gameplay thus far. People who claim this is only just "First Day/Week Hiccups" are definitely underselling it, and I would not recommend anyone spend any money on this horrible, bug riddled game. Please, think of your wallet and your elbow before wasting away either on this monstrosity.
  5. Sep 6, 2011
    This is an unfinished game. I don't buy the crap that they accidentally released a dev build or whatever. As a software developer, in my experience (granted, not related to the gaming industry), dev builds only contain additional items, like convenience keystrokes, debug info, etc, it is not an excuse for utterly broken/missing features. Blaming bugs on the wrong release version is the same as giving a teacher an intentionally corrupt document to get an extension on your homework. This is a dishonest practice, and this company should be called out for it. I feel scammed that I pre-ordered an unfinished product. I hope they will correct the issues with the game, deal with the messed up FOV, lack of basic PC graphics options like vsync, etc, but I would recommend anyone considering buying this game to wait, I don't anticipate problems being fixed overnight. Deep Silver and Techland have definitely fallen of my "Potential companies to pre-order with" list due to this turd. Shame on you. Expand
  6. Oct 5, 2011
    What happened to PC games? At some point along the line did the developers lose their way? Did they all get together and just make games for the console and then port them to the PC without bringing along any of the options that PC gamers have been used to for decades? Dead Island was released initially on PC extremely buggy, which shows how much time and effort these companies spend on the PC version of recent shooters. In particular itâ Expand
  7. Sep 6, 2011
    Great potential, Horrible bugs kill this games. Check back after a patch is released to take the released development build to the actual retail release.
  8. Sep 7, 2011
    Dead Island...The cake is a lie! This game is a hot mess of unfinished business. The Epic fail of this year! I cannot believe a company would put out an unfinished game and then claim they didn't know about it. What they didn't have QA in their budget. What makes it bad is the fact that it is both the digital and disc format versions. I tried playing this game at midnight on release day but my game loaded up to a black screen. I didn't get to play at launch so I went to bed angry. The next day I read that there was a patch released, but the patch seemed to make things worse. I loaded the game again to a black screen. After about 2 minutes I got impatient and started hitting random keys and the game started. WTF? Then it was followed be a sharp piercing loud static that made me rip my headphones off my head. The first thing I tried to do was change the video settings that had the resolution defaulted to 1024x768. I set everything to Highest quality and it required the game to be restarted. I reloaded the game, same thing. Nothing changed. I did this about 10 times without any success. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the game, nothing helped. So I gave up and finally played, but I was stuck with 1024x768 resolution stretched across a 1920x1080 monitor 16:9 ratio. It looked terrible, but my eyes adjusted to it after a while. After playing for an hour the game started to Lag very badly. I'm talking 2 second latency every few feet. I am running a high powered gaming rig so i knew it wasn't my computer. I was playing online with my brother and the lag was really bad in certain areas. Then a random person popped into my game and started and completed MY missions before I could even get to them. Really??? So I gave up, went back to the start menu and disabled public multilayer and just played single player. The lag stopped but it was not as fun as playing with other people. The game feels very unfinished and rushed, like 2 to 4 months early. This was such a big disappointment. Expand
  9. Sep 6, 2011
    This game has been jerking my d*** ever since I installed it. It has so many bugs and various issues that its difficult to separate what works properly from what doesn't. Non the less, the original release was a DevPort of the Xbox 360 version, but on top of that after the fix which "ported" back to the PC version all my savedata was destroyed and my special edition content was removed and the codes became invalid. Ill give it one point just because they managed to release it. That alone amazes me. Expand
  10. Sep 6, 2011
    The PC version as of the time I write this review is just completely broken an unplayable. They have laid out a nice story about it being the wrong version an so forth. However I don't believe them since they already put a patch out that fixed nothing. The game is another bad console port cash grab that is all. Maybe in a few months it will be worth purchasing if your lucky.

    But as of now
    I can only recommend that you do NOT buy this game. It is broken an not worth supporting. I only give it a 1 instead of 0 because at least I could get to the main menu. From there it just a screen torn stuttering mess that eventually starts to crash. Expand
  11. Sep 6, 2011
    The game is very fun when it works, and you can play with friends. Unfortunately, this is never. A patch and two re-downloads later, and the Steam version still fails to launch. More value can be found in a nugget of crack.
  12. Sep 7, 2011
    I was very excited about the release of this game - I am very disappointed. As of right now, you cannot play this game. Every time I have tried, I have run into numerous bugs, and I quit, angry, one again.
    On top of all that, the developer's press release about how they would fix the buggy release was entirely disingenuous - all they did was strip the debug information out of the game and
    comment out the keybindings for the debug keys - every single bug remains, and multiplayer is still broken.
    Unacceptable. If I had paid $50 for anything else, I would get a refund but Steam does not issue those.
  13. Sep 7, 2011
    Okay i think everybody here was excited after the Trailer for this game. A Zombie game on an huge island with skilltrees, great atmosphere and a good story. But what we got is a broken pice of software released on Pc and consoles. First thing you realize : Bad graphics 5! years development for this? Just a bad joke Then the really awefull controls taking every fun out of this game when you try to move.
    The next thing on the list is the fact you cant make your own character?Its 2011 guys, i dont wanna be a woman in a game about killing zombies on a island when i pick up a person who is skilled with firearms.
    And the 2 worst points at all: The savingsystem AND the bugs.
    You cant save your game whenever you want, if you die ( and its annoying i died several times because of bugs) you must start the level all over again.

    Dont buy this game, just dont.
  14. Sep 6, 2011
    Not very good, the whole entire game seems to be a huge mess on the PC; Tons of glitches, crashes, and overall it just seems like a console port of a beta version. The story is pretty mediocre with sub-par writing, the voice acting is so bad (it's funny). Overall it just seems like there was so much lack of attention to detail. Hopefully the many problems that it has will be addressed with future patches, and then maybe I'd bump up the score to a 6 because the combat is pretty fun, but all the other problems just overshadow what this game did well.

    Too bad, I was looking forward to this game.
  15. Sep 6, 2011
    Great potential, but releasing a game with such a massive number of bugs kills any hype that was created for it. In this day and age the developers have to be aware to hold off release dates when the product is incomplete, as is certainly the case with this game.
  16. Sep 8, 2011
    It's a real shame. Been waiting on this for a long time. I was assured over and over that it would NOT be a console port. The game is released and it's most definitely a console port.

    - clunky controls using a keyboard, would probably feel right with a controller.
    - just like easy mode in Half Life 2, the game insists on helping you aim. There is no way to turn this off because it is a
    staple of console games.
    - The FOV is setup for a television and cannot be changed, for some reason it thinks your pc is a console.
    - The menus don't support a mouse, they do however support a controller or the movement keys. - Changing weapons is a breeze... if you have a controller. They use a circle menu like you'd find on any console game.
    - There are 4 different attacks... if you are using a controller set to digital. If you're using a keyboard there's 1.
    - The first version released had tons of references to xbox controls and xbox live stuff. The first patch released removed all the references that the game is a port.

    There are bugs but big whoop, bugs can be ironed out. The console port problems this game suffers from will probably never be able to be remedied.

    I have nothing against consoles, but I do have a problem with console ports that have little thought as to how someone with a mouse/keyboard will be playing the game.
  17. Oct 8, 2011
    Whilst the idea of the game itslef is good. The exexcution once more was rather average. Innumerable glitches dragged this game down. Let alone the fact that at the very last stage of the game, whilst fighting the boss, the game decides to crap itself making it unplayable, whilst only using up half of my processor and ram power..

    Really wish people would put time into making a smooth
    engine and fix the hundreds of bugs glitches in the game, it is so annoying. Over all the game starts of great, but finishes in a disgraceful manner. Expand
  18. Sep 7, 2011
    Released version was a developer's debug copy, and ran incredibly bad on my system. After the first day patch all my progress was removed, and the game is now completely unplayable due to lag, stuttering, and freezing issues. Combined with the fact that online Co-Op doesn't work, nearly every reason I had to own this game is completely gone until it is fix, eventually. Either way, the release points to shoddy management and QA from a company that just seems to not care. Expand
  19. Jul 7, 2012
    This game had a lot going for it, but for me it bombed. The combat feels clunky and oddly limited. The use of stamina is ok, but it is too low. Weapon range for melee seems oddly short with items that would otherwise have a greater swing arc. Damage scale for Player vs NPC is terrible, a zombie can hit you with it's fist and take half your health were as a shotgun blast to the zombie's head doesn't. Story is so so, typical zombie out break, graphics are ok, physics could use some improvements. Some zombies seem to run through walls, barricades etc. Knock back with certain weapons needs another pass as well. A hit from a sledge should knock someone to the ground. The RPG idea is a good one, but the route this one takes just doesn't fancy my taste. Expand
  20. Sep 9, 2011
    Good idea, poorly implemented. Graphics are not that great for a Pc title. There are SO many bugs/crashes its not funny. This is a poor console port, the UI and inventory may work on the xbox, but its very poor on the PC. This could have been so much more than the mess it is.
  21. Jun 2, 2012
    Incredibly buggy. The good art and fight idea are spoiled by the most braindead programming "abilities" of the industry. Where can you hire such incompetent "programmers"? Is it necessary to be drunk to write so bad software?.
    They must hire:
    - someone capable to understand mouse basics. Just the basics.
    - another programmer whose code doesn't delete your progress every week.
    - a good
    manager, to fire the responsibles of the disaster. Expand
  22. Sep 8, 2011
    I've never played a game with so many bugs in my life. Every quest is has a 50/50 chance of being bugged depending on probably 500 factors. Obviously they rushed the game which was a huge mistake. I will never buy a game from this company again. It has no plot, and after 10 hours of trying to make it fun, I would rather have worked on a coal mine, or been water boarded. It's that terrible.
  23. Sep 8, 2011
    Awful, terrible, repetative and dull. Obviously a console port. Cutting off a zombies head should never get old, but it does and fast. Pirate the game if you ae curious like I was, but for the love of Allah, don't buy this guff!
  24. Sep 10, 2011
    Truly disappointing. Completely lacking in depth, as the 18 hours of game play consists of walking around picking things up and returning them to whoever asked. I recall 6 different types of zombies and they must have around 3 different sounds. Not to mention walking around you'll find about four zombies standing around so it really doesn't feel so realistic. The first level area is fun and feels well designed but after that it is apparently rushed, with even some missing textures. The game also will fail to immerse players in the story on-line as whoever accepts the quest can skip the story leaving other players in game clueless. Audio problems, Networking problems with huge lag or game crashes, No mouse support so your lovely gaming mouse buttons aren't supported, and, as it is a console port you'll find the in game mouse cursor VERY irritating (especially if you like a low mouse sensitivity). Add on top of that weapons that break after about 10 hits and one attack move you have a rather tedious game. Its a shame as they could have made this insanely good. If only they spent as much on the game as they did on the original trailer! Expand
  25. Nov 26, 2011
    I was greatly disappointed with this game. Honestly this game could do with another few months in development before it's in anyway fun. It is a shame as the game has so much untapped potential but the developers obviously rushed it and that is where things go wrong. Firstly the graphics are fairly good, amazing normally but there are several things that stand out. Faces are rendered terribly and the supposedly sexy bikini models sometimes look really old. The pick-up truck is also badly rendered. Game-play is quite good but the characters and level system is pretty much a direct rip-off to Borderlands. When I heard of this game I thought I would be able to create a character to escape the zombie apocalypse but no, each character is pre-designed and offer very little customization. Also their background stories are far from average every day people creating some distance from the zombie game most were expecting. The sound and music are not impressive either. Can't really say much else. The voice acting is terrible, the music is practically non-existent and the sound is buggy. Overall the game is terrible and barely playable. i suffered a bug for 2 weeks on my game where I actually couldn't save the game at all. This game needs taking back to hte drawing board, taking apart with a chainsaw and put back together with time and patience. Then, maybe, we could have the amazing game that we should have got. Expand
  26. Jan 6, 2012
    I was hoping this would be as good as left 4 dead based on the trailer if not better.
    Sadly not!
    The game simply involves endlessly running around doing mundane tasks. I think the lack of weapons at the start only added to this boredom.
    To me this is definitely a lazy console ported game rather than a pc game
  27. Aug 25, 2012
    cut a long story short: this game has a lot of potential but ultimately it falls flat on it's zombie nose. the mission system is broken. soemtimes the map marker does not work so you do not know what do to next and have to to do the ENTIRE MISSION all over again. this is completely unacceptable in a 2011 release. moreover the inventory system sucks so hard and was so obviously designed for consoles instead of a PC. last but not least the story doesn' go anywhere (well at least not after having played for 7 hours!) Expand
  28. Sep 10, 2011
    Im in III act. I played the game with 2 friends on coop. I picked up sort of "tank" character and i was mostly using 2H weapons. I gotta say, apart from nice graphics and some cool body chopping effects, this game isn't worth the money.

    As a L4Dead fan and CoD5 zombie mod fun, i expected more variety, customizing and coop missions, but it's SIMPLY BORING. You pick up a quest, kill 20
    zombies, get quest item, kill 20 zombies again on the road back, return quest, get sucky reward, that's it.

    This is pretty much the whole game. Other then that, the number of available weapons is just SAD. I wanted to get huge hammer to smash things, i've got lvl 31 and still after checking all the "vendors" there's NOTHING new. Just "old" weapons for higher level. Sad really.

    One big plus for this game, is it's climate. You really feel in danger, the people are fighting to survive and it's great. But this is like only plus along with pretty decent graphics.

    More coms : a lot of graphic BUGS, glitches, disappearing textures, artifacts in cutscenes. I mean, really? Did anyone from the dev's play the game before the release? Seems like they didn't.

    All in all, as a person that played it in coop mode for the last 3 days, i do not recommend buying it. I had some fun, but i just can't imagine playing it solo, it must be devastating after 1 h gameplay.

    Get Left4dead 2 instead, there are lods of mods and maps for it, it's not so "open" as Dead Island , but definately it's worth its money.
  29. Oct 2, 2011
    Once you get past the novelty in the first hour or so, it becomes a brain dead trudge to victory **** you dont even have to know what your doing half the time. Not to mention the plot is of the calibre of an 11y/o's attempt at creative writing. Total waste of money :(
  30. Sep 19, 2011
    Useless until patches arrive. I have stopped playing this game until bugs like the slow cursor and autosave glitches are fixed. It seems like it'll be great when it works though.
  31. Aug 6, 2012
    I'm giving a 2 for the graphics and effort, but the core gameplay and game mechanics are horribly flawed. First, I get hastily introduced to random characters that are forgotten in the first minute, stumble around pointlessly, and struggle with the clumsy movement controls. Then, all of a sudden I am joined by random people since there is some kind of multiplayer mode enabled by default, something that I didn't even choose myself. Then we stumble around more, trying desperately to actually hit and do damage to pretty much anything. Now here is the real issue, I missed out on 90% of the story already. The other players rush around everywhere and activate all these different quests while I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on. They skip all the dialogue so I have no idea what the quests were even about in the first place, and then this other guy has an electric sword while everyone is using sticks. Heck, I think I even missed a plane crash or whatever that noise was.

    I just finished some random quest about a gas-station, and I've had enough of this game already. I don't even know what happened since the beginning of the game to this point other than the fact that "we killed zombies". Not much of a story there.

    The game is just a jumbled mess. Movement is sloppy, gameplay is sloppy, cinematics/cut-scenes are sloppy, story is sloppy, game mechanics are sloppy.

    The game is sloppy. Nuff said. Good thing I bought it during the Steam Sale.
  32. Jan 10, 2012
    Attempts to developers to make the game too well, has led to the fact that the game was really quite boring. Personally, I do not really like it and go on a huge island in search of the next quest, met for a total time 10 zombies, breaking with his favorite subject of close combat. And how do metal pipe can bend specifically on two strikes?
    Boring, no paddle
  33. Jul 7, 2012
    One of the biggest disappointments I have experienced. The game was so interesting and the idea of the game taking place on a tropical island seemed solid. But the game is so poorly executed, the gameplay is awful, it is such a robotic movement and it's hard to get an overlook of all the enemies attacking you. The gameplay is especially bad when it comes to using firearms. The characters are so ridiculously stupid and the voice casting is horrible. Last but not least the numerous amount of bugs ruins this game. Even with all the patches the game has a huge amount and because of that I can't make a progress in the game. I can't get any further because I have runned into a really annoying bug. Expand
  34. Feb 3, 2012
    Perseverance, that's what it took to complete this game. Let's start off with the good, nice open world with zombies and combat is fun albeit repetitive. The bad, the game has numerous bugs, awful character development, boring quests, awful leveling structure and a checkpoint system. Lets start with the bugs, which are still pretty bad even after half a year of release. The game has issues with sound, such as loud crackling and popping noises every once in a while. It progressively gets worse and worse until you reach the sewers where I had to throw my headphones off the audio was so loud. After that it sort of tapers off, but the sewers are a good ~10 hours in the game. The game's character development, as an RPG you'd think they'd invest some time into explaining characters. Nah, you're just there and the only information is the bio at the beginning, they introduce characters but they're cliche and you can't wait until they die. The quests are stupid and repetitive, Dead Island has two types of quests and doesn't even try to hide it. Fetch and escort, that's it. You may have one or two go here, fetch item and protect guy, but that's as interesting as the quests get. One of the problem with quests is there's no reason to do them. The enemies follow a strict level scaling and you never get the feeling that you've ever leveled up. Often times games introduce new abilities to offset this mechanic so it appears you get stronger compared to your opponent but you actually don't, Dead Island does none of this. Once I realized this towards the end of Act 2, I just stockpiled on decent weapons and avoided enemies and quests because I knew the faster I leveled the more obsolete my weapons would become. The checkpoint system is awful because of two reasons, it means I can't leave the game whenever I want; but the real problem with the checkpoint system is it's bugged. The checkpoint system leaves you in unexplained places upon your return. It happens from my count at least a third of my checkpoints left me in weird areas, two of the most noticeable were in Act 2 I left the game, when I returned the game placed my in the Jungle, which is Act 3. So I drove around for an hour trying to figure how to leave and finally just reloaded my last checkpoint which put me back in Act 2. Another checkpoint problem was I left the game and the quest had be going to some control panel to unlock doors, guess what the checkpoint did? It put me right in front of the control panels with the doors unlocked. There's plenty of WTF moments in Dead Island, and while I was able to beat the game by 50% of the main plot progress it was beating me down. The game's shortcomings all slowly start to beat you down until you no longer want to play. You'll spend more time screaming at the screen because of bug's than the actually difficulty. Game took ~16 hours for me to beat but towards 50% I was just rushing through everything just for the sake of completion and not fun. Expand
  35. Sep 17, 2011
    What an absolute POS. Chinese must have developed this crap. What a waste of $50 bucks. It's so amazing that this is even offered on Steam that I'm going to stop buying games there.
  36. Nov 2, 2011
    Dead Island is your basic hack & slash with a tolerable main story-line. I wouldn't bother with the side quests, because the quest tracking system is very frustrating with map waypoints and paths showing up or glitching and showing nothing. Also the quick-travel locations are so far apart you will find yourself hacking and slashing your way up and down the same paths over and over to complete multiple side quests. The side quests are nothing more than your basic retrieval, kill this zombie, or button pushing in multiple locations. The Auto-Save feature isn't adjustable and you can't save before quitting the game so you will likely lose progress each time you quit the game. There is also no real penalty for death so you can just flail around bashing zombies heads in till your health hits 0 and repeat. I jumped more in Minecraft when a zombie jumped out from behind a corner and hit me... But hey if you have severe OCD and get a kick out of bashing zombies heads in over and over until the next cut-scene then this may be the game for you. I gave this game a "1" because at least the graphics looked nice and gory. Expand
  37. Mar 22, 2012
    Stupid story, stupid side quests, pointless weapon mods and only few "good" ones and interest about this game dies after first play-through. Dead Island tries to be partly RPG but that is impossible because game is too short and getting survivor to max level you need to play this through about 8 to 10 times and after that you have no interest to try doing same thing with other survivor. All survivors have some specialities so first choice is going to be only choice. I think this studio was very lucky with this game because main idea has so much potential and its hard to understand why anyone did not make this kind of game before. Game was released as some beta version and after that there has been million different bugs, AI problems, bugs, problems and DLC:s were not worth of paying. Arena was ok but Ryder White? F*cking single player DLC? Seriously? I have no idea what these guys were thinking... Expand
  38. gas
    Aug 6, 2012
    Bought during Steam summer sales, so quite nice price, im not very disappointed, the game is playable, its overall well made, the concept is good, at least as idea. The main issue in my opinion is that the game is boring and most of the situations are completely stupid.
    Its a sandbox game like fallout 3 or skyrim, but it lacks story, interesting zones, interesting enemies, character
    developing, weapons, sense of progression.. basically it lacks everything except zombies.
    Quests are not interesting and usually it seems they are written randomly by someone who never played a game in his life.
    Character development is very streamlined and poor, also the game lacks really common sense, as in example you save an NPC and carry him into the safe zone, then he starts to sell weapons to you, like he could import weapons on a zombie island or even if in case of a zombie apocalypse ppl still use money to buy stuff each other to fight them... A good concept ruined by really stupid developer choices.
  39. Mar 21, 2012
    This game really should be fun but because of a crappy port this has the worst performance of any game I have played in the last couple of years. A game with textures and environments so poor and plain and simple should run like lightning, but it's performance is not optimized in the least for the PC. I can run Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 at close to max settings and get WAY better performance that in Dead Island. And that's sad because the setting and presentation of the game, as well as it's combat mechanics and whatnot seem to be quite solid. Still, the poor performance just make s this no fun to play on the PC. Buy the XBOX version. Expand
  40. Nov 19, 2012
    Dead Island is an FPS action-RPG that focuses heavily on melee weapons. It is also a console port which is noticable from the horrible interface that makes the game too frustrating to play for anyone who bought a PC to play PC games and not console-junk. You go around carrying far too many melee weapons to manage, performing quests for cutboard characters that hide out in cardboard buildings from zombies. Graphics are sort of nice but the fighting is sub-par. If you're going for realistic melee combat, copy Mount & Blade. I can't be bothered writing anything else about this game, it manages to make co-operative zombie-survival boring and that's pretty hard to do. Waste of money and time unless you're 14 and think console games aren't made with only hard dollars in mind. Expand
  41. Dec 23, 2012
    Graphics are crap i mean the Skins and textures were neglected really bad even the weapon models, the game mechanics are not comfortable to play with imho. The game was on sell for $6 so i didn't lose much money, Though i remember when it was like $50. The game is linear and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, look elsewhere like left 4 dead/2 heh even the older games have better graphics.
  42. Sep 19, 2011
    Got this game via steam just before launch on friday preloaded. enjoyed myself all the way to Chapter 13. Then the nightmare comes in... YOU CANT RELOAD SAVED GAME... the way the devs have done the saving in this game is a joke! wait until you experience the "corrupt save game bug" Pop on Google at any time and type in this issue, this is a game breaker, why waste hours collecting and doing quests when at chapter 13+ ITS ALL RUINED by some bug in game, no tech support from Techland either. so this game gets an amazing 1 and a STAY CLEAR warning until its fixed Expand
  43. Oct 12, 2011
    I have this game for the xbox 360 and everybody I know is having this problem: when WE hit level 40 with any character we can no longer reload our progress if we exit to main menu or turn the xbox off, it wont reload when we come back to it please sort this out as it is a good game and i feel like I have been ripped off
  44. Feb 1, 2012
    This is a game based on scarce resources--good weapons are scarce, molotovs are scarce, alcohol is scarce, ammo is very scarce, and weapons break much too quickly. Unfortunately, numerous bugs keep cheating me out of my stuff! Near the starting point there's a guy who supposedly gives you ammo for saving him, but the ammo was nowhere to be found in my inventory. And you can't just buy ammo from any vendor, that would be too easy. Harlan Johnson should give a molotov for every three alcohols, but if your inventory is full he will silently take the alcohol and give nothing in return (I lost two molotovs this way). And you can't just buy molotovs, that would be too easy. Every time I close my inventory, my weapon swings, but if I'm holding a molotov then it is thrown! (I lost two more molotovs this way.) If you pick up an alcohol when you have an empty weapon slot then it becomes the active "weapon" but there is no indication that this has happened; so next time to try to attack an enemy, you will become drunk instead and lose your alcohol. All these bugs would have been OK except that you have to spend a lot of time to acquire these items, so losing them due to bugs is unacceptable (especially as it was released over 4 months ago.) I'd give this game a 7 or 8 if it weren't so frustrating. In multiplayer, I don't want an open mike (the Steam options offer push-to-talk, but it doesn't work) and there is no way to kick AFKs or troublemakers. Expand
  45. Oct 26, 2011
    Very slow, boring, horrible soundtrack, weird animations, excessive blur, headaches. I wish it was all I could say about Dead Island, but it's so terrible that I have a feeling something is left in its cons. Well, I really think its not worthy 5$.
  46. Nov 11, 2011
    Game doesn't work. Wasted money. Some bug prevents me from getting past elevator 2 minutes into the game. I can leave it on all night right before the elevator with no problems, cross that little line and boom, games down. I've only see the first 5 corridors, but I have 1.5 hours of playtime trying over and over with different settings. The company that makes this game is no official forums at all for support... meaning you're on your own. If you have a 5xx series NVIDIA, don't even consider buying this game. Expand
  47. May 24, 2012
    Thank god I only payed 11$ for this. By act II the gimmicks wear off and you're stuck beating zombies that won't die for hours with glass weapons that constantly break against enemies that are unimaginative in every way. Fun with a group of friends but they'd better be more entertaining than the game.
  48. Feb 4, 2012
    FIVE Huge Issues with this Borderlands zombie copy done badly, and I've finished this game

    1) Characters have talent trees that copy Diablo II/Warcraft, but you can never respec. One tree is all about guns, but guns are scarce and ammo is even scarcer. The fury tree is a waste of time.

    2) You use a weapon ten times and it breaks, and it costs more than what you can reasonably kill
    to recoup the money to repair it. This is paticularly bad in certain chapters when the zombies are just unreasonably dense.

    3) No storyline. It takes the third chapter to finally realise some sort of plot line, The character development is HORRENDOUS.

    4) Bugs galore that have never been fixed. The lack of inventory space, and the fact that if you pick up some things your good weapons may drop on the ground without you noticing is just disgraceful.

    5) The sidequests are just tedious, pointless, and for the most part the same. Like bring me medicine, bring me a necklace, I want booze. Overall I had high hopes for this game, but the repair mechanics and the fact you can redo your talent trees is just digusting and ruins the whole game.
  49. upi
    May 30, 2012
    I think this game is a huge missed opportunity. They obviously spent a lot of effort on creating a world rich in eye candy. Unfortunately you will spend most of your time traveling to various locations and brawling with the same few types of zombies, running boring errands that you won't care much about anyways. Did I say "repetitive"? I lost count on how many times I had to do the jumpkick / stomp on the head killer combo.

    It is unfortunate that such a rich environment should inform the player so poorly. An openable door, a breakable door and a piece of wall that just appears like a door all look the same. There are invisible barriers designed to keep you on track that you just can't pass. The "GPS" supposed to help you navigate from point A to B on a boring trek will cheerfully try to lead you through solid walls. After a daring jump you can simply get stuck somewhere and have to restart from a checkpoint.

    You cannot save. You have the one game progress that is automatically kept for you. Seriously, games in the 90's had saves!

    And then there are the big and small aggravations. You can carry a hundred medkits and they take up one inventory slot. But 13 knives? No. I won't even go into weapon breakage.

    Pick up a bottle of alcohol, and it becomes your active weapon. (You don't notice this because you don't see the bottle anymore.) So next time a zombie attacks you and you click attack what happens? Your hero DRINKS IT RIGHT ON THE SPOT and gets drunk in the middle of a fight. God...

    But all these little faults are irrelevant compared to the fact that the game just fails to connect emotionally. The NPC's are bland, their terror unauthentic, acts and needs out of touch. There's a woman in the middle of the zombie apocalypse NEXT TO A SWIMMING POOL asking you for water. (Gives you 100XP for each bottle, oh yeah, now I'm immersed.) People huddle in shelters with the door wide open. Yeah, now I really believe their fear of inevitable death. Sometimes NPCs attempt to instill a sense of urgency with lines like "We must waste no more time", all the while comfortably standing in one spot, doing nothing. The lines are repetitive (oh only you can help us, thank you so much for your help, our heroes), the voice acting uninspired. In the end I started to think these people deserved the undead brought upon them, which in my mind turned the zombies into the game's protagonists. The "plot", well... worse than a summer blockbuster, except there are no twists. The game just lacks atmosphere and spirit.
  50. Aug 5, 2012
    Dead Island is complete trash from start to finish! This game failed before it even was created. The game is outdated in every way possible. Maybe this game would of been amazing back in 1998! This game is so dull and boring with its lame ass repetitive game play that I just wanted to throw my PC out the window! This game was designed and made by assclowns, who had no idea what a good game looks like let alone should have any business making a game in the first place. Techland and DeepSliver are both full of dip sticks and useless asshats. This game blows on so many levels you could write a million books on it. So this very lame and boring game gets an amazing 0 out of 10 from me! Blow it out your ass you bloody asshats! Expand
  51. Mar 1, 2013
    The trailer dragged me right into a pre-order which now that I think back to it was a very stupid decision. The game has 4 characters that all have the same intro which really sucked and just seemed like the developers were just being lazy. At first the combat is really cool but it quickly becomes very repetitive and tedious. The zombies are not much of a threat as I found myself just running passed them and occasionally jumping on top of a car so that I could catch my breath or just shoot them down so they stop pestering me. The biggest mistake about the zombies is they can not break down doors instead they just walk or run into it which causes a horrible clipping bug that just looks hilarious. The side missions were really boring because they were all the same, it seemed to me that there were only three types of side missions and that was fetch,kill,escort. I later moved onto co-op but it was just like playing the game on single player as my buddy just ran past zombies with me and we actually had more fun crashing are car into stuff but that quickly got boring due to the horrible physics engine. Speaking about the physics engine, everything in this game seemed to be a static object.

    Overall this game can be fun but gets very boring very quickly so it can easily be skipped.
  52. Feb 17, 2013
    It is a disgusting,buggy,repetitive console port.The game is barely even working.It feels unfinished.Graphics are out of date,the missions are boring,the core fighting system makes killing zombies a chore more than anything.Exploring this half finished island is completely useless.
  53. Mar 27, 2013
    Graphics and visuals are not all that great. Best thing I saw in this game was the water. Story is just awful. I never once knew what the hell went on and I never will... this was awful. Characters were awful... it was just... awful. Gameplay Movements and camera were all good but the combat... yeah that was horrendous. That's actually part of the difficulty. Hitting something. Wow if I was ever looking for a challenge this game is it. It is defiantly a challenge and I found it to be very hard. I enjoy a good challenge every now and then so this was defiantly a plus. Length/Replay I never got to the end. I couldn't. It was too BORING. It was just so unbelievably boring! Summary I did not enjoy this game one bit at all. It was too boring... too dull... nothing really new it's zombies with melee weapons now. I really enjoyed the challenge though its what got me as far as I went. I never say no to a good challenge but all the terrible things were weighing it down far too much that I caved and gave up. Waste of my money and time. Expand
  54. Sep 30, 2013
    BAD GAME! I have put 20 hours on this game, the game has interesting story BUT it sucks as hell, i had to uninstall the game because of the endless annoyance it has. 1 Major problem for me, FEELS LAGGY! the game feels extremely laggy even i have +120 fps. 2 Mouse movements, in the menu the mouse is extremely slow. 3 No option to disable the head bobbing. 4 Combat system sucks!
    5 No proper AA, AA seems doesnt work or has poor effect even on max settings
    6 Bad interface.

    I wish it worked as smooth as L4D series but forget that, the combat system makes you break your keyboard because theres nothing in combat system to learn, just hit hit hit, and hit and dont forget to hit again but for sure the zombies will hit you before you even reach them...

    Anyway 0 out of 10.
  55. Dec 7, 2011
    ah dead island .. the best coop game and the best bugs in one game !!
    it was mutch fun to me when this was out ! yes i love it i was playing with a lot of friends and they was loving it too ! the first update was very good the most bugs was fixed and it was stable for co op !
    but there was a lot of bugs again so they did another update in one month... and they destroyed everything !
    just fixed a glitch witch the players was using it to make money WOW thnx and nothing else and the internet connection once again was having problems.. they said a new dlc will be out soon and then they cancel it for fixing the bugs ! and then after 2 months a new update was out with nothing fixed (from the serious problems) andthey just put some new stuff (nothing cool) and u was able to be up to 60lvl the internet for co op with microphone and with 4 players was having a lof of problems and crashes ...
    and my favorite skills for my sam is now sucks coz i lose all the stamina when i do some of them and the game now is stupid and worthless the dlc we all waiting is out and it was like they did it in one day the arena wasnt have something special just a simple mini map and the zobies spawning from everywhere even form ur back so u need to play it with friends and not alone !u better buy it in a console and not the pc version cos the deep silver thinks we are morans or fools for saying all those lies about the worng version (if it was wrong version they just cold fix it with the good one ) and the fast updates? what ? in one month they did the second update and till now i thing they make 3-4 updates ....
    i will never trust deep silver again
  56. Sep 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Good: some graphics are really nice, especially in the jungle. not crysis quality, but still impressive. btw I did some tweaking, and had the Dead Island Helper running. the possibility to break arms, cut off limbs :D and the open world, which I thought was very convincing.
    The Bad: the story, the ending is very disappointing, you have absolutely no influence on moral questions (the playable characters behave like jerks). zombies spawn always on the same spots. zombies look a lot alike, especially the bigger ones (rams or floaters). creating new mod-weapons is tedious, you need this, and that, and oh! this too. dead rising 2 had a much better system, and was a better game altogether! you can't kill zombies with one headshot, but you can kill humans with one headshot. quests are mostly fetch-quests. some npcs are just annoying, the merchant in the guard tower always says the same phrase.
  57. Sep 14, 2011
    ps3 version. Keep your money.
    things i experienced within 4 hours of gameplay
    cons = *unable to save game * 2 erased games *missing talent points *freezes * bad story *bad graphics
    pros = killing zombies
  58. Sep 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sou do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil e estou aqui postando meu comentário sobre esse Dead Island. Comprei o jogo pelo Steam e fiquei muito decepcionado. O jogo tem gráficos antigos para 2011, tem uma jogabilidade lenta e sem graça, não tem a mesma ação que o L4D2. O pré-lançamento do jogo conseguiu o que queria, fez um monte de gente comprar o jogo para depois descobrir que não valia a pena. Quem comprou o jogo e falou que é bom, é porque não quer dar o braço a torcer que perdeu quase 60 dolares em uma porcaria. O video de lançamento do jogo enganou muita gente e muitos colegas meus aqui no Brasil ficaram decepcionados com o jogo. Infelizmente não tenho como pegar meu dinheiro de volta. Não recomendo esse jogo, não comprem! Gastem o dinheiro de vocês com outros jogos mais divertidos e com mais ação... e mais baratos!!! Expand
  59. Sep 18, 2011
    I feel like I'm playing an alpha version of a 5/10 game. This is clearly a console port. There are so many frustrating issues I don't know where to begin.
  60. Feb 2, 2012
    Enjoyed the game for a week or so than bought the arena pack and was gutted with the quality of that after having to pay for it, and I see another overpriced DLC is for sale. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.
  61. Sep 29, 2011
    let me tell ya... this game was so much fun when i first started. then the bugs and glitches that should of been fixed long before release. but i dealt with it and played and played sometimes losing hours gameplay from some glitches. then the final straw. after beating the game 3 times and lvling my char to 43 i get the worst error yet. my game data is corrupt,,, basically that means your whole game is lost. 63 hours of gameplay out the window. i promptly traded the game in the next day and will never buy a deep silver product again. test your games before releasing them...noobs Expand
  62. Oct 17, 2011
    Rushed console port. PROCEED CAUTIOUSLY IF YOU SUFFER MOTION SICKNESS. I typically don't but something about this game causes eye strain and headaches (even after tweaking the FOV). So much potential, I regret buying but hoping the developers patch it up or the mod community fixes it.
  63. Oct 21, 2011
    Good concept... very bad execution, too much hype. This could be a great game... but at the end it's a mediocre game. Now its a hack'n slash in first person... unplayable... a lot of bugs, unfinished game. Boring voices, boring ambient, invisible walls and corners.... Useless savegame method... who the hell wants save by chapter, and replay again and again the same hard scene nowadays? The same as The Walking Dead tv series,... all the time the same and nothing happens... Expand
  64. Nov 28, 2011
    Dead Rising 2 made as a First person shooter, that's Dead Island, zero creativity, zero innovation, very linear, nothing different from any zombie-like game, the graphics are good, the MP is the only remarcable thing, i had fun playing CoopMP, like 2 weeks, then i quitted. i want to like this game (zombie life style fan xD), but i think they made a very linear game, i don't feel any kind of "freedom" on it (a big world with almost no range of actions), finally the price is like a joke on a funeral, i had to sell it, so... score:4 Expand
  65. Feb 3, 2012
    If you played Borderlands, expect to see the same with zombies but more boring quests. Poor guns and extremely limited options. I was hoping this game didn't suck this much but indeed it is no more but a copy of Borderlands.
  66. Aug 12, 2012
    Repetitive, **** rpg elements, and pretty much a CoD-like take on an army of zombies gameplay hacking and slashing through them.
    This game was promised to be a good RPG, survival zombie game. That promise was not delivered.
  67. Dec 20, 2013
    This is not exactly a game with an open environment, as there is quite a bit of railroading going on. The voice acting is mediocre at best and the game looks and plays very much like a poor console port. There's all kinds of glitches, like sound fragments restarting over and over or sounding way too close. Or puddles reflecting like perfect mirrors until you get a feet closer and the reflection disappears. The controls are stiff and feel like something from a decade back.

    The setting is not bad, but hardly original. Far Cry with Zombies pretty much sums it up. Except that Far Cry is a better game for its execution and mechanics. If you absolutely must have zombies in your game and you like it to be set in a tropical paradise, Dead Island might be your thing.

    The crafting is a nice idea, but a few dozen bland adjective to distinguish item quality, a workbench that accepts dollars to upgrade items, only allowing 7 slots for weapons but dragging around a truckload of junk to upgrade them with, etc. All of this makes it feel very poorly thought through. Fallout, Tomb Raider, Far Cry, they all did a better job of it. Sure, there's a lot of variety in naming and simple looks, but in the end it's still a wrench with a damage number that gets a bit higher.

    Healing is similarly silly you have to ingest insane amounts of snacks, fruit and energy drinks to deal with the mutilation inflicted on you by the zombies and every single one forces you to sit through a boring animation with annoying sound effects. As a game mechanic it's no fun and the realism is on the level of Serious Sam; but unlike Serious Sam, it takes itself too seriously and can't decide between zany and serious. It ends up picking the worst of both worlds.

    Dead Island reminded me a lot of Hellgate London and that's not a good thing. Who cares about game mechanics? Me, a gamer. There's plenty of titles out there that are more fun, have better zombies, better guns, better crafting, prettier islands and certainly more in the way of plot and voice acting. Unless you can get it for a few dollars on a crazy sale, I recommend against it. I paid 5 dollars, but I should have waited until it was 2,50.
  68. Jan 15, 2013
    Scenery looks great, characters, a little less than stellar. The real problem lies with the level up system, there is no point when the zombies level up with you every inch of the way. Guns are another problem, they are useless against zombies so choosing the character with the gun perks is a complete waste, a mistake i made my first time through. There are bugs but that's not what ruined this game for me, boring quests a broken leveling system and a lack of any kind of story makes this sub par. Expand
  69. Mar 24, 2013
    Got this as a gift and tried to enjoy both the single player and the coop. After about 5 hours I gave up. The island, however tropical, is not the nicest play environment. There are _no_ open zones, all it is is a chain of constrained, little spaces and short walkways. The characters look outdated and are not believable. Partly because of cheap texturing, partly because of horribly outdated animations. The voice acting is either overdone or lackluster in most places, making this feel like a B-movie instead of a blockbuster. And I find the menu system counter-intuitive and it's design very ugly! All of this could be forgiven if there was fun to be had in combat or during missions, but like so many other reviewers here, I found all of it boring. Also, checking the Steam stats for this game, at this time only 30% of those who started the game actually finishes it. That says it all. Expand
  70. Jul 26, 2013
    Dead Island was just... unfinished it seemed. The recycled enemies. The boring combat. The down right stupid story. The characters. It was... just terrible. I can't do anything but complain about this game.

    The story... well... uhh... it's there. It sucked but... it's there... right? I mean seriously half the time I didn't even know there was a story.

    I don't even remember any of the
    characters. None of them had an impact on me.

    Graphics and visuals were below average. I never seen something like this at the price it cost ever. Except for the water which was oddly the most detailed thing in the game.

    Gameplay was just down right atrocious. The hit box for some melee was just awful and they want me to jump and hit too? Yeah no. Controls well... it handled well but again... with the combat being so spotty you can't really say it controlled well. Multiplayer CO-OP made it a tad fun as all my friends and I laughed at all the horrible things in the game and cracked jokes.

    OH BOY WAS THIS GAME HARD! If you're looking for a challenge look no further than this! This game's poor hit box and controls and overall boring game play just makes everything a god damn challenge.

    Would I recommend this game? NO! DO NOT TOUCH THIS!
  71. Aug 3, 2013
    The game was absolutely terrible. I have to say this is first boring game I have ever played that put me to sleep...literally.

    The combat is so tedious and the game has way to many bugs that it feels unplayable. Boring fetch quests, forgettable story and bland characters, there is nothing positive I can point out in this game to give it a higher score than a 0.
  72. Nov 20, 2013
    The truth is, I really wanted to like Dead Island but unfortunately it’s just not what I expected… The constant barrage of boring collection missions, an absolutely awful FOV which makes me feel sick after around half an hour playing, a weapon crafting/upgrading system which truly boggles my mind (I hate RPG/Strategy-esque things) and a really rather unattractive game in general (maybe it’s just the port)! I just couldn't find much too like about Dead Island, even killing zombies just wasn't that satisfying (it felt very repetitive) despite the sheer volume of weapons… I also didn't really understand the focus on money in the title; why should we be concerned about money in a zombie invasion; that's just contrived… Overall, I just found it a rather flawed and boring game! Expand
  73. Nov 30, 2013
    I SO wanted to like this, I really did. It's a beautiful looking game with some fun gameplay to be had. It is however, ruined by a nonsensical, cliché ridden and disjointed story that is less half baked than completely uncooked, with voice acting that, while never awful is never truly convincing, either. There is also no sense of character development, with each cutscene (which barely even appear until the halfway point) showing the characters, both playable and no randomly changing their personality with no real explanation as to how or why, even within said scenes. The facial animations are at best laughable, while I did notice the zombies seemed to display a convincing look of rage, the characters the player interacts with always seem to look blank, even if they're supposed to be terrified for their lives. The combat AI for humans is also hilariously bad, with enemies directly in front of the player seemingly shooting right past them. The item break mechanic also seemed to make no sense, with the player going and seemingly paying a workbench to repair a weapon with cash, which given the large variety of items the player seems to run across makes it seem like a really lazy solution to an unnecessary feature. The combat was fun enough, although with zombies and specials pretty much spawning in the exact same place not minutes after the player cleared it out made it repetitive and quite frankly tedious.
    The item loot mechanic, which not only looks lifted from Borderlands was highly unsatisfying. I think this game had a lot of ambition, with some excellent ideas, a solid concept and a beautiful world but it was ruined by poor execution in many aspects of the game. It could have been something special but will probably be confined to the depths of mediocrity like so many other potentially great games. Still, it was better than Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.
  74. Feb 7, 2014
    Game is boring, boring and boring. Did I mention that is boring game? Basically you encounter zombies. There and everywhere. Graphics is pretty bad and I'm really not into graphics. Rather design. Design is bad. Audio is even worse. I've played this game for 13 hours and I won't be coming back. Ever.
    Game play: 5/10 Not that bad for first two hours.
    Graphics: 3/10 Many effects, bad
    design. And effects are bad, I don't like blooming my eyes.
    Audio 2/10 Seriously, I was considering giving this 1/10

    Overall 4/10
  75. Feb 26, 2013
    The game suffers from severe bad design. The levels are not laid out in any sort of logical manner, instead more resembling what a real-world location would look like this sounds great until you realize that real world locations are designed for usability, while a level is designed to be a challenge. The net result? Confusing level design where stuff is just lying around randomly.

    controls are poor, the game is slow-paced, the size of the areas makes completing quests a pain... the list goes on.

    The sad thing is, I didn't like Borderlands that much, but this is way worse than Borderlands Borderlands at least had logical level design and somewhat interesting monsters.
  76. Sep 28, 2014
    This game has hardcoded aimassist on PC! How could anyone give it more that 0?!!
    I don't even want to mention other technical dificulities with this game....
  77. Aug 30, 2013
    One of the most boring, pointless, broken production I've ever played. The feel of "why am I doing this" flows within this game all the time. Single or co-op, it's a terrible waste of time and nerves (technicaly broken). Combat is clunky and unbelieveably exploitable, maps are straightforward terrible, quests are all about BRING ME THIS OR WE WILL DIE (eventually: click this there). One of the worst zombie and co-op titles. Expand
  78. Dec 30, 2013
    I run a high end laptop that is capable of playing all the new titles in the market (Lenovo Y-410p).

    Dead Island just gives me a blank screen, and despite numerous attempts to correct this through forums, and support, this game has not been playable for me.

    I highly discourage you to purchase it, and encourage you to seek an alternative zombie game.
  79. Apr 5, 2014
    It's an unfinished mess. Textures are dreadful, lighting is from 1998 and whoever signed of those menus has never used a computer before. That and the fact my character seems to be ice-skating make it all but unplayable.
  80. Apr 11, 2014
    This is the worst piece of dogpoo game i have ever played. The combat is dull as a turd and the stamina system is totally messed up. There is no balance or fun in this "game" and you loose all interest as soon as you boot the "game" up. There is no real tutorial and you have to figure everything out yourself, and that really sucks. The leveling "progression" system is also total bullocks and it serves no purpose other than to feel happy about leveling up. The Talents you can choose are really useless and idiotic.
    0 out of billion
    Would never play again... Ever...
  81. Jul 1, 2014
    It started out okay, there was a story going on, but then it takes a sharp turn and crashes. Real early in the beginning main storyline quests tell you to go do some 'side' quests. Movement is sluggish, trying to strafe while moving makes you slow to a crawl. The weapons break way too fast. Random enemies that are far stronger than anything else around that without a ranged weapon leaves you running in circles. The mouse sensitivity defaults way too high and when you adjust it the mouse moves too slow when you enter the menu. There is very little point to have a level system in a game if you're going to just make everything scale with you. It's a low quality PC port. Expand
  82. Sep 10, 2011
    Im in III act. I played the game with 2 friends on coop. I picked up sort of "tank" character and i was mostly using 2H weapons. I gotta say, apart from nice graphics and some cool body chopping effects, this game isn't worth the money.

    As a L4Dead fan and CoD5 zombie mod fun, i expected more variety, customizing and coop missions, but it's SIMPLY BORING. You pick up a quest, kill 20
    zombies, get quest item, kill 20 zombies again on the road back, return quest, get sucky reward, that's it.

    This is pretty much the whole game. Other then that, the number of available weapons is just SAD. I wanted to get huge hammer to smash things, i've got lvl 31 and still after checking all the "vendors" there's NOTHING new. Just "old" weapons for higher level. Sad really.

    One big plus for this game, is it's climate. You really feel in danger, the people are fighting to survive and it's great. But this is like only plus along with pretty decent graphics.

    More coms : a lot of graphic BUGS, glitches, disappearing textures, artifacts in cutscenes. I mean, really? Did anyone from the dev's play the game before the release? Seems like they didn't.

    All in all, as a person that played it in coop mode for the last 3 days, i do not recommend buying it. I had some fun, but i just can't imagine playing it solo, it must be devastating after 1 h gameplay.

    Get Left4dead 2 instead, there are lods of mods and maps for it, it's not so "open" as Dead Island , but definately it's worth its money.

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    Dead Island is maybe rough around the edges, has things that could have been better and has some strange solutions to gaming mechanics, but really, who cares? The main thing, close combat with zombies on an open environment, is both exceptionally well done and most importantly, great fun. Even alone. In the land of blindingly pretty, but simplified tubeshooters the ugly zombie game is the king. [Sept 2011]
  2. 88
    Dead Island has plenty of reasons to be likeable: a satisfying duration, enough freedom and interactivity to create addiction and enough potential to become a classic. And although it isn't what the elitists would call a mandatory title, I think it's infectious enough for me to pull my friend's sleeve to buy the game too.
  3. Oct 9, 2011
    It's the mission design that proves most disappointing. Its scale is highly ambitious but Dead Island's population of living dead aren't enough to compensate for its barren lack of variety and an increasingly tedious structure.