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  1. May 16, 2011
    Picked this up recently during a Steam Sale. Was wondering what the hype was all about for Dead Space 2. I now know. Dead Space is an incredible game, great storyline and probably the best fiver I spent on a game which is about three years old. As good as that first feeling you got when playing the first Resident Evil, though that's a poor comparison. Dead Space sucks you into it's madness and chaos, leaving you gasping for a breather. Definitely going to grab Dead Space 2. Expand
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    Well..."Dead Space" is a game that is just scary as hell; you can't expect what's coming next. Since the PC version has better resolution, it adds up to the scare-hype, which I didn't typically enjoy. But what was worse was the horrible controls and linear gameplay. During the whole time, my eyes were mainly focused on the keyboard rather than the game itself. The gameplay is also very linear; it is scarier than knott's scary farm but that can't cover up how sparse the options you have during the game. You want some thrills? By all means buy it, but after the price decreases. Expand
  3. May 7, 2011
    Oh my god, bought this on £4 special on steam and now wonder why.

    Yes the graphics are good but oh the controls just seem weird. I can't play Halo:Reach on an XBOX as the way the controls work are just too weird for me, these seem much the same, it reminds me of Tomb Raider:The Angel of Darkness and Resident Evil 4 were the control system gets in the way of a good game.
    have turned down mouse sensitivity from the default and it is a little more manageable but the whole interface is odd and awkward. You have to go up very close to stuff before you can select it rather than get in the general vicinity and be looking at it, the screen that springs up to tell you what to do is irritating and gets in the way, this is classic example of a TPS designed for consoles that really doesn't port well to a PC. If there just the option to go in to first person view rather than have a character that block 1/3 of the screen it would be 100% better.

    Overall there is a good game trying to get out of here but there is too much detritus in the way.
  4. Sep 2, 2010
    This game is INTENSE, and scary - damn scary. It's hard to scare me, but this game had me jump a few times - It rocks! Definitely worth buying and playing over and over again.
  5. Jan 6, 2011
    This game contains a critical failure bug if you use a USB mouse interface with your keyboard, which most people do. The POV camera will spin wildly, and out of control, making gameplay absolutely impossible. The issue was identified in 2009, and HAS STILL NOT BEEN PATCHED. Do NOT purchase this game, or you'll find yourself where I am, with a 13GB, $20 cutscene. Here is a link to the EA forums, where they admit to the problem WHICH STILL HAS NOT BEEN FIXED:
  6. Feb 29, 2012
    Although every chapter of this game makes me exhausted, I think it is one of the best games I've ever played. The selling point of this game is neither horror nor disgusting, but the combination of these two plus a very challenging style of gameplay makes dead space really a game that can really catch every nerves of the player. Sometimes, many necromorphs (your enemies in the game) suddenly come in your face when you just about to relax, and the producers really know how to make the players 'suffer'...and there are many technical object for you to complete, and some of them require you to work under zero gravity, where you even have to walk on the roof, and necromorphs may appears right in front of you, which really challenge your sense of dimension. Even in easy mode, the game is hard to play, thus makes me even more nervous when facing the necromorphs. The overall mood of the game is not too depressed, but there are so many things can scare you, and keep you nervous for every single second. The bonus is that you could even be more satisfied with your real life after playing this game, the reason is obvious. However, I don't recommend teens play this game, because it is too bloody and scary. Expand
  7. Jul 21, 2011
    A cleverly made game, although not as scary as I hoped but I jumped a few times. I see a lot of complaining about the PC port here but I found the game perfectly playable, just some getting used to at first (but it would be better with a wider view). The story is good and contains a few nice twists, the graphics and environment designs are quite nice (I liked the fact that there's no hud), and no need of a super computer. I liked the "no gravity" gameplay, but it can get really confusing as to finding the ground again and since you don't have a wide view (which is okay in small corridors) it is difficult to spot enemies. I found the objective track clever and very useful as it allows you to know exactly where to go. Being able to upgrade your equipment as you wish and to dispose your inventory as you see fit is quite nice. There's about 12 chapters in the game that takes around 1h to complete each.
    So all in all, it's not the best game of all time nor is it a very innovative one but it is well achieved and worth playing.
  8. Jul 21, 2011
    Horrible waste of money and time. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME FOR PC. EA did a horrible horrible job porting this to the PC. I'm pretty sure trained monkeys could have done a better job. First off, I hope you enjoy mouse lag, turning off vsync helps but does not remove it. Second half of the menus are off the screen no matter what you do. Third the character spins to the left if you use a USB keyboard and Mouse. This game is far to buggy from the get go and after 30 minutes of trying to fix the issues I gave up and demanded a refund from steam. Trust me, don't waste your time on this one. Expand
  9. Dec 14, 2012
    The scariest thing about this game are the controls. You hear a monster approaching and need about 10 seconds to scan the area around you, because it's just not possible to move the mouse at a decent speed.

    Even with "fixes" like upping the mouse sensivity and disabling Vsync, it's basically unplayable. I bought this for 3$ on Steam sale and yet I feel robbed by Visceral Games and EA
    (once again), especially because any half decent developer/publisher who care about their customers would have this fixed asap. Expand
  10. Jul 11, 2013
    I have had farts that were scarier, had explosive diarrhea that was easier to control, and have worn welding goggles that made it easier to see than the utterly worthless camera in this game. I have also heard rants by insane, homeless bums that made more sense than the story and monsters in this piece of garbage. I have heard over and over that this game is "Resident Evil in space!" and now I know that there was a reason behind my avoidance of Resident Evil my whole life. This game is more like the Resident Evil in my couch: every time I sit down to play it, I immediately regret it, my eyes start to water, I start swearing, and I want to run from the room to escape the stench of this humongous pile of reeking feces. Expand
  11. Jan 4, 2011
    I gotta say, the atmosphere in this game is off the charts. The dialog is a little wooden, but It doesn't really get in the way. The game is VERY hard to control though, it feels less like I'm controlling a guy and more like I'm driving a tank. The mushy controls however are half the reason the game is so intense since it's so hard to keep a good sense of situational awareness.
  12. Jul 9, 2011
    I consider this game to be unplayable. You basically can't see anything because of the ridiculous FOV setting and the fact that the camera is so uselessly placed that the character obstructs half the screen. Also the view controls are sluggish and unintuitive. Maybe this game is better on a console and it's just a bad port. In any case on the PC it's horrible. Avoid it.
  13. May 12, 2011
    Game still has a bug in it that makes game play with vsync on impossible. So, if you have a modern computer with an HD monitor, you play with screen tearing or force it through your video card. I despise bugs, this one is big. Also, the mouse controls are horrid making controlling your character very difficult and when you find a setting that works in game the cursor moves much too fast to navigate menu's. Terrible console port, terrible job. Expand
  14. Jan 31, 2013
    I am boggled at how this game has been praised by so many with such a high score. The controls is a gigantic turd. It didn't seem to be very intriguing story wise. I read about dead space, watched a anime on it and thought it was a neat idea, but the game just feels like it wasn't even trying. It was the same "scare" tactic used way too many times. "Oh look, a alien/creature, I wonder if it will get up once I walk by. Oh there is a vent too, wonder if I should worry." It was repetitive after the first 30mins of play. It also expects you to feel something about the guy you are supposedly running around as. There was no build up to he background, just a picture and a ship log? Something bad happened? You walk into a room on the "problem" ship with 2-8 people that are armed, and you are doing something that happened to corner you off from them and they all die(except for 2 people), but you are to do better and somehow survive with primitive tools compared to them? Why is he still alive after that? The aliens/creatures feel bad for him? What kind of crap story is this so far? The whole room was killed off except for 2 people and you. After that and trying to give it a shot still I just stopped. I bought a bundle pack and have both ds1 and 2 but didn't even try 2. Compared to other games this one doesn't shine at all. The only thing scary about this game is the amount of praise it gets. Expand
  15. Jan 16, 2012
    Irrelevant bugs? Check.
    Controls that can be gotten used to in a while? Check.
    The things I mentioned above are most things people whine about.
    And I don't give a ****
    I already wrote a 30 minute review on this game, explaining 50 aspects of the game that make it so worth your money (sadly, that youtube account was deleted and I lost the video). I simply love this game, it has went into my
    GOTY list time and time again, I recommend it to everyone and everyone asks me about it.
    The controls are **** yes, but they are easy to get used to. I loved this game. The action was great, the satisfying feel of tearing apart an alien with your power boots with that scream is just unforgettable.
    As far as with the storyline, it's nothing breathtaking or amazing, but it definitely keeps you at the front (and, at the same amount, edge) of the seat until the last second of what happens.
    The controls will take some time to get used to, and by the middle of the game you'll be shooting aliens like it's cutting butter with a knife, and by the end, you'll be ready for Dead Space 2.
  16. Feb 28, 2012
    Very good atmospheric game at maximum difficulty.
    Really scary. Feels like AvP2 when playing marine.
    One big fail in game is its ending and final boss (game is not needed bosses at all IMHO, but last one is complete dumb).
    Anyway, very good space horror.
    Remember: play it on higher difficulties.
  17. Jul 21, 2012
    The best survival horror game since the glorious times of the first three RE, this new brand has great future, DS 2 was awesome and improved what in the first game wasn't that awesome. This game is THE scary game of new generation.
  18. Nov 22, 2012
    First of all... This game is all about atmosphere. If you did not like the game because of it's "horrible controls" or some other **** I will just say this one thing: You are doing it wrong. To enjoy "Dead Space" put the difficulty on the highest you can possibly manage (I played on hardest, best feel), get a good headset/speaker set and sit back, relax and get scared. I will admit, the game did drag a little on the end and sure the controls did take a little getting used to, but after all of this, if you look deep into it's core (like the Resident Evil 4 port to the pc) it's an amazing game. The scares are often great, the atmosphere is dark, grim and the entire feel of the game is just described in two words: "Insanity" and "Loneliness". Just to be clear too, Dead Space 2 is not the same type of game. Dead Space 2 is a 7/10 for me. What they did with Dead Space 2 is that they took everything Dead Space did very, very well... And dulled it down. The feeling of being alone with nobody else around, it's gone in Dead Space 2. The very creepy and dark atmosphere, it's still there, just not that much, instead of being in an "abandoned" space ship you are in Dead Space 2 in one where the outbreak has just started. So my advice is; Pick up Dead Space 1 for all the scary and awesome bits and then get Dead Space 2 for the action.

    Expect lots of gory death in Dead Space. Expect to be scared in Dead Space. Expect a memorable story. Expect exactly what it's title says: Dead. Space.
  19. May 24, 2013
    Unplayable on PC in my opinion. The camera is really akward, it makes the game very unpleasant to play. It's very difficult to aim properly, frustrating.

    I can't believe it's a 2008 game, looks like a 1999 game, terrible graphics. I have a i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia 560GTx, etc, no it's not performance issues, the game really sucks.
  20. Nov 4, 2012
    I loved this game. It is atmospheric, aesthetically stunning, and the combat is fantastic. The sound engine is beautiful, and the music raises the tension dramatically. The one problem with the PC version is the awful AWFUL mouse controls. If you are using a mouse and keyboard, feel free to deduct a 2 or 3 from the score I am giving. I have a wired 360 controller to play with and it is an absolute dream. The game is a stunning achievement regarding the horror franchise and I am happy to recommend it to anyone, with prior warning of the controls. Expand
  21. Mar 13, 2011
    POS Port. I found the controls unplayable on the PC, which prevented me from going any further than 10 minutes into the story line, which didn't seem to have much depth. Waste of 10 bucks.

    Consoles are killing the PC gaming industry with flub like this...
  22. May 4, 2012
    Once you figure out the controls and fix any mouse issue (if any)...this game is well worth it. It sucks you in and the ride is very fun if you like unnerving games with a decent story. Got issues with the movement? Learn how to get comfortable with it or you can join some of the others here who apparently can't get past it and ruin for themselves a very good ride of a game. Not everyone can overcome things in their lives, so this port might not be for you. Very replayable. Get it! Expand
  23. Jul 6, 2013
    A (minor?) modern classic, reminds of System Shock and the original Resident Evil with a neat narrative thrown in. Sound and visual design is excellent and gameplay is sufficiently nerve-wracking at times thanks to the claustrophobic, over-the-shoulder 3rd person view and unintentionally unresponsive mouse controls.
  24. Aug 7, 2011
    Let me put it this way: for a couple of days i could not play this game for more than an hour - so tense and scared it kept my sheety pants! :) Excellent graphics, excellent atmospheric sound, cool upgradable weapons and armour, horrific monsters, and a Classic Sci-Fi / Mysticism story makes this a Must-Have Game!
  25. Oct 31, 2011
    Dead Space has saved gaming for me. Lately I've been buying games and not being able to complete them. Getting bored after 10 minutes and I've been thinking of quitting gaming altogether. Dead Space has shown me its that not that gaming is getting boring. Its just that in the few years we've be become inundated by a swatch of truly overpriced bad AAA games. Dead Space is classic and 10/10 for me.

    I think anyone who doesn't find this game enjoyable is a stick in the mud.
  26. Nov 1, 2011
    Pure adreneline pulse pounding jump out of your skin action. Once you get used to the controls game on. This is a must for any gamer. If you love horror even if you hate TPS take it for a ride or you are missing out on a great and satisfying experience. I do wish the story was a bit beefier but what can you do, this game is still one of my favorites
  27. Oct 9, 2011
    The PC version is unplayable. First, moving the mouse around in the menu is so floaty, it takes effort just to click on a menu button. Second, you cannot change the controls to arrow keys, a necessary task if you're a lefty. So, I had to close down the game, download a modified control scheme that allows lefties to play. Bad start, but I've dealt with worse.
    Loading up the game, the
    controls are so god awful floaty that it takes 2-3 seconds to turn around with mouselook, even with sensitivity maxed. I have never experienced such a system in many years of gaming. Apparently the designers stated that you have to use a gamepad to play, eliminating any of the benefit of having the game for PC.
    If I wanted a console FPS gaming experience, I'd buy the game for the PS3. But I like having actual control over my actions with a keyboard and mouse, so I don't.

    Without a doubt, my last Visceral Games purchase ever. I wish I could get my money back.
  28. Feb 5, 2012
    Greed game... had some bad moments but overall I loved it. It's more of an action game than a horror game, but the atmosphere still good and it does scare you in a frantic sort of way. PC version is well ported and optimised BUT you should use a controller as tbh the pc controls aren't really up to scratch,
  29. Mar 12, 2012
    Scary as hell when you cant see anything because character fills half of the screen. Turning and moving around is slow and controls suck big time. I know its wrong to give points without playing the game through but for me game was unplayable and that gives me reason to say what I think in here.
  30. May 25, 2012
    I picked this up ages ago on a steam sale after checking the reviews here. Naturally in my enthusiasm for a bargain I ignored the negative comments. It couldn't be that bad, these people are just whingers I thought. What a fool I was. Just in case it's popped up again for $5 and you're wondering if its worth a cup of coffee, listen to the poor reviews. Yes, this game is aesthetically nice but the fact is the controls are teeth jarringly bad even with a lot of tweaking and the perspective is obstructive. You'll discover what a horrible mistake you made literally within 30 seconds of installation. Expand
  31. Jul 29, 2013
    An unplayable game on PC because of the awkward camera controls. It's clumsy and frustrating to move around, and very hard to aim at enemies. A bad port to PC from consoles, stay away.
  32. Oct 14, 2013
    Worst PC port I've ever attempted to play. Mouse acceleration is awful, so gamepad is basically forced. But in-game v-sync causes the game to run awful, and disabling it causes screen tearing. Using my ATI's software to force v-sync and triple buffering fixes the graphics issues, but creates a bug that prevents me from going through a specific door that's required to progress the game. Google searching for fixes pretty much has run me into a dead end.

    After wrestling with the game for 30 minutes, I'm giving up. It's just not worth my time.
  33. Dec 28, 2013
    Unplayable due to bad controls. I can't even begin to explain how f*cked up the mouse movement is. It's either so slow that you can hardly shoot at enemies before they kill you, or so fast that you spin around three times. I tried several fixes and then just gave up.

    The moral here is not to pay money for E.A. games, even if it's only 3$.
  34. Oct 31, 2010
    A great game, very intense all the way to the end. It is a scary game but you get used to all that scariness when you get used to the game. The missions are alot of fun and very inventive. The graphics are very awesome and really get you into the game more. The sounds in the game make it really creepy to walk down a hall. The gameplay takes getting used to because you have to deal with looking behind the character the whole time. The story is very good and is not hard to follow. Its one of those games you have to play twice to fully understand everything. It is a great game and a perfect length for this type of game. I loved playing it! Get it and you wont regret it! Expand
  35. Sep 29, 2010
    Dead Space is a classic, reminding me of an Aliens movie style setting and making it very cool & unique. I really loved this game and almost freaked when they indicated that Dead Space 2 may not come to the PC, thank goodness they changed their minds! My only gripe (likely from many others) is the mouse controls were so screwy (did the vsync thing to fix gameplay but then menu interactions sucked). It was EXTREMELY disappointing that EA never issued a patch or seemed to care about the PC version. I honestly hope they show the PC more love in the sequel (I won't be holding my breath). Expand
  36. Jan 12, 2011
    This game was great, to bad it had to end, but a nice twist at the end. If you have played games like resident evil, this game will seem familiar but different. There are times where you will constantly be looking behind you hoping an enemy is not sneaking up behind you and then you let your guard down and bam. Unlike most shooters were you aim and shoot for the head and the enemy is done, that's the last thing you want to aim for because the enemy will transform into something more deadlier. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, the constant tension will draw you into the game, the combat is great but can get a lil old toward the end, and the enemy's are great, The character you play may not ever speak a word but he does not need to. I think it's great how they incorporate the health bar on the spine of your character and the ammo count is project on the side of the gun, its nice that hud is simple and does not distract you from whats going on,If your a fan of sci fi movies such as the thing, and alien this is the game for you. There are some draw backs though, eventually you start to figure out where some enemies will spawn, wish there was more enemy types. I wish there were more weapons but the few that are there do an admirable job. There is not much other things to complain about this game, i think, is great. Expand
  37. Apr 27, 2013
    First of all, it’s mandatory to use a PS3 or 360 controller with motioninjoy software to play Dead Space 1. But besides the horrible pc controls, this is the best survival-horror game I've ever played (until Dead Space 2). The story is phenomenal, and has some unpredictable twists, but the gameplay is what really amazed me. It makes a game like Resident Evil 5 (and maybe even 4) look like garbage. With the correct settings, this game will run at a solid 60 frames per second with no hitching or stuttering. Whoever hasn't played this is missing out on a spectacular gaming experience. Expand
  38. Koo
    Mar 16, 2012
    A good game overall, Dead Space is hampered by its clunky controls. When moving the character you play, he moves faster when looking along the horizontal (X) axis than the vertical (Y) axis. Also, you look around in a lurching or reeling way rather than smoothly as in other third person shooter (TPS) or first person shooters (FPS). If you're worried (as I was) that if you play this game you won't be able to sleep at night, put your fears to bed (pun intended - ha!). I would describe Dead Space as an atmospheric game, not a scary one (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, on the other hand, IS a scary game). While I like this game overall, I can't rate it better than a 7 due to the motion sickness I experience from the camera movements. The feeling of nausea it produces prevents me from rating the game higher than a 6. Try the demo. If you don't feel sick (literally) playing it, this game could be a 9 for you. For me, it's a 6. Expand
  39. Oct 21, 2011
    A triumph of style and gimmicks over substance. There is not much going on here except for shooting monsters repeatedly. An overly generous person would call both the setting and the storyline minimal, that same person would call it predictable and sometimes a little bit scary. Having said that, some of the weapons are good, some of the gimmicks keep you interested and you do actually want to escape the damn place. So I managed to finish it and just about got my money's worth. I cannot envisage a scenario whereby I'd ever play it again and would only recommend it to horror maniacs who have no more than £10 to spare and nothing better to do. Expand
  40. Apr 23, 2011
    Overall I really enjoyed this game, I tried a few things to get into it and couldn't get past the **** mouse controls and the fact that it felt like a console port (which it is). The fact that I only paid a few quid for it on Steam meant it didn't bother me as much, but they should have picked up on the control thing.

    However, when Dead Space 2 came out I thought I would give it another
    try and decided to play as a console player, PC connected to the TV and using an Xbox controller. The controls took a little getting used to but then I soon got the hand of it. In a way slightly more difficult control method added to the atmosphere in a similar way that the Wii controls added to the Resident Evil 4 experience.
    The game itself seemed incredibly long and is very atmospheric, it reminded me somewhat of Event Horizon and is very gory. Overall worth a punt if you are willing to make a few concessions.
  41. Mar 18, 2014
    There's some promise to this but on PC the controls are too annoying to be playable. It's also not scary at all, not sure who really found this scary. The challenge is turning your big, clumsy protagonist in the right direction in time, nothing more. The game is way too linear and the encounters are too predictable. It could probably have been good but it ends up being a much worse copy of Doom3.
  42. Jul 5, 2011
    this game scared the **** out of me and I don't scare easily it really reminded my of the alien anomaly in the movie Thing. The story in this game is short though i still enjoyed it, Graphics are great, Weapons are nothing like I have ever seen, mechanics are simply and did i mention i almost crapped my pants playing this game, its really freaky really, don't play this game if you have heart conditions. Expand
  43. Oct 21, 2011
    Dead Space is a good action game. It has a thrilling atmosphere even though it isn't so scary as I supposed it to be. Also dismembering large packs of grotesque monsters is very rewarding. Main drawbacks are controls (you can't use arrow keys to move e.g.) and mouse movement is unwieldy.
  44. Sep 16, 2011
    Tight tunels. Weak weapon in your hand. Horrible creatures above and below you. yes, Dead Space, despite of predictable horror tricks, shows, how modern survival horrors looks like.
  45. Nov 5, 2011
    I've had a pretty good time with this game, although it's got it's flaws, for the most part it is so well executed they are entirely forgiven.

    First things first, there are a few minor technical issues, seemingly more of an issue for some users than they were for me. Sure enough, a common problem with many console ports it seems is V-Sync related mouse lag, a real party pooper. I had it
    with Deus Ex Human Revolution (just used a 360 controller instead, no lag there) and sure enough I had it with Dead Space, however disabling V-Sync removed the lag and boosted the framerate quite significantly. There are a few jagged edges (the game doesn't allow variable anti-aliasing settings) but it still looks better than it does on the consoles, so I won't complain.

    Technical issues aside, there are some interesting 'tributes' to a certain 1999 classic, System Shock 2. Aside from the obvious setting similarities, and occasional gameplay comparisons that could be made, there are very significant parts of plot that are basically lifted from that older game (an entire mission on the hydroponics deck is basically the same as it appears in SS2), which isn't any great sin, but it's indicative of a generally derivative tone for the bulk of the game. The monsters are largely a mixture between the creature effects from John Carpenters film 'The Thing', and the Los Ganados from Resident Evil 4. Again, nothing terribly wrong with this, they are imaginatively rendered and truly gruesome, but still, not particularly original.

    The games visuals are stunningly realised, the game is simply gorgeous. The atmosphere is unrelentingly pressurised, making the game deeply tense throughout, with many scares of the typically jumpy variety underpinned by genuine discomfort. The sound design is superb, with a cacophany of terrible screams, moans, rumblings and sounds of all things liquid bursting, popping and spilling everywhere. The weapons, though there are few of them, feel suitably powerful and quite capable all of them at dismembering enemies - though some rather rough physics tends to make body parts and other objects sort of flop and roll around quite comically, the high volume of blood and accompanying squishy noises tends to nullify any distraction this might cause.

    The game is a reasonable length, though not particularly long, and reasonably challenging on 'Normal' difficulty, though the learning curve is somewhat steep at the beginning (prepare to die often for the first hour or two), it balances out and eventually becomes perhaps a little easy once you get the hang of managing your weapons and ammunition properly.

    Items are at first quite sparse, and upgrades (via 'power nodes') are a slow but sure process for weapons and your suit armour, but later in the game, when weapons are powered up, less ammunition is needed, and so you tend to end up with an abundance of it in my experience. There is something of an imbalance, but it is not dreadful - after all, despite the game becoming less plainly difficult, there are many sections that will still get your adrenaline pounding as some truly horrific creatures come bounding towards you, eyes-a-glowing.

    So, a fun game, with some niggly flaws but on the whole there is little that could actually be described as being 'bad' about the game, but it could be more original and there is room for improvement - of which, so far, Dead Space 2 has in some ways definitely fixed, but there are other things that the first game gets right that the sequel does not (I'm past the half-way point already with DS2 after only maybe three or four hours worth - this game is definitely going to be over quickly, whereas DS1 is slower paced and more tense).

    A very good game, but perhaps not quite original enough to be a true classic.
  46. Oct 28, 2011
    When I first picked up this game I faced similar issues as many other players on the PC platform. As I booted up the campaign and got approximately 4 minutes into the game I began to ask myself, "what sort of mad drunken sailor came up with the controls?" Even with rebinding I found myself wobbling down corridors and frequently pressing keys I'd always attributed as safety keys becoming a pain as Isaac would end up trying to force pull a necromorph towards me. Also as an aside, what sort of game outside of strict RPGs doesn't allow you to jump?! But putting my initial frustrations aside I will say this, Deadspace delivers on the scare while keeping things entertaining enough to mask the generally linear game play. In my first go around of play I found out very early on that ammo and health become a rarity into the later levels and a restart later saw me utilizing the vault much more frequently in the stores to store precious ammo and other goodies for later undertakings. I found that the story-line was very compelling and the few plot twists late in the game, while potentially obvious to somebody more intuitive than myself, were quite welcome and enjoyable in a gaming scene where you can usually see conclusions coming a mile away. The range of weapons was quite good and while I chose not to use them due to the randomization of ammo drops based on your arsenal, I found there were multiple ways to dismember and destroy. Overall once you can get used to the awkward controls (I'd recommend going through the first level on easy to get yourself settled then restarting on a harder difficulty) the story line is interesting enough to keep you playing, the puzzles are just difficult enough for interest but not so hard that you're pulling your hair out trying to figure out what to do, and the game play (controls aside) is a good mix of fright and fight to keep you on your toes. Honestly, I was so curious to find out what happened to Isaac at the end of the first game that I had to go out and buy the second one! Generally a good game for the horror/sci-fi fans out there and the control issues were greatly improved for #2. Expand
  47. Jan 20, 2012
    I enjoyed this game but not all the gore - too much graphic violence. There were no nice rest periods much to contrast with sudden terror and so wasn't actually as scary as it could have been. Given almost constant terror and you get almost used to it...not as good as System Shock 2 which it copied many ideas from, from the level names, to limited ammo, sci abilities, purchase booths, weapon slots and upgrade choices etc etc. They should have had more normal looking areas to contrast with other places covered with blood and guts. Come on, we are not all bloodthirsty animals here..bit over the top for violence but nonetheless well designed and still entertaining. The biggest flaw I felt was the total linear gameplay when given a choice of open tasks and ability to travel freely around levels would have been far better. That bird crumb direction indicator made it too easy actually and should have been some level of respawning to keep it interesting - ie like System Shock 2. Also I didnt appreciate the crap controls with PC on the keyboard - really sucked but with saying all that was worth 75% in my mind. If you dont like too much violence or gore then give it a miss. Expand
  48. Oct 27, 2013
    Great survival space horror with some genuinely tense moments. It may be a console port but the UI and controls are intuitive enough for it to not matter.
  49. Jan 4, 2012
    When I first started playing the game the controls seemed a bit off. It had a noticeable delay. I made some tweaks to the sensitivity, but it didn't really fix it much. It was kinda of annoying for a while, but after the first 2 chapters I got used to it. Aside from the controls, the game was glorious. The detail in the levels and aliens were astounding. They didn't skimp on anything it seemed. The cinematic sequences were so well done. I loved dieing just so i could watch the aliens nom my face off. No 2 deaths were the same. This game also has a very high fear factor. It keeps you on edge the whole game. You never know whats gunna pop around that corner. If you can overlook the the slightly laggy controls, you'll definitely be able to enjoy this game. Expand
  50. Mar 18, 2012
    Dead Space was really one of the best games that survivor horror that i have played in my life, and a game where you have things that you do not hold and scenes extremely macabre, where is completely player, incredible graphics and the gameplay too, I recommend.
  51. Feb 15, 2013
    This is a must-play for just about everyone. It shows us just how captivating a new environment and world can be. The faceless and speechless protagonist allows you to put yourself in his shoes or allows you to imagine in your mind how he must be reacting to the horrors he witnesses. Either way, you get to explore a creepy derelict ship and uncover bit by bit exactly what happened here and what went wrong. The combat mechanics are pretty innovative and the guns are somewhat interesting but what really shines in this game is the slow discovery of an entirely new world. Expand
  52. Vex
    Sep 15, 2013
    I have to say I am puzzled as to how this game has managed to amass such good reviews. The controls suck (even with a controller), the story is non-existent, the level design is bland and crappy and overall the game is extremely repetitive and predictable. Despite what everyone is saying, there was absolutely nothing scary about this game. Monsters always tend to appear in the most predictable places and the game relies on cheap jump scares vs. instilling a real sense of terror. After half an hour of gameplay the game just ends up being boring, tedious and repetitive. It is obvious that the game caters to the lowest common denominator and if you're not a console owner and if you're over 15, do yourself a favor and skip this turd. Expand
  53. Jul 22, 2012
    Just take your damn money and buy this game! At first controls will be hard like driving a fat ass, and maybe you won't **** your pants like you did on Doom 3. But you will have a ball during the 12 chapters. Probably you'll find things which could be better. Rest assured, you will find them improved in Dead Space 2!
    Small range of weapons (I just used the initial weapon throughout the
    whole game) and many limbs to cut off. Gameplay is varied by zero gravity sections and some walk in open space.
    Plot is awesome even when falling in cliches.
  54. Jul 25, 2012
    This game hits the horror pacing wonderfully. Slightly too much lag in the mouse controls for aiming, but once you get used to it, it's fine. If you want to play a fun game, and you want to FEEL what you're playing, turn the lights off, put on some headphones, and get ready to feel it. Oh, I'd start with easy till you get the game down. ;) A friend recently bought me dead space and dead space 2 from a sale. It's definitely my favorite series now. Expand
  55. May 31, 2013
    This game is tremendous. It has issues running on Windows 7 but some kind soul figured out the correct setting files to fix its issues and posted it on Steam. So aside from that technical issue I can say that: -Voice acting is solid -Plot and narrative is well constructed -Its quite gore filled and creepy so expect a strong horror vibe and its not for a weak stomach -The weapons and game play are FANTASTIC
    -Great opportunities to customize weapons and your suit
    -Incredible sound and graphics

    I just can't recommend this game enough if you like shooters that require thinking and wise resource use. Its a challenging game but very well crafted and is so enjoyable to play. I would say to look for it on sale got mine with DS2 for $10. $5 for this game is such a complete steal. If you missed the earlier sale I am sure that Steam will put it on sale again. Would be worth $30 easily as I am 7 chapters in of 12 and have played for 13 hours and expect to play for at least another 10 hours.
  56. Nov 13, 2012
    The most terrifying video game I have ever played. Eventually, you figure out the rhythm of when terrors will appear, but by this point the game has ramped up the difficulty, keeping the challenge high. The quests are fairly repetitive (go here, acquire item, return, repeat), but the engagements are dynamic and the character acting is great, which keeps the game from getting dull. The RPG elements of upgrading your suit and guns are fantastic because it emphasizes your specific playstyle. The only downside is that certain guns are more useful in situations than others, which means that you're pigeon-holed into always carrying certain weapons that you might not want to use (e.g. I can't find a way to efficiently defeat guardians without using the saw cutter, but I hate that gun in all other cases). Also, this game has a lot of gore- do not play in front of a sensitive crowd. People talk about the horrid controls, but I don't know what their problem is- I feel like any inefficiencies in controlling Isaac can be attributed to the fact that you are controlling an engineer, not a soldier- he's not going to be trained to perform perfectly in combat. That's the feeling I got from the controls. Other than that, this game has become one of my all-time favorites. Expand
  57. Nov 8, 2013
    I have started playing this game because of some friends that kept praising it, despite the fact that I had already tried once before and got away from it in the first 5 minutes due to the horrid controls and the camera POV which really sucks.
    Now, plenty of people that gave lower marks here can agree with me that the controls are totally horrible. The camera angle is also a handicap for
    the player, and if I hate something, it's games that are difficult because they handicap the player, thus cheating in a way, and not because there are better or stronger enemies, which would be normal.
    On Easy I felt like Doom 3 on normal. The controls contributed to that and the camera's 3rd person POV shoulder cam instead of GTA/Max Payne/Tomb Raider style 3rd person gameplay, which I love.
    As for the story, it's sort of like a B-movie which has the action stretched on over 9 hours. That's how long it took, 9 hours on easy. I wouldn't complain if they wouldn't have stretched it so much. Every time you completed a mission and were suddenly one step ahead BANG life support is off, or hull is breached, or your cat died. Something like that.
    And the ending was again stretched too much, just to create something difficult for the player, and delay the inevitable (which was using Cheat Engine to add ammo so that I never run out, frak the devs!). I kept finding credits, and stasis modules, and also those tiny microprocessors or power nodes, all of those being useless in the final level, where you don't have a store anymore to exchange them for money and then ammunition. Highly illogical and again a cheat from the AI/devs part.

    The only really positive side was the upgrade system for the armor, and maybe the environments.

    Also, this game is advertised as horror SF. It's not. It's just a bad SF, nothing horror besides some weird looking mutants.

    If you want a good SF horror, play DOOM 3 or any Alien versus Predator game. Hell, play Doom 1 and 2, they're a thousand times better than Dead Space. Another good option would be F.E.A.R. 1 and 2, which are really good in the horror shooter part. As for a good SF, try Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Star Wars Kotor or Mass Effect. They're not all shooters (the last two are RPGs), but they're much better. Just don't touch this thing, please, you will lose at least 9 hours in which you could have played Call of Duty.

    Yes, even Call of Duty, aka FIFA with guns (because it has a new instance each year) is better than this. And I haven't played Call of Duty since the 3rd Modern Warfare...
  58. Dec 20, 2012
    Probably the best game I've ever played! I love the storyline, I love the atmosphere, I love the "look" of it, the graphics, the sounds.... It simply doesn't get any better than this... That should only be if they made it in first person view :)
  59. Apr 1, 2014
    Poor pc port. Vsynch on makes it unplayable with lag and all, and Vsynch of gives a framerate so high that the game bugs down to the point where you cannot get through a door. Issues that are by all means possible to fix for yourself, but the very fact that the developers themselves shipped the game this way and didn't fix it it not acceptable.
  60. Apr 8, 2013
    I rate this game at 9.5; it excels in all categories. Although this game was released in '08, the graphics are amazing. This game is Alien (movie), Doom 3, and Resident Evil all wrapped into one.
  61. Jul 7, 2013
    One of the scariest games of all time! A must buy for every horror game fan out there!
    This is another classic example of what a survival horror game should be, the same goes with the pre-RE5 resident evil games. The Dead Space series also continues this along the way, even the 3d one is amazing. Also, if you are a PC gamer, don't worry about anything if you have a 120hz monitor, it fixes
    all the problems PC gamers are experiencing, just turn it up to 120hz. Expand
  62. May 12, 2013
    Very exciting game! Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire game! Then when the necromorph pops out you hop back in your seat. While losing your socks in the process just 1 problem, I wish they had multi-player on this one like on the 2nd one. (Well that's just kind of an opinion really) but anyways the sensitivity on here is ridiculous. I have to turn it down to the most possible it can go still it's not enough! Another problem is that it has so much memory required and so the audio cracks up here and there. Just minor problems but that doesn't mean I won't stop playing Expand
  63. Mar 31, 2014
    Let’s get straight to the point, Dead Space is NOT a good PC port. It suffers from all the symptoms: Low rez textures, Low FOV, frame cap at 30 fps (with v-sync on) and terrible….TERRIBLE controls.
    The Mouse and keyboard controls are half broken: The mouse in particular, if you enable v-sync the mouse will become extremely unresponsive and laggy. However, If you disable v-sync, and crank
    up the mouse sensitivity and mouse DPI to the max, you might end up with half usable controls, but the caveat is, a bit of screen tearing. But even if you do that, the mouse will still behave in a sluggish manner, especially when switching to aim mode.
    The keyboard controls aren’t better also, sometimes the game will dismiss key inputs for no apparent reason, and the keymaping is also badly conceived.
    In resume, if you don’t have a gamepad, prepare to die… a lot, especially on the Boss fights, or when the game decides to throw hordes of necromorfs, at you, from all sides!
    Don’t get me wrong, this game is NOT difficult, not even on hard mode, what makes it difficult is the terrible controls.
    The other thing about this game is that it’s not a real survival/horror game, It tries to, really hard actually, but the problem is, survival horror is not about jump scares, but about building tension, and playing with your expectation. And this game rarely does that successfully; it overuses jumps scares too much, it’s too predictable at times and a bit cheesy in the gore department, and in the survival department, let’s just say you will rarely die from lack of ammo or med packs.
    However, Visceral did one thing really well: the sound design.
    The Story, is a Cross between Aliens and Resident Evil, in other words, a System Shock clone but without SHODAN :-(. The Story is not bad, but it’s a bit too cliché for my taste.
    The game is also a bit buggy, for example if you play on hard mode and reload a save by pressing continue on the main menu, the game will reset the difficulty to medium.
    So, is it a bad game? In my opinion, If you approach it like an Action/Horror third person shooter game, HELL NO, just don’t play it with mouse and keyboard.
  64. Aug 21, 2013
    From the very beginning of the game, Dead Space is one giant thrill ride. The game play is fresh (killing stuff with mining equipment is just too cool) and some of the disturbing images will stay with you for a while. The horror aspect is top notch leaving the thought in your mind that you are never safe while giving the actual encounters a special degree of unpredictability. Graphics are great, controls work fine, but it does get a little tiring seeing the same sections of the ship over and over. Dead Space is a solid 8, maybe a 9 if the combat was a little better. Expand
  65. Jan 16, 2014
    **** impossible i walk into a room and all the sudden 6 **** alieans spawn and i have no ammo so i cant get past a certain mission this game is incredibly overrated and overhyped it is terrible. terrible gameplay terrible srry ass story seriously **** this game
  66. Dec 10, 2013
    The game is broken. Few hours into the game you will encouter a gamebreaker that is still not fixed so save your money for something else. That is if you manage at all to get that far cause the game glitches like crazy. Cant believe this kind of ***t can be even released at all but there you go. Stay. Away.
  67. Feb 9, 2014
    Not a fan of horror when the main focus of the aspect is random things popping up with ear-screeching music. Also not a fan of the shallowness of the main character. He could've been a robot with how cold his character was (except for the incredibly passionate foot stomp). The story? Eh. I started making up my own story. In mine, I was an alien exterminator hired to rid the ship of a pesky infestation with annoying clients that kept making me go above and beyond my duties with tasks they were to lazy to complete themselves. I know many love the game, but it's definitely not for me. Oh, and the port was horribly done, especially the keyboard and mouse controls. There were times where I had to hit the reload button several times to get the action going...even while standing around and doing absolutely nothing but hitting reload. Which brings me to another point, the reloading time (after dying) was horrendous! Made me play more carefully not because I wanted to avoid dying, but because I didn't want to wait for the full minute it takes to reload after. And yes, my computer goes above and beyond the requirements so certainly not the issue (many others have discussed this).

    Certainly better games out there that are worth 14-18 hours of time investment.
  68. Apr 23, 2014
    It's really hard to complain about a game that I got as a giveaway from Origin. Now I know why they are giving it away - it's a really bad console port. Aside from the horrible controls and mouse sensitivity, I got stuck at the 3rd door at the game because of a gamebreaking bug. Too bad, it just seems like a decent game if not for the downsides already pointed out. I won't bother wasting my time on it. Uninstalled. Expand
  69. May 28, 2011
    Your player move like Hulk Hogan, but also reminds me of the Jason from Friday the 13th. Chaos Legion theme alike. No leaning left or right, no crouching & jumping. 6 to 8 weapons to choose from. No military grenades, nothing like the game F.E.A.R. or Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Almost like half RPG, FPS & arcade like, no great war sim here. Far more enhanced inventory & map systems than the Resident Evil games, and it could buy and sells things with the ATM sized store. A bit scary but not too scary. It's the limited view angles close up to the back of the player stressed me or what has scared the hell out of other players, but once I learnt how to turning side to side in the door to get a pre-peek in the next room, it's no more stress, all I've to do is to sprint through the room to the next door & quickly looked back, should never stay too close to a wall, 'cos that limited even more viewing angles. Either the free-look speed is too fast or the gun's aim-look is too slow, either way I can't have both, I tried them with 2 mouse, 1 of them proved that the max look speed is about 50% too slow, as the other mouse is a real fast one & that make the look speed too fast and the shooting view just right. Pick-uppable inventory items on the ground has pop-up signs too big & too tall, blocking shooting-views from time to time when I stands near them, as most of them are near the walls. I wished the signs were made shorter and small just enough to tell me where the pick-uppable items are. The multiple items all in one place should be shown with small icons lining up the top of the HUD/screen like Windows' taskbar, each showing number of 1 to 9 & small icons, so to choose which item to pick-up it's to press the hot keys of like Shift + 1, they won't do that because this game originated from a console, & TV screens are too old & poor reso for smaller icons shown clearly on top of the screen. It's not worth the PC port as they don't want to put any more works into it. This game is rather short, replaying it is unlikely for me. The graphic is very good for a console game. I think they should be making a Windows than a game as they've put too much worked into the inventory and many extra capabilities of the play in the place where there should be leaning left/right, crouch and jump. Well, if you've played BF2, then you should know how much "MS Work" they've done for a game. Expand
  70. Jun 30, 2014
    This is a very good action packed game and quite scary at times. Great story, scary monsters, decent weapons, etc. However the controls weren't the best (console port) and the FOV sucked. Before playing the game, be sure to hack the FOV so it's not as nauseating.
  71. Jan 6, 2011
    This game is and will always be for a specific niche. I own it on the xbox and the PC (friends can be generous) I definitely think the console is the way to go just due to the use of 2 sticks rather then a mouse. however I have seen so many complaints about mouse lag, if you experience mouse lag you disable vsync. the game was made for the console but its still quite playable on the PC. many people will find the games psychological story to be much better then the horror side of it. games today have come to be dumbed down versions in not just controls but story as well. seeing that dead space has a rich lore and history was a nice fresh experience. most of the ships and characters armor are very gothic in styling, while weapons are all improvised from a mining ship. damn good game, scary credits Expand
  72. Aug 22, 2013
    Received Dead Space as part of the recent Humble Bundle sale. Sometimes in life you're hit with a good thing out of nowhere, and this is the case with Dead Space. It's a great mix between action, survival, and horror. The story is a bit cliche, but the atmosphere makes up for it, led by the visuals and sound cues. The game is very well optimized for PC, with one major flaw vsync locks the framerate to 30 fps. There is a workaround you must force vsync externally using your driver software or D3DOverrider if you want to use it and maintain 60 FPS. The mouse controlled very well in my limited time using it, with smooth movement and good sensitivity, but I elected to use a 360 controller instead. Very impressed overall... caused me to buy Dead Space 2. Expand
  73. May 8, 2011
    This game is neither good nor is it bad. It has some fun elements but allot of flaws. For being a Survival Horror TPS game it's not hard to survive (even on the hardest difficulty) and it's far from a Horror. Today's standard of horror is doom 3 and that is why all horror game suck in that matter. When playing through it I constantly ran and never got surprised since a game with bright lighted rooms and a BFG and monsters who can't take **** for beeting kinda takes away all horror. See it like this, I would be scared ****less if I was put in a cage with a starving lion without any means of defence. But if you put me in the same cage, put me in a Metal armor suit, hand me a mini-gun and heavily sedate the lion it's suddenly not scary anymore.... Dead space is the later example. The transition from Console to PC when it comes to controls are HORRID. Worst mouse movement I have ever encountered in a TPS game, apart from that it's a rather nice game in it's own way. I would not say it's a waste playing it. But borrow it from a friend of buy it cheap cause anything more then 5-10 $ and it's a bad deal. Expand
  74. May 9, 2011
    Dead Space is a fun horror scifi game where alien meets fear meets a bit of mass effect. While it does have some flaws there is plenty of fun to be had here. The PC port is rather bad comparatively. For all the users who have given the game a 0 or low score due to the established issues with this port (spinning camera, laggy mouse movement, Windows cursor appearing ingame) try using google and your brain. It would make me respect you more then watching the froth come out of your mouths. I am sorry you wasted your money but here is a secret... it's not wasted if you fix what's wrong. I had every one of those issues and solved them all with about 5 minutes of online research. That being said, yes... EA loses rep for such a bad port. But with everything working well the game is scary, fun, pretty to look at with all graphics cranked up to High, ambient occlusion turned on @ 1920 x 1200 rez. My PC is no beast and it handles this game extremely well.

    I am not a huge fan of horror games but I am enjoying the atmosphere and the gameplay very much. It says a lot when I turn the lights off and play in the dark when I sit down to run thru some Dead Space. You will have fun providing you can work through the aforementioned bugs in this PC port. It may not be fun to do but it's not hard either, take the time and you will be rewarded with a better experience then the console because, despite what people say... any fps game will be served much better by using a mouse/keyboard then a controller. Even this one, which is obviously riding the line with it's 3rd person view. Overall a good solid game experience. 1 point off for the bad port.
  75. May 12, 2012
    I'd start off by saying that Dead Space is nowhere near as scary as Penumbra or Amnesia, and neither is it as good of a third-person shooter as the likes of Mass Effect 2, but it's a pretty fun game nevertheless. The game takes place in outer space, on a derelict spaceship, where savage monsters have overrun it completely. The game definitely has some unexpected moments popping up every now and again and there is an intense atmosphere present, but I won't say that the game is over the top terrifying or anything. In fact it feels more like an action shooter than a horror game. Perhaps the thing that I liked the most about Dead Space is its very unique weapons which you use to kill the monsters with, weapons such as the Line Gun, that shoots a thin slice of energy to cut monsters' limbs off; the Ripper, that brings out a rapidly spinning saw disk to propel through anyone who comes too close; the Force Gun, that shoots a powerful close-ranged shockwave that knocks everything out of its way, and some others. The game also utilises some RPG elements, in that you get to pick up special power nodes throughout the missions and then you get to use the futuristic work bench to use these nodes to make your weapons and armor suit stronger. So I'd say these are the major strengths of the game - unique guns, some RPG elements, intense atmosphere. There is a bit of a story as well, but it sort of always stays on the background. Lastly I'll just mention that I came across two in-game bugs which forced me to have to reload from a previous save point, and that was only in a single playthrough and was sort of annoying. And another slightly annoying thing was that some of the puzzles were a bit too bland. From what I've heard, Dead Space 2 is supposed to be better, so I hope they've fixed some of this game's shortcomings. Expand
  76. Mar 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It'd been awhile since I'd re-visited the Ishimura and its (sadly) mostly dead crew. We landed, their were spooky scripted things and then the game lurched into a slow pattern of repeated onslaughts, puzzles, and a fairly in-cohesive, but functional storyline. You see, old Isaac our main character, is a bit of a fifth wheel on board this scifi-search'n'rescue-aliens-ripoff. In fact I was starting to think he was made as a joke by the development team as he's always running about killing hoards of zombie alien converted crew members, or repairing things that will conveniently only help you (or your mystery guests) for very short periods of time before possibly breaking again. Meanwhile I assume the folks that came with him are up telling ghost stories and drinking hot cocoa in a control room somewhere. Occasionally monitoring you on the cameras aboard the ship to check to see if you're actually still alive and continuing to fix things. Isaac's buddies are rather shifty from the get-go and its handled quite poorly throughout and rather disappointingly around the last hour or so of the game. Isaac's emotional love-interest is on board supposedly and is meant to tug at the heart strings of players, but even when most people didn't care about her existence. It provides very little pull for players and when we have no real connection to the world Isaac lives in, a frankly terrifying futuristic nightmare space land full of massive ships that punch entire holes into planets, it makes it even harder to care about what we're actually doing on this poorly designed and rather cramped ship. Of course something has gone wrong, yet they only send one engineer, a black guy and an incredibly suspicious and seemingly useless woman to go and check out this massive ship? Ridiculous plot aside, their is a lot missing from our adventure throughout the ship. Its probably actual suspense, tension or build up and payoff, since the only horrifying thing about the game is that you'll never run out of ammunition. It would seem the entire team forgot to make the game "actually" scary as well. Featuring jump scares such as: arrival in seemingly empty room with a few items inside or a particularly useful switch needed to progress, upon entry or press of said control panel, "ambush by aliens." It started to become irksome, and you were already buried in ammunition, credits, armor, and guns that could blow away just about any threat. Of course their are two portions of the game that are absolutely loathsome and almost stopped my replay when I remembered them. "The asteroid shoot out." Their is a portion that is so unintentionally difficult early on that almost makes me want to shut off the game and go find a nice woman to marry. I have no idea why its so difficult, only that it has something to do with patterns of rocks coming your way, the very little damage you can take before you lose, and the difficulty in actually aiming at the damn things. Of course who could forget the death sequences? I mean wow, just utterly disgusting and time consuming. "I get it. I died." I like how a game like Dead Space actually rubs it into your face when you die at any point. Obviously someone with actual humor must have been able to sneak this idea in. I'm sure no other game has ever done this ever. Dead Space is the culmination of a lot of things, ideas, generic science fiction writing, and dialogue as well. It is not original in many ways at all, save for the fact that it "functions" and at the end of the day that's what a lot of people liked about it. Was it scary? No. Was it challenging? Not particularly. Were the characters memorable? Nope. What about the plot was it worth holding out till the end of the game? If I was expecting EA to completely ruin an installment I would've waited for a few more games, which I did, and they did end up ruining the entire franchise incidentally. The plot is open and shut at the end of the first game. It hardly even needed a sequel, but one was made anyway. Their are far better games out there in the same vein as Dead Space. Like Resident Evil 4 and that was pretty good. Go play that again if you're bored. Expand
  77. Nov 15, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game...has great atmosphere that really sucks you into the game matrix, some interesting variability to the enemies, you have some choices as to weapons...the coolest thing about the game is that you are an engineer and part of the storyline is repairing this huge ship which you have to navigate in order to fix. The controls are a little wonky I will admit. Other than that, fantastic game. Expand
  78. May 29, 2014
    The most boring and slow start I've seen in a game like this. The controls and movement and story are so clunky and slow. The presentation, how the game starts, is alone appalling enough to stop me playing. Avoid unless you have incredible patience. Unless you're prepared to sift through some really boring gameplay (if you can call it that) and what seems to be a very poorly presented story, go ahead. But it's such a grind. I don't get how people have the patience to sit through such boring intros. Expand
  79. Jul 25, 2012
    I remember once saying that Amnesia The Dark Descent is probably the scariest horror game ever made; although I do admit that I hadn't actually played any other horror game before. Unfortunately for Dead Space fans, this game hasn't changed my mind. The game takes place in space and follows yet another emotion-less mute Issac Clarke. On a positive note, the game is very well put together and I'm sure gore-hounds will probably love the frequent dismemberment and violence. The combat is quite satisfying and the upgrade system feels fluid. However, being a console port, Dead Space is not well-optimised for the mouse & keyboard, with a weirdly floaty mouse and disjointed sensitivity. The biggest problem I have with Dead Space though, besides the controls, is that it's not even that scary: gory yes, plenty of it, but only the first 10 minutes were genuinely terrifying for me. Once you get your mittens on the weapons though, the game just becomes a series of action sequences with occasional padding and tedious repetition. The game just lacks any form of subtlety; the monsters will eagerly display themselves at every opportunity, bringing an orchestral jump every time they appear. Even after a glitch making the difficulty to jump from Easy (don't judge me) to Medium, the weapons are quite overpowered and the levels start to stretch themselves. So in conclusion, Dead Space is a Survival Horror game that slipped up over the whole horror aspect, so it's essentially just a survival action game. Just to be clear though, Dead Space is not a bad game at all; it looks great, sounds great and is still quite entertaining. A popcorn game I'd say, if you're looking for proper survival horror then Google "Slender"; if that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Expand
  80. Nov 1, 2012
    Im writing this review as of nov 1st 2012. From my experience, its a good game, fun, nice upgrade system. The only problem i have is that the first gun you get is pretty much the best for the rest of the game, for a fps fan this isnt cool....storys like a doom 3, characters are fine, voice overs are ok, nothing special. Its scary for the first 10 mins you play, untill you realize how easy it is to kill anything that comes your way. I played in normal difficulty, and it was quite easy, plenty of ammo, you should be upgraded fully by chaper 7 which doesnt take long aslong as you only upgrade 1 gun, the first gun, which is the best but otherwise, graphics were good, gameplay good (i hear people had problems with this pc port, i didnt so no comment on that) anyways, all in all it was a fun, was a well done game, id reccomend it to anyone who likes horror fps....The fact that the first gun u get is the best ( yes i tryed them all ) kinda ruined the fps factor for me, but it was still fun. Oh and some said the hude character in the screen blocks everything, its true for the first bit, but after a few hours you dont even pay attention to it and its a fps, atleast i thought so. Expand
  81. Sep 8, 2012
    Horrible port. When you start up the game you are immidiately greeted by a clunky main menu that is clearly not designed with PC players in mind. The controls and camera are just awful and the graphics are very average. The saving grace of this title is its superb story and unique gameplay elements. Dismembering enemies in order to kill them is a very fresh experience and the story kept me wanting to play to find out what happened next. Overall it's not very scary and the port job is quite bad, but if you're a fan of video game stories, then you should take a look at this game. Expand
  82. Dec 1, 2011
    Bought this on special from Steam, the graphics are really good, and the atmosphere and immersion are unreal, but unfortunately the otherwise decent gameplay is let let down by awkward controls as a result of a fairly average console port.

    My other major gripe is the game mechanic of using the same resource for upgrades as you use for health and ammo, since every time you play out an
    engagement less than perfectly it pretty much gimps your character for the future, and with the clunky controls this happens quite a bit. Add to this the fact that the savepoints are fairly far apart and it can make for a very frustrating experience. I'm just over halfway through it and the story seems very cliché and unoriginal so far. If you've already played through any of the Doom or Half Life series (or a dozen other games for that matter) there's nothing really new or interesting that this offers story wise.

    If you see this on special for XBOX or PS3 it might be worth a look at but I wouldn't recommend it for PC.
  83. Jan 7, 2012
    At first I hated it, but then I read on some forums to disable V-sync. Wow, that made a massive difference. Goodbye mouse lag. Overall was a fun game. Was satisfied with the length of it. The story was extremely linear and predictable. I didnt find it scary either. It was mostly just the music blaring when stuffed popped out. No real terror like Silent Hill or Amnesia. I really enjoyed the weapons. I would have liked Isaac, the main dude, to have a bit more of a character. He didnt really Overall: weak story, not scary, slightly clunky controls, awesome weapons and action, good graphics. Overall, above average, but not amazing. Oh, and would it have killed them to put in a quick turn ability! I hope Im not just a noob and never figured out how to do it. Expand
  84. Mar 4, 2014
    I can understand that the purpose of the 3rd person view is to make the game scarier. But to me it's a bad design decision because it badly affects the controls / vision and spoiles my whole experience of the game. That would be my number one problem with the game. Monsters are really scary and creepy. If you like scare jumps games you might like this one.
  85. May 9, 2012
    For me, although I got used to the controls (they are bad, I could not even change bindings), for me the more glaring problem is the tediousness in the middle section of the game as you go over the same route (or very very similar route) again and again after solving one plot objective, only to be told, oh no, now blah blah is broken so go back and fix that. It is redeemed by good graphics, nice feel, and I quite liked the end as well, so the story at the top level holds up well, just the detailed stories as objectives does not. Buy it for $10 or less, it's worth it for about 10 hours of play, similar to the first DOOM3 and RE games. Was enjoyable enough for me to want to play DS2 at any rate. Expand
  86. Mar 6, 2014
    Dead Space is something special. The overall game design is wonderful. The story is great. And the gameplay is incredibly unnerving, and that's what we need. I don't usually like to play 3d person sooter games, but Dead Space has really changed my mind.
  87. Apr 12, 2014
    Not sure what to really expect when I played the back in the day on the 360 console. A lot of titles tout the mantra of action survival horror but generally fail miserably. Well surprisingly DS actually delivered in the horror department. Very visceral and gory quite scary in places and oozes atmosphere. I actually felt death was lurking around every corner and the constant feeling of being stalked and hunted in tight small environments gave that awesome dreaded claustrophobic feeling. The amount of ways your character can die lead to so many WTF just happened OMG that was gross out scenarios. The good thing about this game is the new game+ feature carrying on suit, gadget and weapon upgrades too a new game. I beat this game on all the difficulty levels on both console and PC. Its not hard with the right planning and understanding what is most important to upgrade from the start. Like all games of this nature the first playthrough foraying into the unknown is the best experience. The replay factor comes from that it is also a very satisfying action game to replay time and time again ( the short turret mini game still sucks though ). Expand
  88. May 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 'This is not the best FPS horror game ever, but it does have nice atmosphere, weapons and shooting model and graphics. I probably won't forget the moment, when the first corpse surprisingly jumped at me. Sadly enough the scary moments get stereotypical and soon enough you will find yourself expecting most of them before they actually happen. Still, overall feeling of the game is nice and I had a pleasure playing it, which doesn't happen too often lately, at least not with new production.

    Just a note for people, who didn't play yet. You can actually destroy the green boxes on the ground, I have added new level of difficulty to my game by not knowing that leaving me short on ammo most of the game. I found it out pretty close to the end of game when I accidentally shot into one of those. =)
  89. Jun 22, 2012
    DeadSpace1 (PC Version) is a great game, not as good as DS2, because of the gaming control. Watching left and right is not as sensitive as up and down, I wasn't able to fix this. The "console" feeling doesn't matter at all. Overall you have an interesting story and many shocking events. If you like the movie "Event Horizon" you will love Dead Space!
  90. May 28, 2014
    The game itself has a good storyline, but is all in all badly executed. Pro: + Good and interesting storyline + Interesting upgrade system Cons: - Game is not dreading (like e.g. Outlast or Amnesia: The Dark Descent) and feeds off jumpscares entirely - Very linear and no options to explore - Save stations instead of "save wherever you want" - Clumsy controls - Third-person view is hindering instead of helpful

    Aside from that, the technical execution is a joke. My rig can run Crysis 3 on max settings, but starts choking on this thing as soon as lights start flashing. Come on!
    The bad controls are especially gamebreaking. It was impossible to play with mouse and keyboard, as the sensitivity is so extremely low, you can barely aim at an enemy. To be fair, it feels fairly playable with a gamepad, but still needs vast improvement.

    The clumsy controls really throw you out of the "feeling" of the game and you never really get into that scary mood like you may know from other horror titles like mentioned above. In addition, the whole game seemed to be more focused on being grotesque and "bloody" (e.g. baby aliens with tentacles cutting peoples heads off), than to induce a feeling of insecurity and dread. All in all is the scare-factor of Dead Space comparable to the "The Walking Dead"-game series.

    My recommendation: Play this game if you plan on playing the rest of the series (which are hopefully better), otherwise go for Outlast or Amnesia
  91. Oct 12, 2012
    Bad camera,environment and the game isn't scary at all,unless for a couple of scene where monster pop out from wall. only few models of weapon, you can modify them at the shop but it only increases dps. good thing is introduction with the cinematic,story and the last level; also boss fight is too easy.
  92. Dec 11, 2012
    Plays out like Resident Evil 4 in space but with more focus on horror and less QTEs. Scarce ammo, fantastic atmosphere from the amazing sound design & environmental effects, and the isolation & vastness of space fuel this modern survival horror adventure. The most impressive immersion element for me was how they handled the "HUD"; instead of on-screen indicators, your health bar and energy are on your back with ammo on your gun. The only problems with it are port issues (you need to disable v-sync to use a mouse properly), the funneled levels, and a general lack of difficulty. Expand
  93. Oct 4, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant game with great graphics even by 2013 standards and an amazing story as well as terrifying atmosphere. This game is a must have for any fan of horror games.

    Only thing stopping this from a 10 is the average console port of the control system and FOV.
  94. Jun 11, 2014
    It was a good game... right up until it became impossible to beat. I got stuck near the end of the game because I literally had no more ammo. There was no where for me to buy more nor did enemies drop enough in order for me to be able to kill them. It's a great game I just wish it was fair. I could beat it if it were a little more generous with the ammo drops and store prices. I want to beat it on a reasonable difficulty but it seems that there are only two: cupcake easy and supreme rage quit difficult. I can't even buy a new gun because even if I could I wouldn't have enough money to buy enough ammo for it and like I said before the game has an ammo drought. After about the 50th attempt at the same room I am done.

    On a different note, the graphics are good but the view is terrible and the sensitivity seems to have a mind of its own as with the difficulty. it is either constipated slow or like a chipmunk on crack. The story is good, some of the gameplay elements are cool, and the scares are great as well but that's about it as far as what's good about it.

    If you can beat or have beaten the game then I commend you and I hope you liked it. It just annoys me to no end that a game would be able to set itself up to a point where it can be impossible to beat. If the devs had any brains at all the game would at least allow for ammo to drop for the gun that I have and not useless crap that I can't even use. If I wanted to play a game that was so unforgiving then I would play Dark Souls because at least that game is designed with the difficulty in mind and is at least beatable.
  95. Aug 13, 2013
    Got it in for the steam sale, but been holding off to play it for a long time since im a wimp to scary LOL. but I give it a 9 after playing it for sometime now. I like the mysterious story behind it, never know whats coming next. Graphics are surprisingly good for this first game of the series. Only reason it's not a 10 is because the controls are a bit hard to get use to, like switching guns is always a dam hassle of getting the right one. Thats the only issue i really had. Really great game though. Expand
  96. Dec 22, 2012
    Really, really good. Dead Space. That's such a name, isn't it? The game, once opened up, has a very tense menu, then, the introduction is intense too, showing off beautiful shading, and polygonal detail. There are hundreds of models, from cables on the walls, benches and Pipes, to little paper cups, this game has the detail of a real architectural design. The sound design is fantastic, as you hear echoey chiming and something scratching in the walls, and the graphics are quite well shaded, but once a light gets too bright on a texture or something small, it looks... watercoloury... The game is intense, gut wrenching and addictive, however feeling slightly stiff. The game is only slightly short, but secrets make you play again and again. :D Smile! Expand
  97. Mar 17, 2014
    This game is and should be considered a masterpiece in the Survival Horror genre, Its got an amazing atmosphere that is captured well by the sound and style of the ship. The combat is unique and the graphics have stood the test of time! One of the best things in this game is the backstory, through out the game you pick up audio logs and text logs which explain what happened to the ships crew. There is only one error that I can find with this game and that error is that every weapon apart from your default weapon (Plasma Cutter) is useless!

    Everyone is saying this game is a super crappy PC port but the problems they explain are problems I did not run into, it has normal FPS controls and the mouse movement is easy to get used too, I guess the people complaining about the port controls have there own heads up there arses or there dirty console peasants.

    If you like Survival Horror games then you are going to really like this!
  98. Sep 22, 2013
    Wonderful game, nice storyline well write, fearful atmosphere very addictive. Realistic phisic and gravity effect. I Love this game except for the impossibility of rebind command but well worth the effort to change our habits binding preferences_ Nice worck guys of Visceral squad!
  99. Feb 3, 2013
    I usually don't like survival horror games like resident evil or silent hill but dead space was probably one of the most tense and enjoyable games I've played in a long time. It has such an amazing atmosphere that sucks you in with fantastic sound design which can scare you just as much as the horrifying monsters. The gun play is great as it limits you with scarce ammo but is rarely frustrating. The main problem that stops me from giving this game a nine or ten is that late in the game the game starts to lose its creepy atmosphere and starts to focus on combat which leads to some frustrations as fighting large groups is awkward. Overall though the game is insanely atmospheric and the world sucks you in and proceeds to frighten the crap out of you. I'd say this and its sequel are the best horror games on modern consoles possibly ever! Expand
  100. Feb 6, 2013
    The original and the best. Better than Dead Space 2 and 3. This is the scariest game in the series. The dark and gloomy atmosphere aboard a ship in space which has been overrun with infected creatures causes me to become stressed when I'm playing but in a good way. I had to scrounge around for ammo and medkits because resources are scarce. Great game still today. Highly recommended if you seek a game with a tense atmosphere, soundtrack and premise. 8/10 Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. This is a highly recommended game for science fiction and survival horror fans, with its claustrophobic atmosphere and horrible creatures.
  2. Overall, Dead Space is an extraordinary game with tons of shock value and action to whet any fan's appetite for some time, and with a campaign that lasts a steady 10-12 hours, that’s plenty of time to get lost aboard the Ishimura.
  3. Dead Space is a potentially great game that's hamstrung by an attempt to completely ape a console controller with a mouse and keyboard. [Dec 2008, p.58]