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  1. Aug 23, 2013
    Very few heroes, very few maps, a steep learning curve, and no single player are Demigod's downfalls. It's just a bad game. There is very little to like.
  2. Dec 19, 2011
    The negative reviews on this are pretty darn off to how they rate this game. The visuals are breathtaking, the game-play is stellar. It's an obvious MOBA game like DOTA so people need to cease the fan-boy whining. This at heart is a MOBA game, but they added elements that focus on areas of action and fast paced hot seat reaction. In Vanilla this game is perfectly fine, with a few mods and tweaks out there this has become my favorite MOBA game out there. I played Heroes of Newerth for a long time and LoL even longer. I played DOTA back in around 2004. Now i'm in the DOTA 2 beta. But since this game's release on steam, the community is climbing and I've fallen in love with this hidden gem. Stardock made a game I won't leave idle for long. They're still working to fix issues in multi-player. First thing is first though. Like all MOBA games you need to know how the champs play. There are two kinds, Assassins and Generals. Assassins were designed to hunt down demigods and counter laners. While the Generals have abilities to buff their allies, summon minions from items in shop or their own abilities. This allows them to work as a carry or pusher based on how the character is setup. The iconic Rook is an assassin and he is similar to Earthshaker in DOTA he makes a great initiate hero and does a damn good job on raining pain with that hammer of his. The multiplayer has a tournament event system that starts every now and again. The AI is a decent challenge that lets you practice your micro and this game is for anyone who has played the hell out of LoL or DOTA and want a MOBA game with more depth and customization. There is a techtree and your Nexus/Citadel that you can use to upgrade your minion waves, hp, armor, weapons and even new creeps. You can upgrade towers, and you can ensure your gold and exp flow is higher then the other team by capping points or upgrading it at citadel. The point capping system allows certain buffs like cooldowns, minion hp or dmg. XP and if a gold mine is present, more gold per second. This game has many many different tactics and with the limited heroes you begin to learn them all very quickly and focus more at hand. The strategy and not learning the ins and outs of hundreds of champions. LoL releases champions out the wall and makes it a pain to enjoy the game with so many heroes. But for those who want more action and less study. Demigod delivers! Expand
  3. Jan 8, 2012
    Update for 2012: The game crashes on start, crashes randomly ingame and support is currently non-existent. There is no reason whatsoever to buy it or play it.
  4. May 5, 2011
    So, I'm hesitant to write a review of this game after it's been out for so long, because there were a lot of issues with it in the beginning. However, since the price has dropped to $20 I feel it's worth another look at by the gaming community. Lets be honest: you can do a lot with $20 and video games nowadays if you don't mind decent indie titles and going through the right channels, so does Demigod stand up to the value? Yes, I believe it does. It's had a long and bumpy road to get to where it's at now, and as a game it seems to have been forgotten by the gaming community. It is, however, a fun game! While it lacks variety, each character is balanced and unique and fun to play. It's easy to sink a couple hours a clip into it, and very fun when you can get a good match up vs some humans. So the pros are thus: Fun game play, and most would agree that it's a decent looking dota type game at a good value ($20). The cons? No variety with character selection, and an appallingly small selection of maps. Simply, there's a lot of potential for this game to have "more" going for it. That alone would have made it amazing, if it just had more of what it already has started. The game is fun for what it is, a dota style game, but it just needed more variety! Also, while it pains to say this, it's a dying game with a small community of players. Might be fun solo against some AI, but you'd really want to get this game with a couple of friends to really enjoy it.

    As a side note, the maps are rather cool looking and not at all traditional, and it is a very pretty dota game. There is a good selection of items to upgrade, and the upgrade trees for each character are all very interesting. On that note, there are several different ways to play a character as well, so there's no one correct path to always go. You might have your favorites, but if a tactic isn't working for you there's always another strategy with your guy you can take advantage of.

    Last words: What it lacks in variety, it makes up for in execution. It was a bumpy road in the beginning, but it seems like a working game now that just needs to be adopted by a caring dev team who want to make it a shining title. Until then, it's a great value for $20 at the very least.
  5. Jun 5, 2014
    The game itself is fun - very fun. In fact I might say that in terms of gameplay demigod is my favorite RTS game in the style of mobas. However - the single player is very meh. AI never does anything different and putting 2 ai's together is guaranteed to result in a infinite stalemate. And that's really it for this review. The multiplayer is all but dead - filled with nothing but elitists and impossible for newbies to get a game going. I played this about a year ago, so I can only imagine it is only more dead now.

    I tried very hard to get a game going - went to the official forums and made a newbie thread and asked for anyone to play with me. Though some said yes, I never heard from them again and they didn't respond when I contacted them.

    So I went into the online play in-game and joined one of the three games they had going - all were elitist games that didn't want newbies - I tried anyway because I was sick of single player. Told them up-front that I was new. I was kicked and told to go to another game that was in the lobby - so I did. Then they kicked me and told me to go to the one I was just kicked from.

    Finally I met someone willing to play with me. The most horrible thing happened: The game crashed in the last 3 minutes of the game. It was already a done game - he was attacking my primary base. Somehow the game awarded me the win though - told me that the other guy lost connection. I guess there is some glitch that people can take advantage of and do this - because as soon as I contacted him he called me a cheater and refused to talk to me and swore he was done trying to help "fake" newbies.

    I love the lore and the gameplay but since single player mode is bad, and multiplayer is practically unplayable I cannot recommend this game at all.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. The multiplayer focus and a lack of a more traditional, story-driven solo campaign may not sit as well with all players, but the streamlined action-RPG gameplay proves to be seriously addictive in short bursts. The development team managed to inject a surprising level of gameplay depth into such a pared-down RTS design, and it works out.
  2. Online connection issues and a dearth of content keep this fun hybrid game from reigning supreme.
  3. 50
    If you're interested in throwing down cash for a beta and maybe getting in some practice before things get smoothed out, go ahead and bump that score up a letter grade. Anybody else should find something else to do until then.