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  1. May 22, 2012
    Diablo 3 is really good. between the great loot system and the fun combat. It is just amazing. Having not played the first two, i expected to not really know what was going on in the story. However, thankfully a wikia helped me out. And to all of the people that are saying that this game is too short, well, you have not experienced the full of Diablo 3. Take some time, appreciate the work that has been done. Try the game with different characters. Dont just stop after the first character. Try harder difficulties. Bottom line, Diablo 3 is a fun game that you shouldnt miss. Expand
  2. May 17, 2012
    Was not really excited with this game after playing the beta but boy was i wrong. This is the most fun and addictive rpg i have played in a while. I was hoping for maybe a slightly longer game, but the difficulties and future expansions will keep me playing this game for a long time .

    I will probably get hated for writing this, but i am GLAD for the DRM. The worst part about diablo 2 for
    me was all the hackers/modders making bots while they are at work. The DRM should help prevent alot of haacking and bots which will save the auction house :) LOVE THIS GAME Expand
  3. May 23, 2012
    Just to clarify, I'm only talking about the game itself here. I personally don't care about the login issues; they're bound to happen at the launch of such a huge game as this (more than 6 million copies purchased so far), and the Blizzard staff did do their very best to solve any problem as fast as possible.
    Now on to the review: simply put, Diablo 3 is amazing. It takes the best of the 2
    previous games and further improves and adds to it.
    The graphics are detailed, pretty and realistic.
    The gameplay is fast, fun, simple at its core yet open to complexity, strategy and a very high level of personalization.
    Each and every class is fun to play. They all have very distinctive "flavors" and personalities and you will want to play though at least Normal mode with each class, just to see their respective characteristics at play.
    The story is good, with a few unexpected twists and a satisfactory ending that still leaves room for future expansions and games on the Diablo franchise.
    The voice acting is beautiful and the characterization is quite deep and credible, which is amazing considering just how short the storyline actually is, at least if compared with a "traditional" RPG like Final Fantasy and its ilk. Even the followers characters feel like real people.
    If you liked Diablo and Diablo 2, I believe you will absolutely love Diablo 3.
  4. May 19, 2012
    Everybody seems to love to have a game to hate atm. most of these people reviewing the game have probably never played it.
    Personally. I love it! the game features all the loot you can handle, great gameplay, and the graphics suit the story and such perfectly!
    10 outta 10 from me!
  5. May 22, 2012
    Ok, dont listen to people **** the game because of the famous error 37 or something like that, this occur only in the first 24 hours of the launch, since then, the game has no connection bug at all. This game is very well done, graphic and environment are more then epic. Blizzard has done a great job in the gameplay this is the best Hack and Slash i've ever played. I'm going to play this game for years. Deserve a 10/10. Expand
  6. May 17, 2012
    tras estar en el segundo acto y quedarme entusiasmado con lo grandiosa cinematica . escribo este mini analisis. un grandioso acabado grafico , una banda sonora y el sonido del juego sensacional , un doblaje
    precioso y muy divertido una jugabilidad de 10. la espera se hizo larga y tras estos años , sale un grandisimo
    trabajo de blizzard. problemas a la entrada del juego que
    en una hora ya puede jugar sin problemas.
    mientras me divertia mirando webs, hasta que la gran cantidad de gente que queria entrar se calmara y fueramos accediento al juego.
    en definitiva regresa el rey del rol arpg diablo 3 .... para mi un 10
  7. May 20, 2012
    0 out of 10 by so any due to minor technical Blizzard have more or less sorted out. More like 9 out of 10. Best game this year so far for me. Graphically nothing spectacular but the amount of action on the screen at any one time is very smooth and very nicely done. Anyone moaning about Blizzard's DRM have a valid point but that should not detract from what is a very good game. But one great thing about Blizzard is that it has a very good structure for not allowing any pirated games on its servers and that's a good thing. If you want a fantastic RPG with gorgeous graphics with awesome story telling stay with Skyrim but if you want 100 miles per hour non stop action this is the game for you. For anyone who put a review on this before Tuesday afternoon should realise that a company like Blizzard have the right to protect its games from pirates like Pirate Bay etc and they give no free ride so they can make the best MMO, ARPG and Strategy games around. Otherwise you will be stuck with games like FIFA, COD etc who bring out games every years with nothing more than a glorified update. If DRM is the reason you gave this game 0 then go on again and play Diablo 3. Expand
  8. May 19, 2012
    Let me preface this review with a derisive note to all the "I can not log in" negative reviewers. If 2 Million people try and access ANY service at the same, it will crash there is no way to prepare for this. This problem is not part of the game, no more than running out of gas is a reason to bash your car manufacturer. Now that that is out of the way....

    This is a fantastic improvement
    on the previous games. There has been significant overhaul to many of the in-game mechanics. You no longer have to pick what attribute points go where. Instead the character levels up in the manner that makes the most sense for their role in the battlefields. You do not have to worry about building a character that will not be playable because you made poor choices in the the previous levels. The game does not drop the hardest difficulty on you without preparation, Nightmare mode and beyond are not available until you can work your way into the greater challenge. The skill system no longer locks you into just one time choices that you have to pay to respec. Instead respecing is a change as you need it system now. This lets you see what works for you without having to reskill at a cost or even worse make a new character. Overall I would say this is a fun playing experience and is worth the buy. Expand
  9. May 18, 2012
    Ill sum up all the bad reviews for you. People are complaining about: needing a network connection all the time, release day bugs, graphics, and even sound. These reviews are completely garbage because a game does not deserve a 0 because you cant jam to the sound track, or have blue ray quality graphics. Nearly none reference the actual game play experience which is a great hack n slash game with tons of loot. The added hardcore, permanent death mode gives the game a little edge when any mistake could cost your hours of play time. This is a solid game if you are expecting to play a more revised version of the old Diablo, not an entirely different game. Expand
  10. May 20, 2012
    I was waiting for this game for years, and then i have it, the game is awesome, the gameplay, the soundtracks, the outside, the Lore, all is perfect, maybe the scenario isn't that good but got some epic moments. Would have expected less help during quests, but maybe one of the best game this year. Some people expect for torchlight, why? Less graphism? Good game still but no scenario, only 3 classes.. Expand
  11. May 17, 2012
    Omfg, stop whining about Diablo 3.
    It's a great game. It's a worthy sequel. The graphics are not next-gen BF3 or crysis, but the maps are designed to be amazingly pretty, so I don't give a **** It's even possible to play this **** in 3D, and it's actually pretty neat. It may not be the quintessential RPG like Diablo 2 was back when it hit the markets, but it's still ****loads better than
    most other games you find on the market. So wipe your tears and get back and defeat nightmare difficulty before you talk **** Jeez! Collapse
  12. May 21, 2012
    This game is awesome, I think its stupid that some people think its garbage because they keep getting DC and the part with Tyrael not being original.... Who cares like honestly the game came out only a week ago of course your going to DC alot and it doesn't matter that the Tyrael part was original you know why because almost every game has taken something from a movie/game and there still awesome. I think this game deserves a 9 because not only is the story good IMO I think the story has great replay value and the multiplayer is awesome when you play with friends, and the difficulties are cool like hardcore mode... Blizzard doesn't deserve the 2300 negative user scores because so called "haters" didn't like how they did things with this game... well here's an idea don't play the game then like seriously if all you have is hate to give then keep your mouth shut! And this complaining about the graphics WAAAHH graphics don't make a great game plus the people saying the story sucks like wtf? Its a good story and im pretty sure blizz is making expansion packs for the future to come. They did this to mass effect 3 now Diablo... NO! Just what im saying is, if you don't like it don't play it and don't leave your **** comments for people who do like it Expand
  13. May 31, 2012
    After 12 years, years of beta testing and I cant play the game without several hours of error messages each day. This was not what I anticipated after this long wait.
  14. May 20, 2012
    This game shows very strongly what is wrong with metacritic as a whole. I have read through all of the negative (0) scores and not one of them I can agree with. Diablo 3 is an amazing game and even better is the fact that its an action rpg. Something that big companies normally doesn't dare release and yet blizzard does so which is just outstanding. The DRM is gay I will admit that but it doesn't mean that the game deserves a score of 0, that is just ridiculous. Expand
  15. May 20, 2012
    There comes a time when positive and negative must way up against each other..diablo is a point and click adventure that is good for what it was made to do but not great as it should have been. As consumers we were hyped up at the idea of a perfect romp of gaming bliss only to be dismayed.But some that had the opportunity to play it were not dissappointed. Its the majority that could not not play due to poor servers that have had the biggest gripe,not to mention the majority that forget that a product that does not work is not a product but rather a grand idea. I bought the game and waited for the errors to reside, and i was not dissappointed at all. Diablo 3 is enjoyable, I have spent over 30 hours playing the game and was surprised to see how such a simple idea of click left,click right 1234 could be so addictive once again. Diablo 2 was a great game,many days of dungeon crawling,however this time round its just better,all-round! graphics,sound,story is okay,but it is still diablo..We all knew servers would be a problem,but if you are patient and give the game a chance you will enjoy the adventure over and over again..well done blizzard, just hope i can log in now have to level up! Expand
  16. May 28, 2012
    Games like Diablo are problematic. You have the previous title that broke all the rules, gave hundreds of hours of fun, and included many, many features that the gamers really loved. And then, after many years of wating, comes the new brother. You are excited! Overwhelmed! You expect NOTHING less than perfection! And BAM! You realize that this is "not" diablo, because it doesn't have all those "perfections" you want. This is, ladies and gentelman, the opinion of 95% of the bad reviews of this game. People will ALLWAYS look at the bad side of things, in almost every new anticipated game. I've played the first and second titles of this game, and still has them and even play them from time to time. Diablo 3 compared to the previous titles is pretty equal to me. Why? Because the CORE soul of what makes diablo game a diablo game is still kicking and living! Yes, it has his downsides like DRM and temporary server issues and some bugs for dessert, but it is still diablo and it is still addictive like hell! I've played over 70 hours and got to inferno difficulty. You start from Normal difficulty, getting used to game mechanics: piece of cake. As you progress throught the difficulties and story, and gets harder and more rewarding, up until inferno which you can get killed from 2 hits. The story, character development, cinematics, and skills are amazing! i would advise to listen to every dialog and commentary that there is in the game. And at the button line: I was mad at the servers. I was mad of the DRM system. But even with all this, i saw what diablo 3 has to offer. and i smiled. And you, If you love H&S games/Rpg games/ or you a fan of diablo series, GO BUY IY. you will NOT be sorry. Expand
  17. Jul 21, 2012
    I have played for about 150 hours and while my desire to play now dwindles I got 150 hours of joy for 60 bucks. That is a darn good rate for entertainment in my mind.. I personally think much hate is overrated and while the game is not perfect to me it is fun and I want fun.
  18. May 18, 2012
    so what diablo had connection issues who cares! the game is just fantastic so say the least. the game is a pretty good length with loads of replay value, all the characters are unique and should be played differently. people interested in PvP its coming of no charge! the game has so many types of loot to just go out and look for and the maps have great scale!
  19. May 23, 2012
    the game is an improvementto diablo 2 in every way more difficultieseven more loot the adition of the acction house it gets u hooked and never lets go its a game that u can play for an entire weekendwithout getting,bored
  20. May 15, 2012
    Hey guys come on! Distribute points where they are always the same by the class you are... the automatic unlock of skills when you level up... please they only save us some useless time. The game is all about fun. Keep the game alive is the devs only worry., and guess.. they do it
  21. May 21, 2012
    This game only receives a 5 from me. It was fun for the first few hours but there is no reason to continue playing. The game just doesn't have that addictive feeling that most good games have.
  22. May 15, 2012
    Extremely impressed. Game play is extremely smooth and basic. Reminds me of D2 with a modern feel. Can't wait to actually see the good reviews this game deserves start flowing in.
  23. May 15, 2012
    great game. diverse and different in all the best ways from the original. few clunky issues with interface and server issues on first day, but overall, great.
  24. May 15, 2012
    Great Game. If you love the other D1 and D2 you will love this, too many people complaining about a Release date.. of course its going to have server problems. only negative thing i have to say about Diablo 3 is that the single player should of stayed in, But can you blame them? players always trying to hack and dupe items, they are just trying to make it enjoyable for everyone.
  25. May 15, 2012
    As someone who played both Diablo and Diablo 2 when they were originally released, but not for long after, I am enjoying D3 so far. I'm about 6 hours in playing a Barbarian and quite happy with the progression so far. Act 2 definitely brings back some of the classic Diablo feel, the sand wasps with their poison bugs remind me of those stupid little pygmies from Act 3 of D2. I honestly don't give a crap about the supposed lack of customizable skills for the characters as I hated getting locked into a **** spec through ignorance in D2. And since the action bars can be set up any way you like, it does add a custom feel to each character. While I don't really like the fact you can't access single player games when the servers are down, the login problems will be sorted out soon and everyone will get to play. It's day one people, get a grip. Expand
  26. May 15, 2012
    Played 20 minutes on my single player diablo 3 save file and got kicked off the internet. I CAN'T wait until I can log back into my awesome single player game and make a new character because I lost all of my progress.
  27. May 15, 2012
    Disregarding all the 0 reviews (which just about all are raging about nothing), I've had no problems playing aside from 1 bug (which they can fix much quicker than constantly putting out patches). It is just as addicting as diablo 2 was, if not more. The graphics still give me the same diablo feeling 1 and 2 did. The sound I suppose could use a bit better work, but it's not like it downgraded since diablo 2. The constant internet connection could be a drag for some, but it's not that bad of a requirement.

    Some of the things being complained about are just silly. Why do you need character customization when they wear armor that covers their body and, at times, their face? Why is there a need for stat points when everyone would do the same thing anyways like in diablo 2? Why are you complaining about an auction house if it had no negative effects on you personally (meaning don't use it)?
  28. May 15, 2012
    A fantastic game that thus far holds great comparison to d2 (aka the greatest game ever) with improved features and game play. Although I am quite disappointed with the skill system and the option for real money items and online only game play there is no way that d3 can be rated as a bad game.
  29. May 15, 2012
    As a d2 veteran (HcPlayer89 @ JSP #1 during EHCL resets twice >> Team Gnar.. Yah you remember us..) I tell you all... This Game ROCKS.. I mean WOW! Every single encounter is so epic. We play HARDCORE so our heart beats are racing the entire time! This knocks the panties off D2. Customization... Character uniqueness .. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I've changed my build completely almost every single level! (to the point where my "party role" has changed from tank, dps, healer, and CC on just my MONK! ONE CHARACTER!!) Okay, so the launch has some issues. It is expected.. I had a full party of 4 at my house at 3:00 a.m. eastern time, and not one of us expected to be on the server before 4:30. Yah.. error 37 for an hour or two, but we all four played to level 20 in HC, and are now napping while these updates happen. :D 10/10 all the way GO BLIZZ! Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    Great game. Launch has nothing to do with the actual enjoyment factor of this game, please ignore cry babies. Cut-scenes are great, story is entertaining, game play is solid, music is great, atmosphere is immersive. Playing with friends is extra enjoyable. Extremely pleased with how well the launch went considering how many people are actually trying to play. Got in and stayed on with 4 friends for 7 hours with 0 problems. Haters gonna hate. Expand
  31. May 15, 2012
    Great game so far. Small hitch on launch day but gee several million people are trying to log in. You see several different little style things that link it back to one and two. The game runs great, plays great. I really cannot say enough good things about it. There has been some downtime, but every realistic adult playing the game fully expected that to be the case on launch day.
  32. May 15, 2012
    Love it! Of course there were some launch hiccups with thousands trying to login at once, but it's an awesome game! I'm hooked! Don't believe the low ratings, they are here due to a thread on blizzard and are just mad kids.
  33. May 15, 2012
    Ignore the trolls, this is a solidly fun game. If you liked Torchlight, Borderlands, or YES Diablo II, you'll find plenty to like in this game. NEWSFLASH: The core appeal of these games is the loot pinata, not feeling like you're special because you googled a spec list so you can feel superior to a hypothetical person who didn't. Do you like killing things, smashing them, and the feeling of being an overpowered badass? Great, Diablo III has plenty of that, in way more stripes than Diablo II! Expand
  34. May 15, 2012
    I'm a long time player of the Diablo series and very much enjoy this latest installment. Negative people here are just ridiculous and have no idea what they are talking about let alone the effort put into a game like this. I like the improved play, especially not having the constant town portal and identify scrolls. I like the new skill system and not being locked into a set thereby nerfing characters. I enjoy the new cinematic and graphics. I don't know what people were expecting about character customization. Diablo was never about that. It's about killing, lewt and fighting in a party. These people want to compare it to games that it is not and they should be ignored. Good game so far and the server issues will resolve shortly. Expand
  35. May 15, 2012
    Awesome game. I have been waiting 10 years for this game. It has been pure awesomeness so far. Sure they removed a few things and simplified eveything but so far i'm not missing it. The play is great, the characters refreshing and the skills awesellent (awesome + excellent). You dont need a high end pc to play either. It should play on any laptop. Its too bad about the early server issues but once it started working i had a great time. Well worth the price. Expand
  36. May 15, 2012
    TL;DR; The game is incredible.

    Where shall I start? First of all, this is a hack and slash game. A very good one. VERY good. This is miles ahead of Diablo 2. Your characters have many abilities, and each of those abilities has many different tweaks to make your abilities do different things. Using the abilities are extremely satisfying. Every hit feels incredibly, and it is extremely
    satisfying smashing your way through legions of enemies. Nothing is better than landing a critical hit with a lightning weapon and watching your enemy fly off of the screen in a bolt of lightning.

    Almost everything is a step up from Diablo 2. The graphics are not as dark as the previous games, but it looks incredible. The attention to detail is astounding. There are many destructible environments and things to smash, and the physics engine makes this extremely over the top. There are massive wars, with masses of enemies fighting in the background, making it seem like an all out war. Speaking of enemies, there are much more of them in this game than it's predecessor. And they are much diverse and do many different things requiring more strategy than ever before. The boss fights are incredibly engaging and require good strategies to overcome. The story is also over the top. Top notch voice actors along with incredibly movie quality cut scenes is incredibly involved. I won't get into the story since the game just came out, but it is really good. This game goes above and beyond everything Diablo 2 did in every aspect. If you liked the first and second Diablo games, give this one a try, it's incredible.
  37. May 15, 2012
    Loving it so far, the game feels really big and dynamic. The increased incentive to explore the vast areas, (instead of grinding bosses) amplifies story and gameplay. The characters also seem much more alive and interesting this time around, with plenty of stories and dialog in between the smashing of endless hordes of demonspawn. The overall story arc can seem obvious, but such is a small price to pay for a true successor to the diablo franchise. It is true that the game requires a constant internet connection to run, and this can of course be a problem. But such is reality, in order to support servers, and updates blizzard has chosen to create the real money auction house rather than rely on cheap ripoff sequels and in game commercialization. The always online part of the game is really to remove cheating in the game, this also serves to stop the constant spamming and selling of various artifacts by botfirms etc. that plagued diablo 2's online service. In conclusion, diablo 3 is definitely a game to play. Go play it! :D Expand
  38. May 15, 2012
    Great game, the classes are awesome, looks and feels great. The quests are fun and not too tedious, the graphics engine is awesome and can lead to some hilarious animations.-----

    My only complaint is that DC passes away
  39. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard has made an excellent, polished game that is genuinely fun. It was well worth my purchase. Many people are frustrated with some server instability on launch day, but maybe they should have thought ahead and not taken weeks off of work and checked their wives and kids into a hotel so they can be all alone with their precious... Feel free to ignore them, the game is excellent.
  40. May 15, 2012
    I like Diablo 3. Diablo 3 is a good game because you can have spells. when i play Diablo 3, I like to use fire bats. Diablo 3 has very good graphics. Diablo 3 is one of my favorite games to play. Diablo 3 has some problems with its server but i like it anyway. Diablo 3 loves me and i love it. When i set stuff on fire in Diablo 3 it tickles me in the pants. That is all.
  41. May 15, 2012
    This game is getting a ten out of ten from me, and after everyone else quits whining about the servers, they'll come to agree. I've been waiting over ten years for this, I can handle a day or two of **** service.
  42. May 15, 2012
    This game is great, yes they went a different direction but i for one enjoy the little taste of new, its fine ad plenty of people are being negative, theres a trial feature so you may try for yourself
  43. May 15, 2012
    With over 3 million people trying to access the servers at once will cause problems no matter what. Great game and I will probably never get off. Ignore everyone being idiots because they're impatient.
  44. May 15, 2012
    Having a great time with Diablo III, and I am a huge fan of the original Diablo and Diablo II. The environments, sound, combat animations, and story are all top notch. The combat is just flat out fun. My barbarian mows through crowds of monsters sending zombie parts and bits of the scenery flying. I like that I can try different character builds without having to commit hours and hours of leveling up time, and that I can switch out my skills to handle different situations. The crafting system is more fun than the old gambling system, and the addition of randomly spawned special events make re-running an area more interesting. The followers all have their own story, and seem a lot more capable than the old D2 hirelings. They don't do much damage, but they do help you wrangle the huge mobs of monsters. My real rating is an 8, but given the obvious hater campaign against D3, I bumped it up to compensate. I'm saving my 9 for Guild Wars 2 when it's out of beta, and I am unable to imagine a game I would give an actual perfect sore to... Expand
  45. Jun 16, 2012
    Having brought 3 characters to level 50+ and one character to the level 60 post game in the past couple of weeks, I find that the game feels like something between playing slot machines and eating Kraft cheese singles. It is short, linear, repetitive, and, above all, boring.
  46. May 15, 2012
    I am a fan of the Diablo series and I can say I very much enjoy what Diablo 3 has to offer. The game play is great and stays true to the hack and slash RPG I fell in love with years ago. I would say 80% of the negative reviews on here are the launch day server issues. While understandably frustrating for many, it is no reason to pout and make a good game look horrid to future players. The other big complaint is the absence of single player mode and I understand. However, the reasoning behind this is because Blizzard implemented the "Real Money Auction House." The black market was notorious for selling items and in game currency so Blizzard is fighting back with this. It gives the normal player base a chance to get in on this market, Blizzard is able to make money from these kinds of transactions, and it puts a strain on the black market. Diablo 2 was plagued with hacked and duped items so for this to work Blizzard made the choice to go in this direction. People miss single player and LAN abilities, but in all honesty it was a going to be a relatively small market purchasing the game for that. Overall, this is a great game and will not disappoint. Expand
  47. May 15, 2012
    Keep it short and simple. This game is **** AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Drop rates, leveling, BALANCE all feel...right. To all the children that are throwing fits because of the server problems and giving this game a low rating- get real. IT JUST LAUNCHED! **** is going to happen. It's not like its down all the time...Personally I feel they (blizzard) have done a fantastic job with the time alloted online, considering all the maintenance they're going through. GROW UP! This game is will be played for YEARS to come... Expand
  48. May 15, 2012
    If you loved Diablo II, BUY THIS GAME. The rush leveling required to try out different builds is no longer necessary. I'm currently level 23 with a Witch Doctor and he is everything I wanted from a Necromancer. My guargantuan is a beast.

    I gave this a 10. I was tempted to drop 1 point due to the launch day stability - but seriously, there are likely 1 million people trying to play at the
    same time... think you can handle that engineering task flawlessly the first time? Expand
  49. May 15, 2012
    ok so my roomie just got diablo 3 i live in a household of 3gamers we paid 60 bucks for the game so we could all install and play it and tbh im totaly pist off u can only install to 1 computer then u have to buy it all over again this is some seriouse bs and im not happy
  50. aTn
    May 15, 2012
    Most reviews done by users before the day of release (or a few hours after release) are simply rants against the DRM policy. Thanks to them for polluting the set of user reviews and making them have absolutely no meaning at all, except for the fact that many like to whine.

    I've been playing the game for about 5 hours and it is simply great. I will reserve judgement until I've completed it
    and the dust has settled a bit. I give it a 9 based on sound (the music is awesome, even the installer music !), graphics, lighting effects and the story. Expand
  51. May 15, 2012
    Don't let the trolling wash your expectations...this is the PC' RPG of th year.
    Let's be honest and remember that DIABLO saga is almost in the perfection. Made not only by an entire dev team but with the help of the gamers (real ones) it selves.
    If you don't read about it, if you dont play the beta...if you dont play all the trash games around Diablo franchise (and say omg come soon
    diablo 3) then you are just a troll.
    This game's only sin, is the lack of complexity or sophistication in the talents and spells.
    Enjoy your copy and play always with friends.
  52. May 15, 2012
    Judging this game based on launch drama is silly. In a year when people are looking to see how Diablo 3 is, they'll need to see real reviews.

    This game is a lot of fun. I'm not a die-hard fan of the franchise, but I've played about 10 hours now and had a lot of fun doing it. The classes are fun, the missions are varied enough, and the story is great. I'd recommend this game a lot.
  53. May 15, 2012
    First of all I'm going to say that it's not Blizz's fault 3rd parties (and the gamers themselves) popped up with real currency buying and selling of game items/accounts/characters. The real currency Auction House is just the next step in the evolution of stopping scamming and piracy as gaming grows. Secondly, the DRM is to keep people from playing the game who have not purchased it themselves, and to keep hacked/modded items from popping up in the on line community. I have a very slow dsl connection (wireless) and have had no problems with internet speed stopping me from playing in single player. All the trolls putting up 0's have an internet connection to post this and that is enough for D3. Obviously stress testing can only go so far, as there is no way to actually have thousands of players online playing the game without it being fully released. People say blizzard doesn't care about the customers but I have had multiple experiences with customer service from D2->SC->WoW->SC2 and all of my problems(hacked accounts, technical issues, etc) have been resolved fairly and quickly. I believe this negative assumption comes from the sheer number of players playing their games. As far as the critics score goes please base your scores on the game itself not on your opinion of the company or its policies. I understand everyone has their own opinions on what services should be available but this score should be based on the game itself. It seems the server issues are the main reason people are putting up 0's and those issues will be solved comparatively quickly to the expected lifetime of the game (and the players themselves). Finally as far as game play is concerned; it is a great dungeon crawler and the different classes each have their own play style that keeps the re-playability high. You may be able to rush through the game on normal difficulty mode in short order but keep in mind that is maybe a tenth of the actual game due to difficulty modes. Also a lot of the charm from D2 was loot grabbing/ item finding which is just as evident in D3. The crafting addition is a fun little way to improve on this concept. All the haters just go back to D2. Its clear that's the game you want this to be and like anything new it has to evolve. Solid seamless cut scenes and virtually no load time into buildings/dungeon areas. Expand
  54. May 15, 2012
    Diablo III excels in the dungeon crawling genre. If you don't like these games, you won't like this one. If you do like these games, it's a great example of how to do this type of game correctly. I am playing on medium/high settings on a Mid-2010 MBP 13 inch, with good framerates. In other words, you can run it on integrated graphics and it'll still look decent/good. If you cannot reasonably expect to maintain an internet connection all the time, don't bother, since you do need one. HOWEVER, mine is incredibly slow and the game runs just fine with no lag, even with 3 other party members.

    Overall, it's a great game if you can get past the minor annoyance of having to be online. If that doesn't float your boat, skip it.
  55. May 15, 2012
    Loving the game so far. Playing a Demon Hunter and finding it very enjoyable. The game runs extremely smoothly, and in general looks very well polished. Had about two issues with monsters getting stuck in walls, but nothing else really.
    Mainly having an issue with being randomly removed from the game, but Blizzard is no doubt working on that. The game itself appears to be well worth the
    wait and money, with the only real issue being the servers. All in all, Blizzard is handling the issues that arise quite well though. Expand
  56. May 15, 2012
    A quick glance at a bunch of these reviews will shows you a lot of ugly scores, but if you actually take the time to read the reviews what do they even say about the game, that there are connection issues? That there is no offline mode? Ok, but what else?

    The game has been officially out for less than what, 2 days, and people are already torching it because it isn't perfect? Of course
    there are connection issues. People have been waiting 10+ years for this game, I doubt any kind of preparation, aside from creating an entirely independent internet service, would have been able to handle the massive influx of new and current users attempting to log on to servers, log on to etc etc. Mind you that Blizzard is also responsible for maintaining all of the World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 servers, along with any and all other games they and/or Activision handle, during this cluster#*$! of networking issues. How many employees do you think they have that are there only to work on Diablo 3 issues? I imagine that number is much, much less than the number of people trying to play the game. Yes, you paid money to play this game, and yes it isn't working as well as you thought it should be. 48 hours is far too soon to be bashing a game to oblivion because the system isn't perfect.

    Regarding the no offline mode, well, as far as I know and have heard, there is no offline mode due, most likely, to the real money auction house. I don't know the specifics of how it works, but players will be unable to create "hacked" items, as they once did in Diablo 2, without an offline mode. Everything in-game item is regulated by the server, and therefore it is authentic, allowing it to be used in the real money auction house. Again, I say this is what I think the reason is. This is not definite fact, but it is a reason that I deem acceptable.

    I'm writing this review even though I've played the game for about 2 hours, which may be more time than a lot of these negative reviews. I enjoyed those 2 hours thoroughly. This is my opinion of it. It feels like classic Diablo 2, a click-click-click adventure rpg. The dialogue is well scripted, and the voice acting is just as fantastic as it is in all Blizzard games. I've only messed around with normal mode, and I'm believing what the developers said that it is basically a tutorial/easy mode. Normal mode is a cake walk, so far, but I don't mind, because I can focus on the story, and although not an award winner, the story is enjoyable. I haven't progressed far enough in the skill system to have an adequate opinion of it, other than that is currently easy to use and enjoyable, with the possibility of a lot of customization.

    Regarding the difficulty, I imagine that the other modes will be significantly more difficult. The broad range of difficulties allows the game to be accessible to the broad range of gamers, ranging from casual to hardcore. I think that, during these 10+ years that people have been waiting for this game, people's expectations became so outrageous that regardless of how good the game is, it would still far short of what they thought it should be. So, don't pay much attention to the bad scores that people are giving this game (right now atleast), because it seems like most of it is due to connection issues and lack of an offline mode, and lots of lots of rage. When people are angry, they think angry, they play angry, and they form angry opinions. Chill.
  57. May 16, 2012
    There is a lot of wrong going on in the gaming industry. Kids are getting spoiled and they're either complaining about games being to hard or too easy. But this game is not the one to blame!
    First of all, complaining about the requirement to be online to play? All I can say to this is that if you still don't have an internet connection in 2012, you would've probably pirated the game
    This game has never been designed with a focus on single-player. Anyone who prefers to play Diablo 3 solo has probably either never played Diablo2 on (so they're missing the point) or used one of those "external utilities" to "augment" your characters. If that's what you're missing and are angry about, then get back to Skyrim and mod your way to eternity.
    Next, complaining about real-money auction house? They basically cut off all the websites and services that were selling items for D2 for all those years illegally. Being this pay-to-play? This might be a slight issue in pvp, other than that - if you feel bad about playing with someone with purchased items, then don't play with them. And look at it this way - if you ever have a luck with dropping some rare legendary that you don't need, you can put it on auction yourself and make some money in the process and then use that money to buy something you might actually use. Besides that, I'm pretty sure that with this option, the auction house will be packed with legendaries within a year and the most expensive item will probably cost around $5.
    Next, dumbing down the game mechanics? You probably haven't played past skeleton king yet, have you? By the time you reach the end of normal difficulty, you're gonna have so many skill+rune combinations that you'll actually feel overwhelmed and also happy that you don't need to figure out the pointless distribution of primary stats. Everyone with at least a slight interest in making their characters the most viable build in D2 ended up distributing the stats the exact same way as the other guy next to you. Also, in D2 you only used 2 spells/abilities actively. Yes, you could keybind the others to use them if the occasion asked for it, but you had no real reason to use more than those two on a regular basis. Now, in D3, you have 6 slots for active spells/abilities, and believe me, you will have a pretty hard time trying to play this game by using only two of those. And figuring out the combination of spells+runes to play with is the fun and beauty of it. Yes, there might be some combinations that are a bit stronger or weaker than the other, but none of those are "wrong".
    I don't care about graphics in most of the games and I especially don't care about it in this game. This is not the type of game where you have the time to climb the mountain and then look down to the valley in awe how realistic it looks. If this is what you're looking for, you should probably go out with your friends more often. You'd be surprised how awesome mountaintop views look like in real life!
    Besides that, the art direction is actually very suitable for this game. This is an actionpacked game where hell's minions are destroying everything around them, regurgitating their descendants. There's nothing beautiful about it. Finally, this game was never intended to be story-based so, of course, the story is weaker. But it's still much better than it was in D2. Cinematics are awesome, the short class-based narratives after every important event and scripted/random events are also a very nice touch.
    Don't be so spoiled, give this game a chance - play it with friends (if possible) and you'll have a blast.
    The only reason I'm giving this 9/10 is because some of my friends are having connectivity issues and some of them are not getting any achievements (so I can't play with them, because they don't want to - until it's fixed).
    Every game has its issues after the release, especially games like this where people had high expectations even before it was announced. Blizzard is not asking for any monthly fee, just some patience. You all wanted to have this released ASAP and got angry with possible delays, so try to cope with the fact that it has some bugs.
    I have very positive reactions to this and I'm sure most you will eventually have that as well.
  58. May 16, 2012
    I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I have only been been on this game for approx 2-3 hours and taking it slow. The game flow is very fluid amd is very well put together for newcomers to the Diablo scene (ie myself). Users are complaining about options that were available in Diablo 2 and so on, but then this is Diablo 3... Ofcourse there are going to be big differences because its a brand new game. Most games now require an always on internet connection etc. I mean the game box clearly states internet connection required so how can you down rate a game when its actually part of the game!? I am giving it a rating of 9 as i still have some more of the game to play but currently, the game has a lot to offer. Putting all the errors and login issues that are pumping out to the side, its a well put together game! Expand
  59. May 16, 2012
    So far very happy with everything I have seen out of this game, with the exception of server stability, but honestly that was to be expected. My two favorite things are the boss fights and the cinematic. The boss fights surprised me because they have evolved so much from D2, I can't wait to meet these bosses in the harder difficulties. My current favorite cut scene is between Act 1 and 2, all I can say is wow.

    My biggest worry coming into this was that the world would be too small. I had played the beta and thought it was very condensed and didn't feel like a classic diablo map. Luckily, it all changed right after the point where beta ended the next couple of maps blew me away with thier size, and how much fun they were to explore.

    Now of course the 500lb gorilla standing over there in the corner is the battle net stability issues. Now don't get me wrong, they are annoying, but like I said before it was expected. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I'm glad its online only. I think in the long run it will make for a much more stable community.The sad part is that the long run isn't here yet and we are forced to watch Battle Net crash and burn multiple times until they can get it working right, but I for one think they will.

    Here's to hoping you will enjoy this game half as much as I am so far!
  60. May 16, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. Sure the player build is structured and you cant distribute talent points anymore, but that is a small issue. The game play of the game is still very engaging and alot of fun to do with friends. Being able to have multiple abilities is an amazing step forward from D2. The idea that you can only do 2 things at once is a dated system. When was the last time you played a game where you only had 2 abilities. And i don't have any issue with having to be online the entire time. The game is more fun with friends anyway. All this being said, the game inst revolutionary, its not spectacular, but it is a solid title that will give hours of game play. I understand the people who get angry that the game is easy when they only play through it once on normal difficulty. Blizzard worked for a long time on this game and the quality of it is about what i expected. I look forward to plaything through this game with all of the characters on all of the difficulties and even some hardcore characters. Expand
  61. May 18, 2012
    The game is just pure fun to play. It has improved a lot over D2 while keeping true to the hack-n-slash-n-loot original and the overall quality is Bliz typical. It becomes actually less repetitive as you level up with new abilities, runes etc. People (me included) were not happy with the server issues of day1 but this does not have anything to do with the game in the long run.
  62. May 19, 2012
    I really like this game. It probably doesn't deserve a 10, but this review is mostly to counter the hordes of people who gave bad reviews on the launch day, where the game was a little buggy because of high traffic.
  63. May 17, 2012
    Very close to perfection! Other than some minor launch issues, Blizzard has once again built the best Action RPG on the market. Gorgeous graphics, improved/simplified play mechanics (no more potion spamming), a simpler/better skill/runes system, and amazing voice acting and plot throughout. Appears to have 30-40 hours of solid gameplay to get through the single player acts and side quests. Much more if you play all the classes, play hard core, or play through all the difficulty levels. Loot system is amazing so people will be playing for years to get "one more drop". Great to see an auction house included! Expand
  64. May 17, 2012
    AWESOME game a got no errors. Ficou muito bom tudo que foi feito no jogo. So a estoria que esta um pouco menos macabra mas ainda assim esta bem legal. Jogarei com todas as classes.
  65. May 18, 2012
    The best game ! I loved it, the graphics are perfect, the levels are beautiful. The details may have changed but this is still fundamentally the same game as the 1996 original.
  66. May 17, 2012
    Aside from the terrible launch event followed by the servers going down on day one... the game is perfect!. The graphics although not modern are really well done, blood everywhere, monsters with great animations and dead effects, the particle system shines all over the place. The sound is impressively well done, it's hard to find games that sound good on any speakers setup... but this game really rocks on that department, I had never played a game with so good sound effects. The gameplay starts a little slow, it gets better once you start to aquire better weapons and abilities and runes which improve your abilities in amazing ways. The story is also fascinating and long enough to enjoy the game every second, you shouldn't storm this game to finish it fast... the best experience is when you listen to all the characters tell their gossips to you, sometimes it's hilarious and some times you'll get shocked.

    Honestly this is one of the best games ever!!!... Keep the good work Blizzard (and I hoped you learned from the mistakes done on day one)
  67. May 17, 2012
    Quit **** about this game. It has a few bugs and the servers are not working. Such is MMO Launch. Be chill. The game is exciting and we finally have the sequel. Stop raging. Wait a few weeks. 10.
  68. May 17, 2012
    Anyone **** about this game A. Has a **** computer. B. Is too much of a fanboy of D2 to accept that WoW created a standard for ability usage. C. Is just a crying mouth breather.

    The game is a hundred times better then D2's spam left click and spam potion system. It took a page from WoWs book (and whether you like WoW or not it created a standard for online games) Hotbar was a fantasic
    addition. Bosses now have actual mechanics that you have to watch for. Overall you can't be disappointed. It's just a great game. Expand
  69. May 17, 2012
    D3 is pretty great. There is more to do and more to think about during each fight than D2. It is exactly what I wanted. I was jarred at first by the lack of a skill tree, but you actually gain more powers than you can use at once so your personal play style is flexible in the extreme and I always thought that the overspecialization encouraged by D2 was a bit boring.

    Diablo 3 is flat
    awesome. The fact that Azula is the voice of my Wizard makes it even better. Expand
  70. May 17, 2012
    This game is great. I'm not sure why there is such a brigade of negative reviewers. Everything is polished, the combat is smooth, and most of all it's FUN and challenging. Really well done, I'll be playing for awhile.
  71. May 17, 2012
    Blizzard again delivers. Smooth, elegant gameplay, low CPU requirements, easy to get into, takes a moment to master. Plenty of spell/ability choices, grouping is unbelievably fast and easy.
  72. May 18, 2012
    All you drama queens that have given this game a zero have clearly not played it past level 20. I'll admit, I originally gave it an average score due to the fact that while they seemed to get a lot of things right, the performance of the engine and dumbing down of the skill system seemed to be a problem. Well I was wrong about both, and so are you guys. Blizzard has nailed the Diablo experience and it is only getting better. For those of you considering whether to buy, just recognize that the haters are playing this game right now as we speak. Expand
  73. May 17, 2012
    To say that the game is bad just because that there are some problems with the login servers is just hilarious. This game is epic and then some, easy to get in to, hard to quit playing and a storyline that blows you away.
    The People that are writing bad reviews are just blowing of steam. Ofc there is always room for improvement, there is, as of yet, no game that is flawless. It would have
    been nice to be able to customize a few things, and I'm not taken with the ide of a AH with real money (but we cant review that, as its not online yet), but overall its still a mind blowing game. Expand
  74. May 17, 2012
    I'm kind of amazed at all the people who gave it zero just because of a server issue on the first day of release. I doubt any of those people will come back and revise their score after they've beaten act 4 and are bragging to their friends about their 1337 gear. This game is as addicting as the first two in the series. People who claim that there is no character customization are simply incorrect. You are able to customize your character's abilities by simply checking a box in the options screen. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Simply put, if you enjoyed Diablo I and II, you'll love this game. The procedurally-generated levels are gorgeous, the combat is challenging, and after the rather linear feel of the first few quests, the game opens up quite a bit. The only reason I'm giving it a 9 instead of a ten is that you have to get quite far into the game for most of these options to open up, so people who have only played for 30 minutes will naturally feel restricted. One could say that Blizzard has overloaded the endgame to the point where new players might feel neglected. Probably the most disturbing feature of the game is the online-only play. Expand
  75. May 17, 2012
    There are so many people on here who seem to not understand that when you review something you review the game itself, not your own petty feelings for the company. I wish the online gaming community was more mature at times, instead of acting like children. but anyway i thought the game itself was / is fantastic, i'm having a blast playing through all the difficulties, and the online fun with friends just adds another element of amazing to an already overly solid game. Expand
  76. May 17, 2012
    Basing the quality of a game on an hour delay post launch? No thanks. A huge leap forward in RPG game design, a true champion of the Action-RPG genre, breathing new life into a dead genre.
  77. May 17, 2012
    I feel compelled to review Diablo 3 not for the public but because of the public. For those giving this game a bad score for the necessary internet connection and launch bugs shame on you. Although I also don't agree with needing a constant internet connection this isn't the first game to do it and one of the biggest reasons to add this requirement is for any game now a days is because of piracy. Is it the best way to handle it? No. If your going to be mad about something like that be mad at the people who steal games. The people that think the game is worth playing but don't want to pay for it. As for the launch bugs, they will get fixed, calm down.

    Now, on to the real reason I'm defending the game. People keep saying its watered down and to "casual." To those people I say, wait till you unlock the other difficulty modes. I am also reading a lot of post about people being unhappy with character development. I think they did a great job. From what I gather people are pretty butt hurt about not being able to pick stats when you level. But I ask why, why do you want to do that so much? Blizzard took a step back and actually analyzed how people were playing their games. Just like in WoW if you didn't put talent point in certain skills, or in Diablo's case, stats, then you were essentially playing the class wrong. They instead said, and this is true with Diablo too, if they are always going to put their point into these stats lets find another way that people can customize their characters the way they want to without them feeling inferior to someone else playing the same class. That's where the introduction to these new skill types shine. For example my brother and myself are both playing Monk. We are both piling on the dexterity from items, because in order to do any type of good damage we need it. Which points back to why anyone wants "customize" their own stats, just let them do it. We all know where your going to put them anyway. Instead, where we get to customize is with our abilities, runes, and passive abilities. We play the character completely different yet were both feel just as powerfully and we enjoy playing the game in our own ways. I've tried his skills build and i hate it, and the same can be said when he tried how I play my monk. The game is deep, the art is gorgeous and a amazing example of why not every game needs "next gen" graphics. For everyone hating on the game for the mandatory internet connection and the launch bugs. I understand, I've said my share of comment about it, but grow up. Scores of Zero are childish.
  78. May 17, 2012
    what's wrong with all of you ? u guys gave 0 for this great RPG game. First off, I need to point out the launch was really bad, it took me over 2 hours to login. But if let the launch and connection aside, the game itself could easily deserve 8/10 if not more . The only thing that holds me back to give a 10/10 is the quest system, the storyline is great but the quest system make the game so rush, not a lot of side quest and the rewards are basically exp and gold. However, the hack - slash gameplay is hella fun and addicting, graphic and effects are great as well as the sound effect. It's more customization than people might think since the level points are removed. At first, I was like " damn, no more customization" but after finishing Normal in diablo 3, I think there are a lot of customization. For what I noticed, the customization's now based on items. Items now will upgrade any skill you want to upgrade, and increase any stats u want to increase.
    The online gaming could be inconvenient, but makes the game more addicting and fair since you can compete with other and nobody can use hack or cheat .
  79. May 17, 2012
    I'm majorly surprised at all the negative reviews. This game has to be hands down the most fun I've had in Diablo for a long time. Let's take a look at some of the things this game has similar to the second;

    -Characters: You'll see many reappearances of your favorite Diablo Lore characters in this game.

    -Art: The art style looks and feels like Diablo. Who could forget the Life Orb after
    playing D2?

    -Classes: A lot of the classes, while named differently, feel like advanced and fleshed out versions of the D2 classes. Witch Doctor; Necromancer. Barbarian (Same). Wizard; Sorceress. Monk; Paladin/Assassin Mix. Demon Hunter; Amazon/Assassin Mix.

    Ok, so what are the differences?

    -In-Depth Character Customization; Thousands of ways to build your toon with a forgiving system that doesn't lock you into a skill path. You can easily change your build out of combat with no penalties besides a small cooldown on the changed skill slot. Not to mention this new customization allows for gear optimization, allowing you to specialize certain ways for a bigger bang.

    Also, this seems trivial, but I love the fact I can dye my armors or use a vanishing dye to remove ugly pieces. Plenty of dyes to find and millions of pieces of gear to customize with.

    -Auction House; This is a very contested area in a review. Let me start by saying I disagree with the Real-Life Currency option and you won't find me doing it. With that said, the Virtual Currency (Gold) Auction House is incredibly useful. I've found magnificent gear for really low prices that have ubertized my toons, while also being able to sell old/found gear for a good amount.

    I think people need to take a chance to actually utilize the Auction House, because it is a really neat feature that can be extremely beneficial to your builds and toons.

    -Combat: Exciting, thrilling, and fast paced. Exactly what I expect out of Diablo. You no longer rely on health potions and instead rely on skill and Health Orbs that are strategically dropped by enemies throughout a fight. The new resources that each class has (Mana, Arcane Power, Spirit, Fury, and Hatred/Discipline) help to keep classes unique. While there are less skills to learn in this game, the Rune system allows you to deeply customize your character's abilities. No two toons should ever have the same build, simply because the Rune system adds a huge amount of depth to what your character can do.

    -Story: Beautifully told story, filled with TONS (and I mean TONZ) of voice acting for those who hate reading. The CGI cutscenes are nothing less than breathtaking, exactly what I expect out of Blizzard. My only complaints here is that the story is fairly linear without many choices involved, but all the Diablo games are like this so this may be a good thing if you liked the linear style the three games have always had. Definitely some interesting plot twists, and surprisingly the voice acting isn't cheesy.

    If you're a Diablo fan, this game shouldn't disappoint. If you're an action RPG fan, this game definitely won't disappoint. If anything, they've turned Diablo into a pseudo-MMO with much more depth involved.

    Also, on another note, the servers are a little bit unstable as of now, but it's been patched constantly. I expect all the kinks to be worked out within the next week or so. The online play isn't discouraging in the least bit, and encourages teamplay (which is a whole other level of chaos and fun!)

    If anything, this game is at least worth a try. Not a 10/10 perfect game, but an incredibly fun one never the less.
  80. May 17, 2012
    Staying up until Midnight and not being able to log on was disappointing and having problems was not ideal, but honestly that will not take away from the lasting effect that Diablo III will make on the action RPG genre or PC games in general. Things have already smoothed out and its a joy to play. I was skeptical about the new skill/rune system but I enjoy it very much. You can still do builds and you eventually get magic find bonus for sticking with on build and not changing runes. All my friends who played Diablo 2 back in the day as well as WOW have done nothing but rave about it and we consider ourselves hardcore. With the servers more consistent I am struggling to find anything to complain about or that I would change.

    My only complaint is it took so long to come out (I've been waiting personally for 10 years) and my free time is no longer existent with Diablo and Torchlight 2 coming out soon I have too much to play!

    Cheers Blizzard on a job well done!
  81. May 17, 2012
    I signed up for metacritic just so I could balance out some of these negative reviews. I think they're completely unjustified. I think it's an awesome game. I think they took some of the best of D2 and improved on it well. If you wanted just D2 with better graphics then I think you misunderstand how the video game industry works. Try Kickstarter or something. I can understand the complaints about server problems. I was quite disappointed in that and the inconvenience associated with the online only aspect deserves some lost points in the rating. But giving the game a zero for it is like throwing away good food because your waiter was rude.
    As for the complaints about customizability, even in my gaming heyday, in the era of D1 and D2, I didn't have the time to experiment with every possible customization. I thought that collecting runes and gems and set items was so tedious and time-consuming, I'm glad they simplified it a bit. Now for some of the things I like.
    I like the graphics. I adjusted the settings so that it runs really smoothly and the graphics are still beautiful and what I would have expected.
    I like that you can dye bits of armor to change your character's appearance. Simple thing but it shows they still understand that customization is important.
    Fun and simple gameplay. I don't need it to be the most challenging I do every day. And higher difficulties and hardcore characters still allow for more intensity for those who want it.
    I like the achievements. It's kinda par for the course with games these days but I think it adds something good to the game.
    I like not having to carry around mana or scrolls.
    These are just a few of the unique features that I love about D3. I think it's a great game. And I'll say it again, if you're disappointed that D3 isn't just D2 with better graphics, I think your expectations are unrealistic and it's no wonder you're disappointed.
    It's a great game with some minor flaws. Period.
  82. May 17, 2012
    Graphically acceptable - for more experienced fans of the francise it's probably a little bland. The always on line DRM a pain in the preverbial if you know what I mean. The simplified mechanics will appeal to the less experienced and casual gamers, and the younger element of plays who do not rememer the heritage of the Diablo brand
  83. May 17, 2012
    Everything I expected and more. The none stop action with blood and gore flying. Skill system you can adjust to the situation, do I wanna be more bursty dps or sustained? do I wanna be more tanky? np just adjust my skills and runes. The Graphics are very nice its like being in a living painting and it runs great on my radeon 6850 100+ fps max settings 1080p. Once you get past normal the game becomes challenging, making you need to use tactics and actually think.

    Awesome game, dont get all the negative reviews..must be trolls
  84. May 17, 2012
    The sour grapes on display here is quite pathetic. The critics score of 8.8. is about right. I played diablo 2 for several hundred hours, I was obsessed with it. And Diablo 3 is, I think, objectively far better in most respects. So the servers failed on day 1. Ok, rate badly, it has nothing to do with the actual game. Bunch of whiny kids on here.
  85. May 17, 2012
    I'm sure all the server error problems will be fixed within a few days so if your having problems why not chill and do something else for a few days? I'm sorry for all the people who don't have an always on internet connection. I live in England and always on broadband is the standard here so anyone living in a technologically advanced country should have no problems with the always on internet connection (once Blizzard have ironed out the teething troubles). Gaming companies have the right to protect their products from piracy and as it's so rife its a wonder they still bother with PC games at all. I must admit that the enviroments do look a little boring but I guess they made the game so it can be played on old PC's too. Expand
  86. May 20, 2012
    It's a fantastic game with great gameplay. The graphics are perfectly fine - there are in fact lower textures, but this allows the game to run on lower end equipment (which is great), and you are never really looking at small details in D3 anyway. The gameplay is outrageously addicting - and the new character customization is tremendous amount of fun. Compared to D2, D3 is substantially better in every aspect. Expand
  87. May 17, 2012
    Game is amazing and has the feel of a Diablo game. No, it is not an exact replica of D2 which it seems many are looking for, but it is truly addicting with more solid story to add to the dungeon crawl experience. Currently through Nightmare so I've played enough to make some sort of comment.

    I enjoy the rune system, and it is certainly not a linear progression (anyone thinking that is
    not optimizing their character) and I appreciate Blizz switching it up if at least just a little bit. RMAH will be interesting but not really my focus, just great to play with friends. Expand
  88. May 17, 2012
    I caught the game to a monitor for hours. I am very happy that I could play Diablo 3 Blizzard is the best company in the market for the issuing of the game. Great fun, great fun and predominantly playability.
  89. May 17, 2012
    Excelente juego apegado a su estilo de juego un poco más intuitivo y fácil de usar. La espera ha valido la pena. Cambiaría el puntero del mouse por algo más original pero esperemos que el futuro traiga estas y muchas mas mejoras
  90. May 17, 2012
    A great production of the stable Blizzard. Long time not so well played, much less any production is not captured mnei to monitor how Diabo third I recommend not depending on age. And this low rocker assessment. The game is playable and climate, and most ot which a player could want.
  91. May 18, 2012
    Having a blast. Yes its more or less the same dingeon crawler as diablo II. Love that they got rid of the point systems and replaced it with runes and variety of passive skills, everyone casn sue combinations they want.

    Fun coopeartive game and addictive
  92. May 17, 2012
    The game overall is great, amazing story, intresting spells...ext. normal mode felt a bit casual but the difficulty increases significantly in nightmare, hell and inferno difficultys. The auction house is a nice touch and the ability to use real money if you want is a great way to eleminate gold and item sellers. The graphics are nice and not to demanding, boss fights are fun and difficult. Overall just a great game. Although there are sone bugs (to be expected with a 3day old game) and some balance issues. Its still one if not the best game i have played in 2012. Expand
  93. May 17, 2012
    So it might be that I didn't play diablo 2 or that I didnt play opening night so I had no server difficulties but so far I love this game and don't have any problems with it
  94. May 17, 2012
    I'm stunned that some rate this game NOT on its actual content. I'm sure that some haven't even played the game. Anyhow (ignoring the internet connection and some minor problems that some might have), this game is one of the best action-RPGs that I have ever played. Great story, animation, brilliant, emotional and terrifying cinematics that truly makes you wish that Blizzard would make a movie out of the world of Diablo. As far as gameplay goes, it is a classic hack and slash (with a twist of strategy, because you have to sell, craft and sometimes make hard decisions on what suitable weapons or items you need and which ones you need to get rid of...or store). This brought back all the fun memories of Diablo and Diablo 2, it makes you want to play it more and more. The graphics in this game is different to that of Diablo 2 but I think for the better. it is very well done. Some scenes in the game are absolutely mind blowing, you will not be disappointed. Prepare to lose many hours on this one... Expand
  95. May 18, 2012
    This is the best action RPG bar none,played it from launch here in the UK and had no problems whatsoever.A great lot of people slating the game,so i thought i would stick up for it as its such a great game,and no im not a fanboy.I have no problem with online play as i used to play WOW.If you dont like the idea of always connected dont buy the game.Blizzard said from the off this is how it would be.Graphics are spot on smooth as silk with great effects and multitudes of monsters on screen at once.Gamplay wise if you like loot games this is the daddy .Trying to find that next rare piece which will make your character that little bit better is so addictive.I cannot compare it to D1 D2 as i never played them but for me it does everything right.Ive played all sorts of dungeon crawlers from titan quest to path of exile and Diablo 3 takes the biscuit. Expand
  96. May 18, 2012
    How many stupid reviews out there! The DRM is not a problem we live in 2012 not 1992 or even 2002. And on release, of course the servers will be overcrowded. On day 2 I had no problems at all. Get over it whiners! After 10 years of waiting I'm so happy, the graphics (as with D2 same complaints then) it's not over the top or ground breaking, but it is still very nice and the atmosphere is so addictive with elements referring to D1 and D2. I actually like that my actions decides how my attributes are distributed and then I can shift between my skills which is a great feature. It is well balanced and easy to control and master. The great thing about graphics is that we all see the same area so nobody gets an advantage. Only complaint is that I see lag from time to time even in single player which is frustrating. Expand
  97. May 18, 2012
    Last time I checked the reason I play games is to have fun.
    Diablo 3 fulfils this requirement hands down. It is incredibly fun and addictive.

    Most of the negative scores are because of login issues. Come on people have a bit of patience, once the servers settle down this will be the best game to play for a long long time!
  98. May 18, 2012
    I'm all for constructive criticism, but some of you are just plain bashing this game due to some unforeseen technical difficulties and changes. Change is good, I love the way the new game is, so you can't customize your stats, so what. That makes the hunt for gear that much more fun. The graphics is awesome, sound is amazing I feel nostalgic every time I here the different sounds and effects. The whole playing a single player game online is a bit of a disappointment, but I understand why it has been implemented. Then on to Cutscenes superb cinematic, Blizzard is known for this. Great game. Expand
  99. May 18, 2012
    Great game, don't mind the score for now. It's a silly **** mockup operation to get the score at 3.7, reference at the error 37 we encountered on release day.
    11 years worth of wait.
  100. May 18, 2012
    Absolutely love the game. The at-launch issues were far less than I have come to expect with game launches of this scale, by far. Aside from some issues g in during the earliest hours of the launch, I've had zero issues with the game, in over 30 hours of play across 3 characters. The story was predictable, but Diablo was always more about the gameplay, loot drop and lore than main storyline. The 5 classes are all great to play, the crafting system adds to the already awesome loot drop system and creates another major gold-sink I always fled diablo needed. I've found that the complaints that others have had about the game are largely unreasonable, and often born of expectations that will never be met by any game. The always on DRM doesn't bother me, really. D3 is, and I believe should be, a social game. Gold selling is going to happen whether Blizzard supports it or not, only this way it's safe and controlled. If you look at D3 as a free to play MMO, with the RMAH being the "premium" paid content, which ultimately is what it comes down to, 99.9% of people's complaints about th game fall through entirely. Honestly, D3 has thus far exceeded my expectations, and I expected this to be one of only two games this year to matter to me. Expand
  101. May 17, 2012
    Omfg, stop whining about Diablo 3.
    It's a great game. It's a worthy sequel. The graphics are not next-gen BF3 or crysis, but the maps are designed to be amazingly pretty, so I don't give a **** It's even possible to play this **** in 3D, and it's actually pretty neat. It may not be the quintessential RPG like Diablo 2 was back when it hit the markets, but it's still ****loads better than
    most other games you find on the market. So wipe your tears and get back and defeat nightmare difficulty before you talk **** Jeez! Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]