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  1. Apr 18, 2014
    This time EA did it right. Dead Space 3 is better than the previous one. And it should be rated higher not lower because of a reasonable difficulty. You can always feel free to play it hard if you like the challenge. The gameplay in Dead Space 3 is greatly improved. In overall Dead Space 3 is a mighty action horror adventure video game.
  2. Apr 8, 2014
    Dead Space 3... should have been called "Catching up to your friends simulator" or maybe "elevator rider extreme." Anyway, it's definitely the worst of the franchise but also a decent port. There are no horror elements in this, it's basically a straight up action game. There is constant combat and action sequences happening and you'll never feel like you're trying to survive like you did in the first game. Remember in the original how you'd always be presented with fair fights where you could not take damage, and if you did take damage it felt like it was a real blow and you made a mistake? That doesn't happen in Dead Space 3. Enemies will often spawn behind you, right next to you, or both at the same time which forces you to take damage. But don't worry, there are health packs everywhere. The only times i died were because i refused to use a health pack or during one of the plentiful quick time events. Yep, there are now quick time events in every mission! So awesome! Kidding, QTEs are one of the worst things you can put in a game. The story sucks in comparison to previous games. Not only does it make no sense for the majority of the time, but there is a girl in it who you are clearly supposed to care about. The problem is that she is so downright unlikable that you won't care at all about what happens to her. Dead Space 3 is just utter failure in almost all aspects, but what else can we expect from a game published by EA? This trend has continued for too long and it's a shame. Expand
  3. Mar 27, 2014
    First off I'll address the biggest problem and the reason why I borrowed this game. Dead Space 3 is an Origin exclusive title which means I could not buy it on my own terms (Steam). While I encourage competition I strongly oppose exclusivity as a mean to compete. EA should instead work to offer a better service. To EA : you've lost over 200€ of sales from me already.
    As for DS3, it's
    clearly obvious that the franchise is moving away from survival-horror to action. After all it is essential for a franchise to innovate and explore new directions, especially since the scare factor has a tendency to fade anyway. However Dead Space 3 does not innovate or explore anything really new and worst of all it looses it's roots and originality. Nearly everything that made the previous games so great is either gone or broken. The scariness of space was replaced by a planet. Character development and interactions were replaced by more characters with zero development. Badass Ellie was replaced by cleavage Ellie. Story twists, tensions and dementia were replaced by boring romantic complications, jealousy and predictability. In Dead Space 3 there are no surprises, just things waiting to happen. Everything from gameplay to characters and story feel like a generic mainstream action flick made to please the widest audience. This game could have been great but instead settled to be an okay Dead Space game and an okay action game.To Visceral : stay true to the DS2 formula which is to expand and slightly reshape the core. To EA : I hope you haven't killed this franchise, 'cause I want DS4. The only things from DS3 I want to see in DS4 are the alien story line, Carver and the weapon customization. Expand
  4. Feb 22, 2014
    After delaying playing this game for ages, I finally played it through with a friend, and can safely say that Visceral have taken what made Dead Space and its sequel enjoyable and tossed them out the airlock. By far the worst in the trilogy, DS3 doesn't quite match in terms of horror content, but its awkward and frustrating controls don't help it much as an action shooter either.

    Mission variety also remained largely the same, with content such as "Fix A, Move B, go to C and repeat" dominating the majority of the campaign. With a relatively long runtime (19 chapters), this gets old really, REALLY fast. Especially now that the horror and suspense of venturing out alone is largely gone, as enemy spawns are plentiful but predictable. Playing the co-op mode didn't make it any better but worse, taking what was left of any suspense and disposing of it entirely. On that note, playing with a friend may often seem more trouble than its worth. Unit collision is terrible, especially during sequences such as the cliff climbing areas on Tau Volantis. Side missions are also just more of the same variety, and often I just couldn't be bothered making a detour to "explore area A" as the reward could be as meagre as some Consumables and a weapon part. Level design also took several steps back. Backtracking is the name of the game here, and the environments; while interesting the first time, quickly lose their lustre after repeated visits, and extended waiting just to get through a damned rotating door.

    The small "minigames" just add to the tedium, made worse by the addition of another player. Suits in DS3 are also completely cosmetic, and this takes away much of the RPG elements of the previous titles, as well as any point in changing a suit to begin with. The Weapon crafting system is admittedly a nice addition, and I had some fun fiddling around with various combinations early in the game. However once I accumulated some resources, it was all too easy to create an overpowered all purpose weapon that never needed any further modification to last me the rest of the game. Lets not even mention the universal ammo clip.

    The story also left much to be desired, filled with characters that I could honestly care less about, some of which I couldn't wait to be killed off in some fashion. Isaac wasn't cool anymore, and didn't care about anyone or anything except himself, Ellie and later on; Carver. Ellie also changed into a whiny, boring ex-girlfriend type.

    Something to mention is that the game is a truly horrible PC port. The inability to do even simple things such as mute your fellow player whilst ingame or navigate the UI effectively with a mouse just shows the lazy effort that was put into moving the game onto PC. Graphics, while good are also nothing to write home about.

    Dead Space 3 is simply a substandard horror game, and an even worse action one. Tedious gameplay and progression to match. Coupled with the frustrations to dealing with the game interface itself, its hard to recommend DS3 to any fan of the original Dead Space. As a part of the franchise, its simply terrible. As a standalone title, merely mediocre.
  5. Feb 10, 2014
    Another great Dead Space game. Beware... they moved away from the horror genre towards action. I don't have a problem with this, as I feel the series needed to go a new direction. The game looks awesome and runs solidly (I was always at 60 fps with vsync). There is a ridiculous amount of content in Dead Space 3 between the 19 chapters, co-op, DLC, and New Game +. I'd like to score it higher than an 8 but I had to knock some points off for technical issues (Origin not working, and vsync issues), and the questionable crafting system. I missed the feeling of unlocking new guns from Dead Space 1 and 2 although I understand they wanted to do something new with the weapon system. Not quite as good as Dead Space 2 but still a must-play for fans of the series. Expand
  6. Feb 7, 2014
    I never played this game but I saw Xephos and Honeydew I was amazed at the quality of the monarwe models and the way that the sunlight reflected off the walls and the way that the space just seemed so... dead.
  7. Feb 6, 2014
    It's taken me two attempts but having finally seen the game through to completion, I have to say that it wasn't the destination but the journey that mattered.

    Dead Space 3 definitely takes a more action oriented beginning before slipping back into it's familiar horror setting before melding back into action as you race the unitologists to the final standoff.

    The storyline was fine,
    but certainly became a little weaker towards the ending.The game also offers optional side objectives and co-op objectives which can offer more insight into the back story and some extra supplies and upgrades. The crafting menu to me made the game a little easier since you could just make ammo and med packs opposed to frightfully walking to corridors wondering when you will come across another.

    Overall despite losing my progress and kicking me back a few chapters at one point, I really enjoyed my experience with Dead Space 3 and look forward to seeing where the universe is heading next.
  8. Jan 19, 2014
    Screw EA they are nothing but a money pit and haven't made a quality game in years. Everything EA touches turns to crap. Visceral went to EA for distribution not look at the games they are putting out, rushed for of bugs and lacking quality.
  9. Jan 15, 2014
    i read a lot of reviews and all of them said its not a good game. thats not true. this is dead space with slightly more action parts. but this is good and does not destroy your dead space experience. there are still horror parts and survival. you have always to manage your ammo and health. sure the graphics on pc are terrible, but with an hd mod its a bit better. the coop is also a nice candy. i always wanted to play dead space in coop. with a friend it is more engaging and fun. Expand
  10. Jan 13, 2014
    Oh boy, this game was so disappointing to me. Trust me it isn't the worst game out there but it is the worst in the trilogy. This is going to be my honest review and I'm sorry if you don't like how I would nitpick sometimes. I just really have to put out my honest thoughts on a game franchise that I really love. I played through dead space, dead space 2(my favourite), dead space 3, dead space extraction, and the dead space mobile. I love this franchise but I am sad to say that this game was disappointing.
    -Gameplay = The gameplay was solid, I did like Isaac (Or Carver) roll and crouch which gave me more flexibility . Okay sure it did made it less scarier and made it more action. Only problem though, there was really no point in rolling unless to go slightly faster which was comically. I didn't really like the shift from horror to action which pretty much what caused the game to fail. The game didn't feel intense or worst case no fun at all, in the previous titles you felt like a badass but could get killed easily. The new gun crafting is a neat idea but it wasn't well implemented. The two weapon slots made me very angry because I was so use to Dead Space 2. This is where the biggest problem lies, the game's own gun play was BORING. Universal ammo clip?!?!?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? TWO WEAPON SLOTS?!? When I first played the demo I thought the ammo clip was there for the demo purpose but dear god it wasn't. This is where I began to hate this game. The side missions were a neat distraction from the main plot. It is a welcome addition, gave it us more to do and more insight on Isaac's location. Now the co-op is something most people were pissed about but it wasn't that bad. It made the game a whole lot easier and less scarier but it was fun playing with my friend and had a blast. The extra dialogue scenes, and missions made it worth while.
    -Graphics = This is part confused. I couldn't tell if the game looked worse or better than Dead Space 2. Don't get me wrong the game is very beautiful and has an amazing backdrops. It was character models that looked low resolution. Isaac looked a lot better in the Dead Space 2(not because of age or whatever conditions he was in) the model looked rather unfinished. Ellie Langford looks really weird in this title which I am not surprise if you experienced the Nicole face change from DS1 to DS2. In short, the models looked unfinished and some low res textures and lightning but the environment and interiors were well done. 7/10
    -Story = OH boy... The story was nothing special; actually it might have made me truly hate this game. The story is no brainier, UInitologists are acting as stupid and blind as ever(damn bastards) doing dumb things and the main antagonist was an buffoon. He was so cliche, there was so many instances where he could have taken down Isaac but he doesn't; he just talks. He has no depth to his character at all, he was just your blind Unitologist baddie number 1. The characters in DS2 weren't the best but it got the job done. This time Isaac was more of a dick who didn't give a crap about anyone except Ellie and later Carver. Carver was my favourite character here, sure he was an a-hole towards you but he begins to trust you(if you played the co-op). He starts out as an dick then a sarcastic a-hole(which was kind of funny). The thing that was soo disappoint about this character was that his family just died and they explain it in one line. There goes any more plot development for the character. Every one else I didn't care for or hated. Maybe the other character I might have liked was that scientist lady(I forgot her name because the characters were flat and uninteresting and died off too quickly and abruptly). I HATE ELLIE LANGFORD, how can you make a character who could have had potential as a strong female heroine in DS2 and make her the most annoying person in DS3. In DS2 she was someone who didn't trust anybody because it almost got her killed and knows how to fight back. She talks back at Isaac and becomes like your best friend in this sick world. In DS3 all she does is whine and do nothing, she is more a plot device to drive Isaac to do things. Her boyfriend is dumb ass and hated him; that's it.
    3/10(I would have given this a more worse score if it weren't the fact I love the DS universe and its lore)
    -Music = none of the soundtrack stand out and memorable. The typical jump scares sound affects(weren't even scary). The sound and music was just there. Had some dramatic music in there which was nice. 5/10
    -Lasting appeal - The game was fairly short and even shorter with co-op. The gun play made it super easy because you can make your game into a most over powered cheap weapon. I had to limit myself to use a plasma cutter and a one random weapon. The side missions were a good additions and the DLC was solid.
    In conclusion, I didn't like this game that much compare to DS2 and hope this franchise gets revived. It needs to go back to its roots.
  11. Jan 4, 2014
    My major beef with this game is the graphics quality: I know it's a port from console, but the developers have made no effort whatsoever to make the game look a bit prettier on the PC. I didn't see any quality difference between high and very high graphic settings other than lag on the latter. Despite all this, the gameplay is fun, especially the second playthrough when you get to keep everything that you've earned on the first playthrough. Expand
  12. Jan 1, 2014
    While the weapon crafting/upgrading system was an awesome addition, and the co-op feature made it incredibly fun, the awful writing and unbelievably frustrating limitations really made me begin to hate parts of this game.

    For the most part, the story was fine. but towards the end I began to lose interest and frankly it all got a bit ridiculous and silly. I couldn't give a for the
    characters; I was bored of the tedious attempts at making the player feel emotions for them, especially for Ellie. This, and the way the game builds up this hatred for the main antagonist, then doesn't actually let you do anything to them. Just an unsatisfying rock crush.

    But yeah, the most frustrating bit by far was the limitations of not being able to jump or even slightly fall. Like, not even from a 10cm ledge. there were invisible walls EVERYWHERE, and where there was a cliff or a deep hole, with a clear gap there to walk off of, you are just met by an invisible wall. every time.
  13. Dec 28, 2013
    Dead space 3 is great but it's even better if you're playing co-op with someone sitting next to you (or voice chat). This game was on the scary side, but if you play co-op it's not very scary at all (which is good because personally I dislike scary things). Story was okay, it tries to have one of those mind-blowing twists at the end like bioshock does, but it just turns out being hilariously ridiculous.

    Now the only thing that kept me playing this game was the weapon crafting system. I can only say it's probably the best weapon crafting mechanism I've ever experienced. It was truly genius. It gets even better if you're crafting with your co-op buddy, since you can exchange awesome weapon ideas. Honestly, I probably spent a good 20% or more of the time at the crafting bench, just fiddling around trying to make the most badazz weapon. If I were to be truly honest, this game should have been called "weapon crafters" because that's how much I enjoyed the weapon crafting.

    I gotta admit the weapon crafting system has a bit of a learning curve, and it was overwhelming to learn at first so me and my partner just completely ignored it for like half a chapter of the game.

    Bottom line, I would recommend this game only if you've got a co-op buddy. Story is also more complete that way. Single player seems like something is missing.
  14. Dec 16, 2013
    As a Dead Space fan, I have to admit that I was disappointed by this entry in the series. Most everything is here, but it just seems wrong somehow. The jump scares are no longer effective, the mood is disrupted by the redundancy of environments. The game depends on weapon crafting too much- if you're not 'good' at it, you will really suffer. I had a hard time with crafting and thus only used the plasma cutter for most of the game until I finally managed to craft a decent weapon. The difficulty of this game is also much more lax than in the previous games- ammo and health were plentiful, and I could just craft myself more if I wanted to.

    What does the game do right? The storyline is decent and the characters are fine. The rapid changes in environments from the first few levels were fantastic, until you actually get to Tau Volantis. From that point on, it becomes a redundant trudge through the same environment over and over again. But, for those first few levels, you really hit some pulse-pounding scenes. Also, getting to finally dismember Unitologists? That's definitely a bonus- those guys have had it coming since the first game. It was a joy to finally give them what's for. The crafting system, mentioned earlier, is great when you can actually get it to work effectively (I stumbled across many, many weapon combinations that were plain useless). Finally, the end game- the last few levels turn into an altogether different game. At the end, I finally got powerful weapons crafted, powerful upgrades, and felt like deity that laid the smack down upon anyone stupid enough to mess with me. The difficulty plummeted at this point as I laid waste to everything. Was it fun? Yes. Was it Dead Space? No.
  15. Dec 16, 2013
    I bought this game when it came out at full price and I really wish I hadn't. The game itself is pretty much the same as dead space 2 except they made certain features of the game worse in my opinion. For example, the weapon and suit upgrading systems nearly made me cry. Come to think of it, especially the weapon upgrading system. The whole workbench and mineral farming concept of dead space 3 was thoroughly displeasing and it thoroughly turned me off on going to the workbench for upgrades and inventory/safe management. I guess the one saving grace of this last installment of the dead space franchise is that there is Co-op which did make the game more fun, but in my opinion this game is just not worth it. Dead space 2 remains a classic in my games library but Dead Space 3 leaves me wanting for a full refund. Expand
  16. Dec 6, 2013
    actually this dead space is ok......the graphics are great and the gameplay is still good,but the game is not a horror game anymore coz you carry alot of ammo and health packs and those dark places in the previous games do not exist here.
    the blood in this game looks bad and disappeares fast,also the dead bodies disappear fast.
    the new weapon crafting system is a good idea,but i did not
    like it and found it confusing,also it lead to crafting weapons that looked bad and had no specific name.
    i really liked the weapons from the last 2 games they had better alternative firing and the upgrades in the previous games were way better than this upgrade system.
    the game has good suits especially the Arc suit but suits in dead space 2 had better looks (how the did they forget the ADVANCED SUIT!!.)
    the game is long and took me 12 hours and 26 min,good atmosphere,great characters especially Ellie and that mother****er Norton.
    good looking enemies but they are not as good as those in dead space 2,but my biggest problem with this game was the chapters from 15 to 18,coz they really sucked BALLS!!!,but the last chapter was epic.
    The story was not good too and the game turned from horror to action adventure in the last chapters, i found my self climbing tall ass mountains and killing many humans, seriously i don't know what the were the developers doing.
    the game is a dead space from CH1 to CH14,the atmosphere is good even if it was not scary and you will want to play it again but i really hope that EA won't do dead space 4 coz from what i see,their games are getting worse and alot of great franchises are ruined already
  17. Nov 29, 2013
    As an avid fan of the Dead Space series, I did find this game to be a partial disappointment.

    While the story felt reasonably solid, and the weapon customization was really cool, I could not help but feel like the game lost much of what made it wonderful by adding enemies with guns.

    Standardized Ammo was, unfortunately, a bad move. It took away much of the strategy that the first
    game had in the sense of ammo conservation. Basically the game was won as soon as you found a shotgun mod and combined it with an assault weapon of choice.


    There is a section where at least 2 regenerators attack. Difficult usually, but once you get a shotgun you can blast legs off nice and easy.
  18. Nov 10, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. At first I found that its new weapons system very tedious and complicated, but once I found my way past that I really began to enjoy myself more. I really did like the fact that I no longer had to purchase suits like in previous games; as often they were stupidly expensive, and in the long term would often get you killed just because they sent you broke. The whole experience revolves around flexibility and customization. I'll admit that personally I enjoyed the plot line, but I see why people didn't like it as much, as it can be a bit unengaging.

    I haven't managed to play too much of the co-op missions, but from what I can tell so far by it is that it really brings a new experience to the table. But for those just looking for the "classic" dead space feel, this game really delivers, with fast paced action scenes, a whole new array of enemies to fight, and with this new customized weapons system a whole new level of strategy in order to survive.

    I really enjoyed the additional missions which they added as an option. You really get to explore the world left behind by the previous human that were here on the planet and dive right into other narratives, whilst also picking up a new set of incredibly valuable parts for later constructions.

    If you played the previous games, and are looking for another thrilling experience, this is definitely a must.
  19. Nov 7, 2013
    My first dead space game. Played it with a friend. Was actually pretty cool story and gameplay is good. Giving it an 6 Pros: Fun coop game. Characters is worthy to mention nice actors Graphis is okay. Can make your own weapons throughout the story Cons: Not something I would replay. I know you unlock more modes. But it's not anything worth mentioning Game only got 1 storyline.
    Not really anything to scare you. More of an action game tbh (Which is sad)
  20. Nov 5, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is hands down one of top 5 best games I have ever played. Granted, it is less climatic and scary, probably because the main characters are hardened veterans who know what they are doing.

    The coop mode is a golden standard of how cooperation should be implemented in games drop-in/out, covering the entire story and actually adding a decent amount of extra stuff on top of
    that. This game is worth every cent just for the incredible cooperative mode which, when played with a right partner, can easily provide you a hundred hours of game time. Expand
  21. Nov 1, 2013
    Dead Space is one of my favorite franchises. I've enjoyed all three games. They have their differences and play styles, but overall it was a great experience. Coop and weapons crafting was a nice addition. Also, Dead Space 3 is one of the most visually stunning games I've ever seen. The micro transaction portion of the game is my only complaint, but other than that, it's a blast!
  22. Nov 1, 2013
    Dead space 3 is in my opinion of the same quality as Dead space 2, which I think is a good game. Maybe Dead space 1 was better since everything about it was new and original, but that doesn't mean 2&3 are bad games.
    It is mostly a fps in a horror setting, though the story was quite interesting aswell: it makes the flow of the game make sense and gives you purpose, namely to save earth,
    yourself and your friends.

    Graphics and audio are solid in my opinion. Gameplay is easy to understand. The only thing that I didn't get right away was making weapons yourself, but you'll figure that out soon enough.
    Weapon making is a fun bonus, that gives you plenty of ways to kill the enemy.

    I played every sidemission except 1 or 2, and the game took me 21 hours to finish, not counting reloads of course.

    The only thing that bugged me a little was the save system: it uses checkpoints, though it also saves when you quit the game. Problem is that though it saves the game upon quitting, it only seems to save your inventory, location wise I seemed to be set back a bit. This isn't a major problem, and didn't spoil the gaming experience.

    A nice touch is the locator device that shows which way to go, makes it a hell of a lot less frustrating.

    So all in all this game is about an 7,5 to an 8
  23. Oct 31, 2013
    Never played the previous dead space games but I enjoyed this one. I find it thrilling, engrossing, and fun. Reminds me of how I felt watching the movie Aliens for the first time back in the 80s. Worth every penny I paid.
  24. Sep 29, 2013
    An absolute monstrosity this game is. I enjoyed DS 1 and 2, and thought this would be good. All it is is a bunch of boring levels with enemies thrown at you. That's all it is. Me and my friend tried Coop but it was so glitchy we could barely even play.
    A rubbish game. DS 1 and 2 were much better quality.
  25. Sep 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game certainly isn't as good as the first two, but definitely not the 5/10 everyone seems to think. I thought it was a 7.5 but I'm rounding up to an 8 for this review. The gameplay is definitely Dead Space. I went into this game unsure of how it would play due to the crouch/roll/sprint additions. However you still slow down aiming in, reloading is the same, guns feel the same, etc. Crouch and roll are kind of redundant; I really never found myself crouching, and I did use roll but not all that often. The weapon crafting system is easily the best part of the game with enough combinations to keep you occupied through multiple playthroughs (if you so desire). Even though the gameplay and crafting are good, the game has obvious flaws. The characters are EXTREMELY generic and the story is predictable. I anticipated Ellie's new boyfriend dying the second he was introduced. Also, if you aren't doing co-op, you barely ever see Carver. Some of the heart-to-heart conversations Isaac and Carver have are a 10 out of 10 on the cheese factor, with the cherry on top being cheesy background music. The game doesn't explore Carver's character beyond face value which is a huge fault of the writers. I played most of the game on co-op except for the last level. My friend and I played on hard and it was really easy; only died a handful of times. But after I started playing solo, I noticed how much more difficult it was. Dead Space is known for gradually increasing the difficulty of the game as you progress further and further, and assuming you are playing solo this one is no exception. However if you're doing co-op, it's honestly a cakewalk... The story was okay, but also disappointing. This was supposed to be the game that explained everything. It did, but just in a very disappointing way. I found myself saying "really, a network of moons?" as if that was the best they could come up with. The first two games built up to this one and it really didn't deliver in that regard. But to be fair, most games/movies/whatever that fall into the same pattern of relying on an iteration to explain, all at once, a lot of mystery that was introduced previously do tend to be disappointing. So despite all these cons, why am I still giving this game such a high score? Because I can overlook its faults and recognize what it does right. The gameplay is solid which is an important aspect. I cannot say enough good things about the ingenuity of the crafting system. It gets harder and harder just like the first two. This game clearly is not a survival horror game and should not be treated as such; it is an action game with horror/suspense elements. The other two were the reverse, and I think that angered a lot of players. So when you analyze it on its own terms for what it is, the game REALLY isn't as bad as everyone says it is. Expand
  26. Sep 25, 2013
    How on Earth did this get a half-decent review from any credible source? I've played Dead Space 3 with several friends and we're unanimously of the opinion that it's an absolute joke of a game. Below, I'll include why and I just want to preface by stating all this pretty objective is purely due to Dead Space 3's quality as a game, not because of it not living up to my vision for the series or anything of that sort.

    Story: This couldn't possibly be a serious attempt by a professional. No. I...I just can't believe that. Not only does every chapter (there're 18ish of them) follow the EXACT same subplot, but the greater plot is absolutely terrible. Gaping plot holes, the worst character development I've ever seen, and twists/turns that make no sense whatsoever. One part that really got me is that in order to follow several huge, massively important parts of a character's story, you have to have read one of the Dead Space novels. Even someone who has played ever game in the series would've been lost. Players shouldn't have to wikipedia unrelated book summaries in order to follow what's happening on the screen--that's the worst kind of lazy writing. Especially if this game was truly intended to broaden the base.

    And I haven't even gotten to the dialogue yet. Oh god, it was...oh GOD. The characters you're supposed to feel sympathy for? Their lines are so, so, so, so bad that by the end of the 4th chapter you'll be begging for their immediate deaths just so they'll stop assailing you with their nightmarishly shoddy dialogue. And I suspect we're not supposed to find the villain so scary because you're terrified they'll open their mouths and make your brain bleed. On the plus side, my friend who was a mite intoxicated seemed to enjoy the writing in a so-bad-it's-great way and made a delightful drinking game out of it.

    Gameplay: We often refer to this game as "Mario Party: EA Edition". It felt like the overwhelming supermajority of the game was spent doing incredibly pointless minigames with very little in the way of instructions. One of the more frustrating minigames I can recall was a bossfight in which you had to harpoon the thing and tear it apart. After several failed runs and a few minutes on youtube, we found out that we'd gotten sequence of actions correct but unless the game host is playing on default resolution, the game doesn't realize you're doing things right and you lose. That was the norm, not the exception. Long runs of extremely tedious tasks that--if you do lose--you lose because of bugs and have to redo the whole thing. Gunplay itself was more fun than the minigames, but still pretty boring. The only real challenge in this game comes from...false difficulty. Things like being staggerlocked coming around a corner, 1-shot by something you can't see, bug grabbed through a wall while minigaming and unable to fight back, etc...

    Plus there's grinding. In what's essentially a single-player campaign, you grind for RNG loot. Think about what sort of game this must be for a system like that to exist and then you'll see why it's probably not a good idea here.

    Technical issues: I had to sit out while my partner soloed the final boss because the game turned my character into an invulnerable, immobile bobblehead midget. There's one bossfight you can't beat unless the game host is using the default game resolution--and it's a pretty common issue. There's constant desync for the Carver player due to constant "connections interrupted". We tried with multiple people and net that runs everything else just fine. So either Origin is especially eager to make your life miserable here (as a longtime Origin user, I'll readily believe something went wrong there), this game requires a lot of port tuning, or there's something seriously broken with the PC co-op itself. Carver player was probably DCed a total of 10 seconds every 60.

    As you might surmise, I'm absolutely astonished this game was approved for release. Huge swathes on multiple fronts--from the overall plot to the dialogue to the characters to the gameplay to bug testing to encounter design--need to be taken back to the drawing board. And that it has remotely decent reviews is downright appalling.
  27. Sep 22, 2013
    Well looking at how people have reacted to this game sure makes me realize why the developers of big games like call of duty don't take any risks. I mean really, everyone whines and moans about how call of duty is the same every time, yet take a game like this where they do change it, and rather well in my opinion, and people freak out! Eh, a lot of people just listen to that vocal minority i guess, without even trying the game. I have played it though, and i quite enjoyed it. For anyone thinking of trying this, i can assure, it is still quite a good Dead Space experience. Expand
  28. Sep 21, 2013
    Okay gameplay, nice story. Do not like the weapon system that much. I like to cut monsters in half or to blow them up and i saved up for an awesome gun, or actually a couple and found them disappointing. The Graphics was disappointing as well. Looked like something from 2005. But it was okay to play. Luckily i got it cheap on :D
  29. Sep 20, 2013
    No se porqué levantan tanta crítica mala del juego. Es verdad que noto uno que otro bug y algunos pequeños errores de sombras. Pero la jugabilidad es igual de fluida a las anteriores entregas y el toque de acción no le quita nada al género de terror del que sus fans estamos acostumbrados.
    Se nota un trabajo limpio en su desarrollo observando gran dedicación en los detalles. Sus novedades
    aunque son algo atrevidas me gustaron. Su sistema de creación de armas y municiones no van en contra del concepto de survivor, antes logra completar el rol del ingeniero Isaac abriendo muchas opciones para probar nuevas estrategias de combate.
    Los enemigos son despiadados y realmente aterradores sumado a grandes hordas que te atacaran sin descanso, algo que los jugadores de DOOM agradecerán. Los jefes aunque aveces predecibles, son de muy buen diseño.
    La historia cruza por ciertos obstáculos en el trascurso del tiempo, dando una sensación de exceso de explicaciones con demasiados giros, aunque todo al final encajará perfectamente. El planteamiento del romance es algo frío y no se profundiza demasiado. Me hubiera gustado que el triángulo amoroso llevara al jugador en una trama mas compleja y que se involucrara sentimentalmente.
    DEAD SPACE 3 llega para quedarse con una calificación personal de 8.5 totalmente recomendado para comprar y jugar con un excelente cooperativo.
    La calificación de 10 se la doy para dar peso contra las calificaciones malas que tenga este.
  30. Sep 14, 2013
    I used to be a real Dead Space fan. I played the first two games many times, but back then they were not action games. Dead Space 3 is packed with mini transactions and fails to scare the player.
  31. Sep 13, 2013
    I kinda figured EA would mess the franchise up with this one, but I was only half right. My main problem with this game is that for the first 8 hours or so it's pretty boring. It takes a long time for the storyline to pickup, but once it does it's not that bad. The optional missions are hit and miss as far as the amount of depth they add to the experience. The voice-acting was pretty good for the most part, and the script seemed to be on-par with previous games. As far as the weapon system goes, I liked the system in dead space 1 and 2 better. Back when you had multiple ammo types you had to be more tactical with what type of gun you wanted to use and when. Now everything has the same ammo and you can beat the whole game with the same gun. It also breaks immersion to have all guns utilize the same ammo. The music in this game is pretty good overall, although for some reason you only get to hear the best songs on the soundtrack on the end credits. Something that I had a problem with was the volume control. You can turn down specific types of volume in the options menu (i.e. voice, effects, music, etc). This works fine for the large stretches of regular gameplay. But the game turns everything back to full whenever there is a cutscene and the sound effects are too loud. The battles are predictable and more of an annoyance than something to scare or challenge you. Really? Another battle where you're going to send 20 different guys at me as soon as I pick up the key item? That definitely made the game drag at times. On the whole the game was enjoyable at times, but seemed to have a whole lot of filler, especially in the first few hours. If this was a smaller game studio I would rate the game higher, but EA has enough people working on these projects that someone should have said something about how repetitive the battles were. I give this one a 6, worth playing if you can get it cheap. Definitely don't spend more than $10 on it though. Expand
  32. Sep 13, 2013
    I am fan of Dead space 1 and Dead space 2.... but also i love even Dead Space 3 why? Maybe its more like action dark thriller then a horror game but Dead space 3 really excel in more things then its predecessors in fact its really cool game.... I passed Dead space 2 recently and comparing to Dead space 3 ist more like corridor stuff, you have no options what to do in the space, just follow the story strong story but little options is the weakest point of Dead space 2 and one of stronger ones in Dead space 3 you have a lot options what to do-> upgrade your suit, assemble weapons, do side missions, or play coop story. Game is twice as longer as Dead space 2 and surely more replayable for both characters in coop. Horror, fear here is weak but still it have something in the air... atmosphere is still good, you really fell that you are saving the universe it really drags you into the story. I know there is a lot angry players that do not like Dead space 3 but true is... I like it even more then Dead space 2. Expand
  33. Sep 8, 2013
    Whoever decided to change dead space into an action game, throw all tension out the window and yet keep the clunky controls should be fired.

    What else can I say, the story is mired heavily by the giant boat anchor that is the love triangle between captain forgettable chick from two (who left isaac because of his fixation on the that she could hunt markers, I'm not kidding
    it is that stupid)

    and half way through the game you're fighting human enemys (and at the start to) from behind knee high walls...getting so damn tired of homogenization of games in the AAA industry...why would I want to play gears or cod or any other fudging game in dead space when I could go play those games?

    I can only imagine it gets bearable in co-op...or there's a huge bloody pay off story wise at the end otherwise this is a complete waste of money and I urge everyone to go elsewhere, there are better story's and better game play elsewhere sometimes both in the same game. Total disappointment.
  34. Sep 6, 2013
    I was torn for a while on what to rate this because, while I thought it was fairly enjoyable, I didn't think it was really a great game overall.

    For one, it feels like every other action game you've ever played before. Admittedly, I played on the easiest setting because I'm too old to feel frustrated (and don't really need a "challenge" to enjoy a game), but even on the easiest settings
    there were some pretty annoying baddies. It sorta felt like I was in Dawn of the Dead, haha. On that note, I wasn't a fan of how the enemies were placed or were popped out. I can't think of any moment that made me jump, and being attacked by an enemy that spawned a mile back is somewhat obnoxious.

    In any case, I really, really enjoyed the crafting portion. They definitely should have fleshed it out a bit more and given the player a little bit more information (for example, having actual numbers for each stat rather than just a meter), but otherwise, I had a lot of fun mixing and matching and crafting weapons that I liked. (I was a little sad, though, that the regular cutter wasn't as awesome as it was in the first DS.) And, the crafting system felt intuitive, for the most part, and seemed very much to fall in line with Isaac's character.

    Along those lines, I felt the story was a bit... meh. It started strong, but quickly fell into generic dialogue and plot lines. The ending was a small surprise, but only in what the end boss actually is. (I won't actually spoil it for you if you haven't played it.) The voice acting was good, though, I just felt their lines were a bit weak, which then translated into somewhat weak characters, almost like it was written with the idea of over-acting in mind.

    I also enjoyed the various locales. I'm a huge fan of areas that make you feel the vastness of the scenery, in this case outer space and the ice planet. To be sure, the graphics and detail were really enjoyable. I would have liked to have spent more time on the planet since the other two were primarily in space (you're in space for at least 30-40% of the start of the game), but that's more of a personal preference and really didn't affect how much I enjoyed the game.

    In any case, all that being said, I am a fan of running around and shooting space zombies. That never really gets old. And, to loop it back in with my initial statement, I am far more an action-horror guy than a survival-horror guy, so although I enjoyed DS3 more than DS1, DS1 was an overall better game in its category.
  35. Sep 4, 2013
    The third entry in the Dead Space series is more of a mixed bag than its predecessors. Right as the game begins, it's made pretty clear that Dead Space 3 is no longer even attempting to be a horror game as you're thrown into the action and start off by doing a bit of cover-based shooting against enemy soldiers. Needless to say, this opening section didn't instil much confidence for the rest of the game. After this thankfully brief shooting gallery, DS3 remembers it's roots and soon enough you're blowing limbs off necromorphs left and right.

    The story isn't much to write home about: after a run-in with the fanatical Unitology cult, Isaac must travel with a small group of cardboard-cut-out stereotypes to the planet of Tau Volantis and stop the necromorph infestation one and for all. The plot unfolds in a fairly predicable manner, with several plot twists that range from cliché to nonsensical. Some effort is made to introduce character conflict between Isaac and some of his fellow crew members, but there's very little reason given for us to actually care about the characters aside from some generic dialogue. As in previous games, DS3 lacks a convincing antagonist; opting instead to just make the usual psychopath/religious fanatic who's evil for no better reason than “the plot demands it”. The voice acting is above-average for a video game, but is nothing special.

    The overall gameplay is fairly similar to previous Dead Space games: mainly involving over-the-shoulder shooting as well as some light RPG progression. The RPG elements take the form of various upgrades you can give your suit although they're all bog-standard: better armour, better health, more air etc. The one major new addition to the combat is weapon crafting, which allows the player to scavenge various parts from the levels and use then to create and buy weaponry, rather than the credits system from previous games. The system works well and allows plenty room for experimentation, although some combinations can totally break the game: I found using a hovering saw with an under-slung explosive charge launcher could pulverise just about anything the game could throw at me. Overall though, the crafting has an appropriate survival feel to it and is much more involving than DS1 and 2's standard shop system. However, all this is negated by a universal-ammo system: previous games would often force you to adapt to weapons you weren't necessarily comfortable with by limiting ammo for your other weapons, making for a more intense experience. Dead Space 3 on the other hand uses generic "ammo clips" that were so ubiquitous that I never even came close to running out of ammo, ultimately de-fanging what little tension the game initially has. From a technical perspective, Dead Space 3 is absolutely top-notch. The sounds design remains some of the finest in modern triple-A gaming and the grimy visuals effectively paint a bleak, almost post-apocalyptic dystopian future, low texture quality notwithstanding.

    Ultimately, as a third-person shooter, Dead Space 3 succeeds admirably but as a horror game it barely conjures up even a few tense moments. As a thought-provoking story, it's down there with a generic cinema blockbuster.
  36. Sep 2, 2013
    Its a fun game returning many of the old concepts that made it fun. The game's length I do appreciate as the other 2 felt extremely short feels like the developers were trying to hard. This game is PACKED with a almost ridiculous amount of extra content that the developers seem to have in mind MORE is better ...RIGHT? not always... the excessive weapon customization options feels clunky and confusing unlike the clean interface of the other 2. The new "currency" within the game is also excessive and frustrating to deal with. Dead Space 3 is really just a mediocre game. Introducing nothing new while trying to expand on the old things that made the first 2 a success Expand
  37. Sep 1, 2013
    As a stand alone game, its ok,... mediocre 3rd person shooter,
    but comparing this to dead space 1 & 2 its horrible. For the first time in my entire dead space experience, i was bored.... its much easier now, i actually played with 1 hand, for a few minutes and never doped below 50% hp..... and this is on normal.... on DS1 & 2 normal was challenging... not here The necromorphs are much
    less scary in this, heck the game in genral is not even a horror... the enemies are laughingly predictable, and there is no suspense. In DS1 & 2 i was afraid to walk into a room, scared what was waiting for me, and knew there would always be a surprise, but well done. In DS3 not even close... the rooms are much bigger thus taking away much of the scary atmosphere... ugh just so much wrong with this game, IF YOU PLAYED DEAD SPACE 1 AND 2 I WOULD SUGGEST AVOIDING THIS AT ALL COST. Expand
  38. Aug 29, 2013
    Grapics are good, framerate is perfect at 1920x1080 high with HD6850. Sounds are perfect. Gameplay is the common Dead Space gameplay, i love it. Coop is fun, but no voice button, no chat? Cammon.... Main plot is okay, but you save the world again, opps... no you dont? DLC, Story continues... Never ending story... nevermind, i love this game
  39. Aug 27, 2013
    We been involved with the Dead Space Series since it came out in 2008. I've watched the movies and played Dead Space Extraction on the Wii. This game is really alot of fun to play. Replay Value kicks in when you finish the game and you can replay with your last game items. The Cooperative addition really does add on alot of value. For me at least. Multiplayer Online was dropped, which kinda sucks, but it really wasn't that great to begin with imo. This game focused on the Campaign only and it really had an ending that made me jump from my seat in excitement! Expand
  40. Aug 26, 2013
    I have never regretted the time spent in games. But this is just a complete joke!!! Dead space 1 and Dead Space 2 was a briliant games, but this just classic shooter!!!
  41. Aug 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game, actually liked it better than the second as they brought boss fights back, and for the most part I felt it had a more suspenseful atmosphere, which number 2 only seemed to have in the church. In addition, the coop adds in tones of reply value, only down side is due to the cool weapon customization system the game can get rather easy; on the flip side if its too easy for you just make your weapons worse and your good to go. Expand
  42. Aug 21, 2013
    I'm on my third playthrough (first with coop). This game is amazing. I loved the first two and the story/plotline is amazing if you can figure it all out. The coop is an awesome addition and it is really fun with a friend!
  43. Aug 20, 2013
    Survival horror gameplay is completely gone. You have universal ammo which makes it unnecessary to manage and clean up your inventory for different ammo types. Horror is gone in favor of action and shooting. Game has pay to win, weapon dlc and ingame material for real money. Coop is fun but eliminates shock moments. Drop in drop out multiplayer is poorly executed. Second player gets teleported around for cutscenes. 80% of the game happens on an ice planet which takes the space out of dead space so that it is just dead not even that more like "maybe dead", beacause coop partner can revive each other. Weapon crafting is fun but the menu is a bit clunky. Visuals and Audio is good but as always the german voice is horrible and you can not even change it to english like in Dead Space 2. Expand
  44. Aug 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having just completed this game in one weekend with a friend, I thought I ought to do a review while it was still fresh in the mind. This review was conducted by someone who has very little knowledge of and never played much DS1 or 2. Good quality voice actors.

    The Good:
    As far as technical details are concerned, it is a good console port. No crashes, game slowdowns or bugs were encountered during the entire campaign, except for a minor issue where Isaacs character model would sometimes freeze in place for 10 seconds while dropping a drone. A good array of graphics options are included, as well as complete control remapping. The other nice thing about the game is its rudimentary weapon crafting. The game paces well with upgrades and component parts, so you will have well paced access to new weapon types & upgrades until the last hour or two of the campaign (this includes all side missions). The graphics themselves are not too bad, but not that great in terms of fidelity. The overall palette is as you would expect, metallic, snowy and brown. Guns for the most sound great and feel great to use. Character movement doesn't feel 100% solid but you learn to adapt to it. Number of enemy types are decent. Blowing apart enemy limbs is fun, and decapitated aliens still coming at you is fun, although I'm aware this was even in DS1 so it by no means is a new addition to gaming.

    The Bad:
    Gameplay-wise, it's as repetitive as you can get. Walk through dark corridor, open door, walk into room, blast aliens. Having played the first hour or two of Deadspace 1, I was disappointed in 3 about how the enemies attack you. In 1, I remember some creative waves the enemies would jump out to scare you, like unpredictably popping out of some glass or place you thought was safe. In DS3, the enemies literally come from 2 areas: A vent, or the (in the outside areas) the ground. This fact and many others make DS3 a sci-fi arena shooter, and in no way survival horror. As the game progresses, so too does the shape or texture of the vents. Near the end of the game while exploring alien ruins, vents are simply larger triangle shaped openings that are black to give the appearance of a tunnel. Quite literally you walk into an area, trigger a script and varying numbers of aliens pop out of said vents.

    The Ugly:
    My god... The story. The characters. The dialogue. I'll give a few examples of what this "story" reminds me of:

    Highschool Drama
    Soap Opera
    Low quality Hollywood B Movie

    One of the more peculiar trends in modern gaming seems to be the countless examples of insert ed love & romance into the story. I don't claim to be an expert on writing romance, but I do know however there are very few romantic stories from hollywood that seem believable to me or are written well. Hollywood is presumed to be the best of the best writing and movie making. It is why with an unclouded mind I can say that the romance in DS3 is simply terrible. The romance seemed tacked on for no good reason. Both myself & my co-op partner are mature adults but we couldn't help by laughing and mocking some scenes because they were cliched beyond all reason. In an effort to keep this short i'll sum up the story:

    The major villain Danick is the ultimate cliched villain. In the beginning its simply "Humanity must evolve" "I will lead a new revolution" "Humanity is evil I will correct it" garbage we've seen in countless games & movies for the past 30 years. He has an army of generic soldiers at his disposable (what a shock). Part of the plan is to kill Isaac just because he killed a few aliens in the previous games.

    The Middle:
    You're in a space graveyard with the ex-girlfriend your obsessed with and her team. She also has a new boyfriend. The boyfriend acts like he is in the 10th grade. He puffs up his chest and regularly fights with Isaac and gets jealous (I wish I was making this stuff up). If Ellie talks to Isaac for even 5 seconds, he radios in to check up on her. Isaac responds just the same. It leads to some great dialogue such as "Just let us fight it out ellie, one of us will win". Theres some convenient techno-babble about building some device (really just simple fetch quest in arena-shoot rooms), driving all over the graveyard to get the parts. In one scene Ellies boyfriend leaves u locked in an elevator to die.

    The End:
    Old guy dies. Black girl predictably dies. Ellies boyfriend betrays the group to evil Danik. Gets shot. Ellie is fine 2 minutes later. You goto the alien base carrying the device. Danik shows up mad. Your partner carver wants to die because his life has to mean something". You put the device no one really understands into the flashy thingy. Twist it and it magically saves the world. Ellie manages to escape alien infested base by herself with no weapon, gets into shuttle. Isaac, the heroic sacrifice to save humanity. But in the end u hear him calling ellie. ellie.

    This game is the biggest cliche fest you could possibly imagine.
  45. Aug 15, 2013
    All the good things in this game mean absolutely nothing when the insanely terrible save system drives you nuts after each time you exit the game because you have to repeat last 15 minutes of the game. After I've lost my progress for the third time I've just uninstalled this crap.
  46. Aug 2, 2013
    EA dobrze wie jak zniszczyć tak porządną markę. Co prawda już przy części 2 mogliśmy mieć pretensje co do elementów survival horroru, jednak to co zrobione zostało w części 3 to już grzech. Twórcy dodali chowanie się za ścianami, dodali coop oraz przeciwników którzy do nas strzelają. Twórcy całkowicie zniszczyli mroczny klimat Dead Space. Żeby tego było mało, twórcy nie poprawili znacznie grafiki, zniszczyli potencjał fabularny, nie dodali większych zmian od czasów 2, do tego zrobili naprawdę nudną kampanię. Oczywiście dodano np. robienie broni oraz ciekawe scripty przez które da się w tą grę jakoś grać.Moja ocena 6/10 Expand
  47. Jul 26, 2013
    Another reviewer said it best. Greed over Substance. Typical scenario where a great franchise is ruined by Greed. Just to appeal to the masses (simple minded masses) that just want run n gun. I am SO GLAD I did not buy the game and played it on a friend computer. If I had, I would've been very upset. I had a feeling beforehand this game would be a terrible successor and I saved my money. My friend loved the game, but then again he never played the first two and he is simple minded. Enough said. Expand
  48. Jul 22, 2013
    I went into this game with a lot of trepidation based on the mixed reviews. Love the first two, and while this is short on the horror aspect, it's a fantastic game in its own right. Long, tough and fun throughout.
  49. Jul 20, 2013
    Thank you EA for ruining the best horror franchise that was on the market. Instead of creating a point of difference to every other "popular" shooter game out there like DS1 and to a lesser extent DS2, EA decides to turn a quality scary and tense exploration and survival game into a quick time event driven COD clone. I hope people's heads have rolled for this mess. If i were in charge at EA, the first rule for any new game coming out would be BE DIFFERENT. We have played COD for 10 bloody years, create something new FFS Expand
  50. Jul 17, 2013
    I played all three Dead Space games. I liked the first and second, and I loved this third Dead Space. The gameplay hasn't changed much from DS2, but I like the way you can make personalized weapons as well as upgrade them. But the main evolution is, in my opinion, the scenario: more action, well-developed characters, et cetera. The whole alien thing was a little disappointing though, and it's a shame that the game is so quick to finish. But in overall, Dead Space 3 is definitely one of the best games I've ever played. Expand
  51. Jul 15, 2013
    As the third installment in the pretty brilliant Dead Space series, it has become increasingly difficult to remain as scary and touching as the series was at its inception. Dead Space 3 does many things very well, but seems to have fallen short on exactly those strengths that made this franchise unique. Dead Space 3 has turned the franchise into a very straightforward 3rd person shooter, with some scary moments.

    Gameplay-wise, Dead Space 3 offers a revamped Weapon system, where players can create completely custom weapons that combine any two weapon types, most of which we have seen before, and some of which are brand new. While heralded by many reviewers as a great feature, it actually manages to completely destroy one of the principles that made Dead Space what it was: surviving on the bare minimum, being short on everything, having to adapt your playstyle to availability of Shops, ammo and weaponry. No more of this with the new Bench, you will have the most destructive weapon you could possibly build, within the first few hours of play.

    And of course it IS fun to play around with the bench and blast away the uglies. But it gets boring very quickly, and then you realize the new customization options completely destroy the game's feel of tension and fear. It gets worse, though. At some point you have the materials you need to start upgrading your already overpowered weaponry through Circuits, to ensure the need to progress slowly and with care is now completely obliterated.

    Where Dead Space 1 offered a quality storyline like few games can and have done, Dead Space 3 has reduced the story to a bare necessity to justify the large amount of content it has. Because yes, there are many levels to play and places to discover, though all of them are fairly linear and offer little in terms of surprise or shock.

    In conclusion, I feel it is safe to say that Dead Space 3 is a very solid 3rd person action game, but no longer a very solid Survival Horror game. If you are looking for and expecting the latter like most players of the franchise, this can be a bit unsettling.
  52. Jun 28, 2013
    (Spoiler Free) Yes, this game is considerably less terrifying then its predecessors due to good lighting, open spaces, and a weapon crafting system that lets you find the perfect weapon for you, then abuse it to hell.. BUT!! General gameplay was very, very sound, and as a Dead Space fan, looking for the issues.. I'm happy with the game's overall quality. Combat is still stressful with many necromorphs taking to running and/or being thrown at you in packs, rather then one by one, now trying to get in your face even more then they already were. The detail is also amazing.. but that doesn't make a game. Story wise... Well the DLC "Awakened" was much better I gotta say.. Main characters seem, distant throughout the story, their development rushed and their impending "crash" all too expected and hurried along. At least in Awakened we got the audio logs and notes from those as everyone started to kill each other and fall apart, see them cut themselves and go mad, FEEL the human element again, realize that people are being hurt by this.. Even the main characters became so much more, REAL.. Rather then just talking to you at checkpoints, there's rather constant chatter between them, keeping each other updated, LIKE PEOPLE WOULD BE DOING. In most of the regular game, I often felt like the characters were tools for moving you along in the plot, yet the heart was, there enough to make you feel like you were watching a movie.. Still though, I found myself replaying levels for fun, honing my skills and trying to earn the parts I needed to add another gun to the collection. The online community is generally very friendly, so it's worth mentioning. I must stress however for those craving horror, Awakened IS the way. Many complain of it's shortness and enemy's, "cheating", even the reused map segments, but here's the truth. It's short, yea, but it's GOOOOOOD. The human element is back, and it's scary as HELL. DS3 had a noticeable lack of hallucinations, but the extension was ripe with them, and if a nightmares being able to teliport, causing you to panic in claustrophobia, or multiplying when you kill them, making you fearful if your actions are meaningless, or a boss that follows you throughout the game, popping in every so often to say "hi, how's it going? Like how you can't hurt me? No? How about my causal stroll as I come ever closer before vanishing?", if this is cheating, then horror games just ain't for you. (Sigh) Overall? If you like Dead Space, get it, you're not gonna be disappointed, but cross your fingers and make sure EA gets the point about this being a horror game. Help fund Dead Space 4 and making sure it'll make your skin CRAWL (PS- The reused map segments are as if they were trying to say "hey, you won, now RUN THE FK AWAY" The landscape has been remodeled, making it look like it's the fking apocalypse, and the white snow is crimson as your hallucinations kick back in, so you'll hardly even notice with the map's new fresh coat of blood EVERYWHERE. The whiteout has also been doubled, so, uhhhhhhhhhhh) Expand
  53. Jun 27, 2013
    My first ever proper look into playing the Dead Space franchise, I liked it.
    - Yes, if you were a fan of the previous Dead Spaces, you would most likely hate and dislike this new inclusion in the series.
    - It lacks horror, it has obvious jump scares and does almost nothing which would give you the same creepiness and it just doesn't have the same as previous Dead Spaces to say the least

    - It is very obvious that they either took or were forced by EA to take the safe side and choose the one which would give them the most profit which is an action shooter game (as if we didn't have enough of them), and in this genre I would say they did fine, they had weapon customization, engaging enemies, a couple pleasant boss fights.
    - They also did coop in my opinion awesomely. You weren't forced to restart a mission just because someone wanted to play with you, the drop in and drop out system at the checkpoints were very convenient.
    - This game is an action/shooter rather than the previous in the past horror/survival/shooter sort of genre
    - 7/10 because I have not played the previous and see this as an action shooter with horror elements and it seems like it did fine in the genre
  54. Jun 27, 2013
    Dead space 3 is a great game the graphics are nice the shooting are cool too, even the weapon crafting system i thought its sucks dick but when i played it its pretty nice but the horror is not appear the only horror is make your ears explode but when you in the surface of the planet and you didn't notice anything and the necromorphs are going to blown head off that's pretty shocking, so play it it's pretty awesome Expand
  55. Jun 26, 2013
    The game just pushes the excellent story forward and as such it is just as great as previous ones. It has moments on space ships which are similar to DS1 & DS2 and then it moves the story to the planet's surface. Yes, it is more shooter like then, but as I said, the story defined how it would look like and as such is perfect. The co-op is also brilliant. I liked the previous save system better, during the gameplay you just longed to see the save point and the new auto-save makes it easier and less scary, but anyway this is still Dead Space for me. Expand
  56. Jun 24, 2013
    Dead Space 3: The Perfect Necromorph

    My expectations were big for Dead Space 3, even if the game didn't seem spooky anymore and well, you know, EA was in charge. I really appreciated the first 2 games and I wanted to see the finally. I got what I wanted, but at a certain price..

    First things first, Dead Space 3 was developed for consoles and unfortunately for us PC gamers, it's a
    straight port. The controls are awful and absolutely not intuitive. A good example would be the key to exit menus, sometimes it's TAB, sometimes ESC. I strongly recommend re-mapping the hot-keys unless you want your hand to feel like a spider on the keyboard. The graphics are the same as on console and they're aren't any fancy settings like FOV. I don't understand why EA would put zero effort in the PC version of a game they want to sell massively and be successful. It's like EA still doesn't care about PC Gamers and think they are a minority.

    At least EA did us a favor, they added micro-transactions to the game, cause hey, we love micro-transactions, don't we.. Not only is there micro-transactions, co op was added to the game! But don't worry, not the lame local co op were you get to play with your friend on the couch and have a great time. Instead, both have to pay for the game, full price and play online on stable servers. Thank you EA for your generosity, kindness and openness to customer feedback!

    For the core game-play itself, it's not that bad. You can only carry two guns with you, instead of four, but the dismemberment still feels good and that's important for a third game in a franchise that's about killing alien zombies. The Necromorphs also still feel dangerous and scary, that last aspect being a concern for a lot of players before release. Visceral Games decided to renew the crafting system or as they call it the "bench". You can now create your own weapons and items from materials which are scavenged by bots you send out. It's a fun addition, but I had so many health packs I never felt I needed to make some until the very end. Another poor aspect of the game-play were boss fights. They were completely unoriginal and way too simple, including the finally. Developers seem to have a hard time making good boss fights these days. If your going to have boss fights in your game, at least make them fun and challenging or don't put them at all.

    The last aspect that I haven't talked about is the reason why I bought the game: the story. The background story, the main plot, is the best part of the game and it's what saves it. If you are a Dead Space fan like me, you've always wanted to know the truth behind those Markers and that Visceral Games delivered. There is only one thing that bothered me in the story: the relationship between Isaac and Ellie. In the first game, our favorite engineer is in love with his girlfriend Nicole and misses her terribly. In the second game we meet Ellie, but Clarke has visions of Nicole and is still clearly in love with her. Nothing special happens between Ellie and Isaac, they simply help each other out. Now apparently, we haven't seen Ellie since, but we are heartbroken and miss her terribly. I don't get the sudden change. The whole story I never bit the new romance. It's like they completely forgot about Nicole and replaced her with Ellie. Isaac doesn't even mention her once or think about her, even if she was a very important character in the first two games.

    Dead Space 3 is exactly like one of it's horrible creatures: the transformation from console to PC was horrible, it's hungry for you(or your money), it's not too friendly about having fun with someone else, the flesh around it is rotten and you can't feel much compassion for it, but at it's core, it is what it is, a Dead Space game. That's what saved it, but to get there, I had to go through a lot of rotten flesh and that's a hard price to pay(apart from the 60$) just to have a bit of fun and learn the truth. I would only recommend the game to real Dead Space fans, that have played both first games and I also suggest you wait for the price to lower(around 20$). EA should leave this franchise alone for a couple of years, before it completely decays. I know there's a DLC for the game, but that should of not even existed. Maybe EA is using the Dead Space games to pass subliminal messages to players: "Make us whole EA, make us whole!", but so far I don't think that's working out too good for them.

    A good Dead Space game at it's core, but the flesh around it leaves a bitter taste.

    Score: 6.5/10
    Recommended Price: 20$

    + Background story
    + Dismemberment
    + Ambient and sound effects
    - Boss fights
    - Straight port
    - The love story
    - Micro-transactions
    - No local co op
  57. Jun 22, 2013
    I've played Dead Space since the first. My port is the PC.

    Dead Space 3 has proved to be my favorite. I felt the story was strong and the characters intriguing. I've heard other players saying it's not like the previous two installments, that it is more action oriented. I find it rather believable that the protagonist in this installment has more soldier class than engineer class
    given his fighting experiences in the two previous games. I would call him a veteran.

    I like the additional PC settings. One of the best looking Dead Space games to date. I like the resource gathering. It's a neat addition (won't spoil past this). My only complaint is the lack of ammo variety.

    I give this game full score.
  58. Jun 16, 2013
    My issues with this game are small but not irrelevant. The game makes everything a slug fest and lots of bullet sponges in the game. The crafting system is decent but much of the game play is dumbed down compared to its predecessors. That said the game is still Dead Space and makes a logical conclusion. The game is much more action oriented but that is not a bad thing. Playing this series back to back reveals a deep story that is well told. While I found 3 to be fun its not a total cake walk. The biggest issue for me is the lack of strategy, especially in the later parts of the game. While it is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy, one is left with the hope that Dead Space 4 will be more survival and horror and less survival.

    All in all I would say that if you can accept the the story will progress logically with the desperation disappearing a little in each game it will make the story more understandable. To not follow the progression of the story will lead to disappointment. Personally I really liked the game but the game play itself was altered in a way that was not as much fun as the predecessors but was still fun.

    Also the DLC, while short, is the real ending that should have been in this game. While there is a feeling of conclusion you have to wait until the 20 some minutes of credits roll to know that the ending is not the ending and leads to the Awakened DLC. The Awakened DLC should have been the ending in the game, not what was in the base game. In many ways the DLC redeems the game and sets, in a significant way, the setting for Dead Space 4.
  59. Jun 5, 2013
    The problem of this game is being named Dead Space. By itself, it's a decent, even quite good game. The weapons are cool (the system is better than the 2 previous games), the story is nice (thought you can see the black hand of EA over it in order to make a 4th game), the graphs are awesome, and it has little mini-game like touches that improve it overall.

    BUT it's named Dead Space, and
    it isn't. There's no terror to be found here, other than 2 or 3 moment of pure melee mob overwhelming. As an action game, i've found it to be very good. If what you want is shudering at your dark room, move along. Expand
  60. May 26, 2013
    Too long to be enjoyable, too dramatic to be credible. Dead Space 3 is a painful game to finish, and it lacks the connection that made its predecessor such a wonderful game.
  61. May 21, 2013
    This is the worst game in the franchise. The first game was good. There were a few problems and it wasn't perfect but I really liked the idea and the direction you took. The Dead Space WIP to create a great franchise had begun! The second game sucked balls and left me disappointed. I made the decision to never buy games from EA again after playing it.

    After playing this game on my
    brother's Steam account I can say that this is just terrible. The characters don't feel realistic, the gameplay hadn't been improved much, the story was bland and uninteresting. I will never again buy a game from EA in my life. They destroy everything they lay their dirty hands on. Oh and "game reviewers", go play some games. It's obvious most of the time that either you don't know ANYTHING about games or that you're payed to give the game a positive review. get your together. Expand
  62. May 16, 2013
    Another let down! What a "genius" decision was to make it co-op, thankfully it's not a requirement! But never the less the horror element is ruined, story is really bad. The best thing this game has weapon crafting! Thumbs down to EA for microtransaction!
  63. May 12, 2013
    Don't get yourself fooled by the bad reviews and the not-scary nonsense. You may miss out on the best game in 2013 so far. I have sunken over 60 hours into it already. The coop part is so addictive.

    Why are so many whining over plasma cutter being underpowered? Plasma cutter is still a very good weapon. It needs to modded a bit that’s all. I beat the game on impossible using plasma
    cutter only. I also prefer highly modded bolas gun with racket launcher over over-hyped evangelizer. Expand
  64. May 6, 2013
    The Dead Space franchise moved forward, and sadly it has also been corrupted by EA's PureGreed engine.
    resources to be grinded for no reason, weapon ammo dumbed-down, game pace speed up AGAIN they had already done it on dead space 2 diverging the game even more from the horror roots.

    Weapon crafting system almost nice, but too obviously just a plot to convince people to throw away
    money to build their perfect weapon, along with an overly long and infinite achievement list to unlock certain weapon parts and armor, again to push no bully the gamer which already purchased the game with an AAA price tag to throw even more money towards EA.

    Worse still, all the hallucination scenes and the last game chapters were seemingly ripped off the base game and tacked on a DLC to gaugue more money from the players, giving the story an odd pace on both the base game with its non-ending, and the 'expansion'.

    The franchise would deserve a better number, but unfortunately it has to be averaged with EA's low rating, making it deserve no more than a 5.
  65. May 6, 2013
    I thought this was a pretty good game, good story, good graphics, cool customizable weapons, and freaky looking aliens, controls were good. I never played the first 2 of the series so i cannot comment on how it relates to those games, story, play etc. but i have noticed many long time fans of the series were disappointed to say the least and i can understand that, i felt the same way about assassins creed3. but if you have never played any of the other games and dont have any expectations, i dont think you will be let down by this game itself. Expand
  66. May 5, 2013
    Dead Space 3 was easily the best of the series. A good story, fluid gameplay (finally) and so much immersion that I was actually surprised that devs were doing this again. The amount of detail is nothing short of staggering. I found myself sometimes just gazing at the scenery while being attacked and killed. Playing the game on hard is brutal to say the least. Your aim better be dead on and you better move quick, hack quick and map-maze quick or you will find yourself in quite the tissy. I don't see what others see in it lacking compared to the other two games. I see it evolving and changing into something more fluid and fun to play.

    A great game. Highly recommended.
  67. Edd
    May 3, 2013
    After playing the first dead space I was surprised after playing the second I was like :THIS IS AWESOME after playing the third i was like I mean the plot is kinda poor It will not compare like the other two dead space,the guns are awkward,When you need to upgrade your gun you don't use anymore power up to upgrade your guns,rig,etc you just simply collect scrap metal to upgrade them It was better off with the old upgrade what I liked in the game was the enemies you fought even humans in the game but also it was hard a little .
    So the reason why I gave it a 6 was it had well good graphics and the enemies this is the good part but the worst part is because of the storyline,the upgrade,the guns even Isaac's space suits
  68. May 3, 2013
    The game is good but nothing like the first two games. this sequel is mostly a TPS rather than a survival horror it has its horror moments here and there. I specially didn't like the fact that some missions are locked unless you have a co-op partner (they could of removed those or made them invisible during singlepplayer), also some bosses are reused that gets annoying after a while (spider).
  69. Apr 30, 2013
    Outstanding game. Personally, I started with Dead Space 2 and thought it was good, but had no urge to replay it. I then backtracked to Dead Space 1 and found it too old and clunky. So oddly, when I see so many reviews pining over the first two and hating the last? Not me. Dead Space 3 is awesome! And if you judge the game on it's own merits, maybe you'll be like me with over a hundred hours replaying this on the harder game modes that open up after you finish your first run. The voice acting was superb, the story was engrossing and even the text logs captured my attention. The cut scenes don't bog the game down. The quick time events are fun. And the game can be mastered. Right now I'm working on the hardcore mode where if you die, you have to start over... from the beginning. While some complain the monsters are too tough, the fact is I can get almost to the snow suit without even dying once. You just gotta stop shooting mindlessly, keep your cool and take careful aim at the limbs. Use your stasis liberally and you will see how this game teaches you to become an excellent shot. Pay attention to your scavenger bot radar too and put them down in the prime spots and your weapon upgrades you build with the resources will make you king of the hill. I personally liked the scavenging part a lot. It's a big part of the game and if you like that kind of thing, you will rake in the resources and find you can get some seriously powerful weapons. If you try to stick to the main path and avoid the looking around, the monsters will overcome you because you're using weak weapons. Obviously by my score, you can guess I like this game, but this is honestly the best shooter I've played. Ever. Expand
  70. Apr 30, 2013
    for me i hate to play solo and i always buy games with coop, there is not a lot of great games out there for coop but dead space 3 is for the win ive played with my friend for 7 hours yesterday and we had so much fun
  71. Apr 28, 2013
    Too many action set pieces, no horror or thrill to the game at all. EA doesn't understand what we want as fans of this franchise, nor do they care. They want to expand a player base to snare some of their Call of Duty gamers, but that comes at the cost of all the great things the original Dead Space did so well. There's no atmosphere here, no sense of creeping dread. I feel like I'm farming components in an MMO and every once in a while I get an interactive cut scene to break up the crappy action game combat. At least do yourself a favor and try before you buy, see if a friend has the game or try it on a console first. Expand
  72. Apr 27, 2013
    It may not be the best in the series, but it is a perfect ending to the series. Glad to see DS4 get cancelled as this is where the game needed to end. EA's micro transactions can be completely ignored and do not affect the game at all, and even if it is a 3rd person shooter, it was only the next logical step in the series given the games story. Great game, its a do not miss and one of my GOTY contenders. Expand
  73. Apr 23, 2013
    This is an awesome game, the game was lengthy enough. There could have been a little more of a variety in monster to fight and ways to kill those monsters. Cinematic scenes was cool. The overall game play was really good.
  74. Apr 21, 2013
    The game is boring as There´s no Horror at all. The only points it gets is because of the acceptable but not good story and because of the working gameplay. It´s long too, but then it kills your patience with the loading sequences. Everytime you open a door it loads. ****ing disgusting. The characters pretty much are uninteresting for non Fans of this series. Dead Space Fan? Get it. Usually you already did. But the rest of gamers in the world: Don´t get it. It´s lame, it´s making you tired. At least it has a decent atmosphere, unlockables and a crafting system. Expand
  75. Apr 21, 2013
    I have scored the previous two Dead Space games a perfect 10 as they are, for me, the benchmark of true horror and action. No game has ever come close to scaring me, depressing me or entertaining me quite like Dead Space (I was hoping Aliens Colonial Marines was a contender).

    So, in Dead Space 3, we got more action, more exploration, more weapon options (Oh how I love the weapon
    customisation) and more set pieces. The entire game plays out like a Hollywood summer blockbuster that has you glued from start to finish. I've heard some true fans say the horror is lacking and I will be honest, it is... but this is partly down to the planet environment 50% of the game is set on (no spoilers).

    Well, apart from the horror that is lacking, this is still a Dead Space game. The franchise has had to evolve and the horror that I think was so sinister and gruesome in the second could not be differentiated anymore. It is that simple! So, the game had to freshen up others wise, we would be playing Dead Space 2.5. They knew the series in that respect had gone has far as the material would allow so the change in emphases from horror to action was the only alternative and it was a big risk that paid off.

    Dead Space 3 requires attention. There are moments of pure silence where you stop and just stare as you float around the destroyed ships and spack stations. These moments are often visited after main missions have been completed and they break up the onslaught of killing enemies. They are needed and they are a great diversion as they offer weapon upgrades, parts, optional missions and even some missions where a coop friend can just jump in for a one off mission. I literally found myself saying "that's a good idea" on more than one occasion and I respect a developer that takes time to offer any kind of replay value with extra missions and looting (provided they don't feel tact on).

    All in all, product value; Dead Space 3 took me around 18 hours to complete on medium difficulty. I died a handful of times, completed all optional objectives (the one near the end regarding the expedition dig was amazing and for the optional missions alone I would have paid a DLC fee), and went back for weapon upgrades in hidden and previously locked areas which was worth it. I paid £22.99 for this on release day as it was on sale and it was worth every penny. One day I may even revist this game....
  76. Apr 20, 2013
    Literally, just a few hours into the game, and i am done. This game literally is utter Between the retarded lack of options to even remotely carry out dialogue between co op partners, and the endless stupid mission, aka avoiding the flying derbies when it is impossible to talk to your partner at all, this game is not worth my time. Literally if i wanted to play a good horror game i would go play Metro, and with last light coming out soon, guess where I will be? Expand
  77. Apr 20, 2013
    It's just... not good. The story has so many holes and logic is basically nonexistent in the game. The mechanics (other than unified ammo, which was lazy IMO) were pretty good, but the game ran badly at certain points for unknown reasons.

    If you don't mind the lack of logic and reason and just enjoy shooting things that go "splat", then this is the game for you. If you actually care why
    you're doing something or get annoyed when there's an obviously more sensible option that isn't available, then don't bother, it'll be facepalms all around. Expand
  78. Apr 17, 2013
    I finally got around to playing this installment, and I regret it. Another franchise-killer spearheaded by EA. This game feels so different from the original 2, which I absolutely loved. I'm not sure what the devs were going for with some of the changes made, but I was hard-pressed to avoid cringing during certain moments of the game (not in the "holy-s*** I'm scared" or "that's disgusting!" style of the first two games, either). Unimpressive story, and the feel of the traditional Dead Space gameplay has been turned on it's head. If I didn't love the lore of the series so much (which is more a credit to the previous games than this one) this game would be getting a lower score. Dead Space 3 is a gutted version of the first two games with almost no improvements that core fans of the series can appreciate. It's the rainy-day movie of video games. Expand
  79. Apr 14, 2013
    Yes, DS has lost that amazing atmosphere of dread that the first two games capitalized on so brilliantly. They could have really turned the atmosphere of this frozen planet idea into some more mysterious and fascinating tapping into our imagination. Yes, the game does start off slow as well and there are a lack of tutorials for the new crafting system which is inexcusable. However stacked against what this game has going for it and other games out there right now a user score of 5.7 out of 10 is ridiculous.

    The crafting system is amazing and addictive, it's so much fun experimenting. You know that when you're making a new weapon or tweaking it a few times an hour they did it right. I was skeptical about them adding soldiers to fight with but I really gotta say it's an welcome change of pace. How many hours of necromorphs can we fight without expecting EA to add a different dimension of enemy, I gotta say the soldiers are a welcome addition. EA has fixed some of the frustrating issues plaguing the previous games like making the zero-g space areas easier to navigate and placing more oxygen tanks around just in case. Also universal ammo is a good thing, it would be impossible for the crafting system to work without it.

    In closing DS3 is at its core still DS, its lost that atmosphere but lets face it DS1 and DS2 really set the bar at the ceiling. EA has tried its best to add some new vigor into the series while fixing some haunting issues of the predecessors, overall this is still dead space it's not some game we've seen a million iterations of which mean its keeps a special place in my heart as a true DS fan!
  80. Xon
    Apr 13, 2013
    There's life in Dead Space yet! The third installment had its highs and its lows, though in my opinion more of the former. Admittedly the game is more action orientated, especially in co-op, with flash mobs of necromorphs coming in waves at you needing less "strategic dismemberment" and more balls-to-the-walls rapid fire and explosions. The Good: -Beautifully detailed world -Great sound effects
    -Gameplay and combat is top-notch
    -Weapon crafting is surprisingly fun

    The bad
    -Very poor story
    -Confusing love triangle leading to boring and incongruous dialogue
    -Many questions unanswered.
  81. Apr 10, 2013
    I started playing this game with very negative expectations. I dislike EA very much, and all the news about this game was scaring me greatly. Then I finally played it. I was shocked at how amazing this game really is.

    The only flaws that exist in the game are its fetch quests, level design recycling, and lots of repetition in the puzzle elements. Everything else fantastic. It's just as
    scary as its previous installments, and is very exciting. Tons of necromorphs that launch themselves at you, wave after wave. The weapon crafting system is ingenious. Some of the most engaging boss battles ever.

    People really, really need to quit crying about the "change of genre", away from horror. This is a fantastic game and deserves at *least* an 8.0 score. I can't wait until Dead Space 4.
  82. Apr 6, 2013
    Dead Space 3 was not entirely what I expected. The first two games were certainly better, more horrifying and the stories in my opinion were just altogether better. Dead Space 3 didn't really get my locked in the story that much, but it was alright. The gameplay was fun to me, it seemed just like the first two games, but, again, not as scary, and that is something that I believe really needs to be in Dead Space games; fear! The first two games were so great, but this one seemed like such a great disappointment to me. Expand
  83. Apr 4, 2013
    This game is plain awful. Instead of the survival horror game we once knew and loved, this game is simply a Third person shooter game. The core of dead space games was to conserve what limited resources you have and thus encouraged the player to shoot for the limbs, which in this game almost completely ignores. It does not matter if a player is aims for the limbs, the necromorphs would simply charge at you full speed. The enemies are rigged so that players are inclined to go for weapons with high damage per second, like a warrior, instead of tactically favorable weapons, like an engineer would. Although the weapon modding idea was great, it was executed poorly. The laziness in the level design and the horror element was palpable. Necromorphs would pop in simultaneously in great numbers and just inundate the player in numbers instead of tactically popping out so as to scare the player. Due to the fact that I enjoyed Dead Space 1 and 2 too much I played the game just for the story; however, the story was equally bad as the game-play.

    In short, Dead space took the same road as the Resident evil series as it completely abandoned survival horror element and went for just more shooting and killing. This game is designed to appeal to the casuals who simply want to shoot and kill. This game requires no survival tactics whatsoever and its previous game did. And, I don't think I even need to mention the evils of micro-transactions in this game on top of other flaws. Do not listen to big company reviews, such as IGN or Gamestop, because they will do whatever in their power to sell more of this failure and disappointment. This game deserves a solid 3
  84. Apr 2, 2013
    Great Game, I love the new co-op campaign option and still has all the intense moments and lots of jump scares. Not as good as the first two Dead Space games but still heaps of fun
  85. Apr 1, 2013
    EA you've done it again. You've ruined another franchise for me. Honestly though this game is overall bad in my opinion. The first one was pretty good but popup scares wore down and it just became bland. Second one was more action than horror and the third one was Lost Planet: Dead Space Edition. The first thing that pissed me off was ammo was for all guns. The second thing was the micro transactions. The third thing was this story. It felt like it was forced out to make it so they could make more money. The fourth thing was the ending. It wasn't at the same level as BioWare's Mass Effect 3 but my God was it disappointing. The fifth thing was Co-Op. How can a game scare me if me and my friend are laughing and playing around? The sixth was the fact that enemies no longer surprise you. They all come out single file and I just blasted em... this game was retardedly easy. The graphics were nice. The combat was more of the same. Overall this gets a 2 out of 10 only because the graphics are amazing. Everything else was just a big ol can of fail. Expand
  86. Mar 31, 2013
    The story is pretty boring and generic,the: "find the root of the problem and destroy it" story.The characters are as uninteresting as the villains.I remember Buckell's death outside the elevator,and I was like "Oh Ok".Hell,even Issac and Ellie are boring,and they're the main characters! The weapon crafting is cool but takes a while to understand,the game gives a lot of ammo on lower difficulties and in Hard ammo is non-existent.There are only 2 main environments,the Ships and Space,and Tau Volantis.The abandoned spaceships really bring back the tight-corridor feel that made the first game successful,while Tau Volantis is just a boring shade of white. Instead of not knowing when necromorphs are gonna pop out like in the first 2 games,you can pretty much predict when they're gonna come.And they swarm you,making it more action than scary.The new save system is crap,as I played the first 5 levels four times cus they said that it could not save.It ended up being Origin's fault,and after i finished playing the game on Classic Mode,they tell me the first 13 levels were not saved.You know what,if you ARE gonna make another DS game,bring back the save stations.If you aren't a DS fan,don't get it. I would rather you spend $60 on another game. Expand
  87. Mar 28, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing through this game, the addition of co-op in my opinion added a lot of fun to the game and it does take away from fear factor but obviously you can play single player and then its just like the old games. The weapon crafting and upgrade system is really cool and there are many different possibilities. The game captures that gritty sci-fi mood very well and I have always liked this about all 3 games. The micro transactions are a bit disappointing but you still get plenty of in game items without using any DLC. I really enjoyed this from start to finish, of course I have always been a fan of this type of setting and mood. The crafting system gives you plenty of incentive to keep playing long after your first play through. Expand
  88. Mar 25, 2013
    The game has the combat, audio and graphic features down to a perfect science and the move from credits to craftables is excellent. But, it does have some issues that seemed to take away from my complete (3 game) Dead Space experience. First, I have no problem with built in Cooperative play, as an option. I think it's a perfect feature but I do have an issue with it when it affects my solo-play's achievement record. Choosing to play solo and not being able to complete the game with an 100% achievement record is just as annoying as paying for a game that doesn't really work in the first place. (i.e. Star Wars: TFU2 for PC and it's cut-scene perma-crash halfway through the game that's never getting patched.) Having artifacts and collectibles locked away and inaccesible to a solo player who made the decision to play the 'single player version' of the game, from the onset, makes me want to write this public review instead of finding someone to group with. "...Just move the missing collectibles back into the solo game or de-list them from the overall game achievements. Consider solo and co-op 2 different and distinct games all together, simple."
    Lastly, Ellie. What can I say. But, for one of the main reasons to push on through to the end and try to save the day, in Dead Space 2, with that rare but endearing Kyle Kataarn/Jan Ord (SW: Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast) relationship being hollowed out from the start of Dead Space 3. She immediately lost her "Peng" factor both in graphical display and story. I just couldn't bring myself to care if she made it out of any particular predicament, in the later chapters through to the end of the game, or not. Honestly, the entire cast didn't strike a single cord. "They were there, then they were gone. Ah well, shoot and scoot." All that being said, I still give Dead Space 3 a solid 8 out of 10 for my opening comments but wonder if a future Dead Space 4 can make things right for me or kill the franchise, in my eyes. (Customizable suits mix and match from available list, texture and color choice would be a nice addition for DS-4.)
  89. Mar 25, 2013
    Is it only me who see that this game is so secondary in every aspect, that even its plot is the copy of the Mass Effect franchise idea? Enormous creatures, that are made of body parts to wipe out every been in the galaxy, ancient aliens, that made a machine to stop it, but failed... and only one hero, that would succeed by making a sacrifice? C'mon!
    One more thing. With this snowy
    landscapes, assault troops running around and big monsters with orange spots to shoot it made me recall Lost Planet (first part). Glad there are no robots to ride yet to complete the sameness.
    It feels that Dead Space franchise has lost its originality in the 3rd part, cause now it is played as every other multi-platform action game with covers and roll-overs, while keeping all of the own series issues: narrow corridors, lots of identical small rooms where nothing happens, millions of doors that lock down right after your back and lame camerawork with Isaak's back covering half of the screen most of the time PS. Oh, and we were fooled when told that we may get the same experience in single player as with partner there are some areas for co-op missions that are forbidden in singleplayer mode same way as unique items stashed there.
  90. Mar 24, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is thoroughly average. The monster encounters are extremely predictable, so much so that you know exactly what will happen the moment you look inside a room. The atmosphere is lacking, and once you hit Tau Volantis it plays more like Gears of War than Dead Space enter room, necromorphs burst from grates, shoot necromorphs, move to next room, repeat. I can't think of any memorable moments from the campaign. Weapon modification is a nice touch, but past the first few levels you're able to craft near insta-kill weapons and as much ammo and health kits as you want. Expand
  91. Mar 23, 2013
    Clearly a case of consoleitus, and feels unfinished. Levels are repetitive, and it is clear all creativity has been extinguished in favor of fitting the mold. I once loved this franchise... Unfortunately "appealing to all markets" has made it bland.
  92. Mar 22, 2013
    by no means is it a terrible game some intresting ideas but does not live up to its older games. It seems to have lost its suvival horror roots the story is terribley weak and repetitive activites make you annoyed pick it up when its £10 not bad but not worth paying full price
  93. Mar 22, 2013
    The game is designed for a co-op experience, with an intention to grind money from players via multiplayer interaction and mirco-transactions. There are stupid puzzles which are more difficult to solve in single player mode. Also, when played in single player, some weapon parts (e.g. explosion module) can't be obtained in the first run, and the plot also appears to be odd in later stage of game, since no interaction with Carver had seen by player before. Further, the game was made to appeal generic casual players, the enemies mostly now have clothes covering their body, and look less nasty as in DS1 and 2, elements like horror, darkness, helpless, creepy environment were all taken out as well, replaced by a larger and bright open area, and have human enemies for co-op gun firing purpose. To further force the players to have co-op partner, the enemy behavior has changed as well, monsters will no longer be stopped by gun fire easily, they move very fast, and is able to sneak behind players, there are also more random spawn points, causing swarm to player in multi-direction, the frequent swarm make Issac looks like a super-hero fighting hordes of monster, rather than an engineer trying hard to survive, completely ruining the feeling of survival horror. Due to such setting of enemy behavior, many players simply choose weapons of high rate of fire, reducing the potential choice of weapons, wasting the idea of weapon crafting for creative weapons. This just look like an attempt to grind some money from some players if they want some powerful weapons right in the beginning of game. Overall, the change in atmosphere and enemy behavior just make the game deviate from the original feeling of DS1 and DS2. Expand
  94. Mar 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a pretty good shooter, not worth 60 bucks. One and two are better. A real drag is the damned electrical engineering interface. That's a frustrating waste of time and a game killer if there weren't trainers out there to bypass this crap. Expand
  95. Mar 20, 2013
    A great attempt made by EA games. By mixing an original horror survival game into an action pack Mass Effect 3/Gears of war. EA GAMES PRESENTS: DEAD SPACE 3. Instead of store and nodes that annoy the hell out of players in dead space 2. They decided to copy their own game by having UNIVERSAL AMMO! This game is entirely built from money. "From 11 DLCs at day 1 launch, and an upcoming awakened DLC, EA is sure to make a LOT OF MONEEEYYY." Dead Space 3 with high hopes that it will still be scary, failed terribly due to EA's direction of course wanted Viscral to be more "action oriented." that "action" soon brought the franchises down to the bottom of the wishing well. The game brings players to engage with Issac Newton's love life, a co-op campaign that introduces Carver that seems out of the place sometimes. In cutscenes, players will ask WHERE DID CARVER GO? WHERE DID HE COME OUT FROM? WHY THE ENEMY DIDN'T SEE HIM?" The most important and the main thing that brings this game into badass mode, was the all new bench system. Where Issac and Carver have to find scraps of miners and gather they're lego toys to build the ultimate weapon. (Honestly this was the only good part of the game) DEAD SPACE 3, where the game was ruined by EA's action oriented demands. Necromorphs, Issac's love life, and the ultimate lego building weapon system. Expand
  96. Mar 19, 2013
    Its a good game for people that like shooters. I liked the shooter element but not so much that it has turned in to a shooter but running around having the feeling that you are doing the same thing over and over again gives the game a boring and actually irritating feeling the story is bad i was so pissed when they started to explain things from past games it made me not take the games serious. The once grown up game DS1 and DS2 has turned in to a childish game. Yes there where still shock elements but they where always based on the same principal with the exception of the outside snow part.

    Anyway the only thing that i did enjoy was that all the crap that annoyed me was wrapped in to a awesome graphical and sound effects. That something i have to say very impressive!

    I liked to play the game however its another disappointment to see how a game starts off awesome and then gets taken over and destroyed.

    My message to the producers please stay true to yourself and resist the temptation of mainstream!!!
  97. Mar 18, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is every bit as tense, gory, atmospheric and beautifully rendered as the two previous games of the franchise. I found the gameplay very strong with the usual great Dead Space combat mechanics, a great weapon and armor upgrade system and some enjoyable minigames. Watching the story unfold was also griping and, yes, I am a sucker for a love story, even in a space horror game. PC users just need to be careful with the checkpoint system and leave the game when it saves the player's progress. If you don't, you may loose some of your progression. But such a minor annoyance cannot tarnish this awesome game. Expand
  98. Mar 17, 2013
    A Dead Space-themed Bioshock with 80 's-action-movies dialogue and a f|_|cked up (or bugged to death) save feature that makes the game just not worth buying, or renting for that matter. You see these games and wonder why on earth piracy was invented...
  99. Mar 16, 2013
    A game series which started out so promising This game is with a simple word boring. Where as in the older games, enemies used to deploy and sneak on you where you least expected it. In Dead Space 3, you may expect enemies to constantly pop up right under your nose. The combat is far from exciting or fun.

    This truly seems like more of a milked out gameplay style, rather than a
    respectable sequel to Dead Space.

    After my 15th death on a cliff climbing sequence, I lost it.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    Its emphasis on the action element might be a nuisance to some of the franchise’s fans, but the game’s production values in every aspect will reward even the most doubtful gamer. [March 2013]
  2. Mar 30, 2013
    Dead Space 3 brings refreshing gameplay options without sacrificing the gritty, believable universe, but scares are few and far between. [Apr 2013, p.92]
  3. Feb 28, 2013
    Finishing a trilogy was always going to need bigger explosions and greater stakes – unfortunately this has come at the sacrifice of true horror.