• Publisher: Biart
  • Release Date: Mar 1, 2012
User Score

Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 34 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 34
  2. Negative: 21 out of 34

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  1. Mar 23, 2012
    Like so many others, the conceit for this game was fascinating. Underwater open environments! New and interesting ways to fight in a dystopian, cyberpunkian future ruled by merciless corporations! Lots of other stuff that, at most, gets passing mention in this game and has no bearing on the gameplay whatsoever! Actually playing the game is the deepest (...hah.) of disappointments. Thrill at having trouble getting onto a half-submerged staircase! Marvel at the stiffest protagonist movement since Resident Evil 1! Experience the pulse-pounding irritation of trying to make the sloppy, broken aiming work! This game not only did not learn from the current generation of FPS games' mistakes, it's still not sure that the mistakes of the 90s were really something from which to learn. Did I give this game a fair try? No, not really. After about half an hour of already repetitive, narrow corridors, enemies so bland I'm still not sure whether there was more than one enemy character model, godawful broken shooting, and getting caught on boxes and corners while trying to run around, I gave up. Still, as the game is fairly pretty (except when it's actually moving or trying to do anything) and boasts mediocre voice acting to go with the atrocious script, as well as having at least attempted something novel, I feel that it has earned its 2. This would have been significantly higher, no doubt, had they opted for a novel, interesting concept which they had some sort of idea for using.
    This game is like neon underlighting for your toaster. It's a kinda neat, odd idea that looks cool for a little while then makes you regret spending your money on such an utter waste of technology.
  2. Apr 22, 2012
    Plus: A nice idea. Normal: normal modern/scifi settings. Bad: Clunky unagile movement, bad controls both above ground and below. Character cannot jump! A million invisible walls. Stupid enemies. Chest high walls. Cannot grouch unless in front of a afore mentioned chest high wall. A crappy crappy crappy console port. I'm sorry about offensive language, but the port is absolutely awful that I cannot stipulate it enough. I need to say that I usually play pc-end shooters an bought this just to see what the commotion was about. The port between a xb pad and mouse is so damn horrible that stay away! Expand
  3. Mar 26, 2012
    Colonel Velasco: "Watch your ass lieutenant."

    Lt. Pierce: "I'd rather watch yours, it's much nicer..".

    If Baird's rambling about lava emulsions had you yawning in GoW, then this is just one of the corker exchanges in store for you in Deep Black. It is not terribly difficult to trace this games' source inspirations, of course Red Ocean (2007) springs to mind - obviously the focus on H2O,
    deliciously convoluted dialogues and precisely one instance where the game suggests stealth and it is almost mirrored from the aforesaid game. But funnily enough, the most fundamental emulation is drawn from the TPS game-play of Vicious Cycle's Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. The similarity in the way both games play is uncanny, right down to the AI behaviour - some enemies hang behind cover, others wander into the open and some rush you. And just like Matt Hazard, melee is decidedly clumsy and if there are too many goons around it is real easy to get snuffed because of the awkward hand-to-hand mechanic. The chief difference between the two was in Matt Hazard it was possible to slide into & between cover. However, Deep Black is a game all about compromise, you are dealt a situation with a fairly rigid stream of events and it is up to you to come up with the best solution hopefully resulting in you being the last man standing before the next checkpoint....and believe me, Deep Black can be a real **** goddess with the checkpoint spacing. However, in essence, this is the beauty of the game, the lateral thinking involved - what combination of weapons work best? Maybe it would be wise to hold out on collecting that ammo stash, Should I use that turret or keep grinding from cover? Should I push forwards and try to douse the enemies with Grenades? Deep Black is a game that asks all these questions & rewards the thinking player. You know that old adage "fools rush in" this game lives by that credo, the cautious player is duly rewarded with steady progress. Even though the bulk of the proceedings is grinding through waves of hostiles on land, of course the proverbial hook is the under water sections - these look really fantastic to be honest, the rippling haze effects married with frothing lava pits aglow creates an interesting contrast, and the added depth perception simulation consolidates the complete effect. In these particular sections as well as dealing with frogmen there are also some rather pesky scout drones, some of which can be reprogrammed to fight on your side by means of a tethered harpoon hacking device. Also, the harpoon is used to open underwater gates and doors. All these procedures are done in the tutorial section of the game and are not deviated from throughout the campaign. In sum, Deep Black is a fairly accomplished arcade style shooter built around strict routines to be conquered and I still found it satisfying putting the finishing touches on 'X' boss or simply surviving the hordes, it almost harkens back to hardcore games from yesteryear like Contra, and I like that. Sure, Deep Black is an indie game so some quirks were an inevitability but honestly there was nothing too severe in my opinion. The production values are definitely above average of its type and I was genuinely surprised by the quality of the surround sound & music. Yeah okay, the games' story is for the birds, though I don't see the point in holding it up to scrutiny, and besides some of the one-liners are an absolute riot. So if you are looking for a simple, immaculate arcade TPS or just want to know more about Freudian torpedoes, I feel DBR is really worth considering taking the plunge. it is a bit of a marathon so I recommend taking it in smallish doses and you should be fine. Expand
  4. Apr 26, 2012
    like others: nice idea... BAD attempt. I have quite and returned 5 times since release trying desperately to get my money's worth and give this a fair chance... but.... Pros: ummm... none. graphics are 'o.k.' for a modern shooter Cons: antiquated combat predictable boring AI limited AI actions/responses... you will see/hear the same thing 100 times in the first hour... painful! quirky controls
    unmappable keys
    minimal menu options and dismal control scheme
    mediocre sound effects
    bad voice editing...actors are o.k. but it does NOT flow naturally.
    poor scripting
    terrible autosave checkpoints
    very very very very linear

    I got sucked into the 'hype' and paid the $29.99 pre-order... ouchie.
    this is the ONLY game i have purchased in the last 5 years that i have TOTAL and aboslute regret *sigh*
    this game MAY be worth $9.99 (to some)... but even 'free' most will never finish this 'disaster' called a video game.
  5. May 3, 2012
    The only thing that good on this game is how good the graphics were and yeah,its optimized and the water sequence impress me,but the bad is more than good things.First,the Enemies,why enemies is totally hard to kill? Did they using Double-Armor Plated thingy or from their arse? Even on Easy too....The A.I. is poorly developed,its totally sucks.The Melee Sequence gets over-and-over-and-over till you get bored.The gameplay is Clone Gears of War + Halo Grenade + Dead Space Suit + Hydrophobia Prophency Water Effects and the game itself TOO REPETITIVE! The Multiplayer sucks too.I`m starting to like this game when start playing this game,but after 1 Hour playing this game,i really hate it.If you tend to wasted $29.99 for a shetty games,this is for you.Boring,Repetitive,Clone Gears of War,sucks..... Expand
  6. Dec 21, 2012
    Why is it that games set in the ocean even when few and far between correlate so strongly with bad design? Hydrophobia: prophecy, Deadly Tide, and now Deep Black: Reloaded. I suppose I should have been warned LONG before I even made it to the register with this tome after all the game's unique selling point, right there on the front of the case was the fact that it 'supports nVidia's 3D technology!' But even after the install, I was leaning far, FAR back in my seat from the intro sequence when I was given a set of bullet points in lieu of an ACTUAL introduction. Then the dialogue started. Oh my god. No the voice acting isn't terrible, and no it's not as bad as sitting through Space Marine, but if there wasn't a 13 year old kid with ADHD and an obsession with burning things on the production staff of this game I will be surprised. There's the hispanic mission ops lady with the predictible accent and poor grasp of enlgish aphorisms, the over-testosteroned banter and deadpan delivery in the face of certain death and the enemies who not only spout the same three lines at you, that often make no sense: 'Unloading Grenade!' What grenade? The only truly immersing part of the dialogue is the assortment of 12 or more death screams... Yeah. When you put MOST of your effort into how people sound when their shattered bodies finally give out I'm gonna want to keep you away from the sharp things.
    Oh and when it comes to certain death... Oh god the gameplay! What the hell were they thinking? I've never been a fan of Third-Person Shooters but this one is capital B.A.D. BAD. You run about 15 degrees to starboard of where you shoot and zooming in just exacerbates this disparity, if it wasn't for the auto-regenerating health it would be an even bigger headache. Even the underwater movement feels clunky. And in a game suffused with chest-high walls, only SOME of them are useable as cover, generally in combat areas, but even still that's yet another black mark against this game. The even MORE annoying thing about this cover mechanic is that the cover key is context dependent. Pressed when you're not taking cover you will do a roll in the relevant direction you happen to be moving. Wouldn't be so bad if the roll actually DID something, you move a total of about three inches while being completely exposed to enemies all over the shop. Also, why is there no jump key? Chest-high walls aside, it would be SUPER handy to be able to vault over cover and jump the odd railing. But obviously this was removed from the game to cover for the level design which features MANY areas which a player with a jump key could easily fall into and not get out of (unless someone invented say, a ladder), and the game would lose about HALF of it's ridiculously short key-quest style stair lowering 'quests' which amount to crossing a single room while facing maybe three or less braindead AI enemies.

    That aside, with a proper amount of polish this game would actually be quite good, but the big problem is EVERYTHING needs polishing. The control system is half-finished, the level design--while it flows okay-- is still too simple and suffers from the aforementioned puzzle mechanic, the AI is boring, and predictible resembling space invaders more than current-gen shooters, and the weapons are bland, uninspired and look like they were picked out of Master Chief's weapons locker. The writing needs a lot more flesh on it before it can be called a story, and the truly sad part here is someone OBVIOUSLY had an idea, had a coherent sequence of ideas which did in fact resemble a chain of events and not just a few footnotes hastily scribbled on a whiteboard somewhere. Were it not for the fact that this game apparently has its own proprietary engine I would have said that Deep Black resembles an indie game done by a bunch of high-school kids, but the fact is that someone sank a lot of money into what amounts to a giant turd, and not a very polished one at that.
  7. May 1, 2012
    I agree with some of the reviewers--it's a fun and somewhat challenging shooter (at least for me). But the glitches and sloppy reactions to controls ruin the game and make it very annoying. Stay away from this one if you have problems with hypertension.
  8. Apr 17, 2012
    Deep Black: Reloaded for the PC doesn't bring much new to the TPS genre, but it certainly does it well. A lot of things interested me about this game; underwater combat, sci-fi setting, amazing graphics. Deep Black Reloaded, is a cover based, third-person shooter developed by Biart. This company seems to be very interested in all things underwater, as all of the games they have developed have this in common. They have developed their own engine called the Biengine, and it looks and plays quite well. The controls are quite responsive, the only gripe i had was you cannot go cover to cover. The graphics are amazing, and i saw no frame-rate issues or screen tearing. A very well optimized game. This game is worth the $20-25 price tag. Expand
  9. Jun 6, 2013
    I was fascinated by the premise of this game. Underwater combat sounds like fun with an endless amount of possibilities. This game do sadly not live up to those expectations in any way. The movements and aiming is to start with clunky at best. The cover mechanic doesn't always work, you cant run and the main character moves like a big cube of metal. You might wonder why it matters how you character moves on land considering that this game is focused on underwater combat.

    Well get that idea out of your head. This game is by no means focused on underwater combat. The water segments of the game is mostly used for you to get to land-area A from land-Area B. The game do now and then throw some underwater robots at you which triggers a repetitive and boring quicktime event which you basically cant fail at. The robots in question are also quite boring to say the least and i didn't encounter any interesting enemies in underwater which is a real shame.

    But i don't want i to appear like my biggest complaint about this game is the lack of rewarding underwater segments. It was naturally disappointing that the game didn't match my expectations but i tried to give the land-combat a fair chance. And it was awful.

    The fact that the controls were awkward wasn't a good start but there were a whole lot of other thing that dragged down the combat. The checkpoints were awful and all things cover related was a bit wunky. Which is quite bad when your whole combat is based around cover. Trying to throw a grenade from cover for example makes your character stand up straight and get shot to pieces while throwing.

    Combine that with boring enemies and weapons and you get a combat which only succeeds in making you snore and rage.

    The visuals are alright in the game. The visuals underwater do look pretty even though they are nothing out of the ordinary. On the land the game do look competent though a bit boring.

    Now i know that i have been extremely critical of this game which is based upon the face that i had a terrible time with it. I should however mention that i didn't finish the game and that it its completely possible that the game does a 180 degree turn. That does not however sound very likely.
  10. Aug 10, 2012
    Worst game I've ever had the misfortune of playing. I actually took the time to make an account JUST to help prevent people from buying this abomination of a game. The environments are bland and unimaginative. You'll be vomiting in misery and crying at the monotony of the environments you fight in. The underwater environments redeemed the game for me in this area SLIGHTLY. This was probably just because it was something different other than the usual hallways of blah you fight in.

    The AI is about as smart as a wet paper bag. Sure most cover based shooters are just a more advanced version of duck hunt, but this game takes that and steps it into overdrive. The story is a **** mess. They drop you into the game in a way that hints this game is a sequel to something... boy that's a scary thought isn't it? Through sheer willpower I was able to listen to the god awful voice actors, and pretty much the story is once again some evil group with unlimited resources is attempting to take over the world by developing some super weapon. This game is the worst thing to ever happen to video game history, and it should be forgotten as a sin of man.
  11. Mar 18, 2014
    wow..this game like a dead space :v but its still hard to finishing this game :v
    you can kill like a profesionnal killer :v how about graphic ? i think its good and gameplay of this game i think its great..but one.. BAD its no include parkour move for supporting defence .. nice game and i say thanks to developer :v
  12. Mar 31, 2014
    I liked very much this game since I was a child.It's some "different" compared with others new games,like AAA.The game,in general,is beauty and the history is good.The character have weapons interesting.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 20
  2. Negative: 13 out of 20
  1. May 14, 2012
    Deep Black: Reloaded features incredibly repetitive gameplay and broken, frustrating shooting. It's devoid of the smoothness in controls and exciting action that made the Gears of War series such a joy to play.
  2. May 11, 2012
    Deep Black: Reloaded shows potential that may never be reached. The proprietary engine shows some promise, and the underwater action isn't that bad compared to what other games try to do. However, the land-based gameplay is quite poor with pretty bad AI, and the hit system lacks consistency. Your hero lumbers around way too much to make the player feel powerful, the weapon variety isn't imaginative or useful, and the water mechanic isn't used for anything interesting. With nothing of value to bring to the table, there's little reason for anyone to pick up this game over other, better executed titles.
  3. May 4, 2012
    After Depth Hunter, Biart shows once again their ability to manage the underwater worlds. Deep Black Reloaded though, is a FPS that has many problems, but it could also be the starting point for more successful products.