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Summary: With a stash that's double the size of the "Diablo II's," hundreds of new types of items and magical properties, two new powerful character classes -- the Assassin and the Druid -- , and an improved enemy A.I., this expansion pack should reinforce the staying power of an already legendary RPG.
Rating: M
Official Site: http://blizzard.com/diablo2exp/
Developer: Blizzard North
Genre(s): Action RPG
Number of Players:1-8 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore, Violence
Cast Credit
Max Schaefer Executive Producer
Eric Sexton Additional Design
Dave Lawrence Macintosh Programmer
Peter Brevik Design Lead
Brian Fitzgerald Macintosh Programmer
Tony Tribelli Macintosh Programmer
Mike Morhaime Executive Producer
Michio Okamura Character Artist
Kelly Johnson Character Artist
Micky Neilson Voice Direction
Nick Carpenter Cinematic Artist
Joeyray Hall Cinemaitc Editor
Mark Sutherland Background Artist
Matt Samia Cinematic Voice Direction
Matt Uelmen Sound Lead And Music Composer
Glenn Stafford Cinematic Sound
Glenn Stafford Cinematic Voice Direction
Glenn Stafford Cinematic Voice Direction
Chris Metzen Story And Dialog
Lani Minella Voice Acting: Malah, Ancients
Yes Cinematic Music
Yes Voice Editing
Yes Voice Editing
Yes Voice Editing
Yes Voice Editing
Derek Duke Cinematic Music
Derek Duke Cinematic Sound Design
Derek Duke Cinematic Sound Design
Scott Petersen Voice Editing
Scott Petersen Voice Editing
Scott Petersen Voice Editing
James Anhalt Battle.Net Programmer
Paul Limon Cinematic Artist
Paul Limon Cinematic Writer
Patrick Thomas Cinematic Artist
Patrick Thomas Cinematic Writer
Tracy Bush Cinematic Sound
Tami Donner Cinematic Sound
Tami Donner Voice Production Coordinator
Tami Donner Voice Production Coordinator
Tami Donner Voice Production Coordinator
Carrie Gordon Voice Acting: Assassin
Peter Hu Programmer
Matt Householder Producer
Matt Householder Voice Casting
Matt Householder Voice Casting
Tyler Thompson Project Lead
Steven Woo Programmer
Ted Bisson Programmer
Doug McCreary Programmer
Divo Palinkas Programmer
Phil Shenk Character Artist
Chris Root Character Artist
Cheeming Boey Character Artist
Evan Carroll Character Artist
Evan Carroll Story And Dialog
Anthony Rivero Lead Character Artist
Ben Boos Background Artist
David Glenn Background Artist
Alex Munn Lead Background Artist
Alan Ackerman Character Artist
Marc Tattersall Background Artist
Grant Wilson Level Design
Stefan Scandizzo Level Design
Derek McAuley Level Design
Joe Morrissey Story And Dialog
Joe Morrissey Voice Casting
Carl Chimes Battle.Net Programmer
John Stiles Macintosh Programmer
Adrian Luff Battle.Net Network Engineer
Jeff Chamberlain Cinematic Artist
Jay Hathaway Cinematic Artist
Paul Hormis Cinematic Artist
Matthew Mead Cinematic Artist
Victor Crews Cinematic Sound
Rich Seitz Voice Recording Engineer
Ed Trotta Voice Acting: Tyrael, Ancients
Larry B. Scott Voice Acting: Paladin
Liana Young Voice Acting: Sorceress
David Jean Thomas Voice Acting: Barbarian
Andy Bond Battle.Net Programmer
Robert Bridenbecker Battle.Net Programmer
John Mikros Macintosh Programmer
Scott Abetya Cinematic Artist
Jared Keller Cinematic Artist
Jon Lanz Cinematic Artist
James McCoy Cinematic Artist
Dennis Price Cinematic Artist
Dennis Price Cinematic Writer
Richard Barnes Voice Acting: Baal
Glen Stafford Cinematic Music
Kai Vilhelmsen Voice Acting: Larzuk
Chris Arretche Additional Design
Ken Williams Producer
Michael Scandizzo Programmer
Mike Dashow Character Artist
John Kubasco Character Artist
Fred Vaught Background Artist
Bill Tubbs Additional Design
Kirk Trevor Music Conductor
Hubert Geschwandter Recording Engineer
Emil Niznansky Music Director
Marian Turner Managing Director
Matthew Samia Cinematic Artist
Matthew Samia Cinematic Writer
Matthew Samia Cinematic Writer
Tom Jung Cinematic Storyboards
Britt Snyder Cinematic Storyboards
Micky Nielson Voice Casting
Pemrick Additional Casting
Fronk Additional Casting
Rebecca Lowman Voice Acting: Anya
Jon Stark Voice Acting: Qual-Kehk, Ancients
Paul Hagerty Voice Acting: Qual-Khek's Men
John Lagrave Battle.Net And Macintosh Producer
Matt Versluys Battle.Net Programmer
Michael Bell Voice Acting: Druid, Nihlathak
Michael McConnohie Voice Acting: Necromancer
Michael Gough Voice Acting: Cain
Jessica Straus Voice Acting: Amazon
Jason Hayes Cinematic Music
Jason Hayes Voice Editing
Jason Hayes Voice Editing
Jason Hayes Voice Editing
Jason Hayes Voice Editing
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