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  1. May 18, 2012
    As a sequel, the smartest thing would be to compare to Diablo 2, as fans are expecting D3 to provide a better game overall than D2, so this review will focus on comparing the differences between these 2 games.

    1. Character customisation: D2: Talent points and attribute points were assigned by players to their character.
    D3: Talent points are replaced by runes, and attribute points are
    spread automatically (not really mattering in the long run)
    Who wins? Diablo 3. Because in D2, the stats that were put by players were enough strength to wear an item, and the rest would get dumped in vitality. The mechanic was annoying, and the new attribute system takes care of that hassle. 2. Story
    D3 does not fail to deliver storywise. Where D2 revolved around the character, D3 revolves around the important figures of the world, with drama between all of them, and the Character as the mediator for world issues.

    3. Gameplay.
    Difficulty levels make a difference. In D2, a champion mob even on the highest difficulty setting would be just xp or gems/runes/magic items. In D3, a champion mob on a higher difficulty means dying most of the time.
    The bosses feel like a challenge, and no longer just an itemcheck. You need to think about the spells you bring in to the fight, and you need to have tactics.

    4. Art
    Cinematics and music is just superb, and this is already common for blizzard games. It is good to know that they invest in good quality cinematics and good ambient sound.
    Voice acting on the other hand was not of the highest quality, killing some of the immersion.

    5. Auction house:
    As items are not bind on equip/pickup, item value will decrease very fast. As far as gold action house goes, this will allow players to have access to items they wanted without the necessary grinding. As far as real money auction house goes, it is simply a way to make a passive income as a company, after the game has been launched, and prevent illegal gold selling. This is common business logic in today's market, that we as gamers have shaped. Certain products gained profit over this method and will continue to, so obviously every other game will have this feature. My opinion is we should not judge the game based on this, but rather the company.

    6. The Always-Online-DRM
    This is something no gamer agrees with. Although this may sound like an excuse, there is a reason behind it, and it is linked to the above point. Duping was a major issue in Diablo 2, and if the developers wanted to make a stable auction house, and especially a real money auction house, every item drop, stat, and inventory needs to have server side checking. This is why single player is online. So a user cannot simply hack items into his inventory so that he could earn a profit. This is understandable.
    What is not understandable on the other hand, is the fact that on a European server, with a 100 MBit connection, a user would have 300 ms lag(from Europe). Think about hardcore mode death due to lag for a second. 300 ms is a lot.
  2. May 18, 2012
    So the cool thing about not World of Warcraft 3 is that it follows nicely in the direction of not World of Warcraft 2. I'm not an avid fan on the Diablo series and I only know the vague plot of Diablo 2 however Blizzard have learnt from their story telling mistakes and made the plot of Diablo 3 easy to follow, not in your face obvious and given a medium to learn about what happen in
    past games (grant it you have to seek out said medium). Diablo 3â Expand
  3. May 18, 2012
    To the haters... get a life and review content on the merits it presents not issues that were out of Blizzard's control. Servers crash such is life. The game is extremely well polished. Don't take away from the system introduced. The ignorant chastise the auction house but it still promotes play. If you want items you need to farm which is totally epic when you get into hack & slash mode. As to no internet connection... do you live in a cave, get a life and get internet its 2012 baby booyah

    Now to the review. The new skill system with the introduction of skill runes is enjoyable. The game is very hard to put down once you in to it because the skills blend extremely well. Enemies are balanced but find normal mode too easy. Once you on Nightmare it moves it up a notch. Crafting and the upgrade of the NPC's area is pretty cool like that you can craft yr own rare items, encourages you to aim for end game and reap the benefits at the Auction house. Over all top class game, graphics need an overall but thats about it. Special effects and sound are great
  4. May 18, 2012
    If you liked Diablo 2, then buy this game. 90% of the bad reviews are because of server issues on the first day. Everybody that gave Diablo 3 a bad review because of server issues is a **** moron. Just read the professional reviews. It is kind of odd to play a single player game over the internet, but **** get over it. The game works fine most of the time. If it does hiccup, it starts you where you left off. Just buy the game already. Expand
  5. May 18, 2012
    Best game ever, only have gotten 4 hours of sleep a night because of the enticement and pure bliss of the grind. Looking forwards to years of destruction and looting.
  6. May 18, 2012
    Just an excellent game, the story is pretty good, the gameplay if you like this kind of games is perfect and it's a real challenge to finish the game !! Some problems the first day on connection but it is ok now and playing on-line is not a real problem really...
    Thx Blizzard !
  7. May 18, 2012
    To me diablo 3 is the best game of the year thanks to its splendid decor these foolproof playability and replayability endless! taste it there, you'll be hooked
  8. May 18, 2012
    At first it was Diablo 1. If was a turnover in the market because of it. Huge ideas came to life, everyone was impressed because they didn't know what to expect. Diablo 2 - the game that every person knows. Diablo 2 represents and idea perfected for it's years. It was so fun because it was different. But years started to pass, people got obsessed with the game. When Blizzard announced that that they are working on Diablo 3 great expectation from the fans started to build up like this : if one was an instant classic, two the best of the best, the tree has to be better. After 5 years people expected that in the moment they will open the game they will be blown away. It is wrong to think that. There is nothing in universe that will blow away after it is anticipated for 12 years.

    Because of this they started to judge the game from the missing feelings of greatness and they closed they eyes to see what the game really is.

    Diablo 3 is perfect.

    You always got a feeling of moving through a concept art.
    The story is great, pump at the right moment a new line to keep you in the hell illusion.
    Everything is perfectly match - the stats, the weapons etc.

    The skills know are great because low level skills still get used in high levels.
    The skills are now changeable and one more thing - are exactly what a human can handle with a two click mouse

    The stats, personally i don't care about putting stats point on my own, eventually you will all agree because if you start to look at Diablo 2 - all great characters have about the same build ups in stats.

    The online thing. Well it is the future even if you don't like it. And the reason you don't like it is because probably you have an expensive internet connection or a bad one. Another thing, the online only is great because your game is up to date instant and because you're connected with others. I don't get the hype about the online because everyone who complains about it does it online : here or on Facebook.

    From my point of view Blizzard did a great job about the game, it is just plain fun and has a lot of parts that will change the market again.
    Blizzard did delivered a superb game, a Diablo game for this decade.
    My only complain is that I had to wait 12 years for the third part.
  9. May 18, 2012
    The initial launch was fairly poor, but overall the best game in the series by a long shot, if not the best game of the decade. They took out everything that was bad about Diablo 2, and put in everything that genre needed. If you enjoyed the facade that was character customization in Diablo 2, you'll be disappointed at first. They took out skill points and stat points. Though in the long run every player should rejoice- you can no longer ruin builds. In the first years of D2, most players didn't know what they were doing and when confronted with Hell difficulty, they just couldn't do it.

    The only gripe I have is the current skill system is entirely TOO simple. It feels force fed, though it barely subtracts from the other great features of the game. Casuals and Hardcores alike will delight in this gaming experience.
  10. May 18, 2012
    Foreword. For some reason this game has a low meta, whether that's the work of some anonymous party or not is up to rumor, speculation, and the realm of possibility. I know one thing, loads of folks are buttmad and denying themselves one of the best gaming experiences of the past couple years. (It can't dwarf Portal 2, but it tried and was done by BLIZZARD.) I had negative if any expectations coming into Diablo III. That being said, Blizzard actually made a game that's very good for once in a long while. Chris Metzen and the dev team really poured their hearts into this game. The DRM was an obstacle for many people, but for me wasn't much of an issue. There were hiccups and all, but really the quality of the game makes up for that. That being said, time to get into an actual review by an actual Blizzard critic, Activision hater, et al. Diablo III's best experienced elements will now be outlined and then reviewed.A.Streamlining, what was done right for the gameplay style.a.The character streamlining adds to gameplay in my opinion, because in previous Diablo games, the skill system really just felt like a mess, even for the time. People who liked it probably had never really experienced a deep rpg. Diablo III's skill system gives you constant upgrades, probably about a thousand ways you can roll a character skillwise and has room to let you have fun in any capacity. b.Diablo 2 wasn't really an RPG, it was a hack and slash, and anyone who says differently obviously has no concept of real RPGs (a la isometric, et al.) Diablo III did you a favor and kept leveling, just in a way that would make it so that you wouldn't die to skeletons or eight hundred demons whilst attempting to level up.c.Town portals and identify scrolls are "free" and included into your character. Normally one would say that this is a shortcut, but when ransacking bookcases and such if you look closely you will see that those scrolls fall out. B.Art style, consistency, cutscene quality, storytelling, score.a.All of the above elements are of an exceptional quality, especially the cutscenes; the act one cutscene was one of the best I have ever seen honestly. It was an experience, now Diablo III in this regard is more of an experience than anything. I wouldn't say that it had a lot of early game depth, or ridiculous bugs, especially broken classes etc. The game is consistent in that you are powerful, but you are still weak; you are learning to be stronger and gaining experience as a veteran. You always feel like you're powerful, no matter what class you play you will feel like you're the best. Beyond the first act the cutscenes remain hopeful yet dark, inspiring you to keep going; to finish what you started. Diablo III is well fleshed out in lore, a lot has happened in twenty years and much has changed in Tristram and other places, the Horadrim are a focus for awhile, those of you that paid attention in D2. Companions and vendors all have their own stories and conversations, equipment and chatter.
    Diablo III is a well scored game, as are many Blizzard endeavors. However a lot is to be desired, it doesn't have an iconic score as did previous Diablo games. Some would argue that this is an improvement because if you're like me, you're done act 1 about eighteen times or more across D1 and D2. C.DIDO (Drop in drop out) optimizations, the removal of ninja looting entirely.a. Drop ins on your game are much more livable now in Diablo III, no longer can one speedrun your dungeon, killing the act boss and excluding you. Absconding with all of your loot. No, you get prompts for bosses. This change is welcome to people like me who tend to get lost, even with automap it's hard to find things sometimes.b. Loot is now instanced on your character. All players receive individual loot, the most brilliant gameplay change I've ever experienced. The previous systems were nightmares, whether a shouting match, or a ninja and log. I guarantee nobody will steal your legendaries, okay pal? D.Account wide achievements, vendor progress, and stash. a.Three things to spend your gold on to account for the up in magical item drop and usability, the blacksmith, the jeweler, and your stash. (Might I add that the jeweler is voiced by the wonderful James Hong. The work that went into all of this seemingly simple idea had to be very difficult. Please don't underestimate how long that probably took. A risk that pays off well, and Blizzard taking risks post 2007 is something I never thought I would see.E.Lastly and most importantly, the gameplay. a.Constantly satisfying gameplay with the potential for great depth and some of the greatest mechanics seen since Deus Ex leaves Diablo III as a strong contender for game of the year from one of the companies owned by one of the worst companies in America IMO (unofficially) . You should buy this game, nuff said. Plus all of your friends are playing it, if you have friends that is.
  11. May 18, 2012
    Best hack & Slash since Diablo II
    Smashing demons is a pleasure Art style is excellent
    Bosses are funs
    Classes are goods and differents
    What are you waiting for ? BUY IT !
  12. May 18, 2012
    Few issues on download and installation but eaisly sorted if you check the forums, excellent gameplay, awesome graphics and a very nice storyline to £35 i have spent in a long time ... definitely recomend it for anyone wanting a change/break from your syandard RPG's
  13. lpf
    May 18, 2012
    Despite all the changes, it still got this special Diablo feeling and it made me smile after all these years.
    The level design is one of the best yet and the overall art style is just amazing.
  14. May 18, 2012
    a Huge honor for everyone who play the greatest game of 2012 the DIABLO III.blizzard u r the best.thank u .we support u.i like from DEMON HUNTER class.and after DH my choice is Barbarian
  15. May 18, 2012
    I was one of the fans that got the game for release. I was there ready to login right at Midnight on launch day in Europe. I went through all the same login issues as everyone else and was upset by it. That said these issues are temporary and like every Blizzard game we have come to know and love issues are dealt with; even 9 years after a game was released in some cases. That said, let us move on and review the game for what it is and not what it isn't.

    Diablo is a hack'n slash RPG and as far as this genre goes Diablo 3 delivers better than any other game in it's genre by a LARGE margin. It is highly addictive with co-op mode more readily available and anti-cheat countermeasures already in place (unlike Diablo 2 for those that recall how awful multiplayer was at times due to hackers).

    Some have complained about the lack of options and customization but I found just the right amount with it getting deeper as the game continues through ability customization and gear. Stat improvement is indeed automatic but through gear you can decide weather you want to be a glass cannon or be able to take some hits later in the game (think nightmare, hell and inferno difficulties).

    I am mainly posting this review as the voices of those that HATE the game seem to be very loud right now while those that love it are busy playing it because it is that addictive - any game that can keep you playing for 6 hours straight and want to keep going is definitely a good game (either that or it administers digital drugs to you or something).

    The only thing that keeps me rating this game a 10/10 is that it true that there is nothing 'revolutionary' about this game. Diablo 3 is what was promised, maybe a little more even, definitely not less. Some fans are displeased with the outcome and while I respect their opinion I would say they are the 'loud minority' and I expect the overall User Score to go up drastically as more players 'come up for air' to take the time and submit a review.
  16. May 18, 2012
    The unstoppable fighting, the pure joy of slaughtering waves and waves of enemies, Diablo 3 is all about mighty destruction. The game is epic in every sense, thousands of enemies, colossal bosses, dialogue reminds me of Dante's Divine Comedy. Yes, customization is simplified, crafting has made too easy, but these are not the reason you play this game. The Internet connection is required so Blizzard can validate all the loots. I don't see it's a big problem these days. The real money auction house is a bonus since we don't have to deal with black market anymore. There is no such thing as pay-to-win, you don't win in this game, you just kill, and kill, and kill. Expand
  17. May 18, 2012
    Wow, you people have issues. Because you couldn't log in for 10 minutes you go on a spree of 0 out of 10 reviews. Oh well, the real figure games are judged by is sales figures, and this one has sold very, very well.
  18. May 18, 2012
    Haters gonna hate. But please don't trash a really good game just because of some bugs, server issues or because it's not D2. I had similar feelings when I played the open beta, but I bought it nevertheless and I've not regret it.
  19. May 18, 2012
    I hate the fact there are so many people giving this great game unfair scores, so I decided to get my own write up in here. I preordered the game without playing the beta and almost second guessed my decision based on the bad things I was hearing about the game before release from the beta testers. Thankfully I didn't cancel my order because after 15 hours of playing the game, I absolutely love it and I feel like its the best in the series.
    - Always online aspect of the game is something that naturally bothered me the first day because I couldn't play. And what normal person wouldn't be annoyed, even angry that they couldn't play a game that you waited so long for. But the server issues are stabilizing and the game is probably about 95% playable now, maybe even 100%. I for one absolutely love the always online feature of this game. And I can understand if I never played the game with friends and only did single player for every game I played, then I might be hating on the always online. But for me, the fact that I can always find my friends on 2.0, whether they are on WoW, Sc2, or D3, is awesome. But to be honest, I never played Diablo 2 offline because I always felt that the game was better online. I mean what game isn't better when its played with other people? Diablo 3 almost seems like from the ground up it was designed to be an online game, that could be played solo. Much like MMOs today, solo quest until your max level, then start doing group stuff (on a side note, I think that is the major problem with MMOs today). The difficult scales to the number of characters in the game, which makes playing with friends and the game much more fun. Next always online capability, NO MORE HACKING, thank God. Diablo 2, even closed was completely ruined by hacking. Now that a lot of the game is handled server side, especially loot, it seems, at least for now that Diablo 3 at the very least will be very, very difficult to hack. I like that. Actually, I like that a lot. If you got this game for single player only, I think you are missing one of the core functions of this game.
    - Story is decent and picks up more in the later acts than before. I keep reading about so and so beat normal mode, mind you did not same game, in 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 hours. I am currently sitting at 15 hours played and I just reached Act 3, but I did what any good RPG and fan of the series did, I explored! And back to the always online feature, if I saw a friend that behind in levels or needed some help, I jumped into their game and helped them. So I haven't just got one, rushed through and finished it. Also, for anyone downrating this game because you rushed through normal and go to the story and are complaining that it is too short, you obviously do not know the point of the Diablo-series, higher difficulty settings! The next difficulties offer better loot, better crafting, and the best part of it all, more challenge. So if you are rushing through to get to those things, awesome, but don't complain about a game being too short when just playing normal mode was never how the game was supposed to be played. I hated the skill system in this game and I mean hated it. I felt like Blizzard was choosing my skills for me and making the leveling up system in D3 be completely automated... until I got to the later levels. Now its another feature that I am enjoying of the game, and not because its pretty much chooses for you, but because of the arsenal of abilities I have to use to kill stuff. For anyone that played Diablo 2, due to synergies, you basically had 2-3 attacks you used and that was it. And in elective mode, I have more freedom over the skills that I use in my bars and I dunno maybe most people aren't using elective mode and that's they don't like it, or maybe they haven't figured out how to change out skills. But this game already has infinitely more skills and ways to play your character than Diablo 2 ever did. So for that I commend Blizzard for making the game they way they did. So, in short, the skill system looks shallow at first, but as you get later into the game and start trying out different combos and different strategies with skills, you start to see how they visioned their skills system.

    Finally, graphics, yes technically they are not that impressive, especially if you are only looking at polygons and textures. But to be fair to Blizzard, the graphics were expected, at least from me. I have played every single Blizzard released and each of them were never known for their modern graphics. But the game is delightfully dark, morbid and disgusting, thanks in part to the new graphics, and of course the art direction. And once again, Blizzard excels in the art direction. I mean there are some really grotesque things going on, especially once you get into the dungeons. I love the game and I feel like it deserves praise and definitely worth every penny.
  20. May 18, 2012
    All the bashing of this game that's been going on here is totally unfounded. Network issues aside - I've had a few, but none too terrible - Diablo 3 is everything I've expected and more. Yes, the skill system is radically simplified, but people neglect to mention that what this means is a whole new level of customization: you can completely change up your character on the fly to deal with different situations. (By the way, I was a huge Diablo 2 and original Diablo nerd, so it's not like I don't appreciate the roots of this game or whatever) The combat is absolutely insane, with hordes of enemies on screen, and never once did it feel like anything but a Diablo game. As to the issue of the always-on DRM, whatever. It's an imperfect solution, but would you rather Blizzard just let everyone pirate their awesome game? Stop being children: piracy is stealing, people, and Blizzard is just trying to make money like every other company in existence. If they didn't take measures like this, then soon enough, there would be more viable entertainment options except for board games. In conclusion, buy this game, and stop raging about the DRM, you spoiled American babies. Expand
  21. May 18, 2012
    Awesome game, one of the best ever. Great sequel, with a skill system that seems to be weird at first but then you learn the awesome depth beneath the system - allowing you to build a unique character with your chosen skills and passives, as well as runes, but not fixing you with one build so that you feel bad for choosing one path. It has an awesome story, great atmosphere (dark, gritty), unlimited loot, great co-op play, Auction House, and more. It has very well-randomized environements and events, as well as its loot - I've literally not found a single loot that is the same. This will be one of the best games for years to come. Don't mind the other user reviews here just bashing on the RELEASE DAY experience where they DIDN'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME because they couldn't log on. It was blizzard's fault and it was annoying, but after that it was smooth and they fixed it, and people will only remember the experience of playing the game and not just the few hours on the very release moment. Thanks to Blizzard for this amazing game! Expand
  22. May 19, 2012
    This game is well made. There are disturbing trends at work, Explosive negative reactions to things that, in 1999 when i was at my gaming prime would have been forgiven. I dont understand it.;
  23. May 18, 2012
    I don't know what everybody is complaining about. Just because the servers went down for a bit, doesn't mean you have to go crazy! The game being playable only if the player is online is the only major issue of the game. Other the that, the game is near flawless. The gameplay is innovative and different than Diablo II, yet its still engaging. The cinematic are one of the best out there. There are minor flaws in my opinion, such as the portals to town system, however its not something that would completely ruin the gameplay. On a side note, I wish Blizzard would have maintained the Necromancer class. That is just a personal preference... As for the storyline, it has twists and turns, with a bit of generic stuff going on there, not much to complain about. I would definitely recommend this game to any one who is into this type of genre, its a cannot miss! I'd give it a 9 or 9.5, but I gave a 10 here because I find it ridiculous how people are giving it anything under an 8. Expand
  24. May 18, 2012
    Diablo 3 is an awesome game. The fact is, the people giving the game bad reviews have a point. The first couple of days were horrible because you couldn't connect, therefore people feel that the game deserves a zero. Fair enough, but now that the rough patch is over, these user scores should really start to reflect the game itself.

    I start at 10 points.
    Minus 1 for online only DRM - I
    live in Australia and my latency occasionally causes problems.
    Otherwise that game is great. Story. Items. Acting. Gameplay. The gold auction house in awsome! And there is incredible attention to detail (from the UIs to readability of the screen while in battle).

    As to the game's graphics, I personally really like them. I was horrified when I first saw the early screenshots.
    But having played the game I can't imagine them any other way. I've played the PoE beta and while the graphics are technically impressive and more realistic, it made most environments look messy. When you add the detailed textures to the isometric view and the monochromatic color scheme, it was annoyingly hard to enjoy the monster design or the environment (not to mention seeing what was going on in the heat of battle). On the other hand, the graphics are not as cartoon-y as so many people say. It does use a lower polygon count and lower res textures, but it is all in the name of readability. So you can actually see what is happening on screen. Torchlight 2 is cartoon-y. Distorted proportions, saturated colors, outlines etc. This is what makes something cartoon-y, and D3 has none of it.

    Anyway, that's just my 5cents. I respect that many Gamers feel strongly about online only DRM, and I do too.
    But save it for petitions and voting with your wallet, don't tank the user review scores of a great game over a matter of principle. And to those who gave it a score of zero over the launch day difficulties, unless you plan to update your review after playing the game, then it was a bit of a dick move.
  25. May 18, 2012
    The reason that this game has such low user review score is because of 2 things: it has Diablo in the title and there were server problems. Not being able to play the game when it comes out really sucks, but doesn't make the whole game deserve a 0, it's just a bad play by Blizzard. Just wait a day and calm down. Also, since it has Diablo in the title, people expect this game to be exactly like the previous games, rightfully so. However, just because it's not doesn't mean it deserves 0, its just different. The game (when playable) is streamlined, fast-paced, addictive, and a hell of a lot of fun to play. It has more of a focus on being an action rpg then a regular rpg because of the lower level of customization. So take it as that, not for something it isn't trying to be. Saying it is an awful game is wrong, it just wasn't what you expected Expand
  26. May 18, 2012
    To Everyone saying D3 SUCKS cause of server failures, that's not the games fault, that's Blizzard. If you go play right now it is fine so all you **** are just that. The actual game is awesome, nice randomized dungeons, the Bosses felt epic I enjoyed every last minute of the game. As always the loot is the main thing and it's awesome to see some of the **** I've gotten. Can't wait for PVP so I can kill some other folks. I have nothing bad to say about this game I've been more than happy with the result of this game. Expand
  27. May 18, 2012
    Amazing game, loads of fun. Didn't have a SINGLE error with servers and i don't mind the online requirement.
    Well spend 60$! I'm in Act 2 now on Nightmare.
  28. May 18, 2012
    excelente juego!! me encanta mas alla de el tema de la conexion online el juego en si es muy bueno, sigue teniendo la esencia del 2 y sus requisistos son muy accesibles a casi toda la gente
  29. May 18, 2012
    To all the DRM-haters: Diablo III is a co-op multiplayer game with a high emphasis on loot and trading. Making the game accessible off-line would mean the game would once again be riddled with botters, hackers and the like. Diablo III is a fantastic game, with way more replayability than 95% of all other $60 games out there. The graphics may not be state of the art, but they are timeless and will age much better than some hyperrealistic shooter that will look aged three years from now. I had great fun today with Diablo III and I expect to have much more fun in the coming months and years. Expand
  30. May 18, 2012
    The game is exactly what it should be and is really great. It contains everything that Diablo II was plus a lot of more features. Most of the people are complaining mindlessly about the start of the game where the servers were overloaded but it was just the first two days and now everything goes smoothly. Actually the servers were quite responsible for such a long time waiting game. The graphics of the game is polished perfectly, the sound is great, there are tons of items to use, the difficult of the several game modes increases smoothly and is quite challenging in order to have the game entertaining for a long time. The hardcore mode is what each game should have.

    There is something that I believe, and that most of the people can't realise. The game is a long time challenge that cannot be achieved if there were offline play where cracks and hacks are always possible to be used. The idea is that you can improve yourself to unbelievable limits over the time. To achieve this you should find the perfect gear. Here goes the real money aucision house and I believe Blizzard took a long time planning it as it can be easily spoiled. Some of the greatest items available will be listed there. Finally, if you're really that good and manage to beat the Inferno difficulty, the real challange begins. You start the hardcore mode, where each mistake costs everything and you should carefully plan every move of yours. Believe me, this will make you really feel and enjoy the game making your heart beating. So for all the critics, finish the Inferno difficulty and start playing the Hardcore mode.
  31. May 19, 2012
    Why there are thousands of negative votes in metacritic, especially zero votes? Actually, its really simple;

    -Lots of ''torrent players'' got hit in the face because they couldnt play the game like the ''real players'' did. Jealousy is a ****

    -They waited couple of hours to login and play. Hey, i waited patiently for 2 days because i love diablo not the ''i need to be the one who login
    first ''.

    -Skill system, potion drops, short gameplay, normal is too easy... nothing is perfect, embrace it.

    -''i want to be offline when im playing single player, bohoo''. Didnt you ever play mmorpgs? its just like that, only with diablo in it.

    -And bs,bs,bs,bs...

    Let me tell ya something my fellow ''real players'', dont hesitate, go buy the game. Its my 43th hour and im still looking under every root and every stone for 5 gold pieces. Dont listen to that hater mumbo jumbo, listen to you heart..(ohh, so damn cute)

    (me sorry fo bed english;)
  32. May 19, 2012
    This is a good game. You can cry about skills system but in the end it comes out to be really really good. You can cry about graphics but still they have w charm and they don't spoil games climat. Also you can cry about online DRM , but believe me it's not that bad - less hacks. This game ain't perfect but still it's extremely good , it sucked me in like nothing before.
  33. May 19, 2012
    1. Don't compare each game to its predecessor. I hate how the same thing happens with all Heroes of might and magic games. Diablo III has the same setting and continues the same story, BUT it's a new game.
    2. Stop whining about the graphics. (more people can play due to lower system specs., you have better online experience because of the same reason, it looks great to me and I don't
    compare it to FPS games)
    3. I have no worries playing online, what's the difference? You've got internet problems? Blame your ISP, not Blizzard. I live in Lithuania, we have perfect broadband internet here, no worries.
    4. Overal, give the game a chance. Rating it as low as the pathetic MW3? That's a disgrace. I hope true PC gamers will speak their mind, as Diablo III follows tradition and appeals to the old school gamers.
  34. May 19, 2012
    Blizzard had some initial problem with their server capacity, but for now all of the issues seem to be resolved. Being always on-line is not really a great deal if you buy the original, and of course have a decent internet connection (which I don't posses unfortunately). The game is a great experience. Graphics are not astonishing but the developers managed to keep the atmosphere of first and second part. The skills system is innovative and really friendly for the user. The only thing I don't really get is why players can not decide which stats to upgrade and which not. That's the worst thing in the game i guess, it makes the player feel not needed at all. Apart from that - great job blizzard ! waiting for an expansion pack :) Expand
  35. May 19, 2012
    Pay no attention to the User Score of 4.0 this is a great game. You can no longer choose which stats you're going to put where. Stats like strength, dexterity, intelligence, etc. are chosen for you. However, there is a plethora of skills to choose from and runes for each skill that modifies the skill with different powers. There is tons of gear to pick up, different combinations you can use for you and the NPC's that can be your followers - in Diablo 2 they were called mercenaries. There is a 4th difficulty level Inferno, there's still a hardcore mode, the server issues are no longer a problem. To each his own, but I wouldn't trust the user score. Lots of people have put a 0 or another low score. Respectively, enjoy the game for what it is and not what you want it to be. It's a great game and is great fun. :) Expand
  36. May 19, 2012
    For the last 3 days I've been enjoying my life playing diablo 3 very much and simply couldn't think that people would trash talk this game. The most likely reason all these butthurt trash talking noobs are here complaining can be roughly simplified categorised into 2 reasons. 1. Internet connection/DRM/crappy telstra internet users that keep getting lagged out hence have to come on to this site to QQ hard.
    This is 2012. You are expected to have a decent internet working. 2. Bad game play, over simplification, genius people somehow linking diablo 3 to world of warcraft. If diablo 3 was exactly like diablo 2 what is the point of playing???? and how is world of warcraft got to with anything?
    in short all the people who rated this game with zero are either extremely mad and need to undergo anger management or just absolutely clueless people that need to learn how gaming work. Yeah i made this account to counter all you haters. Read my username, scoop up and chew some cement and harden up if you are just bad.
  37. May 19, 2012
    Very a goood diablo, multiplayer are very great ,if you like diablo, you like diablo3, me its ok to be connected to play.

    jadore le jeux, super bon diablo, le multiplayer es super le fun
  38. May 19, 2012
    Okay seriously, are you people idiots? None of the issues people list here make this game deserve a zero. ---Connectivity issues?---
    Well no **** you can't connect on launch day, it must be the worst game ever made!
    No. It works just fine. There are no random disconnects and no issues logging in anymore. ---Online DRM?--- Yeh it sucks, but unless you lived under a rock, you KNEW it was
    gonna be like this. Why do you act so surprised? Also, unlike other games with online-DRM, it actually serves a purpose here. The auction house, group games etc. Your saves are stored online aswell which is handy for when you want to play on more than 1 computer at a time. All I can say is, if you don't like it, deal with it.

    ---Pay to win auction house breaks the game herp derp---
    Okay, seriously what the **** First you people complain it's a SINGLE PLAYER game which requires online connection, then you complain about some auction house? If you don't like it, don't use it. Who the hell cares? How does it affect you? If you only want to play single player, it doesn't have the slightest inpact on your gameplay. Again no reason to give this game a zero.

    ---Bad graphics---
    What? First of all, the game has not "been in development for 12 years". They didn't start working on it the second they had finished D2. Second of all, the game looks amazing. It follows the Diablo style. Do you want realistic graphics? Play another game. Realistic is not the goal of this genre. The physics adds whole new level to Hack'n'Slash. ---Herp derp no talent trees and no customization---
    Okay, ill say this even for those in the back to hear. THE DIABLO 2 TALENT SYSTEM WAS BROKEN. In oder to get a powerful character on higher levels you had to skip using skill points until levels 24-30. It was boring as hell. "Missclick? Too bad, no respec, make a new character." The solution was either to add option to redistribute the skill points, which would kill the skill system anyway, or to do what Blizzard did in this game, which is quite brilliant. You don't have to devote your character to 3-4 spells you max out and then do over and over again. You can change what you do anytime you want. Also and I can't stress this enough, the most amazing part is that most skills scale with weapon damage as well as the primary stats. It makes gear way more important for other than physical classes.

    Okay, it could've been better, but the cutscenes are amazing and it's not meant to be main reason to play a game like Diablo.

    ---It's too short! I beat it in 6 hours.---
    Sigh. There are 5 classes and 4 difficulties. When you kill Diablo with 1st character on normal difficulty, the game doesn't end, it BEGINS at that very moment. You got to experience about 1-5% of what the game has to offer in terms of crafting, trading, mutliplayer, items, classes etc. Saying it's too short after 1st normal run-through is idiotic. It's like saying Couter Strike is short after finishing 10 games.

    Again, even if you think those things are issue for you, this game deserves by no means a ****ing zero. Get real. How bad does any other game have to be for you to give it worse than 5.
  39. May 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been waiting for Diablo 3 for six whole years. I am one of Diablo 2's greatest fans, and have literally spent quite possibly a thousand hours playing it. My hopes were high for Diablo 3. I was hoping for it to be like Diablo 2, but quite naturally I wanted some positive change also. It pains me to say this. It really does. But Diablo 3 has disappointed me. The game has been criticized for being 'dumbed-down'. And sadly, I have to agree:

    1. Why does my hero yell for my help every time his/her health is low? Why does the entire screen glow red for this purpose? Why does the tooltip on my health globe say 'Lose it all, and you're dead'. Is this primary school for RPG players?

    2. The quests are messy. Too often I'll be busy killing off a pack of monsters and the quest updates will complete one after the other without me knowing what I had to do or what I had completed. Simpler is better. Diablo 2 essentially had six quests in each act, and it was up to you to find out where to go. There where no arrows pointing the way on your mini map. No beacons indicating the location of your next quest. 'Enter the cave' is not a mini quest, or a useful guideline. It's Blizzard holding the player's hand, spoon feeding.

    3. It seems everyone in the game world keeps a journal, and none can be bothered keeping it safe. I do have the choice to pick up a journal, yes. But even so, I feel the lore in the game is too interfering. I cannot be bothered listening to the ramblings of a random character while I'm in the midst of a monster battle. Diablo 2 managed to have the lore on the side, for those bothered with the intricacies of it. I am not, and in Diablo 3 I sometimes feel it's shoved down my throat.

    4. The skill system. Oh, the skill system. What have you gone and done, Blizzard. The skill system ensures that every single Wizard character I will ever create will have the same skills available at the same level with the same options for supposedly 'customizing' them. Choosing between runes for a specific skill is NOT and will NEVER be 'customizing'. The idea of Diablo 2 was to allow the player to choose his or her skill, and how many points he or she wanted to attribute to it. What the hell was wrong with that system? I LIKE the fact that your choices were permanent. I LIKE the fact that you couldn't change it on a whim. Because that made you THINK about it beforehand. If you got it wrong the first time, you were smarter the next time. That was called progression. Diablo 3 does not open itself up to player skill. It seems that the only way I'll be any different to another Wizard is by the gear I have (which I can either craft myself or I can find in the game world - thus dependent on luck), or if that other Wizard had a different colour set of boots to mine. Because I can change my runes and skills to match his. How is that character customization? It's not.

    5. I am NOT a fan of the World-of-Warcraft esque graphics. I loved the gothic feel Diablo 2 had. Heck, even the font used in Diablo 2 was weird and fitting. In Diablo 2 it feels like Arial 14 or something. I don't get that excitement any more when a green item drops. It's just...missing. Why do the enemies glow red when I hover my cursor over them? Why? Why? Why? Why is the screen so busy? Why do I have a block of text to draw my attention to past conversations? Why does my character feel the need to tell me when he has slain 6 monsters with one shot that he is 'unstoppable'? And what was the idea behind the in-game cutscenes? They are choppy, uninspiring, boring, unnecessary, and just plain rubbish.

    6. DRM. If you haven't by now read about the incredibly frustrating/annoying/angering DRM issues in Diablo 3, let me sum it up: It's absolutely and unforgivably disgusting. Nothing says 'oops' like the moment you cannot play single player because the game servers are full. Nothing infuriates like internet lag in the middle of a boss-fight with the end result you having been slain because your spells weren't being cast. Nothing demoralizes you like the moment you are disconnected from your single player game because the network connection was dropped, and you have as a result lost some progress. For the small band of pirates you are defeating with DRM, Blizzard, you are angering a larger group of loyal, PAYING customers. Shame on you.
    I have many gripes with Diablo 3. I worship its predecessor, Diablo 2. But sadly, Diablo 3 feels much more commercialized, much more casual gamer-friendly, much less addictive, much less taxing on the serious gamer's brain. The disappointment I have with this game is great. Waiting six years for a game and then being let down this badly is soulcrushing.
  40. May 19, 2012
    I am not a fanboy, but i seriously can't understand people, that rate the game ridiculously low cause of zero-hour technical issues. DRM is a present reality, face it, or let it be. And really, Diablo is not the first game having such issues. It only came with such great and yet unrealistic expectations, that people would excoriate it cause of the slightest flaw. It runs well for me and it sure as hell will run on my system for as much hours as D2 did. Why? Cause regarding the pure quality of the game and its content - and that should be all that counts - it is all a diablo fan could ever expect. And maybe even a bit more. Well done Blizzard. Expand
  41. May 19, 2012
    Pros: Graphics look great, each different map really has a sense of place. Game Runs very smooth on modest systems which is nice (Insane, blow-your-mind-graphics are not always the best way to go imo) Story line keeps things moving, even if it is extremely linear. The skills system works very nice, really making you feel like you have choices. The runes add a nice touch really altering existing spells to make them seem fresh. Boss fights can be challenging but not to the point of extreme frustration. Each class has a good sense of identity and play style. Stays true to D2 while also improving on ways which make the gameplay smoother, and more casual friendly (to the dismay of many Diablo "purists")

    Cons: Constant internet connection is a real downside. Can't really understand why you need it for a single player campaign. Initial launch days full of errors and disconnects which poorly suit a game based on checkpoints and map clearing, often forcing you to start from the last check point. Disconnects you if you are idle too long, so hope you dont get struck with a quick emergency and have to leave your game right before you finish a checkpoint. Lack of character customization really takes away from the feeling that your character is "yours" and not just a cookie cutter to play with (although variability in play styles for each character brings a sense of ownership to your char.)

    All in all: This game is another example of why Blizzard is one of the most well respected publishers in the game. They really make sure they put out the best possible product while still staying true to the fans of each of their series. Just wish they had not forced you to have a constant internet connection, really the only reason to give it less then near perfect.

    Things that people need to GTFO: Not being able to get a preorder. Basing reviews of a game only on the connection issues and not the game. Graphics which only the people with $5000 machines can play. Issues with the way the game is coded. Options that you wish had been in the game but aren't ( I wish they had flying purple unicorns in the game but they dont so "0/10".) Lack of skill points which are a thing of the past, many games are getting away from them in favor or variability in spells and difficult choices on which spells/skills to use. Basing reviews on how the Beta was. Crying because there are too many "WoW" similarities (Heaven forbid a company has similarities to one of their other games which is one of the most popular games in history.)

    This is just another reason why having user reviews is a giant waste of time. Let unbiased game reviews/magazines let you know how good/bad a game was. Not cry baby fan boys. And yes that apparently means my own. *sad face*
  42. May 19, 2012
    Never truly having played the old Diablo games thoroughly like some of my friends, I thought I'd give D3 the chance it deserves. Especially because I got it for free with my Annual Pass from Blizzard.

    So far I've completed the game on Normal with two friends in co-op mode and we've been having a blast! People who say the game is too easy should consider that normal is only the start and
    the game does get harder as you progress.

    Also I'm looking forward to the real cash AH, not that I'm thinking it'll make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, but because I do find it intriguing.

    As far as gameplay goes, the game is fantastic. The amount of customization to the skillsets of the classes is very well thought out and makes tinkering with it for co-op or single play very interesting.

    The graphics are very okay and despite all the whining about "horrible" graphics I think Blizzard has really set a great atmosphere with the painting-like textures and effects. I for one love it. Then again, I don't care for hyper realistic graphics anyway.

    Overall the game gets a 9/10 from me, because despite it being very enjoyable and addictive, I still think there's a few minor issues that could've been resolved better. Like the launch and the servers being down all the time.
  43. May 19, 2012
    Diablo 3? They should call it Diablo 2.5. I say this because the entire adventure is a massive improvement of the previous game. And I really don't like the fact that I can't modify my character. But it's fun to play and I really like to kill monsters online with my friends. I had the server error only one time in 4 days, my machine runs it perfectly(and I don't have an high-end pc, I've bought it two years ago) and I've not even experienced a little bit of lag. Thumbs up for Blizzard. Again. Expand
  44. May 20, 2012
    Apparently Metacritic refuses to format my text correctly, so instead of my long review that I wrote, I'll say this:
    Blizzard hit the nail on the soulstone once again.
  45. May 19, 2012
    Made an account just to review this. The game is amazing, im currently just about to hit level 60 on hell and its just more fun and challenging for every minute that passes. People whine alot about the launch, but they also forget that the technology to handle millions of people connecting to servers at the same time smoothly doesnt exist. Yes they could've implemented a queue system for the login-servers, but people would've whined about that to, since the queues would've been hours long. As a diehard fan of the diablo series (dont play other blizzard games) i can say that this is just what i wanted from diablo, the only bad thing i can think of is not being able to distribute stats and rdm. But you forget about that as soon as you start playing. Expand
  46. May 19, 2012
    Read this entire review, please. You won't understand if you don't.

    As a longtime player of every non-WoW Blizzard game, as a honorable person, and as what I hope comes across as on honest gamer and game culture enthusiast, I have to say I am ashamed to call myself a player of Diablo III, based solely upon the complete unfairness and laughable immaturity of my fellow 'gamers'. I will
    admit freely that I have not completed the game. In fact, the meat of the game stretches before me like a long path filled with candy, hookers, and lots and lots of squishy undead and demons. But I can tell that this game... this wonderful epitome of what it means to be a dungeon-crawler with a solid story backing... will be enjoyable in its entirety. I cannot give this game a perfect ten until I get to the point where I have beaten the game. Now, as shown in the other user scores, the community is quite upset about the use of DRM and a server that is not on your PC to run every instance of this game. To explain this, here is an excellent quote from a good friend of mine:

    "DRM sucks. Having to be connected to a server to play alone sucks. And thousands of people are complaining about that today... yet most of them don't understand why Blizzard doesn't offer offline play. They say it's to prevent piracy, when it's not.
    Blizzard has to run servers for at least 10 years to support this game, as they know from their past franchises, for the (very popular) multiplayer component. It shouldn't be surprising they looked for a way to get some recurring revenue from the game so that the ongoing costs are covered by the people still playing it. Their solution was the real-money auction house.
    To run a real-money auction house, they have to absolutely eliminate hacking and duping, or rare items won't be rare and there will be no incentive to create a robust market which Blizzard can earn money from. The only sure way to eliminate hacking and duping is to run D3 like an MMO... put everything on a server you don't control. You can hack your client all day long, but since your characters, the world, mob spawns and deaths, experience and loot are all generated and stored on the server, you can't cheat and create items.
    There is no single player game. They never programmed one. To offer one at this point would be as much design and programming effort as creating Diablo 4. So don't expect there to ever be an offline patch for D3. When you play single player, you're just playing a multiplayer server instance that happens to only have one player in it."

    Now, my only PC is a crappy laptop (a 'craptop', if you will), and as such I need to play the game on the absolute lowest graphical settings, and even then the game has crashed my PC once already. But you know what? This game still looks amazing when the graphics are just slightly above those of Diablo II. The cutscenes are as good as the stuff James Cameron puts out. The music is so similar to that of the original that I almost cried when I heard it. The story is excellent, on par with any and all of Blizzard's previous offerings. And, really, stop complaining that you're always online. You're a PC gamer in 2012. The internet is our reality. If you don't like it, fine. But at some point we have to realize that there are just some things we need to give up if we are to continue moving forwards as a gaming culture. In conclusion, I know that most people will hate on me for supporting this game. That's fine. That's part of expressing my opinion. But I cannot sit by and watch a stellar game get lambasted by bad reviews because of their attempt to cover their operating costs in a creative way. The could've charged a monthly fee for this game, I hope you all realize that.
  47. May 19, 2012
    I've read the negative reviews here before playing Diablo 3, and after playing through the first act, I have to ask those who give a zero score: Are you serious? Wow. If you honestly think this game has no connection to the previous games or that it pretty damn terrific, you're a victim of hyping your expectations in the stratosphere. No game other than the one in your imaginations could have satisfied you.

    I agree that the online-single-player component has to go. It stinks. It really stinks. But this iteration of the Diablo series is terrific. Not perfect, but no game is. It's far, far from a zero-through-five rating, though. It has the darkness of the first Diablo, but it also has some mechanics from WoW. I played WoW and it was OK, but I didn't think it was worth the monthly charge. Some of its mechanics are perfectly in place with Diablo. It's not intrusive. If you've played the other Diablo games, it fits right in. It's an evolution of the system.

    Which brings me to my next, tangential point: I would guess that most of the zero posters here were still puzzling out there multiplication tables when Diablo 2 came out. I was an adult when it was released and there was much nerd-rage at that time, too. Did you know the original Diablo 2 was 640x480 only... ONLY, when it was released? Imagine the nerd-rage over that fact, alone. It was explosive. There were no runes, and there was no Act 5. All this was changed a year later when LoD came out.

    I'm not an apologist for Blizzard. I don't know them; they don't know me. But I do know that they screw up from time to time... and they correct it. Maybe the online-single-player thing will never go away, but maybe it will the next expansion. It's not THAT big of a deal. But the mechanics, the feel, and the length are very well done.

    For those who have complained about the game being too short: Maybe. I haven't played through it all, yet. But I can tell those who haven't bought the game that there is a fair amount of exploration to be done and side-dungeons, which will extend play. If you want to blast through the game, you can. It's easy to do, even without any knowledge of what lies ahead -- just follow the road. But what lies off the road is what extends play. Frankly, Diablo 2 got a bit too long in places. I hated slogging through that jungle. Loved the game; hated the jungle act. I'm glad it's a bit more concise, now.

    So, for those who are on the fence about Diablo 3, buy it. You won't be disappointed. The feel is more like Diablo 1 than Diablo 2 (in the first act, anyway). I like that. Contrary to some posts here, Diablo 3 is less "cartoon-y" than Diablo 2... and the graphics are waaaay better -- less chunky. The graphics are on par with Titan Quest, for instance. Not at all bad and probably necessarily not cutting-edge because of the amount of moving enemies on the screen. Technology has limitations where fevered fans' imaginations do not. Buy the game, maybe not the Collector's Edition, but it's well worth the money for a good romp in the world of Diablo again.
  48. May 19, 2012
    Seems to be a lot of trolls posting reviews, but I'm going to be honest. The game is exceptional, sure it doesn't provide the graphics of games such as Battlefield 3. But it is a fantastic game, and if your a fan of the previous Diablo games I would find it hard to be dissappointed with this. People will always find something to complain about - " it's too easy " - Try Hell and inferno - "the graphics are **** " - Blizzard tend to make games that sell to a lot of people, not everyone has a NASA PC. - "it's too dumbed down" - Sure, in terms of stat distribution and skill choices it is, however in some ways it is almost better like this, it inspires expermentation, and if not that, then decide what YOU think is the best build for you instead of googling it.

    Although this is my personal opinion, the game seems to be getting a LOT of hate, with little justification. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  49. May 19, 2012
    Ignore the problems with the server and the fact that some people want an off line mode, this is your normal diablo game, Hack and slash and get all the amazing loot. Yeah the story seems like it needs more but thats always been diablo always give me more. If you never played a diablo game before and try to compair it to other games like elder scrolls you will be disappointed. I love the game and cant stop playing it, its all about the items. Anyone who puts a bad review just because they could play on launch night is just being dumb, what did you expected when million yes million of people all try to log in at once. Yes i had a problem the first night but its been fine now I would encourage you to buy this game and give it a shot, even if you are on the fence play D2 and the exp same idea as D3. Expand
  50. May 19, 2012
    I find it hilarious that the only people giving Diablo 3 a low score are the ones who can't log in and play due to the incredible number of players over loading the servers...

    Cry some more, I hear that will get rid of your error 37.
  51. May 20, 2012
    I'll start with the negatives. The community. The user reaction to Diablo 3's release is the reason it's still negative to say you're a gamer. Diablo 3 has been designed to be a cloud-based game from the start, and yet people are whining like pathetic children as if they only just learned about it today. For people who hate always online systems, they sure seem to love putting money into them.

    Not only that but many are complaining that the game is "unplayable." I'm sorry, was Blizzard unable to let you play for a small handful of hours out of the years of time to play it following launch? That must be awful!

    Enough of that though. On to the good. Diablo 3 presents a remarkably satisfying art style. It's clean, ambient, and provides just the right amount of gore for a good hack and slash experience. Despite being slightly cartoonish it still provides a dark feeling in many areas.

    The combat is superb. Blizzard has perfected it from the previous games, streamlining it. You simply form your preferred build and go at it. There's no worries investing points into an ability you'll never use, or putting points into abilities just to find out what they're like only to learn you're stuck with them. There's also a nice balance between damage, utility and defence. The new resource sytems also help separate D3 from other dungeon crawlers.

    The story was rather underwhelming to be honest. It felt very anti-climactic in several scenes that should have been very dramatic. Still, it wasn't bad. Just not amazing. However the music and cinematics were absolutely fantastic. Blizzard once again lives up to being the best developer ever in terms of cinematics.

    Overall I'd give it 9/10, but I'll make it 10 to counterract the idiots giving it 0.
  52. May 20, 2012
    Yesterday i bought the game, installed it and played it without any problems.
    Don't have any problems with being online as my pc is always online.
    I like the game. Not the best, but just a good game.
    I'd give it an 7.5, but gets a 10 because of all the pathetic 0 it gets from people who couldn't play it the first day.
    Just pathetic, as if may 15 was the only day you could play a game.
  53. May 20, 2012
    This is simply the best arpg ever, nothing more nothing less...

    I do not get all the haters out there.. if you dont like it you probably didnt buy it so dont rate.. because you did not play it!?

    The game is more fun the more you play, unlike in other arpgs you never want to create a new character until your current one gets perfect. It really gets addictive.
  54. May 20, 2012
    Good story, nice multiplayer platform, definitely not easy after you finished normal. Cinematics were awesome, classes are distinct. 10/10
    It has been a long wait, and hell good thing this is worth it.
  55. May 20, 2012
    Totally disagree with most user reviews. Diablo III is GOTY and much better than Diablo 2. Only I expect that the PVP arenas and the auction houses be ready soon.
  56. May 20, 2012
    I personally have fallen in love with this game. It is a blend of solo raiding like WoW but by yourself and it is also kind of like LoL and HoN or Dota sytle games which I imagine what PvP will be like when it is released. I'm living in the UK and during release I got the Error messages only during the night for the first couple of days. I was not really put out by it that much because I know all new games have these problems if they are online. This game has online components like the auction house which are invaluable to helping me level and perfect my character ready for the next difficulty level (currently I'm working on my character to get into Hell). I can see myself playing many many hours as a Barbarian, really powerful when you know how to play it correctly. I learned many tricks from the class forums Blizzard has created and I also Youtube'd higher difficulty rating players and how they take on bosses and mobs with their builds. It is quite the step up in difficulty from normal to nightmare if you have no clue what you are doing but if you are willing to learn and don't expect mob kills to be handed to you on a plate it becomes real easy. Expand
  57. May 20, 2012
    Blizzard serves up another winner with this fantastic online experience. Yes online, as the product was never once advertised as an offline single player experience. Confused or uninformed reviewers seem to over look this fact. May be it's nostalgia or misguided expectations, but don't let these reviewers make you over look what is most likely this years best PC game. Yes, the servers were a little unstable for the first few hours, but now the servers are fine and the game is very playable and extremely fun. Diablo III is a perfect balance of simplicity and complication. Its easy enough for a casual player to get on and really enjoy the game while also customizable enough for skilled players to min/max and experiment for the best results with interesting choices. With the new inferno difficulty level those skilled players will be put to the test like never before. The atmosphere and story of the game is well done and Blizzard has done a very good job supplementing the game with many pieces of information and dialogues that get new players up to speed in this epic trilogy's tale. Once again, don't believe most these bad reviewers as more than likely many of them are playing right now and are for some silly reason allowing their uniformed minor disappointment to discourage other people from playing this gem of a game. Expand
  58. May 20, 2012
    Best ARPG in last 10 years, it deserves 9/10, but i'm giving it 10/10, because of all this cry babies that are trashing score, only because of server overload in the first 2 days...
  59. May 20, 2012
    The game starts getting awesome in nightmare, and in hell it's just amazing. Normal is pretty much faceroll. I wonder how many of the people who gave reviews here actually finished hell. I also wonder why people gave the game such horrible reviews, and I think I know why. Because they expected D3 to be a revolutionary game, like D1 and D2 were. It's not, but it's still a good game.

    are some problems with it, but most of them aren't actually related to the gameplay. Logging in during the first 24 hours of release took at least 10 minutes (first login took me 1 hour) and the AH didn't work a few times. I'm not really bothered by the game being online only, because I want to use the AH (no, not the RMAH). And why are people bothered by pay to win? If you don't want to do it - don't do it. Why are you so bothered by this ? It ensures the game will stay constantly updated.

    The sounds and voice acting are awesome, and the discussions between the character and follower / other characters in the game are sometimes very funny.

    About the graphics - I find them quite good for this type of game. They definitely could have been better, but I have no complaints here.
    About the graphic style - I've noticed people saying it's doesn't have the style of previous Diablo games. Well, I beg to differ. The gore-ish style of previous diablo's is actually enhanced, but not necessarily by the graphics style alone, but by the atmosphere in general.

    If someone looks at the end area of act 3, with the pool of blood, and 2 chained demons screaming, accompanied by the comments of the spider demon, and tell me with a straight face that it's not gore-ish enough, I wouldn't know what to reply. And there are more similarly gore-ish zones.

    The skills are quite nice, there is no skill tree, but people don't understand that the challenge in D3 is picking 6 skills + one of their runes (and each rune has a use in certain situations) out of ~30 skills, each with 5 runes. Playing with a barbarian I really wanted to have both the damage and life buff, but I couldn't afford to sacrifice any other skill, so I went with the life buff.
  60. May 20, 2012
    A thoroughly good game. Il quickly address the main issues that people seem to be getting annoyed at. Firstly; Connection issues. Its been a little more than a decade since the last Diablo game. How on earth can anyone expect the servers to remain stable with the disgusting amount of people logging on to play. These issues will resolve themselves (And don't give me that nonsense about expecting a game to work immediately). Secondly, character customization. What the hell were you expecting to look at from a top down game!? Who cares about customization when you CAN'T see what you've potentially customized. I would go on to talk about some other issues but its pretty much just children who are butthurt from not getting to play within an hour of getting Diablo 3 and other tiny issues that didn't appease their niche wants and needs.

    Now, to review the game.

    Graphics: I wasn't expecting everything to be made of Diamonds and for my eyes to get a massage by beautiful Asian masseuses so I was not disappointed on any fronts. In fact. The Graphics are pretty damn hot. No complaints

    Story: What do you expect from a fantasy dungeon-crawling loot game. Fun and compelling story with some kick arse cut-scenes (A particular favorite is at the beginning of Act 2 where to Angels "discuss" their differences)

    Gameplay: I was never attracted to this style of game, thus I never played Diablo 1 or 2. I got this game because of the hype and this being the first top down RPG I've played, it certainly has not disappointed me and is a great incentive to try other top down RPGs. The combat is dynamic and smooth with some very nice effects from spells. Lots of spells and abilities that can be utilized by the different classes, ranging from hacking demons to bits with axes to blasting them back to oblivion in particle form using huge orange beams of death from the Wizard. Lots of other abilities to explore from the other classes. I hear Demon Hunters can use duel wielding, rapid fire crossbows (Not sure how that works but oh well) to rain death down upon your foes. I've yet to try about the voodoo abilities available as well as the super-fast Monk class.

    Sounds: Not much to talk about here. As always, Blizzard does not hold back. lovely original orchestral soundtrack. Really adds to the atmosphere during cut-scenes.

    Lasting appeal: I haven't finished the campaign yet but Im expecting to play through it 4 more times with the different classes. Great replay value as far as I can tell and is a game that will stick with you for a long time.

    Closing Comments (Stealing from IGN):

    A very well built game with no major design flaws or game-killing bugs. Some lovely graphics and gameplay coupled with an intense story and characters leads to a game that has thoroughly destroyed any chance of me passing my A levels
  61. May 20, 2012
    All those negative reviews are all about "no sp, can't login." They only had probelms with the login server on the release date. The game is really beautiful, the cutscenes are awesome (Blizzard has always done awesome cutscenes). IMO The graphics are fine and the gameplay has been improved. There is nothing else to say but "BUY IT".
  62. May 20, 2012
    I have played the game but get booted too many times after about 15-20 minutes,telling: error 3007.
    I don't know why but because you can't save yourself you have to start all over agian from the stage the game has saved.
    Its really annoying.
    After no problems with diablo 2 i regret i bought this game.
  63. May 20, 2012
    Great customizability, great looks, great gameplay. Also the multiplayer aspect is easy and its loads of fun to play together with little more than a press of a button. I have enjoyed this game immensely. I also really like the cutscenes, I don't get why loads of peeps seem to be hating on them.
  64. May 20, 2012
    Hatch of the year! You must have an internet connection to play single player! When starting, still need to enter a password, and when you lose connection with server it crashes and you have to pass boards from the beginning. At the moment from 4 hours is technical breakl - you can not play the game!
  65. May 20, 2012
    Initial launch problems and always- online drm aside, I can safely say that this game will consume the next few months (years?) of my life! 4 difficulties and 5 characters- there's not many games that I would consider playing through 20 times over. At first I thought the way they've changed the skill system was a bit odd, but it does make sense, still tonnes of options and it encourages experimentation over forethought- in d2 you would have to level a new alt to try out a different build, which you might end up finding its a fail, or just not fun to play. I've seen people complaining that the game is too short after killing Diablo on normal, but this is missing the whole point of the game- the constant character improvement and gearing that continues into nightmare mode and beyond. Liked the storyline, it's nothing mind blowing and it is very predictable, but it does the job. Visuals are brilliant- they may not be the highest quality compared to other AAA games, but the art direction is superb and it fits the game just fine. Character models seem a little bland close up, but it's not a major concern to me tbh.

    All in all, Diablo 3 is superb- true the fact you are reliant on the servers even in single player is a major pain in the butt, but to be honest the only day I had any problems was on launch, and I've only had 1 disconnect since then. Well worth the £28 I paid for it.
  66. May 20, 2012
    I'm writing this review after playing through nightmare and normal difficulty. Each landscape has an beautiful and unique design, wide range of creatures, great lore, exciting events and quests. It's not a photo-realistic textured/shaded game but the designs are very clear, beautifully painted and stylized such as any blizzard game. The story is enjoyable and is supported by cutscenes and amazing cinematics, events and all sorts of stuff. The audio is good and voiceovers are very extremely well narrated.

    Combat is silky smooth (just like any Blizzard game), clear and has a nice variety of reaction time and tactics and hack&slash. Skill variation may seemed a bit dull at start but provides a great sense of depth later on. You'll be thinking about what skill/rune/passive to use on a certain bossfight and in combination with party members and followers. This doesn't really count for normal and the start of nightmare mode, since those are easy.

    Server issues were horrible in the EU and US during the the games first week, however everything seems to be okay for the moment.

  67. May 20, 2012
    Entitlement issues strike again. D3 is a really great game and as a non-fan of ARPG's I actually love this game. Decided to buy it to see what all the hype was about and wow is it fun. Fast, frantic, with a good story and lots of lore all over. It's a game that everyone should try and doesn't even take much to run. This whole fuss with bombarding another game with 0's is due to the fact that it requires you to be online to play. I've heard stories of the old Diablo games being infested with hackers and if this prevents that I'm okay with it. The game has been up and running just fine. Also, maybe if people didn't pirate games at the ridiculous amount that they do something like this wouldn't happen. Expand
  68. May 20, 2012
    This is my first Diablo game ever, and I really, really like it. Its not the most beautifull game, though it looks pretty artistic, the gameplay is FANTASTIC i truly love it. A litlte shame i cant play right now bcause the servers are down.
  69. May 20, 2012
    Si bien en el comienzo existieron muchos problemas para conectarse, hoy en día se encuentra muy estable y no se me ha presentado ningún tipo de problema al a hora de jugar. Dejando de lado esta parte, el juego es muy bueno, te dan ganas de explorar cada uno de los rincones, como también de probar otras clases las cuales son muy diferentes entre si, la casa de subasta me parece un punto muy acertado. Lo único que no me gusta es que sea siempre Online, pero la culpa la tienen los mismos usuarios, que muchas veces prefieren piratear, por eso mismo es que se ha perdido el modo LAN que venia en todos los juegos de blizzard y ahora hasta estamos perdiendo el modo offline.
    Por ultimo no se merece la notas que están dando los usuarios, le coloco un 10 solo por que encuentro que han sido injustas, en verdad a este juego le doy un 9.
  70. May 20, 2012
    ERROR 37 is gone. It has been gone for days now. All these people saying otherwise are not telling the truth. Metacritic needs to give a week or so before user reviews are allowed in. The amount of trolling that occurs on this site is sad and pathetic. The game is getting rave reviews and people are talking about how great it is for a reason. It's fun and very addictive. The only ones spamming this game with 0's or 1's and 2's are the **** trolls. Right because this game is worse than Duke Nukem Forever or Game of Thrones right? Rolls eyes Expand
  71. May 20, 2012
    Ill admit when I first started playing I wasnt that impressed. But when I got to act 2 something happend that doesnt happen very often to me. I started telling myself I need to turn this game off because I have some things I need to do. But I was having a hard time doing it. Thats when you know your playing something special. Yes, the online part is not what I wanted either,but I havent had any problems once launch calmed down a bit. The environments are varied and makes want to explore and of coarse the loot is endless addiction. Ill be playing this off and on for a long time. The only gripe I really have is I wish you could start the game on a harder difficulty since normal feels a little on the easy side. Wont stop me from playing it though! Expand
  72. May 20, 2012
    Please don't listen to all the haters and people that can't understand that the DRM is there for 2 VERY VALID REASONS, the first to combat the horrible piracy that plagues PC gaming, the second to stop all the PITA dupers/cheaters/haxorz that plagued D2. Personally, I have no problem w/ it, Blizzard has every right to ensure they get paid for the product they created, and I would MUCH rather have this system than deal w/ all the cheaters that were in D2. As far as the game itself, I'm really enjoying it. They took the things that made Diablo 2 the great game that it was, removed all the erroneous bits that wasted peoples time and caused serious aggravation, and the resulting product is a game that is VERY fun to play that I look forward to playing for many, many hours. The graphics, while not breath-taking, are decent enough while still ensuring people w/ older and lower-end PC's can still play it. The gameplay is virtually the same that we all loved in D2, the ONLY difference is they took out the parts that weren't needed, and that I agree with (although a lot of people don't seem to). What they did, and what a lot of people aren't happy about, is they removed the stat allocation, which lets be honest, was pointless anyway b/c everyone knew what the best stats were, and ONLY put them there. The new stat system gives you the most points where your class needs them, and a few in the rest, it works well. The same w/ the talent-trees, they weren't really necessary b/c every class only had two viable builds anyway, which meant only a handful of available talents got used. The talent-trees were replaced w/ a Rune system, where each class has a bunch of skills to choose from, and then each skill has "runes" which are used to customize, and change how the skill works, and what it does. It's really not as "dumbed down" as people say, and honestly the only people that say that seem to be ones that haven't played the game, or played it without really giving it a chance.

    TLDR/To sum it all up, the game is A LOT of FUN. If you even remotely enjoyed Diablo 2, Titan Quest, Torchlight, or any of the other ARPG's, do yourself a big favor and don't buy into all the hate out there and try the game out for yourself.
  73. May 20, 2012
    Blizzard delivers, as always. A thoroughly addictive game that is all I expected it to be. More combinations of skills than the last game, individualisation by hard to get items and challenges in the bossfights.
    To all the DRM haters out there, think about this the next time you download a movie or game.
  74. May 20, 2012
    This game is definitely what I had expected a Diablo sequel should be. I love the character abilities (playing mostly monk atm) and I love just how the overall game plays. I for one am happy for the removal of stamina, skill trees, and shared loot. It has made the game a much more enjoyable experience with out the grief or hassle of those systems.

    The only reason why I rate this a 9 out
    of 10 is because I encountered a couple server hiccups that caused me to not play for a few hours. Although this will become less and less in the future, it is the only thing hindering this near perfect launch. Expand
  75. May 20, 2012
    Diablo III is probably my second favorite all time game. As soon as I picked it up at Gamestop the day of release I've been hooked. I don't care what people say the game has a lot of great features and choices. After an hour into the game I noticed how easy it was for new players to get used to Diabl III's easy playability. The one and only problem I had with it was the occasional glitching (normal). No matter how much people hate it I will always be by Diablo's side. Expand
  76. May 20, 2012
    Yes you have to deal with Blizzard's garbage policies. Yes it's worth it. I don't know where all the naysayers were months/years ago while the game was in development, because 90% of the complaints people seem to have about the game have been known about for a looong time. No Diablo 3 isn't perfect, but it is a worthy successor in the series.
  77. May 20, 2012
    The best ARPG on the market, hands down. It has all of the trademark compulsive perfectionist production we have come to expect from blizzard releases. The game is under an unfortunate smear campaign because of people upset with the bumpy launch, which is a given with large scale online releases. I blame this mostly on people who started playing WoW after launch, and are not familiar with launches of this magnitude. Negative user reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, as you can see, the official reviews are 100% positive. Expand
  78. May 20, 2012
    Wow lot's of Blizzard haters. Always stick with the critic reviews. As of this posting 20 of them all positive. User reviews are a joke for this game. It's a piss party.
  79. May 20, 2012
    Metacritic user scores never mean anything anyway, everyone goes by the critic's score.
    This is a perfect example of why. People slamming the game because of minor and expected launch issues. This game is incredible, as long as you don't expect it to be Diablo 2, and just play it for what it is you will not be disapointed.

    This game requires a constant internet connection. People are
    complaing but the truth is this is not a single player game. I have had more fun and social moments playing this throughout the week then I have had during my 2 months of SWTOR. Brilliant game. The mechanics are tuned perfectly. Sound and voice work is great. The graphics are pretty ancient but are saved but excellent art and style. I would rate 9/10 but am putting 10/10 to slightly make up for all the half assed negative reviews from people who haven't even played the game... Expand
  80. May 20, 2012
    First of all, When I started playing this game and even now, I feel like I am playing Diablo for the first time. It is just that awesome. If you are looking for a clone of Diablo 2, then look elsewhere or just play Diablo 2 instead of complaining like so many CoD kids are. If you are not trying to rush through and just enjoy everything first time through, then it is NOT short at all. The grim Gothic environment has mostly been changed and replace. While it still is grim goth a lot of the time, blizzard aimed and succeeded at making the world seem like a surreal painting.
    The loot system is mostly the same, except when you do multiplayer, everyone gets their own loot drops thus no ninjas (got a complaint? Grow up)
    The skill system has been completely changed, as it should be to make a sequel and not an expansion/clone.
    It is still the general grind, slaughter, loot, and repeat just as always (Hack'N'Slash in general) The audio and atmosphere is brilliant, which includes all the classic sounds, great music like always from blizzard, and great voice acting (more voice acting than EVER) and finally the trademark blizzard humor is there in all its glory (if not overdone..but its blizzard its always overdone.)
    Party size is either you and a single mercenary (which are actually good and have character), or up to 3 or 4 players but no mercs. Difficulty greatly increases the more people in the game like borderlands. Also Story wise: Can't say much but it definitely give huge details about the first games story and more background to that than ever.

    The only TRUE problems I have with this game would be: Online only (because of the real money Auction house), and id perfer a better zoom option. Other then that, absolutly love it and I hope this helps for at least trying the Trial version that goes up to the Skeleton King. Sadly most of the people whining are whining about the wrong things or just doing to be trolls. Animations and graphics are nice, are blizzard style, and really if ya got a prob with them...sigh...just stop and go play CoD or look at a pretty picture
  81. May 20, 2012
    Such an addictive game I've already racked up 25 hours into it. Playing as a Wizard and I'm having a real blast. If you are a fan of RPG's or just Blizzard in general pick the game up you wont be dissapointed. Also, all of those who have threatened lives of Blizzard employees or have wished death upon them. You have been reported. Really makes you sad that a video game can bring people to threaten someones life. What a world. Expand
  82. May 20, 2012
    Even I encounter a secious problem while installing (which take a whole day to solved), but once I played and found out that Blizzard still at thier best! Diablo 3 is the best Action RPG with new system has been improved from the second, make you addicted and want to keep playing through.
  83. May 20, 2012
    From he familiar roots of Diablo two, comparing it to three is like comparing it to a set of identical twins. ithe game stays to its roots and provides that interesting and fun challenge that comes to it. from the interesting gameplay, to the continuation of awesome legends like Decard Cain and Tyrael, Diablo three expands off of Diablo 2 and makes it even better.
    The gameplay is
    simplifyed, and true no skill trees, but that doesent define how good the game is supposed to be, why whine if something is easier for you to do? the game still provides interesting skill choices and combinations that creates that strategy that i love about the game. perhaps it would be better if it was slightly longer, as a fan i always wish it was so, but even then there should be no dispute, Diablo 3 is as every bit a classic as i wish, well worth the 59.99 i paid for it.
    and quite honestly, id like to add that sure you unlock stuff at every level but thats a strength not a weakness, i enjoy everytime i level my Wizard class avatar to see what new tricks i can unleash against the Burning Hells.
  84. May 21, 2012
  85. May 21, 2012
    People are ridiculous. I mean i'm sorry but blizzard knows the potential for this game to be pirated and I for one agree with their decision to make it online all the time play. I mean nobody **** about wow being online always. and honestly with the threat of piracy it could literally make this games sales a complete failure. this is because diablo 3 is all about the main story so if you could pirate and play the games single player offline.. then you could play the entire game all the way to lvl 60 and play any character you want and experience ALL of the currently available content other than playing with your friends.. then i ask you what would be the point of buying the full game? piracy is a very real threat to gaming companies and i agree with any of them that do something like this to protect what they have created. everyone complains....... BUT ITS OUR FAULT we created this problem by stealing games and now we are paying for it and by god its time to pay the piper (and the mob goes wild with anger at a problem they started). game developers dont pirate their own games WE DO!!!!! ITS OUR FAULT that they have to take extreme steps such as this. I can only imagine how hard it is to make a decision like this and to know how much the community will be angry about it, but what choice have we given them? i mean really think about it for a second. they put a lot of hard work into this game and they dont deserve to have it pirated by millions of people. and for those dissapointed with graphics, they may not be battlefield 3 graphics BUT with the amount of spells and enemies and things going on in the game and especially with multiple players there's no way it could work nor could anyone's rig handle it and that is why the graphics cant be as good as something like battlefield but i think they're great just the same :D. ALL you have to do is look at a game like dwarf fortress or mine craft and see how those games can challenge even the very best PC's to run i mean dwarf fortress is aski script for gods sake and people with quad SLI and 4.6 GHZ processors still feel lag in the later parts of the game ( i dont hear anyone complaining about the graphics in those games). the game is fantastic and everyone is just upset that they have to pay for it.. SO GET OVER IT. spend some of your money instead of stealing other peoples hard work. and i have also heard others say that it is to short and that they beat it. I highly doubt it. maybe they beat one play through. well wake up people that is just the tutorial the real game begins when you are lvl 60 playing through the highest difficulty and that is where the real game takes place and the real challenges begin. each group of enemies is so extremely challenging. the first play through is a walk in the park so why not try playing the REAL game and then tell us what you think. All in all I would suggest this game to anyone and everyone.. and no im not a crazy fan boy.. i dont like diablo 1 or 2 and i only got Diablo 3 because i had the annual pass for WOW.. but oh my was i pleasantly surprised with this GEM of a game. IT IS FANTASTIC. more than ever this game is much better and more appealing to a wider audience than the other two games but still has everything a hardcore fan could want in a sequel. the game is just a great time and with friends its even better, story(8/10)- the story is dark and gritty and doesnt take itself to seriously for the most part. I for one loved it!
    Sound (10/10)- The music is best in series and amazing in every way.
    Graphics (9/10)- the graphics are nice and the spell effects are great i love the feel and look of the world!
    Gameplay (9/10)- Fun and easy to get into yet very difficult, versatile and satisfying as the game goes on
    Multiplayer(10/10)- one of the best coop games to date! FUN AS HELL!
    Interface(9/10)- nice polished and easy to use interface, it works perfectly.

    the game is great (DRM or not) and if you want a fun challenge to delve deep into and spend a long time mastering and a great coop experience to have then this game will not disappoint. the story, world and soundtrack are all beautiful in their own right and because of these elements you will quickly find yourself deeply immersed in the dark world of Diablo!
  86. May 21, 2012
    I doubt this will even be looked at, but I feel like I have to say something in the wake of so much negative reaction from the Metacritic user base. First of all, is the game perfect? No. There is no getting away from the always on connection and lag in a single player game from time to time -- both of which are a pain. However, these are gripes that can and will be ironed out; offline mode added, number of servers increased, etc.

    Once you get into the game, it's still the most enjoyable isometric franchise I can ever remember playing. Combat is satisfying and challenging at higher levels. The classes all have a distinct and differentiated feel about them. The story is good, but the amount rich lore there is to uncover completely enhances it. Graphics could have been better. Environments are stunning but character models definitely have more than a touch of Warcraft about them. I understand that there is a lot going on in certain dungeons, and I've debated with myself if the pros outweigh the cons in this area. I concluded that considering the amount of strain it puts on your system I expect a better end result in this day and age. It's not a gamebreaker by any means, though. In some ways the sound makes up for it. Voice acting, backing tracks, combat effects: all note perfect.

    With more content to be added in the future, such as PvP, I do think the potential is there for this game to last years. Some will question if it's better than Diablo 2. The answer is: of course it is. The real question is: is playing the game now in 2012 better than when you first started playing Diablo 2 way back in the late 90's? That's trickier, and only you can answer that one. I can't get past my nostalgia to give a definitive answer, and I suspect ultimately it comes down to how long I genuinely want to keep playing the game for. The best I can say is that I want to want to keep playing it, because right now it's currently my game of the year.
  87. May 21, 2012
    Its not often that a game captivates me, drawing me to play it for hours on end. Diablo 3 has, and fails to disappoint. Diablo 3's Visuals are stunning and vibrant, though not photo realistic, they captivate and engross you in the wonderful world blizzard have created. Diablo 3's visuals take big steps forward from its predecessors, but not too many to take the game away from what is was, alienating veteran players. The audio is strong, vibrant and fitting, especially during the beautiful cinematics. There are also several nostalgic touches such as the sound of healing urns when used, brought from Diablo 2. Fans of the series will no doubt pick up on these details. Game play is top notch. Every element of the game has been thoroughly thought out. Everything just works without a hitch. There have been some bold changes such as taking away skill point allocation, but fortunately these changes work and bring new life to the game. The Controls work well, although it is just a few keys on the keyboard and a mouse. I have read a lot of complaints regarding the 'Internet connection required', and constant server disconnection issues. I may be one of the lucky ones, but I have not yet experienced a single issue since launch, and I have been playing Diablo 3 a lot! Having finished the game twice, and still wanting to play more, I say its money well spent. Thank you Blizzard for taking the time to create such a great sequel. Expand
  88. May 21, 2012
    I've loved Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 is a nice suit. The game had been simplified by Blizzard with caract but still interesting. The graphism are good and even with connexions issues I've finished it in normal and now can play in hell. An offline mode would have been good but i can understand that Blizzard doesn't want to cause of hack... maybe in a new patch...
    Sorry for my English...not so good.
  89. May 21, 2012
    Awesome game. Another great sequel in the Diablo series. Looking forward to the real money auction house. Can't wait to play with my friends, highly recommended!
  90. May 21, 2012
    *No Spoilers.* Diablo 3 is a triumph. From the absolutely stunning art direction to the immersive sounds and music, D3 is professionally built and expertly refined and polished in every area. The gameplay is of course similar to D2 except every clunky or annoying part of D2 has been ironed out or redesigned for a more fluid, intuitive experience. This is not to say that D3 is somehow a shallower or simpler game than its predecessor. 4 difficulty levels, endless skill combinations, and a complex and rewarding crafting system make the game a joy to play at every stage and a challenge to self-avowed hardcore gamers who seek the perfection. Every worry that came up during the beta, whether it was that the game would be too easy or "not dark enough" has been laid to rest. The story line is fantastic and full of twists nobody could have predicted.

    If you are interested in trying D3 for free, ask your friends who already own it for a guest pass (they received a few in their game box) or check online for people who are giving away their spare guest pass keys.

    And please, don't heed reviews that were written on launch day (May 15, 2012). Not only had none of those reviewers played the full game, but launch was rocky due to the influx of players on the servers. Lag spikes are all but gone at this point.
  91. May 21, 2012
    I somewhat expected the launch day to be crazy with server issues as Blizzard games tend to be one of the few companies who would have millions of people trying to log in at the same time. Having an IT background I am more forgiving on this as I have been in that situation where despite your preparation it is crazy to have that many people logging in at the stroke of midnight. Also on the topic of DRM I think from a business stand point this is the way to go keep pirating down. Lord knows they lost a lot of profits when Diablo 2 released with cd-key generators and other means of pirating. I know some say do it like Steam were thereâ Expand
  92. May 21, 2012
    The characters are diverse, the settings stunning, and the gameplay if involved without being overwhelming (most of the time). The are style is absolutely stunning. I love being able to jump into a game with my wife or friends. In short - it is a lot of fun. I'm going to be spending many years with this game!
  93. May 21, 2012
    There are only 2 things that I can complain about.
    1- Why Blizz made Normal mode i can go pass it with finger in my as*.
    2- I start playing 20 may becouse there are no copies in my country in any shop (poor Blizzard)
  94. May 21, 2012
    Disregard the low User Score. People were angry with the server issues and gave the game a very low score, when really their "reviews" had nothing to do with the actual game.

    So here is my honest opinion of the game:

    Graphics - Are great; at first I thought they looked to similar to WoW, but after really paying attention, it is awesome to see the detail on some of the enemies from
    Diablo 2 (i.e. Fallen). The levels look amazing too, down to every blood smear. THE CUT SCENES ARE AMAZING!!!! graphically speaking. Also, each item has a different look on each different class, so it is easier to "look the part."

    Sound - The Sound is good. The voice acting is very good, and the MUSIC is GREAT. It really sets the tone for the game, and is new and fresh, while still being giving you that nice sense of nostalgia.

    Gameplay - There are some latency issues that cause lag, but for myself (using wireless) it usually isn't too big an issue. Controls are fairly standard, and the ability to remap your powers is very handy. The physics are well done.
    The game has lots of replay-ability, especially if you love to dungeon crawl and farm for awesome loot. The leveling system at first seems gimped, but when you get into it and figure out what you're doing, it is much larger and more in depth than Diablo 2. Removing the stats from the game takes away one more thing to worry about if you aren't into micro managing, but personally I liked having the power to control my stats. You can still control your stats, but only to the extent of equipping gear with the desired stat increase.
    Follower seem able enough, and if nothing else a couple of them have decent passive skills that can help you (example: health regen). The Auction House and Crafting are currently at odds; no need to put money into crafting if you can just buy stuff in the Gold Auction house (or Real Money Auction house). However, I see the two eventually hitting a nice equilibrium, where you craft rare items and then sell them in the Auction House.
    There are random quests you can find while exploring that give you reason to check out every little nook and cranny, and they are a nice addition to the monotony of dungeon crawling.

    Overall, Diablo III is everything I wished for in a new entry to the series. While it is different, it is hardly ever for the worse. It is worth every bit of its price tag, and I cannot wait to get every class leveled up to 60! If you are a die hard Diablo fan, you can't go wrong with this game (unless you are an uber-fanboy, who constantly complain about everything on the forums, and, for the majority, posted the below negative QQ reviews).

    tl;dr: Best Game I've played in a while, and probably for a long time to come :)
  95. May 21, 2012
    The game is awesome. It is a lot of fun and addicting. It has the nostalgic of when I played D2. People complain about the graphics, but what they don't realize it was smart on Blizzards move to make the game accessible to everyone no matter what their system requirements are. Even the Macbook Air runs the game see Kotaku's article.

    There are only a few problems I have with it and one is
    you have to be connected to Blizzard servers to play. Which is good for 'cloud' storage of your character and to prevent all those hack mods that was apparent in D1 and D2 so it is a trade.

    Another one would be the story, it is good but not what I thought it would be. I think they played it safe. I will leave it at that so I leave no spoilers.

    I have been playing Diablo and Diablo 2 since their first release and with that experience I'd like to say that this game is worthy of the Diablo series name. Go enjoy.
  96. May 21, 2012
    Thank you for many years has been worth bekledgınıze sticks his palm perfectly yalasınlar bilizzard the lowest score in those consoles Happy varsın I think they are mainly
  97. May 22, 2012
    Great game! Played the first, the second and now this one.. the game has everything you come to expect from a Blizzard game!

    I don't like the fact that i need to be connected to the internet to play single player mode but i understand why blizzard did that. Right from the start of the game you get the feeling that there is a long thought process behind every element in the game.

    I didn't
    finish the game yet, but i'm in act 3 right now and enjoying every second of it. Cant wait to unlock the other difficulty's because the normal difficulty is too easy :) Expand
  98. May 22, 2012
    Diablo III was fantastic, it's provided me the most fun I've had in the last year playing a PC game, that's counting Skyrim, ME3 and all the other good games that have come out in the past year. It has fantastic graphics, sound and gameplay, and even though as a longtime Diablo player, I would have liked to see the skill system remain the same way, they changed it and it's completely understandable. If leveling up and grinding through Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno searching for gear is what you want to do, Diablo is the perfect place to do it. Excited for an expansion to continue the story and add more content, but what we've got right now is pretty darn awesome too. Expand
  99. May 22, 2012
    I really enjoy this game. Love the areas, randomization, talking between your character and followers (scoundrel especially). Events are amazing - I played one area for 5 times and always saw different content. Cinematics are great.. Worth the money
  100. May 22, 2012
    First of all I have to say LMAO to all the hackers and that one guy who's reviewed the game over and over again with a different user, exact same terrible grammar and exact same complaints.

    Ok so being a huge fan of Diablo 1 and 2, I was overjoyed when I got access to Diablo 3 Beta and loving every second of my first play through of the beta (played through it plenty of times with all
    classes) I could not wait for the full game (had my collectors edition pre ordered) I got the game and installed and started playing with 0 issues on day 1. Diablo 3 is a fantastic game I like the fact that I don't have to allocate stats because I don't have to guess where to put them or look up builds which btw in Diablo 2 nobody had unique builds, each class only had a couple builds each that worked well. Now I don't need to guess when I'm using a monk hmmmm would it be better to level dex or int, same with the massive skill tree's with almost 0 way to reset points, Diablo 3 has plenty of skills to play around with which you aquire from leveling up, plus 5 rune stones for each skill which modify what the skill does. So let's break this down to actual numbers. Each class has 6 skill catagories 4 of those catagories have 4 skills and 2 have 5 skills that equals 22 skills with 5 modifying rune stones each THEN your character has another 15 passive skills so that's 37 skills per class with 130 ways to modify them so yeah that's a pretty extensive skill system.

    Graphics, my only worry about Diablo 3 before playing it was that it was going to look to much like WoW, then I got into the beta and was pleasantly surprised, the graphics are not colorful like WoW there definetly dark like Diablo 2, they aren't state of the art like Battlefield 3 then again Diablo isn't a first person shooter, it's a top down action RPG and for a top down action RPG the graphics are good, the back round environment flows really well with the foreground, the character and monster animations are great.

    I see people complaining about the story too, the story is fine, it certainly isn't inferior to Diablo 2's story they are on par with each other.

    The sound and music is also fantastic, if I didn't know the team that worked on Diablo 2 wasn't involved with Diablo 3, I would be surprised that they aren't as the same twangy, moody, creepy music is still there and sounds great.

    DRM this is where the whiny babies really shined! Ok having to be online to be able to play is annoying when the servers are down, I've been playing since the game came out and I haven't had one issue with the server, maybe its because I don't have time to play the game 24/7 and don't notice every little second of downtime but what I have played on average 2 to 3 hours a day since May 15th I've had 0 issues with the server. I can understand that a lot of people are going to base there bad review solely on DRM because they can't torrent the game for free, I for one found the $59.99 price tag or in my case $99 price tag worth every penny and I'm happy to support Blizzard.

    In conclusion I personally love nostalgia i.e game remakes and long time span sequels and Diablo 3 DOES NOT disappoint in any aspect, I love playing the game and getting to area's that I've explored before and see there graphical improvements or coming across stuff like the moon clan and seeing how awesome they look in D3! I find it sad after reading a ton of these reviews where people are giving the game 0 because they have issues connecting to the server 15 minutes after the game launches, its pathetic really. So people please don't buy into the trolls, seek out the intellegently written reviews good or bad then base your decision on that. Worth the 11 year wait? YES DEFINETLY I can only hope that it doesn't take long for expansions and new content!!

  101. May 17, 2012
    what's wrong with all of you ? u guys gave 0 for this great RPG game. First off, I need to point out the launch was really bad, it took me over 2 hours to login. But if let the launch and connection aside, the game itself could easily deserve 8/10 if not more . The only thing that holds me back to give a 10/10 is the quest system, the storyline is great but the quest system make the game so rush, not a lot of side quest and the rewards are basically exp and gold. However, the hack - slash gameplay is hella fun and addicting, graphic and effects are great as well as the sound effect. It's more customization than people might think since the level points are removed. At first, I was like " damn, no more customization" but after finishing Normal in diablo 3, I think there are a lot of customization. For what I noticed, the customization's now based on items. Items now will upgrade any skill you want to upgrade, and increase any stats u want to increase.
    The online gaming could be inconvenient, but makes the game more addicting and fair since you can compete with other and nobody can use hack or cheat .

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]