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  • Summary: Have you ever wanted to be president? or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let's face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders.

    Crime, Unemployment, National Debt, Terrorism, Climate Change...Have you got the answers
    to the problems that face western industrialized nations? Here is your chance to find out... Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Feb 25, 2014
    The first glance at Democracy 3 can cause an immediate "it's too complicated" reaction, but the well-designed interface enables a fairly quick understanding of how to manage the policies required to create your own personal political utopia. For those that are into this kind of thing, Democracy 3 is a great way to test pet political theories in a (mostly) consequence-free way.
  2. 80
    Political simulations are not everybody's cup of tea, but this one goes down smoothly. It'll show you how hard it is to please citizens so they don't run you out of office. [Issue#236]
  3. Dec 13, 2013
    In terms of gameplay mechanics it’s a very simple game but it does much more for understanding democracy than any citizenship lesson. [13/2013, p.72]
  4. Oct 21, 2013
    Democracy 3 is a title with a very interesting level of complexity but many important aspects are left unsaid. Though it has evolved since its second installment it forgot to include some elements that would have made the game a really complete political simulator. Its excessive standardization relegates the game with a choice for casual entertaining and it will be difficult to explode this Positech Game's proposal for long. Once corrected its technical mistakes and when the mods start to rise, we may be able to take this game to a higher, different level.
  5. Jan 24, 2014
    It bites off a little more than it can chew. Starting out with the premise of being a full political simulator in the end it is little more than an turn-based interaction with a population. But on this level you’ll get the high complexity that you’ll miss in macro management.
  6. Nov 12, 2013
    Fascinating, fast, and friendly but far too forgiving. Wait for the patches and iron man/lady mods.
  7. Nov 4, 2013
    If you’re already a fan of the series, it’s impossible to recommend a bare-bones expansion like this at its current price point. If you’re not… well, I have a hard time imagining that you’d enjoy the third installment at all.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 35
  2. Negative: 12 out of 35
  1. Oct 22, 2013
    I really enjoyed my experience with the game and most of the problems people have with this game will be balanced out in the near future. This is one of the best games of this sort out there and you can really get sucked into the game. Expand
  2. Nov 13, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game, i can agree with other views about it needing polishing and it is being polished. Some people say its boring and repetitive, if so you can easily change some of the sliders, try running a country on 200% difficulty and trying to manage social services vs your debt, its hard but very fun. It is similar to Democracy 2 but its graphics and interface have been updated quite a bit and its now very visually appealing. The polices would be the same but there are some new ones with room to turn it into a proper socialist or police state than you could in D2. Overall £18.99 is a good price for this game and with mods for new countries and policies coming out rapidly you can always play beyond what the vanilla game can provide and you can easily mod and add your own countries too. Expand
  3. Nov 21, 2013
    I thoroughly enjoyed the democracy series and Democracy 3 meets my expectation. The game centers around playing as the leader of a country, you then make and change policy which affects your country.

    The game gives the play a very novel setting to play in (how many other games are there that let you play politics?) and is executed quite well with superb UI, fantastic user feedback and giving the feel of a micro-manager's dream. Additionally with modding support and a fairly active community, there is the potential for massive amounts of content, but as of today there are not many quality mods out.

    However, there are a few bugs and there is a little bias on the count of the author (as different people with different view points would view the effects of different policies differently) however it is clear he has tried to minimize it. Additionally this game is very clearly NOT for everyone, some may find Democracy 3 very engaging, while some might find it a snore fest, however I still found it quite enjoyable and would recommend it to most people.
  4. Nov 17, 2013
    Great game Positech Games! but there is a lack of nations to play as and the polices are a bit strained, but the policies are only a minor problem. but luckily steam workshop changes all that. The price is also very 'inflated' at $25 USD, and the game is a few second download and quick to quit and enter the game. This all makes a really quick and great experience. I give this a 6/10:
    +Steam workshop
    -little nations and more policies needed
    -price too high
  5. Dec 9, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is very difficult to pull off on its own, and the style is suited for the type of game, but overall I'm not truly impressed. It honestly feels like, even when you create the best of paradises, your cabinet will always be out to get you, and won't bother supporting you when you need them most, which is after all the policies you want are in effect. It's nice for burning a few hours on, but not really worth more than a few hours.

    It's just really annoying that you can't eventually somehow sway people in your cabinet to think a certain way after pretty much brainwashing an entire country into whatever your whims may be. You'd think they'd learn a thing or two and actually step down so people who care about what you want done will step up and help out. In other words, this game forces you to lose after awhile of balancing. While on paper that kind of thing sounds like fun, but not when you just want to run your own country without listening to someone scream about how ineffective the road system is while people are busy clocking into work from home anyway.

    An odd tangled mess, in my opinion.
  6. Feb 14, 2014
    Ok this game isn't that bad. But I feel there is many problems. First, the variety of ministers at the beginning is absurd. I have never seen a government like that in the world. Every decision to convince one will deceive one or more others... Since when is there all type of politics type in ONE government? And second, as soon as one branch of population is unhappy, there is no strike, they just kill you... This is ridiculous! I like this game but there is so many problems. I bought it on promotion on steam, but I still feel that it was way too much for a game that don't seem finished. I'm disappointed and I feel I shouldn't have bought it. Expand
  7. Oct 25, 2013
    It bills itself as the most complex political strategy game ever made... maybe.. but it is the most boring one ever made. I tried to play it 3 or 4 times, and each time I turned it off within 20 minutes, there simply is nothing exciting or fun about tediously balancing approval ratings. Expand

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