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  1. May 29, 2012
    The problem with critical reviews of this game is that critics are expected to churn out judgement based on sitting down and playing the game for a few hours (or a few days at the most) before they need to write an article about it. This is accurate of how Diablo 3 is. Play it for a few hours or a few days and you'll tend to say "best game ever." Play it longer than that though and the impression (very, very) quickly fades. I am giving this game a 1-rating despite being a (former) Blizzard fan not only because the game requires you to always be online with servers that are very unreliable - these things can be fixed given time. The reason I am giving this game a 1-rating are because: 1) the game is too short, 2) it assumes you'll have to play the game over and over and over (ad infinitum) just to progress to the higher difficulty levels. It requires you to either grind for gear or scour the AH and in this regard, it loses what made the Diablo franchise fun. It was FUN to kill monsters. It's NOT FUN getting 1-shotted in Inferno difficulty because, despite grinding hours for gear, the RNG gods have not yet given you enough gear to be able to handle this level of difficulty. In this regard, Diablo 3 becomes a game not of skill, but of luck. There's no aspect of strategy here. To be able to survive Inferno, you need to have a very specific build with a very specific (and very hard to find or very expensive) gear.

    This is not the game for you if you just want to sit back after a long tiring day at work and kill stuff and be happy about it. This is a game for people who either play games for a living, or have enough money in their Daddy's trust fund that they can afford never to work a day in their life and can spend all of it playing this game.
  2. May 29, 2012
    I never intended to buy Diablo 3. But I received a guest pass, and gave it a go. The guest pass was great, and I found myself actually enjoying the game. So i bought it.

    Two minutes later, the servers went down. For eight hours. I'm so glad I paid for this. Oh well. Torchlight 2 will be out soon.
  3. May 29, 2012
    Diablo III is what looks to be a lovingly crafted loot fest with some smooth animation, a nice UI, intuitive and easy to get up and running without reading a single word. Unfortunately - if you don't read up on the game before you buy it, or any of the 3 EULAs (although by that stage its too late), you won't know that you might not actually be able to see said smooth animation etc on your single player game that you bought to play on your computer at home by yourself because some other computer (Blizzard's) is having problems.

    Really? I can't play my single player game because Blizzard can't cope with providing the server side of things, a requirement they gracefully forced down my throat with a jaggedly broken broom handle? I have single player lag? How did that oxymoron ever see the light of day? Auction house this, DRM that, blah blah blah. I don't care. This is not even close to good enough.
  4. May 29, 2012
    Diablo 3 took everything that made Diablo 2 fun and just threw it away. This is a game for casual scrubs. Terrible game, don't buy it. Blizzard used to be the best game developers in the world, it is sad to see how low they have sunk. Oh and by the way, enjoy always having to be online to play when Blizzard's been to cheap to buy decent servers (have fun playing with 150 ms at all times!).
  5. AKY
    May 29, 2012
    2 Weeks in and the Servers are still so bad that most of the time you cant even log in, much less play without lag. The Auction house has been down the majority of both weeks.

    The storyline is abysmal, Inferno Difficulty is "fake nintendo" hard consisting of nothing truly difficult, just Impossible sets of modifiers on packs. You don't even get to enjoy the boss fights since they've been
    nerfed EXP and Loot wise.

    Jokes on me though, Blizzard already got my money!
  6. May 29, 2012
    A single player game that lags, now I've seen it all... really unplayable at times. The game it self is pretty decent when it works... but having to be online to play single player just gives so many problems that it stops being fun... what a waste of great potential.
  7. May 29, 2012
    Online only for a single player type game..............And you can only play when blizzard decides to let you. Terrible story and terrible support from blizzard. I want my money back!
  8. May 29, 2012
    Well I have to applaud Blizzard in all reality. From a business stand point it would seem like you're on the perfect track to make the shareholders at Activision very pleased.

    You've taken a game with so much hype built around it, a game with a rabid and wildly large fan base, a game vaulting off of the massive success of the previous generation - and you've turned it into your
    sacrificial lamb. I understand that WoW is dying. The cash cow that you have been able to depend on to fill your coffers is finally drying up. It had a great run. MoP is not likely to defibrillate the failing heart of what was once the WoW empire, and you know this. Starcraft 2, while an amazing game, cannot replace this cash cow - then again it wasn't meant to. How could it? Your business foresight is very attuned. Because of this you carefully planned your next chess move: Diablo 3. What better way to birth another golden goose than to bank an entire game off of the most addictive part of what Diablo 2 was: the item grind. Pure brilliance. And so, from the ground up, you formed this game to be solely about item exchange - this would be the titan built to replace WoW's subscription based bankroll in the form of micro transactions. Except one thing: you're boring. On May 15th 2012, after nearly a decade of anticipation, we were given Diablo 3! Except, it's not quite Diablo 3. It's a slimmed down, cut up version of the Diablo 3 everyone was taught to expect. Except, it wasn't given to us, we still had to pay you full price for it: $60. My how the mighty hath fallen. Why is it not Diablo 3, you say? Well let's see. Anyone remember all those teaser videos spoon fed to the community over the past 3 years? Videos slowly leaking to us glimpses of the content we could expect to experience? I do. From nearly FOUR years ago: @2:10 "These current weapons just won't do!": I guess scrapping this idea all together was more developmentally cost effective. @6:30 "Let's see what a real fight looks like." Indeed, lets. I'm still waiting, actually. Is it just me or does that environment look entirely more engaging than the atmosphere we've purchased at release? @2:00 Did he say randomized, dungeons, quests and encounters? If their idea of newly generated fights, quests and environments is a continuous cycle of the same things from a pre-conceived list, he's spot on! So where's the beef? - some might say. The beef is that this is not Diablo 3, this is an imposter. A hologram. An artificial replacement. A lame duck substitute for what hype built it up to be. A cut up and slimmed down version of what should have been. In essence: a slaughtered, sacrificial lamb. That leaves myself and thousands of others saying indeed, where is the beef? Blizzard's answer: there is no cow level. But hey, we got rainbows and unicorns! Is anyone still in complete denial about how truly boring this game is or have people started to shake off the honey moon dust? You eliminated enchanting, PvP, pet companions and other things from the release version so that you could market it as part of a later expansion for more money. (This is a trend in gaming that several developers have been following; withhold content you've been advertising for the past two years and charge a premium for it at a later date. I shouldn't have expected Activision-Blizzard to be any different, shame on me. You didn't include a single player mode because you can't make money off of people if they aren't using the AH in a multiplayer format. Less work for you in the development stages, and forces people to engage in the micro-economy that your bankroll is based on. Again, brilliance. Which leads me to my final point There is so LITTLE dynamic to this game I cannot believe it took this many years to create it. In fact, I don't. So why the long wait? I'll tell you: economic law. Years to iron out the legal details for a global launch of RMAH. It doesn't take an overly intelligent mind to figure WHY they would want to use a RMAH and get a cut of (a lot of) the transactions. That's fine. Here's the problem: you built the entire game around a pure gear grind, and then force that gear grind to revolve around the AH, specifically the RMAH. There is literally no other dynamic. When you build a game from a purely business stand point, you're not building a great game - and a great game this is not. In conclusion, gamers, do you really want to spend your time on yet another slave-like gear grind? If so, eat your heart out. You'll find no better place to do it! If not, there are a plethora of other games out there much more deserving of your $60, I promise Expand
  9. May 30, 2012
    Tired of playing the same crpg over and over and over for the last 15-20 years? Want something refreshing, surprising, innovative and challenging instead? Don't look here. If you're into seeing the state of the computer roleplaying game go absolutely nowhere, buy Diablo III and tell the corporation that paid for it that all you want is more.
  10. Jun 19, 2012
    It's an inferior Pay2Win MMORPG; without the RPG, without the MMO. D2 and D3 have nothing in common as far as game mechanics are concerned. Even aesthetically they have nothing in common, heck Diablo's a female now with boobs.
  11. Jun 8, 2012
    TERRIBLE, i literally made this account to warn you how bad it is. story trash, customization trash, skill factor trash,replay value trash,fun factor trash, pvp not even a duel feature at release... so trash, itemising trash, u want to have best gear forget playing game only xploits and cheats farm good gear rest is bought by farmers the sec its posted in ah so some dude who owns 20 copies and doesnt even play the game has all the good loots but who cares becuz by inferno uve played this weak ass story to death and its just not fun.mele classes in inferno are used for gibb kiting oh man let me farm repairs so i can die 15x while rng class kites cuz respawn is skill right? im not even touching base on how fail the servers were at launch and prolly still are as i unstalled this trash, its really pathetic that i am looking for expansion news 1 week after launch cuz all there is todo is kill broken elite mobs which i would have to farm A1 hundred times becuz the others way too hefty in repairs to make money and spend that money on items the gold farmers flipped 10x already up to a gabillion gold, but again why look in ah for what this game is bad i dont want better gear to farm faster money to rinse repeat if i needed more complaints the craft system is a joke cost before mats are more then u could fetch for crap u can make, the gear is ugly and share a few common overused skins im just curious how many of these critics on MC must have stock in blizzard becus that MetaScore is clearly not from anyone who played this trash. ugh just avoid it its BAD Expand
  12. Jun 11, 2012
    A poorly balanced game that lacks everything that made the series fun. In order to get upgrades from loot drops, you have to kill monsters above your current level of gear, this becomes more and more impossible as you progress, and by Inferno becomes impossible. This makes the game eventually turn into "Auction House Tycoon" instead of Diablo. The auction house becomes as optional to game progression as a keyboard is option to using a computer, and basically drains all the fun from the game. You stop hunting for items and quickly start farming for gold to buy them from others instead.

    Always online DRM is lag filled and further ruins the experience. I've literally lost track of the number of times I have died directly due to server lag. In a game like Diablo, thats ALL action, where every tenth of second matters...having a constant 150-200 ms connection ruins the game.

    I would recommend avoiding, save your $60, you'll save yourself a lot of frustration, far too many bad choices made during development.
  13. Jun 16, 2012
    ARPG without any loot surprise. 150 hours game play with my Demon Hunter i get 1 Legendary Shield. A game simply lead you to total frustration. When the RMAH came live, answer is clear. You are forced to buy something from RMAH or you going to spend countless hours farming gold to get some EQ that help you to progress to next level. Simply Boring and Frustrated.
  14. Jun 20, 2012
    Save your time and money, this game was an absolute failure. The only way you might like it is if you never played the first two of the series. If you have played the first two avoid this at all costs, it was an absolute failure and it is only a giant ploy to fuel the real money auction house in the game.
  15. Jun 20, 2012
    Activision must have paid a fortune in bribes to get such good industry reviews. However, the user reviews tell the true story. This is a dumbed down, money making exercise that spectacularly fails to fire at any stage of the game. It looks and feels more like World of Warcraft than part of the Diablo franchise. The auction house ruins any feeling of progress, instead it is just a cycle of "gear check", "kill things", "sell loot for money", "visit auction house". I have played for ~150 hours and have had only one legendary item drop so far and that item was pretty much worthless. The cinematics (usually a strong point for Blizzard) are boring and the dialogue, cut scenes, plot and voice acting are pretty much the worst I have ever seen in a game.

    The gameplay and lack of freedom are the real killer though. So you wander around the (not so) random environment killing mobs by inclining your weapon in their general direction and then you are suddenly jumped on by something golden that hits you from off screen and kills you in one shot. Even worse you can't do any damage back as it is invulnerable or shielded, etc. This is not fun. Being forced to kill elite packs is not fun. Making the least fun part of the game the main driver once you hit level 60 is just a vain attempt to make something totally unenjoyable seem more rewarding - it doesn't work.

    In summary playing DIII feels like someone is playing a mean joke on you and that at some point a crowd of people will jump up and shout, "fooled you"... then you get to play the "real" game... I am still waiting for this though :'(
  16. Jun 21, 2012
    I had high hopes for this game, crushed hopes now. I won't complain about the graphics, they're nothing special, but get the job done. They game play mechanics are actually enjoyable, for a while... and that's where it ends.

    I think most of the reviews here have covered the boring storyline, blah...blah..blah.. I'll focus more on the current state of the game. The game shouldn't
    even be named Diablo, it should be called Auction House. After playing a while, you quickly realize that the gear you need to progress to the next act doesn't drop for you. So it then becomes a gold grind to afford your upgrades at the Auction House. Along come all the exploits, bots, etc. and the economy is out of control.

    Blizz's latest solution to this is patch 1.03. Nerf everyone's damage, 5x everyone's repair costs, 3 min enrage timers on bosses, no items in smashing and kicking things anymore, very little gold from the environment, you're killing inferno mode bosses/champs and getting hell mode loot. The forums at Blizzard are on fire, the mods can't delete the negative threads fast enough, players leaving the game in droves and an attitude of indifference from the one or two mods who've actually responded to the flood of rage.

    Sad part is.... I still think the game has potential to be great if the execs over there would focus more on making the game fun rather than how to funnel as many sheep as possible into the Real Money Auction House to get their 15% cut..

    Do yourself a big favor if you're considering buying Auction House 3, Give it a month or two and see if Blizz is able to iron out the wrinkles, because currently, it's a joke.
  17. Jun 23, 2012
    Do you like fun?

    If you answered yes to this question, stay far away from this game.

    Visuals are solid, sound is solid. Dialogue and story are glue sniffing retarded.

    The game has 0 replayability, boring monotonous gameplay and its endgame consists of being an unpaid item farmer.

    Horrid game.
  18. Jun 27, 2012
    Welcome to the future gaming. A real money item shop in the game for 60$, with a feeble diablo-clone attached to it and sweet-fap-advertisements (reviews). An always online single player mode, with queues to play the single player mode.
  19. Jul 15, 2012
    One of the biggest disappointments I have ever had the displeasure of playing, a game infected by the same corporate greed that has been plaguing this industry for the last decade and making no attempt to hide it either. I won't even go into the story other than saying it feels rushed, incomplete (likely to make way for expansions) and pretty much thrown together to give the game some semblance of plot. What truly becomes apparent rather quickly is how this game's aspects completely revolve around players using the auction house, be it real money or in-game gold, at every turn in this game one is being goaded into spending money, be it the lack of level appropriate loot dropping in higher difficulties, the fact that gear and not inherent stats determine everything from offense to defense, Blizzard's nerfing of classes who have the possibility to circumvent the gear requirements needed for inferno difficulty, everything in this game pushes people to spend money to get better gear. On an auction house where the economy has been broken since release wich (perhaps intentionally) pushes people to towards spending real money on RMAH. Even the now infamous DRM is all a means to keep that infernal auction house alive and I find it truly mind boggling how Blizzard can not seem to admit that Diablo 3 is being used as a cash cow at the expense of their consumers' enjoyment. The skill system feels heavily uninspired and simplified, the game has been advertised as being gothic horror, but even an 8 year old wouldn't get a scare out of this game. Diablo 1 and 2 felt dark and scary, the music felt ominous, Diablo 3 has abolished this feeling and made way for a game for all to play and enjoy... (and spend money on the auction house). The arrogance of Blizzard's "you play how we want you to play" aproach is another point of interest, classes and mechanics being nerfed leaving certain builds and gear (on wich players have spent quite a bit of money) completely useless, there is just no excuse for how much this game blows in the end. A game used to bring in money at the expense of the consumers' entertainment by taking a much loved franchise and putting a shiny new number on it. Truly sad. Expand
  20. Jul 15, 2012
    The game is fun until you reach level 60 and inferno. Then it gets boring. Farming the same spot way too many times and only getting **** items isn't my idea of fun. The game is built around tha AH, and when the economy is ruined by bots the RMAH is the only way to go. Diablo 3 should be about killing monsters and finding cool items you could use, but it's not. I'ts repetetive avd it gets really boring really fast Expand
  21. Jul 21, 2012
    Wow... there isnt much more I can say about this game that hasnt already been said. So I will talk about the company that allows you to play it. I have been on the Diablo 3 forums from day 1 reading and commenting on constructive criticism because I really wanted the game to be successful. The reason the forums exist is so players can discuss game topics and the state of the game in general. Even when I requested a refund from blizzard they asked me to comment on the reasons I was leaving in their forums.

    Well... I have been banned from the forums twice now for what they claim to be "Trolling".

    What I did was post inside treads that offered constructive, and well worded feedback, and criticism. Most of these posts even without ToS violations get censored and deleted. It doesnt really matter what you say on thier forums, as long as its not something they agree with.. they simply remove it.

    I made a very good post the other day about the difference between F2P and P2P, and based on the fact that Diablo 3's business model is to make residual income from its MicroTransaction using the RMAH, I said that Diablo 3 should convert to F2P to get the majority of the players back.

    There was a lot of comments some negative and some very constructive that brought up many good points.

    This is what blizzard considers trolling. I did not slander blizzard, I did not say their game sucks, I did not make any negitive comments about the game. I simply showed two arguments on how it should be F2P instead of P2P, and got banned for it.

    This company is going down hill, and fast. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how things are going for not only their parent company but blizzard itself.

    So to sum it all up:

    Diablo is indeed a very bad game. If you need reasons.. just visit any site that provides user feedback.

    Blizzard is a bad company and ppl should not buy games or any products from them. It just allows them to keep doing what they are doing. They will ask you for your opinions and then they will censer you, and then they will ban you for them. This company does not like free thinking ppl, and this is even more obvious if you look at how they totally dumped down the game because they think all you consumers are morons.

    Just ask Jay Wilson.
  22. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Everything has been said already. This is not a Diablo game. It is a playstation game with cutscenes, long talking cartoony monsters, and no character growth. The gameplay is horrible when compared. If you liked D1 & D2: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. You will lose $60. P.S. DIablo is now a skinny alienlike creature who just talks to you while you fight regular monsters. Weakest ending ever. Expand
  23. Jul 23, 2012
    Okay, this game is just AWFUL. And this is coming from someone who spent over 100 hours on it and beat the game on Inferno with my Wizard so I've given the game more than its fair chance. The first couple of times of beating the game are very fun, especially with friends, I will hand it to Blizzard. The art is nice, the music is not bad, and the environments are somewhat interesting. Then you reach the brick wall that is known as Inferno (the hardest difficulty) and you realize what Blizzard has been planning all along.

    The mobs in Inferno suddenly become godlike and all your gear becomes instantly obsolete. Elites and even regular mobs will kick your ass unless you upgrade your very quickly. To make matters worse the game PUNISHES YOU for playing co-op on Inferno, the already disgustingly difficult mobs become near godly and unless you and your friends are supremely geared it's going to be an excruciating exercise in futility. Problem is that 95% of the loot you get in Inferno is literally garbage, so bad that even the NPC vendors will be reluctant to accept them. Magic find increases the chances of getting yellow items, but chances are they are still crap. There are far too many possible attributes during item rolls, so as a result you will almost always get items which make no sense whatsoever (example: Wizard hat with Strength, or Barbarian sword with Intelligence, etc.) and weapons in Act 4 of Inferno with 200 DPS. It's infuriating. It is so bad that when I killed Diablo on Inferno he dropped only blues, and not just any blues but TERRIBLE blues, stuff so bad you wouldn't even use it on Hell difficulty.

    So you're thinking to yourself, WHY WHY WHY would they do this?! Why make the mobs so difficult and the gear so bad?!?!


    As stated Inferno is so ridiculously difficult and the loot generally so bad that the ONLY WAY to progress is to use the Auction House. I only managed to beat the game by bidding low gold on items and shopping intelligently, but it took wayyyy longer than it should have. Not only this, I was BASICALLY FORCED TO USE THE AUCTION HOUSE TO BEAT THE GAME. Trust me this isn't just unique to me because I suck, 90% of my friends gave up at Inferno Act 1, those that stayed have had no choice but to use the Auction House as well. The game isn't skill dependent, it is only gear based.

    PROBLEM IS that the gold prices of items have flown through the roof due to inflation, botters, and exploiters. So expect to see any half decent weapon for at least 10 million gold, which is no small amount of money. So a lot of people have resorted to using the Real Money Auction House and it's absolute chaos. I've seen people spending over $500 (yes real cash) on a SINGLE ITEM, a virtual item folks that will probably be obsolete in the next patch or expansion. I personally don't believe in spending real money on video game items (especially absurd amounts like stated above) but to each his own. -----

    So I really can't help but feel like the entire game was designed to revolve around the Real Money Auction House. The difficulty is absurd at inferno, many of the bosses are basically gear-checks (can only be beaten with certain amounts of DPS) and the loot is so bad that you have no choice but to use the Auction House.

    This game is a money grab, it's pay to win, and I'm not sticking around for when they implement Player vs. Player where it's going to be the battle of the credit cards.

    I will admit that I got more than my money's worth and it was fun at times, but this franchise has been ruined and this is by FAR the worst Blizzard game I have ever played. I will not remember this fondly like I do Diablo 2 or the Starcraft Series.


  24. Aug 3, 2012
    The perfect example of how games are going. Less content, no thought process needed from players (removed skill point allocation) and more ways for the company to rake in more cash without having to actually do anything (real money auction house). You are forced to play online and have no way at all to have a bit of privacy from your friends as it will show everyone that has you on their list when you are online without offering you any way of discreetly playing without them knowing. How something as simple as an "appear offline" button was left out of a game that makes you log on every time you want to play is beyond my understanding and just causes me to believe even more that the developers truly didn't give a rats a@# about any of their players and just pushed this out for some quick, easy cash.

    Honestly, they put in great effort in to their cut-scene animations but everything else just feels lazy.

    Profit at the expense of everything and everyone else.
  25. Jul 19, 2013
    -pay to win
    -stupid storyline (my cat can write a better one)
    -no skill/stat points
    -stupid class choices
    -bad graphics (yes it is bad.)
    **** artwork
    -dumb soundacting
    -retarded bosses
    -moronic followers
    -useless items

    +auto picking gold is not a bad idea. congratulations.

    made by retards for morons to play. good fuvking job.
  26. Aug 7, 2012
    I would love to give this a zero, but in all honesty the art guys did their job, and the game looks great. But as a sequel to D2, it is a major disappointment. After spending 4+ years of promising the community that this was the best Diablo ever, Blizzard finally released this dumbed down, incomplete, buggy, boring, un-fun abomination. I really don't need to repeat what's wrong with this game: just go to the BattleNet forums. There are many, many well reasoned posts like this [] outlining the flaws in this game, and some pretty decent fixes proposed by the community. Sadly, Blizzard isn't listening. Equally, the so-called "critics" have failed the community. Only Armchair Empire [] got it right.

    Sorry, I'm not thankful, and I have no plans to buy the expansion unless this is fixed.
  27. Sep 24, 2012
    I held out for a long time before I tried D3 because of the negative reviews. I am a huge fan of D1 and D2 and, like everyone else, have waited with bated breath for over a decade for this title. I finally broke down and bought the game and I can't accurately express how disappointed I am. The reasons are similar to other complaints but the biggest issue is that I simply don't like being treated like a child with ADHD. Diablo 1 and 2 were excellent precisely because of the complexity and tough choices that were entirely removed from this game. Those complex, hard decisions are in fact the very reason they were excellent games. What were the developers thinking? Did they honestly believe that lovers of D1 and D2 would be happy with all their choices being made for them? How did they come to this conclusion? Where are the customer feedback and fan forums where fans of the previous games were complaining that Diablo was too complex and needed to be dumbed down? How does Blizzard leadership allow such completely uncalled for and totally unnecessary design decisions to be made? Why would you so drastically change something that your fan base obviously loved? It's truly mind boggling. Honestly, the overall impression I get from the game design can be summed up perfectly with one word - Lazy. The sales may have made it appear to be a hit so far but I strongly suspect that the sales numbers from D3 reflect the hopes and expectations of fans that were giving Blizzard the benefit of the doubt (I certainly fall into that category) because they definitely don't reflect a well designed, intelligent game. I only hope Blizzard decision makers are able to come to the same conclusion. Expand
  28. Feb 7, 2013
    This game failed to improve on Diablo 2. The game has way too many changes from its predecessor. In addition, D3 lacks an end game as the Auction house renders the item hunt short lived. Also, the content (Acts only 4) are quite short and after you complete the game on normal (only option at first) that is all the content and sanctuary completed. So basically Diablo 3 is rinse and repeat in terms of content. Other issues include a very poor non competitive dueling system played on only 1 small map/arena. In conclusion this is a game that failed in terms of content and providing suitable end game options e.g. pvp/ custom games/map editor not existing. Expand
  29. Feb 27, 2013
    One of the best auction house simulators currently available.
    Though the whole thing is tied to a game, so only 4/10, without the game this simulator would have gotten 10/10 from me.
    The games outdated graphics, idiot-proof gameplay and no depth at all combined with a very very bad and short story sadly drag the simulation down.
    I wish that there was an auction-house-simulator as good
    as this without an unnecesary game atached to it. Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    An all round disappointment and failure. I found little to no immersion in the actual game, not to mention ERROR 37. After playing for many hours I lost hope to this long awaited sequel of over a decade. Shame on you Blizzard for making me spend my money.
  31. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard decided that they would make a single-player game that runs entirely on their servers and has no offline mode. Since the servers are overloaded and spit out errors every time, I can't play. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Error 37. Expand
  32. May 15, 2012
    Starting by assuming an average game is a 5/10.
    RMAH, Pay to Win. I can't can't accept this. 4/10
    Always online DRM. Does nothing but inconvenience your own customers, Error 37, while the pirates will have their private servers up within the month. 3/10
    No world PvP. For me this is always an important aspect of multiplayer games. 2/10
    No PvP at all. Sure we are promised some months from
    now, but so what? Some WoW arena type thing? I doubt I'll still be playing by then. 1/10
    Very short. Almost hilariously so, but then I remember the $60. I blew through this in maybe 5 hours and with no friends. 0/10
    Terrible graphics. Is this 2006? Am I playing Alpha WoW? -1/10
    Clickfest gameplay. Yes it has always been a fault with Diablo, but a fault is a fault. -2/10 Too many scripted events. Just plain don't like them. -3/10
    Too "streamlined." A.k.a casualisation to try and appeal to the lowest common denominator, giving them no credit whatsoever, I like to think people are smarter than this Blizzard. -4/10
    The story. More lolcorruption from Blizzard, with Metzen setting up a redemption apparently, how original. Also ANGEL SOUL RAID END. -5/10
    Diablo looks like an anorexic Balrog now. Why? He's always looked muscular and RED, not skinny and black. -6/10 Some of the cut-scenes looked pretty. -5/10

    Overall I'm very disappointed with this, it hasn't improved over Diablo 2 in any respect and it's been over a decade since then. Perhaps I'm being overly critical because of this fact, but even then Diablo 2 was never that great. I still have faith in Blizzard, or want to have it, but with WoW since Wrath, SC2 and now this...
    I hope that Titan blows me away and restores my faith.
  33. May 15, 2012
    Diablo III has awful DRM .It is boring, repetitive and is a grind fest as well as a pay2win mentality. All in hall it is a very bad game - not worth the £45. Having played the beta, I believe Torchlight 2 is better.
  34. May 15, 2012
    A hugely disappointing sequel, Blizzard is now on my list of boycotted developers that are ruining the industry.
    -Lag in single player game due to annoying DRM that will arbitrarily take away the product I paid for if my connection fails
    -Pay2Win cash shop
    -Atmosphere totally lacking, generic and grindy
  35. May 15, 2012
    Technically I didn't pay for this steaming pile, but when you count the actual cost of the annual pass, I've given blizzard twice the amount of what this game retails for. Despite getting past the log in screen boss, the game lags horribly, on a secured with no other users or programs to whore bandwidth. Traceroutes indicate the issue isn't my connection. 300-500 mSec lag is making this game unplayable for me (by the time I click to attack the enemy has already moved). Potions have a cd. No more town portal scrolls, be prepared to run back to town EVERY time you need to dump your inventory. I'll be sticking to the DRM free diablo 2. Expand
  36. May 15, 2012
    This is the most ridiculous thing ever. I am unable to get past the f*cking login screen as I am being plagued with errors. Blizzard you knew this was going to happen, the same thing happened at the beta yet you did NOTHING to try and stop the same thing happening at launch. I miss the good old days of Diablo 2 when I didnt have to logon to a f*cking server to play the single player campaign :/
  37. May 15, 2012
    The login problems are simply unforgiveable. Leaving aside how stupid the always online system is the simply fact is that Blizzard have the resources and know-how to insure these kind of login issues dont occur. They dont get a pass because its launch day, nor do they deserve our sympathy they are a large corporation and the only relationship between us is that I purchased a product they sell, a product which does not work as intended, you wouldnt accept this with any other consumer product, why accept it with this one? Expand
  38. May 15, 2012
    If you thought ubisoft had a **** drm, wait until you try this. It's already almost 24 hours after the launch and i still have trouble logging in .
  39. May 15, 2012
    Awful launch from Blizzard. They have launched the game in an unplayable state where I can't even play the single player mode because the servers are woefully inadequate
  40. May 15, 2012
    A company that's been around doing exactly these kind of games for 100 years release a game that I can't play, because the they don't give a ++++ about me enough to provide the servers their game REQUIRES TO RUN? When I get some server-time it's a lame, bland, Torchlightish experience. Everything good from D2 is GONE (with the original development team?). I feel hate brewing
    friends, must be Diablo at work. At least Bizarre got that right. Expand
  41. May 15, 2012
    What a mess. Mediocre beta. Horrible release. No character customization, no more attribute points. story is terrible. Finished in 3 hours. Repetitive tripe, IMO. There is a reason there are hundreds of negative reviews which is why I think they spent so much cash on splashy TV commercials. I wish there were lemon laws for video games.
  42. May 15, 2012
    Payed for this game 1 year in advance. I´ve seen many blizzard server problems, but given the time this gave was in the making and with all the prepurchases sold. Not being able to play diablo 3 on launch after such heavy advertisement is just **** ridiculous.
  43. May 15, 2012
    I am deeply frustrated by Diablo 3. The game looked so promising. But after all these Years, it came out as a bastard between softcore and hardcore entertainment. It can't decide wether to be dark or colourful. Deep or superstitious. This conflict is present in all aspects of the game. Be it the story, the games mechanics or the character design...

    I cannot say, you shouldn't buy the
    game. After all its a high standard Blizzard product. But don't expect it to be the cutting edge, dark experience Diablo was 16 years ago. Expand
  44. May 15, 2012
    I can usually find a redeaming feature in just about anything and never cast straight zeroes (and very rarely straight 10s), but if value returned for money paid is exactly zero, what can I say?
    Being unable to use the product I bought because of a feature I did not want, IS a straight zero.
    Another company brought down by greed, incompetence and unacceptable business practises.
    Why was it
    possible to play Starcraft in offline mode once I logged in, and why isn't it in D3? If I'm FORCED to be online all of the time, there is NO excuse for not enough servers in use or the software not working. I refuse to be cheated and patronized by companies that take my money and THEN treat me like a criminal. No more games with forced online mode in single player for me. Period. Expand
  45. May 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Cause i can't log in. Period. Expand
  46. May 15, 2012
    Yet another example of how DRM is killing the PC game industry. Went to a midnight launch last night (in Ohio) only to discover the game doesn't unlock until Midnight PST (which is 3AM EST). Then spent the next hour and a half attempting to login to play, but couldn't. Woke up today and was able to login and play for about an hour. Logged out to switch characters, and the servers were back down until 1630 EST. Was able to log back in and play for a bit, but they just shut the servers down AGAIN.

    Also, compared to D2, this game is dumbed way, way down. Don't get me wrong, when you can actually play the game it's mildly entertaining, but far too easy.

    D3 is to action RPGs what Halo is to FPS games: A dumbed down game designed for the unwashed masses, rather than a game engineered to be a fun, challenging ride.
  47. May 15, 2012
    Dear Blizzard, you ruined the name Diablo with this RPGless,WOWsimilar game with no atmosphere.

    Instead of Diablo 3 you should have done additional datadisk to Diablo 2 with 2 new characters and with original graphic (maybe higher resolution etc.) and the players would love you.

    You should have left the legend sleep!! Shame on you!
  48. May 15, 2012
    Disregard the trolls... that are giving this game more than 2. As always Blizzard-Activision is showing us how much they don't care about us, but about our money. The game is plainly bad, and it's made for the WoW audience, instead of the original Diablo fans. Even if you feel like you may enjoy the game (that you'll have problems even playing because of forced internet connections), do NOT buy it, don't give any amount of cash to Blizzard, do not feed the beast that is killing gaming. Expand
  49. May 15, 2012
    They used to pay attention to the details of the game, not any more. They used to care about the game experience, not any more, the users couldn't even get into the game which suppose to be played as a single game.

    Poor story line as always.

    Bad launch and customer service as alwasy, or you can say they just failed.
  50. May 15, 2012
    To the Blizzdrones screaming, "Rate the game, not the launch!" -- the servers directly impact the quality of the game. Blizzard said that Diablo III would be launched on May 15th. It's May 15th and I've gotten in less than 2 hours of gameplay. This is what happens when you put greed before need and try to force everyone to use your servers so broke 13 year old boys can't pirate the software.

    BUT TO BE FAIR: The dialog and story in the game is abysmal. There is no plot, Leah is the mandatory **** and ass" to appeal to the kids, and all the voice actors are overdoing dialog that is almost insulting to my intelligence.

    This is the sequel to the game that defined my childhood and I am not impressed, both by it and Blizzard's performance. Do not buy.
  51. May 15, 2012
    Never pictured myself as the register-just-to-give-a-zero type. But alas here we are. Single player online only; bad for Blizzard, bad for gamers, bad for the industry.
  52. May 15, 2012
    Bad graphics. No single player; always online. No LAN. No character customization. Casual skill trees. Health orbs. Plot is the typical Chris Metzen "CORRUPTION!!" cut and paste Blizzard storyline. Diablo has female hips. Pay 2 Win real money auction house. $1 fee on all trades, 15% money fee goes directly to Activision-Blizzard. Error 37; I couldn't play the night I bought the game. Made by none of the crew of Diablo II and feels like it. Sets the genre back about 10 years, yet it will smash all sales records. Anyone who enjoyed Diablo II should be ashamed of buying this game and slowly killing the hobby of videogames. I am ashamed of myself. Expand
  53. May 15, 2012
    Doesn't work. Games that cannot be played upon launch are nonfunctioning products, and receive a zero: not buying the game and not being able to play it is actually more fun than buying the game and not being able to play it.
  54. May 15, 2012
    i was a huge diablo and blizzard fan but im afraid i have to give them a huge slap with this release. even if the game were great, its not much use when no-one can play it. the server problems are simply not good enough, especially since they knew the volume of pre-orders. i read the stories on the forums about people who took days off work which have been wasted and blizzard need to know this is not good enough. i was hugely disappointed with the open beta weekend... stopped playing bored after 20 mins, and this from someone who lost sleep constantly for d2 at the drop of a hat.

    the lack of customization systems is disappointing, requiring online connections for SP is ridiculous.

    so so disappointed. blizzard was one of a very few game developers i would buy from assured of a quality product... not any more. i seriously hope they take a huge loss to credibility on this one, otherwise it'll just be telling developers they can treat the paying customer like fools and do what they want with no consequences... like other game developers have many times in the past unfortunately.
  55. May 15, 2012
    I purchased Diablo 3 on the launch and expected a fully functional product at the release. What I got was a game that wasn't working. I spent hours trying to play the game, but it seems like it's impossible to login and play the game, which I payed 60USD for. This is the first time I've purchased a product which I can't use. I am very surprised that Blizzard haven't spent more time with this game, since it's been a what? 8 year development cycle? How can you release a game filled with bugs and crashes and a non-functional login which makes it impossible to play the game? Oh don't let me start with the PvP and customization aspects they've removed from the game. Expand
  56. May 15, 2012
    Thankfully i had time to cancel my pre-order because of the required online connection DRM crap just for a simple singleplayer game!!?! $60 for this DRM filled pile of garbage is not even worthy of the Diablo series.As others have said the lack of LAN and offline mode killed the game for me as well as many people who are hardcore Diablo fans.Paying $60 for a game with everything controlled on the server side is just plain insane!!! Expand
  57. May 15, 2012
    Major dissapointment on release. Huge problems and game breaking bugs. Unable to play single player (even an isolated char with equipment etc.. restricted to just that game) because of always-connected requirement.

    Had to restart the game several times due to bugs and server issues and incorrect default install options, and I'm not certain if I ca be bothered to replay the beginning over
    and over...

    Stay Away until they fix the issues and release it much cheaper in a few months! dont fall for the hype and pay the extra cash to play it now.
  58. May 15, 2012
    Pay to win and always online DRM, two things I do no support. Shame on Activision and Blizzard entertainment for making this an industry standard.
  59. May 15, 2012
    Online only? What kind of Orwellian future am I living in? Game is worse than D2 due to lack of features. Incredibly frustrating because the graphics and cinematics are A+.
  60. May 15, 2012
    You'd think that with this many years to get something right, they'd get it right. However, Blizzard somehow released a deeply flawed product with game-ending bugs that forces players to stay connected to the Internet to use a single-player game that they paid $60 for. That would be fine if the servers worked, and if every Internet connection was reliable. More to the point, the game itself is cartoony, confusing and short. One group of players beat it in seven hours. It's almost like they hired 3D Realms of Duke Nukem Forever fame to build the game. Dislike. Expand
  61. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard are the biggest gaming company in the world (11 billion dollars) with over 4000 employees and they still cant launch a game right. Ain't this one big fail? They wanted to be cheap about all of this so they didn't buy bigger servers that could hold all of the players. Now because of their greed every legitimate player is suffering. The real money auction house is one of the many things that have ruined this game. Now every kid with their parents credit card at hand can become stronger than people who play for a much longer time. I wouldn't mind it if there was no PVP. But there is, so its not going to be fair at all. Another point - there is no single player and no LAN. Which is just absolutely retarded, even for Blizzard. I just played a bit of single player right now and it was LAGGING MASSIVELY. I just cant express my feelings with words alone. Blizzard failed in so many ways... Expand
  62. May 15, 2012
    Its started out playing out like a dumbed down version of D2 with WoW's art direction. I hope gameplay and character development will deepen but, of course I cannot play, thank you errors 37 and 3006. The always on internet connection is hard enough to swallow when you are playing a single player game, but Bliz got the benefit of the doubt. Who but them knows how to handle massive online users after all they have learned with now IO think I never buy another game that requires a persistent online connection, and definately don't buy anything until after the first round of user reviews. Expand
  63. Jun 9, 2012
    The reason we are so against this game is because what Blizzard is trying to accomplish is a very dark day for gamers. They have created a game designed to get as much money from its consumers as possible instead of creating something fun. The entire difficulty system is one gear check after another, and in order to get gear you must use the auction house. Any item that is any good will be placed in its real money auction, which Blizzard will take a 15% cut of the transaction. So in order for a player to realistically farm items at the highest difficulty they must first allow themselves to be farmed by Blizzard of real cash. If you do not spend real money and give Blizzard its 15% cut, you will only have a frustrating experience while everybody around you gets ahead. Don't allow a giant corporation like Blizzard start this horrible trend of making games that's completely designed to get money from us instead of it being fun. Don't think just because you were a wow player and got this game for free meant that you aren't going to end up paying for this game. Expand
  64. May 15, 2012
    y u no have better severs?


    This game isn't all that great. Blizzard not support servers for paying customers is like robbing Helen Keller.
  65. May 15, 2012
    Guess what? Bought the game, can't **** play it. Don't know if its good or not, so I'll just give it a 0. Blizzard needs to mature as a company.
  66. May 15, 2012
    My score will remain 0 till server are stable. With all the server down time how can anybody give a proper review. Fix your servers Blizz staff. This launch is was horrible.
  67. May 15, 2012
    I made an account just so i could give this game a 0. I might have fun later, but these first days have been a nightmare for me. I can't have fun so this game falls in the fail category for me.
  68. May 15, 2012
    60 dollars for a broken log-in screen. Blizzard knows what kind of hardware they need to keep the servers up but simply chose to save money and wait for server populations to settle. I have always been weary about this kind of always online DRM but chose to forego my better judgement and purchase the game anyways. Keep this kind of DRM out of single-player games.
  69. May 15, 2012
    Having a game launch as unplayable after months and months of extensive beta testing is just bad form. Not to mention, the game is half finished and will have the pvp features completed "later". If the game doesn't work, don't ship it. The people responsible for this joke of a game should be sacked. The little bit that we have seen prior to release looks exactly like the first two with graphics that are about a decade behind. Just terrible. Do not buy this game. Expand
  70. May 15, 2012
    This game gets a 0 for "doesn't even work." I tried to log on about 8:00pm on the day after the launch, and I get " is down ERROR 3003" I went to the help forums and get "Sorry, blizzard support websites are undergoing maintenance."

    Finally, some news on Twitter from @BlizzardCS -- since all the blizzard websites are FUBAR, the only remaining method of communication is Twitter
    -- saying the game will be down for 4 hours, so no need to stay awake.

    I'm sorry, this is completely ridiculous. Was 12 YEARS not long enough to develop a game that can even run at all on launch day? Maybe the problem is that Vivendi bought the rights to the Diablo name, but it lost all of the original Diablo and Diablo II developers who actually knew how to make such a game work.

    Just pitiful.
  71. May 15, 2012
    Bought and installed the game, can't play even 1 minute of it, getting only error messages, the back on the box says "Internet connection requred", well I have it, the rig is decent too ... however nowhere says that the game won't work on purchase ... why in the blue hell a billion dollar company will sell product when is still not ready, it is like buying a new car but I have to get to the service shop every day because the engine manufacturer screwed up ... Blizzard and Activision are clowns Expand
  72. May 15, 2012

    1-3 The servers are down
    4-6 the servers are up

    It's a coinflip at this point.

    The launch has been a disaster. I thought this kind of crap was over?
  73. May 15, 2012
    If Blizzard demands that the user have an active online connection. The user should be allowed to demand an active online connection. It is totally unacceptable that you purchase a game for a lot of money that can't be played. I don't care if it is the launch day. This just show us that this can happen any time.

    Regarding the gave itself - I agree with the other reviewers. The graphics
    aren't that good and if this was any other game it would be rated low but I think that all game sites and magazines are so hyped they will give Diablo a high score anyway.

    A dissapointment.
  74. Jul 14, 2012
    When I lost my fourth hardcore character due to d/c I had enough, crappy "always online" in a single-player game. Now I uninstalled Diablo 3 for good, and this was the last time I got a Blizzard game directly at the launch.
  75. May 16, 2012
    Just terrible. Graphics is outdated, no storyline and gameplay... bleah, pure grind with a bit of farm. No skill required, no building options, boring skill tree and so on.
  76. May 16, 2012
    First, I will not talk about the day of the release, ONLY of the game itself. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. It's not just the TOTAL lack of personalization, the TOTAL lack of technical decisions and the TOTAL lack of responsibility in your choices ... Blizzard has made it a game to play TELETUBBIES and TODDLERS. Diablo3 Have NOTHING than it did that after DIABLO 2 was worth waiting 12 years for a third part. TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT, i want my money back! Expand
  77. May 16, 2012
    We won't accept this kind of DRM from any gaming company.
    Always online single player? What a piece of crap! I have lag playing the Single Player Campaign which I want to play alone like I did with my other Diablos so no, thanks.
    What about those of us who are not in North America or Europe? We have massive pings against blizzard's servers and that has no solution. (I've heard people from
    inside Europe and America are getting quite nasty pings aswell).
    Also the RMAH and all that "Pay to win" crap is disappointing.
    This is no longer Diablo, this is "play wow alone, or with a maximum of 3 friends".
    You did it, you destroyed a highly anticipated sequel blizzard.
    They could have implemented an offline SP and peer to peer multiplayer and we would have next to no lag whatsoever. THAT is GOOD netcode.
    The gameplay suffers highly from the lag.
    Because of all of this + poor graphics + dumbed down gameplay + hardly any customization (because of no stats, etc) I give this game (stating an average game is a 5/10) a remarkable 0.
    We, gamers, don't like greedy corporations. We want good games.
  78. May 29, 2012
    Sluggish average ARPG. DRM and connectivity aside, I simply do not like the game at its core. Vaguely mimics the other Diablo's, but doesn't feel in any way like them. I would recommend Titan's quest over this lack luster. You may like the game shortly if you've never played an ARPG, but its the worst one to start with.
  79. May 16, 2012
    Diablo 3 is so boring you would have more fun at a bingo hall. Also the connection problems at launch are awful and show how incompetent Blizzard is. The graphics in game are also not close to what a Diablo game should look like
  80. May 17, 2012
    Read the professional reviews. Read how they describe the game. Does that sound like an 87 to you? No, it sounds like an 80 or a 75, but because Diablo III has the Blizzard name and advertising dollar attached to it, it gets an 87 on metacritic. It's criminal.
  81. May 17, 2012
    This is my latest review, and a copy of a direct ticket i sent to the consumer support of Battle Net:

    "I wish to report Blizzard for failure to fulfill the promise in a contract of sale of your product, the game Diablo 3. Why can´t I play the game when I want, because not just i have an internet connection running on the client side, it is necessary that your servers have
    the ability to manage all the copies sold. In addition the game content is far below the title that supports the Brand Diablo, which I was a frequent player in D1, D2 and D2LOD (game I still play), as such, and because of the failure on the part of your company promised to comply with this both aspects i want to unilateral denunce this purchase and pretend the return off all money paid. Cancelling my subscription of your game. If this is not the correct topic please send me to the site due. I am defrauded and I will take the legal steps necessary to see my consumer rights safeguarded. Sincerely,
    .......(My name)...."
  82. May 17, 2012
    I've played King's Quest I (released in 1984) with my young girls and had a great time doing it. What do you think the odds are people being able to play this game in 30 years due to the always on DRM?
  83. May 17, 2012
    Take a look at the conflicting "Official Critic" reviews yet they still managed to pull off an attractive score no doubt from some sort of attractive offer from the Blizzard propaganda department. Such is the way with an booming industry, "leading authorities" on games. Most "leading authorities" in all aspects are becoming redundant on the free internet. I played open beta and couldn't stand it for more then 20 minutes, say all you want about not giving it a fair shot but i'm not going to force myself to play a piece of crap, a polished turd is still a turd, I waited for this game like everyone else. The writing is on the wall and all the indications are there that Blizzard and parent companies are now just lifeless corporations looking to churn out a quarterly profit by providing incomplete products and throwing you a bone once in a while at a premium price thus requiring you continue paying money for a never ending beta. Kind of like tying a dollar bill to a string and pulling it away from your victim as soon as they get close. Very few companies once successful stick to quality standards and seek for never ending ways to exploit and sucker their customers once pleased with their offerings into bloating their coffers. Enjoy dishing out quarterly payments to these big gaming corporations to complete the forever incomplete product you are essentially buying. EA has been doing it for years, adding a few useless features or features that were already there or very easily could of been utilized in previous year titles. Maybe its just bitterness towards the lack of quality in games these days or playing too many and expecting more, maybe the gaming industry is in need of something revolutionary and innovative. Expand
  84. May 17, 2012
    Complete waste of time and money, can't even play single player due to a ping of 700 consistently. The series is ruined and I wish I bought torchlight instead. Let's get the rating to 3.7
  85. May 17, 2012
    It's unfortunate and a major disappointment. I'm surprised all the 'paid for reviews' gave this game an average '86' Metascore. To recap what others have stated: 1.) No offline gameplay
    2.) Even if you play alone in a private game to get a 'single player' feel, you get disconnected frequently and losing progress.
    3.) Cash shop / auction house / pay to win
    4.) No PvP / Hostility
    5.) Cartoon-like / World of Warcraft textures / League of Legends graphics ( a major shift from the dark Diablo 1 & 2 games)
    6.) They took out skill points and stat points so you can't experiment or build your character to your play style.
    7.) Average completion of normal mode is about 7-12 hours.

    All in all, I wish the original developers made this game. They wouldn't have fked it up so bad. There's probably a reason they stopped at Diablo 2. It feels like they just pulled more prime evils out of their ass to milk the Diablo franchise.
  86. May 17, 2012
    1.5 hours trying to install, I wouldn't even pirate any of your crap. I think your devs were telling the truth that you have been goofing off for ten years knowing you will cash in on name and expectations. Hope your fans remember this in future. I think getting it to install will be biggest test this game will offer.
  87. May 17, 2012
    Oh Blizzard, what have you done? Back in the day, I was a huge fan of D2 and Lord of Destruction, but this... Number 1, the graphics and entire environment look like a cartoon. Gone is the dark, creepy, brooding feel of D1/D2. Undead are no longer scary; they're just noisy targets that explode quite comically when you bludgeon them. This game reminds me of WoW, and I don't play WoW for a reason: it's whimsical. Silly. Carnival-esque. I like DARK fantasy, not magical gem-farting kobolds and Disney-level plot devices. Number 2, what the hell is up with a one-player game that forces you to play online? My hardware is far and above the recommended for this game, and I have a very reliable internet connection. Guess what I just did, though? Yep, lagged out and died. Finally - and I had a bad feeling about this one before even learning the true horror of its existence - pay-to-play items?! This is insulting. I know people used to do this kind of thing on eBay, but now Blizzard is trying to cash in with absurd user fees? I wonder how many companies in China were formed this week just to take advantage of this "feature." I was waiting for this game for a long time, and now I'm angry. This is basically betrayal, Blizzard. The only blessing I see here is that I'm one of the lucky few who played through the entire free demo and then read some online my $60 hasn't gone down the drain yet. And won't. I'd rather spend it on something useful and gratifying, like cheese. Expand
  88. zZz
    May 18, 2012
    I really don't understand why this game took 10+ years to make or why it costs 59.99 dollars at launch. This game is NOT like diablo 1 or 2, that is very disappointing, overhype for NO reason. The game has ALOT of World of Warcraft influences due to the many developers from WoW that worked on the game, the items are trash everything looks and feels the same, the monsters look cartoony, the graphics look are all flashy and pretty, NOT dark and "evil" as in the previous diablo 1 and 2 games, and there are older games out there with better graphics than diablo 3, what a disappointment. You no longer can customize your character, no more point to put into vitality or strength, or points into your skills, everything is preset so there is no customization whatsoever.You need an internet connection to play the game on single mode and half of the time the servers don't even work. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE, and when you try to complain and tell blizzard to fix the game on their forums you either get flamed at or your post gets deleted by blizzard, I don't know what happened to blizzard but Diablo 3 is by far the worst game they have ever made.
    Ironic how Starcraft 2 doesn't have any WoW influences and its becoming one of the best selling blizzard games now. Please don't listen to the blizzard fan boys they will stick by blizzards side no matter what, if you truly want to try the gam out get a pirated copy from a torrent site and see for yourself how bad the game is.
  89. May 18, 2012
    I told myself I'd enjoy this game no matter how much they ruin it. We've waited over 11 years, and let's face it, it's nearly impossible to live up to the hype. But when you go back and look at the screenshots of the first 'revision' of diablo3 you wonder, was it worth re-doing? Blizzard dropped the ball firing blizzard north staff and telling them to scrap d3. Then they merged with activision and had a huge cash cow called WoW. Honestly, this isn't blizzard that we loved anymore. As many have said, a lot is wrong with this game, and I fear for the future.
    1. stats: Diablo 2 had an issue, you had no reason to not pump up one stat. Except for the fact you know, it wasn't that huge of an issue. There was simple fixes that could of took place, reducing the hp scaling per vitality point and increasing the scaling of other stats for example. There was always builds will max vita, but there was also max str and max dex (titan baba and glasscannon zons) and even max energy sorc.

    2. DRM: while this upsets me, it isn't the hugest issue. If there is maintenence, as there has been. You can't play. If the servers are far away, you lag. If you have a bad connection (such as my friend) you get a constant 2k ping. A lot better ways of preventing cheats such as client side with server side authentication could have been used to at least reduce the dependence on servers. What if in 5 years they don't want to keep the servers up? This isn't d2 where the servers can be run on a small little think for a few bucks a month. Once they are down, we have no where to go, because there is no offline/single player.

    3. MMO. This isn't the same genre as d2. There is no replay value in this game, there is no clear and understood method of farming, there is no game channels, there is no future. You level a character once, do all the town and back talk to this person talk to that person quests. Then you're sitting there trying to figure out what to do. The level cap is 60, so there is no high goal of trying to hit 99. Any gear you want can easily be bought, so what is the point of grinding mobs? You're stuck, do you wait for pvp? Wait for an expansion, just to give more cash to a company that could lock you out of this game forever in two years? Or do you do the exact same back and forth talk and grab item quests and level another char?

    Let's face it, this game has some fun hidden in it. But that's only with friends, and from what I can see, only the first run through. I hope blizzard does something quick, before they lose the diablo fanbase and is left to die.

    ps. don't even get me started on the water-color graphics, while a few acts seem better then others. The art direction is horrible. I don't want a post-processing effect slapped in my face.
  90. May 18, 2012
    Bah, I haven't even been able to play more than 4 hours. Garbage. The only reason this isn't a console game is because Actiblizzard wants to rake money off the top of auction house sales... Avoid this one at all costs. If you must have an Action RPG try out Torchlight (single-player only) and TitanQuest (Both single and multi-player). Also, Torchlight II is coming out this summer. It has online, offline, lan, singleplayer, mods, you name it! Good Job Bobby Kotick. Expand
  91. May 18, 2012
    I've never purchased a game that I could not play until now.
    I got his game on Wed and have managed to peice together 45 minutes of interruppted play 10-15 minutes at a time FOR SINGLE PLAYER. Today is Friday. The game is ok, not mind blowing, the experience is horrible. I need a refund this is unusable.
  92. May 18, 2012
    Diablo 3, I gladly welcome this title as a sequel to the franchise. I am not happy with the whole experience as a customer, and really Blizzards excuse for always on gameplay, is just that... an excuse. There is no real justifiable reason to NOT have a offline mode... Offline mode didnt hurt Diablo 2... I want to start positive here and get into the negative later.... I purchased the digital download version first because i knew my collectors edition that i ordered to be shipped would not arrive on time. Again staying positive here, once i finally was able to play, I was happy with the graphics, as well as the story line. To be completely honest i Truly enjoyed the departure of assigning skill points and playing with skill trees. I feel that this gives me more time to immerse myself in battling foes and focusing on the story rather than worrying on how many skill points im saving or if i messed up and put too many point in a certain stat. I really enjoy the story, i like seeing all the characters that we heard about in the past finally show up and make a mess. Not only that but the story line brings back old favorites and really can play with ones emotions. Ok now we can talk about the bad stuff, Granted there are some real good things up there, but the bad stuff im going to list here, are more of a Business mistake rather than a developer mistake. CLEARLY most of what you will read here on all these reviews as well as in this section did not have to be this way. Right from launch Blizzard literally tells the customer "WE are rich, we have what you want, and if you dont like it, we dont care". First and foremost, you dropped 60 bucks on this game, 59.99 to be exact, and 1 cent doesnt really make a difference, its more than 59 dollars and one cent less than 60 so we will just call it 60 and be done with it. Blizzard said 12:01AM Pacific time you can play the game. sure that was true for many customers, but not all... Why, because its online only.... You cant play this game on a plane, you cant play it on a train. though you could probably play it while eating green eggs and ham.... so long as you have a broadband internet connection. that means you cant play it on your life raft in the middle of the Atlantic probably cant even play on your grandfather's farm in the middle of no where nebraska. No internet there.... or they only have dial-up, yes i know its 2012, but guess what there are still people that have dial-up. and YES THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT STILL HAVE AOL (the kind that came on a cd or floppy disk in 1995) they cant play diablo 3... they are "NOT ENTITLED". yes im the fortunate few that has a broadband connection, i wasnt able to get on for four hours on launch day. i live at most 20 minutes away from a video game store, i could have left my house four times bought a title and have 4 working games right out of the box. so not being able to play what i paid for is a big time sad face. another big sad face is for a game that is just as easily single player as it is multi-player, i have to suffer multi-player problems in single player games.... lag..... i cant tell you how many times i have been face to face with a boss... then all of a sudden everything freezes... then 30 seconds later, a screen pops up saying you are dead... its one thing to die and it being your own fault.... you bit off more than you chew it happens. i can suck that up all day long, sure i might get mad if it happens all too often i might throw something, i might flip a buffet table who knows. but when its NOT my fault, when its My ISP, My crappy router, or more than likely over populated blizzard servers. now i want to flip Blizzard's buffet tables! i want to tie up Vivendi's french speaking CEO and flip the table so the creame frieche ruins his expensive suit! I am a paying consumer, i should not have to put up with this. Blow this off as another whiny entitled rant, but you know what, you are DAMN right i am entitled, I paid for something i want it to work properly. i bought everything i need for my computer to run, it works as intended i am happy, i bought my internet it usually works as intended and when it doesnt i call my ISP and they FIX it. i bought diablo 3 and it doesnt work as intended i call support and they tell me they are aware and are investigating the problem, they do absolutely nothing to tell me they are going to fix it. no reassurance nothing. thats bad business, and business arrogance. Put simply Blizzard has made so much money off us consumers, that the consumer's happiness no longer matters. Diablo 3 will be the last title i ever purchase from blizzard or their affiliates. I do not do business with blunt arrogance. Expand
  93. May 18, 2012
    It comes as no surprise that most of the "official" reviews of this game rank it highly. I am unsure of how they can do so with a straight face, especially when nearly twice as many users have given this game a negative ranking than a positive one. It probably has something to do with perks offered to these reviewers by Blizzard, who knows?

    This game is a complete let-down. Aside from
    the intrusive DRM and the fact that you cannot play single-player without a constant internet connection, the game itself is just sad. They have dumbed everything down. The graphics are reminiscent of World of Warcraft, which isn't too surprising given that its made by the same company, but it just destroys the whole mood for me. Another thing that destroys the mood is the dialogue in the game, which was clearly not thought out very well as most of it is just comical. When I play a game like Diablo, I want to feel like I am fighting for my very life, like I am truly struggling to save humanity from a dark and sinister evil. Instead, I feel like I am playing a World of Warcraft - Diablo mod. Even the secret level in the game, Whimsyshire, is a childish-looking, rainbow- and pony-infested atrocity. The developers might have thought it to be funny, but to the consumer it is just completely insulting.

    The game is completely unappealing to hard-core Diablo players and they have dumbed it down so much I feel like they shouldn't have even bothered releasing it at all. Blizzard has really let all their previous success go to their head. Instead of giving us new ground-breaking titles, they give us half-assed games that only sell well because of the franchise's name. Yet, people are reluctant to see the writing on the wall and continue to encourage this kind of behavior, because "OMG it's Blizzard, it MUST be good!" DRM is not okay. Even the people who claimed it was were whining and complaining when they took the day off from work on launch day and couldn't log into the game. Hypocrites.

    The real-money auction house is going to destroy the economy. People delude themselves into thinking they are going to get rich with it, but they fail to realize that there are going to be millions of people doing the same. Within a short period of time, perhaps a few months at the most, even the rarest loot will be available for extremely low prices. People who pick up the game after this period of time will be able to equip their characters with the best possible gear without doing any work. Where is the fun in that? Diablo has always been about grinding bosses for loot and finding random strangers with whom to trade. It's clear Blizzard just wanted to control the profit OTHER people were making in Diablo 2. I've heard all the "justification", but let's face it - Blizzard is greedy and they don't care about putting out a ground-breaking game, they only care about profits.

    The lack of mod support is sad. Part of what extends a game's longevity is the inclusion of mod support, but I guess greedy ol' Blizzard doesn't want people to touch THEIR code. That's why they included all the DRM in the game, so that you can only truly RENT the game from them.

    Lack of LAN support is also sad, since you have to rely on Blizzard's servers. Forget playing with 0ms ping with your best buddies in the comfort of your own home. Instead, you'll have to pray that your internet connection is strong and that Blizzard's servers aren't down for maintenance or chugging because of all the millions of concurrent users. I guess Blizzard's way of bringing people together is by keeping us apart.

    0/10. This game is a complete disappointment and I feel sorry for all the people who delude themselves into believing Blizzard's reasoning for everything that is WRONG with this game. Actions speak louder than words, and Blizzard seems to care an awful lot about making sure people hear their words and ignore their actions.
  94. May 18, 2012
    Its not Diablo II its WoW 2. And this why most of us disapointment.
    im not talking about DRM, single player etc because u in my opinion u dont need to play diablo game alone, but the truth is this game lost all the its great features from diablo 2 and turned into WoW 2.
    Diablo 2 is still popular 12 years after its release and i see many people who play it online. do u really think this bad
    game will be played in 12 more years? Diablo 2 is a game that stands the test of time . diablo 3? doesnt even stand the stand of present time.
  95. May 19, 2012
    Casual gamer here. Absolutely gutted offline single player mode isn't available. Games like warcraft, starcraft, diablo, are what I'm about. I buy the games, chuck it on hard and play the single player campaign. I've never made the transition to online play with any game. The main reason being I live in a country where internet connections aren't great. So to find out online connection is a must is so annoying. I also game on a laptop and dont have roaming wireless internet, I find it really average to think I could buy the product but be limited where I use it. I think for someone like the gamer who's not interested in online play this will push them towards piracy. I for one wont be buying the product due to my internet limitations. However if there was a cracked version that allowed offline play that would look pretty good to me right now.

    I cant believe the ignorance from blizzard that everyone around the world interested in playing diablo 3 will have access to a quality internet line.

    Seriously?????? You cant be that stupid?????
  96. May 19, 2012
    As anyone has already pointed out, the biggest flaw is the DRM.
    There are QUEUES in the singleplayer, what the heck???
    Is this the future of video gaming? Cattle-ing people? None should support this kind of product because it just degrades the whole video game industry.
    This has NOT the spirit of D2, to whoever says that they are just blizzdrones. It has nothing D2 had.
    The story is plain
    and dumb, no customization whatsoever, chosing one feat for your skill and call it customs? There is no more skill building, you just chose your arsenal and your gameplay won't be much more different than any other dude having your character.
    As always the first playthrough can't be easier, the replayability is just doing the game again (which is short as well) and doesn't add much at all.
  97. May 19, 2012
    This game is unplayable because of DRM. I have 6Mbps ADSL Internet connection and pings in other games like 80-120ms. In D3 my average ping is of 600-1000. This is incredibly unplayable even at single player campaign.
    I've wasted 60 euros just because Blizzard was a trusted company for me till here. I don't care about graphics and sound, i don't care about many years of development of that
    game. I simply log in, watch my hero "jumping through space" in lags and i quit. Expand
  98. May 24, 2012
    This game is OK but the always-on DRM absolutely ruins it for me. DRM for multiplayer games is to be expected, but forcing you to always have a connection to the blizzard servers in order to play a single player game is ridiculous. What if you have a laptop and want to play it somewhere with poor/unreliable wireless signal quality or no wireless signal? You can't. When playing a single player game on my desktop I'll be running through a field and then in a flash my position will reset to where it was a second or two ago when the server last synched, its totally jarring. Sometimes when this happens I'll be surrounded by monsters and instantly die. I'll be pretty far into a dungeon and my connection will get dropped and I'll get booted back to the game lobby and have to repeat the level. All this is even if blizzard allows you to log in to their servers to begin with, hope you don't want to play your game when their servers are down or at capacity! I'm still having lag issues on my desktop over a week after release, I'm not whining about the launch-day issues that they improved upon over the first couple days, and this may in fact be my ISPs fault rather than Blizzard's. Blizzard really should have given you the choice of an open or closed system like they did in Diablo 2, this design decision to require a constant high quality internet connection at all times killed my enjoyment of this game. As to the gameplay, its pretty much what you'd expect, an updated version of diablo with new classes and skills. Graphics are decent, voice acting is good and the monsters the game has allowed me to see so far have been interesting - I like some of the vomiting zombies and giant bloated corpses that explode into a mass of worms, I like how you see monsters climb up the sides of cliffs and climb in through windows before joining the combat, creative stuff like that is good. Story is decent, kind of a rehash of the original story so far but it makes me nostalgic when they drop names like "king leoric" in the story. I'm one who doesn't really want a long story in an action rpg so the story is at just about the right level for me. Gameplay however seems dumbed down from predecessors, not nearly as much character customization as I would like and my only deaths so far have been due to lag. $60 for this is an insult, should be $20. Expand
  99. May 19, 2012
    I think we need to stop being fanboys of a game, a company, or a franchise and just evaluate something for what it's actually worth (basically, leave nostalgia out of it)
    Diablo 3 is on it's own merit, one of the most exceptionally bad let downs of all time. The graphics are so cheap and second rate, it looks like an indie studio of about 4 guys did the work on it. The characters are 2
    dimensional and so hard to get behind it's laughable, so you almost wish it was a comedy. Oh and in terms of customization (the cornerstone of the RPG experience) forget about any deviation from what they decided your character will look like. And to top it all off, after paying $60 you can't even play it without getting kicked off every few minutes due to Blizzard mandating you stay online while you play. Why did they mandate this? So they could suck more money from you via the Auction house. Diablo 3 is gaming's Waterworld. Expand
  100. May 19, 2012
    For background, I have played both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 to an extent. I completed both games multiple times, and although it has been a while since I played the titles, I was completely distraught when I started my character on Diablo 3. The game-play was completely dumbed down to the point that a trained chimpanzee could complete the game without any problems, the graphics look as though they were taken out of WoW and darkened slightly. As I feared, Blizzard have forgotten how to make a game that is not the hugely successful WoW. Diablo 3 is a huge let down for anyone who has ever played either Diablo or Diablo 2, and I, in all honesty, cannot see how it would attract new players (aside from those who fell into the hype). I won't be a fool and say Blizzard "owned us" a great game, after this long of a wait, but after waiting for eleven years, expectations were high. They were met with Starcraft II, and they were simply destroyed with Diablo 3. It is as disappointing a game as you will ever find, and there is absolutely no way I am ever going to fall in love with it. For those reasons, my rating is a solid zero. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]