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  1. Mar 26, 2014
    Theirs a few games that mid way through the first 4 hours of play will utterly dazzle you with solid gameplay and story. It even fools you into an almost sandbox feel, seeing the many ways of handling each mission.
    I hate stealth games, it broke me into wanting to play stealth. For the first time i enjoyed stealth.
    Graphic 9
    gameplay 9
    story 9
  2. Feb 27, 2014
    I say, without any form of exaggeration, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is easily the worst video game I have ever played. I have played MANY bad games, some of which can scarcely be called "games", in my life, but every game I have played in my life, even those I have hated, have one thing in common that Human Revolution lacks: None of these games have caused me actual physical pain through their game design as Human Revolution has.

    The game's art designer made decision to wash the entire game in a monochromatic "piss" yellow filter to cover his poor art assets and self inserting his own face onto the main character. This filter forces my eyes to attempt to separate yellow (a color that on its own is harsh on the human eye) from a slightly different yellow, a very stressful and irritating process that makes the game unplayable for me. How this was never realized during testing and before release is beyond me.

    Even the mods that "fix" this problem do little more than make the harsh lighting white, not yellow. While white lighting is much less annoying than yellow is, attempting to seperate objects in the truly monochromatic environment (what is called "monochromatic" tends to have two colors, white and black, that contrast nicely and easily let you see objects, and greyscale even lets you make out detail in items)

    I STRONGLY recommend against paying for this game, or playing it even if you don't have to pay for it. The physical pain aspect means that I could not even accept playing it even if I were payed to do so. This game should NEVER have been released in the state it was, and to actually charge money to fix this problem, as the developers have done, is just disgusting.
  3. Feb 25, 2014
    One of my favorite games, incredible characters, world and cyberpunk atmosphere of the dark future. The endings are brilliant, because each time you are not sure which one you'll have to choose. I have completed it twice and I'm not sure that it's over) I guess, I'm gonna get Director's Cut for better Deus Ex experience. And yeah, I fell in love to Adam Jensen :33
  4. Feb 19, 2014
    The style and visuals of this game are absolutely amazing.
    But the multiple 'open' areas of the game fall short, since it's just corridors with some microscopical roads and cars with a skybox.

    At the beginning, the stealth is really nice. Being able to take on situations differently. But there comes a moment where the amount of possible routes are over the top, and a lot of times, I
    ended up hacking a door which leads back to the street, or following a sewer that led me away from where I wanted to go.

    In some parts of the game, they put you in a room with SOOO many guards, cameras and robots that it becomes funny. To the point where it's ironic if you were able to pass through it. In these moments you'll be forced a lot into combat. (unless you reload your save file 50 times over till you ace it) Where it's 1 vs 5-15 with a real limited amount of ammo.

  5. Jan 22, 2014
    Highest on my best games ever list. It has a bunch of minor issues as others pointed out, but the characters, the story telling and the multiple ways to solve problems are things rarely seen in any game ever. OTOH, if you like your story easy to grasp and your characters clear cut good or bad, this game is not for you.
  6. sft
    Jan 19, 2014
    A sneaky business

    It might be possible to run-and-gun your way through DEHR but to do so would be to miss the point of the game. DEHR is all about stealth, hacking, persuasion, and cautious combat. And it does all this very well. There’s also a fully realised story that has much more depth than most games. It’s also worth noting the soundtrack, which is very atmospheric throughout (and
    somewhat redolent of Blade Runner at times). The visuals are a mixed bag, however, with impressive environments but often disappointing character models and animation. And the colour palette is rather muted and bland. The worst aspect of the game, however, is the inventory, which is bafflingly annoying: it rather pointlessly forces you to shuffle things around in order to fit all the items in. I really don’t see the point of this as it adds nothing to the game. There is also no real variation in the environments visited during the game; it’s basically one urban landscape after another. These may seem like minor criticisms but when combined they were enough to dampen my enjoyment a little. But having said all that DEHR does what it sets out to do so well that I can forgive it’s few flaws. Expand
  7. Jan 10, 2014
    Very close to perfection. This is, quite possibly, the best stealth action game, I have EVER PLAYED!!! It was worth sixty dollars. The game rewards you for doing things stealthily, all though it is not required. Several ways to play, multiple weapons, to choose from. Upgrading weapons and your character are good features. Combines rpg elements with shooter and stealth elements, flawlessly. The only reason it is not perfect is that the game worlds are a bit small and I feel the game could have been a lot longer with more side quests. Great game Expand
  8. Dec 29, 2013
    Truly a worthy adversary towards other futuristic themed video games. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a fine example of a well thought out game that takes advantage of the player's intelligence to pass through levels. The story is incredible immersive and complete with full dialogue for the full experience. Players are able to make decisions that will impact the environment while progressing through the story. A fine example of an incredible game that will last for decades. Expand
  9. Dec 24, 2013
    This is truly a masterpiece.
    The RPG elements plus the different ways to approach a mission plus the graphics and gameplay make this game a superb experience.
    Highly Recommended
  10. Dec 16, 2013
    I didn't particularly care for this version of Deus Ex. I absolutely loved the first one and I even some what enjoyed the second, granted it was nowhere near the masterpiece the original was, I still found it enjoyable. However, Human Revolution, for me, is just plain boring and uninspired. The hacking aspect is annoying, weapons and abilities feel bland and uninspired and the voice acting, graphics and overall feel of the game are just lousy. I typically do not bash on a game for graphics if the core of the game is amazing..something this one is not.

    I am only halfway through the game at this point and it's become a chore to even boot it up, there have been times I've stared at the load/continue screen for a moment and say to myself..forget it and close the game and play something's just boring and I have no excitement or desire to play most times. I am fortunate I only paid $7.50 for it on Steam, if I had paid $50+ I would have been really peeved.
  11. Dec 16, 2013
    An extremely enjoyable and well polished fps with great skill sets and stealth options.
    Many ways you can play this as well as numerous side quests.

    Well worth a look.
  12. Nov 27, 2013
    In Deus Ex Human Revolution you play as Adam Jensen, and must uncover the truth behind conspiracies and twists in a future Detroit. This future is not only beautiful, but also rich and interesting, and as the plot progresses you will become more and more involved with the game. There are many missions available to the player (some that are required to advance in the story, others that are entirely optional), and the game gives you a lot of freedom on how to decide to finish them. You can talk to the right people and manipulate them to make everything easier, go straight to the point by engaging enemies in combat, silently take them out one by one, or evade them completely. To help make things a little easier, there are many different upgrades available for you and your weapons, and you'll want them. As you advance through the game, you'll not only face more difficult missions with increasingly numbers of stronger enemies, but also boss battles. These boss battles can be frustrating, and they feel terribly out of place. Unlike the rest of the game, there is no freedom here. All you can do is grab the best weapons you've got, shoot, and run.

    Overall, this is a great, memorable game, and no boss battle can change that.

    Good Points: Variety, beautiful game world, great characters
    Bad Points: Boss battles
  13. Nov 20, 2013
    This game epitomises how marketing can fool people into thinking that a game worth nothing more than a zero is worth a 10.
    Obviously the people that gave this a 10 are either console players who have not played good games in their lives or just plain idiots, who got fooled by the marketing and pretty trailer.
    The graphics are terrible, the game play felt stiff, old and just annoying, the
    voice acting is terrible, the story is boring and everything about this game is terrible.
    Luckily I did not buy this game, otherwise I would have come here and gave it a 10 just to convince myself that I did not waste the money.
    After 1 hour of playing, I closed the game and un-installed it.
    Please do not buy this piece of shiit. If you feel like you have to buy it and play it, then download it from torrent websites, the installation process is very easy.
  14. Nov 18, 2013
    The best game that allows to use different paths and skills to resolve a problem. An amazing story, excellent gameplay and cool cinematics. The side quests are very interesting, and the exploration of all the city allows to learn about the universe of Deus Ex. 100% Recommended!!!
  15. Nov 16, 2013
    So I was enjoying my quiet peace time when suddenly a wild review pops out showing Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a 90 score on Metacritic. WTF, that can't be right?? So I click on the link to see what it is that these people saw that I missed...
    Amazing graphics? You mean all those flat textures, bad lighting and weirdly unalive faces? Mediocre at best really...
    The mechanics where
    terrible!! It had the fluidity of bread dough going through a sif. The controls where ok, but the act and reactions of everything where horrible, including animations that seemed to have nothing to do with what was actually happening to that NPC.
    Performance issues! Your telling me that I can run Crysis perfectly but I should lag on this piece of crap that I won't even rank in the same decade of graphical quality?
    I'll admit the only part I'll give this game some points is that the story wasn't too bad, quite cool actually, but it didn't pull me in and make me feel invested in the characters like some other games in the past have.
    It felt too me too much like a failed attempt at copying other titles that did what they did much better... And i know the original Deus Ex predated all these games, but then it only means they haven caught up with the times.
    The stealthy and augmented capability fighting was way better in crysis.
    Oh and then you have the bugs.
    Honestly I'm just baffled... I mean come on...
  16. Nov 13, 2013
    One of the best game of last years. Perfect on everything: story, gameplay, graphic and music. The rpg mode is very accurate and have waste of choice u can get for your ability, funny becouse that choice of abilities determinate your story and how u move forward on the game, if u like be more stealth u choice invisibility and hacker, if u like be more aggressive you can improve armor, combat and health to kick everybodys ass, one of the best single player i play in my life and it's sin that the game haven't the multiplayer mode, can be very interesting. Expand
  17. Oct 31, 2013
    Finally a worthy successor to Deus Ex. Fantastic balance, amazing detail and realized world. Sad then that I can't give this a full 10 because the boss battles break the "free choice" system in the game forcing you to go for combat skills even if you would rather stealth and hack your way around.
  18. Oct 30, 2013
    Human Revolution is a great game with many elements coming together well, although there are some pitfalls. The game is very open end, and you can take on challenges the way you see fit, whether that be through brute force, sneaking a back way through vents, cloaking your way through, or hacking a computer and making a robot fight for you. The voice acting for the most part is solid, and the plot is enthralling, with the added effect that what you do influences plot points. An effective dark atmosphere is created, although the gold and black colour scheme may not appeal to all. However, the game is far from perfect and has definite weakness. The AI in particular, can be quite dumb at times, especially with regards to their alertness to your presence and their reactions. Sometimes enemies get stuck in doors and sometimes they run around like complete buffoons. In addition, the boss fights are unnecessary and do not belong and often rely on saving and loading until you eventually do enough damage to kill them. This concept does not fit well with a game where choice is one of the most prevalent aspects. These pitfalls aside, Human Revolution is still a great game which presents you with many choices and ways to tackle a problem. A link between various genres is done successfully and as a result, an enthralling package is produced, despite the shortcomings. Expand
  19. Oct 29, 2013
    A game undeserving of the hype, but ok otherwise. Gunfighting is bland but this is meant to be played stealth, where it does a bit better. The graphics are very dated, comparable to a game from 2006, like Hitman Blood Money. The level design is also mediocre, but neither of these ruin the game, the story is ok. For me the mechanics are a bit old-fashioned and arcade, but otherwise acceptable. Porting from console to PC has been done well. Expand
  20. Oct 24, 2013
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very good game. It's the kind of game you fee like revisiting and playing again in a different way.

    Some people argument that the many choices of skill are actually useless since only some of them are actually usefull. Well, I don't agree. Of course some of them are situational, but "situational" can make a pretty big difference in some missions, and those
    few times that it will make a huge difference is why you risk buying them. Anyway, is just a style, does that mean is bad ?

    The most important aspect of this game, in my opinion, it's the atmosphere. It's immersive. You'll simply LOVE the wolrd around you. The logic of everyting and how social issues are portrayed in this futuristic wolrd are believable and quite realistic (we ARE talking about fiction, don't forget that)

    The second strongest point to be quoted abou this game, it's the story. It's filled with action and also reflection. You want to get there and get things done because you want to know how the story will develop. The side missions ain't that bad, you'll have fun playing a lot of them.

    The protagonist isn't the strongest point in my opinion, but you grow to like him.

    The graphics are beautiful.

    The gameplay... oh the gameplay. I was just surprised. I knew nothing about this game when I played it. I just went for it expecting an FPS. Well, most of the part is might seem like just an FPS, but it's actually much more than that. Using your skills in the right time, deciding if you are goin' to open fire or been stealthy makes a huge difference on the outcome and in how you feel the game.

    Well, simply put, it's a very fun story, with an original construction and is, above all, a very fun ride.

    But the current price you'll be finding this on Steam, you just SHOULD get it.
  21. Oct 21, 2013
    Be warned. Not anywhere near the hype. very generic shooter with "rpg" elements such as the basic crappy skill tree, barely any decision making involved, some skills are handy while others are are just "cool" or extremely situation, no builds of any kind. not to mention the "quest" system, because my idea of a good time is running around for 10-15 minutes in between dumb monotonous side quests that seem like half the quest is just figuring out how the hell i get somewhere without running into a wall or fence. this all would be ok if the action portion of the game was actually good. but it's not, with bad ragdoll physics (bodies simply go limp when shot, extremely unsatisfying gun play, don't think there was blood decals on bodies from what I recall) lack of variety of weapons, unsatisfying boss fights, and honestly pretty lackluster story. Expand
  22. Oct 21, 2013
    Although it doesn't quite match the lofty excellence of the original Deus Ex, it's a much better game than Invisible War

    Beautifully realized world, Impressive range of choices for player style, Interesting storyline, Excellent presentation
    Simplistic and sometimes buggy AI, Horrible boss fights, Not as open as the original
  23. Oct 17, 2013
    The developers have done a quality game. But could do better. Game, in my opinion, not enough scale, is too short, especially when compared to the first Deus Ex. The game does not look like a remake. This is a prequel. Too much time has passed since the first Deus Ex, thirteen years. Many have forgotten what the Deus Ex universe and cyberpunk. But certainly pleased reference to the first part: the Illuminati, Bob Page, basketball ball... and even a yellow submarine. Do not linear storyline is interesting, addictive. Another interesting game world itself, in which the fashion for cybernetic implants change human society. The graphics engine is old, but produces an acceptable image, and still manages to slow down even at the top-end machines. All in all a good game. Expand
  24. Oct 7, 2013
    Games with this level of thought and ambition are rare. Combined with the good action gameplay and enjoyable stealth sequences, it's a rather outstanding entertainment product. A healthy amount of philosophical content and a respect for the gamer's intellect that I've only seen paralleled a handful of times in modern games. The ending is rewarding enough, but I kind of had anticipated something grander. The last level kind of feels like 'the quiet before the storm' in terms of quality and scale. But I think the ending and the overall epic sense of plot made it worth playing through the game. The worst thing about the game? Nothing really outstanding about the 'walk from A to B' sequences. There could have been more puzzles to getting to the right destination. And less corridors. Expand
  25. Oct 5, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game, must play, it's not perfect but the story itself, voice acting are epic.

    And it could be much, much more, theres so much rom for improvment, I can't wait for DeusEX: Universe
  26. Sep 26, 2013
    I like it, but it's got some REALLY annoying stuff in it. Like the fact that when an enemy spots you he immediately alerts everyone else annoying yes, but it is a brilliant game.
  27. Sep 25, 2013
    Really can't understand why this game has so many 10 ratings. This game is just a dumbed-down version of the original Deus Ex. The agent skill, weapon skill, augmentation upgrade and weapon upgrade system in original game is much simplified and combined to a simple grow chart, ruining the fun of decision making in specialization with various possibilities.

    The graphics is just of 2005
    standard with a yellow tone with no option to customize. (even the original in 2000 has option to customize that kind of thing) Even though the graphic is poor, the performance of the game is quite bad due to poor optimization for various cores of CPU in PC. Graphic glitches or stuttering is quite common among users with different specifications of PC.

    The story is quite boring due to the linear plot, i.e. someone is bad, we need to find him or her. Later, oh he or she is also being used by others. Let's find the man behind them. Rinse and repeat until your boss fight. The poor voice acting really test players' patience via introducing frequent cut-scenes with various characters, with lengthy conversation without any real value to plot or info. This just serves as a social simulator to test player to pick a correct option to please the character so that you can get the info. you need. A good RPG game is not about lengthy conversation, it focuses more on building of character and world as well as plot development. However, those boring conversations do not help in this aspect.

    The gameplay is also very boring like a hacking simulator to keep on playing the stupid mini-games to read emails, open door for your plot progress. Buildings look very similar as well, with same kind of locked door, wood door, windows, and vent. Level designs are linear and very poor, with nearly moving in vent is the only stealth way to move across level, excluding the strategy of hiding and taking cover in main corridor.

    The stealth system is also stupid, playing cut-scene all the time when player switching cover, performing takedown from back, moving down ladder, causing frequent switch between first-person and third-person views. This is just too annoying for a FPS.

    Health system and shooting system is also a dumbed-down version of original. Cross-hair is always accurate regardless of weapon proficiency, and the health management is also streamlined, further ruining the fun in strategy planning before surprise attack.

    Overall, by discarding the special features in original Deus Ex, together with a boring story, this game simply become a game very similar to other streamlined games like Hitman Absolution or Splinter Cell Blacklist, but even they shine more on the game's own features.
  28. Sep 14, 2013
    Pros: Probably one of the best FPS strategy games I've ever played.
    Cons: I can't believe I waited this long to actually play it through.

    If you are like me and was disappointed with Invisible War, you will quickly understand how DEHR completely and fully redeems the franchise and series. Now to hunt for the next installment!
  29. Sep 11, 2013
    DH: HR is a game with a wide and deep world, full of details to discover and learn, wrapped in a storyline that keeps hooked for hours and hours of great gameplay. The characters are always credible, with state of the art dialogues. The graphic is not perfect, but the design and the style are gorgeous. Human Revolution is a masterpiece that every gamer should own.
  30. Sep 1, 2013
    Hands down one of my favorite games of all time. Music was amazing (I own the soundtrack), gameplay was perfect for a stealth game, cinematic quality graphics, many different combat play-styles... and don't even get me started on the storyline.
  31. Aug 31, 2013
    On first play I thought it was very good. 2 playthroughs later I am shocked at how much depth there is in the game mechanics. The way the augs affect playstyles, guns and how you use them is impressive. On my third playthrough I discovered further routes and different ways to combine my skills to proceed, when I thought I had already discovered everything!
    The story is engaging until the
    third act where it tapers off a bit, it may be the stale 'go here go there' objectives, especially when the lovely colour palette never changes or the story itself; possibly the most important character in the game shows up at the 1/3 point, says 3 sentences leaves, until you see him again at the end. By which time I had almost forgotten he existed. Really weird choice. The 2 hub cities are re-used and it really shows that they cut out the 3rd hub-city.
    The battery refill system is balanced for the game but it's still awful. Doing more then one augmented task at a time requires eating a bar, which fills up precious inventory anyway, limiting the 'fun-experimental' factor. You're just saving them up too scared to use them instead of using them as you go along ALA Deus ex 1, Dishonoured. The game is all about augs, they really shouldn't handicap aug use so severely.
    The AI is standard stupid-like every other stealth game. You should not be able to 'knock-out' multiple people and have no one notice their disappearance.
    I must be the few people who likes the boss battles, but there is a problem. Stealth is the preferred method of play so when it comes to forced action you just aren't used to pulling those sharp actions to survive. Boss battles work in MGS because of the many scripted action moments to prepare you for other scripted action moments. This is probably why I loved the boss battles on my 2-3rd playthrough. I was used to the controls and could outskill the bosses in such cool inventive ways.
    I have many complaints about this game but it's still one of my top games ever. There is so much to like here. A few tweaks here and there and this game could be perfect as well as ambitious.
  32. Aug 26, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. It's not even my kind of game, but the music, setting, and game play are great. I've given out too many 10's for them to be worth much anymore, and my gaming preferences have matured since my first review, but this game is indeed one of my favorites, despite being a type of game I've never played before. Excellent.
  33. Aug 25, 2013
    This game is awesome and more importantly shines as the single greatest console port to date. It really feels thoroughly like a PC exclusive. Nixxes did an astounding job here. If you passed on this one you cheated yourself.
  34. Aug 25, 2013
    Graphics look simple,but OK for the yellow mood is quite "unique".Faces in the game are mostly crude judging with the standard of the year 2011.
    Individual sequences are not accessible to play individually.I know that they are a whole play built upon what we have chosen through playing and cannot be divided,while I'm not feeling entertained for this a bit "hardcore" set of gameplay.

    Maneuver of 3rd person is not so convenient,with the "take cover" part functions like Hitman:Absolution but worse.
    Good game,but not so good as I imagined.
  35. Aug 21, 2013
    Much like the first Deus Ex, this game feels quite flawed and incomplete. Much about he game also leaves you feeling disconnected: the voice acting, the character's behaviors, the truncated settings, the clumsy combat and nonsensical storyline.

    If you want a game like this, I'd suggest just playing through Vampire the Masquarade Bloodlines again. But if you've already gone through all
    the clans and combat styles, then maybe check this game out. Expand
  36. Aug 21, 2013
    One of the best games I ever played.
    Is fun, is challenging and it has a great storyline.
    The endings? are one of the best voice acting ever, and most touching moments.
    Voice acting of some NPCs could have been improved but overall the game have been an absolute terrific experience.
  37. Aug 14, 2013
    really entertaining!
    this game creates a real atmosphere and at some points you cant stop playing playing, like when you read a good book. The hours fly away
  38. Aug 12, 2013
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a ton of potential, but ultimately falls flat in too many areas to warrant a recommendation. I've never played previous Deus Ex games, so I'm reacting to this one purely on its own merits. I did a full playthrough, completing the main story and most of the side quests in about 19 hours.

    The qualities that kept me engaged for that much time were the
    impeccably designed world and the extremely engaging atmosphere. The Blade Runner-esque setting is appealing and visually striking. I was slightly put off by the extreme orangeness of everything, but eventually that just became part of the world and I stopped paying it much attention. It's a credit to the artists and the sound design team (and of course the composer) that Deus Ex provides such a compelling experience. In fact, it's solely because of their brilliant work that the game is worth playing. There are a lot of major flaws in other areas that almost, but not quite, ruin everything.

    Foremost among these problems are the combat mechanics. Deus Ex is not a good first person shooter, even though the designers give you the freedom to run and gun to your heart's content. A couple of huge issues kept me frustrated throughout. First, many of the enemies you encounter are complete and utter bullet sponges. "Heavies" appear to be wearing nothing but a Kevlar vest and a helmet, yet they can absorb hundreds of point blank rounds from a Gatling gun. At the same time, they can take you down with about 2 seconds worth of gunfire. You, the augmented super soldier with an invisibility cloak and retractable forearm sword blades. It just doesn't make sense and it's not fun at all.

    After repeated failed attempts at any given battle, I often resorted to hand to hand stealth-based combat. This tends to work quite well, but the very fact that it does ruins the combat experience even more. The heavy that gave me so many problems with my Gatling gun could be taken down with a single tap of the Q key, resulting in an arm lock and a punch to the jaw. What a joke.

    You'll still run into constant frustration even if you adopt a 100% stealth-based strategy. One highly amusing encounter I had involved sneaking up to two Chinese gangsters. For some reason they didn't notice me crouching literally a foot away, so I triumphantly hit Q, expecting a satisfying double takedown. Instead, my battery meter beeped, indicating that I didn't have enough power to execute the move. This made me literally laugh out loud, imagining the absurdity of the scenario if it played out in real life.

    Adam: "I have remained undetected! Wait for it. Wait for it. NOW!"
    Gangsters: "What was that sound? Hey, who's that guy crouching over there?"

    Thankfully, the game isn't real life, so I just chowed down an energy bar and successfully smashed the bad guys heads together a moment later. I don't know who on the design team decided that a genetically enhanced super soldier should run on a few AA batteries, but they should probably look for another line of work.

    Moving on. The boss battles in Deus Ex have been much maligned, and I can mostly see why. They did provide a somewhat welcome injection of strategy into the combat system, but in the end all of them could be resolved with a few grenade launcher blasts. I found that trying a more finesse-based approach of dodging and shotgunning led to pretty much instant death, and I never had the patience to hone my skills when the brute force path provided such an immediate solution.

    Second only to the combat mechanics in terms of immersion-breaking were the awful cutscenes. The character models are terribly low quality and the lip-syncing is very poor. I really felt like I was watching 2000-era technology at work here. Almost any recent game that I can think of provides a better experience in this department. That being said, the voice acting is generally excellent, although our main guy's prolonged "I'm Batman" impression occasionally became tiresome.

    Last but not least, I found the city hubs to be fairly generic. There is very little difference in the game between Detroit, China and Montreal (although I did get a kick out of the "futurized" Montreal skyline). I would have liked to see different colors, more vegetation, different types of people, etc. Anything, really, to differentiate the various locales and make them seem more special and exotic.

    To sum up: I had really mixed feelings about Deus Ex. The fictional world is so well realized that it makes it possible to overlook a lot of problems. But, there are a LOT of problems. In the end, I just didn't enjoy myself that much and I can't see myself ever going back to play again. There just isn't enough variety in the gameplay or plot to keep me interested. It's too bad, because I'd genuinely love to spend more time in the Deus Ex universe. Maybe the next game in the series will provide a more complete and satisfying experience
  39. Aug 12, 2013
    It was a fairly decent game I enjoyed taxing bad guys and shooting gangsters,but when I reloaded the game from a save point the game graphically glitches out I mean you couldn't even see the player in cover that's how bad out it was therefore this game gets a zero
  40. Aug 6, 2013
    I tried hard to love this game. Deleted and redownloaded again for 4 times in hope I missed something last time. I was not.
    Game is just extremely boring with bad voice acting, game mechanic, gameplay and story.
    I usually never give 0 to games because people put effort to make it, but in this one couldn't find even 1 good thing. Seems even Steam discount price of 3.75 euro was wasted money
  41. Jul 31, 2013
    I'll put it simply. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great return to the old fashioned, multiple choice, role playing games of long ago. The first Deus Ex revolutionized the way we viewed not only action RPGs, but gaming in general. And what was the reason we all liked Deus Ex so much, as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution? I'll give you one reason. Choice. The game lets you choose how you play in all situations. You are hardly ever forced to do something you don't want. For example, you need to get into a police station to gather information. You can sneak in through vents, hack the security and find a different way in, climb to the roof and enter from the top, or you can just walk right through the front door and shoot everyone. But there are also some choices in the game that are so subtle that you may never know that you made them.

    Story, atmosphere, great gameplay... this game has all of it. Check it out if you can.
  42. Jul 30, 2013
    Probably the best PC game of all time! (Yes everybody it is better than Half Life). The game is a prequel to the original Deus Ex games and starts when 'augmentations' are practically coming into use. As always with stuff like this 'environmentalists' try to spoil it because it is 'unnatural' and all that malarkey. You are 'Jensen', an ex SWAT police officer protecting the company from any threat (yes I know it sounds very dull but it really, really isn't). Also, criminals are using the augmentations for the 'evil' intent. I will not go any further into the story as I don't want to spoil it but I will say from the start, middle, to end it does not loose any excitement. You can also find out even more 'background' information on the story through optional side quest (which are just as good as the main missions plus, there are a hell of allot of them), emails, and 'electronic journals' which piece together some parts of the story that you were maybe confused about (god knows why you would be, the story is really well written). These are a really nice feature to the game. Unlike most AAA games nowadays with their 10 hour campaigns Deus Ex has a MASSIVE 72 HOUR CAMPAIGN (unless you are a speed runner.

    Now, to the most important part of any game in my opinion. The gameplay. The shooting mechanics in this game remind me of Counter Strike in some ways in the sense that aiming down the iron sights is pretty much useless so in the end of the day it comes down to how skilled you are. The cover system is strange, yet the best I have ever seen in a game by never getting you stuck anywhere or just generally being a pain in the arse.

    When a developers ad a 'mini game' to any game alarm bells start ringing in my head because usually they are a pile of toss. But the hacking to get into certain doors is actually rather compelling. It has just the right amount of difficulty not to be annoying. But dont worry. As pretty much everything else in this game, it is optional as you can find codes for the doors somewhere. But I do recommend hacking as it is usually quicker and more rewarding.

    I wont talk about the inventory and upgrade systems as they are very similar to any other well designed PC game.

    When it comes to games I don't think looks matter all too much, but I still dont mind if a game does it right. Many people have complained that the games is very orange, which it is, but I think it captures the essence of the era and what the game is supposed to be. One thing though, I think there is too many boxes lying around the place.
  43. Jul 30, 2013
    It looks yellow. Seriously, check Youtube and see how yellow it is. How could anyone say that these are great graphics? Bland is what I call them. Then there's horribly boring voice acting. If this was a movie, it would never get a high rating because the acting is so dreary! On top of that, the gameplay is boring as well, for a stealth game. I never once had a tense moment. I uninstalled and I'm not going back. Expand
  44. Jul 29, 2013
    A wonderful title to any who seek a well fleshed out gaming experience. I find that the freedom to choose from a variety of methods of approach in every situation meshes well with the theme of choice in terms of augmentation. It combines gameplay and plot seamlessly in the hopes of making the moral quandaries of augmentation the player's. The only downside to the experience comes in the form of poorly designed boss battles. Expand
  45. Jul 27, 2013
    This game is just perfect. It has one of the best stories so far in video games, altought the ending is dumb. Great balance between stealth and action, many ways to achieve succes in mission, various augmentations that are fun to use. Nice graphics stylization, nice characters, interesting side missions. What else to say. Deus Ex 1 was a perfect game and many ppl though that DEHR wont be as good but they were wrong. DEHR is a percet prequel to one of the best games of history. Expand
  46. Jul 26, 2013
    A pretty good game, and it's nice that it attempted to stay as close to Deus Ex 1 as possible. Still, it somehow doesn't reach the level of Deus Ex 1. I can't exactly say what it is. It just feels "dumbed down", and not only in the gameplay, but probably more in the story and dialog. The original had a clever story. This game is more Hollywood. I mean, compared to every other action game on the market now, it's still stands out. I have only played it thru once, and got almost all the augmentations. With Deus Ex, I played the game thru at least 3 times fully, once with standard Rifles+Heavy, once with Pistols+Heavy and once fully non-lethal. I played the first level of Deus Ex 1 countless times. Here everything is more streamlined so I didn't even feel the need to experiment with anything on a second run. After the game was done, there was nothing left to see or think about. Expand
  47. Jul 24, 2013
    There is not much to say about Deus Ex: Human Revolution exept almost perfect.
    the story is compelling to its end, the world is interesting not only from a story based view but also from a philosdophical standpoint.
    the only real problem I with the game I have is the lip synch which is ABLOSUTELY TERRIBLE UGH!!! HOW CAN THEY MAKE SUCH A PRETTY GAME AND THEN UP THE LIPSYNC SO HARD?

    anyway I totally ecommend it to a full extend
  48. Jul 23, 2013
    I heard from a lot of persons, that Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be a very great game, but I'm am a bit disappointed, while I played it. It has a cool story and a cool gameplay, but it never grabbed me. I don't like the graphics, especially the faces, the KI and it is often boring. I can't understand, why this game is often hyped. It's not bad, but for me nothing special.
  49. Jul 22, 2013
    gomy game of my life)... just fantastic gameplay, story line, art style soundtrack you MUST check it out) this game made me cry for thinking that it is getting over and i will never can see this things again with the same suprise. the game is also have a political aspect that is just amazing graphics are a bit ugly but the style of the game is fantastic
  50. Jul 22, 2013
    I want to get this review as short as possible, so to make it short. If you like Stealth games then you have nothing to worry about. This is one of the best in the genre, atleast that I've played, and it really reminds me of the good old times with the Thief Series, and later on with the Dishonored game.

    The highlights of this game is the voice acting. The open environment. The great AI
    and stealth mechanics. And finally a thrilling story. You have nothing to lose.

    However, the game could've been slightly slightly better, by fixing some of the few bugs and making the phase from third to first person better and less solid, for example.

    But as said. Compared with the good parts about this game, the bad parts are way dont below the floor. I'd give this game 9.5 if I could, but it's not worth the top score, atleast not with this sequel!
  51. Jul 20, 2013
    I put about 60hrs into this game. It was great. No problems running on steam. You get to customize your character and be a killing machine or a stealth machine.
  52. Jul 20, 2013
    This is one of the less inmersive games I have played, the dialog is dullm boring and predictable, it doesnt feel real at all it feels like if you are playing a game,the action is quite boring,you just dont care about the characters,the main character is a tough guy with a raspy voice (how original),the upgrades are boring. I dont understand the hype behind this game there are much better games out there, I bougth this at 85% discount and I regret it. Expand
  53. Jul 17, 2013
    This is the best stealth game out right now in my opinion. Yes the game does have some flaws. Although I cannot stop loving this game for everything that it does so right. If you like stealth games and RPGs then this is the game for you. This game is a awesome stealth game, action game, and has a great story, Buy this game!
  54. Jul 14, 2013
    Finally we have a good deus ex game again. after the pathetic failure that was invisible war honor is finally restored to one of the single greatest game franchises of all time.
  55. Jul 13, 2013
    A fluid gameplay (which stumbles onto useless cinematic of "takedowns"), a rather linear scenario but broadened by possible personal choices. However, the general aesthetics is disturbing at first, dull in the end. On maximum difficulty, the game fails to provide real challenges. I am trying to avoid comparison to the initial sets but they had a real ambiance. By this one, paradoxically to the scenario and how the hero is involved in the story, I failed to attach to his fate.

    The good:
    - The fluidity of the gameplay
    - The quality of the graphics
    - The work on the characters

    The bad:
    - The general ambiance
    - The somewhat linearity of the scenario
    - The constant short cinematic for the take-downs
    - I miss a good DLC (I won't go into critics of the missing link)
    - The repeatability of the strategy, or the dullness of the AI
  56. Jul 7, 2013
    i really liked this game it was a really great experience at first i didn't really like it because it was really tough game but after i got some upgrades it turned to be more awesome and gameplay became more enjoyable and this game has a really good story but what i liked most in this game is the stealth atmosphere and it's unique style highly recommend this game
  57. Jul 7, 2013
    A simplified review for novice gamers Graphics: Every inch of the game has been carried out perfectly in the sewer, the city or in the buildings of the game Sound: The sound of the game is great, the voice acting as well and every time you shoot a bullet it just feels natural Game play: This is what Deus ex is about GAME PLAY you can engage fire fights, hack, or sneak your through the game with many side quests and upgrades to make
    The plot is great and very satisfying with various ways to finish your objective for example if someone knows a password for a door and he died its not game over

    Overall Deus ex is and awesome game which i find very fun to play and recommend for you
  58. Jul 1, 2013
    It doesn't have the sexiness of the original but it's a fine game on its own merit and the cyberpunk themes win me over. Unfortunately, with everything needing to play nice with consoles, it's doubtful we'll ever see a game on the level of the original.
  59. Jul 1, 2013
    This is what I call a great game! Very good history, good gameplay and graphics. I really apreciate this game and recommend it to everyone that likes a good RPG.
  60. Jun 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Initially I really enjoyed this game but a few hours fighting similar enemies in similar environments gets tedious, the fact that I am yet to complete this game speaks for itself. While the idea of upgrading your body to suit different styles is brilliant its let down by a boring story and dull characters.

    There is a lot of potential here and hopefully a future title may do it justice
  61. Jun 25, 2013
    Great game that offers very immersive gaming experience. Has great story, good dialog and athmospheric soundtrack. What comes to your play style, character interactions and character development, Deus Ex offers lots of freedom to do things your way. Also the game world goes beyond simple good vs. evil setup, and many decisions you have to make, don't have clear right answers. This goes also to NPC characters who often have complex motives.

    Main weak point of this game are boss battles Especially if you are playing stealth character, these battles can be purely annoying. Graphics are a bit outdated, but this didn't really bother me. Ending was a bit letdown, but served its purpose.

    Deus Ex features about 30 hours of playtime (can vary hugely depending your play style and amount of side quests you do) and good replay value. It's a good buy and offers lots for your money.
  62. Jun 23, 2013
    My personal favorite of 2011. I haven't had this much fun with a game in a very long time. The game is driven both by its fantastic story and its wonderful gameplay. The world itself was easy to get immersed in and I thought they created one of the best near future settings in science fiction. The games style reminded me very much of another brilliant title, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines and that is a rare treat in this era of drab linear shooters and incoherent open worlds. Expand
  63. Jun 20, 2013
    The concept art and genre held a lot of promise but sadly fell well short of telling an engaging visual story. This is not to say that the the story concept was flawed or bad, rather the environments are sterile, overly large, uncluttered, and completely unbelievable affairs. This is not a well thought out universe that feels lived in. It is shallowly crafted setting in which to collect and exercise uninspired skill choice options that fail to give a sense of customization or personal character. The "boss" fights are completely ridiculous affairs that feel completely out of place and shallow -in the take cover, throw some explosives, and shoot in the head 'till dead kind of way. Any combat or sneak realism, is just thrown out the door in favor of "this is a boss and thus will be coated with an admantine substance which renders skillful or thoughtful play useless". Expand
  64. Jun 15, 2013
    I don't understand how this is so highly reviewed. It has little to no replay value and is boring to play. The only positive i can think of is cutscenes and its like SWTOR cutscenes but less impactive. I tried original on normal and had horrible time with the first boss and after that all the other bosses were easy as Predictable story and even the ending was predictable but maybe thats what they were going for. The thing i hate most of this game is the slow pace making it feel like a MMO. The skill system lacks any real fun skill to mess around with. The funnest skill by hacking and not for actually hacking the minigame for hacking is complete Its purely luck based hacking and is not challenging at all. The most challenges you will have is lvl 1-2 after that the challenges are simple as You can die from the slightest falls and unless you have the skill to make all falls do no damage but even after that your forced to watch a cutscene every single time you fall... So if your being attacked you watch yourself being shot while standing waiting for the cutscene to stop. The AI is terrible they will walk through walls and doors but not smart enough to look in vents and wth is with vents they are perfect size for you and only lead you where you need to go...? Every single boss is shoot and kill and only in the final boss do they change things up like press button then shoot and kill. The final cutscenes are just video taken from other videos mashed in together... Oh thats great you can't toss in maybe a ending where he atleast walks out of the place or what happened to the people which you just saved. Just unsatisfied completly.. Poor voice acting you always get pulled out of the enviroment or situation laughing at it. The map designs are terriiibbblle Cluttered and one direct. Side quests are pointless and don't change much. The iron sign aim is useless and off aim for most guns that use them. Why has this been reviewed so high? Has these people even played this? Oh and if you do play what way should you go? Hacking because it is the fastest for shortcuts and sneaking is slow as and usually detours you around the whole map oh and going in guns blazing can work until you run out of ammo which will happen trust me. When enemies can waste infinite amount of clips and then be killed and drop usually a single bullet or nothing at all. You must spend your time hacking to get ammunition and taking detours to stockup on ammo. Also something thats annoying its the future it sure doesn't feel like it doors don't even open automatically. Also the running is tapping it every 3 seconds so have fun with that. The funnest part i had in this game was picking up a hacked turret and using it to beat every single boss after playing it by far the easiest way to kill them. I had a pet turret sure made me slow but costs me no ammo and is faster than sneaking and shields you. Expand
  65. Jun 13, 2013
    I also own an xbox 360 but i just got the ps3 and picked up this game. I took a stealthy non lethal character which is more rewarding. i wish that all choices wee as rewarding or close to the same amount of xp given. Boss fights lack in choice but can have a good pattern after a while. Its good to see first person shooting and third person cover system thrown in which is what i enjoy from alot of games. I wish there was more choices in dialogue and AI could have been better. I also wish for more places besides china but its a good looking game overall. it has a unique different look. Expand
  66. Jun 11, 2013
    Its just like they ran out of budget fairly early on.

    There's a lack of integrity throughout; If you shoot a guard, alarms will sound and his buddies will pursue you... All you have to do is go upstairs and everything's cool.
    I had 5 guards after me. I simply hid behind an office desk. They shot and shot but couldn't follow me and eventually returned to their patrols. To cap it off,
    while hiding under the desk I opened a drawer to look for items. When the coast was clear I found that I couldn't get past the open drawer. I was stuck and had to restart the game.
    Also... You can punch a hole in a reinforced concrete wall but explosives won't knock a biro off a desk.
    The ridiculous takedown animations are completely out of place. It'd a mish mash of metal gear stealth vs mortal kombat finishing. Bizarre.
    The cut scenes are just awful. Poor character design scripted and acted by third rate amateurs.
    I desperately want to like this game. But in the end its not sufficiently finished for me to want to continue. I find PC Gamer's review of this game quite sinister. Its as if they went with promo blurb from eidos and didn't actually play the game.
    If you genuinely review this as above average then you're not asking enough of games developers.
    I'm stopping playing it. Need I say more?
  67. Jun 7, 2013
    This is probably one of the better games for 2011 if not the best. It have got it all, action, a deep story and characters that you may either love or hate and for that it's indeed worthy an eight.
  68. May 25, 2013
    This game is a spectacle. On PC, the only visuals that I believe come close are that of Metro: Last Light or Bioshock Infinite (that might not be fair given the limits my PC puts on extreme level graphics). The levels look mostly the same, but considering it is set it one industrial area most of the time that isn't really a problem. However, graphics don't make a game. Game play does. The shooting is great, but you will find that on many games. The stealth is what makes the game. Sneaking around happens in other games, but in this one the AI reacts much more realistically so you can't stealth kill entire armies. Stealth kills do happen, but when they do you have to hide the body, and even then somebody is bound to hear. Once the first blow is struck, the fun begins. Hide behind boxes, crates, moveable items, in vents, turn invisible, dodge security camera beams, hack security cameras, hack sentry turrets and robots, see through walls, tranquilize your targets, grab hostages, punch and shoot people through walls, or just take the normal approach and shoot everything. Even though this is a linear game, there are no limits to what you can do to complete (or don't) your objectives. Expand
  69. May 25, 2013
    I never played the original but this game is good, and also overhyped. I like this game but it doesn't deserve the 9's and 10's a lot people and critics are giving it. The combat is clunky and awkward, and although the stealth is some of the best i have seen in a while, only beaten out by Splinter Cell and a few other games, it is way too easy. In Splinter Cell you have to plan every move and taking out a guard is a severe risk because even four or five rooms down the line a guard can discover the body of one of your victims on accident. Guards would realize some of their men are missing if you take too many of them out and radio to other guards to be on alert making the rest of the game harder. The different alert levels also helps Splenter Cell. In DEHR once you get out of a room nothing else really matters. Bodies are too easy to hide and there are no consciences to taking out guards. You can get into a firefight and kill 6 guys only for the next room to be completely unknown about your presence. Without an alert level for the enemy AI this game is too easy. In SC, If you get caught in one room and have a firefight, the rest of the facility is on alert. Im not saying they should have to fight you every time in DEHR, but in splinter cell guards would act accordingly. They would draw weapons and look in places they usually wouldn't, and would also go and get better weapons and body armor to react to the threat making detection in the game actually mean something and add difficulty. After all this complaining, the story is easily this games best part. Its what keeps me playing even through this games flaws. I would easily recommend the Splinter Cell series along with Dishonored and the Hitman Series over this game, but this game isn't bad. Its just there is stuff a lot better out there. Expand
  70. May 25, 2013
    I thought it was a great game in style and it did bring a similar vibe to DX1. However, the non-hub levels while they are open; it is still linear as you go from A to B in a straight line. In addition, the game is too tame. Where is the action with brutal cops going against protesters? There seemed to be no tension in the game due to poorly written story. The takedown system is daft as with the regenerating health. The augmentations are nice but seems consolified (suiting consoles more than PC). The boss fights obviously were very foolish as with some of the AI at times. In the end, it is a great game but it has a lot more faults than DX1.

    The intromission was that you were doing a security test and Megan was your "inside man" as you had to break into a test location which ended up being Sarif industries in order to test its security out.
  71. May 24, 2013
    Deus Ex Human Revolution (DEHR) seems to want to go back to the roots of the original Deus Ex, not with a gripping story, but with graphics that seem to go back in time, to bland environments that all look the same. The graphics in this game are shockingly BAD for a game made in 2011. Some of the cutscenes especially the CINEMATICS are much better, but the quality there is also pretty patchy. Very little reaches or maintains the high standard set by Bioware with Mass Effect 2. So many reviewers have commented about the bad animations for a simple reason. THEY ARE DREADFUL. But look at the 1998 level of textures in the environments and you can see that they share the same low standards. The game seems to try too hard to compensate for its poor visuals with an 'edgy story' that is really parade of cliches washed over in a dreary and unrelenting sepia palette! The rooms and physical assets of the game feel retro and clunky, the same dumbassed boxes piled literally EVERYWHERE. The same cliched airducts and waist high glass walls for cover. The same dumb computer terminals. All looking like the next best thing from 1998. Playing this game I'm sorry to say I felt embarrassed for the development team. Their hearts were in the right place and the augumentations were kind of ok. In the end I couldn't be assed using stealth, because I didn't want to waste time trapped in the dreary maze of always-the-same places assets and choices. Just run up to bad guys and shotgun them in the face. There is no penalty for failure as death just puts you back a few meters and lets you try again. This game didn't bring Deus Ex into the 21st century. it leaves it stick back in the 20th. Thankfully the publisher understands the real worth (lessness) of this game and often has it on sale for around $7 on Steam. At this price it is not too painful and is recommended as a tutorial in the perils of LACKING AMBITION to shine. The high number of 10 svores in here are unbelievable. I hope that the development team stop spending time creating spurious accounts to boost the reputation of their work, and instead spend their energies earning real 10s by making BETTER GAMES. Expand
  72. May 23, 2013
    It's a combination of Dishonored with a high tech future. Slowly the game draws you in until you realize that you are deep into a theme and want to get to the end. The type of game you have to play more than once since it teaches you other options might have been better as you progress. Highly recommend it for those who like stealth, strategy and a "thinking" game in addition to some fast paced shooting. Expand
  73. May 23, 2013
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is very nice, beautiful and atmospheric game with a memorable soundtrack, vaguely reminiscent of the music from the film "Inception". However, this is not a revolution. It is no conceptual or gameplay discoveries. But the fact that there are so fine-tailored tailored that even do not want to find fault. Sitting at the game, you will not regret for one minute spent in a dark 2027th, when people first got scared of what will become machines. Expand
  74. May 20, 2013
    I started playing with the highest expectations but my enthusiasm quickly wore out. Plot and game mechanics looked really intriguing but somehow I never felt engrossed. A) plain, flat, naked ambientations B) awkward and unintuitive commands C) slow and boring roaming within the city, with all its blind alleys D) "hacking" is just a guess game based on luck I just could not stand all that stuff; maybe I'll try again in the future, in a distant future. Expand
  75. May 16, 2013
    One of the best RPG of all time, yeah it's mostly linear, but memorable characters and one of the best written plot in gaming history with unexpected twists presents to you by this remarkable franchise! This is must own
  76. May 11, 2013
    Alpha Protocol meets Vampire: Bloodlines, without the bugs, or ambition, of either of them. The result is something usually smooth and playable but never compelling.
  77. May 2, 2013
    This game is superb in every way, It deserves all the ratings, A modern multi-choice game with a different choice of skill trees, A Great stealth system(It is A LOT like dishonored and Far Cry 3's Stealth), a Working inventory system and a gripping story.

    When I played this game back in 2011 I thought the Stealth system was pretty poor, but playing the game again on PC in 2013, I've
    realized the stealth is very diverse in a game where it's not necessarily required, it's not like splinter cell where you can openly walk right past someone, It's not like Tomb Raider(2013) where once your detected, everyone knows your location, It's more "Real" than all of these, The best way to approach the situations is to say, "what would happen in real life?", If your detected, it's not too late, if you can run around the enemy or chase him, OR even just shoot him before he sounds the alarm, the enemies have no way of knowing you were even there, Bodies can be moved like in the fallout games, Enemies can be silently knocked out, OR loudly killed with Adams wrist blades(Cool as F***), When knocked out, the enemies DO awaken, So be quick if this is your method. Now the stealth part is amazing, But what if you hate stealth and like being a loud superhuman? There are skill trees for that too, Like more regeneration, the "Typhoon" and more, And with the games diverse covering system, gunplay and again, stealth, getting the jump on your enemy has never been more fun, i'd go as far to say this game is A LOT better than 2012's dishonored!

    If you find this game cheap and you've never played it, GET IT, it's an experience!

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is one of the best games this gen, a MUST play!
  78. Apr 27, 2013
    A fantastic game, despite its meh graphics it still has nice environments, challenging combat, lenghty 25+ hours)and also a great storyline. Highly recommend it to players that like ARPG's and Stealth games
  79. Apr 26, 2013
    The most fun I have had in a game, absolutely unbelievable. Has amazing replay value because of the choices given in it of different ways to approach each mission. The Gold theme even though a bit strange works and looks rather nice.
  80. Apr 22, 2013
    Sorry but what on Earth am I reading here? Have you people who voted 10 played the game? I created a Metacritic account in order to express my opinion on this game. In this case it is worth your time reading the negative reviews. I bought this on Steam and uninstalled it twice before reinstalling it lately to give it another chance (pc version). Despite going through hours and hours of anguish to get the game to run properly after buying it 2 years ago I have still to play it for more than 25 hours. This game is so so so dull. Another massive flaw are the graphics. Square Design obviously originally planned this for a PS2 release in the early 2000's and recently added the newer effects. I am not joking. The character models and general design are exactly the same as some of Squares poorer PS2 efforts from years and years ago. The only thing lacking is the jagged edges, which they have covered with fogging and particle effects. I gave it a 5 but while thinking while writing this I should downgrade it to a 3 or 4 but I will not give this rubbish game any more of my time. Gamers (pc or console) you need to vote with your wallet as to the quality of the products you receive. This was a terrible, terrible game. Expand
  81. Apr 19, 2013
    It valid one of the main events of this decade! In this game all is manually made: the magnificent design best in own way, the interesting gameplay intriguing a plot, cool music! In total for 100% game costs the money!
  82. Apr 14, 2013
    To begin with, Deus Ex is a good game making me play over 20+ hours for a single play-through. With its interesting approach in combat lethal or non-lethal. It also features side-quests and it's augmentation skills are cool. However, this game is dumb downed with it's stupid AI in which I can give you evidence. I ran right in front of an enemy yet he still doesn't detect me. AI is purely blind and foolish, and the story is decent which I had already forgotten about it. I still haven't mention about it's bad boss fights, the devs just seem to use normal enemy AI to a more powerful "guard". I managed to survive a boss fight without losing a health since *he* just kept shooting at a wall. Finally, you will find a ridiculous fall damage height in the game to prevent this get an augmentation
    Overall DE:HR is a good game but doesn't stand up to be a great game (8-10/10) in my review but it has been a fun ride playing this.
  83. Apr 13, 2013
    Great game, great feel, great environment, great gameplay. It's not perfect, but nothing worth mentioning.

    I played about an hour of the game at first, then put the game down for almost a year. I don't know why, but I didn't get into it at first. Maybe because I had just got my gaming pc, and I wasn't to used to the keyboard and mouse setup. I don't really know. I try not to dwell on
    it. That was in the past. Things have changed.

    HOWEVER, I picked it up again, bored one day, and I played the f-word out of it. Until I beat it. And I'm about to start a whole other play through. I hope they put another one out, and soon.

    Great game.
  84. Apr 10, 2013
    Amazing graphics, outstanding campaign, brilliant voice acting and excelent gameplay. Definetly one of the 7th generations best titles. A must-play.
  85. Apr 5, 2013
    The gameplay itself is very good but you have to like stealth games if you play this like a shooter you will probably get frustrated The story was ok but to obvious for me. the ending was a bit dissapointing you wont see any of the characters in the last cutscene, you dont know how it continues. i can recommend it to everyone
  86. Mar 31, 2013
    One of the few games to had me playing from start to finish without setting it down to play another game. The story was fun and engaging, enjoyed the multiple ways to complete most missions. The only issue was the no choice in boss battles and that was my only beef with the game as a whole. Definitely one to pick up and try if you have the time.
  87. Mar 28, 2013
    I really like this game, I just cant enjoy it because the developer will not fix the poor mouse support. The mouse aiming seems to not want to respond immediately. It takes about 8 seconds for it to respond when using a controller mouse. That's bad.
  88. Mar 24, 2013
    The soundtrack is truly awesome. Adam Jensen is a pretty awesome and like-able character. The ending is so-so, but I'm still giving the game a 10 because the story is great otherwise and it's one of the best PC games I've ever played.
  89. Mar 20, 2013
    A massive improvement over the first Deus Ex, the combat and overall gameplay of this game are incredible. However, I had to do some tweaking to even get it to work properly. Probably ported from consoles or it just doesn't like AMD-based computers. Still, 9/10.
  90. Mar 20, 2013
    Engaging Storyline, cyber punk visual effects, and important rpg elements brings you a pre-quel set in various countries. DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION! With techo beat soundtracks and amazing trailers will bring players as they discover the secrets and conspiracy of the Aluminati and cooperates. Weird edgy controls and off lip-sync animation makes that game so much more alive. Large variety of weapons can be stored in Leon Kennedy's suit case from resident evil 4. Awkward third person to first person cover system makes mouse and keyboard users feel awkward about themselves as they questioned themselves what makes this game so hard to play. A revolutionary ending that disturbs other game that they literally destroyed the entire trilogy (mass effect). The main character complaining that he has been agumented back to life, but seriously though everyone just makes fun of him. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION. Expand
  91. Mar 17, 2013
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution its really good stealth game and have perfect climate cyberpunk world which is hard to forget and a perfect story and great music:D
  92. Mar 16, 2013
    The gameplay is fun, graphics good, plot really good, and player-freedom is extensive. The few things that drag it down is it's HORRIBLE melee system (which can be done without), some decent boss fights, and the feeling that some missions need particular character upgrades to beat. Otherwise, fun game.
  93. Mar 16, 2013
    Very good game. Perfect gameplay, perfect sounds, perfect story. Only problem is there is no need to come back for the game once you beat it. A game that must be played.
  94. Mar 10, 2013
    Frankly, it could have been better. Not the truly EPIC experience the original delivered, but a worthy contender to all these other shooters that claim to have rpg elements. If you liked the original it is a must buy. It is definitely worth the price of 20 bucks whether your new to the series or not.
  95. Mar 5, 2013
    One of the better shooters of the last decade. High production value, good graphics, good combat system, great story. It has pretty much everything you want from a story driven shooter. Not quite as epic as the Mass Effect trilogy, but still a good buy if you're interested in these types of games.
  96. Feb 25, 2013
    This is an incredibly good game. It switch from first person to third person perspective very well. As someone who has beaten the game at least 5 times, getting all the upgrades (including one play through with the controller, the support for the controller was well thought out btw). This is an excellent first person RPG, a true successor to the first game, unlike the second (which was a joke). The melee kills are awesome and truly satisfying. The different ways to upgrade Adam and his guns, as well as the different play styles that encompass the game give the game massive replay value. This is a game that anyone who is a fan of FPS RPG's must play, its utterly brilliant. Expand
  97. Feb 24, 2013
    After reading all these positive reviews I really looked forward to DE:HR. Yet after 4 hours of playing I turned it off, totally disappointed. The fabled "incredible graphics" turned out to be very similar but still inferior to Mass Effect 1's. The voice acting sucks the life out of any conversation. Then there's all the reading you could do pc's, magazines, books just like in fallout or skyrim then? no... here it's a chore, devoid of any humor. This game takes itself so serious yet I find it has little going for it. Even the skills you can choose seem totally meaningless. My opinion: avoid this game, even in the bargain bin. This one's way overhyped Expand
  98. Feb 20, 2013
    Even though the DLC runs fine the main game has serious performance issues CTD so I am unwilling to continue to quicksave every 5 seconds and watch the PC reboot every time I play this mess. EDIOS you suck on the PC.
  99. Feb 12, 2013
    Out-F'ing-standing!! This game exceeded all of my expectations. Storyline 10, tech 10, graphics 10, fun 10, action 10, difficulty 10, immersion 100. If there were more games like this, I would never sleep! I hope that Deus Ex: Human Revolution inspires other developers to put forth the same level of love and attention to detail!! Outstanding! (oh.. nanotech 10, and moral/scientific reflection 10!!) Expand
  100. Feb 12, 2013
    Really interesting story about ideas. It plays like a stealth shooter. If you like games like Metro 2033 or Farcry then you will love this game. It gets a knock off its score for low replayabiility.
  101. Aug 23, 2011
    This game is utter brilliance.
    A worthy successor to the original game in every way and its what invisible war should have been.

    The "black and gold" aesthetic is brilliant and gives the game a unique atmosphere. The game is also extremely immersive. Sucking you in immediately and never letting go. And don't make the mistake of thinking this is a port. Oh no. Eidos Went all out to please
    (he unpleasable) pc gamers. Everything from full DX11 support and FoV is all there. The controls are spot on. And if you want, you can map anything to what ever you want. So for does of you who have gaming mouses or other gaming peripherals with extra mappable buttons. This should be good news to you. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 52
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 52
  3. Negative: 0 out of 52
  1. 100
    There are only a few games this year we suggest to 16-yrs old gamers and their fathers together. Human Revolution for sure is a Game of the Year nominee. [Oct 2011]
  2. 90
    So despite the odds being stacked against it, Eidos Montreal accomplished the impossible and brought us a Deus Ex in the true sense of the word, probably the best one that we could have hoped for considering the current "requirements" for being commercially successful nowadays.
  3. Oct 10, 2011
    A worthy successor to one of the greatest games ever. It offers a lot of choice on many levels and feels like an RPG from years past - in a very good way. One of the best, if not the best game of 2011. [Oct 2011]