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  1. Jun 7, 2012
    This game has been engineered to reap idiots of their money. Some executive decided that the black item market should be more than legalized, it should be the core aim of the game. And DEVS completed their mission. Unfortunately it ended as a poor boring game were there is no possibilities of different play styles inside the classes all will always play and feel the same. It is worse in almost all aspect than D1. Anyone going back to D1 or D2 will find more fun in those than in D3. i m not joking. Blizzard acted as a b!tch and i hope the market b!tchslap it. Now lets hope they ll come to their sense for D4, if they can survive the cascade of failure they are accumulating that is. If not, patience, the market will fill the void, TL2 is there for that, and its only the beginning i would bet Expand
  2. May 15, 2012
    Played 1 and 2, and waited and waded through the hype for a game that feels mechanical, stale and sadly offers less than the previous games. Graphically lovely, it just doesn't grab me by the balls. Something is badly lacking. If anyone has experienced WoW pug PvP, it kinda feels like that. I'll explain, I started playing earlier and joined a few parties, not one person spoke and it felt as though I was being simply carried along. No one picked up anything (gold/items) or even stopped to fart! I couldn't help but feel like a low level vacuum cleaner running behind Dysons. Overall, I think the game is average (esp after the wait) and it is further spoiled by the sad fact that modern gamers seem too eager to pursue end game glory and have forgotten, or better yet (given their ages), never known the pleasures and satisfaction of the in-between. Everyone's in a hurry to be no.1 and the game suffers as a consequence. 4/10 - By today's expectations/standards, and in view of what had gone before it, a real let-down. Expand
  3. May 15, 2012
    I was already extremely disappointed from the start because of the overall "WoWification" (which I probably don't need to go into detail about; read the other 500 reviews about it), but with the whole unplayable part I am officially mad. I regret buying this
  4. May 20, 2012
    Never again will I purchase a game from blizzard. My first time buying and my last. Selling a game that negates the entire idea of playing single player. You must be online to play a single player campaign? Just terrible. This is the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a game.
  5. May 15, 2012
    This is not Diablo. This is a bad clone of the game that we knew and loved. Blizzard removed from the game are good things, and added a useless. I do not advise buying this game, it is the failure of Blizzard.
  6. May 15, 2012
    The complete lack of character customization takes all the joy out of progressing in this game. They try to overcompensate with story but that's never been good/important in diablo games. Game is incredibly short, and they artificially increase the length by unlocking the harder difficulties. Get "Path of exile" if you want a better experience.
  7. May 16, 2012
    It's probably the best of the hack&slash..... But it's just a hack&slash. If you love this type of game, you'll probably get an orgasm. But if it's the story and the alternatives in the gameplay wich are moving you one, just a word will come in your mind : boring. This game is ........... boring. Oh yeah, the loot is great, your player is growing up in the strength ....... and that's all. I've played it for 6 hours, and there were 5 pain hours. Seriously , how can someone stay and click click click for hours, without strategy, without story, without anything just a little laughable. It's like work, and what a want when i touch a game, it's to play, not to farm hours after hours for a **** sword Expand
  8. May 15, 2012
    Amazing game!! People need to stop crying that they can't get on been playing it for 4 hours now its incredibly fun, good graphics amazing sound and the combat is fun and challenging, already compiled some cool rare items and look forward to more treasure hunting :D
  9. May 15, 2012
    This game is perfect in very aspect, the cinematics are incredible the graphics are amazing , its the best hack'n'slash of all time, try it and you will love it
  10. May 15, 2012
    I beat the game already.
    It's so damn easy I think I'm going to have to try a no items run instead. This is what happens when they get the team from world of warcraft to make the game, instead of the team from diablo 2.
  11. May 15, 2012
    It's pretty much World of Warcraft with a higher camera angle. Did the new Blizzard devs even play the older Diablo games? The game lacks soul, the art is good but it's not gloomy - everything to too vibrant. You can tell Blizzard 2.0 could care less about voice acting, they hired people for cheap and you can hear it.
  12. May 15, 2012
    Great game. Shame no one can play it. Servers are a joke. Information about 353 pages of complaints about error 37 is a cut and paste job. Worst customer service ive seen in a long time. Terrible waste of time and money.
  13. May 15, 2012
    Last Blizzard purchase I make...This company has really gone downhill in the last couple of years. I know that WoW had a shaky launch and some rough patches, but that game was an MMO! This game is just a DRM logon!

    As for DIII:
    very dated graphics- I understand the desire to sell to a broader audience, but limited animations, single viewpoint, and screen shake?! The enemies all look
    like mannequins rather than hellspawn beasts. I was more afriad of Doom 2 monsters than these! No single player/DRM -enough people have mentioned this
    Customization- much like what happened with WoW Cataclysm, there is no more choice in development. I dont want to play like other people; let me choose, let me fail if that is the case. All skills are granted as the character increases in level. There are no attribute or skill points to customize your character.
    Overall just boring- maybe the game will intensify with the the 'higher difficulties' (read: stat padded mobs), but I can forsee this game becoming a very one-dimensional gear farming title. Quests are not at all memorable or exciting, nor are they class specific.
    Now that people can 'play to pwn" with the real money auction house, Blizzard is just sucking the money from gamers who simply do not know better (the ~300 people that have given this game positive reviews thus far).

    I was able to quit WoW with ease after how bad Cataclysm let me down, and now I will get a refund for this complete waste of $60. Well done Blizzard, you just lost a customer who had been loyal since 1997. At least there is still Valve!
  14. May 15, 2012
    This game is a massive pile of **** It shouldn't be named like that.
    WoW is nice like a prostate cancer, and this "Diablo"3 is like a bunch of bloody hemorrhoids in your mouth.
  15. May 16, 2012
  16. May 15, 2012
    I created an account specifically to review this game. I wasn't going to buy it but at the last minute I thought why not. Quite often the negative reviews on metacritic are over reactions but this time unfortunately they are correct. I haven't finished it yet but from what I have experienced it is terrible. the art looks like WOW and the graphics are very poor. In addition to this, the game lags and has a terrible framerate.
    If you are considering purchasing this game whatever you do try before you buy.
    I feel like I have wasted $90 dollars I swear I'll never purchase another activision blizzard game again.
    I am a legitimate customer and not someone with an axe to grind.
  17. May 15, 2012
    One word for this poor performance and way of ruining such a nice franchise - ACTIVI$ION
    I can not even describe how disappointing this is, saddens me to see a old school PC Gaming company going down this route.
  18. May 15, 2012
    This game is such a disappointment after Diablo 2. They completely removed any form of character customization. Every single hero of a class is the same as any other hero of that class. There are no more unique builds both attributes and skills are automatically gotten for you as you level up. It tries far too hard to hold your hand and made it impossible to make your character unique.
  19. May 15, 2012
    truly awful game obvios wow ripoff 0/10 pls dont copy other games pls truly awful game obvios wow ripoff 0/10 pls dont copy other games pls
    truly awful game obvios wow ripoff 0/10 pls dont copy other games pls
    truly awful game obvios wow ripoff 0/10 pls dont copy other games pls
    truly awful game obvios wow ripoff 0/10 pls dont copy other games pls
  20. May 15, 2012
    I dont see why everyone is giving this game negative reviews. People are complaining about not being able to connect to the servers but i am not having any trouble at all. I just played for over an hour and didnt encounter a single problem with the game or the server connection. My guess is these people are complaining about trying to connect to multiplayer which seriously what did you expect on launch day. A few million people are trying to connect to the multiplayer servers all at once did you really expect them to not crash every once and a while? If you just give the game a week or so the servers will empty out and the problems that everybody is having with the game will disappear. So stop giving the game a 0/10 just because you are pissed off that you cant connect to multiplayer; single player is fun as hell. Enjoy the game and stop ruining the rating just because you are angry. Expand
  21. May 15, 2012
    You love Diablo II? So... Don't buy D3! No more attribute points to distribute, skills unlock automatically as you level you, character personnalisation = 0. And the DRM... THE DRM!
    We can't play to the solo game when we want.

    Bad game Blizzard, very bad game.
  22. May 15, 2012
    It's not that Diablo 3 is a terrible game as it stands alone, but compared to the rest of the Diablo series, it is. For $30, it would be a good game, but the fact that we were charged full price makes it bad. Aside from the price point, there are many unforgivable factors. The first being Blizzard's lack of preparation for the flooding of the servers. What I don't understand is if Blizzard can afford to run WoW, one of the world's most popular online games, day in and day out with no server compromises, then how can it not handle Diablo 3 when they've had 12 years to prepare for its imminent release? This brings me to my next point, the need to be constantly online even to play single player. Why should I have to be online to play single player, a mode that utilizes no online components whatsoever? This is further complicated by Blizzard's ineptitude to anticipate the flooding of the servers. This means that the consumer has been unable to play a mode that should not utilize online servers due to Blizzard's huge blunder. Like I said before, if this game were only $30, then it wouldn't be as bad. The fact that Blizzard gave us an unprepared piece of garbage for $60 is what makes this game terrible. Expand
  23. May 15, 2012
    Big fan of D2, this is just the worst launch in history, of any product, not just a game!
    Paying for something and being denied the use of it = Theft
  24. Aug 28, 2012
    Diablo 3 could be a great game. I played the game for some time but i got annoyed fast. The real money auction house is something terrible... a "Pay to Win" option in a payed game. I spent 70 euros on the game and then i have to grind hours and hours to find a weapon that sucks? Or i have to spend more money in the aution house? Besides that... the game becames to BOOOORIN! Random maps are not so random (after 3-4 times they repeat) and the elite packs with random powers are absolutley terrible. Expand
  25. May 15, 2012
    this game is **** away from it at all costs,it is extremely dumbed down and downright boring to play,i so regret buying this game,it is a wow clone
  26. May 15, 2012
    I can't really think of anything good about this game, so I'll focus on the bad. Features that existed in previous games are gone less customization need to be online to play poor launch classes are extremely unbalanced game is absurdly short blizzard clearly put no effort into making a good game because they knew the success of their other titles would ensure people would play this game without question. I'm pretty disgusted by what occurred here and I really hope that it can be made to stop. The game has been dumbed down to just clicking and nothing else. Expand
  27. May 15, 2012
    Fantastic sequel to a great series. Highly expected launch problems but the actual quality of the game is great. If you have difficulty connecting just wait a couple days. Sure it's an inconvenience but the game is phenomenal.
  28. May 16, 2012
    Common guys, why don't you simply skip the game and send a message?

    It was known for a long time: single player totally f****d, no stats, skills and runes, 60$ price tag for unknown reason and finaly no demo, guest passes instead. DRM is more than enough to not buy the game, and the rest is not much better. It was clear before release that you get the game for children with special needs
    who can't distribute 5 points in 4 stats Expand
  29. Oct 24, 2012
    Why do all game devs these days only care about money. Screw your auction house, the whole point of the game is to collect stuff yourself, what is the point if you can just buy the items in the auction house? It's stupid. The game itself is too easy, Story wasn't that great,graphics are good, and gameplay is good. I just can't give a game a good score when the game itself is repetative and you can't play offline. The game should be limitless and not have it's limits. Get your s**t together or get out. That's all I can say. Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    Best game Ever!!!. i have been playing for 6 hours and now i'm in college, i want to play it NOW lol. i am loving the WD. The story is so much better than D1 and D2(ive only played 6 hours but its awesome so far!)
    i love the WD attacks they are all so visceral!
  31. May 15, 2012
    Great game: everything I expected and more. No problems logging from Europe in the early morning of today. Stop ranting about day one errors please... just judge the game.
  32. May 15, 2012
    Honestly what's with the bad reviews? I've played this game for 2-3 hours now and it's been great so far. I can see that the skills are very different and versatile, and will hopefully be fun to use.
  33. May 15, 2012
    Just because this is DRM it doesnt mean that this game is bad. The Graphics are nice and the story is deep. Blizzard also did acknowledge that they would have issues and whatnot. Every game has issues and whatnot if you cant deal with it then dont waste your money. As for me i think game is great despite the small bugs. I didn't waste my money and for some other reviewers i hope you know this is RPG not a FPS and Blizzard isn't dead. Expand
  34. May 15, 2012
    DRM is frustrating..yes. Can it be prohibitive, yes. Is it necessary, well, some say yes, and some say no. As a PC Gamer, we value our rights, and I respect that. But don't review bomb Blizzard and Diablo 3. I commend the devs at Bliz. What an unbelievable challenge to make a game after masterpieces like D1 & 2. Beautifully crafted, well designed, great lore, concept, loot, etc...You made this long time gamer very happy when a release date was announced, and now the final product is at home and installed. I just want to say you earned a well deserved Thank You! Expand
  35. Jun 13, 2012
    Fun game so far, about halfway through ACT II and I'm enjoying the dungeons and storyline (nice that there isn't too much story). Too bad servers keep glitching out so have to give it a red until they fix it. Edit: Bumped it up to 7 since servers have stabilized. The always online pushed it from a 8 to a 7 for me. Edit 2: Inferno balance, lag deaths, aand having server restarts when I'm pushing my monk to ACT III Inferno with 5 stacks of NV dropped it another 2 to 5. They really messed this title up Expand
  36. May 16, 2012
    Finding it hard to play with fairy land version of 2002 graphics. The immersion of the graphics to a game style as diablo is pretty key. Pretty sad when the richest company cant even work that out. I saw make another warcraft (not wow) and bring it back to your fans. Grow a brain over there
  37. Jun 18, 2012
    I have played over 100 hours of this game only to be stone walled because I don't have several hundred dollars for the Real Money AH or millions of gold to gear my barbarian in ACT 4 gear just so I can progress into act 2. Melee is completely at a dis-advantage in this game and besides that. It is extremely dumb ed down with no skill points or talent points it is nothing but a linear ARPG with limited action after you beat the game once. How much fun is farming the same 4 acts to get to level 60 then at level 60 you get to farm act 1 inferno that has a 2% chance to drop gear that is even level 60 most of it that drops prevents you from progressing sense it is the same exact thing you can get from act 3 hell.

    This game was an extreme disappointment and should be sued for false advertising. i wonder when the beta version will stop being sold and we can purchase the real release in 2013
  38. May 15, 2012
    There is a lot of people giving the game a bad score because the servers are acting up, I however, will cast my focus on the core aspects of the game.

    Diablo 3 is an action RPG where you create a hero to battle the fiends of Hell and in the end kill the final boss Diablo. The game is very well polished, but the game also lack many major elements to create a fun game experience; There is
    absolutley zero costumization and the game is overly linnear. The lack of innovation makes this game more a money grabber for Blizzard than an actual fun experience. Blizzard is slowly convergning towards EA in greed and Bioware in game design. Expand
  39. May 15, 2012
    What a terrible game. The story mode can be finished in 2 hours; you will be left grinding same dungeons over and over for that 'rare loot'. At the same time, someone can pay real money to purchase that item instantly from the real money auction house. I would stay away from this game if you want to keep the video game industry innovating in the right direction. If games avoid paying for games like this, they will be heard and developers will refrain from making games that require 'always online' single player. Granted, online connectivity isn't a big deal, but there is always that time your internet may be out and you want to play on single player (I vowed I would never buy a game after Starcraft 2 and it's online activation/limited access single player one day when I couldn't play when I didn't have internet connection). Regardless, the game seems like it was developed in 6 months, and not 11 years. I gave this game a 0 to even up the scores as there will be drones that give this game 10/10. Expand
  40. May 15, 2012
    Briefly this is not Diablo. This is a bad version of WoW. No more darkness and grit. Instead we have a game stripped to the bare bones of simplicity and bright colors. That is if you can even log on. And then hope you do not crash. Something as simple as equipping a shield on your templar companion if you are a DH means game crash. Stay away from this horrid crap. One question to the pathetic money grubbers at Blizzard: You had this same thing happen during the stress test and you knew how many preorders sold yet you still could not devote enough servers to handle it? Expand
  41. May 15, 2012
    helo i this this game is bad caus le monky fa, and not gut pvp n stuf so i hop it be beter soon so i can buy and pley this game pls no buy it no good now
  42. May 15, 2012
    I would love to write a full review, but I can't log into my single player game. Nice intro though. The issues will be mostly resolved within a week or two, but this shouldn't need to be an issue.

    Customers shouldn't be penalised for buying a game. As Gabe Newell said, publishers need to offer a better deal than the pirates do. Blizzard are failing at this right now.
  43. May 15, 2012
    Come on, we can't EVEN review the game you know!?!?!?

    Its pretty obvious, Blizzard is how old? How many patch day crashes, launch day crashes, and other things have they dealt with? Don't you think, with what could be their hugest release ever, they maybe should get it right?
    Vanilla Wow BC WOTLK Cata SC2 Any major wow patch
    All of those have been marred by issues. When I buy a game, I
    want to go play it, right **** now. I gave you your $60, now let me play my **** game. Now, not in three hours when you decide to pull your heads outta your asses. Expand
  44. May 15, 2012
    To everyone saying "you can't judge the game by the server troubles..." Let me tell you, you can.

    Blizzard made a KEY decision to put Diablo 3 as an "online only" game, despite it being a capable game for LAN / single player.

    With that decision comes both positives and negatives, and I'm sure reviews will cover the positives in great detail. You can't make a cool auction house without
    server authority/validation. You can't make it an eSport with awesome PvP without a server authority on gear and other stuff.

    But there are also negatives, and the big one is the one we're experiencing tonight. If you insist on using a server, you're going to screw players over with server problems.

    So yes, remember that this was a key decision, and that Blizzard should be called out on it, because there's really no excuse.
  45. May 15, 2012
    Error 37... So no singleplaying for me... So I just sit here and wait or I play another game in the meantime... I don't know... Torchlight maybe?....... 'nuff said........ I may write more and change the score if and when I'll be able to play it...
  46. May 15, 2012
    Amazing game. Tons of things to do and awesome art direction. Aside from launch day server issues every online game has, this game is near perfect. Don't be put off by the people complaining about Korean speed runners beating the TUTORIAL DIFFICULTY in 2 hours.
  47. May 15, 2012
    Yes, the launch was a little shaky at 3am, and yes, that should have been fixed. But now that the game is running smoothly, it is every bit as enjoyable as the older entries in the series. A delightful dungeon crawl.
  48. May 15, 2012
    Perfect example of why DRM is ruining the video game industry, and Blizzard is leading the way. Absolutely disgusting. Blizzard makes millions upon millions and still can't seem to treat paying customers the way they deserve to be treated.
  49. May 15, 2012
    If You want to waste money, this is Your choice. The game offers a wide variety of errors upon login attempts. In addition, there is no feedback whatsoever from Blizzard at their forums. DO NOT BUY!
  50. May 15, 2012
    wow what is this i paid for?? so bad, cannot log in or do anything without a stupid internet connection. thank god amazon let me return it. diablo one was awesome, diablo 2 was ok, but this is crap. no more blizzard games ever!
  51. May 15, 2012
    For those of you who believe that a majority of these reviews are troll reviews in order to tarnish the game's overall appeal are sorely mistaken. If anything, its the positive reviews that need to be called into question. The only thing that I had seen so far in my entire time attempting to play this game has been the message "Error 37." This game's DRM is so incredibly overboard that one cannot even play the singleplayer without needing an internet connection.

    I feel that the score of 0 is appropriate because there isn't anything to play. This is not a game. It's a $60 piece of trash. Save yourself the buyers remorse.
  52. May 15, 2012
    I cant believe I waited 12 years and spent 80 bucks for this, I cant even play this crap right now because of maintenance ???!!! I JUST WANT TO PLAY SINGLE PLAYER !!!! WHY WONT YOU LET ME !!!!!
  53. May 15, 2012
    It's one of the greatest blunders of the year (if not the biggest). It doesn't improve anything from Diablo II, It has WoW graphics and it's 2 hours long. Also you need online to play singleplayer, what the **** I mean, this sucks.
  54. Jun 26, 2012
    After playing D3 for close to 70 hours now, I have to say that while it has fun moments, it has overall been quite a disappointment. I absolutely loved D2, and logged hundreds of hours playing it over a decade ago. D3, unfortunately, does not live up to the legacy of D2. I feel as though I got my money's worth in the time I played and a somewhat enjoyable story.. But as a Diablo game, it falls very short. Expand
  55. May 16, 2012
    Launch is still messy but great game overall. superior to any action RPG i have played to date. Would def recommend to all my friends who own a pc.
  56. May 16, 2012
    I'm sorry to say that I'm not overly impressed with this return to a classic franchise. I'm not biased by being either a blizzard fanboy or hater here, just a gamer and worker in the industry and I used to be very proud of working on one of the games that Diablo bounced off of back in the day.

    In fairness, before I continue, I have to say that it is hard to innovate with a product with
    the kind of established formula that made the originals so much fun. It's difficult to walk the line between making changes that are acceptible to new players without cutting elements that were enjoyed by old fans.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like blizzard actually tried.

    Diablo 3 is an ok game, its reasonably pretty whilst retaining enough of a dated feel that you feel as if you are still playing the same franchise, and thats it. If players are able to complete the game in under 7 hours as they are reportedly doing, then its a safe bet to say that there hasnt been a significant increase in the amount of actual content...

    In truth this doesnt feel like a new game. It feels like Diablo 2, rigged to work on direct x 9 at a slightly higher resolution, with voice actors and a cash shop.

    And there we come to the crux of it - I already get the impression this was less about the game, and more about making money from commission on item sales. If it takes off, I'm sure blizzard will take the knowledge learned from this product test, and apply it elsewhere.

    The most impressive aspect about this title for me, at least, was seeing how badly the gaming community has been pre-conditioned to accept what was an abysmal product launch with terrible community management, where in other industries directors would be fired, stocks dropped and people held publicly accountable. Even more concerning the fact that the community management seemed to rely on fans to shout down the backlash from the people who tried to highlight this very issue..

    All in all, its an ok game, a nice reminder of earlier years, but not worth the heafty price tag. Caveat Emptor dear reader, do not be fooled into believing this is anything other than another corporate cash cow for an already highly skilled company of "milkmen"...
  57. May 16, 2012
    DRM destroyed this game for me. Blizzard is basically the Google of online gaming, at this point. I can't be convinced that they are so incompetent as to have the exact same result with every game they release. I suspect they are intentionally sandbagging their launches to drive demand down until it can be met by server capacity. I really wish I hadn't bought this game.

    theories aside the game itself feels more like a tribute to Diablo than an actual part of the series. The gameplay would have seemed modern and innovative if it had been released 10 years ago but compared to the current crop of Diablo-a-likes it's just sort of bland. The level of difficulty is frustrating in that the majority of the game is a clicky snooze fest until you're awoken by some random miniboss instakilling you. But hey, at least there's an auction house, right?

    Anyway... of the two points I'm awarding this game, one comes from the fact that it aroused my nostalgia for its predecessors... which was enjoyable. The second is for the beautiful environments that act as the game's setting. The graphics might be a little dated but the sense of scale and wonder evoked by the game world is actually quite lovely.
  58. May 22, 2012
    It's a great game. Don't let the whiners fool you. They are reviewing Blizzard instead of Diablo III. The game doesn't feel as atmospheric as Diablo II did, but it certainly hit the gameplay mark just fine. The story is on the weak side, the dialogue even weaker at times, but the inclusion of lore from previous games and active narration that doesn't make you quit playing is a nice touch. I do wish that the lore entries on enemies were narrated by your chosen character class rather than two characters who never spoke to you about them before (Cain and Abn al-Hazir), but it isn't game breaking. As for gameplay, I want to express that I after almost 17 hours of play I have not been bored one second. I have only just reached Act III, and being one who has to explore every nook and cranny of the map I feel qualified to say that even on the too-easy starting difficulty I've had a lot of fun and great moments. There is nothing like being surrounded by enemies, pulling them in with Ground Stomp, and slaying 41 enemies in one blow with Revenge. I like the graphics and, unlike some, feel that photorealism does not serve the gameplay experience in overhead games. Our point of view is already removed from reality. If it were first person like, say, Skyrim, then we have a reason for photorealism. But here, we do not. The characters do not look cartoonish to me as some have complained. The hand-painted environments, however, should have looked a bit less hand-painted.

    I have only played extensively with the Barbarian class thus far, and I love it. The skill sets feel awkward to pull off given the action bar/mouse button combo, but the abilities themselves make for truly awesome moments of epic destruction. Using Ground Stomp with a Wrenching Smash rune in conjunction with a Mountain's Call-runed Earthquake ability leads to almost instant kills of large numbers of mobs. Combine that with Whirlwind when facing more powerful monsters and you've got some serious win. Not particularly necessary on Normal difficulty, but I am quite fond of the tactic so sue me.

    The music is okay. I enjoy the gothic tones of the previous games which helped create a sense of loneliness. I've yet to hear the famous Tristram theme, one of my all time favorite pieces, and it's strange absence takes away from the game.

    Overall, though, despite the shortcomings, the game has yet to fail me. I love hack and slash, I love that there is a story present, and that we are getting some loose story ends tied up here in this semi-finale for the series' legendary arc. Again, don't let the whiners fool you. It's a game, and it entertains immensely.
  59. Jun 21, 2012
    Overall - 4.8/10

    The game is lackluster, its missing its polish that is normally apparent in Blizzard games. Holes in the story line, broken promises (PvP), silly voice acting, obvious testing issues, and a general lack of customer feedback has destroyed this games chances of becoming great. Most of us bought Diablo 3, because it was Diablo. The teasers, the beta, the screenshots,
    the game box, and hell the website all lead us to believe we were getting something that we just plain did not receive. For those of you who got refunds or are selling items on the RMAH to get your money back, more power to you.

    Some say gamers today are "entitled", and that the developers / creators spent hundreds of days making this game for us. We are entitled, we have opinions, we have voices, we have choices. All people are born with this ability and use it everyday. We all spend our hard earned money on consumer products; food, entertainment, transportation, etc. When we don't get what we were promised or expecting, we demand a refund, or we don't return. Just because its a "game" doesn't excuse Blizzard from falsely advertising a product and releasing a retail game that is obviously a product that is reminiscent of an open beta.
  60. May 15, 2012
    I felt overall the story arc was way too serious in comparison to the other games--I mean, it gets kinda ridiculous toward the end. Diablo is waaaay too easy in this game if you're able to get the right resists. I can't wait to try him on inferno, but ultimately this game is a lot easier and shorter than the other Diablo titles--at least at first. I recommend for new players to play as a Wizard--his spells get really good toward the end. Expand
  61. May 15, 2012
    This is what happens to a series when it gets bought out by a corporation solely to make money. Enjoy the DRM, $60 price tag, and dumb downed/water downed gameplay mechanics.
    The score of 1 is for effort. Thank you Activison for ruining CoD, WoW, and now Diablo.
  62. May 15, 2012
    It's a shame Blizzard would take an amazing series with such a devoted fan base and bastardize it in such a way. No pvp outside of arenas is a joke, real money auction house is a joke, and lack of offline play is a joke. I don't think anyone in the developing team ever even played Diablo 1 or 2. Blizzard went out of it's way to appeal to World of Warcraft players, and it is painfully obvious. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU ENJOYED DIABLO 1 OR 2!!!! Expand
  63. May 15, 2012
    I can not even begin to describe my disappointment, the entire game is a bug. EA servers are terrible and there speed is at a crawl. Offline gameplay, lol nope.flv
  64. May 16, 2012
    This game is about an 8 or a 9 when you can play it, but as a single player game with an always on connection it thus far deserves no better than a 1. Single player games which you get lagged out of, or can't log in because servers are too busy aren't single player games at all. If Blizz wanted to make this always on, they should have just made this World of Diablo and called it an MMO.
  65. May 16, 2012
    Game dont work man. Whats worse is that it seems fairly fun and addictive, kinda ruined when you can play for about an hour and the servers go down. From my count Ive had approximately 4 interruptions in about 6 hours of play over 2 days. Im sure there have been many more for others.
    The online only is frankly ridiculous for a single player game, and having latency in a point/twitch
    game like this is just awful. Expand
  66. May 26, 2012
    A story that the fans cracked literally years before release, difficulty-setting with gear-dependance that had the AH in their sights since day one, epically failed launch and still on-going with latency roller-coasters, unresponsive controls and just obnoxious enemies around every corner.

    The philosophy that Jay used to "Turning people hardcore" by making a game impossible to play later
    stages without dipping money into the auction house is no way to please customers. It feels forced, necessary and dumb. If you want to make people "hardcore gamers", make a game addictive and fun instead of this miserable pile of **** which guarantees death, disappointment and endless grinding accompanied by an extremely lacking service lever after level. As far as the appeal go, graphics are extremely outdated and just like Wow, no matter how much you polish them, they will still look old along with a REPETITIVE story accompanying REPETITIVE game-play with a REPETITIVE set of maps that has no true "randomization" involved besides a small pool of maps and don't get me started on the music. Bye bye Matt. What's blizzard's first thought? FILL EVERYTHING WITH AS MUCH ORCHESTRA AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE THAT'S ALWAYS A GOOD MOVE. Thanks for leaving me hanging in over 10 years just to kick me in the balls, blizz. Expand
  67. Sep 21, 2012
    I gave up on Diablo 3, i really dislike the direction that the series moved in with the addition of the auction house, the always online connection needed, and the way they simplified the RPG aspects. I ended up removing it from my hard drive.
  68. May 15, 2012
    This is review is only to off set all of the 0-2 if you gave Diablo 3 that score you seem to be pissed off about one of three things. 1. DRM- I know its annoying and I can understand that but is that really the only reason a game deserves a bad score? 2. I Can't Log In- Like everybody else has said 2 million people enough said. 3. It is not the same as Diablo 2- This game is not Diablo 2 that is why its called Diablo 3 not Diablo 2.2 Expand
  69. May 15, 2012
    So far I'm a little unsure about the game. As a hardcore Diablo II fan, I really miss the level of skill customization that D2 offered, but to be honest, I'm glad the real world PvP has been gotten rid of (going into a game just to have somebody come in and hostile you is anything but fun, and it really ruined the fun of public games not intended for duelling). On the other hand, there are some positives in this game that diablo 2 really lacked. I just can't in good conscience give it over a 6/10 though, because there just isn't enough customization possible (there seems to be one IDEAL skill path and a bunch of not ideal paths), and they still insist on there being no offline play (I don't want to REQUIRE an internet connection to play some single player, what the hell.). Expand
  70. May 15, 2012
    I played this game during open beta. I was so hyped up from the first murmurs while playing Diablo 2. However this game, like my name implies, has failed horribly. I honestly think Blizzard took no pride in the original Diablo series and made this game a cookie cutter for money, I might have given it a 1/10 if it was for the lulz. The story was horrible, the character creation is horrible, you can't even play single player. I think what we learned here is that if we buy games in the future, To stay away from Blizzard Expand
  71. May 15, 2012
    I've spent more time TRYING to play than I have playing it. The DRM is particularly painful since I'm going the single player route. That said, my negative score is based non on the hours of trouble and annoyance that are well documented here, but the fact that the game is mediocre and simply trading on the DIablo brand. Character creation is ridiculously weak. The removal of the ability to choose your skills and apply your attributes really damages the feeling that the character is mine. I have nothing personal invested but who knows...maybe if I actually get to play that might change. Expand
  72. Oct 26, 2012
    I read the reviews. I chose to ignore them. I loved D2 and for some reason figured that the user reviews MUST have it wrong. Turns out the users are the ones who are right; I wish I paid more attention to them. Learn from my mistake! This game is a waste of money and does not follow in the footsteps of its' predecessor.
  73. May 15, 2012
    I am so angry that I can't get enough of it!! With extreme exasperation I am telling that I like what I am seeing so far however my anger can't suppressed any longer so I am going ahead and be blunt and very harsh: It exceeded all my expectations! How dare you, Blizzard, for making a game actually fun to play, I really hoped you would never be capable of doing it even after these long years of waiting and then this!? Unbelievable! What were you thinking when you created this gem and possible piece of new reference for this genre!? A thousand curses upon you for actually making an intuitive interface and learned from the clunky approach you exposed us to in Diablo 2! Don't get me started with the skill and rune system, with madness troubling my mind I have to yet to find out the many more choices and dynamics it has to offer, you didn't even dare to gamble, you outright tossed the old cookie-cutter-inducing skill system out of the window!? With fiery rage coursing through my veins I am having troubles of expressing the sheer ingenuity of creating this annoyingly well-thought out crafting system. At least my ill temper I should not overlook the graphical aspect which while not sporting the highest fidelity makes me seethe with incredible anger about it still looking well-crafted and could you please not try to lower yourself a bit, why does it always have to be the highest quality when it comes to sound!? Such indigenously good quality shall not be left unmentioned to the world! With unfathomable hatred I am looking forward of spending many times playing this game! I am through with waiting, I've had enough of it, finally it is done and too much dismay it didn't disappoint. Wrathfully yours, Mr.Unbiased. Expand
  74. May 15, 2012
    Very bad internet connection and bad graphic just stops this game to be the best rpg this year,very disappointing game finger down.This game isn't worth so long waiting.For all of you out there better play one GREAT GAME which is called MAX PAYNE 3,BTW I am playing it on Xbox 360 and the game is great i am jus sad because the game doesnt have better graphic,consoles can have much better graphic than thi but overall the graphic is very good.But Diablo 3 sucks at every look Expand
  75. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard has done it again! As much of a succes as Starcraft II.
    Nice job Blizzard, you again have succeeded in making a game that has a superb production quality.
    It's incredible that one has to pay the same amount of money for a game like this, than for a game like Duke Nukem
  76. May 15, 2012
    The reviews: I'll point out two things. 1) Many of the 0's are the same talking points in the same order. 2) A third of the 0's complain that D3 is the same as D2, while another third complain that D3 is nothing at all like D2.
    The game: immersive, well-designed hack-n-slash. The skill system is now a "loadout" like Bastion: all are available but you have to pick the set you're playing
    with for now. Every skill as 6 variants so there are limitless builds to every character. Different builds play well for single target vs. groups, survival vs. glass cannon, or single player vs. co-op -- not to mention your own playstyle! Do you like to jump around or kill as things come to you? Do you prefer the challenge of starting weaker but building up big buffs over time, or consistent DPS with giant nukes on cooldown? Hardcore mode is there for folks who don't like the casual experience of resurrecting at checkpoints. Expand
  77. May 15, 2012
    Huge disappointment. The game is boring like hell. It's not diablo, it's a casual game like Actimoney knows how to make... Blizzard is definitively dead. Really sad.
  78. May 15, 2012
    Long live Valve the last true legendary AAA development that has yet to disappoint, sell out the hardcore gamers, and smile while pretending that they not screwing us over. I've never felt compelled to review a game till now. I paid top dollar for frustration. Been trying to log in for hours without success. This is not only a massive embarrassment for Blizzard but for me too. I was stupid enough to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt that they would make a MMO in the guise of single work in a seamless manner - in the least prepare for obvious mass impact on the servers at launch - when I knew it was BS that I had to play on-line. I onced loved Blizzard. Now I HATE Blizzard and refuse to support them again. Expand
  79. May 15, 2012
    Pre-Ordered just to sit through repeated denials of login, game errors, and general letdown.

    Aww, Bliz. You got me again. I should have known better.
  80. May 16, 2012
    Now that I've actually managed to start up the single player campaign, here's my updated review. To the relief of Diablo afficionados, the third installment is very much a successor to the previous games with gameplay and graphics very reminiscent of Diablo 2. The very similar level and mob design seem a bit too much of a deja vu scenario though, and could have benefited from a tad bit different direction, in my opinion.

    The story seems a bit burdened by the predecessors as well, since it shares too much of the same characters and locations from the previous games. Many of the NPCs make an appearance, like Deckard Cain, Leoric or Lachdanan. As for the other characters, you'll bump into your run-of-the-mill merchants and blacksmiths that will sell you goodies and repair your gear, characters that are vital to the storyline, and the commoners, standing there chatting away.

    As you progress through the game, you'll be given the option of hiring henchmen, who are limited in what they can do but are a pretty cool nonetheless, since they can interact with your character, making the world feel more alive, and are a nice diversion as you roam through the dungeons by yourself.

    The hack 'n slash aspect of the game is as good as ever, and killing and looting mobs feels very satisfying. The enemies themselves are colored by threat just like in the previous games, with the regulars being the weakest and the bosses being the toughest. As far as AI goes, there are some nice mechanics going on, like rare mobs pulling the unaware player straight into another group of enemies. The boss fights are very enjoyable to fight through as well, so no complaints there.

    Another nice addition is the semi destructible environment, in which you have the option to use various world objects to your advantage, such as dropping chandeliers on unaware mobs standing under it.

    The character classes are fun to play and seem very well balanced, though the limited character customization is a bit disappointing. You have two basic attack modes executed by left and right clicking, with up to four additional skills, such as healing yourself, or blinding enemies for a short period of time.

    Don't have too much to say about the graphics department, since I've found that it does the job and makes for some very decent ambience and atmosphere. Again, there's some very heavy cues from its predecessors, and some levels feel like you've seen them before. The character art is well done though, and I've found myself admiring the various animations.

    The sound and music are good as well; the coin drop ka-ching sounds very satisfying, as do death-throes and other, background sounds. The music is good, although I would've preferred a different track for Tristram than the remixed version of the original theme.

    The biggest issue I've got with the game is the ridiculous DRM protection scheme. I can understand that piracy is a problem and that it needs to be dealt with at some level or another, but kicking your paying customers in the nutsack is a recipe for disaster. I could understand this scenario if this was an MMORPG, but forcing the player to have an always on Internet connection for the single player campaign seems too much of a stretch. This really seems more like a management decision though, and blame shouldn't be directed at the developers. In this sense, yeah, I very much liked the game and think it's a very polished experience, but can't give any more points for the sole reason mentioned above.
  81. May 15, 2012
    I've played the beta (single player) and had a blast.
    It might feel a little dated however (besides the pretty look), you cant customize youre characters face/body etc, just a male/female choice. Same thing for how its played. But if you like that it might actually a good thing although die hard diablo 2 players are sceptic aswell. Its a very polished game and so is the gaming experience.
    Cant say much about the story because i havent been that far in.
    Based on the above i bought the game and still rated it low because an uplayable game isnt a game. I've spend more time trying to log in then i actually played it. Ive played MMO's and i have seen launch days but this is ridiculous (plus its not an mmo and i cant even singleplayer).
    Dont know what Blizzard was thinking, they had to know the amount of preorders, they have experience in this sort of thing with wow and sc2 yet they messed up badly. And then they even decided to throw in another mass of trial players at the same time (why not introduce that a week later?).
  82. May 15, 2012
    Today I bought Diablo 3 thinking I would play an outstanding game. But I didn't know Blizzard wouldn't allow me to play, because they were too cheap to buy enough servers for everyone. You don't implement always-on DRM if you can't handle it. I usually don't bother to score games on Metacritic but I'll give this one a 0, because whatever it's worth, I can't play it. This is shameful incompetency and the company deserves every hate from its customers. Expand
  83. May 15, 2012
    Absolutely terrible launch. Blizzard you should hang your heads in shame. Of all the companies I would have expected to be prepared for a large user base it's you. I think you've been poisoned by WoW.
  84. May 15, 2012
    I've tried to play four times today. How many times have I been successful? Zero. My rating of 'one' is because I've never actually gotten to play this game. Always on connection sucks, get rid of the RMT and make a great game.
  85. May 16, 2012
    I'm a bit disappointed by this game. The gameplay is still pure hack'n'slay, but that's it. Nothing new to add a strategic value to this game. I would compare this game to the hundreds of "korea-grinders" and that's it.
    Nothing to seperate form any F2P mmorpg game (the auction house generates the profit for blizzard here). The only reason this sells for money is the franchise. - I think
    it's an solid game, but not "good". It simply lacks of complexity and customization of your characters. Graphics are very simple, but this means it runs an almost any better calculator (tested it on a AMD E-350 based NetBook at medium settings). Expand
  86. Jun 26, 2012
    User score on this site is getting lower and lower. To be honest, Diablo 3 deserve that low score. Come to think of it, it has been 5 weeks since diablo 3 was released and their server fixing arent finished yet. I hope that blizzard company will simply rot.
  87. May 23, 2012
    First, all these people that think games are either 0's or 10's need to realize you are not helping the industry...not one bit. You want to keep seeing games get made? Give an honest assessment and leave the black or white mentality at home. All or nothing is out.

    This is a very well made game. It is responsive, looks good, plays well together, and mostly intelligent AI. The game is
    just fun to play. It mixes things up just enough to make you want to play again. Just for being a fun title it gets good marks as that is the primary focus of a game....being fun.

    The graphics are well made as well. They are high enough to look good for the perspective you are playing as well as keeping the game available to a variety of machines. PC gamers claim that they have better graphics capability and this is true. The problem is the disparity in systems. An Xbox is an Xbox. There are very few differences except in hard drive space. They are made (some with different hardware) to play at a specified efficiency and so the developer can target that making the game as efficient as possible. PCs are a different bag and you have to tone things down to get a larger market share. It's just the way it is and will be for the foreseeable future.

    This is a game that has it all. There are a few annoyances like the music, while well done, is not really something that gets your blood pumping to fight demons when a huge battle is going on. The graphics are fine. The fun is high. The controls are responsive and well done. The skill tree is fine as well. Keep giving those 0s for no reason. It's like stabbing your friend in the chest for giving you something enjoyable. See if you get something again.
  88. May 29, 2012
    I created an account to simply write this review about Diablo III. I was a big fan of Diablo I and Diablo II. I remember staying up all night playing and playing to the point where my friends I passed out. Diablo I actually was a birthday gift from my friend and was simply unforgettable. Now fast forward to Diablo III. Here are the reasons why Diablo III should literally be pulled off shelves and reworked:

    1. Online Only Mode - To play this game by yourself you must constantly be online. All the time. No matter what. So this means you must rely on Blizzard's servers which are having a hard time with the volume.This also means when they decide to no longer support those servers your game will most likely be dead unless some private server linking occurs and then you're dependent on them.

    2. Short - It took hours upon hours of dedicated work to beat the previous Diablos. This one takes no skill what so ever. The game is extremely linear to point of being 'race tracked' through the plot, start to finish.

    3. Lack of Complexity - There isn't much in the way customization in the game. That is to say selecting specific skill groups or where to place points to strengthen the character as you see fit. When you level up you are alerted to what is new and you can select it if you wish. Skills points are automatically placed. Just imagine Need for Speed without the ability to customize the paint on the car... Or your only choices in Call of Duty was M16 or... M16 with an ACOG. I'm exaggerating a bit, but only a bit.

    4. Atmosphere - The atmosphere of the first Diablos were incredibly dark and bleak. This one isn't exactly rainbows and unicorns, but it's definitely missing the styling queues from before. Example [spoiler kind of] when there is a reprisal of the Butcher, I expected to see piked bodies and blood splashed about. I saw some blood stains, some empty torture devices, a skeleton here and there, but not the disturbing imagery from before. The kind of imagery that made you apprehensive to put your character forward. Remember this game had gore comparable to Hostel at certain points...

    5. Story - It's just terrible. It's just so predictable and so bland. Like the corny, "This mystery man is actually... MR. WITHERS!" type of plot.

    Now to talk about the good things.

    The things I did appreciate was the male/female versions of the classifications, the new classes offered, but to the detriment of not seeing some older classes. I miss the Necromancer. *Sniff, sniff* I thought the cinematics were great and the voice acting was well done. The music was ambient and was placed nicely. There was some annoying repetition with player/companion npc banter, but nothing too bad. I especially liked the new companion interactions with new areas and new people (additional companions you find along the way). It's like the Wizard of Oz! Ha!

    Over all this game is terrible. I wouldn't buy another Blizzard game unless there was an ironclad user review that it wasn't absolute drivel. It seems like the total development time was dedicated to creating this auction house, the cinematics and the online only (DRM) with the game itself being slap dashed together. I think what bothers me the most now is the generally favorable reviews from professional critics. How did this game rate so high? Did they play something we didn't?
  89. Jun 13, 2012
    The game has it's problems. The main one being that playing through on normal and nightmare are simply too easy to the point of being boring. By the time you get to hell mode the difficulty feels like it's where it should be, but the story is very dull by this time. You've already seen it twice and it's so short that it's not worth replaying for the sake of the story. It is an average game, at best. Definitely not one that will stand the test of time. Expand
  90. Sal
    May 15, 2012
    Incredibly disappointing, putting aside the launch issues (Bad form for a multi billion dollar company to not have adequate servers) The dumbed down skill system, lack of any customisation at all (barring gender) Lacklustre voice acting and all round pointless story lead to a game that had great potential being a sub par run for the genre it's series basically invented. Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile are looking like much better choices.

    Being forced to be always online is a joke for a game that is mainly a singleplayer run, and solves absolutely nothing. How hard would it be to allow us to create character offline that cannot in any way interract with the online content?

    Rated 2, for nostalgia purposes.
  91. May 16, 2012
    Nice game overall. The game has evolved in a slightly more irritating way than I had hoped. The skill system is fine, but it's slow and clunky if you want to change 1 skill to another. Not only do you need to click into the skill page, you need to select the corresponding skill tab (there's 6 tabs with their own skills each), you also need to select a rune for the skill to better utilize it. At least they should revamp the runes to be applied automatically based on lvl up and to inherit the benefits for each instead of having like 8 or so runes to choose from.
    I am content with the visuals in the game. I just hope they have built into the engine support for larger resolutions than the 1920x1080 my monitor supports. Unlike Diablo2 that is limited in it's resolution. There are a few instances where the viewing angle dosen't quite do a proper job, but for most of the game I don't have a problem with it.
    I don't like the music in game, while that is a subjective topic, I miss some more grand tunes in the game.
    I find the gameplay smooth (apart from the skills), but I miss the ability to put down my attribute points. On the other hand if it gets to the same uselessnes as in D2LoD (just stacking in 2, and no I'm not a good D2 player) I don't mind the way they have done it. The difficulty in the game is more balanced than what I experienced in D2. I find it a good thing that you don't get a nightmare act1 you can nearly just run though as opposed to D2.

    If you take into account Blizzards understatement of ppl that wanted to play, the rating would be more like '2' but I'm not basing my score on that.4283 of 5000 characters remaining. Though Blizzard should give all launchday players something for their troubles signing in. Wasen't World of Warcraft: Cataclysm enough, like the other WoW expansions that launchday needs more capacity to support the players? As I couldn't sign in to D3, I also didn't have access to SC2 or WoW as the log in server was down.
    Check box if your review contains spoilers
  92. Jun 18, 2012
    (Wouldve given it a ZERO but..)

    Diablo 3 = Grind to level 60, then grind endlessly for gear with absolutely nothing else to do once your there. Get completely random gear with random rolls with random stats from random things in random places... 99% of which will make you question why it is even in the game. (ie; level60 2-handed weapons dropping in Inferno Act4 with 100-200dps (while
    your gonna get murdered with 1000 dps weapons there.) But wait for PVP you say!? Why? So I can enter a game with some moron that dropped $250 on weapons and items in the Real Money Auction system? No thanks.

    Summary: This game is 95~99% gear, and 1~5% skill. Anyone still wanna play it?

    Good riddens,
    Someone elses future customer

    P.S. The lack of response to combat the RMT spammers from sending friend invites, chat spam, and now whispers has made this alrady horrible game much much worse. Great job Blizzard. Wont EVER buy one of your half completed products ever again, and its because of your amazingly bad CUSTOMER SERVICE that will cement this decision as I submit my refund ticket.
  93. Jun 6, 2012
    Ugh Possibly The Worst Game Of 2012!
  94. Jul 15, 2012
    The only reason I give this 4 points instead of 0 is because I *did* get ~150 of playtime out of the game, which, based on my videogame-buying philosophy that I want to get at least 1 hour of entertainment per dollar spent on the game, technically means that it was a good purchase. However, the reason I give it such a poor score is because I was expecting to get so much more out of it than I did instead of outright quitting after a month of playing it. Simply put, the game is a colossal disappointment. There is *no* way that it took Blizzard so many years to develop this game's engine, graphics, mechanics, etc. It's painfully obvious that the game, from the ground up, was built around the Real Money Auction House business model, and that's what most of its development time was sunk into. The game is probably fun until you hit level 60 and Inferno Difficulty, when you slowly begin to realize that the game was pretty much solely designed as a cash-grab on Blizzard's part. Feedback for the game has been overwhelmingly negative, but in response to this massive blowback, Blizzard has only made changes to the game that I believe only served to make the game even worse and even more of a disappointment. Just ask someone you know who quit, and if they didn't quit before Patch 1.0.3, that patch was almost certainly what pushed them to finally quit (that was the final nail in the coffin for me). It almost looks as if Blizzard is making changes based on what is most likely to force people to use the RMAH. Meanwhile, the Blizzard employees in charge of interacting with the community via the forums remain woefully silent about everyone's main gripes with the game, addressing only things that people largely don't care about, and sometimes being downright condescending to their player base. They really come off as implying "we'll tell you what's fun, and we are making changes to the game based on what we think is fun." It's as if Blizzard is refusing to face up to the fact that most of its fans hate the game and think it's a major disappointment. Many people feel as if they were bait-and-switched, and that they were cheated and lied to, and when one does some detective work pertaining to news about the game's development from years past, it becomes obvious just how many things were shown and then cut out of the game entirely before launch. This has been a major wake-up call for droves of Blizzard's once-loyal fans who auto-purchased all of Blizzard's games. They are starting to realize that this is not the Blizzard we used to know. Unfortunately, all we're dealing with now is another big, faceless game corporation that only cares about its bottom line instead of what its customers want. With Diablo 3 being lambasted from all directions as a major failure and disappointment, and the upcoming WoW expansion being largely regarded as a joke and/or "the death of WoW," it certainly looks like Blizzard is in a downslide, with 2 of its 3 franchises essentially in the toilet. Blizzard better hope it has something damn good up its sleeve with Project Titan. Even though I got so much playtime out of this game before I got fed up and quit, I still feel cheated out of my $60 because I, and everyone, was expecting this game to have so much more longevity. Expand
  95. May 15, 2012
    This game is probably the best ever. It's basically like minecraft, but you don't have to interact with blocks, you just click mobs and they drop items. View is top down instead of first person also. And you don't really have to click mobs to drop items, because you can buy all items in online shop for real money.

    The game has its share of weak points, like being short, repeating,
    graphics being kinda obsolette - NEVERMIND THIS, it's Blizzard game, so it's the best ever. 10/10 Expand
  96. JBZ
    May 15, 2012
    No review mad this early in the game's release is going to be reasonable or fair, so here's my anecdotal review to offset all the ridiculous negative ones. Logged in right at release, had no lag or problems whatsoever, and what I got to in the game was amazing. Definitely worth the wait.
  97. May 30, 2012
    Up Yours Blizzard. Up yours with my copy of this short, poorly designed game. Online only? Phsck you for that as well. The only possible reason that it's online only is for the DRM that you're refusing to admit to, nothing to do with the poor excuse of an auction house! It's no wonder you're giving this heap of crap out for free with the year long subscription to WoW. It's just that bad and you dorks know it!.. What the hell were the BETA TESTERS DOING IN THIS GAME!?!?!?!?!?!? Not telling us how poor it was going to be, that's for one sure thing... Expand
  98. May 31, 2012
    So just to start. I was ineradicably excited when i first got the game. After waiting day after launch ( since I couldn't get in) game literally killed my excitement little by little. Game is a total step-back compared to predecessor. While its nice to switch around skills for a while, blizzard totally killed experimentation with skill points and uniqueness of skills. Skill trees in diablo 2 used to be crystal clear to read and compare and showed damage done as well as gave synergies to make it really interesting. On top of that attribute points are allocated automatically. That leaves player with no choices making character boring. Story is not memorable at all beside few little moments. They managed to make the game so generic that it pains me to say this. Game is boring after a while. It doesn't bring anything really innovative to the table(and I would say it even takes away). Some would say that they brought auction house and characters are more balanced for PvP but again(what PvP?) there's no PvP. Personally I finished the game on normal and I'm not so sure that there's enough to keep me going. There's only four players in a group and maps seem very small. They had 12 years to make a great polished game. It seems that Blizzard prioritizes MMos now so everything else is an addition. Instead of evolving great game and implementing more ideas into the game, blizzard managed to give diablo 3 a console feel. Yes I said that right, console. Game would be fine as a release for a console. Just to sum it up. Blizzard somehow managed to avoid almost everything that was great about diablo 2 and make something(some would say different) but I would say worse since as of now I don't see myself playing it 12 years from now as I did with diablo 2. Some newcomers might like it, but seasoned players growing up on diablo and diablo 2 surely wont be so happy and they make majority. I guess they only hope lies in Torchlight 2 which is going to cost 1/3 of what diablo 3 did and seems much better in aspect of uniqueness and implementation. Well we'll have to wait a little since release date is set to summer 2012. Thank you for reading my rambling and I hope someone from Blizzard wakes up and realizes that they wasted pretty big opportunity to make even bigger bucks.PS Blizzard if you ever need help with ideas and implementation just contact me since there's a serious lack of talent on your team. Also I apologize for my English as as of now it's not perfect and thank you for reading. Expand
  99. May 15, 2012
    Game's fun as **** Played through Act 1 with 2 friends, taking it kinda slow it took us about 3 hours, but people have work so we'll be starting up again later this evening - can't wait to get back into it!
  100. May 15, 2012
    Game had a bery bad launch. The graphics looks like they took WoW and turned it into an isometric game and slapped the name Diablo 3 on it. Very disappointing.
  101. Nov 15, 2012
    Well inplementing a Paragon System or a Monster Power System doesnt cure the Games horrendous, unfair and unsatisfying Design. Online Requirement... Well what if im on a Vacation and i wanna Farm some Gold or items and i have the needs and the DVD and the ALLREADY Online activated Game with me to play, why cant i do so ? I PAID FOR IT! Am i simply not allowed to play it ? Seriously, this should count as a Crime, badly, it doesnt! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]