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  1. Sep 10, 2011
    Don't let anyone fool you, the game had some huge problems the first couple days but they have patched it up pretty well and it runs amazingly. With a couple friends this is one of the best co-op experiences available.
  2. Sep 16, 2011
    A flawed diamond of a game. The core gameplay is good, and it's one of the few games I've played in recent years to actually feel like a horror game. The adrenaline that flows then knocked down by a thug and surrounded my walkers is immense. Melee combat is sastisfying, and the game is huge and provides lots of gameplay for your money. It does have a few issues though. There are minor graphical bugs and clipping which mar the game slightly, and weapons break a little bit too fast for my tastes. I understand it's meant to build tension, but it doesn't seem right that a lead pipe would break after 10 hits to a zombie arm. I think if the bugs can be ironed out, it could be close to perfect as a game. Some of the criticisms for it seem a bit harsh. It was buggy at release, but that doesn't make it awful by default. Some criticisms have been levelled at it for a lack of guns, but that was one of its main selling points. If you want a fun game which goes against the grain, and are willing to put up with a few minor bugs and questionable design issues, you could do a lot worse than Dead Island. Expand
  3. Sep 19, 2011
    Useless until patches arrive. I have stopped playing this game until bugs like the slow cursor and autosave glitches are fixed. It seems like it'll be great when it works though.
  4. Aug 6, 2012
    I'm giving a 2 for the graphics and effort, but the core gameplay and game mechanics are horribly flawed. First, I get hastily introduced to random characters that are forgotten in the first minute, stumble around pointlessly, and struggle with the clumsy movement controls. Then, all of a sudden I am joined by random people since there is some kind of multiplayer mode enabled by default, something that I didn't even choose myself. Then we stumble around more, trying desperately to actually hit and do damage to pretty much anything. Now here is the real issue, I missed out on 90% of the story already. The other players rush around everywhere and activate all these different quests while I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on. They skip all the dialogue so I have no idea what the quests were even about in the first place, and then this other guy has an electric sword while everyone is using sticks. Heck, I think I even missed a plane crash or whatever that noise was.

    I just finished some random quest about a gas-station, and I've had enough of this game already. I don't even know what happened since the beginning of the game to this point other than the fact that "we killed zombies". Not much of a story there.

    The game is just a jumbled mess. Movement is sloppy, gameplay is sloppy, cinematics/cut-scenes are sloppy, story is sloppy, game mechanics are sloppy.

    The game is sloppy. Nuff said. Good thing I bought it during the Steam Sale.
  5. Dec 11, 2011
    This was a fun game to play. The game is a bit clunky and the dialog for single player is the same for the multiplayer, which makes for some strange dialog. Overall I had fun playing this game in single player mode and will play it again as another character and finish all the side quests this time.
  6. Jan 10, 2012
    Attempts to developers to make the game too well, has led to the fact that the game was really quite boring. Personally, I do not really like it and go on a huge island in search of the next quest, met for a total time 10 zombies, breaking with his favorite subject of close combat. And how do metal pipe can bend specifically on two strikes?
    Boring, no paddle
  7. Jan 2, 2012
    Even though this game had a rough start, and still suffers from quite an amount of hate, it's a game worth buying. Three, or four, player co-op is a great way to play Dead Island from start to finish; it makes for good fun along the way. The open-world RPG theme fits perfectly with the good-feeling combat, and even though the story isn't really worth paying attention to, you'll get immersed in this zombie-apocalyptic island-adventure right from the start.
    One detail I really love in this game, is the driving. It's not especially good, but it's fun! Smashing zombie-brains with a car have never been as fun as in Dead Island; a game worth buying!
  8. Jul 7, 2012
    One of the biggest disappointments I have experienced. The game was so interesting and the idea of the game taking place on a tropical island seemed solid. But the game is so poorly executed, the gameplay is awful, it is such a robotic movement and it's hard to get an overlook of all the enemies attacking you. The gameplay is especially bad when it comes to using firearms. The characters are so ridiculously stupid and the voice casting is horrible. Last but not least the numerous amount of bugs ruins this game. Even with all the patches the game has a huge amount and because of that I can't make a progress in the game. I can't get any further because I have runned into a really annoying bug. Expand
  9. Aug 17, 2012
    I love zombie games. There is something fun about fighting against zombies that is better than fighting people. They're scary, they leap at you, they are gory, they don't have guns, they're usually slow and they make noise to announce their position.
    This game is an excellent zombie game. The graphics are beautiful, and the story is great. It's an open world island with fast travel
    points, quests, driving vehicles, lots of weapons (melee blunt & sharp, firearms) and a neat weapon upgrade/mod system.
    I haven't tried the multi-player yet, but it got good reviews as well.
    I had to give this a lower review though because it's got some horrible bugs that don't appear to be going to get fixed. Most notably, when you exit the menu from inventory/quests/skills, if you click the back/exit button it performs an attack (I guess since left click is also the attack). Well, this seriously sucks if you are holding a grenade (i.e. you just made one at the mod/upgrade bench) cuz you end up tossing a grenade against a wall 2 feet in front of you, and dying. Workaround: press escape instead of clicking. Another annoyance is the randomness of picking up new items. Sometimes they bump the current item out of your hand into your inventory. Most annoyingly - when you pick up alcohol (quest/mod component) sometimes it replaces your weapon and when a zombie charges you, you end up drinking it and getting drunk instead of chopping a zombie. Being drunk makes it hard to fight cuz you are wobbly and your vision is fuzzy.
    I assume these issues are due to a poor port from console to PC so things probably are better on consoles.
    All in all, if you like zombie games, you'll appreciate this one. You just have to train yourself to work around the issues.
  10. Apr 14, 2012
    A game that could so desperately be so beautiful, but fails at so many turns. The trailer that got everyone talking was the teaser trailer containing a slow motion emotional trailer, of a family stuck on an island in a hotel, infested with zombies. This emotional trailer suggested that the game could be about the back story to these people, and how there lives met such a tragic end. However, the characters in the main game itself have absolutely nothing to do with the actual game, the game opens with a mediocre rap song about zombies, before you are introduced to the shallow and stereotypical characters in the game. The combat is slow and slightly dodgy, and "The Infected" run at you so fast, unless you can kick like a donkey you are screwed. This game is Left For Dead, meets Borderlands, except a version where everything went wrong. It tried to be original but ended up being a shallow and unimaginative game that leaves you unsatisfied. Don't even get me started on the weapon combat system either. There are so many problems that the only thing that I enjoyed, are the beautiful graphics, and driving around the island running over zombies. Don't play it on your own, it's pointless, having a friend makes all the difference in the world. Over all a bland game that did not seem worth splashing out money for. Expand
  11. Jul 23, 2012
    I got this game at launch and stumbled through it despite the bugs. Some friends bought it on steam sale recently so I thought I would have another go so we could play it together. New super PC with 12 core (hyperthreaded) intel etc. One of my friends has been unable to play it at all and despite all the many many fixes I tried I am unable to stop the graphics drivers on my machine restarting every few minutes. The other guy has performance issues. I tried taking out all GPUs except one in this machine and it runs between 200-300 fps. Trying to lock it to the Vsynch of my monitor at 120fps makes no difference as it does nothing at all. I dont know how I got through it the first time. The gameplay itself is great but this is one of the worst console ports I ever saw. Competes with Rage for the worst all time ports. On the upside, it will run on anything if you can get past the really bad use of PC resources. A great game let down by terrible porting. With a worthy port this would of been one of the few good games to crossover. I am stunned that it seems to be in even worse shape than it was at launch when I first played it with people complaining of new bugs introduced along the way. What a shame. Unless your on an Xbox, dont bother. Expand
  12. Oct 5, 2011
    - many,many Bugs, perpetual respawn NPC is too close to player (It is a lot of places where npc eternally respawn near to the player ), dizbalans, booring missions.

    + open world, action rpg It could be a great game...
  13. Sep 10, 2011
    Dead Island is an entertaining game. It isn't a "open world" but instead a "map world" which forces the player to fast travel to each location. Each map is large enough to have a few hours in but exploring the island on your own isn't a possibility. Is the island (maps) huge? Simply stated, no. Although each map is large/medium it doesn't compare to other game in terms of world size. Even exploring is slightly boring and tedious. Only a few interesting things to find but nothing encourages you to explore since the developers put little effort in placing entertaining things/objects/locations to find. Explore, see zombie, kill zombie. That's about it for exploration besides a couple of locations. The graphics are dated but are just barely passable. There are some graphical issues like explosions that are invisible and areas of maps which haven't been properly edited. There are glitches but what game nowadays isn't plagued with them? Most will hopefully be dealt with in upcoming patches. The storyline is laughable and barely interesting. The developers wanted you to feel something for the characters but it never comes across. The voice acting isn't good and the characters themselves (main and side characters) are one dimensional with poorly written dialogue. The developer also made the characters a cliché. For example, the Chinese character has a horrible cliché accent glorified during the 1960-70s kung fu movies. The quests, and I've done most if not all of them, are repetitive. Not to mention there isn't as many as the developer alluded to during production and the promotion of Dead Island. All this stated, the game is fun whether on your own or with a few friends and you'll find yourself doing the quests just for the exp. Overall, this game shows promise but falls drastically short of being what it could have been. However, you'll never get bored of crushing a zombies head with your foot or slicing it's head off or even burning them "alive". I can see this game spawning a Dead Island 2 in the future. Oh and for anyone that thinks this game is going to be like the theatrical trailer for it (the one with the family), you won't get that. It was a theatrical trailer promoting the game (not gameplay) it was meant to put the game in the minds of consumers not to display what the game will or will not have. Expand
  14. Jan 9, 2012
    Before you accuse me of just being another hater, know that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to like this game. The entire idea of being stuck on a island when an outbreak happens and trying to get off of it, sounded fun! However, the design was just as dead as the zombies. This game feels like it was designed and developed by a couple of college kids fresh out of programing school with no knowledge of good gaming design. Setting aside all the bugs, glitches, and errors this game is filled with, not to mention poor graphics even on the highest setting, this game is just bad. In some areas you can break glass. I've seen better glass and glass breaking visuals from Games created in 1999. The marketing and hype made this game out to be a serious horror zombie game, yet the mission in the game are out of Sesame Street. Example - You are stuck on a zombie infested island fighting for your life and a woman asks you to go find her Teddy Bear. (WTF MOMENT) right there. Another lady asks you to get her necklace. WTF AGAIN. The game starts by giving you no real reason as to how or why you got on the island other than it looks like a Holiday resort. There's no story line between any characters. The game just dumps you onto a sandy beach to start hacking zombies and figure out what the heck you are doing. After hours of playing this game I found myself making comments to myself like "WTF, I'm stuck on this island about to be eaten by zombies and this fool wants me to get him beer?" Or "Gee, that suitcase must have been restocked with cash since the last time I checked it, 10 seconds ago" Or" Wow, everybody in this island keeps cash in suitcases and dressers?"
    Not to mention just about every zombie owns some sort of knife or weapon. I wonder how they got those past TSA. Any interaction you have with characters is an experience you want to just ran away from. Bad choice of voice actors, bad cut scenes and scripting. I could go on and on about the very bad design, programing and graphics, but I think you get the point. This game was released in what seems to be the ALPHA version. To the credit of the creators, the idea was a good one. The zombies AI is good, ability to break arms, legs, or cut them off, and not just hack and slash until they fall is good as well. I'm running this game on a custom system with an intel I-5, Windows 7 64, 16GB or Corsair Ram, the NVidia GTX560 video card, a 1TB system drive, and the graphics still look bad set to full resolution. Sorry guys, I would have turned the game and mission design over to Professionals and let them take your idea and make it great. If you plan another episode of this game, please put your money and effort into the following.
    3.STORY TELLING. 4.Hire a good copywriter 5.Invest in good audio design and sound effects
    7.Quality Control 8.Beta Testers
  15. Feb 3, 2012
    Perseverance, that's what it took to complete this game. Let's start off with the good, nice open world with zombies and combat is fun albeit repetitive. The bad, the game has numerous bugs, awful character development, boring quests, awful leveling structure and a checkpoint system. Lets start with the bugs, which are still pretty bad even after half a year of release. The game has issues with sound, such as loud crackling and popping noises every once in a while. It progressively gets worse and worse until you reach the sewers where I had to throw my headphones off the audio was so loud. After that it sort of tapers off, but the sewers are a good ~10 hours in the game. The game's character development, as an RPG you'd think they'd invest some time into explaining characters. Nah, you're just there and the only information is the bio at the beginning, they introduce characters but they're cliche and you can't wait until they die. The quests are stupid and repetitive, Dead Island has two types of quests and doesn't even try to hide it. Fetch and escort, that's it. You may have one or two go here, fetch item and protect guy, but that's as interesting as the quests get. One of the problem with quests is there's no reason to do them. The enemies follow a strict level scaling and you never get the feeling that you've ever leveled up. Often times games introduce new abilities to offset this mechanic so it appears you get stronger compared to your opponent but you actually don't, Dead Island does none of this. Once I realized this towards the end of Act 2, I just stockpiled on decent weapons and avoided enemies and quests because I knew the faster I leveled the more obsolete my weapons would become. The checkpoint system is awful because of two reasons, it means I can't leave the game whenever I want; but the real problem with the checkpoint system is it's bugged. The checkpoint system leaves you in unexplained places upon your return. It happens from my count at least a third of my checkpoints left me in weird areas, two of the most noticeable were in Act 2 I left the game, when I returned the game placed my in the Jungle, which is Act 3. So I drove around for an hour trying to figure how to leave and finally just reloaded my last checkpoint which put me back in Act 2. Another checkpoint problem was I left the game and the quest had be going to some control panel to unlock doors, guess what the checkpoint did? It put me right in front of the control panels with the doors unlocked. There's plenty of WTF moments in Dead Island, and while I was able to beat the game by 50% of the main plot progress it was beating me down. The game's shortcomings all slowly start to beat you down until you no longer want to play. You'll spend more time screaming at the screen because of bug's than the actually difficulty. Game took ~16 hours for me to beat but towards 50% I was just rushing through everything just for the sake of completion and not fun. Expand
  16. Sep 17, 2011
    What an absolute POS. Chinese must have developed this crap. What a waste of $50 bucks. It's so amazing that this is even offered on Steam that I'm going to stop buying games there.
  17. Nov 2, 2011
    Dead Island is your basic hack & slash with a tolerable main story-line. I wouldn't bother with the side quests, because the quest tracking system is very frustrating with map waypoints and paths showing up or glitching and showing nothing. Also the quick-travel locations are so far apart you will find yourself hacking and slashing your way up and down the same paths over and over to complete multiple side quests. The side quests are nothing more than your basic retrieval, kill this zombie, or button pushing in multiple locations. The Auto-Save feature isn't adjustable and you can't save before quitting the game so you will likely lose progress each time you quit the game. There is also no real penalty for death so you can just flail around bashing zombies heads in till your health hits 0 and repeat. I jumped more in Minecraft when a zombie jumped out from behind a corner and hit me... But hey if you have severe OCD and get a kick out of bashing zombies heads in over and over until the next cut-scene then this may be the game for you. I gave this game a "1" because at least the graphics looked nice and gory. Expand
  18. Aug 5, 2012
    Dead Island was heavily flawed on release with game breaking technical issues and though I managed to fix these afterwards, I still wasn't impressed with the game. Although I was entertained for the most part on my first playthrough, the game was littered with bugs and glitches that proved annoying and I felt the story wasn't very engaging either.
  19. Mar 22, 2012
    Stupid story, stupid side quests, pointless weapon mods and only few "good" ones and interest about this game dies after first play-through. Dead Island tries to be partly RPG but that is impossible because game is too short and getting survivor to max level you need to play this through about 8 to 10 times and after that you have no interest to try doing same thing with other survivor. All survivors have some specialities so first choice is going to be only choice. I think this studio was very lucky with this game because main idea has so much potential and its hard to understand why anyone did not make this kind of game before. Game was released as some beta version and after that there has been million different bugs, AI problems, bugs, problems and DLC:s were not worth of paying. Arena was ok but Ryder White? F*cking single player DLC? Seriously? I have no idea what these guys were thinking... Expand
  20. Vex
    Jul 7, 2012
    This game is just sublime, I haven't had this much fun in ages. I've been looking for a decent game recently that would suck me in and wouldn't bore me to tears but I had no such luck until I picked up Dead Island. Graphics are just amazing and the game looks better than 90% of current games on the market. Visually, it's just stunning. Gameplay mechanics are pretty good as well, considering it's basically an RPG crammed into a first person perspective. Now, the best part about this game is the open world setting that allows you to roam around the island as you please and just explore and do whatever you like. Lots of games these days are touted as "open world" but it's quite rare to find a truly open world game like this. Performance wise, the game runs perfect (everything maxed out) on a 5 year old PC with the only fairly new part being Geforce GTX 460. Draw distance is amazing and the island renders perfectly and with no performance drops over large distances as well.

    I haven't experienced any bugs, crashes and issues that everyone keeps talking about, but then again, I picked this game up 10 months after its initial release so I assume the developers have already fixed everything there was to fix.

    The only reason why it doesn't get a perfect 10 from me is because the dialogue part of the game (with NPCs) is binary and you get to only accept or refuse quests and there are no real dialogue trees. If this game had the dialogue on the par with Mass Effect, it would definitely be a 10 in my book.
  21. gas
    Aug 6, 2012
    Bought during Steam summer sales, so quite nice price, im not very disappointed, the game is playable, its overall well made, the concept is good, at least as idea. The main issue in my opinion is that the game is boring and most of the situations are completely stupid.
    Its a sandbox game like fallout 3 or skyrim, but it lacks story, interesting zones, interesting enemies, character
    developing, weapons, sense of progression.. basically it lacks everything except zombies.
    Quests are not interesting and usually it seems they are written randomly by someone who never played a game in his life.
    Character development is very streamlined and poor, also the game lacks really common sense, as in example you save an NPC and carry him into the safe zone, then he starts to sell weapons to you, like he could import weapons on a zombie island or even if in case of a zombie apocalypse ppl still use money to buy stuff each other to fight them... A good concept ruined by really stupid developer choices.
  22. May 24, 2012
    If you loved Borderlands and you loved LFD2 or maybe Dead Rising you gonna love this.
    The game environment is detailed and beautifully done.. as well as wide open to explore different methods and routes.
    The combat is bloody and squishy and frenzied and a load of fun with different weapons.
    The weapons are many and can be upgraded as well as created into some killer stuff.
    on my
    gtx275, core i7 920 running Win 7 / 64 it runs flawlessly maxed out and coop games are click and go no BS involved.
    I had a back log and grabbed this game on sale and it was a steal.. well worth every penny.
    Great job to the Devs
  23. Sep 13, 2011
    Loin d'être parfait, Dead Island a ce "petit truc" qui en fait un jeu accrocheur. Avec des référence évidentes et assumées à des jeux comme Borderlands ou Dead Rising il nous offre de bon petit moment de jeux. Ultra-gore, ambiance de films de série Z, environnements plutôt jolis, les geek fans de zombies devraient adorer! Expand
  24. Sep 20, 2011
    Don't believe the people who strike this game down for all the "bugs". In my experience the game is no where near as broken as people say it is. I believe in "don't shoot the messenger" in this situation. The game is good and the developer is working hard to fix the issues that are arising. Yes it's inexcusable that the game was shipped in such a poor state but that's the developer's fault and not the game's. Dead island is a fun and satisfying co-op rpg with some very unique elements to it that make it distinct. If I have any issues it's that guns feel weak and the game suffers similar balance problems to borderlands in that enemies become either too easy or too difficult in the higher levels. Though the game looks pretty in pictures it doesn't stand up as well when in motion. There's simply nothing eye catching about it's visuals. It creates what it set out to create well but the end result simply can't hold up against other recent games that feature tropical environments. Though I do recommend dead island Id'e say to wait maybe a month or so for bug fixes but be sure that dead island is good fun and doesn't deserve the hatred allot of people have for it. Expand
  25. MB_
    Oct 10, 2011
    This review is for the AK47s For All version of Dead Island. Unless you are a profound geek you do not want to play this game without that mod. Just google "AK47 FOR EVERYONE MOD v4.0" and you can transform this game from a scouring baggage sim to a jolly fine blood bath. I also used the 'Dead Island Helper' to remove some of the silly bloom fx and over saturation. With those two things and removing XP/hit point messages this game becomes so much more fun.

    Loads of varied missions, massive maps, great graphics, loads of fun. I not only have recommended it to friends I bought it for them. No joke. It's great.

    Please remember though that the first few chapters are all about doing bog standard things like learning driving and navigation and using the shops. Oh and that if you don't play with the mod you will have a much more boring and laborious time.

    Have fun!
  26. Mar 21, 2012
    This game really should be fun but because of a crappy port this has the worst performance of any game I have played in the last couple of years. A game with textures and environments so poor and plain and simple should run like lightning, but it's performance is not optimized in the least for the PC. I can run Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 at close to max settings and get WAY better performance that in Dead Island. And that's sad because the setting and presentation of the game, as well as it's combat mechanics and whatnot seem to be quite solid. Still, the poor performance just make s this no fun to play on the PC. Buy the XBOX version. Expand
  27. Sep 12, 2011
    This game is basically Borderlands with zombies, and bits of Left 4 Dead and Grand Theft Auto are mixed in for good measure. If you enjoy any of these games, you'll probably enjoy playing this too. There are some nagging problems, such as terrible voice acting and poor animations for the non-zombie characters. These don't ruin the experience, but it does cause Dead Island to fall a bit short of the usual standards. If you're thinking about buying this, you probably should go ahead and do it. Expand
  28. Sep 18, 2011
    What is there to say about this game? For the price tag of $50, it is hardly worth it. This game was hastily designed, obviously. It is a decent looking game graphics wise, but it is filled with game ruining bugs. Invincible mobs clipping through walls, my upgraded top tier weapons disappearing into THIN AIR, rooms being literally black. I think they only recently announced the release of this game, it wasn't in development for very long (AND IT SHOWS.)

    Hopefully they address these bugs in the next patch. As I am pretty upset that both of my orange weapons disappeared.
  29. Nov 19, 2012
    Dead Island is an FPS action-RPG that focuses heavily on melee weapons. It is also a console port which is noticable from the horrible interface that makes the game too frustrating to play for anyone who bought a PC to play PC games and not console-junk. You go around carrying far too many melee weapons to manage, performing quests for cutboard characters that hide out in cardboard buildings from zombies. Graphics are sort of nice but the fighting is sub-par. If you're going for realistic melee combat, copy Mount & Blade. I can't be bothered writing anything else about this game, it manages to make co-operative zombie-survival boring and that's pretty hard to do. Waste of money and time unless you're 14 and think console games aren't made with only hard dollars in mind. Expand
  30. Sep 11, 2011
    Dead Island is a unique game that takes an overused genre, and completely redefines it. With the primary focus of the game being melee based combat, you'll get your hands on various things you can use to fight the undead. From the common pipe to the sharp as hell katana. Throughout the game, you assist other survivors in 'quests' and try to figure out how to get off of Banoi. The result of that is an adventure of epic proportions. Single Player or Cooperative, you'll still have fun playing this game, as Techland makes sure fighting each individual Zombie is special. And even though it has some bugs and issues, it's still a great buy. Expand
  31. Dec 23, 2012
    Graphics are crap i mean the Skins and textures were neglected really bad even the weapon models, the game mechanics are not comfortable to play with imho. The game was on sell for $6 so i didn't lose much money, Though i remember when it was like $50. The game is linear and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, look elsewhere like left 4 dead/2 heh even the older games have better graphics.
  32. Sep 15, 2011
    The only reason I don't give this game a 10/10 which it deserves gameplay and atmosphere-wise is the bugs constantly pestering this game. control randomly freezes, cannot escape machinegun nests, graphical artefacts and so on. Even though this game is riddled with bugs, the funness of the coop experience and the satisfaction of getting hefty rewards for quests comes triumphant over the bugs and glitches. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys coop games, anyone who enjoys rpg games and to anyone who enjoys fps games. this game really is the best of both worlds. Expand
  33. Sep 10, 2011
    Bluntly put, Dead Island is a bad "melee version of borderlands". The PC version seems to be a straight console-port as well. You have minimal graphical options, bad FoV and the mouse sensitivity is laughable in the menus (though it works normally while ingame). Not to mention the weapon-selection is just horrible. The gameplay is quite similar to Borderlands or MMOs: you are given a task to run (usually far away) to retrieve something and then you run back for the reward. The combat is repetitive and boring, since there's hardly any variety on the monsters. The weapons break surprisingly fast also. You are supposed to handle vehicles as well, but the driving is even worse than borderlands. The camera angle is from inside the car, so you don't really see where you are going that well. Expand
  34. Sep 10, 2011
    Good zombie survival game to play with friends and a unique feeling of survival and it reminds me of the movie 28 days later(its stupid to give a new released game a bad evaluation because it has few bugs)
  35. Sep 11, 2011
    Despite the early whiners bashing the game on day 1, I've opted for a more long term view of it.

    Obviously first impressions count, so if you've got a nice rig you will be impressed at the gfx initially. I found the storyline very atmospheric and if you allow yourself to be carried along with the story you will be more than satisfied.

    Levelling up, quests and weapon crafting are the
    mainstay of this RPG, so if you prefer more genric plug'n'play games then you might be overwhelmed with the amount of UI interaction. But once you get a hold of how the system works, your enjoyment will increase and you will become more skilled at killing zombies and completing quests.

    There are around a dozen or so major irritations with the UI, key mapping, FOV and physics which should get fixed in future patches. But nothing that really stops or overly hinders the games atmosphere or enjoyment (unless you're experiencing crashes - in which case I suggest you save up for a better rig).

    The graphics are solid, the story is solid, the game play is solid. This game *is* worth buying.

    I'd given it 9/10 if the present irritations weren't there on release.
  36. Sep 14, 2011
    I waited before playing the game so never experienced the game before the early patches and fixes. As a result of this I can't see where all this rage is coming from. Dead Island is an enjoyable game which gives a real sense of "you against the zombies". The only negative point at the moment (and this is probably something I've done) is that my steam version doesn't seem to be updating on Steam Cloud correctly, annoying considering I'm at 50% on my laptop and only 30% on my PC, oh well.
    A word to the Haters: Stop hating, you'll live longer.
  37. Sep 16, 2011
    Dead Island is a Open world, first person view, zombie survival horror with item collection and character skill advancement trees. An excellent game and a lot of hours of fun gameplay.
  38. Sep 18, 2011
    Dead Island is one of the best games this year it is unique and has tons of replay value i find it satisfying to chop off a zombies head legs arms and going into a blood rage and killing zombies in bloody gory fashion if you like RPG's Zombie Apocalypse's you will love this game the only problem is pop in and that's not even a big deal i suggest you pick up this game as soon as you can
  39. Sep 19, 2011
    Got this game via steam just before launch on friday preloaded. enjoyed myself all the way to Chapter 13. Then the nightmare comes in... YOU CANT RELOAD SAVED GAME... the way the devs have done the saving in this game is a joke! wait until you experience the "corrupt save game bug" Pop on Google at any time and type in this issue, this is a game breaker, why waste hours collecting and doing quests when at chapter 13+ ITS ALL RUINED by some bug in game, no tech support from Techland either. so this game gets an amazing 1 and a STAY CLEAR warning until its fixed Expand
  40. Sep 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Best zombie game I have played in a long time. The rpg elements are great, the co-op is a welcome bonus, and the combat, very cool how you can sever limbs and break bones. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes rpg and/or zombie games. Expand
  41. Sep 22, 2011
    Nice Game, blood everywhere. Xp, and evolution tree for characters, nice... physical combat is intuitive and really fun, weapon mods and upgrades gives a new taste to games like that, for me is a left4dead mixed with fallout and borderlands all together. if you like one of this games, go ahead for Dead Island.

    ++++ recommended.
  42. Oct 9, 2011
    For me the best RPG in a long time. Love the setting - horror survival with pleasant environment. Zombies, first person hand-to-hand combat, weapon upgrades, contemporary settings. Quests feel natural and fitting, and are well located, no need to travel around over extensively. The graphics on the PC (GTX 560) is insane. If the graphics development stopped here I'd be fine with that :). It has the right mix of everything, kept me hooked up till the end which rarely happens even with AAA game. Yeah, it has bugs, but every new game does, don't care as long as they fix quickly. Will remember for a long time. In fact, I WANT DLC or part 2. PLEAAAASEE!!! :) Expand
  43. Oct 12, 2011
    I have this game for the xbox 360 and everybody I know is having this problem: when WE hit level 40 with any character we can no longer reload our progress if we exit to main menu or turn the xbox off, it wont reload when we come back to it please sort this out as it is a good game and i feel like I have been ripped off
  44. Feb 1, 2012
    This is a game based on scarce resources--good weapons are scarce, molotovs are scarce, alcohol is scarce, ammo is very scarce, and weapons break much too quickly. Unfortunately, numerous bugs keep cheating me out of my stuff! Near the starting point there's a guy who supposedly gives you ammo for saving him, but the ammo was nowhere to be found in my inventory. And you can't just buy ammo from any vendor, that would be too easy. Harlan Johnson should give a molotov for every three alcohols, but if your inventory is full he will silently take the alcohol and give nothing in return (I lost two molotovs this way). And you can't just buy molotovs, that would be too easy. Every time I close my inventory, my weapon swings, but if I'm holding a molotov then it is thrown! (I lost two more molotovs this way.) If you pick up an alcohol when you have an empty weapon slot then it becomes the active "weapon" but there is no indication that this has happened; so next time to try to attack an enemy, you will become drunk instead and lose your alcohol. All these bugs would have been OK except that you have to spend a lot of time to acquire these items, so losing them due to bugs is unacceptable (especially as it was released over 4 months ago.) I'd give this game a 7 or 8 if it weren't so frustrating. In multiplayer, I don't want an open mike (the Steam options offer push-to-talk, but it doesn't work) and there is no way to kick AFKs or troublemakers. Expand
  45. Oct 18, 2011
    The only problem i found with this game is the beginning stage at the beach. The graphics here were just horrible and of course having to pick up a new weapon after 1 fight blows. BUT, once i left that beach....the game did a complete 360 on me. I could not put it down. The story makes sense and draws you in. On top of that as you get closer to the end of the game, you find yourself putting in hardcore hours just to see the next part. Staying focused on the main story was difficult because the side quests were just amazing too. I just wish i could have gotten my friends to soldier through that beach area.....I believe they really missed out on this one. Expand
  46. Oct 26, 2011
    It has a neat system for assembling custom weapons, and a large environment to explore. Truly a gritty and gory melee game. However the storyline is rather drab with highly predictable quests. It has a terribly clunky interface. Developers need to stop releasing games with so many bugs, then working on a fix. I don't pay $60 to beta test bugs.
  47. Oct 26, 2011
    Very slow, boring, horrible soundtrack, weird animations, excessive blur, headaches. I wish it was all I could say about Dead Island, but it's so terrible that I have a feeling something is left in its cons. Well, I really think its not worthy 5$.
  48. Oct 27, 2011
    Didn't really expect Dead Island to be a good game, as I had weird experience with other games of techland, which were in my opinion not really good, but, since most of my friends played it, I thought, hell, why not to try it out too? After 25 hours of game play I can say, that this game worth 8/10, if you like open world, cooperation, RPG elements (perks & so on) you must buy it too
  49. Nov 10, 2011
    Its a great game if you want open world RPG action with zombie killing and weapon costumisation you got it.Sure there are a few bugs and that but nothing game breaking.Buy it you wont regret it.
  50. Jan 29, 2012
    Without doubt, the official trailer to this game is astounding - THE best trailer ever produced.
    It also worked aswell as it made me part with £30 via Steam - even pre-ordered as I do like an occassional zombie-fest - I played the resident evil series since the beginning + silent hill + left 4 dead so I hope my opinion is valued in the genre.
    Review; Simply the worst of all
    the games mentioned above and I sooo wanted to like it. The graphics are better than average, controls simple enough, story is ok, its just gets very very boring very very quickly. Initial novelty wears off fast, the first part of the game adjacent to the beach is rather nice, the next level - the city, is not as appealing and then the sewer, less appealing. Its almost like the Dev's started to get bored half way through as well. I have not completed this game and doubt I will as its just not worth booting up. Shame it could have been much more with a little more commitment as it only does 60% well what it could have done at least 90%. Atmosphere is good, voice acting is shocking. Quests v v repetative. Although I do not hate this game, so far its the lowest scoring of all my reviews. Expand
  51. Nov 11, 2011
    Game doesn't work. Wasted money. Some bug prevents me from getting past elevator 2 minutes into the game. I can leave it on all night right before the elevator with no problems, cross that little line and boom, games down. I've only see the first 5 corridors, but I have 1.5 hours of playtime trying over and over with different settings. The company that makes this game is no official forums at all for support... meaning you're on your own. If you have a 5xx series NVIDIA, don't even consider buying this game. Expand
  52. Nov 12, 2011
    Just beat this game. Great graphics and it took me about 25 hours according to the save file. Couple times had me jump in my seat. The one drawback is that once you see the first couple waves of zombies, it becomes pretty repetitive. I still enjoyed it though and would recommend this to others. As for re-playability...I don't know if I will come back to this. It was fun.. now time to move on.
  53. Nov 21, 2011
    Gameplay: 9 - Amazing. 1st-person melee combat has never been better in any other game. Dead Island allows you to slice and break individual limbs of your undead foes. Different strategies are required for different enemy types. Thugs need their arms broken, and suiciders are best taken out from a distance. The only thing dragging this game down at all are the bugs (of which there are many).
    Story: 8 - Great. Cookie-cutter zombie story with a twist: You're on a Resort Island.
    Graphics: 9 - Amazing. Banoi is beautiful. The environments are breathtaking. Enemies vary in appearance. Only people look strange. Faces seem unemotional, and many of the citizens of Banoi look aged when looking at their face, yet young when looking at their body.
    Sound: 9 - Amazing. Creepy music is accentuated by terrifying zombie screams!
    Overall: 9 - Amazing.
  54. Dec 18, 2011
    If you've watched the sublime trailers to this game and want it because of what you saw, then do NOT buy this game. This is because you will end up purchasing a game that has nothing to do with what you saw. This game is simply an arcade button smasher. There is no story, skill or character development that is part of this story. While the trailers alluded to a story with meaning that you'll participate in, the game is so divorced from the trailers that it actually has as much meaning as Pac-Man.

    While some may find this game entertaining, you will not find anyone thrilled with it. If you're looking for a button smasher with team-play and no story, stick to Team Fortress 2 -- it's at least free and has higher quality gameplay.

    As for the company that created the trailer (often a different company that produces the game), there are three things:

    1. You should develop games. You clearly understand how to tell a story and the meaning of life. 2. You should be fired. You presented a game that doesn't exist.
    3. The developers who approved these trailers should have stepped back and realized that they do not represent the game whatsoever.

    So this game is a definite miss for me, as much as I really wanted to enjoy it.
  55. Dec 27, 2011
    I am really enjoying it, and my friend and Sons are having a blast. At first, I thought it was another Left4Dead type game. Boy, I was wrong. It turned out to be an RPG, with questing, leveling, skill points and a HUGE and I mean HUGE world. Even your weapons degrade over time and it shows on the weapon.

    I know it had a bad start, but through the patches and tweaks, it is starting to
    shine. People are working on MODS for it too. There is even a tool you can download from steam to help tweak the performance!

    Last night I played with my Sons, cooperative. When you do, they match the zombies to your level! I am level 13 and my Sons are level 5 and the same zombie we were bashing, matched our level. Online playing is still a little buggy and you may experience some lock ups. Single player runs smooth.

    This game is definitely not for the squeamish. Arms go flying, heads crack open and blood gushes everywhere. They use every 4 letter word in there also, so beware.
  56. Jan 5, 2012
    Potential gem, flawed by some bad design decisions and rushed release of beta or even alpha version.
    This game was announced long before Left 4 Dead, it started as zombie mod for Call of Juarez 1, for almost 5 years it was in development Techland managed to release Call of Juarez 2 and 3 and started Chrome 2. I was waiting for it for a long time and was impressed by screenshots, promises
    and dramatic trailer with music which reminded LOST tv series music a lot.
    When game was finally released i was dissapointed - instead of full open world steaming island it have zones with loading and some realy weird map, i still cant get how one zone alligned to another and where on island it should be, worst thing - even many in-doors done as seperate zones with annoying loading. Despite game looks pretty good and optimised pretty well - it lacking advanced gfx settings and have object pop-in issues, aslo some ugly things like VIGNETTE EFFECTS (red blood corners and general darkned corners and upper side of sreen) cant be turned off, most of NPC are copy-pasted and number of animations is pretty limited which makes them repetitive. And gameplay areas are pretty limited and you will have annoying "you are leaving gameplay area" messages and respawns in so many places which you could and should explore without problems. Also resort area dont have any weather or day-nigh cycle, while other areas have.Thats all about tech-gfx.
    As for gameplay - oh its troubled, this game is another victur of curse of checkpoint, but its worse case i saw this year. This is freaking open-world RPG, in games like this you need to save like every 5 minutes to keep your progress, but this game dont have quick or manual saves, only checkpoints, very little number of checkponts with very big number of bugs related to checkpoint, starting from broken quest progress, like dissapearing or repeating quests (i mean regular quests, not infinite), ending by the fact that text "checkpoint" doesnt mean that your progress since previous checkpoint was really saved. Lost of progress, inventory items, skills, upgrades etc is regular issue in this game, and the only way to save game is to get through scripte checkpoint of some story-quest or to get quest or finish it - despite you cant die in this game, it gets really repetitive and borring, when after your death and respawn all the zombies in cleaned area just gets respawned at same places and your weapons almost demaged, and you want to quit this game because it annoyed you too much for today, but you cant, because you need to finish quest to save progress and you dont want to lose hour or progress - at times like this i really want to trow gamepad in my display! Game really needs patch with proper savings and at least need to trigger checkpoints every 5 minutes and after every time you buy, mod, sell, upgrade ot openclose your inventory! Another big problem - respawn of everything, even cars that wrecked some bungalow. Game really fails in saving game world state and turns into endless Boringlands (Borderlands) style grind and looting. Co-op gameplay flawed too - all the cut scene designed with appearance of 4 different chars, but you can play alone or with 4 same charactes in team and this really seems annoying, why there are no 3 bots when you play alone like in l4d? Why not show other players as unique characters? Its realy weird when you have clones in team. When you play at different levels, most of weapons dropped of zombies belongs to higher level players and lower level players cant use it, only sell (again same problem as in Borderlands), also sync is pretty lame, flashlights of others players not visible, if some of players will initiate dialog with NPC and start quest, other players will miss this part of story etc. Also progress save in co-op is even more broken than in single.
    And the story itself, well - trailer cheated a lot of people, we are all expected dramatic hearbreaking expirience and a lot of LOST influence, while we have a lot of LOST influence in game (actually it in every corner, you will even have Oceanic airplain) it not very dramatic, it dull mostly, because most of npc stays in one place and just giving you orders, and most of cut-scenes dont have anything that can brake your heart, except for only very few scenes.
    And game doenst really have solid story and cut-scene kinda screwed and make no sence - especially intro, the guy in intro was not any of 4 characters, since he saw them all, but you start game exactly at place this guy have fallen asleep and i havent seen any point where all 4 characters meets together for the 1st time.
    And actually cut-scenes are pretty rare, most of times you will have borring NPC standing in front of you and telling what you need to do.
    This game have even more flaws that i described, however these flaws cant ruin game totally, generally its a good game which needs really good patch with a lot fo gameplay changes and bugfixes.
  57. May 24, 2012
    Thank god I only payed 11$ for this. By act II the gimmicks wear off and you're stuck beating zombies that won't die for hours with glass weapons that constantly break against enemies that are unimaginative in every way. Fun with a group of friends but they'd better be more entertaining than the game.
  58. Feb 4, 2012
    FIVE Huge Issues with this Borderlands zombie copy done badly, and I've finished this game

    1) Characters have talent trees that copy Diablo II/Warcraft, but you can never respec. One tree is all about guns, but guns are scarce and ammo is even scarcer. The fury tree is a waste of time.

    2) You use a weapon ten times and it breaks, and it costs more than what you can reasonably kill
    to recoup the money to repair it. This is paticularly bad in certain chapters when the zombies are just unreasonably dense.

    3) No storyline. It takes the third chapter to finally realise some sort of plot line, The character development is HORRENDOUS.

    4) Bugs galore that have never been fixed. The lack of inventory space, and the fact that if you pick up some things your good weapons may drop on the ground without you noticing is just disgraceful.

    5) The sidequests are just tedious, pointless, and for the most part the same. Like bring me medicine, bring me a necklace, I want booze. Overall I had high hopes for this game, but the repair mechanics and the fact you can redo your talent trees is just digusting and ruins the whole game.
  59. May 22, 2012
    I really wanted to love this game. However, to be honest, I'm surprised it has such a high Metacritic score. The graphics are nice and the combat is standard. After the L4D games you really need to bring something unique to the table to set yourself apart. This game tried but the gameplay mechanics didn't lend itself to the campaign.

    This was the buggiest game I had ever purchased from
    Steam day one. Connection issues to host or join in a game with my friends. No excuse to release this half cooked. Maybe spend less time on your ad cinematics and more time polishing the game?

    I understand it was trying to be a zombie survivor RPG, a novel concept, they just fell short. Weapons constantly breaking and needing repair would slow down progression through the story. You need to amass a fortune, find a plethora of weapons lying around on a resort island, and MacGyver recipies is silly. The quests are tired and absurd. "The chosen one" storyline is used more than...just play L4D.
  60. May 28, 2012
    As a console game it's alright, shallow, lacking in features, repetitive gameplay. Great graphics and immersion. As a movie or something to watch it's not bad (apart from the horrible story). As a game experience, it's not great.

    I just feel like a retard killing zombies the same way, over and over, for hours. The game never changes and is extremely repetitive. Hardcore RPG gamers, stay
    off of this, you won't experience anything new or satisfying. Casual console gamers, have a blast! Enjoy the brainless fun.

    Graphics: 7/10
    Gameplay: 5/10
    Story: 3/10
    Sound: 3/10

    Rating: 5/10 [Mediocre]
  61. upi
    May 30, 2012
    I think this game is a huge missed opportunity. They obviously spent a lot of effort on creating a world rich in eye candy. Unfortunately you will spend most of your time traveling to various locations and brawling with the same few types of zombies, running boring errands that you won't care much about anyways. Did I say "repetitive"? I lost count on how many times I had to do the jumpkick / stomp on the head killer combo.

    It is unfortunate that such a rich environment should inform the player so poorly. An openable door, a breakable door and a piece of wall that just appears like a door all look the same. There are invisible barriers designed to keep you on track that you just can't pass. The "GPS" supposed to help you navigate from point A to B on a boring trek will cheerfully try to lead you through solid walls. After a daring jump you can simply get stuck somewhere and have to restart from a checkpoint.

    You cannot save. You have the one game progress that is automatically kept for you. Seriously, games in the 90's had saves!

    And then there are the big and small aggravations. You can carry a hundred medkits and they take up one inventory slot. But 13 knives? No. I won't even go into weapon breakage.

    Pick up a bottle of alcohol, and it becomes your active weapon. (You don't notice this because you don't see the bottle anymore.) So next time a zombie attacks you and you click attack what happens? Your hero DRINKS IT RIGHT ON THE SPOT and gets drunk in the middle of a fight. God...

    But all these little faults are irrelevant compared to the fact that the game just fails to connect emotionally. The NPC's are bland, their terror unauthentic, acts and needs out of touch. There's a woman in the middle of the zombie apocalypse NEXT TO A SWIMMING POOL asking you for water. (Gives you 100XP for each bottle, oh yeah, now I'm immersed.) People huddle in shelters with the door wide open. Yeah, now I really believe their fear of inevitable death. Sometimes NPCs attempt to instill a sense of urgency with lines like "We must waste no more time", all the while comfortably standing in one spot, doing nothing. The lines are repetitive (oh only you can help us, thank you so much for your help, our heroes), the voice acting uninspired. In the end I started to think these people deserved the undead brought upon them, which in my mind turned the zombies into the game's protagonists. The "plot", well... worse than a summer blockbuster, except there are no twists. The game just lacks atmosphere and spirit.
  62. Jul 20, 2012
    Not half bad for a zombie game. It tends to get a little repetitive and at some points I found myself getting irritated and running through certain areas without attacking a single zombie. The story is a little generic but that doesn't take the fun out of slicing a zombie's head off with a machete. The stamina system works well but also gets a little irritating when fighting off a good amount of zombies. The melee weapons degrade quickly but luckily there are workbenches scattered throughout levels to repair your gear. A pretty solid game with a few glitches. Most of them have been fixed and I haven't run into any game breaking glitches yet. Co-op is fun especially if you have friends to play with. It can get a little challenging with one person. Expand
  63. Aug 5, 2012
    Dead Island is complete trash from start to finish! This game failed before it even was created. The game is outdated in every way possible. Maybe this game would of been amazing back in 1998! This game is so dull and boring with its lame ass repetitive game play that I just wanted to throw my PC out the window! This game was designed and made by assclowns, who had no idea what a good game looks like let alone should have any business making a game in the first place. Techland and DeepSliver are both full of dip sticks and useless asshats. This game blows on so many levels you could write a million books on it. So this very lame and boring game gets an amazing 0 out of 10 from me! Blow it out your ass you bloody asshats! Expand
  64. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is awesome! Although the characters are slightly stereotypical. But you can forgive that with the open world, weapon selection, the physics, and the gore...
  65. Mar 1, 2013
    The trailer dragged me right into a pre-order which now that I think back to it was a very stupid decision. The game has 4 characters that all have the same intro which really sucked and just seemed like the developers were just being lazy. At first the combat is really cool but it quickly becomes very repetitive and tedious. The zombies are not much of a threat as I found myself just running passed them and occasionally jumping on top of a car so that I could catch my breath or just shoot them down so they stop pestering me. The biggest mistake about the zombies is they can not break down doors instead they just walk or run into it which causes a horrible clipping bug that just looks hilarious. The side missions were really boring because they were all the same, it seemed to me that there were only three types of side missions and that was fetch,kill,escort. I later moved onto co-op but it was just like playing the game on single player as my buddy just ran past zombies with me and we actually had more fun crashing are car into stuff but that quickly got boring due to the horrible physics engine. Speaking about the physics engine, everything in this game seemed to be a static object.

    Overall this game can be fun but gets very boring very quickly so it can easily be skipped.
  66. Feb 17, 2013
    It is a disgusting,buggy,repetitive console port.The game is barely even working.It feels unfinished.Graphics are out of date,the missions are boring,the core fighting system makes killing zombies a chore more than anything.Exploring this half finished island is completely useless.
  67. Apr 19, 2013
    Very entertaining game of which you can play with friends, the random matchmaking system is also very well made and really encourages players to go out there and meet other people. The side quests can get very entertaining and driving through a city full of zombies with your friends spraying from the back of the car because you want to secure the box of juice you just looted for no reason.

    Different from left 4 dead series, Dead island's open space means you don't need to be in a rush to finish the game. Looking forward to the sequeal
  68. May 23, 2013
    If You like zombie games You have to play this one. I had really great time with Dead Island. Crafting is interesting, graphics are nice, music is acceptable. If You close Your eyes for lots of small stupidities You will enjoy this game. Gameplay is nice and makes You play many hours without stoping. It is also very important to play Dead Island before starting Riptide.
  69. Sep 18, 2011
    An original game, which is something we've been lacking for the past few years. It is not like Left 4 Dead so don't go in expecting that. It's more like Fallout 3 mixed with Farcry 2 (but without being **** like Farcry 2). The combat system is not like anything I've seen before and it works really well, most of the weapons are melee and guns/ammo are scarce (as they would be in this situation). Multiplayer is persistant and feels kinda like an MMO. If someone is in your area, you can join them if you wish, no loading screens or anything, your games will be instantly joined and it becomes co-op. I gave it a 7 because it's to buggy in places at the moment, performance bugs especially. Expand
  70. Nov 26, 2011
    First off, full system disclosure: I have an i7-2600, 8GB RAM, Win7-64, Creative SB X-Fi Titanium and GTX-580 with 1.5GB VRAM. One would think that this should suffice to play this game as the recommended system requirements are Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Win7, GeForce 9600 with 1 GB VRAM. However, the game stutters all the time even when I change the graphic settings to the "Maximum Performance" preset. I had to install a third-party helper (i.e., EXE file) to tweak the graphic settings in order to make the game stutter-free. This was not a successful port to PC as the code was not optimized for PC and the graphics look dated (circa 2007). The good news is that the gameplay can be fun at times. A word to the wise: don't pay more than 20 bucks for this game: at the current state, it's just not worth it Expand
  71. Sep 19, 2011
    a brilliant zombie game, which deals with the survival of an apocalypse, not the slaughter of the undead. while combat can be a tad tricky, keeping an eye on different things "stamina, health, enemy health, weapon condition) it is rewarding every time you take down an enemy, and while nearly all missions are collect X and come back, they are very varied.
    as for the variety of weapons, they
    all have their pros and cons, and it can be tricky to find out what is better at what.
    while it did suffer with the first week (steam release) problems those were, and still are being overcome, (but some are still a bit prominent (my biggest gripe is the inability to launch the game with no internet connection)) i feel confident that techland will see these bug fixes through, and i await a dead island 2
  72. Sep 17, 2011
    The score for the game would be 5.
    However the game has so much potential that i am willing to give it an 8 to give Techland a "second wind".
    If I were them I would follow in CDproject's footsteps. This game could use a BIG free update. It feels like pre-alpha at the moment.
    Now about the stuff that can't be fixed:
    2 things are bad about the game: Cutscene dialogue writing and cutscene
    voice acting. With plastic faces this creates for completely facepalming cutscenes. This would be ok if the game wouldn't actually have a VERY good storyline, especially for a zombie game.
    Everything else is solid, except for the fact that it looks and plays pre-alpha-ish.
    Fix your game, techland and it might just be my favourite zobie game. It has GREAT potential.
  73. Oct 22, 2011
    I acquired this game from Steam less than 1 week ago. Let's take care of the negatives: Since I was not an early adopter of the game, I didn't suffer the 'corrupt' SAVE issue many users have mentioned. I can appreciate how that would infuriate many people. I believe that PC issue has been resolved in patches. What I have continued to experience though, is wonky inventory situations where an item just wont pick up even though I have space. Not a big deal though, as I've managed to understand how the problem occurs and how to rectify it. I'm sure it will be dealt with at some point. Another issue is the awkwardness of weapon selection, using the middle mouse button to bring up the now popularized circular selector. It would make things easier if I could hot key each item, rather than awkwardly select with the mouse. Once again, hopefully the developer hears this and sends out another patch.

    Positives: The game's quest system, whether it's primary, secondary or continuous quest lines are well designed with a helpful cookie trail to follow your way to the destination. The quests themselves are really enjoyable, I haven't gotten bored of any of them, nor do they seem repetitive or 'fed-exish' . This is important to me, as I will quickly lose interest in a game if quests become mundane or identical. Four unique characters to chose from. Pick your preference and have fun with him / her. There's co-op too, although playing with strangers can be annoying. Some people like myself, like to open all loot bags, chests etc. Whereas others I have played with like to fly through and ignore potential loots. For my own enjoyment, I prefer playing this as single player, so I can take my time by completing quests and looting at my leisure.

    The sound effects, background ambiance really set the mood, creating quite a scary scenario. Well done.

    The graphics are top notch in my opinion, with light / shadows being exemplary. I'm running crossfired ATI 5770's with an i7-860, 4gb ram, win 7/64-bit. Both cpu and graphics cards are at stock speeds. Not sure what the average frames-per-second is, but it's quite smooth, no complaints. Now, if I could understand what they've done with anti-aliasing and anisotropic settings, then I'd be happier. Yet, as it stands the 'High' settings across the board @ 1920 x 1080 looks like candy to my eyes. The artificial intelligence is quite good. The varieties of zombies will challenge you and you simply can't approach all encounters slicing wildly. The zombies can and will interrupt you, throw things at you and even straffe you to attack your side or flank [namely 'infected' zombies]. I have died many, many times due to being overwhelmed or performing a bad decision attack. Granted I'm not an avid video gamer, yet the challenge is definitely there. Worst case is you lose money and continue a few meters from where you died. Weapons degrade with use that you can 'repair' upon finding a repair/upgrade workbench scattered around. This feature alone makes you think twice about wildly swinging and instead makes you rely upon well placed hits or even kicking approaching zombie. Dismemberment is done with style.
    You can also throw your weapons, toss grenades or molotov **** at groups of zombies. At close proximity though, a grenade is likely going to blow you to smithereens as well, so don't go bonkers with explosives ;) For gun enthusiasts, there is one of 4 characters to chose whose specialty [read bonus damage] is guns. Otherwise, most of the time you'll be swinging your cleaver, knife, machete, or maybe breaking bones with sledge hammers and maces. There are upgrades you can buy for weapons and 'mods', which will gives you a chance to electrocute, poison or set ablaze your target for example.

    All in all, a fun game. Yes, this is a long game and so far I'm enjoying it and feel that I'm approximately 1/2 way through. There is very minor 'farming' to do to acquire cash. You don't have to, and there are alternate ways to acquire money to buy your goodies. I definitely recommend this game to all.
  74. Sep 20, 2011
    tl;dr: In a nut shell, Dead Island is like playing Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, and a touch of Condemned all at the same time. Some of the bells and whistles that give each of those individual games part of their charm is absent, but concocted together like this makes for a completely unique, innovative experience. Despite the odd glitch or two, Dead Island is a solid entry in the zombie genre that deserves its place among the greats.

    If you're a cynical, jaded, veteran gamer, then like me, you sincerely had no expectations for Dead Island. Well you may have if you saw that exceptional pre-release trailer, but then Deep Silver producer Sebastian Reichert dashed all hopes when he made it a point to say that it was not reflective of actual gameplay, but merely meant to set a tone. After underestimating the deadliness of my first zombie encounter, and consequently getting annihilated, I'd say he has it all wrong. Unlike the zombies in Dead Rising that prove to be little more than road hazards, Dead Island zombies are comparatively terrifying. Slip up your guard once when you're surrounded and you're likely to become zombie chow. Not only that, but al a Condemned 2, once you do finally get your hands on a gun, good luck finding ammunition. Although it becomes much less scarce later near the end of the campaign, you will never feel like a double ammo-belt wearing, gun toting, killing machine. Alone or with friends, the tension you feel in knowing this remains constant. What more could a zombie apocalypse game fan ask for?

    Amazingly enough, I could go on, but between drop in and drop out online co-op that works just as well as either Left for Dead game, as well as modifiable/upgradeable/repairable weapons, why are you even still reading this? Go buy it.

    Before you do though, I should mention one teansy little problem. Although none of the bugs in this game are deal-breakers, there are enough of them to warrant a point deduction. My hope though is that this game is very successful and that a proper sequel with all the necessary improvements wont be far behind.
  75. Sep 11, 2011
    This is the best Zombie game ever made, any Zombie fan wants this game, yes its very like Fallout 3 but I remember when playing FO3 i thought to myself, ''wouldnt it be great if they made a zombie game like FO3''. Left 4 Dead was all we had before this but for real zombie fans L4D was a let down, Left 4 dead could have had Aliens or Monsters and it would be the same game, Zombies spawning out of nowhere sucks but that aside left for dead had alot to offer as a multiplayer action game, saying that Dead Island its very similar to L4D in multiplayer. **** dead island is very similar to Resident Evil 4-5, Olbivion, fallout, farcry 2. its like the Dev's played all these games and made the perfect Zombie game from them, not very original but who cares. The only problem is now we have the perfect zombie game, Zombies are starting to get boring and over done in games and movies, yes it has bugs but nothing too bad that cant be fixed over time, I can see scores going up over time and a possible GOTY nomination. this game is on par with Deus ex and the Witcher 2 for best game of the year. It is a must buy if you love zombies, rpgs and survival horror. The almost perfect mix if not a little too late. Expand
  76. Sep 10, 2012
    Perhaps the best most realistic zombie game ever made.

    The hit detection is more advanced than any other game out atm. Example: you chop a zombie in the arm with a machete, the arm gets chopped off, after that he only hits your with his other arm, and if you chop off his other arm he will try to bite, headbutt and kick you.

    Although the multilayer isn't awesome the single player puts
    L4D2 single and multilayer to shame. There is no unlimited health or unlimited ammo, you will never feel like your running though the same map made with some POS map editor (Hammer) along the exact same path over and over and over just to get a better score. Its different every time; you have somewhat of an open world scenario where you can trade weapons with other survivors at hideouts. If you shoot a zombie in the hand you wont kill him. You can play this game how ever you want. Expand
  77. Nov 26, 2011
    A beautiful, gory zombie killing game. I have not really played other zombie games (aside from Half Life or Silent Hill 2) so my rating is from a mostly unbiased standpoint, as far as zombie killing goes. The RPG element is nice, the MP element is fantastic (when it works), the story is ok, but what really pulled me in was the beauty. It gave the nice feeling of fear, while not being demonic (other games can be disturbing in a spiritual sense, this game is not), so I felt comfortable while being scarred to death. Expand
  78. Sep 20, 2011
    I'm 20 hours in and loving this. The combat doesn't dissapoint, the looting is even more addictive than in Borderlands, the graphics are up to standards, and the interesting environment makes the sidequests (which are basicly fetching, or going to touch a button) worth it.

    Surprise hit of the year, for me. Thumbs up.
  79. Sep 9, 2011
    This game is absolutely fun! I dont understand why idiots can give it a "0" , but im gonna give it a 7. Sure it has a few bugs, sure the story, voice acting and character face animation are a bit bad, but running/driving around a deserted island full with zombies which you can cut to pieces while looking for supplies is more fun than i thought! I prefer single player to coop, but its OK too, kinda reminds me of L4D2, but single player is very fun. I was a bit dissapointed that there is no day/night cycle which i really like in games, but Techland is a smaller polish developer, give them some time and a chance for a sequel, it will be great. Expand
  80. Dec 7, 2011
    ah dead island .. the best coop game and the best bugs in one game !!
    it was mutch fun to me when this was out ! yes i love it i was playing with a lot of friends and they was loving it too ! the first update was very good the most bugs was fixed and it was stable for co op !
    but there was a lot of bugs again so they did another update in one month... and they destroyed everything !
    just fixed a glitch witch the players was using it to make money WOW thnx and nothing else and the internet connection once again was having problems.. they said a new dlc will be out soon and then they cancel it for fixing the bugs ! and then after 2 months a new update was out with nothing fixed (from the serious problems) andthey just put some new stuff (nothing cool) and u was able to be up to 60lvl the internet for co op with microphone and with 4 players was having a lof of problems and crashes ...
    and my favorite skills for my sam is now sucks coz i lose all the stamina when i do some of them and the game now is stupid and worthless the dlc we all waiting is out and it was like they did it in one day the arena wasnt have something special just a simple mini map and the zobies spawning from everywhere even form ur back so u need to play it with friends and not alone !u better buy it in a console and not the pc version cos the deep silver thinks we are morans or fools for saying all those lies about the worng version (if it was wrong version they just cold fix it with the good one ) and the fast updates? what ? in one month they did the second update and till now i thing they make 3-4 updates ....
    i will never trust deep silver again
  81. Sep 10, 2011
    Usually fun and fast paced, but sometimes frustrating and glitched...
    They're probably going to fix at least some of the bugs, so the game is going to get even better. Totally playable now and very immersible.
    I've played only the single player campaign, but it's obvious that a co-op is the best mode for the fun.
  82. Sep 10, 2011
    If you wanna buy a game to shoot in zombies, kill them and do some campaigns in a desert island. Dead Island isn't the game for you. Its more like a RPG than a FPS. you have a map full of quests warnings and quest tracers and even levels for your weapons. You don't have a lot of things to do, you always do the same things: following the tracer in your map, doing similar quests and killing zombies that appear not to have any special power. It might be cool at the beginning, but then, the game starts to get boring.
    It has good things too, like the great graphics, details and a very good engine. But it's not worthy for a 50,00$ game.
    I like to play more L4D2(20,00$) than Dead Island(50,00$). Because I like FPS games, and L4D2 is a very FPS game, different from the Dead Island, which appears to be a RPG.
    Well, I read some reviews and I disagree at a certain point: "Dead Island is an Open World". It's 'open', but if you do the game by discovering new things by yourself, you will probably fail. That's because you have to be lead by the quests to get experience, abilities and weapons. And so, it's an 'open' world, but its not recommended to do the game by your way.

    Warning: Don't be passive to biased reviews. Look at this from IGN: ". In the beginning, I'd slaughter every zombie I saw, but by the time I got to the city and found tight alleyways overrun with monsters, I began to just run from objective to objective. No longer was I playing a game -- I was focusing on survival as if I were the one running from Point A to Point B. ". Anyone who has played the game knows that if you start to run from the zombies and don't kill them, they will just amass and keep following you until your rush(temporary speed that you get pressing Shift) ends.
  83. Sep 11, 2011
    Fun game, overall very solid. There are a lot of little irritations with the game and it could do greatly with a nice patch to add in some basic tweaks, features and bug fixes. In my opinion its everything left4disappointment should have been.
  84. Sep 11, 2011
    Having just finished this game in SP mode, and intending to COOP it with a different character soon, I believe that this game was worth the money, I've clocked up around 30-35 hours of gameplay from the game, and it was WELL worth the money I spent on it.

    Although, I seem to be one of the lucky few who didn't have any bugs/glitches with game, aside from a few graphical errors such as
    weapons vanishing into the ground, the melee combat and explorative elements made up for those.

    My favourite part of the game is definitely Act 1, you're just starting out and are basically switching weapons between every few battles which for me gave it a survival element, alongside the use of using soda cans to heal and there was barely any use of guns.

    Act 2 was also pretty good, the area was quite awesome to explore aswell as the constant threat of groups of zombies attacking you, however it was let down slightly from the exponential increase in availability of guns, seriously like every thug either having an assault rifle or a pistol, however sewers felt like it was copied and pasted.

    Act 3 was my least favourite, environment was nice but also looked like it was copied and pasted to take up space.

    In conclusion I'd say that the game is worth a purchase, and rate it atleast 7.5/10, probably higher if I had played COOP with my friends, the story is there to basically push the player to different areas and is lackluster, characters in the game aren't really fleshed out, moreso just introduced to give a quest more than anything, quests were similar to borderlands but were still quite fun, again though, the melee combat and explorative elements really made this game for me, being able to remove limbs from zombies/playing strategically e.g removing arms from thugs was pretty awesome.
  85. Sep 11, 2011
    Great when playing with friends and do the co-op together. The game has a good atmosphere with a good character advancement tree + crafting. If you enjoyed Dead rising or Borderlands, you will enjoy this game.
  86. Sep 12, 2011
    Dead Island is a fresh new take on the zombie genre, out with the old dark mansion; and in with the glorious Island of Banoi. This game fully deserves a rating of 10 because although it has its glitches which will go, it is a very dense and fun experience. The story is ok - good. The island is beautiful, the game play is great. Fully recommend this game.
  87. Sep 13, 2011
    Great Zombie game...I never got bored playing and I had played hours and hours without pause...Excellent combat system :) Better than left 4 dead I and II...I'm playing till the end
  88. Sep 13, 2011
    Despite the mixed reviews, this game is fantastic. Technically flawed? Sure. There are environment and graphics bugs, its very easy to get stuck in the environment if you wander off too far or try to climb too many cliffs. Some staircases are nearly impossible to climb, lots of graphics and texture pop-in. But... they do not affect the gameplay, which is solid. The character progression and item system are incredibly satisfying for those who love a good oldschool action rpg. Think diablo style stamina and tech trees, in a fallout style open world, with excellent zombie smashing combat. If you like zombies, or action rpg's you will be hooked instantly. Dead Island was smart in giving weapons fairly low durability. This does two things, it makes the workbench your best friend (which also encourages you to mod/upgrade weapons), and ensures that you never really feel safe despite having a full inventory. If you stir up a large pack of zombies, you will watch as your weaons crumble in your hands as you bash head after zombie head. Managing your weapons is as important as managing your health, and really makes you consider how well equipped you are before you venture too deep into infected territory. This also means that sometimes coming across a shovel or a stick or a canoe paddle at a key moment can literally save your life. All in all, this game is flawed, but extremely enjoyable. There are bugs, its not perfect, in fact from from it. But if things like weapon modification, skill trees, stamina bars, and all the hallmarks of good old fashioned action rpg's sound like what youve been missing over the last couple of years, this game is for you. Think borderlands without the boring. Think fallout meets diablo II with a stack of zombies and gore thrown in. This game will have mixed opinions, but for those who like these things, it will be an awesome experience. Expand
  89. Sep 13, 2011
    A botched early release will likely keep it from winning any awards, but Dead Island is a pretty excellent game. The first-person melee is very fluid- it's what Deus Ex 3 should've had instead of that context-insensitive BS. Even though the enemies stayed consistent almost the entire game I still found the combat more satisfying than that of its shooter/looter cousin, Borderlands. The guns are scarce for a while, but there are plenty in the late-game. Also, as opposed to Borderlands, the world feels more like a an actual WORLD, and the environments are amazing. The drop-in drop-out multiplayer can reliably find you someone to play with most of the time. It's better if you have a group, but not necessary. The cutscenes in which your whole group appears are a little jarring if you're playing alone, but you're not playing it for the story.

    Which brings me to the story- standard zombie apocalypse video game fare, despite what the tear-jerker trailer would have you believe. Some of the voice acting is sub-par. The voice actor for Logan in the opening cutscene sounds like he's reading off a script and has never been drunk in his life. Not a good start.

    Overall, the thing that really makes it is the first-person-melee. They provide enough weapons and enough attack options such that it stays challenging. It's the first time I've seen it done well in a game, and I hope it spawns imitations. Really tired of seeing "Press A to engage cutscene mode" as an alternative.
  90. Sep 13, 2011
    I like open world games, i like weapon crafting, i lke to become more powerful while i play and i like zombies. To sum it up, i absolutely love dead island. I've played 27 hours so far and no bug since now (uk release). Some moments in game made my jaw drop down, like the strange noises near the huge hotel and the noises in the city. Had to shiver when i remember these moments. Best game so far in this genre. Expand
  91. Sep 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Good: some graphics are really nice, especially in the jungle. not crysis quality, but still impressive. btw I did some tweaking, and had the Dead Island Helper running. the possibility to break arms, cut off limbs :D and the open world, which I thought was very convincing.
    The Bad: the story, the ending is very disappointing, you have absolutely no influence on moral questions (the playable characters behave like jerks). zombies spawn always on the same spots. zombies look a lot alike, especially the bigger ones (rams or floaters). creating new mod-weapons is tedious, you need this, and that, and oh! this too. dead rising 2 had a much better system, and was a better game altogether! you can't kill zombies with one headshot, but you can kill humans with one headshot. quests are mostly fetch-quests. some npcs are just annoying, the merchant in the guard tower always says the same phrase.
  92. Sep 14, 2011
    I think you need to take reviews from people that comment on the release issues and other negatives with a grain of salt. Can they say they have never made a mistake? We are human. Try having some patience, and waiting a couple days after release and then you won't need to worry.
    So about the game. I personally think that the story line and atmosphere are fantastic. The interior
    graphics are not particularly impressive, but the exterior is fantastic....and certainly can draw you in. the gameplay itself is fun as hell. You can blow up gas tanks and set zombies ablaze, smash in head, and hack off limbs. And you get a slow motion view of some of these happening. I can't say I've had any more enjoyment in a game. Period. The minus . so sure, some of the quests are a little lame and don't seem to really relate to the key survival of the group getting off the island. But look, your character is not super human. He does need help form others, and they need to be fed. They can't assist you if they are hungry or dead. And they are hysterical. Most people would be freaking out if they were trapped on an island with zombies..They want to know if their loved ones are alive. Do they care if you face danger? No. As long as they don't. If you don't want to help them, don't. But you DO want to go smash up some zombies. Trust me!
    Other trifles - there are some issues with the logic behind the weapon durabilities. Metal weapons should last very long, wooden ones should break really easily. Lead pipes seem to turn into noodles within a few zombies, as do military grade knifes. This will likely be fixed by a mod. Also, the item re-spawn is too fast. It should be harder to find money etc, however a fair number of paddles and sticks should be available at all times to smash the zombies! You should feel like there are not that many things, and a sense of danger and urgency exists. Again, easily fixed by tweaking some of the game's setting I'm sure.

    In summary - this game is a lot of fun, and came through on it's promises. There are a number of other games that can be compared that were only great once moded (Oblivion - with OOO level tweaking). Provided a few modifications can be done to this game, it will rank close to some of these greats IMO. Thank god we have computers instead of a crappy console!
  93. Sep 14, 2011
    So this game had really many problem when it launched and still has but regardless its does what it wants to do really well a action rpg with manymany quests and a brilliant coop (if it works) :P
    At first I thought man that game sucks but after I got a few hours into it I really started to love it and by now its my most favourite Coop experiance so far.
    So if you are into zombies splatter
    gore and with some rpg elements you will love that game and the best can bring your friends with you Expand
  94. Sep 14, 2011
    After all updates I am very satisfied with this game. It took me days to finish every side quest and explore every square meter of Banoi. I had to tweak the graphics with some 3rd party tools, but now the game looks so good I don't want to stop playing it. The coop mode is a nice addition and a lot of fun when you are playing with friends and I had no troubles relating to the main characters immersing myself more and more in the story. Whilst the ending isn't too good it doesn't matter at all since this game is about having fun in a postapocalyptic paradise. Grab a weapon, modify it and wade through pools of blood and guts with your friends! Expand
  95. Sep 14, 2011
    ps3 version. Keep your money.
    things i experienced within 4 hours of gameplay
    cons = *unable to save game * 2 erased games *missing talent points *freezes * bad story *bad graphics
    pros = killing zombies
  96. Sep 14, 2011
    The zombies and environments look great, melee combat is great. In other reviews I see some saying the graphics are bad, honestly, they're not bad at all, especially for an open-world game the models and textures are actually very well done. With that being said, I'm not ignoring the fact that the AI in this game is extemely terrible, with its bad story, quest design, poor in-game cinematics, and slow-loading textures, the game actually has some redeeming qualities. I observed all of this in the singleplayer, I'm not reviewing anything I haven't experienced. I was also not impressed with how the game treats new players. As stated many times, we're stuck with crappy weapons for the beginning hours of the game without any idea how to work many of the inventory, item, and shop features before really experimenting with them. The game really lacks a polished feel. All the driveable trucks are all the same and they don't seem to ever break down. Unlike L4D zombies who can actually find and hurt you, these zombies are straight up dumb. Most of the time you have to find them because they wont hunt you down like real zombies should. All you have to do is close a door and you become safe.

    The trailer for the game really was a teaser, it barely displayed the real game. What I saw in that trailer was an emotional, scary experience with aggressive zombies that will actually hunt your family down and kill you. Sure, it was a fantastic display of phenominal Cg Design, but here in the real game I'm stuck with zombies too dumb to climb out of swimming pools that barely seem to care about eating you. Yeah, the zombies will eat you but they lack the motivation to.

    Honestly, this game is good entertainment simply because it looks good, has a good combat system, and I personally love killing zombies.
  97. Sep 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sou do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil e estou aqui postando meu comentário sobre esse Dead Island. Comprei o jogo pelo Steam e fiquei muito decepcionado. O jogo tem gráficos antigos para 2011, tem uma jogabilidade lenta e sem graça, não tem a mesma ação que o L4D2. O pré-lançamento do jogo conseguiu o que queria, fez um monte de gente comprar o jogo para depois descobrir que não valia a pena. Quem comprou o jogo e falou que é bom, é porque não quer dar o braço a torcer que perdeu quase 60 dolares em uma porcaria. O video de lançamento do jogo enganou muita gente e muitos colegas meus aqui no Brasil ficaram decepcionados com o jogo. Infelizmente não tenho como pegar meu dinheiro de volta. Não recomendo esse jogo, não comprem! Gastem o dinheiro de vocês com outros jogos mais divertidos e com mais ação... e mais baratos!!! Expand
  98. Sep 15, 2011
    Don't let the crybabies scare you off! The people that keep giving this game low marks for being buggy are doing the gaming community a disservice - this is a great game. Nobody likes buggy game play but the bugs will get fixed. I read Metacritic specifically to compare the user and critic reviews. I donâ
  99. Sep 16, 2011
    Just finished this game with the girlfriend. We had an absolute blast decapitating, running over, electrocuting, torching, exploding, dissolving and repeatedly kicking to death every zombie that dared to get in our way. The reported bugs didn't touch us, and with the most solid melee combat system since Dark Messiah this is what I had hoped L4D was going to be. The game is mostly melee, with the throwing and gun characters being able to exclusively use range only late in the game.

    Going to replay through again with friends, what i hope they add is more levels and gear, but most of all a way to reset your skills would be great.

    Was great hearing some Aussie accents and name dropping in an AAA title, even if it was over the top. Borderlands meets Dead rising, my favourite game so far this year.
  100. Sep 16, 2011
    Based on what I've seen, Dead Island looks like a game with amazing graphics, scary looking zombies and views that look like post cards. (My brother owns a copy, I was watching him playing it.)

    I'm undecided on whether to play or not, but I'd like to think I would play it.. eventually. I like zombies. I'm a huge fan of the Left 4 Dead games. When I saw the Dead Island trailer, where the
    little girl turns into a zombie, I thought "wow, this looks beautiful. This trailer is so sad."

    Although I can't give Dead Island an official score, I'll give it a ten. Until I've played it.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    Dead Island is maybe rough around the edges, has things that could have been better and has some strange solutions to gaming mechanics, but really, who cares? The main thing, close combat with zombies on an open environment, is both exceptionally well done and most importantly, great fun. Even alone. In the land of blindingly pretty, but simplified tubeshooters the ugly zombie game is the king. [Sept 2011]
  2. 88
    Dead Island has plenty of reasons to be likeable: a satisfying duration, enough freedom and interactivity to create addiction and enough potential to become a classic. And although it isn't what the elitists would call a mandatory title, I think it's infectious enough for me to pull my friend's sleeve to buy the game too.
  3. Oct 9, 2011
    It's the mission design that proves most disappointing. Its scale is highly ambitious but Dead Island's population of living dead aren't enough to compensate for its barren lack of variety and an increasingly tedious structure.