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  • Summary: Democracy thrusts you into the hot-seat as the Prime Minister (or President) of the world’s most powerful countries. The country is run as a simple democracy where you need to secure over 50% of the vote in each election in order to remain in power. The object of the game is to stay in power as long as possible, as there are no limits to the number of terms you may serve. As the game progresses, you influence the voters and the country by putting the right policies into place at the right time. We all think we can do’s your chance to prove it with Democracy! [Ascaron] Expand
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  1. Easy to pick up and strangely compelling. [Feb 2008, p.91]
  2. Democracy sounds a lot more interesting than it actually is to play.
  3. I understand that the developers were intending to make a beginners level strategy game that would appeal to a wide audience and, in that regard, I think they succeeded. But once the beginners become familiarized with the product, which won't take long, there isn't much there.
  4. There are some flash-based games available for free on the net, or even demos of other videogames that are better worth your time than Democracy.
  5. A game developed as a piece of edutainment that fails to be just that because of its fundamentally broken gameplay and many other unexcusable problems.
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