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  • Summary: The game that incorporates RPG, action, adventure, and 1st-person shooter genres into a chaotic blend of real-world conspiracies, cliffhangers, and plot twists. A richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react logically to your every action. The decisions and consequences are yours. [Eidos Interactive] Expand
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  1. 100
    Are you a fan of conspiracy theories? Is the Grey Death a manufactured plague? Have you perchance heard of the Illuminati, or the clandestine Majestic 12 group? In that case, you've found the right game. It may not answer all those questions, but it certainly pushes the right buttons.
  2. 100
    Cheesy voice-acting by minor characters is the only real flaw here.
  3. 100
    Moody and atmospheric, compelling and addictive, this is first person gaming in grown-up form, and it truly is magnificent.
  4. An amazingly well put together role playing adventure that is easily one of the first candidates for game of the year.
  5. Compelling, great to look at, and a whole lot of fun to play. The options package gives the gamer solid control over the elements of the game and the storyline builds with each mission completed.
  6. 88
    You'll come away from Deus Ex with the sense that you could actually be a real anti-terrorist agent in UNATCO. Well, maybe. I wouldn't advise quitting your day job.
  7. Every time your character is killed and you restart the game, you have to sit through a seemingly endless series of movies that re-establish the plot.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 11 out of 233
  1. Oct 13, 2011
    This is my favorite game of all time. I must have played this all the way through at least 5 times. There are multiple endings, and usually 3-4 ways to do everything.
    This game is not easy, which may be why some people are giving it negative reviews - if you are a brainless 12 year old who only likes FPS games, you will probably be too dumb to complete this game.
    If, however, you know what a quality game is - you will love this title.
    It is very old at this point, however, so you should go pick up the new Deus Ex title - Human Revolution. It is also excellent.
  2. Mar 2, 2012
    You know what should truly sell you on deus ex? Reading the negative reviews on metacritic. Then cross-compare them with the positive reviews. Then add a dash of common sense and ability to analyse and read between the lines. Now, onto the actual review. Deus ex - has been my favorite game for the past 12 years. And I play a lot of games. Why? It's sure visually aged poorly, it's kind of clunky. So surely that means I deduct a few points right there? No. Deus ex is the true definition of a masterpiece, it gives you true options - options that the lesser masterpiece human revolution can't even match. It still stands alone as something incredible - the only problem is that now people have to look past the age (if they are coming in fresh). Each hub (or sectioned level) offers hundreds possible 'ways' to achieve a simple goal. Let me explain - It's like this; there is a simple thing you need to do. You need to infiltrate a building and get past all the guards in the building so you can download an important document (this is hypothetical). Now, there are about 10-15 different 'ways' you can get into the building and each 'way' has branching 'options'. So options, lead to options, lead to options. You take choice 5 out of 15 and go through the sewers instead of the top, no strike that - you decide going above ground is best, so you get a crane and lower the shaft so you can sneak across onto the roof - no strike that, you decide to go full force and shoot everyone in your path - no strike that, you decide to go to the building manager and get a keypass, now when you open the caravan that the manager is in, it has cameras inside it, so you hack those cameras to work for you. You then threaten the manager with information you have on him, that you picked up off a nearby computer - then you walk past the guards and enter the keypass into the door slot. You walk strait in, and decide to open a vent that leads you to the roof, in which you plant explosives that might distract the guards. You walk up to the heavily guarded entrance to your objective - and you remotely detonate the explosive, all the guards run towards the threat and you walk into the room. Problem solved. Now, that thing you did was one of a few hundred things you could have done to achive that same 8 minute objective. Now you have 30 hours of incredible globe trotting, storytelling, twists turns, cities, exploration - all with that very level of freedom options. It's mindblowing. That's what you need to understand when you boot up deus ex and see some janky graphics and blocky models. No, this is not just 'some first person shooter' dig deeper. And find one of the true miracles of gaming. This game needs a 999/10 score made specifically for it. Masterpiece is a painful understatement. This is a revolution in gaming that never took off. So far ahead of it's time that nothing else can quite match it. I truly hope the developers of human revolution make another deus ex game - because I think they had the right idea. They did not 'quite' pull off 'deus ex'. But I have a feeling they are heading towards something great. And that's promising. Expand
  3. Nov 18, 2012
    This is, without a doubt, the best game ever made. If I had to narrow down why that is so, it would probably be its impeccable execution. Ignoring the graphics of the time and the limitations of the Unreal engine, this game is near flawless. People sometimes criticize the voice acting, but I think it ads flavor to the whole experience. What would DX be without "What a shame." and "Oh my god, JC, a bomb!", right?
    The narrative flows seamlessly, the characters (even the minor ones) are beautifully fleshed out and the game play is rewarding and fits with the story. Oh, and everything makes sense. Don't you just hate those games that make you go WTF?? Well, that never happens with this game.

    Deus Ex discourages shooting stuff and instead encourages alternative, preferably non-confrontational ways of completing missions. You have a multitude of ways to avoid fights, and a multitude of ways to dispatch enemies without having to shoot them. Characters even scold you for shooting stuff up. You're not compelled in any way to go in guns blazing, unless you specifically want to. So why this game is being judged as an FPS is completely beyond me.
  4. Apr 29, 2014
    Believe it or not, only today, 2014, I grabbed a copy of this classic from the days of 2000. And I have to say, this game blew me away! To kick off, the graphics are amazing! Obviously, nowadays graphics like this are crap, but at the time this game surely had graphics from 2003-2004.
    The biggest and best feature of the game is definetely the gameplay. In each mission, you have multiple branching decisions and approaches. Almost every goal comes with little secondary goals, that if you complete, can get you various rewards, whether it's money or a giant canon. Almost every action you take is accounted in the story. For example, one time I was on the UNATCO HQ, I entered the ladies bathroom, so when I went to debrief with my boss, he warned me not to do it! LOL
    The biggest problem is probably the AI. If you're quick, or far away, you probably can pass right in front of guards and they won't notice.
    Anyway, whether you're in 2001, or 2091, this game is a classic, worthy of its score.
  5. Mar 18, 2011
    This game is excellent, simply put. Sure, it's really hard, but all games of the time were. When you got a game then, it was all about the single player. If it were short and easy, like most current games are, then it wouldn't have much substance and wouldn't be much fun. The controls take literally a minute to change to modern FPS controls, so you can't really complain about them. Unlike many current games, it actually has a decent story and good atmosphere. The game has aged surprisingly well over eleven years. To get an idea of what I mean, go back and play the original Half-Life. Amazing game, but looks so bad it's almost impossible to play. The RPG elements are implemented really well, and any level-ups make an immediate difference in the game. While the inventory system is kind of a pain, it's realistic and works well. There's a reason this game is often hailed as the best PC game of all time: it's excellent. If you don't like it, you don't know a good game when you play it! Expand
  6. Oct 29, 2013
    Changing my rating, as I quite like this game now. I've been playing for like 8 hours today. Once you get past the voice acting and realise to play it the obvious way (get pistols and melee with technical skills, play on easy, stealth) its quite enjoyable. Expand
  7. Dec 22, 2013
    The atmosphere is incredibly dark and immersive, and the story is fantastic, especially if you like conspiracy theories.

    Graphically it may not have aged well, but the controls still works excellent. There's so much to do, read, explore, find...

    Definitively worth at least 2 playthroughs!

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