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  1. Aug 4, 2012
    The races in Death Rally are each only about 1 minute long, and there are only about 10 maps. Consequently, it's a VERY repetitive game. You usually have to do 3 to 5 races to get enough cash for an upgrade, and there are 5+ upgrades for every car, and 9 upgrades for each of the 6 weapons. Since you don't really get any objectives, completion is the only thing you can play for. That means you'll have to do several thousand of these 1 minute races.

    The game was fun to begin with, but 30 minutes later it was a repetitive snorefest. Don't get this game if you don't like grinding.
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  2. Aug 5, 2012
    As a big fan of the 1996 PC Death Rally game, I was very disappointed with this iteration. Transitioning from the old title, you will immediately notice:

    -The game plays at a much slower pace
    -Narrower tracks, -The camera is far closer to your car than before, hence you'll have trouble seeing upcoming turns
    -Just...bad car handling (even with an upgraded car. Even on a technical level, it won't let you turn+accelerate+shoot your secondary weapon at the same time. Instead you'll just go straight shooting and ram into a wall)
    -Very short races -No more pedestrians to run over
    -Your basic machine gun AUTO-SHOOTS? Now we are being noob friendly/streamlined?

    I regret buying this on sale and this game has hampered my view of Remedy. However, if you just stumbled upon this title and haven't played the original - drop everything you're doing now and go play it. It really is one of (if not) the best top down racer ever made.
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  3. Aug 5, 2012
    Imagine playing the original Death Rally and thinking the following:

    1) All these cars go too fast! They should all be slowed down.
    That boost bar is too complicated! Instead of a continuous boost, it should just be a few, discrete nitros that just make the car go a little faster for awhile. And you don't start the race with any.
    3) I die too much! The guns should do less damage.
    4) It's too hard to aim! The gun should auto-aim and auto-fire with unlimited ammo.
    5) Those secret weapons in the underground market are too expensive! You should just need to unlock them once and be able to use them in every race.
    6) I ran out of money and lost! They should give money even if you lose the race or get lapped, and repairing shouldn't cost as much.

    In short, this very casual remake of Death Rally. If the list above sounds like you, and that's what you want, then by all means, this might be the game for you.

    If you were looking for something with the challenge the original Death Rally offered, with fast, close races on the edge between destroying your opponents and being destroyed yourself then you may be disappointed. I was.
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