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  1. Feb 20, 2013
    Even though the DLC runs fine the main game has serious performance issues CTD so I am unwilling to continue to quicksave every 5 seconds and watch the PC reboot every time I play this mess. EDIOS you suck on the PC.
  2. Oct 27, 2012
    Pretty fun. Great graphics and solid controls, though the shooting is a bit floaty. The game does favor the stealthy player a bit too much for my tastes, you get more exp and it's also easier to do. The campaign is very good and it took me over 20 hours to finish. There is some replay value for those who want to change the decisions they make (decisions to change small things throughout the story) or go for a different style of playthrough. The only big negative i can think of is the boss battles, which are god awful. Overall, it's a great game, well worth the purchase. Expand
  3. Dec 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. [Pros] Excellent story & storytelling, serene & memorable soundtrack, builds unique atmosphere for each area, strong characters with motives, balanced RPG elements, many stealth & non-lethal options [Cons] Mediocre & spotty graphics, overly compressed cutscenes (thanks again, consoles), shoe-horned boss battles, stupid zombie level, "choose your adventure" endings. Overall, this is a fantastic sequel to the legendary Deus Ex (Invisible War doesn't exist) and worth picking up for fans of the original or newcomers to the series. Expand
  4. Oct 31, 2013
    Finally a worthy successor to Deus Ex. Fantastic balance, amazing detail and realized world. Sad then that I can't give this a full 10 because the boss battles break the "free choice" system in the game forcing you to go for combat skills even if you would rather stealth and hack your way around.
  5. Feb 15, 2012
    I can't help but feel spoiled by Deus Ex, not only does it feel native to PC, but as the player I never felt I was being coddled - the game feels, well, grown-up, and it treats you like one. There's a distinct sense of nostalgia in the air, and not because of the high regard or this game's predecessor but because the game doesn't expect you to be an idiot, you need to make informed intelligent choices, plan ahead, use your brain, try approaching things in different ways - failure to do so often results in the player getting stranded in areas they can't advance from. One of my favourite aspects of the game are the implementation of the augments, contextual or otherwise. The social/persuasion augment is fantastic, hacking games are smart and others open up areas of the game previously unavailable. However the graphics aren't mind-blowing and conversation animations are limited but not so that it detracts from the enjoyment of the game. Expand
  6. Jul 8, 2012
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution follows in the foot steps of Deus Ex 1 with the addition a more passively-orientend skill system and much more fluent stealth gameplay through the use of a third-person cover system and insta-kill buttons. Unfortunately, in other areas it still feels highly dated. The graphics are definitely sub-par to the point where you'll find yourself wondering why they made the game as ugly as it is in certain places; for a game that's all about advanced technology, they certainly aren't utilizing any. The inventory management is very dated and confusing as items stack in odd manners and the game will auto-manage your inventory for you, causing it to shift content around to make other items fit. Another big issue with the game is the wooden acting and the lack of decisions to make. A large part of the game puts the player on rails with the occasional choice to make but none of this affects the outcome as you will literally be given buttons to press to choose the ending you think you want. (There are 4 endings as usual) Nothing of what you have done during the game will affect the outcome of the story nor will you ever hear back on what the result of your actions were. Regardless of these issues, there is a good variety of weapons available for the player to experiment with and most missions offers the player several ways of getting through. Some side-missions break from this sort of universal-compatability and might be unbeatable for players with certain builds which is unfortunate as there's nothing more frustrating than freedom being promised but not delivered. I played the game on the highest difficulty right from the get-go and I found that although the game isn't very difficult and the AI not very smart, they tend to be highly accurate when you are not making use of the third-person cover system and less accurate when you do. This kind of artificially induced difficulty is unwanted in first-person shooters and is obviously console-inspired. It's very difficult to aim from cover with weapons that do not come with laser sights which means you may die a lot while attempting to zero in on an enemy. On the subject of the AI not being very bright; this game is extremely forgiving when it comes to making mistakes. Most of the time you can simply hide somewhere and the guards will give up looking for you, even if you just mowed down half the staff, they'll just resume patrol. Needless to say this does not help make the game more realistic. I found the story to be interesting albeit somewhat unengaging and sometimes difficult to follow. The latter could be due to me sometimes losing interest in listening to the one-dimensional characters and the silly conversational mini-games that rather than allowing you to put your mark on conversations, forces you to "solve the riddle" when it comes to talking to people. Apparently, Adam Jensen is more of a smooth-talker than your average politician. Last but not least, everyone's biggest gripe with the game: The boss fights. They'd be at home in any FPS game but Deus Ex. Even the developers regret putting them in! All I can do is recommend that you take either the heavy machine-gun or the pre-order grenade launcher whenever you expect a boss fight; should end the fight within a few minutes no matter the difficulty. Assuming you can stay alive, that is. The game does not feature really feature healing items but requires you to patiently wait while the health (quickly) regenerates. Expand
  7. Dec 31, 2012
    One of the very best games of 2011, and on the long run I believe I will always consider it to be one of the best science fiction action/rpg-s out there. The story was mature and engaging. You could feel the inner struggles of the main character, and the bad and good sides of the augmentation technology was portrayed well. I loved that I could choose to engage enemies by non-lethal or lethal ways (Unfortunately bossfights always had the same outcome, you can not choose the non-lethal option there) . The player's action through the campaign affected some gameplay and story element later the in game. DE:HR features enough weapons (which you can customize) to keep the firefights interesting. You can upgrade your characters abilities by earning Praxis points or you can buy them at LIMB Clinics for money (There's 21 total available augmentations, and almost all of them can be upgraded further.) The NPC's AI was good, but it could have been better. The visual style of the game could have been a bit more varied, but I enjoyed it anyways. The music in the game was outstanding (Michael McCann composed it). Overall an outstanding game. Expand
  8. Jan 9, 2012
    Flawed but entertaining. Cities like Detroit and Shanghai are well realised although this means that small, more limited areas in the game feel very bland by comparison. The world of HR is intriguing, unfortunately the plot and characters are not. The story is passable but none of Adam Jensen's friends, enemies or acquaintances made the kind of impression that one might see from characters in the Mass Effect games. Adam himself is unremarkable. The graphics are excellent even if facial animations can seem a bit off. The different ways to play (combat, stealth, hacking) are all fleshed out and gel together nicely. The latter point makes me wonder all the more why the game would limit players to only using combat in boss fights. This puts those who played the game focusing on stealth/hacking to be at a disadvantage. I enjoyed the conversation system in this game especially in the instances when a character had to be persuaded into being of assistance. HR is an enjoyable game that shows a lot of potential. If the flaws are ironed out, a sequel could be a classic. Expand
  9. Oct 7, 2013
    Games with this level of thought and ambition are rare. Combined with the good action gameplay and enjoyable stealth sequences, it's a rather outstanding entertainment product. A healthy amount of philosophical content and a respect for the gamer's intellect that I've only seen paralleled a handful of times in modern games. The ending is rewarding enough, but I kind of had anticipated something grander. The last level kind of feels like 'the quiet before the storm' in terms of quality and scale. But I think the ending and the overall epic sense of plot made it worth playing through the game. The worst thing about the game? Nothing really outstanding about the 'walk from A to B' sequences. There could have been more puzzles to getting to the right destination. And less corridors. Expand
  10. Aug 5, 2014
    As a die-hard fan of Deus Ex, considering it the best game of all time, I was more than worried what will they do with this and how will they tarnish the Deus Ex name, but I'm extremely relieved that this is really good. Of course it's not that level of ultimate masterpiece that the original Deus Ex was back in 2000, but considering this day and age and how games tend to be, Human Revolution is a fantastic game. There is still a great deal of cyber atmosphere here, even the music is pretty good, I liked the story and even the gameplay. I must admit that I probably enjoyed Human Revolution more than the Invisible War. It's no match for the original Deus Ex, nothing is and nothing ever will probably, but this is liekly as good as it gets. One point down for those terrible terrible boss fights. 9/10 Expand
  11. Jan 23, 2013
    On of the best FPS games on my list. Has that good feel when you take down a notorious antagonist. If you compare with COD it makes it look like a poor design. If you like FPS in a fictional setting., get this game and press your mouse!
  12. Dec 2, 2012
    Before playing this game I went down playing the first game, which is known for it's (supposedly) great balance between rpg mechanics and fps, and of course its (engaging) story. After a second game that didn't get good votes (haven't played that much, can't really compare it) I eventually bought the third, after a big discount (mainly because the first kinda disappointed me in some parts). For some people, this is the best sequel (although it's a prequel of the first game), for some it's as bad as the second game. To me, simply put, this is what the first game should have been, all along. Let me explain: the game takes the mechanic of giving you various way to complete the game, either by sneaking or using the weapons fully...of course since we don't need another fps, sneaking my way out is the most used way. However, Even then, it shows one big flaw that the first game did right: there is barely any exploration. The zones are linear and even though the game rewards you to explore the areas, I always felt I was going down a corridor, without many detours or places to go... I mean, you can't even swim in this game, while the first game had massive areas and a true sense of exploration. Another thing that this game does right (whereas the first kinda failed by me) is the rpg element: each time you level up (by exploring, killing, knocking out enemies, etc) you get a "point" that you need to use it on one of many skills that you can unlock, depending on your necessities...however there's one problem with this system, and that is you'll never know which upgrades to take until you know it. Infact, a lot of times I didn't manage to go somewhere particular because the augmentation I needed wasn't activated, no wonder, but I had no idea I needed that one particular augementation until I physically saw it in front of me. Not a HUGE flaw, but unless you know where to go, you might lose some places to explore, so you lose experience for more upgrades. And for last, one big flaw to me, but this is very personal: the bosses. Ok, also in the first game there were bosses you could fight...but you could also flee from them, the choice was yours. In here, you can't: it takes the formula of the bosses in fps and you're FORCED to kill them, and that's a huge issue if you play the stealth way, because you'll NEVER use any firearm except the stungun or the tranquilizer sniper rifle, especially because your inventory is gonna be extremely limited at the start (can be upgraded, but the weapons take a lot of space and, strangely, even ammunitation take space in the inventory, whereas the first game didn't). Luckily there will be weapons in the room where the boss is, but I wish we could have the choice to skip them. In any case, it's a very good game all in all, with a good story, a good length (20+ hours in, haven't finished yet) and definitely fixes what the original game didn't have (like, stealth kill animations...). Sorry for the tons of comparisons, but since a lot of people can't talk about this game without mentioning the first game, I think some details were needed. Definitely a solid game, and definitely deserves a look, especially for the fans. Expand
  13. Jul 7, 2013
    i really liked this game it was a really great experience at first i didn't really like it because it was really tough game but after i got some upgrades it turned to be more awesome and gameplay became more enjoyable and this game has a really good story but what i liked most in this game is the stealth atmosphere and it's unique style highly recommend this game
  14. Mar 3, 2012
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is Deus Ex for the next generation. The plot, main character, music and gameplay are so similar that veterans will feel at home and newbies will awe at the game's excellence.
  15. Dec 16, 2013
    An extremely enjoyable and well polished fps with great skill sets and stealth options.
    Many ways you can play this as well as numerous side quests.

    Well worth a look.
  16. Jan 12, 2013
    I loved this game. It has everything i love in a good game: excellent storyline, superb voice-acting, well-developed characters, polished gameplay. I love sneaking and taking out enemies with a sniper scope. I love a good conspiracy theory. And i love augmentations! What else can i wish for in an excellent title? :)
  17. Aug 24, 2011
    An amazing game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution lives up to the franchise's roots. The storyline is excellent. Actual moral choices abound, and are not the typical shining paladin vs. world's biggest dick that is common in most other games. It's also fairly lengthy, even the sidequests are like full-fledged missions, and if you do them all (and/or snoop around, as any Deus Ex fan should), you will find your time was not wasted. I don't like to give perfect scores unless I feel the game truly deserves it, but thinking back, I seriously cannot think of any flaws. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a wonderful game, and is certainly my favorite one released this year so far. Expand
  18. Aug 8, 2012
    Story was amazing, gameplay was exhilarating, ending(s) were fulfilling. Extremely fun game, even more so if you like stealth + technical gameplay. The Mass Effect style speech + consequence to action, combined with an Assassin's Creed stealth style, and even a bit of Halo if you like to just shoot everything in the face. All of this is present in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The fact that everything is gold is cool too. Adds to the futuristic feel, and takes setting out of the ordinary Expand
  19. May 16, 2013
    One of the best RPG of all time, yeah it's mostly linear, but memorable characters and one of the best written plot in gaming history with unexpected twists presents to you by this remarkable franchise! This is must own
  20. Feb 13, 2012
    A slightly worse game than deus ex. Which is one of the best games ever made. It improves a LOT of smaller things, adds a better atmosphere and music, better core mechanics. And a slightly smaller world and a slightly less fantastic story - With a lot of options of approach, but still less than the original.

    All of this makes it a 10/10. Just a lesser 10/10 than deus ex. If they manage to
    improve the options and world, as well as the story in the next game. It might just overtake the original deus ex. They are absolutely on the right path - and the game series is in more capable and promising hands than the original developers. Why? - The original creators also made invisible war. That's why. Expand
  21. May 25, 2013
    I never played the original but this game is good, and also overhyped. I like this game but it doesn't deserve the 9's and 10's a lot people and critics are giving it. The combat is clunky and awkward, and although the stealth is some of the best i have seen in a while, only beaten out by Splinter Cell and a few other games, it is way too easy. In Splinter Cell you have to plan every move and taking out a guard is a severe risk because even four or five rooms down the line a guard can discover the body of one of your victims on accident. Guards would realize some of their men are missing if you take too many of them out and radio to other guards to be on alert making the rest of the game harder. The different alert levels also helps Splenter Cell. In DEHR once you get out of a room nothing else really matters. Bodies are too easy to hide and there are no consciences to taking out guards. You can get into a firefight and kill 6 guys only for the next room to be completely unknown about your presence. Without an alert level for the enemy AI this game is too easy. In SC, If you get caught in one room and have a firefight, the rest of the facility is on alert. Im not saying they should have to fight you every time in DEHR, but in splinter cell guards would act accordingly. They would draw weapons and look in places they usually wouldn't, and would also go and get better weapons and body armor to react to the threat making detection in the game actually mean something and add difficulty. After all this complaining, the story is easily this games best part. Its what keeps me playing even through this games flaws. I would easily recommend the Splinter Cell series along with Dishonored and the Hitman Series over this game, but this game isn't bad. Its just there is stuff a lot better out there. Expand
  22. Sep 5, 2011
    I remember the original two games well, and this does have much the same feeling although on a smaller scale (due to the mainly indoors action) and it plays like "Splinter Cell Conviction" with bionic tweaks, which is no bad thing. Boss fights are a bit crappy as they don't fit in with the stealth gameplay. Graphically... well for DX11 I would expect far higher levels of texturing and models, but in places it shows up some dire examples compared to main characters renders, which usually look pretty throughout. The bio mods are quite good and seem to fit in well, the array of weapons is a bit naff but you don't really need more than a couple to get through 99% of the game, the worst weapons are certainly the experimental PEP gun and Sniper rifle... which border on useless because the PEP is less effective than the stun pistol and takes up far more space and less availalbe ammo, and the sniper rifle is completely out of place in a game with small confined levels. There's a few gameplay glitches regarding the cover system which can get on your nerves... the main one being that you can not blind shoot if the enemy is practically side on even though you can aim at them directly...stupid!!!!

    Overall the story is good, although levels are smaller than original games they do feel true to the series, graphics while limited by console porting have been slightly improved with Dx11 effects and should run with very high frame rates even on a modest PC.

    I give this 90%, would have scored higher if designed for PC first then stripped down to fit on consoles.
  23. May 24, 2013
    Deus Ex Human Revolution (DEHR) seems to want to go back to the roots of the original Deus Ex, not with a gripping story, but with graphics that seem to go back in time, to bland environments that all look the same. The graphics in this game are shockingly BAD for a game made in 2011. Some of the cutscenes especially the CINEMATICS are much better, but the quality there is also pretty patchy. Very little reaches or maintains the high standard set by Bioware with Mass Effect 2. So many reviewers have commented about the bad animations for a simple reason. THEY ARE DREADFUL. But look at the 1998 level of textures in the environments and you can see that they share the same low standards. The game seems to try too hard to compensate for its poor visuals with an 'edgy story' that is really parade of cliches washed over in a dreary and unrelenting sepia palette! The rooms and physical assets of the game feel retro and clunky, the same dumbassed boxes piled literally EVERYWHERE. The same cliched airducts and waist high glass walls for cover. The same dumb computer terminals. All looking like the next best thing from 1998. Playing this game I'm sorry to say I felt embarrassed for the development team. Their hearts were in the right place and the augumentations were kind of ok. In the end I couldn't be assed using stealth, because I didn't want to waste time trapped in the dreary maze of always-the-same places assets and choices. Just run up to bad guys and shotgun them in the face. There is no penalty for failure as death just puts you back a few meters and lets you try again. This game didn't bring Deus Ex into the 21st century. it leaves it stick back in the 20th. Thankfully the publisher understands the real worth (lessness) of this game and often has it on sale for around $7 on Steam. At this price it is not too painful and is recommended as a tutorial in the perils of LACKING AMBITION to shine. The high number of 10 svores in here are unbelievable. I hope that the development team stop spending time creating spurious accounts to boost the reputation of their work, and instead spend their energies earning real 10s by making BETTER GAMES. Expand
  24. Sep 6, 2012
    I really tried to like this game but when you are forcing yourself to continue playing you know something is not right. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a perfect example of a "jack of all trades, master at none" type of game. The game may offer the player different ways to tackle the problem but none of them work really well. The combat feels stiff, underwhelming and unsatisfying and the stealth feels shallow and linear. The hacking is a mess with its chance-based core and 30 second lockout forcing the player to abuse the quickload button and the conversations though functional and quite innovative feels constricted and more like a tool to advance the story than for you to play around with. Overall the game feels really unpolished and there are a lot of strange design choices here and there. The energy system is a mess, the map-interface is annoying, the boss battles are dumb and the menu-interface is kind of crappy. The fact that you often need specific augments to advance in the route you have taking is also annoying and if you don't feel like backtracking from time to time you will probably walk around with a couple of praxis on you just in case. Making the augment-system much more constricted that it need to be. The game is still decent though and if you can look past its problem there is a meaty action-rpg waiting for you. I should mention that i didn't finish the game (12 hours in) and therefore and i have no idea if the game gets better or worse at the later parts in the game. Expand
  25. Mar 10, 2013
    Frankly, it could have been better. Not the truly EPIC experience the original delivered, but a worthy contender to all these other shooters that claim to have rpg elements. If you liked the original it is a must buy. It is definitely worth the price of 20 bucks whether your new to the series or not.
  26. Sep 17, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game in many ways, however the boss fights - #2 and beyond - are ridiculously dependent on build type. Had more thought been put into allowing for multiple ways to defeat the bosses. like the first boss (which was hard but not absurdly so), then this score would be much higher. I love the cyberpunk setting, the stealth mechanics and the story. Its a great game but the climax is unavailable unless you have some very specific abilities. Expand
  27. Jul 26, 2013
    A pretty good game, and it's nice that it attempted to stay as close to Deus Ex 1 as possible. Still, it somehow doesn't reach the level of Deus Ex 1. I can't exactly say what it is. It just feels "dumbed down", and not only in the gameplay, but probably more in the story and dialog. The original had a clever story. This game is more Hollywood. I mean, compared to every other action game on the market now, it's still stands out. I have only played it thru once, and got almost all the augmentations. With Deus Ex, I played the game thru at least 3 times fully, once with standard Rifles+Heavy, once with Pistols+Heavy and once fully non-lethal. I played the first level of Deus Ex 1 countless times. Here everything is more streamlined so I didn't even feel the need to experiment with anything on a second run. After the game was done, there was nothing left to see or think about. Expand
  28. Aug 6, 2013
    I tried hard to love this game. Deleted and redownloaded again for 4 times in hope I missed something last time. I was not.
    Game is just extremely boring with bad voice acting, game mechanic, gameplay and story.
    I usually never give 0 to games because people put effort to make it, but in this one couldn't find even 1 good thing. Seems even Steam discount price of 3.75 euro was wasted money
  29. Apr 19, 2012
    A very good game with some potential apart from the original Deus Ex. I like the new mixed hybrid gameplay, the soundtrack and the story plot. But the biggest drawbacks of the game: the graphics are on par with any recent Call of Duty game despite the high system requirements, the ending was decent, the boss fights were not challenging enough, the music is not in HD quality and the video cinematics are not in HD. Its only DLC, the Missing Link, should have been free to download as a expansion patch. Expand
  30. Aug 26, 2011
    Unbelievable and damn-near perfect. Not since Half-Life 2 have I been this impressed with how the gameplay and story complement each other, The world of Deus Ex is very immersive and crafted with great care. The aspects of combat, stealth, and roleplaying are all well balanced and unique. While you have seen these elements before, in Deus Ex they are integrated together unlike any other game. I'm now about 10 hours into the game and I cannot stop playing. The AI is responsive and usually challenging. The controls are good and the graphics, while not top of the line, are very beautiful. This is a great game and a very surprising hit. I'd say this game is now in the competition for game of the year. Expand
  31. May 10, 2012
    Downright excellent game. The story is well done, the music is brilliant and the hacking mini-game is quite fun once you get used to it. For the longest time I wanted a game that revolved around stealth and not mindless run-and-gun tactics, and this game delivered that in arguably the best way possible. The graphics and controls are a bit iffy in some areas, but are still good nonetheless. The performance of the game was initially bad for my PC at first, and I have an extremely high-end PC, but I found some quick fixes and won't incorporate that into my rating, because I think it's fair to focus on just the game on not something that probably happened just because of *my* PC, and not the game itself. If any employee of any company that helped make this game is reading this, feel good. Feel real good. Expand
  32. Sep 6, 2011
    Doesn't get much better than this. Great game play, great music, cool style, and all with in an open world that really allows you to play how you want. For me this game falls into the category of the other greatest game titles, such as Zelda, and Halflife. The atmosphere of this game will stick with me for many years to come.
  33. Dec 28, 2011
    Let me begin my review with a small advice. Try not to compare Human Revolution to the original Deus Ex too much. Why? Because the more you're going to do it, the less you're going to enjoy it. Human Revolution has some similarities to the original, where original still prevails, but it also has many differences, and it's mostly those differences that make it an outstanding and somewhat innovative game. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel to the original Deus Ex. It takes place in the year 2027, when human augmentations were still only at their early stages and as a result were subject to a lot of controversy. You play as Adam Jensen, a manager of security at Sarif Industries, one of the leading augmentation tech companies. However, after a surprise attack by secret ops on the facility, Adam was left mortally injured. As a result he got augmented and now 6 months later is ready to uncover the truth behind the attack. The storyline of the game is fairly good, although it is not its strongest point. There are interesting twists and turns along the way of course, and most of the major characters are very well-developed, but I think it's mostly the gameplay that makes this game. Just as with the previous games in the series, DX:HR is about analysing the combat situations and having freedom to approach them in multiple different ways. You can go guns blazing if you wish, or you can sneak in. You can hack to learn the door code, you can utilise your superior social skills, or you can simply find an alternate way in. You get the idea. The augmentation system is slightly different to previous Deus Ex games since you can upgrade them both via special praxis kits AND through gaining experience. The other thing is that if you played through all the side quests and explored, you can by the end of the game pretty much acquire all of the augmentations and enhancements, whilst in the original that was not quite the case. So it's all a matter of prioritising which you wish to get early on and which later. Some new features that really make DX:HR shine that the original didn't have are 1) the takedowns - knock out or kill your target in a special way by coming right up close to him/her; 2) the cover system - instead of just shooting mindlessly, you really need to be taking cover a lot or else you will die too easily; the good thing about it is that the cover system in this game is very flexible and dynamic - you can take cover pretty much behind anything, and you can move between different covers very easily; 3) the hacking mini-game - every time you hack into a computer or a door console, you will have to play a very fun, yet challenging at times, mini-game. DX:HR has a somewhat of unique graphics. The colour palette is mostly in the yellow and golden colours. Personally I am not too fond of it, because I hoped to see some more colour variation in the game, but this "yellowness" is not too bad and you get used to it. The in-game music is very impressive and the voice acting is great too. The dialogues are very well-written and a lot of the time you get to choose what to say, what adds variation and a great degree of role-play, allowing you to mold Jensen's personality into what you want him to be. Finally I'll mention that just as with previous Deus Ex games, you get multiple endings, and those raise some really interesting philosophical issues, which is a sweet way to end a great game. I'll highly advise you to check out each of the endings. Overall a fantastic game. Although in many ways the original is still better, DX:HR offers a lot of new stuff, what makes it a worthy rival to the original game, and overall puts it well above majority of the games out there. Expand
  34. Sep 8, 2014
    Deus Ex does so many things so well, but I don't think I can say that it does any one thing excellently. The gameplay design is great: yes, you have the choice to be a hacker, a fighter, a negotiator, etc., which is awesome, but they don't make all of the routes seem enjoyable. For example, I put a decent number of points into my hacking skills, which certainly opened a few doors (literal and figurative) for me here and there, but I found myself wishing I had chosen a route that didn't involve so much of a simple minigame. Hacking my way to victory by being able to play a little game started sounding pretty boring, so I finished up the game by shooting my way through more and more situations.

    Another example: the storyline. The ideas and themes here rival any science fiction literature or film that I've ever seen, but I found that I was slightly disappointed by the level to which they were developed. The story is good, but it could have been excellent.

    Even though the game has its weaknesses, I ended up enjoying this game far more than I had expected. I found the stealth to be very enjoyable, even though I've never liked stealth-based games before. I recommend this game to sci-fi buffs and hardcore gamers alike.
  35. Dec 20, 2011
    Never played the original, so had no pre-conceived idea about what to expect. But, it was marketed to me as having all the elements of a game I would enjoy: character-driven sci-fi conspiracy story with tons of action, important choices to make, and stealth gameplay. For me, it did what it said on the tin. Music, voice-acting and the graphics were truly awesome. I suppose the reason I can't give it full marks is because I was kind of hoping for more. The legendary boss battles for me, weren't such a pain as my character was tooled up for a fire-fight, but I can see why they weren't that popular. Currently this my game of the year. Can we have another one soon please? Expand
  36. Jul 23, 2013
    I heard from a lot of persons, that Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be a very great game, but I'm am a bit disappointed, while I played it. It has a cool story and a cool gameplay, but it never grabbed me. I don't like the graphics, especially the faces, the KI and it is often boring. I can't understand, why this game is often hyped. It's not bad, but for me nothing special.
  37. Jul 8, 2012
    A ton of thought was put into the world of this game, and it shows. There's lots going on. Lots to do. All kinds of people to interact with. Interesting conversations. Lots of opportunity to be stealthy. A hacking minigame that's actually fun (at least once you get a couple of upgrades). Just great stuff all around. If you're a fan of sneaky shooters with serious RPG elements, this is a must buy.
  38. Jan 16, 2012
    A game that could have been one of my favorites of all time, dragged down by unforgivably awful boss battles. Those of you who plan of stealthing through this entire game will be disappointed to learn that your skills will be useless in boss fights and crippling in an event towards the end. Make no mistake, this is a game that players should not pass up, but be prepared to deal with some frustrations in this otherwise phenomenal game. Expand
  39. Jun 27, 2014
    Wow, what a game. Better plot/story than 95% of sci-fi movies. SCORE 92/100.

    Gripping and realistic story to the end, extremely immersive gameplay and RPG progression. MANY different ways to complete each micro and macro objective, from true ghost to stealthy assassin to rambo. The game rewards exploration and different styles well.

    You will forget many movies and TV shows years from
    now, but you won't forget the story here, especially if much of it becomes true. Expand
  40. Jan 10, 2014
    Very close to perfection. This is, quite possibly, the best stealth action game, I have EVER PLAYED!!! It was worth sixty dollars. The game rewards you for doing things stealthily, all though it is not required. Several ways to play, multiple weapons, to choose from. Upgrading weapons and your character are good features. Combines rpg elements with shooter and stealth elements, flawlessly. The only reason it is not perfect is that the game worlds are a bit small and I feel the game could have been a lot longer with more side quests. Great game Expand
  41. Aug 26, 2011
    I'll cut right to the chase here, this is the fps rpg we've all been waiting for, actions and consequences aplenty, plenty of side missions and places to explore, game world lore to be found everywhere a fully customizable skillset non-linear approach to all but 4 of the games encounters (boss battles).

    Anyone complaining that this game is linear is insane every mission has multiple
    endings every single one, runs like a dream plays incredibly smoothly.

    Buy this game, do yourself that favor.
  42. Aug 24, 2011
    Much like the first Deus Ex, Human Revolution continues in the vein of FPS/RPG hybrid gameplay, open ended level design, and tin foil conspiracy theories with a bit more connection to reality to make them feel more tangible this time. Gameplay is solid. Main story missions have multiple paths catering to the player's chosen style of play. Have you upgraded armor and weapon related augs? Bust in the front guns blazing. Wanna sneak around? Find a side entrance and discreetly dispose of baddies. Wanna avoid combat all together? There's a way around it and augs to help you avoid it, too. Levels are well designed all around, and despite being comparable in size to many of the locations in the original Deus Ex, there is a considerable lack of wide open spaces that can make areas of the game feel more claustrophobic than they really are. Still, there are design decisions clearly influenced by console limitations. Many world textures are muddy close up, character model animations during conversations look strange and artifical, the FoV, while modifiable in-game, is decidedly narrow by default, and mouse movement feels jerky. These are minor complaints and do little to negatively impact the overall experience. The PC interface is informative and easy to use. Even without obnoxious preorder bonuses, there's a good variety of weapons and weapon modification which further help you create diversified styles of play. The hacking mini game is actually fun and varied enough that, while you may choose to do a lot of it, it never feels stale or repetitive. Unfortunately, locking picking and multitools are strangely absent. The developers stated they removed these features from the game to focus on the hacking mini game. Personally, I feel the result has been a missed opportunity in providing players that additional redundant layer of getting things done that made the original Deus Ex so replayable and entertaining. It also means players run the risk of investing too many points in hacking just to scour the game world of explorable little secrets at the expense of investing in other fun and equally interesting augmentations available to toy with. However, it makes XP all the more precious since you must think carefully about how you upgrade your character. Their reasoning is sound, but it is unfortunate it comes at the expense of other qualities which made the original Deus Ex so endurable. Regardless, Deus Ex fans should enjoy Human Revolution. If you don't, there is something wrong with you. Being a prequel, Human Revolution is also the perfect place for new players to enter the Deus Ex story. Hopefully it will make more people familiar with one of the greatest PC games. Expand
  43. Jan 31, 2012
    Something went wrong. I've read a lot of positive reviews about this game but I wasn't so into it as I thought I will be. I don't quite follow the story - it simply does not seem interesting for me. Dialogs are average and animtalks are week. What I do like is the concept of the game, its art style/design and finisher animations - being a futuristic, "improved" badass feels good. Having multiple options in eliminating enemies feels good. But hiding curled up in the corner in order not to being shot feels,,, well I must say that if I would have such powers I wouldn't act like a total wimp. And what's with the old-school diablo-style inventory ?! He doesn't wear any backpack anyways?! Expand
  44. Oct 17, 2011
    Deus Ex: HR is truly worthy of the Deus Ex name and is a shining example of how to make video games. Regarding the graphics, it has immaculate attention to detail and a gorgeous artistic vision from start to finish. The 3D modeling is superb with even minor objects amazingly crafted. The gameplay is smooth and extremely well thought out. Each area, quest, and item serves a distinct purpose and it all fits together to allow you the freedom to play the game your way, yet still provide a consistently quality experience. Few developers have both the passion and the skills to forge a masterpiece like this, a game that you should thoroughly digest, playing through it at least three times. Moreover, like the original Deus Ex, itâ Expand
  45. Dec 19, 2011
    It's lucky I got this game through my video card purchase and thoroughly enjoyed it for 60 hours with two play through. I am new to Deus Ex franchise and immediately got hooked in first couple of hours. The presentation and dialogs are handled similar to mass effect which I liked very much. However, the main strength of this game is the game mechanics. It's unusual for a game that combines so many aspects together. there are so many paths in each level to take, you can sneak past your enemies, or you could silently take down each enemy and hide their bodies, or you could grab a machine gun to fight your way through and if you increase your hack abilities, it will open even more ways to approach your goal. It's just so much fun to try each way out . I recommend it to any general PC gamer and I also bought the original deus ex at direct2drive. hope it will be as good. Expand
  46. Aug 23, 2011
    This is easily the best game I have ever played in my life. That is an incredibly heavy statement comming from me. Better than the first in every way. It's not just hype either, I've been TRYING to find things to dislike. I can't, it's so fluid, and just.... wonderful.
  47. Oct 29, 2013
    A game undeserving of the hype, but ok otherwise. Gunfighting is bland but this is meant to be played stealth, where it does a bit better. The graphics are very dated, comparable to a game from 2006, like Hitman Blood Money. The level design is also mediocre, but neither of these ruin the game, the story is ok. For me the mechanics are a bit old-fashioned and arcade, but otherwise acceptable. Porting from console to PC has been done well. Expand
  48. Apr 22, 2014
    Deus Ex: HR is a fantastic game. I liked it much more than I thought I would.

    The story is pretty good except that they don’t do a good enough of selling the main conflict. I don’t see the big deal about being a cyborg. It certainly beats being dead, which is what the main character would be w/out augment technology. Also, all of the multiple endings fell flat for me. They are basically
    FMV stock footage with narration about what happened.

    Everything else is spot on, though: graphics, music, voice acting, and especially gameplay. Some people criticize Deus Ex: HR b/c they think there are too many upgrades available and you can max out too many stats. I say those people need to get over themselves. If they’re so hardcore they can either not collect the upgrades (many of which are optional) or simply not apply them.

    Games like this make me wonder how & why people are still playing Metal Gear Solid. This has actual, real stealth-based gameplay and figuring out ways to knock out or kill people and hide their bodies is part of the fun. Controls are tight and movement is fluid, unlike in MGS games. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone having a bad time playing this game.
  49. Jul 6, 2012
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is good, really good. Though the graphic is a little bit weird (orange in almost entire game), it does not affect the great game play. Jensen sounds like some dying patient at first, but story telling gets better when you got used to Jensen's voice. The endings were absolutely awesome and it actually left me something to think about.
  50. Oct 30, 2013
    Human Revolution is a great game with many elements coming together well, although there are some pitfalls. The game is very open end, and you can take on challenges the way you see fit, whether that be through brute force, sneaking a back way through vents, cloaking your way through, or hacking a computer and making a robot fight for you. The voice acting for the most part is solid, and the plot is enthralling, with the added effect that what you do influences plot points. An effective dark atmosphere is created, although the gold and black colour scheme may not appeal to all. However, the game is far from perfect and has definite weakness. The AI in particular, can be quite dumb at times, especially with regards to their alertness to your presence and their reactions. Sometimes enemies get stuck in doors and sometimes they run around like complete buffoons. In addition, the boss fights are unnecessary and do not belong and often rely on saving and loading until you eventually do enough damage to kill them. This concept does not fit well with a game where choice is one of the most prevalent aspects. These pitfalls aside, Human Revolution is still a great game which presents you with many choices and ways to tackle a problem. A link between various genres is done successfully and as a result, an enthralling package is produced, despite the shortcomings. Expand
  51. Jun 15, 2014
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution brings back the franchise, a true Deus Ex game. Square Enix did a really good job, well, almost everything: Amazing story with unexpected endings, great stealth and RPG gameplay, outstanding graphic and great sounds. That's great, except for poor AI and unbelievable stupid boss fights.
  52. Jul 1, 2013
    It doesn't have the sexiness of the original but it's a fine game on its own merit and the cyberpunk themes win me over. Unfortunately, with everything needing to play nice with consoles, it's doubtful we'll ever see a game on the level of the original.
  53. Aug 30, 2011
    I don't get the hype. It's just another one of your average first person shooter, and after a mere hour of playing I didn't find one thing that would make it stand out from the rest. It uses so many well-known features it's completely boring to play. Personally, I'm tired of that technological/bionical feel, give me something new, I've been playing for 20 years, it's time to come up with something new already. Expand
  54. Feb 1, 2013
    Had such a great time playing this game. Freedom of choice with genuinely different outcomes, a decent story and also being able to feel like you are in the world. Only gripes are the usual boss fights, and I think the game can be quite punishing at times.
  55. Aug 29, 2011
    I read a lot of reviews saying that the game was over-hyped and i can say, in all honesty, they're right. It barely lives up to the expectations. Although it does really well in it's attempt to follow the formula of the original, in my opinion it reminds of Invisible War a lot more than it does of the first DeusEx (why that is, i don't really know, since invisible war was a flop through and through, patches and all) the game has barely anything new to offer. It's the same options, though severely polished. What pissed me off a lot, was the fact they kept the same, tedious side quests that involved an insane amount of backtracking and collecting/hacking. Voice acting is well done, though not all of the time. Graphically, it's practically flawless. It's not state of the art GFX, but that is of little importance. Personally, i love the designs of the augmentations. Everything else is surprisingly mediocre. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful time-killer, but soon enough you'll find yourself wanting for the next best thing. Expand
  56. Apr 20, 2012
    This game is awe inspiring, and an experience that I would recommend to anyone. The visuals, music, and overall atmosphere pulls you in from the first few minutes, and never lets you go. It took me awhile to adjust to the combat / stealth gameplay, but once I did, it was really fun sneaking around and getting stuff done. The only thing that bothered me was the boss battles. They are stupid, annoying, and in many ways, don't fit into the game properly. I also didn't find this game to be addicting at all (certainly not in the way that something like Skyrim is); I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but there you go. Expand
  57. May 23, 2013
    It's a combination of Dishonored with a high tech future. Slowly the game draws you in until you realize that you are deep into a theme and want to get to the end. The type of game you have to play more than once since it teaches you other options might have been better as you progress. Highly recommend it for those who like stealth, strategy and a "thinking" game in addition to some fast paced shooting. Expand
  58. Aug 24, 2011
    Every bit as good as Mass Effect and the original Deus Ex. A refined, highly polished game with a rich and involving narrative. There is so much story it could be hard to digest it all. But it's up to the individual in regards as to how invested one becomes in it. The developers went above and beyond. The game is clearly meant to be played through multiple times and each time could feel like a fresh experience. I'm already planning my next play-through. How about you? Expand
  59. Jul 21, 2014
    Think Deus ex with modern graphics, but with a more streamlined gameplay, RPG & customisation options than the original its still worthy successor to the masterpiece original and a worthy addition to the Deus Ex series and for those who been fiending for Deus Ex this is a great fix.
  60. Mar 3, 2012
    I purchased this game when released, and overall, my experience with the game has been by and large, a positive experience. The graphics are impressive, and I did not experience any significant bugs. The action is for the most part flows at a fairly quick clip, but the "hacking" of terminals becomes a rather mundane task. The story lines are not bad, but are predictable and somewhat humorous at times. One of the very first things I did notice when firing up the game for the first time was the lifelessness. Cars do not move, and has the traffic flow of North Korea - none at all. People aimlessly walk around, and the whole vibe of the cities seem, well, lifeless. Enemies are similar throughout, and while challenging at times, the mechanics are the same. Hide behind this, shoot that. Not that is a negative, but adding that to the lifelessness makes the experience, well, weird. Still, I would recommend this game, but not at the price I purchased it for. Expand
  61. Apr 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. From normal human to god kind, this game will lead you in the middle story of the human revolution against the technology, with gorgeous graphic locations and musics, animated graphic videos that will help to feel part of the story, increase the skills of your body parts with the augmentation, and if you buy the first 2 episodes are they are cool too. Expand
  62. Jun 29, 2012
    WOW!, is thought the previous 2 deus ex games were good but it was nothing like this, i love this game... what else can i say, they just keep getting better. I played Deus Ex 1 like 10 years ago, then the 2nd one a few weeks ago which is way better but kinda short. This 3rd installment is even better, amazing game, i got it for 15 or 20 bucks for all 3 off Steam on a 75% off deal last weekend, i feel like i punched a kid in the face and stole his candy because it was such a good deal. This game is pure awsome, sound, graphics, gameplay, mechanics, voice acting, RPG elements, Stealth elements, all top notch! SOLID 10! id give it a 15 over 10 if i could, best game ive played in years. Expand
  63. Aug 30, 2011
    I wanted to give this a 10, because I really like this game, ALOT. There are a few problems though. First off, some of the cities are a nightmare to navigate: I want to enter this building, I am on the "main street", but there is no entrance at all, the only entrance to the building is having me climb around and about for 5-10 minutes until I found the backalley (could probably be done faster afterwards), that is really annoying, and it doesn't seem "realistic" in a game that, in its world at least, tries to be somewhat realistic. I don't want to spend 5-10min running around finding an entrance, that is annoyance, not good gameplay, especially when there SHOULD be a much more approachable entrance.

    2nd, I have setup my vista os to allow for maximum performance in games. In The Witcher 2 (arguably prettier than Deus Ex) I am getting 30+ FPS (everything except for ubersampling on max) and no weird or occassional drops in fps for no apparent reason. Granted I have nVidia and TW2 loves nVidia, DEHR loves ATI, I also know that engines work differently. But with the way I setup my OS and the fact that my gfx card is running at 40-70% (almost never touching 90%), and I still get choppy framerates is infuriating, that should not be happening.
    It should be said, the drop in framerates and the choppy framerates happens nomatter what graphics settings I use. Max, medium, low, custom, tesselation on/off, etc. So I assume that this is something that will be fixed with a driver from nVidia or a patch from eidos. If it does get fixed, then the real score should be 9/10 for this game imo.

    Other than that; I love the atmosphere, I love the game world (except for the problem stated previously), I love the VA, the combat is good (AI could be better, but that goes for almost all games), the graphics ARE pretty and I really love the art style. So, some people may find the two points I pointed out to be very minor things, to me they can make me shut down the game for a time and therefore ruin the gaming experience.
  64. Jul 18, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. The gameplay overall works very well, but I would first like to address my minor problems with it. Sometimes when you have an object such as a crate against a rail, you will have to press and hold space multiple times to get where you are trying to go. There is also no "hold" options for crouch, iron sights, etc.; only toggle. This means that you cannot hold your crouch button, and release to stand up. You have to press the button once to crouch, and again to stand. In other words, there are some clunky moments, but it's definitely nothing unbearable. Avoiding lasers and cameras, neutralizing guards, finding secret areas and vents, etc. all work very well and are just plain fun. The character customization is a bit mediocre. Upon replaying the game, I found myself picking the same old upgrades I did last time. It's pretty obvious which abilities are good, and which ones just aren't necessary at all. This is one of the few games that I think should go down in time as a must play from generation 7. Expand
  65. Nov 22, 2011
    This is a phenomenal game. The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is that I liked the original Deus Ex a bit more. But whether you've ever played the first game or not, you are not in for a disappointment with this game. The story is very well written, almost as good as the original. The gameplay, intertwining FPS and RPG, is done very well. I'm usually not a fan of FPS games, there's only been a small handful that I thought were worth playing for more than an hour or two, but this FPS/RPG hybrid is among the best games I've ever played. Expand
  66. May 2, 2013
    This game is superb in every way, It deserves all the ratings, A modern multi-choice game with a different choice of skill trees, A Great stealth system(It is A LOT like dishonored and Far Cry 3's Stealth), a Working inventory system and a gripping story.

    When I played this game back in 2011 I thought the Stealth system was pretty poor, but playing the game again on PC in 2013, I've
    realized the stealth is very diverse in a game where it's not necessarily required, it's not like splinter cell where you can openly walk right past someone, It's not like Tomb Raider(2013) where once your detected, everyone knows your location, It's more "Real" than all of these, The best way to approach the situations is to say, "what would happen in real life?", If your detected, it's not too late, if you can run around the enemy or chase him, OR even just shoot him before he sounds the alarm, the enemies have no way of knowing you were even there, Bodies can be moved like in the fallout games, Enemies can be silently knocked out, OR loudly killed with Adams wrist blades(Cool as F***), When knocked out, the enemies DO awaken, So be quick if this is your method. Now the stealth part is amazing, But what if you hate stealth and like being a loud superhuman? There are skill trees for that too, Like more regeneration, the "Typhoon" and more, And with the games diverse covering system, gunplay and again, stealth, getting the jump on your enemy has never been more fun, i'd go as far to say this game is A LOT better than 2012's dishonored!

    If you find this game cheap and you've never played it, GET IT, it's an experience!

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is one of the best games this gen, a MUST play!
  67. Feb 24, 2013
    After reading all these positive reviews I really looked forward to DE:HR. Yet after 4 hours of playing I turned it off, totally disappointed. The fabled "incredible graphics" turned out to be very similar but still inferior to Mass Effect 1's. The voice acting sucks the life out of any conversation. Then there's all the reading you could do pc's, magazines, books just like in fallout or skyrim then? no... here it's a chore, devoid of any humor. This game takes itself so serious yet I find it has little going for it. Even the skills you can choose seem totally meaningless. My opinion: avoid this game, even in the bargain bin. This one's way overhyped Expand
  68. sft
    Jan 19, 2014
    A sneaky business

    It might be possible to run-and-gun your way through DEHR but to do so would be to miss the point of the game. DEHR is all about stealth, hacking, persuasion, and cautious combat. And it does all this very well. There’s also a fully realised story that has much more depth than most games. It’s also worth noting the soundtrack, which is very atmospheric throughout (and
    somewhat redolent of Blade Runner at times). The visuals are a mixed bag, however, with impressive environments but often disappointing character models and animation. And the colour palette is rather muted and bland. The worst aspect of the game, however, is the inventory, which is bafflingly annoying: it rather pointlessly forces you to shuffle things around in order to fit all the items in. I really don’t see the point of this as it adds nothing to the game. There is also no real variation in the environments visited during the game; it’s basically one urban landscape after another. These may seem like minor criticisms but when combined they were enough to dampen my enjoyment a little. But having said all that DEHR does what it sets out to do so well that I can forgive it’s few flaws. Expand
  69. Nov 26, 2011
    This is one of those rare awe-inspiring games. The atmosphere is just perfect and the musical score just enhances it. Some scenes are just jaw-dropping. The gameplay is also spot on. The controls are responsive (except mousing over keys on keypads), the graphics are sharp, the story is compelling and the characters are interesting. A warning, though: when you first play the game, some things may irritate you, but you will soon see that they make sense. Your inventory size is limited and you often have to leave behind precious things that you KNOW you'll need later. But that makes sense. No matter how much you're enhanced, you're not a pick-up truck. Already, the game makes unrealistic concessions to allow you to tote a bazooka, a sniper rifle, a mini-gun, and crates of ammo through public places without being noticed or even through metallic air ducts without making a sound. You might want to try a Schwarzenegger-like charge through a cluster of enemies, only to find that a single bullet can kill you. Well, shucks. A bullet really CAN kill you. The game forces you to play smarter than the usual shooter. That's a good thing. At first, the hacking just seems arbitrarily frustrating and you might try to avoid it at all costs... until you figure out how it works, and then it becomes fun! The only thing that remains that still frustrates me is that you can't carry more than one of each type of weapon (to sell them). If you have a pistol and you pick up a second pistol, it gets converted to ammo and you're left not with two pistols but one pistol with more ammo. But that's a drop of lameness in a bucket of awesomeness. And yet more awesomeness: you really can play this game many ways. Early decisions have an impact on later events, so you can replay it trying out different approaches and you will see different results. The result is that you'll probably replay it many times, playing the good guy, the bad guy, etc. This might not be a fair comparison, but the nanosuit in Crysis does "feel" more powerful than the enhancements in Deus Ex. I wouldn't mind a cross-over where I could play DE using a nanosuit, just to compare. :) Expand
  70. Jun 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Initially I really enjoyed this game but a few hours fighting similar enemies in similar environments gets tedious, the fact that I am yet to complete this game speaks for itself. While the idea of upgrading your body to suit different styles is brilliant its let down by a boring story and dull characters.

    There is a lot of potential here and hopefully a future title may do it justice
  71. gas
    Jul 6, 2012
    I bought this game recently at 7 euros, i waited to buy it cause i was curious but i was a bit scared it was just a cod generation moronic game, about that its a very streamlined version of deus ex, but its quite good luckily. The game is a stealth/action fps with rpg elements and a "blade runner" setting with a story that should be very interesting and full of twists(in some occasions the plot is not totally logic tbh), its quite different from the first deus ex tbh, it has a lot of potential but much is wasted by some elements not working perfectly, but overall its quite good, fun, and the gameplay is working if you like to play not too hardcore stealthy fps. I finished in less then 50 hours at normal level, never find a problem to go on. i tried to play mostly stealth, exploring all the zones and trying to find all side quests. I think i will replay it at max difficulty later on, but thr replay value is not high cause its full scripted and the story is always the same except some minor choices. I have to tell the game is very linear and the rpg elements are super basic, anyway the story is quite good, at least its better then most shi-fi movies out there. The side quests are a lot opinable, cause many of them are just things like "please my cat cant get down the tree, can you help it pls?", also its a bit sad that you cant change nothing of the story, except the different endings. Anyway i played and i enjoyed it but i think its not really a masterpiece, especially for the AI really lacking, and the fact its very very linear, also the inventory mechanic could have been a lot better. Actually is july 2012, 1 year after release, i didnt encounter a single bug or crash so i imagine many things were fixed in the past, also graphically, ive read many reviews complaining about that, to me seems quite fine honestly, maybe its not the best of the best, but its enough good imo. Music is good, even if a bit repetitive, translation and voice acting in my language is very good, even if the game lacks completey lip sync but nvm. At the end surely i think it was possible to have a far better game adding free roaming and bigger maps with more life in them, anyway i still think its a good one (considered i bought it at 7 euros, for a full price 50 euros i think i could give a 7 max). Expand
  72. Sep 24, 2011
    Great game, loved the storyline. Not the greatest game of all time, but certainly worth my 50 bucks.

    If you want a good, sci-fi game that flows well but is challenging enough to keep you interested, this one's for you. But be warned, a few fights in the game can be very hard if you're ill equipped, you need to think outside the box sometimes to win even on normal difficulty.
  73. Sep 3, 2011
    Firstly I am going to try to be fair reviewing this game. For starters I am a huge fan of the original game by Warren. Lot of respect to him and that game mostly because of the characters, story, conspiracies etc. I disregarded the second one because it didn't really deliver the goods, despite that awesome level meeting JC again. Jumping to now and seeing this game I am surprised they even slapped the Deus Ex name brand on the box. First the art design is strange, while cool in a blade runner style, it doesn't seem to fit the universe. For a prequel I don't remember the original being set in this fancy world. Guess we gotta appeal to the newer fans, which brings me to the terrible story which didn't hold my interest one bit. Lame voice acting (why not get Tom Hall back for goodness sake), boring level design, same run of the mill stealth and first person modes, and finally the horrible hacking crap. I wanna play THE game not a game within a blinking game. Only thing it has got going for it is this weird aug varied world, but it sure as heck doesn't deserve the name Deus Ex.. its got little to do with the original, no interesting enemies (what happened to the robot guys and the creatures from the conspiracy labs?), only 2 hubs, and crappy weapons. I gave it a 4 mostly because it is a semi-good time wasting game if your new to the series but really it has nothing to do with the original which is why I gave it such a low score. Shame on the developers taking this approach to an original universe, guess we gotta live with it. Back to playing the original game for me. oh yeah don't pay 60 dollars for it. Wait till it drops to 20 at least, or better yet rent it. Expand
  74. Sep 3, 2011
    Long story short, it's an amazing game with some very overlooked flaws. The augmentation system was poorly planned out, your choices in-game had no effect in anyway what-so-ever in anything, the boss battles were half assed and cut scenes were dreadful. My major issue with this game was the AI, you can almost compare them to fairly polished Counter Strike Source bots. If you have the patience and efficiency for tactical espionage shooters or loved Metal Gear Solid you might find some love for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Expand
  75. Jul 2, 2012
    Great game. Lives up to the expectations of the first one. Stealth or combat both work. There are a few issues though. Firstly the dealers don't sell anything worth buying so you end up with a lot of money and nothing to spend it on. Secondly if you go stealthy then you might as well forget about most of the inventory stuff in the game as you can't attach most of the upgrades to stealth weapons. This makes the entire upgrade process mute. Thirdly by the end of the game you will have almost all the augs and most of them aren't that useful.

    Perhaps the worst part of this game is the achievements. If you look at any "must do" lists for game achievements you'll find mention of providing some feedback on the status of chievs. DE fails to do that. There are a couple of chievs that you won't know whether you get them or not until the end game. If you somehow mess up along the way you'll never know. I had this for one of the chievs and even though I watched carefully and restarted when I wasn't sure I still didn't get one of them. What dev sat there in the design meetings and said "this is an awesome idea"? They need to be fired. Additionally several of the chievs contract each other so you end up playing sections of the game over again just to unlock them all. This is most obvious if you're trying for the stealth chievs. You'll have to replay several sections twice and you won't know until you've finished the game whether you'll even get them all. This is the devs way of saying "screw you". This game is at the top of my "worst chievs ever list". The purpose of chievs is to reward you for doing something you wouldn't normally do. Not for forcing you to play the entire game a certain way and leave you guessing until the end. The chievs devs need to go back to chievs 101 before they are allowed to design them in the future. This really sored the game for me. Thanks a lot.
  76. Jul 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not a fan of stealth games. That said, I have to say that I enjoyed Deus Ex. The game mechanisms were very well done for this type of game. The difficulty was OK: it was challenging but not frustrating, perhaps apart from the boss fights, all of which were under a minute if you followed the same routine (buff up, a couple of grenades, finish of with a round of headshots).

    Another negative thing was the way the game progressed. Towards the end it got monotonous. Go to this place, hack this, hide here, hack hack, hide, perform a take down, etc. Perhaps it didn't make me quite playing, but i started using the automatic unlock kits instead of hacking, and instead of sitting quiet and observing the beat of the guards i preferred to bring a hacked turret with me so it could do the work.

    I didn't follow the promotional campaign before the games release, i didn't read the novel nor the comic book, so perhaps i missed out on something, but i didn't get why would people protest against augmentations. The player just doesn't know. It if because augmentations give an unfair advantage to some? Well, so do cars. And, like augmentations, not everybody can afford them, and they are tied to certain permanent costs (gasoline, hello?). Yeah, I get that getting rid of a car is much easier than an implant, but nonetheless. And what about the claims against science and technology in general? It just seemed to me like flimsy at best. I believe that it would have been more interesting if they had done this in a way that would tear the player into a choice of a lesser evil. Here, we have corporate greed vs. sheer technophobia, because that's how I see all these arguments that people should evolve without the help of technology. Fine, go back to your caves, without these degenerating technological advancements such as the alphabet, medicine or refrigerators. That said, the endings were weak for the same reasons. The choices between embrace the ideas of a morally dubious member of a world-wide conspiracy and unlimited power for corporations are both as bad. Perhaps it would have been better to leave the moral dilemmas out of the game?

    Well, maybe the positive: graphics were OK, though kinda outdated. The cities, however, were fantastically designed. Sound was great, as was the voice acting, apart from the lead actor. This is not a jab at the actor, but rather at the convention of these gruff low voices (think Bale's batman growl), which is irritating, because, well... people just don't talk like that. Even people with low and gruff voices don't talk like that, with the possible exception of a dehydrated Tom Waits.

    Despite rambling so long about the negative sides of the game, i actually is decent, though not without its flaws. However, its worth the time.
  77. Jul 27, 2013
    This game is just perfect. It has one of the best stories so far in video games, altought the ending is dumb. Great balance between stealth and action, many ways to achieve succes in mission, various augmentations that are fun to use. Nice graphics stylization, nice characters, interesting side missions. What else to say. Deus Ex 1 was a perfect game and many ppl though that DEHR wont be as good but they were wrong. DEHR is a percet prequel to one of the best games of history. Expand
  78. Dec 17, 2011
    If you are a true Deus Ex fan then this is a must, is you're not then this REALLY IS A MUST! A engrossing world with great atmosphere, excellent soundtrack, freedom of choice and strong replay value. The visuals are also outstanding in some areas however some facial animations are a bit stiff!
  79. Aug 23, 2011
    played the beta build. Immediately after beating it, i pre ordered. Haven't regretted that decision once and i don't think i will. This game is bloody brilliant in every single way. Great story, great dialogue, great graphics on pc maxed out and at 60 fps. You cant beat that. A true successor to the original deus! pc gaming is still alive
  80. Nov 16, 2012
    This game is interesting. It should really be called "Hacking Simulator 2.0: Now With Stealth!" It seems like hacking is the solution to EVERYTHING. Locked door? Hack it. Security camera? Hack it. Hostile robots patrolling? Hack them. Turrets? Hack them. Lasers? Hack them. Computers? Hack them. Hacking gives you xp, too, so there's never any reason NOT to hack stuff. Even in the final boss (UGH the bosses!!!) I was able to hack at my leisure.
    That would be fine if the hacking were fun, but it really gets annoying. Especially since the % chance of detection is completely ridiculous. I kid you not, when attempting to hack a 35% detection node, I counted being detected 7 times in a row. That wasn't unusual, too.
    The stealth can be rather fun at times, but the AI is absolutely ridiculously bad. Enemy 1 will be facing away from me, and I'll take down enemy 2 standing 10 feet behind him and get away with it. Enemy 2 will gasp and grunt as I snap his arm, drop his gun which clatters to the ground, and get slammed on his back on the ground, while enemy 1 is none the wiser.
    The game prides itself on letting you play how you want, but combat doesn't feel like a valid choice. It feels like you failed at stealth. Also, most of the guns are worthless. The standard 10mm pistol is way easier to kill enemies with than the shotgun, machine pistol, assault rifle, heavy rifle, and even the sniper rifle. Plus, you won't get the cool guns (grenade launcher, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, laser rifle) until right before the end of the game anyway. At least I didn't, and I explored everything and did every side mission.
    The plot is interesting, but way too busy. This person is behind it, but no they have an excuse, so THIS person is behind it, but no they have an excuse too, rinse and repeat. The "bad guy" changes so often in this game that eventually you just zone out. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I like what they were going for here, but I don't think they quite hit it. Couple that with how much everyone raved about this game before I played it, and I ended up disappointed. You may like it, though. It's certainly not a BAD game.
  81. Jan 18, 2012
    Caveat: I am a HUGE fan of Looking Glass Studios that created the first Deus Ex. Deus Ex: Human Evolution is the third in the series and the second best of the bunch. DE:HE is a well designed game that cleverly uses RPG elements with FPS gaming as well as the hacking gameplay from the original Deus Ex games. It uses an odd engine that can be very tricky to master and can cause some frustration for some. It's "sticky" as it uses the cover technique from games like Gears of War but doesn't utilize it in the environment properly. It's not bad - it just takes a lot of getting used to. The upgrade system is very well thought out and uses a system that is gained from XP. XP is gained from hacking, quest completions and attacks. It uses quite a bit from the previous Deus Ex games and it uses it well. The visuals are well rendered with a huge nod to the Bladerunner film and any other similar cyberpunk work. The game runs smoothly and has no visual flaws for the most part. My PC did freeze completely during a FMV towards the end though as well a lighting issue on the same area. The voice over work is very good and the audio foley is very creative. The weapon selection is very good as well as the upgrade system. There are various stores to buy equipment and ammo. The credit system is simple and there are plenty of opportunities to gain creds. There are a few different ways to approach the game by upgrading yourself: you can be more of a hacker, stealth expert or simply kill everything with weapons and attacks. At times, DE:HE can be repetitive and frustrating given that the jobs are similar and cause the player to walk back and forth over and over. The enemies AI is very predictable in some places and erratic in others. The bosses are way too easy when using the Typhoon weapon, but if you want a challenge then you shouldn't use it. It's a very entertaining and vast world which is immersive and technical. It's not perfect and falls short when compared to the first (Invisible War is slightly worse) which is a big compliment. Expand
  82. Aug 28, 2014
    A very good game. The gameplay is very good and stays true to the original's. The story may not be as deep as the first game but this is still worth getting definitely.
  83. Nov 25, 2011
    This review is an excerpt I wrote for my local paper. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you know any Greek you would know that the tone is set in the title; "God of Human Revolution." This game is the prequel to the first; Deus Ex. The events take place in the near future when biotic upgrades can be given to improve one's attributes, whether it be physical or mental. The main character Adam Jensen, a so called "cyber-punk", is the head of security for the largest corporate contributor of the biotic upgrades, also known as "Augmentations." Adam starts out talking with his ex-girlfriend, Megan, who is the head scientist of the same biotic corporation "Sarif Industries." They plan to release a new found science that would change the face of medical history permanently. After a quick debrief, Adam is notified that an "accident" occurred on one of the research floors. He quickly responds, only to find some highly armed mercenaries had broken into the building. Equipped with strength enhanced augmentations, the mercenaries throw Adam through a wall and some glass, fatally injuring him. His last moments of life are spent seeing the murder of his ex-girlfriend.
    Because Adam was the head of security at Sarif Industries, he was considered a valuable asset and was treated with care in a costly effort to bring him back to life. With the treatment successful Adam was spared his life, but is now roughly 80% augmentation, 20% human. Six months of recovery left him asking questions of the attack, but no one knew any details. The only person recovered was Adam, and no one else experienced the mercenary attack.
    The full game then picks up from there. Now that Adam is mostly made up of augmentations, he is available to upgrade his mechanics. He can only upgrade them slowly over time, however, otherwise what's left of his real body might reject the radical changes in performance. Some upgrades include an invisibility suit upgrade, and another is a sort of Electromagnetic Parachute which slows falls from large heights, reducing any chance of injury.
    The game is spent uncovering the reasons of the mercenary attack, because Adam is led to believe it's purely about augmentation competition, but he feels it goes deeper than that. As the player you are able to make any decisions in conversation to try and get to the bottom of your main quest, as well as many variable side quests which can have impact on the game in future events.
    The game is also set up to fit 3 different playstyles; Stealth, Force, and Adaptation. The amazing thing about the level design is that there's obviously one way in, but if you are determined enough you can find up to 4 different routes to your objective. There's the front door, back door, window, or air ducts to explore, and each option provides different challenges including: hacking, stealth assassinations, diversions, pure unadulterated stealth, or simply guns blazing.
    In the end, there is a crystal clear ultimate goal which until the final boss fight is as murky as an oil spilled mud puddle. It keeps you going to the end, and once you're there you have ultimately 4 history altering options to chose from. Ultimately, you are the god of human revolution.
  84. Sep 12, 2014
    good fun game with many different ways to play it. plot and dialogue are decent and voice-acting while not spectacular is better than many other games out there. the stealth elements are fun and challenging and while it is possible to play as a pure run and gun fps, the game does 'punish' you a little for that (you generally get less points for outright kills than stealth kills and knockouts). the augmentations are fun and mostly relevant and the skill progression and planning a build is fun. generally a good game which should be picked up when it goes on sale. Expand
  85. Jul 14, 2013
    Finally we have a good deus ex game again. after the pathetic failure that was invisible war honor is finally restored to one of the single greatest game franchises of all time.
  86. Sep 5, 2011
    Best game i have been playing in 2011. Great atmosphere, great storyline, great music. Everything on it's place. Definitely worth buying. My Game of the Year favorite.
  87. Sep 5, 2011
    Deus Ex Human Revolution is one the Role-playing game in this year. It's a worthy continuator of original game. Interesting story, varied game-play, nice game design. Everything about Deus Ex.
  88. Oct 7, 2011
    I think there's definitely a solid foundation to the claim of the game being "incredibly immersive" - in most aspects. The story is fairly believable, the voice-acting quite well-done (for a video game), and the characters seem fairly deep. The graphical quality of the game is fantastic, and the design is very pleasing to look at (though some more variety in objects would've been appreciated). The physics involved in the game are a bit screwy, especially when the game determines whether or not you can pick objects up, but that's quite forgivable. Combat is what you'd expect with cover-based shooting. The hacking mini-game is surprisingly intense, and the options to explore in the game are rewarding and interesting. There is an issue with Deus Ex being so serious, however, and that's when they let you do whatever you please. I was getting a bit bored with the quests (throughout the game, I never found the quests interesting - just something I had to do so I could progress to the next area) and decided to massacre the police department. It was fun and intense. It didn't fit my character at all when he got back to the storyline dialogue, however, which broke immersion. Overall, I was often wanting more action in the game, and it was difficult to come after breaking the "timeline" of the story by wiping out every collection of gang-members, police, and civilians I could find. I recall wandering around gunning civilians in the Asian environment, and killing a civilian who was apparently important, dropping something that seemed to have no significance. However, upon picking it up, my character decided to phone a security officer at the company the character works for. The conversation went something like "Do you think a pendent with some insignia on it will come in useful." "Yeah, why?" "Just wondering." Overall, I enjoyed the game, and I think playing it on the hardest difficulty would have been much more preferable (keeping in mind I'm not particularly good at FPS games) -- at medium difficulty, there just wasn't any point wasting time with stealth. Expand
  89. May 18, 2012
    A perfect combination of Crysis, the old Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid, X-Files and Mass Effect, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a shooter, semi RPG, cyberpunk-themed game that sucks you in.

    The stealth missions, the shooting, the mini quest, the free roaming, the inventory arranging, the weapon's choices, and last, the augmentations. Those are the goods of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    The bad?
    Boss fights. The boss fights will never, ever fit in the game. Just like a "Z" Tetris' puzzle piece, it's annoying and you can't make it disappear (or skip it). For a game that promote stealth, it's quite surprising that the developer could think of boss fights will fit well in the game. Expand
  90. Mar 30, 2012
    Whether or not you're a fan of the Deus Ex series is irrelevant. The simple fact that the game combines so many solid gaming elements, from third person cover shooting to stealth game-play, means the game is going to be enjoyable to any demographic. The story itself is a little hard to follow and the writers throw quite a bit of philosophical jargon into the mix, but it's really just a means to take you from one area to the next and give you as many options for tackling an objective as you can think of. From guns blazing to sneaking through areas as a ghost, every tactic you use to complete your mission really makes you feel like an augmented bad-ass. Throw in some great art design and a stirring cyberpunk soundtrack and you've got one awesome game. I could mention the sometimes glitched AI and the often cumbersome and ambiguous map system, but that's really just nitpicking on something that is a really solid package. Expand
  91. Aug 23, 2012
    The world and characters really make this game what it is. Contrary to other popular shooters, its story has depth and the conspiracy is more than just a shock betrayal. The gameplay is good, though some parts restricts the player to just use stealth or die and the boss fights play just like a shooter; which is a shame because in all other respects Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't JUST a shooter. The world feels great but doesn't look great due to the mediocre to good graphics that lodge somewhere between the perfectness of Crysis 2 and the far up awe but close up disgust of Skyrim. However, the Blade Runner-esque world design and colours do combine to make an engrossing experience that is as fun as it is thought provoking. Expand
  92. Apr 4, 2012
    A good game overall. One of the biggest downfalls, as many players have pointed out, are the lack of challenge in the boss fights. Once you figure out the "shortcuts", the boss fights are insultingly easy. The plot also gets a bit convoluted as you progress. Other than that, it has generally solid gameplay. Most weapons can be upgraded, you can install Augmentations to enhance your abilities, and you have an XP system, where you acquire a Praxis kit for each time you level up to select said Augmentations. Stealth is an optional approach, as are non-lethal means of neutralizing bad guys. Using cover in your combat environment is a must - going Rambo will get you killed quickly. There are plenty of side quests to take on throughout the game as well. I have not played the first two Deus Ex games though, so I'm not in a position to compare it to earlier games in the series. Regardless, gamers should try this one out if they haven't already. Expand
  93. Sep 2, 2012
    more of an 8.5, but for the sheer amazing story, design, soundtrack and pretty much everything i have decided to round up the score.
    the boss fights. a hot topic. if you are smart enough to make sure you always have an assault rifle with you and a stack of 200 ammo, you should be fine. they were hard, very hard. even on easiest setting.

    but as for the good stuff, well i decided to just
    say the bad stuff, as there is so much good stuff you just cant say.

    if you love a rich, in depth world, a great story, or just stealthy gameplay and a big challenge, then this game is for you. it is amazing.. not that i should need to reccommend it as you should have already played it
  94. Aug 31, 2011
    Game of the year contender for sure. From graphics to gameplay this game doesn't disappoint. The replay-ability due to the 6 endings and many ways to tackle each mission and side mission. Game will take between 20 to 50 hours depending on difficulty and weather or not you will want to collect all the collectibles and do side missions.
  95. Oct 13, 2011
    In the age of EA games, rushed sequels are commonplace. These games invariably end up being absolutely terrible - Dragon Age II anyone?
    This is not one of those games.
    This game is simply stunning from start to finish. The opening sequences are extremely exciting, and that excitement stays at fever-pitch throughout the game.
    This is a true sequel to the greatness that was the original
    Deus Ex - even though it seems to not follow the original plot-line whatsoever.
    Buy this game, buy it now. And don't buy EA produced games - please.
  96. Aug 25, 2011
    The best game I've purchased in a long time. Interesting, challenging and fun. PC graphics include DX11 goodness and FXAA. Sound is awesome. Lots of choices and alternate outcomes. High production values. It's a winner.
  97. Oct 20, 2011
    The whole game feels like filler that was cut from the original. The first thing they do gimp your character, and you're forced to play the whole game at a fraction of your power. Plus the difficulty curve is all screwed up. I breezed through to the end when heavy weapons were suddenly mandatory, then had to reload a thousand times. Story is totally generic, and there's not one visual you haven't seen already. Expand
  98. Jun 25, 2012
    This is MOSTLY a good game. Fine graphcs, passable story, very good gameplay and a very good setting. For the first time in my life, the hacking minigame does not suck either, and the soudtrack is good too. The real problem with this game are the boss fights. Most of the game is a pretty realistic experience: a few bullets are enough to kill you, and the same is true for your enemy. Some may wear hevier armor (as you can buy better implants), but the idea is the same, and often the best way to deal with a group of enemies is to strike from the shadows or just avoid them altogether, maybe finding an alternative route. You are also free to either kill or stun your enemies, with an arsenal of non-lethal weapons. As soon as a boss appears, forget all of this: you can shoot whole magazines right in their heads. You can stun them, but should you try to finish them off with the blades conveniently attached to your cyber arms they will be ready to fight back. This game has a strangely arcade approach to boss fights. One moment you're a cyberninja, the other you're jumping over the head of a boss blindly charging forward. And there is no choice between letal, nonletal and alogether non violent approach. I guess the japanese publisher takes the blame, but this quite conflicts with the spirit of the game. Too bad, this coul have been a real 10/10. Expand
  99. Aug 31, 2011
    A couple things changed since I updated my review last time. First they patched the game so many of the bugs that it released with have been fixed (tho, Steam forums are still populated with people having problems). Second my opinion of the game got worse. There is nothing good at all in this game. The AI is the single worst I have ever seen. The graphics (despite DX11) are very bad with overly simplistic environments made up of the same prop copied over and over. Likewise the sounds are repetitive and enemies will get on your nerves repeating the same thing over and over again. Character models look at least 4 years old, to compare I went to Half Life 2 which is 6 years old, about the same. The story is so full of unbelievable stupid downright thoughtless missteps and pitfalls its more of a parody of something, tho what I have no idea. It will have you doing things like covering for employees stealing from your company, though you are the security chief and as far as you know the company saved your life. Later you will be asked to collect debts and steal things, none of which have anything to do with....anything. Your actions have ZERO impact on the story or outcome. To be sure of this I started a second play through and murdered everyone in Detroit, except quest givers, but I did murder quest objectives before I had received their quests. No change in anyone's behavior, guy A tells me to "take care of" guy B and so on. I even killed all the cops in the station which didn't seem to bother any cops outside, or even on a different floor of the station while I was doing it. There are no consequences for any of your actions unless maybe you kill a quest giver before you finish his quest. On the hardest difficulty the game is pathetically easy because the dumb AI will all stand in a row for you waiting to get shot. Out of ammo? No problem, just duck behind a corner or box for about 5 mins and they will forget about you. Also the freedom and open gameplay which is so prominently advertised is nonexistent. Your choice is to get from point A to goal B by either crawling through vents (and for a 40 hour game, do you want to stare at the insides of duct work for that long?) or by shooting your way there. It's as linear as linear gets, the goals never change, the order never changes and once you are done with an area it's done, there is no going back to explore more. I am genuinely dumbfounded that anyone likes this game and is willing to look past its multiple and glaring short comings. If you enjoy good graphics, a solid story that makes sense, intelligent enemies and challenging gameplay look elsewhere. Expand
  100. Aug 29, 2011
    A wonderful return to the form of the original game in which caution, exploration and roleplaying pay off at least as much as straight shooting. However, the PC version is the least stable game I've played in years and I experienced many hangups near the start (around the time of the emergency patches) but then again later after some 7 hours play. For this reason I can only rate it "decent" overall. If they fix the bugs it's an absolute classic. Expand
  101. Sep 5, 2011
    When I first saw this game, I didn't know what to expect. The box art and story sound interesting, so I go it. I was instantly amazed. Human Revolution combines storytelling with shooting, stealth, and makes players think about how they re going to accomplish a task. My favorite part, however, is the stealth combat. It never gets old to sneak up on and unsuspecting guard, hit circle, and beat him senseless.This type of game that combines all aspects of gaming that people enjoy is what keeps the gaming industry alive. Collapse

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  1. 100
    There are only a few games this year we suggest to 16-yrs old gamers and their fathers together. Human Revolution for sure is a Game of the Year nominee. [Oct 2011]
  2. 90
    So despite the odds being stacked against it, Eidos Montreal accomplished the impossible and brought us a Deus Ex in the true sense of the word, probably the best one that we could have hoped for considering the current "requirements" for being commercially successful nowadays.
  3. Oct 10, 2011
    A worthy successor to one of the greatest games ever. It offers a lot of choice on many levels and feels like an RPG from years past - in a very good way. One of the best, if not the best game of 2011. [Oct 2011]