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  1. A technical tour de force filled with design wizardry. From the robust graphics and finely tuned interface to the smart computer-controlled opponents and mission design, this game radiates talent.
  2. One incredible achievement. It's definitely a must-buy for anyone remotely interested in the Descent series - and unquestionably a front-runner in anyone's Action Game of the Year list.
  3. This has to be one of the most beautiful titles I have ever played on my computer. It looks as if Outrage has thrown in every visual effect in the book, and in doing so, removed the monotony of the previous Descent level designs.
  4. This is one of the very best games I’ve played in years, and an instant recommendation for anyone who has ever fondled a joystick or stroked a mouse. Just remember to come up for air though, there is such a thing as dying of starvation or thirst. So get a glass, a plate, and an i.v. drip.
  5. More of the same "get me outta this 'bot-infested labyrinth" madness that made the first two games so deservedly popular. But thanks to the latest tech, the 'bot-infested labyrinths of Descent 3 are more nightmarish and addictive than ever before. Don't even bother trying to resist it.
  6. 90
    A remarkable game: immersive, challenging, beautifully designed. Unlike a lot of the other eye-candy out there, it has both steak and sizzle. The level designs contain some of the most breathtaking sights ever seen in a computer game and they are filled with cunning enemies just waiting to sink their steel claws into your smoking carcass.
  7. The AI is what makes the game truly challenging. These 'bots are so smart at times, you'd swear there were real humans on the other end moving them. Thank goodness for the 'skill level adjustment' feature which allows you to change your skill level during the game. Trust me, you'll spend some parts of the game in 'rookie' mode.
  8. 90
    With its added story elements, new play features and improved game engine, Descent 3 has clearly distinguished itself from its other 'descentants' (I swear, it's really late right now) and is one of the best vehicular shooters I have ever played.
  9. Improves in almost every conceivable way on its predecessors and reestablishes the series as the premier example of the play style it single-handedly pioneered.
  10. If you don't find the true 360° freedom of movement confusing and subduing, you will definitely enjoy this game. If, however, the likes of Half Life make you motion-sick, then this will be the end of you for sure.
  11. 80
    Fans of the first two games will either love or hate the new plot-based objectives, although combat remains the beautiful, almost artful experience it always has been.
  12. There are just a couple of minor things holding it back : the slightly jumpy mouselook feature, and the slight frustration in finding specific items or areas on particular levels. In the great scheme of things these are a small problems in an otherwise fantastic action shooter.
  13. This is a tough game to control, and has enough twists and turns to keep even hard-core fans of the genre involved and challenged.
  14. There's more than enough refinement to bring the Descent franchise up to date, and those who liked the first two games will absolutely love Descent 3. Those who didn't really enjoy them won't be converted, though. Ultimately, Descent 3 is "more of the same," but it's MOTS done really well.
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  1. Apr 17, 2011
    If someone had asked me, "Quick, whats the game you remember most from your childhood?", the answer would always be "Descent". Nothing elseIf someone had asked me, "Quick, whats the game you remember most from your childhood?", the answer would always be "Descent". Nothing else really has the same allure as the 6 degrees of freedom the Descent franchise is known for.

    Back in the day, the graphics were amazing and they still hold up pretty well today. It doesn't strike as ugly, even being over 12 years old now. The sound track still sounds as futuristic as it did back then. After playing first person shooters (ground pounders!) for such a long time, going back to play the game is every bit as challenging as opening the box for the first time. The AI runs circles around your weapons, gets right up in your face at the worst of times, and runs for cover at the best of times. The controls are heavily configurable, and work fantastic with a wireless Xbox 360 controller.

    The story in the Descent series was never blockbuster level, and while you probably still won't care much in the 3rd installment, at least there's some cut scenes to keep you vaguely interested. The level design and objectives are much, much more varied, having open outdoor areas and not having to destroy a reactor in every level (quite the opposite at one point).

    Descent 3 (Aswell as I & II) are part of gaming history. It sits you in the middle of a world where movement is completely unrestricted and doesn't ever let you go. It's a highly polished experience that holds up to the test of time!

    Windows 7 best settings;

    Patched to v1.4
    Video mode: OpenGL (DirectX has issues with modern video cards)
    Audio: Primary Sound Driver (OpenAL needs to be installed for 5.1)
    Control: Mouse+Keyboard, USB Joystick (Recommended), 360 GamePad (Recommended)

    Extra settings in launcher (Misc tab);
    -width -height -aspect -z32bit

    Also since the engine is now relatively basic, feel free to jam on the anti-aliasing. My GTX460 works fine with the game at 32x AA (Set from the GPU control panel)
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  2. AlexW.
    Oct 26, 2006
    This game has no rival when it comes to PvP I only wish Decent 4 would come out. Free space sux.
  3. Gus
    Jan 12, 2004
    This game is okay. FORSAKEN is a better game, all around. Yes, Forsaken is a Decent clone. But they did a better job. Forsaken was never This game is okay. FORSAKEN is a better game, all around. Yes, Forsaken is a Decent clone. But they did a better job. Forsaken was never taken seriously because everyone was so bent on "waiting till decent 3 comes out". Well...Decent 3 was a let down in comparison (ESPECIALLY in the multiplayer arena). SO. If you want a trite, sluggish tunnel-shooter....Decent 3 is your game. If you want fast-paced action and great multiplayer (assuming you can find a server still running it) FORSAKEN RULES THE PLANET! (please god, let them make a Forsaken 2!) Full Review »