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  1. Apr 10, 2013
    I really enjoyed the openness of this game, jumping from one quest to another while other people helping me take on some grotesque alien boss! It may take a little while to actually get into, but once you get in the action it becomes a great deal of fun. The only reason i was slightly dissapointed with the game was due to the awful patcher which reduced my download speed far beyond of it's usual rate. I think overall it took me 12 hours to download after 3 failed attempts. Expand
  2. Apr 11, 2013
    I bought three copies of this game for my friend, brother, and I and we were disappointed.

    First problem is getting this game to install on your pc. It will start downloading then it will stop with several "error" message causing you to re-download it over and over. Once you have final download it then the patch wouldn't start up. Second, this game has a lot of bugs. You'll lost weapons
    when you are trying to modding it, you might get the items you have buy with your game currency, some mission wouldn't start up causing you start and abort it to get it to work, and sometime I have to redo a mission because it didn't record my completion Third, it hard to chat with other players in this game. The chat window is on another window. If you open up your chat screen it will block your screen. Fourth, there several missions that you have play it solo. Fifth, every time you start a mission or travel away from your group members you will have to change "phase", which cause other group member to change phase as well. Six, the enemies AI is joke. You can simply walk behind them and shot them. Seventh, the missions are boring. Protect this area, kill this guy, run to point B... same old thing. Lastly, there's the lack of personalization. Everyone look the same. Same outfits and weapons.

    Do I think this game is bad? No, I think this game just need a lot of work. The story is OK for a typical sci-fi game. Hope the TV show is more enjoyable than this game.
  3. Apr 14, 2013
    PC Gamer said "A competent MMO shooter marred by a lack of polish, whose TV tie-in ambitions only seem set to cause problems. My question is, how can PC Lamer say this when the TV series has not started yet. I wouldn't listen to a magazine critic that scores base on how much advertisement a game company spends on them. The game it self is decent. Hard to say untill the TV series starts.
  4. May 5, 2013
    When I first played this game in beta I thought it was pretty fun. I also expected that there would be more content released with the full version. I was wrong. This game is lacking. There are essentially only 3 enemies to fight. The environment is pretty but gets boring very quickly. Questing is very tedious and redundant. There is no world immersion. It feels like a watered down co-op version of borderlands. I am really disappointed in Trion for releasing this mess. It's extremely linear and way too simple. There are only a few co-op maps to play as well. Honestly it feels like the game is missing 3/4 of content. If Trion thinks they can release a ton more content in DLCs and have me pay for it they must be insane. Expand
  5. May 13, 2013
    Defiance is an absolutely abysmal game. Sub-average graphics, repetitive game-play and a boring story line is underwhelming. I had high hopes for this game, and to be honest I really wanted to like it. But unfortunately I couldn't. Also, the game preforms like a piece of especially when you are in an area filled with other players. Overall Defiance is a terrible game. Recommendation: DO NOT BUY.
  6. Jun 28, 2013
    It has a engaging story with plentiful side missions. I feel as if there is not enough tie in to the show as advertised. It has an enormous map on the consoles, but on the PC it is very small for an MMORPG. The game has plenty bosses (Arkfalls) but they feel repetitive because it is the same boss constantly. PvP in the game is very underrated because there are varied maps, many weapons, and great gameplay. Expand
  7. Nov 11, 2013
    This is one of those games that did not live up to its full potential, it is fun,and for someone who is new to MMOs a great experience, but if you are an avid MMO player this might not be the best idea, but for 10$ this game is great.
  8. Aug 15, 2014
    Yes! This game is completely amazing with stunning graphics and such absorbing story line. I was amazed and i am addicted to it! Of course, the game is not perfect with such bugs and poor customer service, otherwise i would rate 10 for a such perfect game.
  9. Apr 17, 2013
    I've played MMO's since there were MMO's and each has different appeals. Defiance is a special gem, it gets the "fun" feel right. Yes, there are rough parts and its UI needs some definite love but frankly it's just so much fun. While some quests are simple there are others where you really benefit from thinking out your tactics and approach. The modding of weapons allows customization, your "Ego choices" allows you to affect your stats, and frankly it's just complicated enough without becoming unwieldy. I've never given a 10 to any game before, but I think this one has some serious legs to it. I'd strongly recommend folks give it a try if you like shooters in a science fiction setting! (No, I don't work for them!) Expand
  10. Jul 14, 2013
    This game is fantastic once you understand it. initially my impressions were mixed Defiance is a very easy game to just pick up and play for a bit. It is a fun and seemingly shallow game. If you play this game on your own and spend your time running around just chasing ark falls you will have a bit of fun but you will miss the point of the game entirely, and become quickly disenchanted. However if you spend some time with the game get into it a bit deeper suddenly you realize that there is a lot more to it. There are events scattered all across the map to participate in there are open world non ark fall non quest related encounters. The "Shadow War" PVP aspect of this game is intense and entertaining. There are the standard co-op instances to run with friends.. This game offers so much variety and with the TV show tie in episodes it has been nothing but entertainment from day 1. Expand
  11. Apr 8, 2013
    Playing over 23 hours so far on the PC version. Still having fun with plenty of variety of things to do. Make sure you do the Episode Missions with the characters from the TV show Nolan and Irisa. They are fun missions with some good rewards and you will be playing a part in one of the key early scenes of the TV show. The first 14 minutes of the TV show are already on YouTube and if you do the TV missions you'll see the early connections between the game and TV show. This whole concept is turning out to be pretty cool. It adds a whole other element to the game. It seems there will be new Episode Missions each week to keep things interesting in addition to the regular stuff. There is a huge variety of awesome weapons to use. The BMG weapons are awesome since they can drain life from more than one enemy and then you can use it to heal yourself. I started with a machinist so I could start with a rapid fire weapon. I picked the invisibility EGO power. It comes in handy when you need to sneak behind enemies to disable generators or just get a quick advantage when you're outnumbered. The vehicles are fun to drive, especially taking jumps off cliffs or bumps. Best combo of weapons so far is to have one sniper rifle and one automatic weapon. I got my BMG weapon from a tier 4 lockbox so it was worth the cost. Make sure to join Arkfalls when they pop up on your map. There are sometimes dozens of players running around in a nonstop action free for all battling monster bugs or mutants. It's fun having the MMO vibe with your friends helping you out as part of your group or just random people jumping into a battle that helps you out when you need it. It's a fun game and I can't wait for the TV show to start! Expand
  12. May 20, 2013
    GREAT GAME, this is not an MMO in the traditional sense. It's more like a gigantic third person SOCOM, or Borderlands. The leveling system is not your main incentive to play the game, the main incentive is the addictive gunplay, earning new weapons, customizing those weapons, fun missions, and buying new vehicles or unlocking new perks. Overall it's a fantastic game, that is WAY underrated and misunderstood. Expand
  13. Apr 22, 2013
    If you enjoy Borderlands 2 Co-op, and think that you might also enjoy a less polished, buggy version of the same, then you "might" enjoy Defiance. If you enjoy traditional MMOs, in any capacity, then quickly hide your wallet before Trion smells your money. What I like about the game: The shooting. Surprisingly the combat is actually pretty good. There is a decent variety of weapons, and I haven't noticed any bugs involving poor bullet pathing or anything like that.
    Rocket-boosting your vehicle over hills and watching yourself fly knowing there will be no damage or penalty in any way.
    Missile Launchers. I felt this one needed it's own good point; not sure why.
    Everyone gets their own loot and xp is given to anyone who participates in killing an NPC.

    The things I disliked/hated (get comfortable because this list is quite daunting):
    This is not an MMO. This is a Co-op that is awkwardly placed into a persistent world. In fact, I would say that the only aspect of this game that is utilized by an open-world environment is the driving, and even that doesn't NEED the persistent world and might even have benefited from an instanced, scripted event.
    The driving uses the god-aweful controls of A and D to turn instead of the mouse, and there is no way to change it. Needless to say, this is completely archaic and no one enjoys driving with keystrokes. To be clear, Borderlands driving Good. Defiance driving Clunky and unrealistic.
    The game is marketed by offering players the chance to get their hands on alien technology! Exciting! But wait.. you get that technology almost immediately in the game, and it is WORSE than the standard realism weaponry that you get in any other shooter. One weapon simply fills the gap of the fantasy "healing gun", while the other is decent in itself, but fails on the basis of being of limited use. Short answer, you will find yourself using standard Earth technology unless you insist on gimping yourself with their alien technology (this of course does not include the "alien" elemental versions of standard weapons).
    There are no "dungeons" or really any reason to ever invite someone to a group.
    The massive events that pop up are a faceroll. It is all very, very easy.
    The perk system gives off the impression of "uber customization" but in actuality there is very little true options. By selecting one core ability, it cuts off around half of the perks as viable options for your build (since they directly affect another core ability). Looking at the perks, it is very easy to see several possible "builds" in which you venture toward, but a lot of these builds are not actually viable in-game.. Most notably the Melee Build, in which you do very low damage and get eaten alive by pretty much every NPC you encounter, and the Medic Build in which you almost never find someone to revive because the game's difficulty is a joke.
    Lastly, I want to mention the game's use of character speech. Quite a lot of characters talk to you during the game, whether it be during a cut scene or yelling at you as you are doing a nearby mission.. but the one glaring problem is that your character NEVER.. EVER.. SPEAKS.. EVER! He (or she) just stands there like a mute idiot while other people have engaging conversations AT him (or her). (s)He doesn't even change facial expressions or anything. It is as though your character is completely unaware that other people are in the room, let alone talking directly to him.

    TL;DR If you want to spend $60 on something that truthfully should be F2P, then you are in the right place. For everyone else, keep waiting.
  14. Apr 6, 2013
    The story is dry and dead and the characters weak in every possible way.
    The geometry and texture work looks like it was made for a B-list game ten years ago.
    The general user interface is uninspired, cluttered, and barely navigable due to the color scheme.
    The camera is fixed at a tiny viewing angle of something like 45 degrees.
    The combat is slow, clunky, utterly lacking in feedback
    or pace.

    And this is only the beginning of the journey into the joyless, tepid hell that is defiance.

    Trash. Do not buy this game.
  15. Apr 3, 2013
    Game came out of nowhere, absolutely loving it. It's been a long time since I've felt this way about a game, but I can't put it down. I'm just so surprised how polished it looks from the menus to the game its self, it runs great even with 40-60 people fighting the BIG baddies. I definitely recommend it, but if you do get it, play more than 3 hours before you judge it, do some Co-op, PvP, and stuff like that to break up the single player stuff. I'm having a lot of fun with it and its definitely been worth my $60 thus far. It's a big game and there is a few bugs but its not a big deal, they will iron it out over time. Expand
  16. Apr 5, 2013
    I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I am in this game. It's like someone took a high school video game project and patched in some awful multiplayer code. It offers nothing new, the documentation is lacking, the gameplay is stale, the quests are boring.

    But there's one thing that blows my mind: it costs the same as a premium game, BUT IT'S STILL FREEMIUM. You read that
    right. A full-priced game, with the stupid freemium model built-in. Absolute BS. Expand
  17. Apr 2, 2013
    Defiance is everything that The Secret World SHOULD have been, with more. It has a compelling story with characters that evolve through-out the missions, giving them the feeling that you "know" them to some degree. The ability to drive around in cars, trucks, and quads gives the game an added fun factor with all of the cool things you can do with them (like crazy jumps and 360's).

    Arkfall system is very akin to Rift's in RIFT and award every player doing the missions there, without the need to be in a group. Even the main missions (quests), do not require you to be grouped to get credit, which is pretty awesome.

    There is so much to love about this game, that it is hard to list it all. It is worth trying for yourself.
  18. Jul 21, 2013
    Defiance is a 3rd person action-MMO (without a monthly fee) with Borderlands game-play mechanics wrapped around the Defiance TV series story, and I love it. Unfortunately, it also seems to be yet another example of MetaCritic review ridiculousness, which you can easily see by the massive swing in review scores. I play this game cooperatively with a friend, and we're able to join together as a group, easily keep track of each other in the game world, and can cooperatively complete instance quests. The main story is cohesive and enjoyable, the gear is vast and diverse, and the environments are beautiful. If you've been itching to try it but have been put off by the mixed reviews, and you like what I've described here, then give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  19. Jun 13, 2013
    The game is beautiful, I'm a fan of the Irathient but the options are lacking human and irathient only In an upcoming DLC that will change with the addition of the Casthithan race.

    I like the fact that it's not impossible for me a person who definitely doesn't play shooters for pick and run with. It's nice that everything is sorted out in your standard MMO quests and the arkfalls,
    Defiance's version of rifts, can be entertaining.

    This game will get a 10 from me if they fix the ingame chat, it's horrible and players have to resort to voicechat which is a big no no for me and provide episodic and lore content. They do have some ties-ins but it's not enough atm and instead are relying on speed challenges like car racing and shooting challenges as filler. Fix those and in my opinion, Defiance is a 100% winner.
  20. Apr 12, 2013
    Post apocalypse. Aliens. Modern day weaponry to super high tech alien weaponry. Weapon modification (statwise and visually). Awesome 'Mad Max' style chunky vehicles. Large selection of cosmetic outfits to earn. Fun storyline. Excellent atmosphere. Sandboxy world. Super hella fun gunfights! So much room to grow!

    Horizontal character progression ie: no grinding out levels to use that new
    awesome weapon you found, its already your level when you find it. Loot in the game is similiar to games like the Stalker series where a given weapon type doesnt do more damage as you level up instead it gets better as you mod it and earn character perks to further increase your combat efficiency not by doing more base damage, but by getting more rounds on target and into those critical hit spots! Finding the same named rifle at high level that you did at low level will not increase its base stats instead it has a higher chance to come with more or all mod slots unlocked already and is more likely to come with multiple built in bonuses and Synergies.

    Defiance takes some skill to play its not a 'select target, begin hotkey rotation' game. Its a reflex based thrid person shooter that is just plain old fun to play and the fact that you can play it with the rest of the world just makes it even cooler.

    Like just about any MMO game these days its got its share of bugs. Many are avoidable others can hit you without warning. Trion has a massive patch coming first of the week that addresses nearly all of these and more.

    My main character is nearly 1500 EGO level and I must say I cannot wait to see whats in store for this game down the road. I know some have found issue with the game from what I see its mainly that the game isnt what those folks expected it to be, which is disappointing Im sure, but it happens. Some folks say theres not enough content right now at release the thing is, this game is a sandbox theres no direction you have to go in if you dont want to. I can spend hours roaming around the world just doing whatever and its just plain FUN!

    If an energetic third person shooter with a post apocaplyptic landscape crawling with alien weirdness and memorable characters sounds good to you dont wait, pick up a copy!
  21. Apr 3, 2013
    This game is absolutely amazing. Trion Worlds did a fantastic job of making this MMO shooter have a nice single player feel and multiplayer feel. There is no need to party up with people unless you wish to. Also the storyline and the missions have some weight, and since some of the missions are phased you won't have to worry about having to do a mission all over again, or even having someone stealing your kill. You are rewarded for assisting your fellow ark hunters, as well all loot that drops is your own loot...not shared there is no fear of someone ninja looting.

    Overall the game is very beautiful to look at, and the shooting mechanics are dialed in quite nicely.

    No worry of cooldowns, or a GUI that you end up paying more attention to then the game. If you are looking for a nice shooter with RPG elements, with MMO to boot, then look no further than Defiance.

    Also I caught the 15 minute preview of the show and it looks really good.
  22. Apr 2, 2013
    A few hours in and I am glad to say I am pleasantly engrossed thus far, The massive co-op quests that are a constant in the world are my favorites thus far. I played beta on Xbox and I am now playing the PC version it is much better looking graphically, from a control stand point it seems it was made more console friendly. Overall I would say it is worth giving it a go.
  23. Apr 23, 2013
    This game is FUN to play. I am confused as to a lot of the 0-2 reviews. I think a lot of people played it for five minutes, got bored, and tossed it before the game got to the level where combat became challenging and interesting.

    The game starts out in "Easy" mode. This means the only enemies you run into are mutants that stand still and shoot at you. This is so those of us with less
    experience in shooters have a chance to learn the controls. If you keep playing, the game gets harder, and therefore more interesting. You have to consider how to approach a group of enemies. You can't always charge in, stand in one place, and shoot people. Now you have to take cover. Now you have to try to eliminate shielded enemies first. Now you try to snipe their heavy damage enemies first so you can then deal with the peons.

    This is an MMO. If you don't have the patience for server downtime and bugs, you MUST WAIT a few months before buying it. I waited two weeks, and by then the game now has almost no server downtime, I have no lag, and the game runs flawlessly. The few minor bugs I ran into are not game breaking, and I know they will fix them all in a future patch.

    The worst part of this game is the dialogue. It appears to be written by a seven year-old boy that just saw his first boobie. In one line, a character says "Who is this pretty girl and why is she mad at me?" Yes, there are hundreds of groan-worthy lines like this strewn throughout.

    The second problem I have with this game comes from the synergy the game has created with the TV show. It seems the story and info you run across in the game world are intentionally vague, generic and leave out details as to the lore of the world. They developers are worrying too much about treading on the TV show's toes to tell an interesting story which explains and shares the intricacies of this alien infested, war torn world. In future content, I really hope they get that out of the way and try to tell a deeper story that includes more depth into the characters and areas we explore. Right now it just feels like a big empty sandbox and the only people your mute character (good choice... I love playing a game where I get to watch other people talk and make decisions) run into have nothing interesting going on.

    My final problem with the game is the lack of information. Certain things seem to continue to go on unexplained. How do you unlock the coop missions? No one knows. It appears to be random at best. How do you modify your equipment? Just keep pressing buttons and you might figure it out. But, if you happen to have any of the equipment EQUIPPED, you will NEVER understand it, because it doesn't give you an error message telling you to first unequip the item before modifying it... Dear lord, do they WANT people to play the game? The only reason you would need to have it unequipped is because there is an arbitrary ten minute timer to add a mod slot to an item, during which you CAN NOT USE THE ITEM, and neither can you even use the weapon modding system during that ten minutes... This seems like a poor choice. Make me pay to add the slot, but don't stop me from playing the game to perform such an arbitrary task.

    Play the game for the combat. That's the fun part. Despite all the flaws, it is hella fun to ride around on my 4wheeler, killing aliens, and saving the world from mutant freaks.
  24. Apr 12, 2013
    The story line is engaging, the gameplay is fun, and the locations look nice. People keep in mind that the show hasn't started yet and that is the main source of our story content in-game. If you've finished the content available right now, you'll have more every single week. What Trion NEEDS to fix is the UI, chat system, and clan system. They must add more clan focused content, like real PVE progression and clan battles. They have said they'll add these things, but we don't know when. Give this game a chance, because it's good now and it will only get better from here on. Expand
  25. Apr 17, 2013
    Well, if you want to buy this, prepare yourself. it is not awesome. nor it is not so bad. but wish its money was a bit cheaper. i think it doesnt worth its current money. i paid and iam a bit disappointed.

    still, shooting mechanics are well done, physics are ok. sounds and visuals r good. if you can buy it cheaper it is a good game.
  26. Apr 17, 2013
    This game has quite a bit going for it: a unique world, large assortment of weapons, quite a few modifications for those weapons, and large variety of random encounters.

    Sadly, quite a few bugs mar this game, from patching to almost every aspect of playing. Errors during downloads of patches, random moments of getting disconnected, unable to enter instances properly (either not
    entering them or getting tossed into an instance with a full group), overpowered weapon/perk combos (shotgun stealth in PvP is still very common, even resulting in 1 shots after a nerf), nerfs to gains in currency, constant weapon reloading bugs, etc.

    Shooter fans can find quite a bit of gameplay that will outweigh the numerous bugs, but the average MMO or Sci-Fi fan may be turned off by the large issues. Until the dust settles, I can't give this game anything above a 6.
  27. Apr 3, 2013
    Mediocre 3rd person shooter with limited MMO content. The user interface is a blatant console port and is very awkward to use with the mouse and keyboard (chat system practically non-existent). The story is pretty forgettable and you will finish all the quests within a couple of days if you play a lot.

    I haven't been able to find any standout features in this game that would make me
    want to play it over the plethora of other MMO's on the market. Hopefully the show will be more interesting. Expand
  28. Apr 2, 2013
    Really is a very fast game very fun accesible and playable, very very fun played with friends, im enjoy it.dont a crysis graphics but dont necessary..... a great game for me. thanks for create trion!!
  29. Apr 6, 2013
    Pro's: Attractive world design, interesting story, good voice work, television show link
    Con's: Minimal repetitive content, badly designed social/chat system, heavily tilted toward very expensive cash shop purchases especially for a PvP game.

    A very rocky start marred by a stealth launch and a seemingly endless stream of issues, even for an MMO. Very expensive initial out of pocket as
    well for a title that will be routinely charging for episodic material. Suggest monitoring for a while to see if title stabilizes and if either it or the TV series survives. Expand
  30. Apr 3, 2013
    Having beta tested and played MMOs for close to a decade, alongside the obligatory 'A' Solo titles like Skyrim, Borderlands 1 and 2 DLCs, Far Cry series, all the Bioshocks I feel I can contribute a good sense and feel for Trion's Defiance.

    Any launch of an MMO has issues. Star Wars:The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, heck even World of Warcraft vanilla, were not perfect on day-1 of retail
    release. Either the launch or pre-order advance play launches were so packed, you couldn't log-on, or many of the difficult to reproduce beta bugs, exposed to 10,000x the players, actually did surface as major game play bugs and impeded enjoyment and playability. This is the nature of MMOs it's always a work in progress, and only get better with time. We can't compare this barely '1.0' title to an almost-nine year old WoW with about 100 person years of development time and tweaking or other similar titles. One must know, going in to a new MMO, that you're an investor and a pioneer. You are investing in a title that, in due time, will mature and improve. If you're not keen on this investment, then likely the best route for you is to continue to play the mature titles, and come back to this after several months of patches.

    I for one, am a believer, and an investor I gave some cold hard cash to support the developers, as I they have earned by trust and respect with their other fun and refined titles, such as Rift. I would be quite tickled if 'some other mmo' out there competed for my time and dedication, instead of sinking yet more hours, days and years into World of Warcraft.

    Sure, it's hard to re-invent the wheel; but why fix something that isn't broken. The wheel is fine, but we can work on better tires, better axles, better suspension, and rims. That is where I see Defiance, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, and other titles. They offer some changes and mix things up; Alright, so it's still all about the quests, and turn-ins, grinding and killing mobs, loot drops, money drops, and we buy and sell, but Defiance isn't trying to re-invent MMOs, they're offering some extra features that enhance the generic.

    I'm going to wait and see how future patches change, tweak, perfect it; meanwhile, I have no issues providing Trion some remuneration for their hard work, and motivate them to keep improving it. Much like SW:TOR a fairly horrid product initially, and it felt like a beta 4-months into Retail with no end-game content, but after a year and its f2p conversion and micro-transactions, it's actually pretty good now. Besides, WoW has micro-transactions, but they're tied into links from the Launcher app, to a web store portal.

    Microtransactions and free-to-play is likely the model to come for the foreseeable near-future; until another model surfaces. WoW is the Apple of the gaming world; they are bucking the trend and generating earnings where the other 90% of their respective industry does not and are operating at a loss. The wheel will likely be re-invented at some point; for anti-gravity hover pads or some such. For now, i'm pleased to be a part of the re-invention; and I like seeing what developers are coming up with, to buck the trend.
  31. Apr 4, 2013
    Starts out very fun, but quickly the combination of bugs (almost all of which are longstanding known issues), lack of any meaningful social features, lack of any expected MMO features, tiny game world and lack of content, extremely repetitive gameplay, utter lack of meaningful progression, easily glitched ranked missions, painfully bad UI, and a host of other issues quickly turn the experience sour.

    Once the new game smell wears off on this one, and honestly it isn't going to take long, things are going to get real ugly real fast.
  32. Apr 4, 2013
    innovative MMO in a LONG time, not just another stupid WoW clone. And the fact that it's tied in with the show and your character could end up being IN the show.....that's just neat as hell. Awesome weapons and vehicles also. Smooth gameplay and good graphics also.
  33. Apr 6, 2013
    I have been playing for a couple of days now and i have seemed to have finished the main story (which was fun i rate that a 8/10) BUT all that is left is repeatable quests and shadow wars (team pvp) to level to 5000 ego?! the game starts out pretty fun but QUICKLY becomes boring you basically do the same type of quests over and over and over.. hostage rescue..clear out enemies.. collect pieces of stuff etc etc.. and the icing on the cake is enemy A.I is really bad.. i feel really let down because it looked so good in previews that i even pre-ordered it Expand
  34. Apr 7, 2013
    Great ark fall scenarios with large groups participating, guns have a wide variety, FUN gunplay, interesting main quest line story, cool tie in "episode quests", multiplayer is nice (being higher level doesnt mean you'll be over powered) driving around is fun, anyone can jump in and help you with quests, their "dungeons" are pretty neat aswell with cool final bosses.

    Sidequests arent
    very interesting, graphics are par, and the mechanics are a little hard to learn at the beginning Expand
  35. Apr 7, 2013
    Well, yes it is a good game. In what means? The quests are put together in a very fast-paced manner. You have a lot to do, all the time. You are always playing multi-player, and you find yourself in a quest, together with other people WHO are fighting for the same cause. Players are not killing each other, the concept of the game is good, the graphics, especially the characters are very well drawn, but there are a lot of repetitions and the modifications of weapons (in which the game is very proud of) is not put together in a fun way. It is unnecessarily complicated. The AI of the villains is not bad, the inventory is a little too small for a game like this. But the story is good, the physics are average, the villains have better than average complexity, you do not really think that a huge price is not really worth paying for the game. For 29.99, it could be ok. Expand
  36. Apr 8, 2013
    Game-play is addictive MMO veteran since Everquest (shows my age). If you are bored of the current MMO's on the market and are looking for something fun and innovative this may be it. Innovative in the fact that this games Ties into the T.V. show. You have to show some love to Trion giving this a shot!

    The story has me hooked the game play is FUN. The driving and weapon mechanics are
    Great! The Tie in to the show and the free DLC you get after every episode will be the Ice breaker for me. There will be at least 5 Extra DLC's at around 9.99 each that we can purchase during the season as well but it will not be mandatory.

    I have seen way worse launch's but there are some issues- Big patch out on the 15th should address a-lot of these.

    Do yourself a favor and read about progression and game-play before jumping in. This game has a lot to offer that's not fully explained in the tutorial. you level up weapons talent trees and Reputation.

    the games social side is a little weak at the moment but does offer VOIP-- But the positive side is that there is no gold sellers spaming. The UI can use some work.

    Overall this game keeps me playing everyday and I look forward to seeing the T.V. shows Tie In every week. I have my EGO to 250 20 hours playing and see MUCH potential to this exciting game. Go in with an open mind and you may be surprised how much fun you are having! Hit me up in game.

  37. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is very good. Besides the fact of the server maintenance, but that has to happen in every mmo rpg. I think they nailed it on a mmorpg for consoles besides the pc.
  38. Apr 13, 2013
    Alright a few things first off this game doesn't deserve a 10 out of 10 but nor does it deserve anything lower than a 5 for any reasonable reviewer. Personally I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10, it's got an interesting story, the quests are normal for mmo's, people complain you run here do this and go back and do it for another quest, I'm sorry but I've yet to play an mmo that doesn't do that with it quests, there are only so many quest variations out there for mmo's so come on lol. The visuals aren't terrible but they aren't the best either, reasons for that are I believe they made the game to play on a wide variety of systems and pc setups. My biggest gripe with the game is you can tell the pc version is pretty much a port of the console version, but with that being said those things can be worked on and ironed out. The game isn't bad by any means and it does have the potential to get better. A lot of the issues people are complaining about can and I'm sure will be taken care of in time people cast aside a game too easily before it has a chance to really take off. While it's nowhere near the best game I've ever played I can see myself playing and enjoying the game for sometime to come. I look forward to checking out the show and seeing how the game and show really come together. Expand
  39. Apr 15, 2013
    Despite the terrible reviews most have laid down on us, I believe Defiance deserves more appreciation. It has done more than any game has previously, bringing a MMO to the two top consoles and PC. As we all know, MMO's have room to grow and improve in a single patch, which means more content and bug fixes as they see fit. I also believe that they knew the new upcoming TV show would not only back up the storyline of the game, but make it a whole different experience and suck you into the saga of Defiance. Expand
  40. Apr 16, 2013
    This game is going to deliver content in a way that no other game has. By tying directly into the TV show, weekly content updates will keep the game fresh from week to week. A lot of people are asking what the end game is, but the character of the plot is much different. This is not a Max Payne or a Half Life who's plots more resemble a movie from start to finish. Nor is it an open world free for all like WoW or Rift.

    Rather, this game is a slow trickle of unique content developed continuously and released weekly just like all your favorite television shows. People will be tuning in every Monday for the new missions and pursuits.

    Some people say this game tires easily and so far they're right. The driving force in the long game will become apparent once people begin to experience the weekly updates. The value of this game will continue to grow. 6 months from now, the amount of available content will be significantly higher than at launch.
  41. Apr 21, 2013
    I can't why people put so bad ratings to this game,It's a really good game with very good ideas.
    I just make my acount in metacritic to say this,obviusly the game can be improved if we talk about bugs,but who MMO doesn,t have any?
    I have been playing 3 days non stop,10 hours per day,and i can really say is something that other games cant make me do it.
    Whoever has give to the game less
    than 7,8 should try to play it with some friends,and the game will become in a 9,7 points game.

    The system of taking cover and even cover your partners while they activate a mission objetive is awesome!, worth it to play it.
  42. Apr 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Defiance is one of those trend setting games. It will set a precedent as the first MMO/TV show. A great GIMMICK, I've watched the TV show, I've played through the story and then some of the game. The show is far more enjoyable.

    I have spent over 40 hours in game, customizing guns, co-oping with friends, joined in a shadow war and some regular PvP as well as lots of arkfalls and of course completed the story mission. But I open up Defiance apprehensively every single time. Sometimes I'm disconnected from PvP 2 or 3 times and give up. Sometimes my weapons vanished while zoning into a co-op. And sometimes it was just asking myself how many ark-falls am I going to do before I get bored.

    Defiance at the start is exciting, I crash into a strange new area. Then about 2 hours in you decide everything looks the same, so lets try a co-op. 3 hours in you realize they retooled solo mission dungeons as co-op dungeons(and the rewards aren't very good). So one decides to try the challenges, and then you see someone's score of over 100k and decide okay let me try, and find its far harder than it should be to even get a reward like one of those bad carnival games. So then on to racing, then you notice your hands are on a keyboard and mouse and decide to pass(even on a controller they are not too are racing a time, like those ghost races in Mario Kart). So on to the story missions.....(you can finish them within about 7 hours)....done. Side quests and area quests are retooled story missions hooray! Go do this and collect or kill that. Now onto the bread and butter, ARKFALLS! Shoot EVERYTHING! You are presented with waves of enemies regardless if that's the objective or not and sometimes you go to several locations shooting the same stuff and then you find one big boss where you exploit weak spots and then destroy the summoned minions and then exploit weak spots...Rinse, repeat until dead. The ark falls are very interesting up until you do your fourth one (that is if you can find more than 1 or 2 in a row) when you decide well lemme do something else because i'm kinda tired of this guy whose got the grenade launcher that spawns more grenades on impact and I might have a seizure. Onto a shadow war! After an hour wait you spawn in to die by someone who has cloak and a double barrel shotty at your back. Re-spawn! Someone runs over you with a vehicle. Re-spawn! You spawn falling down with your shield gone and get sniped by someone on higher ground as you fall. Etc.

    You may be asking well what redeeming qualities does this game have. Defiance is extremely fun for the first 20 hours or so. After as such it is simply ALOT of the same content replayed and retooled. You think you can take it for longer seeing the same scenery, the same guns, the same mods for an extended period but you don't, nay can't. Let alone the lack of balance of weaponry, people say there are a lot of guns to mess with, this is true, but if the Light machine gun has a clip of 111 before you have to reload and does 416 damage per bullet give or take with a fire rate of 5-6 per second and the rocket launcher you need to reload after 2 rockets and each rocket does approximately 1200 damage per shot with a 6 second reload time, which will you choose? You say you are a sniper though and you only do sniping in shooters!? You do the same damage as a rocket launcher with 6-12 bullets in your clip. Do you see an issue?

    Now we come to the abilities. The abilities are unique and fun to use but once you maxed one out around level 350 with the perks you are set in using there is no more imagination. There is no point to go any further with the skills. You can make yourself a little more powerful with every 30 levels or so but it doesn't play a big enough part to matter. I'll dodge a firefight or a few bullets with decoy or cloak. Ill Initiate with some good damage with blur or overload. But other than that I don't see anyone going too much further with them.

    I give Defiance a 5 because it has elements of a great game, and you can start up do an ark-fall for 10 minutes and then get on with your day and still feel like you accomplished something in the game. The co-op rewards need to be improved, actually grouping with people for a reason is nice. Weapon balance will in turn balance out PvP. And as for the scenery, create some new venues Trion! Your game is great but it feels like it's extremely incomplete! ONLY the bay area while the show takes place in St. Louis? Does anyone else see a problem with this? Or how about more than 5 factions to fight because you have 7 races in the Votan collective PLUS humans. Some people might say hey what about DLC, but I remember the days when dev's would release a COMPLETED game before they would announce an expansion. Just saying. Worth 60-100 USD? NO! Worth getting into? Absolutely! But not right now.
  43. Apr 24, 2013
    The graphics could be better but I guess they could be considered good for a mmo. Before I started playing this game I was worried since it's my first mmo since World of Warcraft. WoW basically took over my life and became a part time job for me. Defiance has none of time killing traps that WoW is rife with. There are no mobs or mats to farm. No farming period really. You can play solo if you want. No dungeons to raid and no guildies to have to contend with over loot drops.

    The game is worth buying at full price I definitely think you will get your monies worth.
  44. Apr 24, 2013
    This MMOFPS has solid fundamentals: the progression system gives you lots of small rewards without letting players substitute time played and loot for skill, the shooting is as snappy as Borderlands and the vehicles have actual handling models and physics instead of just being speed boosts in disguise.

    If they can polish it up some and start releasing stronger content crossing over with
    the show (like the exclusive pre-show content available at launch), they might just have a winner here. Expand
  45. Apr 26, 2013
    I gave this an 8 its a fun entertaining game. Its funny to read reviews that blast it for graphics and voice acting, ha Borderlands was no visual gem either... Plot is very sci fi adventure, I love the idea of this game its very close to great.. its no 10 and thats because of the Perks and weapons lacking depth and or game changing ability... The missions dont feel like a grind untill you want to turn the game off then you realize your never standing around doing nothing. Im not a big MMO guy I hated WOW I played Guild wars for an hour and lost interest, this is not like those games at all... Its not some overly crammed game that requires your hourly attention and constant concern. Its for me a single player game online where other players are there but I just go thru the quests and have fun.. Driving my FLIPPEN 4 wheeler around!!! Expand
  46. Apr 28, 2013
    I have had alot of fun with this title, yes there are bugs but dev's seem to be acting very quickly to fix issues and also have removed quests/mini games cause of bugs within them and say why they did it. It's nice cause many other games leave those in. the launch had some serious issues but those seem to be long gone just a few quests/mini games that are still gone due to the devs fixing them.
  47. Apr 30, 2013
    best game that i have played in the time since i been gaming. The graphics are good. very good game play. story is good in the game. animations in the game is well done..
  48. May 6, 2013
    The game got off to a shaky start but it definitely redeemed it's self!. There were a lot of bugs to start but those are all now patched. The game has great ideas such as arkfalls. Arkfalls keep the entertainment aspect high. You could be driving to finish your quest then out of no where an arkfall lands, you rush to it to fend off hell bugs or to kill the mutants and destroy the crystal, afterwards you get some nice loot, money and xp. There's aspects of borderlands but with 1000's of players instead. It has a great leveling system. Unlike traditional MMO's you can level up your gun types, every time you level up a gun type you get 4 "levels" (EGO rating) But you can also get 10 levels every time you fill your xp bar up. There's a cap of currently 5000 so you'll always have a high level to achieve for a very long time. Expand
  49. May 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. complete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crap Expand
  50. May 12, 2013
    A lot of false reporting going on from people who don't understand how the game works. One person said the arkfalls are not even following lore, perhaps that person should take some time to read lore before mis-informing people on here.

    Bugs, sure there are some bugs, they are working on fixing them, you think they are just going to keep them in the game? Bugged pursuits you can contact
    a gm on live chat and have them fixed, I have 91/104 pursuits completed from season 1 so far, and all of the pursuits from episode content complete, so clearly these people are either lying or don't understand how to contact support.

    Some of reviews have stated theres not many rpg elements or player progression, that's just false. This is not a typical mmo where if you go kill the dragon 10+ times you will eventually get that awesome flaming greatsword of doom. You have to earn your improvements, little by little, you have to know what kind of synergys and mods go well with what weapons, and then combine those with certain powers and most importantly perks. Many don't seem to understand how to do this, which is why I can score upwards of 5 million damage at an arkfall while the second place guy only has 1 million. I have over 320 hours played and I still don't have all the perk slots unlocked, if you don't find perks important, then I guarantee your one of the many people who score well below me on arkfalls and co-ops because you don't understand how to use them.

    I could go on, but my point being, people played this game a few days, mabey a few weeks and then gave up, because they don't understand how things work (they think they do) or they say there is a "lack of content". I have over 320 hours played at this point and I am alarmed at the announcement of the first dlc content(not release date), as I was hoping to finish with everything from the core game before any dlc came "lack of content"...yeah..sure....says the people who are less than 2k EGO, no where near half the pursuits completed, and probably have a rather poor arsenal at there disposal (because all the guns are the

    The tv-tie in is going to increase as both the show and game progress, 2 of the main characters were already in the game, and we have another character crossing over very shortly. For those who thought they were going to be able to alter the show by playing the game...well....really? You think they would leave a show that costs millions of dollars to produce in the hands of video game players? No, the show will effect the game, not the other way around.

    Many of the "issues" people currently have are being addressed via patches and dlc. The game is growing, rapidly, 5 dlc's are scheduled for this year. Each of them comes with a $10 dollar price tag, or you can buy all 5 in advance for $40 and receive a few in game perks. Each dlc also comes with a free component in order to not alienate the player base, if you buy the dlc and your friend does not, he can still play the content with you, but he will not receive certain rewards and items associated with that dlc.

    Essentially you have a free to play mmo, with lots of free dlc on the way, as well as new content added weekly that is guessed Check it out for yourself, listening to people who probably have not even beat the boss is not the way to go.
  51. Jul 17, 2013
    Pros: Gameplay, Co-op, Story and Episode missions, Post-Apocalyptic setting.
    Cons: Arkfall events becomes a bit dull after a time, Graphics, no Defiance town (no cities at all in fact).

    At first I was reluctant to try Defiance because of the critics, but I decided to check it anyway and I'm glad I did.
    I have played a lot of MMos in the past, Daoc, AO, WoW, GW, to name a few but
    Defiance feels really unique compared to them thanks to his Fps/Tps gameplay, it's really a refreshing change. It feels like a bit like Borderland gameplay wise (not as good of course but still good).

    The game world is large enough and there's a lot of things to do. (side missions, races,...)
    Arkfall events becomes a bit dull after a while, they're similar to the events in GW2.
    The story is really good though, with good voice-over and all. The Co-op missions are quite fun too. (they're like Dungeons)

    The game is set in San Fransisco bay and not in St Louis (Where the city of Defiance is) Which is a weird choice, but I hope we'll be able to visit Defiance in future DLC's, If they are as good as the original content, I think I'll be playing this game for a while.

    I would recommend this game to those who like Borderland-like gameplay and to the Fallout fans (like me) who enjoy exploring a post-apocalyptic world.
  52. Aug 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game can't be decreed simply. Rather by a complex formula of reviewing. The game is great on pc playing arkfalls make e feel the community is good and each person is striving to be better than the others but at the same time willing to drop by lending a helpful hand. Second it is actually rewarding to play PVP for this game for strictly co-op people like myself for bonus exp ego levels and pursuit reards such as cool echelon uniforms. However i will say character customization was console biased because of the fact some players clearly stuck to the defaults. Also i will say the game can be glitchy but not drastically. And said glitches can be resolved simply waiting moving your shooting or jumping. Characters are either good or mediocre for example this girl who wanted revenge is so angry she hates the world except her room mate. Then there is the good ones like John cooper who started ot as a okay guy just irritated at the people who constantly call him when a raider walks through there yard stealing their chickens. Who then ttys to save the world by helping you get the ark core and thne hating Von Bach for making him see his friends die then later killing of one of his own friends. Then their is ego who i think has Bi polar disorders and/ or split personality syndrome because first she is concerned about you living then she is showing signs of insanity when i killed some 99ers and then says "do they have any spare parts i could use a upgrade" or on the co-op mission explosions 101 after the echelon girl gets shot through the temple and you the ark hunter have to set up the explosive she says "sweet! i was hoping we would get our hands on these things lets blow some stuff up!" only to later say "I'd prefer to see the explosion at a distance." This actually made me question my character not because he is listening to everybody in hopes of retiring to Antarctica but rather because there methods are strange kill everybody hack the system and all that but the show no remorse or enjoyment. either they are emotionless or the save it for the emotes you use to say thank you to player. However though the biggest reason people flip out about this game is it is repetitive. I find no problem in a game being repetitive as long as it is fun. Besides if you hate a game on repetitive then what about call of duty. Specifically older ones with only one or two different section using vehicles in such or rather in halo where everything is kill stuff use vehicles to kill stuff and the two good kill the scarab missions where your on foot. So if you hate a game based on that then why note most shooters? where there is only different level that is so memorable. However the areas look the same except the ones you have to care about they look good like the docks and the smeltery. in short the game is fun even if you find yourself alone in the corner of this huge world all you got to do to find other people summon your good looking vehicle and drive to the nearest and biggest ark fall and gang up on hell bugs. or rather get your Friends this game play through it help them level up and smash the biggest baddy you can find and loot the great weapons and look like a genuine bad ass along the way. Expand
  53. Aug 20, 2013
    So far for me it's a great game. the story and gameplay has certainly captured me and i love the way you automatically help each other on missions if you are in the mission area together.
    no more waiting for your turn to complete a mission.
    And the idea that the games story and environment will change according to what happens in the tv-series is an innovative twist that only helps to
    make the game that much more exciting. Expand
  54. Aug 31, 2014
    Finished all the main quests today, as it appears theres nothing else left other than grinding same stuff over again, and with how dissapointing pvp turned out to be its time to move on. Its shame this game is such a mess as the world based on series is a great concept, and overall idea is nice.

    - cool idea to mix mmo with a series and add new quests related to it as the show
    - visuals are okay, nothing amazing though
    - quite big map and it was fun to explore it
    - some nice weapon ideas
    - quest cinematics were quite well done (at least for the first half of it)

    - very limited options, game looks and behaves like a bad console port
    - if you havent watched the series, main quest makes little sense
    - most of the costumes you get look very similiar
    - the amount of bugs is pretty crazy considering game is over year old (models going invisible, random lag spikes/crashes - game doesnt even pop an error for about 10 mins, making you run arround when you are disconnected, vehicles dissapearing sometimes while you mount them, crosshair disspearing and going console mode (no crosshair and auto aim) randomly, theres propably more, thats all I remembered
    - half way through main quests they have diffrent voice actors, with HUGE decrease in quality both in acting and actual audio quality that sounds like home made recording
    - quests are very repetitive, basically only 4-5 variants of mission over and over, either bring something, go somewhere or kill few waves of enemies
    - theres no storage for your characters
    - skills are mostly passives, with only 4 actives to choose from, can only use one
    - a lot of game content locked behind dlc paywall
    - co-op instances and missions were incredibly boring, just waves after waves until you get to boss
    - no classes
    - only 2 pvp modes
    - the pvp in the game is horrible mess, it looks like alpha state. Theres a ton of glitches, wallhackers, aimbots, and apparently dev doesnt care about making a proper anti cheat or even banning hackers, most basic stuff using cheat engine seems to work, ppl using blatant speed hacks and dmg hacks. Then comes the problem with weapons, the only viable ones are sniper rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns and infectors, funnily enough except the sniper all of those require little to no aiming, aoe weapons hitting as hard or harder than single target ones. You either use the glitches and the overpowered weapons or you gimp yourself
    - felt more like single player game for the most part

    Play it only if you enjoyed the series and want nostalgia ride, otherwise stay away. You can get about 20-30 hours doing only main quests, but to be honest I quite regret doing even that, at it was plain dissapointing for the majority of it.
  55. Jul 11, 2014
    This game is pretty fun only if you have some friends to play with it seems. I had a group of three i played with and had a hell of a time. The plot is crap, but it really doesn't matter to me because i had so much fun just finding the best guns that i could use. Its a great game, i logged about 90 hours without any of the DLC so that shows how engaged i was.

    TL;DR Good if you have
    friends, plot was bad Expand
  56. Jul 28, 2013
    This game I played from the beginning and deserves a low rating. People who exploited the game we congratulated by the company for what they did. They promised things like what you do in the game will affect the show and the show will affect the game which they now say will happen later like Aliens:CM tricked people. They cannot fix issues that have plagued the game since the beginning and the DLC promised in the first month still hasn't shown up even though it is now almost 5 months later with no confirmed date of release. Hacks are many in this game since they used a 32bit security systems for systems that can use 64-bit hacks that the 32-bit could not see like gun damage. The game has been on sale so many times each month because they need to try and keep some sort of following. The game goes on sale for 20 dollars all the time. The PVP is unbalanced since a snipers line of sight is too small so people exploit it by coming into peoples range, shoot, and then run back 2 feet so they cannot be shot at themselves. Don't listen to the people that say it is great when at an extremely low level like 250 EGO since they haven't played past the starting area. I have played it through twice and the second time is quick because you can only do the main missions and all the secondary missions are not available. Not worth your time unless they do major fixes and apologize to people that were told lies. Expand
  57. Apr 21, 2013
    I have tried "traditional" MMOs before, which tend to be firmly in the RPG realm, and they have virtually all failed to grab me and keep me playing. Defiance is not like these. Defiance is much more skill-based. There are no true classes, unless you choose to specialize in a particular weapon or fighting style, in which case it might be called a user-created class. Anyone can use any weapon and this I think is primarily what I enjoy the most about Defiance: it enables you to make your own choices much more so than any other MMO I've experienced.

    There is still leveling up and unlocking new skills but this is focused mainly around weapon proficiency, and the skills are mostly passive except for the main 4. Everyone can, over time, also have access to all of the skills.

    All of the combat is very skill based. You must actually take aim at enemies weak points if you are to succeed. No attack button mashing here to blindly swing your ax.

    The vehicles and getting around in them are all awesome and just plain fun. In fact the whole game is just plain fun.

    The last thing that really got me into the game was the fact that it does not require a subscription fee. There is real-money credits in-game, but they are not at all necessary. Anything that you can only get with real money is purely cosmetic for your character.

    Now go get Defiance!
  58. Apr 11, 2013
    Engaging story, if you don't skip through it all like I know some do. Quests are go here, defend this, grab this, etc. typical MMO style missions. Still very very fun. If you like third person shooters this is certainly worth a try. Very fun, blew by 8 hours without even noticing. Some of the action kills you find yourself doing gives you a feeling of being very badass. All in all, Trion does a great job of balancing shooter with MMO. Expand
  59. Apr 6, 2013
    The UI in this game is the biggest problem. If they were to fix the UI and have real weapon progression/character progression they would probably have a hit on their hands. There are no levels in this game, just an EGO rating. If you log in as a new character and pvp against someone who has played 100 hours you basically are equal strength. Their excuse is that if they had actual levels they would have to separate us in pvp and pve, not a good excuse, every other MMo does it. I don't want a game that does not reward progression. Don't buy this game if you think its an MMO because it is not. Expand
  60. Apr 19, 2013
    Firstly.... I wanted to give this game a 8 as I feel that there is room for improvement, however because of people just throwing 1's and 0's out there I feel I want to help get this title to where it should be in the ratings. While maybe not the typical MMO or 3PS that everyone is used to this game can be a great time and I think people need to give it a go. I have no regrets about my purchase and love the fact that I can log in for an hour and feel like I accomplished something. The graphics while needing more customization for the PC user they still seem to be quite pleasing. The sound track is also above average and I have been playing with the in game music since launch. Some of the quests do get repeatable and variety could be enhanced but that is something they can address future content updates. Group Instances have been a blast and PVP is good times! Trion has had excellent community updates in regards to just about everything and I haven't seen feedback like this from any other company in recent years, maybe a rocky start but things are feeling a lot better with each passing day. Furthermore this is a one time purchase with no monthly subscription so if you cant dedicate your every waking moment to gaming this could be for you. I did watch the Defiance TV season premier and it was decent nothing to get excited about yet!!

    I miss the old review types so I am adding my own =)

    Presentation 8
    Graphics 8
    Gameplay 8
    Sound 8
    Lasting Appeal 8

    Overall 8

    Too many opinions, not enough people sticking to facts
  61. Apr 25, 2013
    The game is unpolished, buggy, gameplay is fun at times, but unimaginative. None of this kills the game. That is done by the repetition and a system that doesn't keep you wanting to flesh our your character. After 20 hours, you will have done anything there is to do in this world multiple times. That is pretty normal for an MMO, where defiance differs is its Loot/leveling system, which is veryshallow and I'm hesitant to say it even has one. You can easily get to the end of the game with the same guns you had at the beginning, this is because the stats on a higher level weapon is exactly the same as that of a lower level weapon. In the end, you may be tempted like I was. I bought this game and wanted to love it. I have 20 hours logged(for many gamers 20 hours for a game like this is a laughable amount), before I saw this game for what it is, a rushed, shoddily put together money grab exploiting the first game of its kind. Save your money for now and wait it out, by the time the price goes down, maybe it will be a game of comparable quality to some other games out right now. As is, even if it were free, you could do better. To Trion and Syfy, you could of had a contender, instead its just a bum, which is what it is... Expand
  62. Apr 14, 2013
    Anything that is tied to SyFy starts me out skeptical. I wanted to have high hopes for this title when I first heard the concept. When I heard that it was Trion developing it, I wanted to believe that it could be as good as Rift is. The end result was that when I initially got my hands on it (Beta 3), I was expecting very little. Thankfully, I was surprised by what I got.

    After the beta
    ended, I couldn't help but find myself wanting to play it more. And I have a host of other MMOs that I'm currently enthralled with. So when it went live, I went ahead and picked it up. I've watched the trailers for both the game and the show and I must say that I'm impressed... so far.

    That being said, I'm enjoying the gameplay, if not the story as well. It's a setting that both appeals to me and has been vastly under-served thus far. I like it. At least give it a shot before you dog it. It might just be your thing, too!
  63. Apr 12, 2013
    I am giving Defiance a 10 only to counteract the negative reviews that have been posted here, it should be about an 8.

    While it is not perfect, Defiance is subject to an incredible ignorance. I cannot speak for the PS3 or 360 version of the game but I know for a fact that the PC version goes very unappreciated. I have read several reviews that do not detail the Competitive, Co-op, or
    Shadow War aspect of the game. I have been in so few competitive matches that do not result in a very close game due to balancing, constant scores of 24-25, 49-50 and even 1490-1500 or 1990-2000.

    Unfortunately there is a very shared opinion about the game being incomplete, the game is not incomplete in the slightest but its suffering from its concept of future planning. Defiance has delivered us a base for whats to come. Trion instead decided not to give it to us all at once, especially since the plan is to coincide with the show which people seem to miss. Every MMO is built on giving us content through patches and/or expansions.

    The gameplay is extremely similar to Borderlands, which personally I believe should not have a rating higher than this game(mind you Borderlands, not Borderlands 2.). Defiance demonstrates many similar features of Borderlands and then some.

    For those strongly considering buying the game the things you need to know is that the gameplay you will come to enjoy is like Borderlands for the main story and side missions, even challenges like Saints Row. There is also a very balanced and challenging competitive multiplayer.
  64. Apr 5, 2013
    The entire game boils down to mediocre at best, which makes it really not worth the price in my book. The ui is atrocious. It is super wonky and just feels bad on a mouse and keyboard and has no ability to customize. Weapon balance is all over the place, and with how drops work how powerful you are is based more on luck than skill. Graphics are a mixed bag, some effects are cool, but the texture quality is really poor and some decent AA would have gone a really long way. The "storyline" missions do not make any sense. You get to meet the main characters from the show in the opening cut scene, then as you run into them half the time they act like they just met you, not to mention it sets it up pretty early that even though you are some random guy off the street and they just plugged a computer in your head and still have not been trained how to use it you just happen to be worth squads of well trained marines. The game is fun, but very much not worth full price, especially when they are selling the advantages they are in the cash shop. Expand
  65. Apr 4, 2013
    Feels like Borderlands, without the Crazy Humour, the sick amount of loot, and little to nothing thought goes into your build.
    The setting is interesting but it's clearly made more for a TV show than a game. Haven't tested balance yet up to lvl 4000 might be nigh unkillable for normal players if it continues to scale like it does the first 400 levels.
  66. Apr 3, 2013
    Exciting Story, Fun Characters and a great new take on MMO games. It's not so much of an RPG, but it does have the elements needed to mimic one. I've been playing since the First stages of Beta and throughout the process of becoming full retail, Trion listens to their customers and feedback given.

    This game has a strong community and a stronger Development Team behind it and I cannot
    wait for the future of this game and what it brings to the table for Innovation and creativity.

    It's got a few flaws, but they're features that are going to be implemented or I have yet to get high enough to see more (Only gotten to 250).
    - Character Outfits could be worked on, more outfits or drops that could be rare.
    - PvP doesn't work for me, but it works for everyone else i play with, must be some sort of Port i need to forward or something that needs to be patched. I played it in beta and I thought it was really fun.
    - Hard to tell if the area we start at is the only area in the game or not, Not saying it's small, it isn't especially with so many players on at the same time, but having a larger outlook on how the world looks in more than just the California would be extremely neat.
  67. Apr 2, 2013
    One of the rare MMO's that actually grips you in the story, flawless launch so far which you never see in mmos ever. Nice customization, weapons, loving the vehicles.
  68. Apr 10, 2013
    This is one of the best mmos out at the moment i know that's not saying much but its fun got good shooting and just all round a good fun game i wish there was customization at the start like hair Armour color etc but i think its a great game
  69. Apr 3, 2013
    A pretty fun Third-person shooter with fun element, the ark fall event in the game break the standard questing. Graphics could have been better but when an ark fall happen with 100 players at the same time it pretty clear that the reason why the graphic are not top notch is because most computer would not handle it. The gun customization is fun and the game doesn't seems like a rush to max lvl like most online.

    The racing event with vehicle are pretty fun and break the shooting with a different gameplay the challenge with a specific gun with ammo are fun.

    I can't wait to see what will happen every week with the show.
  70. Apr 2, 2013
    Très bon jeu. Rien de très innovateur, la l'exception de l'univers dans lequel on nous plonge qui est, tout même très intéressant. Cependant, le gameplay est solide et les cartes du monde sont immenses. Bref, jusqu'à maintenant, j'aime beaucoup
    J'ai très hâte de voir le "show" qui y est attaché.
  71. Apr 2, 2013
    Defiance is a game/TV series tie-in with a deal between Trion Worlds and the Syfy channel. The game is set in a futuristic post apocalyptic Earth. The player is an Ark Hunter who has survived a starship crash. An Ark Hunter is a specialist in survival, combat and tracking. The players aim is to salvage arktech and use it in their goal of protect the Earth from the creatures created by a failed terra-forming of Earth.

    Defiance gives a completely fresh and new to the MMO-Shooter genre in the fact that it focuses primarily on Player versus Environment (PvE) content. There is a large amount of content that the player is able to experience within Defiance, in a very large open world environment. Their dynamic content is extremely fun to play, using the RIFT content and twisting it to fit this new environment. The ground breaking link between game and TV show is a very interesting idea and it will be great to see how this progresses.

    I feel that the overall gameplay of Defiance is extremely polished and fun to play. It makes it easy for someone who is used to MMO’s who doesn’t normally play shooters feel right at home. MMO’s are my favoured genre and I found it easy to get in to and enjoy Defiance, not typically being a shooter player. This could be due to the simple and easy to follow tutorial in the game.

    However, there are certain shooter features which are sorely lacking in Defiance, prominent ones being the lack of a prone option, as well as no active cover options, like hugging and popping out from behind a wall. Addition of one or both of these would be a valuable addition to the game and could make the game play even more interesting. Furthermore, I personally dislike the camera view, I have never been fond of the ‘over the shoulder’ camera as to me it makes aiming feel wrong, and doesn’t seem like you are really aiming as the character, I would feel more comfortable with a true third person camera angle, from behind the character, or first person. The UI also feels rather clunky and less than intuitive on PC, having clearly been built primarily with consoles in mind.

    The fact that Defiance is being released on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will allow for people of both the MMO and shooter fan bases all coming together in a single game. Though, of course, these platforms will all be playing separate from one another. I would expect that the consoles will see more of the shooter fan base, and as such more Player versus Player (PvP) action. However, on PC I would expect that the game will be played more by the MMO fan base, and as such I would think that the PvP experience would be a little sparser.

    Having said that, Defiance has two options available to aid with initiating PvP, there is the typical small scale instanced battles that MMO players will be well attuned with, as well as a large open world PvP option known as the shadow war. The shadow war allows players to fight one another and claim control of territory, the more people who join the battle, the larger the area of combat becomes. Also, as more people join the shadow war more vehicles become available for use, some of which will include weaponry to aid in combating your adversaries. This could be an extremely fun way to play PvP and fight against your fellow players, rather than alongside them.

    I feel that Defiance is a great game and should at least be given a chance by both the MMO players and shooter players out there. It really is revolutionary to the genre, linking the game in with a TV show and all of the dynamic content available. It is also very refreshing to see an MMO-Shooter which focuses on PvE rather than PvP. I look forward to seeing how this progresses, and whether both the game and TV show will be able to endure together.
  72. Apr 2, 2013
    Most innovative MMO in a LONG time, not just another stupid WoW clone. And the fact that it's tied in with the show and your character could end up being IN the show.....that's just neat as hell. Awesome weapons and vehicles also. Smooth gameplay and good graphics also.
  73. Apr 2, 2013
    Everything Tabula Rasa should have been. An immersive MMO with tight shooting mechanics and compelling missions. There is a lot of game here, and it's a blast!
  74. Apr 2, 2013
    The game is not the best game out there. But you can have lots of fun with it. I really like how you can play with many other people at once, but I haven't yet found anyone with some spare time to talk. I do hope we can create parties, which I am not sure whether we can or cannot.
    The game menu isn't very good, though. The information we need aren't there. The voice acting is quite bad,
    specially because the characters mouth barely moves while they are talking. Expand
  75. Apr 2, 2013
    If you've been waiting for a new and refreshing MMO experience, look no further, TRION Games has done it again.

    Background: long-time WoW player (4-5 years); played RIFT for about 5 months; SWTOR for about 4 months; TSW for about 1 month. Too many others to list. TL;DR: I have vast experience when it comes to MMO and would consider myself a hardcore player (30 hrs+ per week).

    simply going to go over what I feel are the most important factors that people look for in an MMO:
    1. Gameplay: the hitboxes are accurate. Not 100% accurate but if I'm aiming for a headshot with the sniper rifle/AR/shotgun (yep, shotgun), it registers the hit accurately. This was my biggest fear that TRION developed an MMOFPS where the FPS part would be horrible. How does it feel? Well, imagine the accuracy of Gears of Wars 2 and 3 weapons with even more accurate hitboxes when you're landing hits. Basically, skill does matter in Defiance and you're simply not required to press 1, 2, 3, E, A or whatever to get your combos off since you're not restricted by the cooldowns of the skills you place on your hotbar. It's a very solid experience all in all and I'm very happy that the game, at the very least, is functional in the MMO department.

    2. RPG-elements: a question that still remains on everyone's lip is "does this game have the typical depth expected of a good/great MMORPG?" Surprinsingly enough, it *seems* like it. Now, I want to emphasize on the "seem" a bit: I played the game for about 12 hours now and I've only maxed out three "skills" (one which increases your critical damage when you're crouched, another which increases the damage you do against monsters who are rushing towards you, and another that increases drops when I perform critical kills) which you then assign into "perks" slots. Take the perks that you'd find in your typical over-the-shoulder third-person shooter, sprinkle a bit of RPG-flavored stats on them, and voila, you've created enough depth to give me at least a solid month of playtime. And when I say solid month, I'm expecting to be playing this game 4-6 hours on a daily basis and even longer on weekends. Before you start the game, you're given the choice of 4 powers that will be assigned to your 1 key: Cloak (makes you invisible); decoy; run faster and deal more melee damage; and, last but not least, an ability that increases your shooting damage by 10%+ for a few seconds.

    You will be inquired to pick a power during the tutorial but the "EGO" perks are designed in such a way that you should be able to unlock all skills (although you can only use one at a time) after a few months of playtime. In terms of gearing up, you'll have access to a primary and secondary weapon slot as well as the possibility to spawn a vehicle wherever you want (even in some indoor areas surprisingly), put on armor, and a grenade. You can add mods to your weapons such as recoil reduction, increased crit dmg, and the standard stuff. Ultimately, the possibility for in-depth gearing up is there and the weapon selection so far is enormous.

    3. Longevity: I mentioned the game's longevity during the RPG-elements section and I'm confident that this game will provide me a solid month's of game time at the minimum. For a casual player, a "solid month" would provide easily minimum 2 months of gameplay. There's a lot to go through and explore. And if you live in the Bay Area like I do, it's very refreshing to "explore" the game world which is closely integral to real-word Bay Area.

    Conclusion: last night was the first time in an MMO that I was able to cover my friend in "real-time." We weren't "in combat;" monsters were popping left and right like a shooter; my friend had to dash across a parking lot to turn off an alarm and from a windowsill, I was providing sniper fire which allowed him to make it through the parking lot and complete the quest. This was the FIRST TIME I experience a "real-time" quest with dynamic monsters that created a refreshing experience.

    Defiance borrows heavily from GoW, Borderlands, Rift, and traditional MMO elements. TRION successfully fused all these elements together and have provided a very, very solid game in return.

    If you're still on the fence after reading my review, answer the following questions with a 'yes' or 'no;' if you answered 'yes' to more than two questions, honestly, just do yourself a favor and go buy the game (also no monthly subscription is required which is a huge plus): do you like Borderlands 1 or 2? Do you like Gears of War 1/2/3? Do you like Rift/WoW/The Secret World/Guild Wars 2? Do you like crisp/accurate shooters with hitboxes that register correctly?
  76. Apr 2, 2013
    This game may look like a MMO Borderlands, but do not be fooled. Defiance offers very little when it comes to the MMO spectrum. I had so many issues with this game i dont even know where to begin.

    From the start you are treated with some terrible visuals and pretty lame voice acting. Then comes the quests, which are run here do that. The game wasnt engaging or gripping in the least.

    If you are looking for a story, then maybe just maybe you might find enjoyment in this game. If your looking for good game play features on the other hand i wouldn't even give this a second look. Truelly a let down.

    Over all just another MMO to brush under the table
  77. Apr 2, 2013
    I can not find a bad thing to say about this game. It is Borderlands meets Guild Wars 2, both games I had 100+ hour love affairs with. The weapons and fighting mechanics feel over the top but believable for the world. It is addicting like a Diablo, or WoW. It's cut scenes are nothing special as for a shooter but for an MMO they are unmatched. Bottom line is if you are a fan of Borderlands or Guild Wars 2 this is a must buy. If you are a an of both, clear out your calendar. Expand
  78. Apr 3, 2013
    Big world, engaging story, unique mixed-media connection to the TV series. Character customization is lacking hopefully a future patch will address that. Variety of weapons and equipment is excellent. Game has depth. Very fun to play.
  79. Apr 5, 2013
    Pretty nice MMO! Don't listen to the naysayers. I'm by no way a fanboy and I can tell you this game rocks! A few flaw here and there but it's normal and Trion is fast for patching. Give it a try, you will not regret it. Unless you want a WoW clone.
  80. Apr 3, 2013
    Has room for improvement but i love where they are taking the genre. I love the action feel like my first 8 hours was non stop action and i couldnt put it down!
  81. Apr 3, 2013
    Easily a 10/10 game.
    Takes some concepts from other MMO's and makes them all shine. I expected another generic MMO but what I got was a game with genuine 3rd Person shooter features, A great story and good controls. I'd recommend it to anyone. Huge open world with vehicles, gun customization and many other great things.
  82. Apr 3, 2013
    I'm having a blast. I am looking forward to how the series on Syfy will integrate with the game. The battles are fun. Driving around exploring is fun too. I really hope the game does well.
  83. Apr 4, 2013
    Defiance is an MMO that is based on the t.v show also named Defiance. In the game, you play as an ark hunter who's role is to salvage arkteck from arkfalls. Arkfalls are random events that happen across the map, very similar to the rifts in the game rift. Defiance also features a campaign with voice acting (hit and miss) and cut scenes.

    Graphics- Compared to other mmos defiance isn't
    making any leaps in graphical fidelity. However, it runs well maxed out a radeon hd 6770 1gb. from my 15+ hours of game play I noticed very very few graphical errors. Overall, I think they could have pushed the details of the pc version a little further, but its not a big concern.

    Sound- Some gun sounds sound a little pop gun-ish. Also there have been a couple sound errors where it would keep playing the fight music long after Ive finished fighting.

    Bugs- So far in my 15 hours of playing the only bug Ive encountered was getting stuck twice. There is no unstuck command but logout/login fixes it. Other than that Ive only noticed a few animation hitches.

    Support- Don't worry that because its multiplatform it'll only get 3 patches a year. So far, there have been 3 patches since Tuesday to fix up a few bugs.

    Microtransactions- Yep, the normal deal, lockboxes(which are really easy to get with in-game currency), xp-boosts, cosmetics, vehicles, inventory slots.

    Subscription- nope, 1 time purchase. Buy and play like guild wars.

    interface and controls- Well, this game has an great map features including waypoints that highlight the shortest route. the rest of the interface is very easy to get a grasp on. Another thing to comment on is the native controller support, Its a big deal to some.

    Gunplay- Defiance does not share the same combat mechanics of a traditional mmo( tab to lock on, press 2,3,5, and 2 again, enemy dead yay) instead, Defiance shares many similarities to third person shooters. you shoot people or mutants in the head for criticals, and hellbugs have a variety of weakspots to exploit.

    Gun Progression-Guns in defiance are very cool, and there are 1000's. The more you use a type of weapon (ie shotgun or pistol) the better your character is with that weapon type. ranking up a weapon type gives you flat bonuses to crit damage, recoil reduction, etc. Also, there is a synergy bar for each individual gun that gives you additional bonuses to that weapon. Another feature in defiance is the ability to mod your gun with attachments. the different attachments are stock, magazine, barrel, and scope. Keep in mind some weapons can only have the stock and barrel modded, while some might only let the magazine get modded.

    Character progression. Your EGO or Environmental guardian online alters your DNA to make you fight better. Basically you kill things=xp, missions =xp and so on. you get ego points from xp and this are used to either enhance your active ability (overcharge, blur, cloak, or decoy) or to invest some points in a heaping load of passive sub skills. you can only have a certain amount of passive skills equipped at a time, kind of like the secret world but not really.

    Arkfall events, Holy cow- Random events happen in defiance called arkfalls. this is when ark teck falls from the sky from all the space debris in orbit or something. Anyway its not instanced and anyone can jump in and help at any time. which is insane. its not uncommon to see 60-70 people at one arkfall boss.

    Shadow war- Epic scale (64v64) pvp. only tried it once and it seemed to be a 20 v 20 unbalanced capture the point mode. it was alright.

    Missions- sadly, This is where Defiance is lacking. the missions even though voiced can feel repetitive, especially the side missions.

    Im running out of space so I have to skip a bunch.

    All in all, I would recommend this game to loot junkies, mmo players, and team players. If you're looking for a great single player experience go play the witcher series (If you haven't you should be beaten)

    8/10 for bringing a straight up shooter to the mmo genre. It has potential.
  84. Apr 3, 2013
    While a few new concepts have been added to the gaming world, this game is not much to look at if one looks past the few shallow reviews left here by passersby. Let's start from the beginning, as i played rift before this game, and thoroughly enjoyed it's concepts and content, i expected something above average for this game, but that is not what i received upon being invited to the Alpha. Yet, then i went one to try to help with solving bugs and giving suggestions content wise, and that all went unanswered due to lack of fixes or simple neglect of the Alpha community, which made apparent that the dev has really given up or simply put down the project, and for this reason, i believe the game has no real value in terms of maturing over time, as the crew seems to have a different agenda then that of rift. It also seemed to be a rushed product, due to it's lack graphic wise and content wise, as the voice acting seemed so rushed and placed that it literally sounds if they almost didn't even do it in studio, and that's not even the worst audio, as the charger was changed multiple times due to the quality of recordings they received from dodge, which also shows how much they were willing to give up to their preteen associated sponsors such as axe and etc.
    All this and i haven't even touched on the combat yet. As i said before, the game seemed rushed, and content wise shows so. The end game is non-existent, along with a viable progression system. Oh yes, i just remembered that, the progression system is linear, so no matter what level your weapon is, or what rarity (e.g. a green/uncommon, will be exactly the same as an orange/legendary, except for one little bonus effect that might or might not be what you need/want) they will be almost exactly the same, this amplified by the gimmicky perk tree that was constantly debuffed due to complaints of extremely unbalanced and unviable pvp that was dominated by rocket launching bunny hoppers (is still plagued by this if you must know), and is now so shallow that you feel as if you wasted that 10 hours getting +50 ego rating from some ridiculous broken "achievement" (which they call pursuits) that gave you them because you already ran so many congruent/exactly the same arkfalls that became so tedious you just had to force yourself to do something different. Also, if you want to say the arkfalls are akin to the rift system in rift, then your completely wrong. This "exciting" and "replayable" system has so little variance that, in alpha, people just plain stopped doing them, due to both their tediousness, and their lack of a legitimate award. Also, on a side note, if your hoping for an expansive vehicle system, their are only 7 variants of vehicles aside from colors, of which none are customizable at the least.
    Oh, and to further make this mess worse, the reason they don't give legitimate rewards to you is so that they can make you pay for that weapon you desperately want. For example, to even be able to get a legendary/orange weapon (extremely low chance that makes me want to cry due to their linear progression) you need to get a t4 lockbox that will cost 64 arkfall keys, and you will most likely only make 4 from a major, that will likely take anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on how many people know what they are doing. This results in you needing to grind these arkfalls for around 8 hours to even get one, they will probably not even have what you want. So by using this 8 hour grind time obstacle, they made it possible to simply by them with your real hard earned money. Oh, and if you want one of the actually good looking outfits, you probably going to have to pay 10 dollars for that too, because you can't even earn them in game.
    And to top all this off, they have had months to fix that unintuitive UI they try to push on their PC gamers that resulted when they were too damn lazy to change it from the console counterparts of this game. In fact, the entire alpha gave up on the topic due to their lack of communication regarding the issue. Such issues were brought up several times, but always ignored, like most of the bugs.
    So all in all, i just wanted to save you from this worthless game that has reduced my respect for Trion Worlds 10 fold by telling how this rushed mess is lacking in every aspect, and that you should look farther than that fluff those positive reviews give you and see the cold hard truth about this game before you waste that coveted 60 dollars of yours.
  85. Apr 3, 2013
    When Borderlands meets Planetside 2 with a little of the traditional MMO thrown in as well for good measure you get Defiance. I can't give this game a 10 because there are some problems, notably the chat issues and PC's clunky UI but apart from that it's great refreshing fun. There's a very heavy Borderlands feel with the PvE. PvP is new, there's the traditional games you're used to from shooters but added into the mix is Shadow Wars which allows you to fight 48 vs 48 to control points on the map, the same map everyone else is busy fighting PvE (don't worry you don't have to take part) this creates an interesting element as NPCs interact the same to PvP players as they do PvE, you may find a boss helping you defend a point.

    Overall Defiance is a new and interesting MMO with great potential to expand it's universe. We've yet to see how the game actually ties in with the TV show but it's something to look forward to and enjoy with the game.
  86. Apr 3, 2013
    Mediocre-at-best shooter with too many glaring flaws to keep a player engaged. The potential was there, but the execution was halfhearted: terrible voice acting, no real character customization to speak of, controls that are so far from intuitive it's almost a joke, and the same grindy quests over and over. Not to mention the lack of a viable chat system.

    There are worse ways to kill an
    hour here and there, but not at this price. Expand
  87. Apr 4, 2013
    Defiance is for the shooter/adventure crowd, and its just so happens its a MMO as well. If this game was without the depth of an MMO it would be a 5/10. No crafting system but that's cool, since all I want to do is kill mobs and get loot. The atmosphere reminds me of Age of Conan not as good but close, the game play is very close to Gears of War but watered down to give you a more MMO experience but very addictive. The story is of a RPG caliber, engrossing and fresh.

    The character customization leaves much to be desired. Voice acting needs work, graphics and sound needs polish, with all its cons Defiance will be sorted with nurture patches and I am glad I've bought and now playing this marvel of a game.

    I became so tired of the standard MMORPGs currently available, Defiance is a most welcome change, now just to try and have my friends join in on the action.

    Most importantly its fun and addictive.
  88. Apr 4, 2013
    Mhh It was too good to be true. After 2 Days of playing this Game, i have no more fun. The game menu is horrible. Graphics are good for the Unreal 3 Engine. The game is played through quickly and then? World is too small and it makes me at least no fun.
  89. Apr 4, 2013
    This game is a very refreshing addition to the MMO scene. There is buckets of content ranging from intricate storyline missions with voice acting to events such as time trials, rampages and Arkfalls. The graphical quality is excellent on high settings, although not very impressive on the lower settings. This may be something to consider if your computer is on the lower end.

    The sounds
    are very high quality, during combat there is usually some sort of electronic music with a rather high tempo, which is fitting but may get on your nerves over time. Fortunately it can be turned off in the settings.

    There is a lot of customization, although in the beginning modifiable weapons are relatively rare, and usually only come with one or two open slots. But it gets better later on. There are no classes, but you will have to build your character around one of four abilities and the perks it can be connected into. The EGO Grid you do that with, is somewhat reminiscent of The Secret World. Or Final Fantasy X.

    The shooting aspect of the game is very responsive and detailed, different weapons have completely different mechanisms instead of being simplified into one functionality. Hit detection is very responsive. When you aim for somebody's head, you hit them in the head. No invisible walls or other weirdness.

    World polish is excellent. There are some bugs, mostly to do with certain quest objects taking their sweet time to appear or to respond to you. But the majority can be fixed by logging out of the game and back in, so it doesnt become such a big deal.

    The vehicles are also interesting, they're not as crazy as in the Borderlands series, but that can be a bonus also, if you prefer realism over utter madness. The vehicle controls are a bit slow. You can tell that they had to compromise somewhere to release it on multiple platforms, but you should get used to it in the first half an hour or so, since nothing is technically wrong with it.

    The interface is probably going to be the only big factor that will divide the public opinion on the game. I didn't have much trouble adapting to it, but I realize that I am not the whole world. You might be a little bewildered by it. The chat windows and such are the same old stuff as in other MMOs though, so you shouldn't have trouble asking for help.

    I'm a big fan of the story, definitely worth it listening to all the cutscenes, conversations and reading through things in the game.

    This is the first review I've ever bothered to write(maybe it speaks for the quality of the game in itself), so I apologize in advance if it left something unanswered.
  90. Apr 4, 2013
    Great game, can't wait for the show. Launch has been solid thus far, have had no issues with connecting. Looks nice, feels nice, and can only get better with time. I hope Trion really holds on to this one and stays with it, it's not perfect.... but it still has so much potential. I knew my life wouldn't be complete unless I bought this.
  91. Apr 4, 2013
    I was a bit skeptical after reading reviews here. But the game rocks! It is a mixed game type that we have never seen something like before. Flawless launch, outstanding for an MMO. Smooth, no lag, super fun combat, world feels alive, no elves or fairies, common one just has to love this game!
  92. Apr 4, 2013
    I'm not going to waste a lot of my time explaining how mediocre this game is but the user score needed to drop drastically. I don't know what game these other folks are playing but the defiance i am playing is currently a 7 at best. It has A lot of potential but everything seems so rushed. The graphics are a slight step up from ps2 quality, even turned all the way up on PC. The draw distance is so low that you will occasionally drive into random objects while in a vehicle. Character customization is lacking, and for some reason there are only two playable races, which is clearly an indication that this game was rushed to be out before the show for maximum sales, as the Castithan race, which is incredibly similar in features to Humans, albeit albino looking, are not a selectable race. Story wise that may make sense as the Castithans that are part of the Votan are only made up of their higher caste. The story seems to be written decently enough, it's just hard to be interested in it because of the shoddy graphics. So far the game is nothing like Borderlands. Sure the game has a ton of guns, a huge world to explore, but the combat still needs some fine tuning. Hit boxes are pretty solid but on occasion I've missed a shot or two that should have been guaranteed head shots from a stationary target only about 15m away, while sniping. All the guns you can get have the potential to be modded, which adds a little mor depth to the loot. Driving is fair with most vehicles except for the special dodge challenger. If you have received one of the Dodge challengers in game, just avoid using it. For some reason that car doesn't really drive; It does its own thing and glides. In-game chat is terrible at the moment but it is currently being fixed. The game is worth a try, but definitely not at full price in its current form. That may change as certain tweaks are added to the game. Expand
  93. Apr 4, 2013
    I do not mind massive multiplayers. However the idea of the game was what convinced me to buy it. With the exception if some not bad graphics I am not at all impressed with the game. The graphics could be better. What they show you in the loading screen is obviously not what you get in game. The amount of space it takes to actually play the game (which must be from your hard drive) doesn't justify the waiting time. This being said I do not enjoy having to wait 6 to 10 minutes to play an average game. The view of your character is inadequate, as she is tiny (and I've a very large tv).

    As I said the idea of the game is cool. However the content and waiting time per each session is lost on me. And the content is just not worth the wait. I'll enjoy the show more i hope.

    As a foot note server que times for a game I spent 70$ to buy is not acceptable.
  94. Apr 4, 2013
    This game is fun! I can't wait to see how it unfolds as the show starts and how it's claimed to be a transmedia experience. It's worth the money, I'm addicted to it and no way is it feeling like you are reaching a cap fast. I can understand the concern of repetitive side missions even using same dialog, but its just like ME3 and fun to break away from episode or main missions. The graphics is great though character models are a little rough in the face. I have complete faith the developer will continue to enhance it. they have shown a lot of care with continuous patches and upgrades already. It has the content, it just depends on if you choose to seek it out. Expand
  95. Apr 10, 2013
    I don't understand this reviews. A six hour call of duty have over 80. And a game like Defiance, what has new features and a playtime longer as 50 hours, a game which is perfect to have action with friends. this game become a 6,8???
    But yesterday i found the first german review. it gives the game a 8,5
  96. Apr 5, 2013
    Very Nice surprise. Just loving this game. Nice mix of shooter, rpg, mmo. Its also paired with a tv show, which gines more depth as it will evolve with the show. If you like stort driven shooters in a scifi setting, this is for you.
  97. Apr 5, 2013
    Just what I was looking for in an MMO, something that was not another Warcraft or EVE clone. In truth yes, the game is in an early stage and there is room for improvement, and I look forward to seeing where Trion will go with it as time goes on.
  98. Apr 6, 2013
    all the haters its a fun ass mmo shooter more story based than rpg focused but thats why they also made rift if your more for the latter. Its more realistically an 8 though
  99. Apr 6, 2013
    A fun new game. This game has held my attention from the start. I have been playing it since the first beta and alpha until now. I have played so many MMO's over the years and have been disappointed with lack of new content. I wanted something new and different. It's great to finally have a game that is exciting and new. This game does have it's glitches and bugs. The developers have come a very long way from pre-launch. I am amazed at all the fixes they did, even up to a week before launch. The Trion team is very receptive and quick with fixing the issues and listening to their customers. I am looking forward to playing this game for a long time to come and watching the TV show on Syfy. Expand
  100. Apr 6, 2013
    I've read some of the reviews and a lot of the negative ones are not very accurate. I'm about 30 hours into the game and this is my experience with it: ---------------------------------------- The good: The mechanics are fun, this game is 90% skill and 10% items. Pixel perfect precision, dodging, crouching, jumping. Everything you do matters. You can play stealth and head-shot enemies from afar with a sniper rifle; or go in guns blazing, throw greandes and bash enemies. They all have weak spots where you can score critical hits and you can go about doing things any way you want. You also get some powers and perks (think skill talents) that complement your play style.

    The game has challenges placed all over the map, be it driving or shooting. I find they take 3-4+ tries to get gold and there are leader boards for each one. You can level way faster doing these than side missions and they're quite unique and way more fun.

    Co-op maps require 4 players and they're not easy. The fights get very intense very fast and require a decent amount of skill to pull off.

    People complain about the driving, I've been doing most of the goals and challenges related to it using the roller and am having a blast. The challenges involve getting a certain time on a course, you have to dodge obstacles and deal with unexpected enemies or events popping up. Getting gold on some of them requires pulling everything off perfectly. The goals require things like doing a 720 spin off a jump, and getting gold on the driving challenges.

    The PVP is fun, although right now some guns have balance issues. Going stealth and blowing someone with a shotgun point-blank is way more effective than it should be. I'm pretty sure this will get ironed out.

    The story and chapter missions: You have your story missions which deal with in game characters and chapter missions where you interact with the movie characters. They're not incredible, but they will keep you going. Once the series comes out, it might give them more meaning and back story, which they are lacking.

    All weapon types have about the same base stats, better quality weapons just have some added bonuses such as increased mag and some small effects like reloading part of your clip on critical kills or speeding up grenade recharge. Nothing massive, but enough to get you to seek them out. You can play with the first weapon you get during the tutorial and not be gimped. Items give you a nice bonus, but are not the deciding factor in effectiveness.

    The bad:

    Side missions are typical kill this, fetch this. The good thing is, the game mechanics make killing enough fun and there are plenty of other ways to level.

    Interface was clearly not designed for PC and is terrible atm. Luckily you don't need to use it all that often.

    The game has a lot of features which are not immediately obvious. Going with the norm will result in a poor experience. A guide to character creation (which provides a decent amount of customization, if you find the tabs for it on your first try-- i didn't) and game activities would make it a much better experience for new players. I suggest reading the forums for tips when starting out as things are pretty confusing at first.

    Server instability is there, getting a lot better now though.

    Rewards for events kinda suck and getting rep from contracts is the best way to get upgrades.

    Good or bad depending how you look at it:

    Most of your upgrades come from weapon mods and not the weapons themselves. These include slightly higher crit damage, increased magazine capacity, faster reload, slightly less recoil etc. Farming the mods is a bit of a pain as the boxes that give these produce random mods. Each weapon can have 4, and weapons come with different slot numbers. Higher grade weapons tend to come with more, but you can add them in using ingame resources. Once again, the upgrades are more convenience than making you more powerful. Having to reload less and not having to re-stock on ammo as often is nice, but not crucial.


    The PC version feels a bit rushed, but compared to most other MMOs i've played on opening day, it's about the same story. The core is fun; if you played Rift, trion went with the same sort of ideology in regards to random events. Ark falls are much like rift events. Everyone gets credit for kills, and rewards are based on participation and score.

    The mechanics are fun, the game is challenging but i doubt it will cater to people who are more item driven. If you like shooters and online games with an open world feel which allows you run over enemies with cars, complete challenges and pvp. A game where skill is the deciding factor and having a higher level and better items will still get you killed vs a higher skilled lvl 1 player. This is the game for you.

    Once the series gets going, the story part might play a bigger role.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 40
  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Defiance may be an ambitious project. Linking an online action game with a TV-series is a smart idea but one that here mostly comes of as a mere gimmick. The story is unengaging and the action mediocre and monotonous. Not to say anything about the myriad of bugs that utterly destroys the experience.
  2. 89
    It’s an addictive game that seems to become even better as you play. If it keeps getting the right support and if the tie-in with the TV series proves successful, we might have a game that will keep us occupied for a lengthy amount of time. [May 2013]
  3. Jun 4, 2013
    If Trion can introduce better quest design, this will be a winner. [June 2013, p.88]