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  1. Nov 10, 2012
    Short content. Not rewarding replayability. Pay-to-win system. Mostly single player. PvP system is not implemented and if done will be frustrating due to pay-to-win. It is fun to complete first playthrough which is about 8 hours but then it is really not worth playing. But such content is okay only for a 1 year in development $10 indie game, not an AAA title as advertised and expected from Blizzard and most of the reviewers (who did not play past the first few hours - maybe that's the reason). Buy it to play once if the price is cheap enough for you. That is it. Expand
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Unfortunately a disaster. Repetitive and nothing that we haven't seen in other hack and slash games. Good visuals but nothing more. Insípid story/background and too little classes. I think that this is a good moment to Blizzard rethink their future plans about Diablo.
  3. Nov 9, 2012
    Nothing compared to the original Diablo's. This game was fun for maybe the first 30 hours of gameplay IF your playing online with friends, because there is no single player. Overall I really dont have much to say about it because it was one of those play and throw away games that I will probably never touch again.. Stale, repetitive, uninspired, manufactured hype cash in for Blizzard that came out with a torrent of server issues causing half the user base to uproar which is what most of these bad reviews are for. So theres that, but then again, it was fun for a bit, this is something you would spend 20 bucks on when your sick of all your other games. Expand
  4. Nov 9, 2012
    Funny, I could have sworn I already reviewed this game. Anyhoo, I can only describe this game as a purchased virus. The few times I could actually play the game, every session was preceded by an hour of patch downloads. Now, I cannot use it at all. My account has been arbitrarily blocked more than once- This already happened to my WoW accout as well after I quit playing it for years. I spent way too much time trying to receive support since you need to log in to their crap for EVERYTHING. I refuse to MAIL them a copy of my driver's license or PURCHASE their authenticator to "avoid issues" such as this. When I had finally had enough of the ridiculous hoop jumping I went to uninstall everything Blizzard but their uninstall program does not uninstall the game- it just takes the shortcut off the desktop. Nice! This company should be the target of a class-action lawsuit. Their business strategies are nothing short of CRIMINAL. The game itself isn't horrible, but definitely not worth all the headaches to keep it going. It's like dealing with the DMV. I just want it OFF my system. I am done with everything Blizzard. Torchlight 2 is the way to go. Expand
  5. Nov 8, 2012
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe
    way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
  6. Nov 7, 2012
    Really? They actually named this pile of **** Diablo 3 ? wtf is this? Where is all the enjoyment Diablo 2 and Lod had? Where are the real unique (golden) items as seen in Diablo2/LoD ? Oh i get it it's some graphics built around an Auction House system, gj job Blizzard finally one company understood the whole thing behind enjoying games..... NOT! In all honesty, this was the last Title i touched from Blizzard, and i was a freaking Fanboy, loving all their stuff regardless what others would say, but this game is such a letdown and such a disgrace to the Diablo series and Blizzard, it's just unforgivable.

    Better head out and play the Grand Torchlight II, which actually has the original Diablo2 team behind it afaik, atleast it feels like it does.
  7. Nov 6, 2012
    My brother and i were naturally excited when the game was finally announced. We both picked up copies, played for a while and found the game to be VERY lackluster. The games environment, menu layouts and gameplay SCREAMED WoW, which i personally was NOT happy about. Oh, and f*ck the auction house. Blizzard has ruined a classic series with Copy/Pasting just about EVERYTHING from World of WarCrap and adjusting it to better fit the scenario. If i could i would gladly return this game, but Gamestop will not allow it because the disc has been "used." I made it to about level 10 or so, and got bored with the game. Its currently back in its case, in the box on my shelf and will continue to sit there collecting dust until i decide to sell it or throw it away. Now that Blizzard has released the "starter edition" on the website i would HIGHLY suggest to ANYONE considering the game to try that first. I found this game to be a complete and utter waste. I hope the guys at Blizzard realize what theyve done, and choke on it. Expand
  8. Nov 5, 2012
    Why a Zero ? Cause i was insulted, people was insulted, intelligence was insulted, world gaming was too.
    Cause people defends a BAD work, an unfinished work, an erroneous project.
    Cause people are becoming zombies..... without no idea and no common sense.... This game is a failure, the only online feature, forums moderators attitude, DIII Ceo insulting people intellect is FASCISM. I can
    not change the world, but i have moral principles, and bli$$ard deserve to be boicoted until bankruptcy. No more idiots making games please !!!! Expand
  9. Nov 5, 2012
    At first I really enjoyed this game. The visuals are great and it really sets up a good atmosphere. However the game is lacking in a lot of respects. The developers seem to have a "play our way" mentality. This can be seen in the dumbing down of the stat system and the persistent manipulation of skills done every through updates. The stat system doesn't allow you to dump points into any of your attributes, instead it allocates your skill points into attributes based on your class, which disallows for true character customization. The updates are constantly manipulating the skills so that players are more likely to play a character in the "way they were intended." These points alone would be enough for me to conclude that Diablo 3 is a lackluster RPG. Combine it with the a short and sub-par story line (that you will likely have to play several times for gear) and a multiplayer with a "thrown together" feel, I would have to recommend anyone considering buying Diablo 3 to save their $60 and look into buying a different game that actually has RPG elements and a half decent storyline. Expand
  10. Nov 4, 2012
    How can you take the Diablo franchise and turn it into this? I loved the original, like Diablo II even more, but this falls flat. (how many years did I wait for this?) Yes lots of clicking and killing things, but the story, or lack of it is a big issue. They took everything special out of the game and made it feel mechanical.. Not the Diablo I remember and love.
  11. Nov 1, 2012
    Players of previous Diablo titles know that you don't buy Diablo for a single play through. But after only a few play throughs, I got very tired of this game. The levels feel more repetitive than older versions, the game system lacks balance, making it too easy to level up a character with low player skill. And the auction and crafting system don't warrant the ridiculously long time it took to develop this. All the fan boy gripes aside (graphics not "dark" enough, always-online DRM, troubles at launch, EU/US issues, etc.) it is still not the game I would expect for the money. You're better off buying Torchlight 2, if this type of game is your thing. Expand
  12. Oct 28, 2012
    This was a serious disappointment on many levels, ranging from gameplay complexity, through atmosphere, replayability, player interaction, gear availability, variability, and accessibility, to unacceptable story cheesiness. I know Diablo and D2 were not the deepest out there, but the genuinely horror atmosphere and murky, uncertain background made the actually stand out as original. DIII is totally the worst of cookie-cutter evil vs. good you can find, and it is so bad it made me almost choke. The game still offers decently paced dynamic combat and some nice, albeit too colorful, art, but it was not enough for me, certainly not at the given price. Oh, and the always-online requirement, especially given the incessant server trouble, is in my opinion unforgivable. Expand
  13. Oct 28, 2012
    This is NOT Diablo. The characters sound like arrogant chilldren, the game is COMPLETELY linear, the graphics are too "childish" and lack the dark ambiance of D2 and D1. This game is dumb. It's been 5 months since its launch and we still don't have PVP. Things just get nerfed. I want D2.
  14. Oct 26, 2012
    I read the reviews. I chose to ignore them. I loved D2 and for some reason figured that the user reviews MUST have it wrong. Turns out the users are the ones who are right; I wish I paid more attention to them. Learn from my mistake! This game is a waste of money and does not follow in the footsteps of its' predecessor.
  15. Oct 26, 2012
    Read through all the reviews on, and you'll see everything that goes into the title of my review. So ... I'm not going to review, and, thus, become redundant. But take my word for it, all the bad things you have heard about this game, they're true ... as true as the dial to the sun or an arrow to its aim.

    This game is ridiculous
    for this day and age in the gaming world. The graphics, the story line, the mechanics, etc., etc., etc. It feels like I am playing the original Neverwinter Nights, (which was a wonderful game for its time, I might add) but MUCH worse, because it is completely and utterly linear. And again, the graphics are straight out of the mid-90s. What the heck were they thinking?

    I spent $59.99 on a pre-order for this game, expecting something ground-breaking. What I got was the hugest disappointment I have ever experienced in the age of computer games. I feel as though Blizzard reached their hands in my wallet and pulled out three $20 bills when I wasn't looking.

    If you haven't purchased the game yet, heed my advice and the rest of the negative reviews here ... DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  16. Oct 24, 2012
    Why do all game devs these days only care about money. Screw your auction house, the whole point of the game is to collect stuff yourself, what is the point if you can just buy the items in the auction house? It's stupid. The game itself is too easy, Story wasn't that great,graphics are good, and gameplay is good. I just can't give a game a good score when the game itself is repetative and you can't play offline. The game should be limitless and not have it's limits. Get your s**t together or get out. That's all I can say. Expand
  17. Oct 23, 2012
    This game is GARBAGE. Absolute GARBAGE. I payed 80 f*cking dollars for GARBAGE. The game gives you **** loot no matter what you do, so you have to get all of your gear from the auction house so Blizzard can make even more money. Congratulations, Blizzard: you've ruined the Diablo universe! I'm not even going to try and describe the "story" of this game - it's that f*cking bad. 0/10 for this turd of a game. JAY WILSON? F*CK THAT LOSER! Expand
  18. Oct 21, 2012
    Well, I only have one thing to say to this game. If you choose to play this game because you believed this is a MULTIPLAYER and ONLINE game, you are sadly mistaken. If Blizzard only had advertise this game correctly, it should be a single player game with access to online auction system and LAN. And it is a single player game with a boring campaign.
  19. Oct 19, 2012
    Good until I reached level 60...After level 60 game became extremely repetitive, I mean i get it, this game is about getting better and better stuff isnt it? well my hope to loot a legendary or a set item kept me playing this game and finally....FINALLY got my 1rst legendary:

    a crossbowvery good stats but...543dps, price in AH = 50k gold

    It's been almost 2 months since the last time
    I logged in, I played this game 183 hours so I know what im talking about, being a Wizard I suffered patch 1.0.4 nerf, when I read about another nerf to my CM build in the upcoming 1.0.5 patch which took me those 183 hours to get the items I just stoped playing

    And that's about the gameplay, I won't get started on the low fps/stuttering issues but to resume that problem:

    I BOUGHT A BRAND NEW ALIENWARE AND GUESS WHAT? I CAN'T GET MORE THAN 25FPS IN COMBAT. I opened a ticket in customer support but they couldn't help me

    My hope in this game is dead. Don't even try the demo, this crap is not worth it
  20. Oct 19, 2012
    After enjoying D2 years ago and years of waiting I must admit I'm disappointed. Don't know if time passed by Diablo or something else, but this game is BOOORING!! I hardly managed to play 2-3 hours and then went to cry for my money. Don't think I'll be back playing this anymore. Maybe I should give it change to get better but this 3 hours was too much... Feels like I played 30 hours.
  21. Oct 16, 2012
    I was going to give this game a deserved 9 out of 10 ... but can't. I've managed MINIMAL game time due to server issues. I don't care what the 'DO GOODERS' keep saying about 'Have patience'. I'm sorry, I've bought Diablo 3 to play when I wanted. Blizzard have my money therefore my side of the agreement has been met. Sadly, Blizzard have FAILED to do their part. The biggest challenge is getting past the login screen. TO THE DO GOODERS ... If you bought a car and it only came with three wheels and you were told the other one will be here in a weeks time, you'd complain. You would say 'Hold on, I've paid for a car with 4 wheels'. Well that is EXACTLY what WE the NEGATIVE REVIEWERS are writing about. It's POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and in these modern times we DESERVE more from a company who make computer games. I'm not bothered that it's day one etc etc etc. I've PAID MY MONEY and I want to PLAY THE GAME I paid for. That's the way the world works. Expand
  22. Oct 15, 2012
    I nicely done game, but that is about it imho. If you love Diablo, and Blizz, then the game is a must. As much as I liked D2 and other Blizz games, I couldn't get myself to play beyond 20 something hours. Maybe we players expect nowadays too much? Whatever the case or reason, I can not see the reason behind 100% score reviews. Very misleading. User score average here seems to be much more realistic. Expand
  23. Oct 14, 2012
    Very bad game, outdated graphics, for a game that has been in developpment for 10 years this is a huge shame, it's going to be ported on consoles, pvp is late, game mechanics are bad, this game screams bad all over the place. I am a huge diablo fan but the third is just a pile of dump.
    Blizzard should quit Activision's deadly grasp already
  24. Oct 14, 2012
    I get sad when I think of what the game could have been but isn't. Everything from launch issues that kept me from playing for the first week to the fact that you have to trudge through every single difficulty level in order before the game gets anything close to challenging - I don't know what Blizzard had in their minds with this game and I'd be curious to know if even they did.

    everything has been simplified and randomized to such an extent that nearly no drops you get are good, almost forcing you to go to the in-game auction house which completely nullifies the purpose of a dungeon crawler in the first place. Diablo 2 was about grinding for loot, slowly getting better and more exciting items. Diablo 3 has no exciting items and you rarely find anything better than what the AH has to offer. Your best bet is to just grind gold and spend it on the market. They made a game with features completely contradictory of its purpose, which is very sad indeed.

    Is it a bad game? Not per se. Combat is fun once you get to Inferno and enemies finally are difficulty, but then again you have to grind through the same content 3 times before you get there which is simply not worth it. Class design is quite good, the classes feel unique and complete, but again you only get to feel that in Inferno. They just borked this game completely, so many bad decisions must have taken place during the development of the game.

    Other points of interest: Despite big names voice acting is mostly horrid, but I'd wager that the god awful script is at fault here. Not easy to perform when the material you have sucks. The story is so predictable and generic that at no point during the game was it a surprise when **** turned into *****. No epic twist, no interesting storytelling. Blizzard dropped the ball monumentally on this game which is nothing but an utter shame.
  25. Oct 14, 2012
    It's interesting to see how some people come up with certain visions with this game that are completely untrue:

    Xon - The game is well balanced / The story suffices

    - The game is anything but balanced. All the classes are completely broken, especially the Barbarian which seems to get buffed every patch while every other class gets nerfed. With the new monster power system coming
    in, it makes absolutely no sense to play any other class other than a Barbarian. This should put up a red flag about the supposed balance. The story is lame at best; professional script writers have actually poked fun at D3's story as being one of the worst story line's they've ever seen.

    Karma_Police - Everything that makes a good game is there / "when" they polish the game the game could be the best game in pc history / Blizzard fixing the issues.

    - Haha ok this is a real doozy here.. how much exactly have you had to drink when you wrote that? The only thing the game has that could even remotely considered to make it great is it's graphics. It lacks everything else, from the music, to the balance, down to the non-randomness of the maps. They aren't fixing anything, they take about 150 steps backwards with each patch, tipping the scales in favor of not only Barbarians but a small % of players who use the rmah. Things like this have been pointed out since it's release. The only thing Karma has right is the loot system is crap, as well as, the DRM.,

    For those of you looking at this and wavering on whether or not to buy D3; you need to know the truth, and not be subjected to these lies these 2 have put forth.

    The only way this game will work for you is if you don't plan on progressing past Normal mode (which should take you maybe 35hrs of playtime at most. If your happy with spending $60 on that, then this game is for you. Keep in mind.. the 35hrs play time will probably take you about 200hrs real time due to the constant errors.
  26. Oct 13, 2012
    Good skill system

    Classes are meh
    Graphics are meh
    Monsters are meh
    Loot drops are meh
    Story is meh

    Action House is terrible
    Missing key classes
    No PVP even now

    What happened to Diablo?!
    (oh that's right, the main dev's went to Guild Wars and Torchlight)
  27. Oct 12, 2012
    Winner of this years Game Developer's Choice award for audio. This fact surprised me until I noticed that all the winners of their awards have a representative on their voting panel. Just pathetic.
  28. Oct 12, 2012
    Draconian DRM and since I'm on 3G connection mostly unplayable. The pay to win auction house, the intense lag since I live in Africa... its like something EA would make. Very disappointed, especially for this price tag
  29. Oct 10, 2012
    Cons: Auction House plays for you. Items are boring, repetitive, and other than your main stat / vitality the affixes are irrelevant. Linear Gameplay + only 5% f the maps are randomized. Online only. Matchmaking only, no custom games. Max of 4 people per game. Pros: Nice Graphics. Summary: I wouldn't bother with D3 unless Blizzard makes some serious, fundamental changes to it
  30. Oct 10, 2012
    After a development that took roughly ten years, you think that Blizzard would have included more ingame content. Perhaps the director thought that players would enjoy a more fast grind to the end? Diablo 3 is only a shell of what it really could be. Fun gameplay and multiplayer die quickly with a crazy short campaign with little incentive to repeat the journey. Also loot drops still aren't fixed after continued patches. This game is in dire need of a campaign that can't be finished in less than 10 hours. Expand
  31. Oct 10, 2012
    Pompous, silly and boring story, talentless voiceactors. Mildly engaging gear grind, made boring since you can buy better stuff at the auction house anyway. I played through it on two difficulties, the second time was mostly boring, At the third difficulty I fell asleep in the starting town.

    Disappointingly short and boring game from the formerly awesome company Blizzard.
  32. Oct 9, 2012
    I cannot find anything good to say about this game. I wanted to like it, but it has no lasting end game. I played D2 for 11 years. D3 = 1 month. Too much hype; an insanely long development time that shows nothing other than perhaps legal issues regarding the auction house. Very poor story. I cannot fathom an expansion based on the ending. I prefer having the ability to make custom games not the auto-assigning. Inferno prior to the latest patch as of this writing was as a friend called it, "utterly ridiculous and a cheap gimmick" and stopped upon completing Hell difficulty. I persisted, but it was not until I found richer friends who could use the auction house could I progress past Act 2. I have a long list of friends who I played with (and I started on launch weeping through error 37), and none of them have logged in for over a month now. Most went back to WoW or some other game. I recently started playing D2 and Torchlight II; I can live without awesome graphics.

    All I care about are things like end game, replay-ability, more diversity, less grinding, and an attempt by a company to maximize the development time listening to the community.

    I get it. I'm a veteran and my eyes are clouded by nostalgia. Still, I put in my time. I tried all classes. Tried Hardcore. It doesn't work. I don't think the game can be patched to fix the issues. It was a colossal mistake from all angles. I don't care about SP. That bothers older players, but I didn't play D2 for the single player. The critics obviously did not play the game; they need to actually play these games before reviewing. I mean there is something seriously wrong with such a massive disparity 3.7 vs 88? Personally, I wish I never bought the game. I really thought it was going to be keeping me up night after night for months. I got into the beta, and I thought it was just a random area for us to test. In no way did I find elements of the teaser gameplay released in 2008 that was 10x better than what I was given.

    All in all, do yourself a favor and play anything else or if you really want to play wait until it is on sale or a certain man in charge of this game gets fired for making abusive remarks and/or the company gets off the high horse and goes back to its garage days where it has to think about the gamers and not instant profit, residual income, and other gimmicks that failed to keep me and lots of others away. Yes, that was a run-on. terrible.

    I give it a 1 out of 10. Nothing can save this franchise. SC2 has more hope. Warcraft will always be their baby. I got that much out of the 20 year anniversary they posted on the website. 75% Warcraft, 20% Starcraft, 5% (barely a mentioning) Diablo. Fin.
  33. Oct 9, 2012
    Well after 60+ hours of playing the game I think I can finally conclude that there are way too many problems that are ingrained into the game due to design choices made by Blizzard. The first 10 or so hours were fun, it was new, it was shiny new, but after that it simply went downhill.

    It's biggest and most unforgivable flaw is of course the loot drops. They are geared around the entire player population and no longer (like Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2) geared around the individual player, so what you get is total junk loot most of the time which then forces you into their gold or real money auction house to get items that are appropriate for your characters level just so that you can move on in the game.

    Sure, some players may have the luck (somebody has to right?) and those items in the auction houses have to come from somewhere, and they do, from the lucky players or the players that have no life and do nothing but grind for hundreds of hours in D3, or from bots that grind just as mercilessly so that they can sell the good loot to real live players for gold (or real money) which they then turn around and sell the gold to the fool players that are willing to buy from 3rd party sites. Anyway, my point is that the loot is geared to drop around the entire population of players else their auction house wouldn't even work for them. So you can either grind for tens or hundreds of hours in hopes that you'll get a decent upgrade or go to the auction house and buy it with some gold or real money.

    This directly conflicts with all of the ARPG's that I've ever played and I've played a lot, the whole auction house deal basically takes away the one guilty pleasure of these types of ARPG's which is to find new loot that are upgrades for your character.

    Next we have the total respec, where you have no perminence with your character as you can change the skills as often as you change your socks (actually, probably more often) which means there's basically no reason to reroll a new character, just go to the auction house to buy some new gear to accompany your new chosen skills.

    All in all this game has been a total and complete let down to both my wife, myself and about 75% of our friends that also bought it. Both my wife and I had been wanting a D3 since Diablo 2 LOD was released and have waited patiently for the past I don't know how many years, 7 or 8 years now. Unfortunately the game is so seriously flawed by poor design decisions by Blizzard developers and there's just no way to fix it as it's prime function for Blizzard is to make a revenue stream out of the auction house. As long as the auction houses remain, the loot drops will be based on total player population and the game will never have that feeling of achievement that you would normally get in games like Diablo 2, Titans Quest, Torchlight 1 & 2, Sacred etc etc etc, the list goes on and on an don.

    I originally scored this game a 10, that was 4 hours and 54 minutes into play, it's now Oct, almost 5 months after release and the grind is still there and that is ONLY in HOPES that you might get an upgrade. please take my word for it when I tell you that it's simply not worth it, especially at the $60.00 price tag.

    If on the other hand you hurry down to Toys r Us you can pick up Diablo 3 right now for only $9.99 If you buy it for under a 10er, then you'll likely get your moneys worth out of it with one play through, assuming you get loot that let's your character keep moving forward.

    I can no longer in good conscience recommend this game to family or friends or even my worst enemies. Expand

  34. Oct 9, 2012
    Pure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awfulPure overhyped garbage. THE disaster of this generation. This game is a failure, not deem to be called a PC game. This game is of subpar quality. Incredibly awful Expand
  35. Oct 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have played two softcore characters to level 60 and a hardcore barbarian through Act 1 Inferno. The longer you play the more you see the short comings of the design decisions the development team made, when they tried to "revolutionize" the ARPG genre instead of sticking to time tested mechanics.

    The replay value get's absolutely slaughtered by the "skill unlock and unlimited respec" system. There is no reason why I should play a barbarian again, when I have everything unlocked and the next playthrough would feel exactly the same. It feels a bit like being dragged through the game on railroad tracks. You never have to make a decision that has any permanence which kills the fun. Everything is done for you. This is not what I expect from a Diablo game. After playing every class to level 60 once you're done with the game. The terible loot and item system make it even worse, because playing the game feels like a waste of time on higher levels. You clean the same Act on Inferno two times just to be mocked with **** blue items. There is no feelling of reward which would keep you playing. You have the constant feeling that you are suposed to use the horrible Auction House just to be able to advance. The quests and levels feel extremely boring. It's always go to A and B to click one something so you can go through the portal where you will find two new portals which you have to enter and clear just to be able to enter the last portal. To add insult to injury all boses an NPC simply can't keep their obnoxious mouth shut. It is very annyoing once you played through the story once. You'll only be hitting the spacebar like a maniac all the time just to skip cheesy dialogs and cut-scene which are forced down your throat. The boss battles are stupid and boring. You'd think that a billion dollar company could come up with something more intimidating than a stupid butterfly which will spawn 4 dudes with a big club and shield itself as long as they are alive. That's it. Dudes get spawned you kill them. You hit the butterfly until it starts shielding itself again and spawns the 4 dudes again. Repeat until the butterfly is dead.

    If this game wasn't called Diablo I would give it 5-6 points out of 10.
  36. Oct 8, 2012
    Boring, simple, limiting itemization. Plot & dialogue geared for a 10 year old. Very linear game play with little randomness. Stat system dumbed down beyond belief. No pvp, no endgame, no reason to continue to play. New Paragon level makes it more restrictive to level alts. Botters and spammers everywhere. Arrogant game designer who clearly has no idea how to make an ARPG and who is clearly taking his cues from WoW. Worst gaming disappointment ever. Expand
  37. Oct 7, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game. Played about 60 hours over a month and now 3 months later and I don't even think about it anymore (other than the money I coughed up). Game needs a SERIOUS patch or something that'll make it more challenging. Even PVP hasn't been activated yet. wtf dude?
  38. Oct 7, 2012
    Imo this game are sill in beta mode. If I had known about Diablo 3 when I bought the game, what I know now. I had not bought this game.
    +1 to the graphics and sound. Blizzard change system of this game more often then you change pants. This kills the game feeling of d3.
  39. Oct 7, 2012
    So disappointing Blizzard!!! #1) Repetition - 4 rounds of the same game doesn't equal a good experience. #2 Farming grind or Real Money Auction House...GET USED TO THEM. #3) Builds suck, there are only a few that can do Inferno and they COST A LOT. #4) Magic find. Seriously, what the hell? #5) Boss fights. They are counterproductive. Beat an inferno boss, find an ilvl 51 item. Yay. Is this Diablo?
    #6) The artistic direction. It feels like WoW. ( i hate WOW)
    #7) In a 4 player game, when the heat is on, I can't tell half the time where my mouse pointer is, or what my character is doing, or where the frozen/arcane spawns are, until it's too late. #8) The story. This is totally unacceptable. Who wrote this? Who approved of it? Fire them. I'm insulted by it to be honest.
    #9) Nerfs change your builds and cause you to more of # 1 - 5.
    #10 Paragon Levels... MORE WAYS TO GRIND.

    These are the things I can come up with off the top of my head. Anyway, I am cashing out, selling all my pieces of gear, and not looking back. Overall I had fun, and in the end the game paid me to play, and paid quite well, but in hindsight, this game is a 1/10 at best.

    Quite possibly the most disappointing game I have ever been excited for...ever.
  40. Oct 7, 2012
    I tried so hard to find something that I liked/enjoyed about this game, however there really not much there.

    Gameplay: Derivative. No challenge, you are as good as your gear, not by talent or skill. Speaking of which the "skill tree" is essentially pre-determined. Music - Nice, you get a point.
    Graphics - Cartoonish. They lost the horror and despair evident in the previous games.

    Character customisation - None to talk of.
    Comabt - point and click. Pick two skills and point and click those skills at the monsters.

    The game honestly felt more like World of Warcraft, then previous titles in the Diablo series. On a side note, there is no "hide" option from friends online. This is super annoying as I don't always want to "chat" but I don't want to "block" anyone either.

    Additionally, I like to play single player games and am not a fan of multi-player online games. And yet one has to be logged in to play this single player. I was going to rate the game 2, but after reviewing this game in a thoughtful manner - it only deserves a 1.
  41. Oct 6, 2012
    A perfect example on how to destroy one of the best game franchises around. Not worth spending a dime on it. You are better off playing any other game in the arpg style like torchlight 2, borderlands 2 or path of exile. Stay away from this game.
  42. Oct 6, 2012
    For a game that has been anticipated for upwards of 10 years, Diablo 3 just didn't live up to the hype. The story is poorly written, the gameplay is repetitive, the loot aspect that has been a staple of the Diablo series is gone, and there is the ever present "always on" DRM. It feels like every game design choice Blizzard made was done with the sole intent of driving every player to the real money auction house. In Diablo 1 and 2 community interaction was a huge thing. Trading was the lifeblood of these games, but Blizzard all but eradicated it in Diablo 3. As a result, Diablo 3 feels like a hallowed out shell. Oh, and they just added 100 Paragon levels on top of the original 60. This is just a thinly vieled attempt at trying to keep players going so they would spend more money on the Blizzard controlled auction house. If you have a friend that owns this, borrow his laptop for a few days and beat the story. If not, don't waste your money on this piece. Expand
  43. Oct 5, 2012
    I spent 132 hours playing this garbage game! O yeah it deserves a score of 0 because this game is all about money. and I used to be a Diablo 3 fanatic, then I took an arrow to the knee.
  44. Oct 4, 2012
    I have lead in this game more, than 200 hours. I can judge it as has spent for it a huge heap of time. My verdict to this game: it absolutely unsuccessful from different directions. Game very short. Practically all time which I have spent for this game has been spent because of my desire to loot good items for my char. I have drawn one simple conclusion, this game anything without auction. Player is obliged to use it, differently it simply will not pass even the second act on Inferon difficulty. It completely kills all sense and interest from game. In genre RPG, the player should dress the character itself. Expand
  45. Oct 3, 2012
    This game was the largest RPG hack and slash of 2012. All the hype and time waiting for this game for decent visuals, a poor story, and incredibly repetitive gameplay. I have far too many gripes about this game to recommend it to anyone. Firstly, single player requires internet connection, which is complete **** and the grind isn't worth it, the only place to get gear to face the overly repetitive and overpowered creatures in this game is the auction house. Also, with the game's current community, with over 4500 people with the same idea as mine, the auction house doesn't have as much to offer as it used to. The only good thing i found about this game was it's cut scenes. The were beautifully animated, but those alone will not mask the garbage blizzard considers to be a game. And to make sure these **** get their money, instead of actually pleasing their fans, they made sure to make it very difficult to refund the game. I have lost my belief in Blizzard as a company. They made as wait years just to hand us a piece of garbage inside a box. If this review is read, out of the other 4500 of them by a blizzard employee, fix your **** game. If this is read by someone smart enough to check the reviews for this game unlike I did, do not purchase this game. IT IS TERRIBLE. To all the other people out there who were deceived by Blzzard, here;s to getting out 60 dollars refunded. Expand
  46. Oct 3, 2012
    Blizzard designed the entire game around the Real Money Auction House. This made it not a fun game to play. I played Diablo 2 and 1 and loved both, this is just a disaster. Its almost impossible to find great items.
  47. Oct 3, 2012
    Reasons this game blows: - skills system designed for imbeciles. no point in ever starting a second character in the same class - boring gameplay. sooo repetitive. I think I have carpal tunnel. - nothing to explore. the whole game it's like you're stuck in a tube. -whimyshire is insultingly stupid. it's not funny that you made an epically lame game - music is HORRIBLE and so are the character voicings. Never noticed how good that was in D2 until playing this game. Where are the death screams? MaaaOOOOOOOO! Expand
  48. Oct 3, 2012
    You can't play offline even if you solo, No lan support, 90% of the loots have stats that don't make sense.

    For a loot driven game, i find the treasure hunting in this game extremely frustrating. Graphics are good, story is simple but effective, voice acting however is very cheesy.

    In short, this game doesn't encourage to play with your in co-op, and the loot system is so messed up
    you kinda wonder if bli$$ard didn't do it on purpose to "motivate" you to use their new auction house.

    This game is a failure and a disappointment. Specially with TL 2 that just came out. It's just 20$ and delivers more than D3. Hell, TL 2 feels even closer to the spiritual successor of D2 than D3 itself.

    D3 is pretty to look at, but that's about it!
  49. Oct 3, 2012
    Until the RMAH is removed this game shall receive a zero. After that I might reconsider changing it to a 8. The game was okay for what it was. However, I still won't play it. The story was crappy and predictable. Oh not to mention all the freaking interruptions in gameplay because of the cut scenes...
  50. Oct 2, 2012
    What an unmitigated disaster. Blizzard should apologize to their fans for this atrocious attempt at a sequel to Diablo 3. Why the game is bad has already been stated enough times to be clear. I just want to give voice to the overwhelming disappointment that this game has wrought on fans of this series.

    Truly pathetic.
  51. Oct 2, 2012
    The game strays to far from what made it legendary. It was clearly not designed by the original developers.

    Rest in peace Diablo. We will miss you.
  52. Oct 2, 2012
    es increible que a dia de hoy existan empresas como blizzard que se rian de sus clientes en la cara, conexion a intenet? casa de subastas? es inaudito
  53. Oct 2, 2012
    This game is a shame for the whole gaming community: the Real Money Auction House is a gigantic scam, yet.

    Diablo 3 have some awesome graphics and cinematics, the basic gameplay is also very addictive, but:
    - The builts diversity promised is not applicable due the lack of high quality items
    - The builts diversity promised is a joke when looking the actual 'paragon leveling' pushing
    players to focuse on only 1 character for months even years to be fully leveled.
    - There is a maximum of 6 skills possible, following a console pad play
    - The game was lauched as a beta, and massively exploited by cheaters & hackers
    - The in game trade interface got flaws that are not fixed while RMAH very optionnal features are added in next patches, giving an idea of what are the priorities of this company.
    - The characters run/move speed is a way too low, look like sick turtles.
    - The Item drop rate is a way too low; is a shame pushing little players to play the same dedicated characters builts for hundred of hours days weeks in the same places over and over again to have a chance to drop something very good, OR have to PAY FOR IT IN THE REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE.

    Basically this game is a DEMO of what it could be if players had the best items; much tricks are done to push ppl to buy items in RMAH, like profile access (players can inspect each others in details to see what items are used, what skills etc..)

    This is Blizzard This is Business

    And can explains the actual 3.7/10 ...
  54. Oct 2, 2012
    After 100 hours of gameplay, I have come to say that this game is outright disastrous. Every reason I played the earlier games has been stripped from this one, which came to me as no surprise as Blizzard closed Blizzard North halfway through their version of Diablo 3. I can't deny that this game had a few fun pockets of some pretty fun hack n' slash, but the negatives vastly outweigh anything positive you could say about this game. I coasted through the first three difficulties rarely having to even use my left hand to hit hotkeys, and then suddenly inferno comes, and every elite mob who gets in my plane of vision one shots me, and I'm told by players online that I need to buy gear from the auction house if I want to get anywhere. Lets think about that one; in a game where they've taken away distributed stat points, skill points, and any sort of complex or in-depth element, why would they also take away the very foundation of looting to progress? And I don't even want to get started on the abysmal tacked-on story. To me, this game is nonsensical and does not deserve to have the title of Diablo. Expand
  55. Oct 1, 2012
    Very repetitive, many mistakes throughout, of which, are unfortunately unfixable at this point. Real Money Auction House had really ruined what could have been a great game along with dumbing down many of the previous things in Diablo II which made it great.
  56. Oct 1, 2012
    There are things you cannot change. Soccer rules are the same for more than one century and it is still the most popular sport on earth. One of the reasons of D2 longevity was the freedom to experience different builds whichever the player desires, giving infinity replayability. Being able to create a melee sorc or a ranged barbarian was part of the fun, and this game removes this. It is sad to see Blizzard going the same path as Bioware. The board of directors from Activision and EA see our beloved games as if they are the same as Farmville, and this is the result we receive. Expand
  57. Oct 1, 2012
    As an old Diablo 1 and 2 player, i can't believe this game was made. From an interesting story with amazing fights it ends to be a game designed to be an endless item farming game. With the ambitious plan by blizzard to implement the RMAH (Real money auction house), the game became an item hunt game. The acts are boring, the only one you may enjoy is Act3 but with a lot of lacking gameplay. Too many old mobs & bosses appearances making it really lacking on creativity. It's a clear disaster from blizzard, trying to revive an old game that wasn't needed to bring back. Expand
  58. Sep 29, 2012
    I started playing this game and actually really enjoyed it through the first hour. The story seemed like it was going to be compelling and it felt like perhaps the game was going to be a more refined version of Diablo 2. Skill systems were interesting right off because you were constantly getting new things to try every level and everything seemed like it would be useful. Items that I could use were dropping a bit less than I had hoped, but still thought the game was good.

    By the end of the first act I was still liking the game, but it really did lack variety. You really only run around outside in the same kind of places and then go into a hellish type torture chamber place where zombies are being burnt and demons run at you. It still had enough variety to be entertaining though. I went into act two and thought, hey this is very similar to act 2 in diablo 2. You go to Lut Golein, it's sandy and bright and your in a market city. This is kind of neat to feel nostalgia towards Diablo 2, but at this point act 1 seemed like act 1 from before and act 2 is the same as well. You would think by now they would have come up with something new right?

    Anyway, went forward through the act and it was okay. Same thing, it lacked variety and you went into the sewers ( just like in act 2 of Diablo 2). It just felt like it lacked creativity at this point and by this time my skills were starting to show problems too. Certain skills are just way more powerful than others and there was really no point in using anything other than them. They have patched this a bit, but still it's not really that balanced. You will find one thing that's best and go with that.

    Enter Act 3 or should I say half an act. This act is pretty short and boring, the story at this point really gets cliche and uninteresting. I was really sad at this point because you could tell blizzard just gave up on the story and creativity. At this time you realize that items don't drop very often at all that you need because there's an auction house and they expect you to use it. So, don't expect good things to drop for you, expect things to drop for others very infrequently and then expect to have to sell them to other people, just to buy stuff for you. Auction house works great in games like WOW, but here you kinda want to find some things for your own character every now and then. It actually makes it fun to fight things and hope good stuff drops, but just don't expect that to happen often at all.

    By the end of this act I was actually dreading act 4 because I felt the story was just stupid at this point and don't worry, I wasn't disappointed. The final act, which can't even be called that is about half of the size of act 3! It's set in "heaven" which could have been really cool, but ends up super boring and generic. I don't think you'll find very many people who will enjoy this act. It seems thrown together and could have been done better by almost any game company. Blizzard is better than this and I'm not sure how this managed to pass through their testing.

    You beat the game, the story sucked, and guess what? Now they want you to beat it again in nightmare mode....which is about the same difficulty as normal. So you are even more bored. Then you get to beat it AGAIN....Hell mode gets harder and you learn you can actually die in this game towards act 4. By this time you have beaten the game twice and the already bad story and boring acts are pretty much loathed. You would rather be going to school or work or whatever it is you do. Hell, after beating this game 2 times at that point I would almost rather do laundry and that is saying something.

    You beat the game on HELL and now have beaten it 3 friggin times, and now what do you unlock? Inferno mode! YAY! The same damn game, but now you can die in 2-3 hits. You must now gear up at this point to beat each act, and "champion" packs of monsters can kill you very quickly if you don't adjust tactics..Each class generally has a certain build they must use to get through. There is a little variety, but very little. If you are lucky enough to have good things drop for you then you might make it to act 3 and 4 relatively easy, if your unlucky expect to play through act 1 a million times in hopes you get something..ANYTHING to sell and purchase better gear. Then you finally gear up, you finally get through act 4. And you are done. Nothing else in the game to do. So why play any more? The better question is why did you beat the same game 4 times in a row, that wasn't even very fun the first time? My advice is, don't play Diablo 3 at all. If you played Diablo 2 then congratulations, you played a better game with a better story. No reason to even take a look at this. If you are really bored with life then you can take a look, but you wont find anything new.
  59. Sep 29, 2012
    Complete and utter garbage. Do not buy.

    The designers at the helm of this abomination are caught up in a dirty cloud of real-money auction houses and misguided pursuits of balance and "viability". In the mean time, the team, under the leadership of the talentless Jay Wilson, had forgotten to make the game interesting and fun. Don't waste your money. There are plenty of better games on
    the market. Expand
  60. Sep 29, 2012
    I was profoundly disappointed with Diablo III. I played several weeks AFTER release day, so my review is based on the game itself, not the customer service nightmare that was release day. I played the original Diablo and Diablo II, and unfortunately, 10-12 years of development (or however long it took them) didn't result in a marked improvement. On the positive side, I will say that gameplay feels more organic, and each class feels more unique than in previous installments. I admit, I loved the unique feel of the different classes, the animation for their various abilities and being able to tailor these abilities to my individual play style. I also like the fact that I can choose a gender for each class, whereas in previous games your gender depended upon the class you chose, so that was a definite improvement. My main gripe with this game is that, after an hour or two, it's BORING. After you get past the "OMG it's D3!!!" feeling and actually play the game for a few hours, this is what the experience comes down to for me: Run Around. Kill Mobs. Loot. Run Around More. Kill Mobs. Loot More. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Previous installments of the game felt darker and instilled actual fear in me while I played, as the atmosphere and story engaged me and made the experience feel less grindy. The story in D3 seems more in the background than D1 and 2, and the repetitive gameplay and the relegation of the lore to the backburner greatly decreased my engagement in the game. It felt too easy, too repetitive and lacked the depth that was an integral part of Diablo I and II. Some would argue that Diablo I and II had very little depth, but I disagree. Yes, the story of Diablo didn't have the same complexity of the Warcraft or Starcraft franchises, but the lore was still rich and evoked a sense of fear and darkness that I simply didn't feel in D3 - even with the added cinematics, which felt hollow somehow. All in all, I was profoundly disappointed in Diablo III. Though it looks great and the classes were unique and fun to play for a short time, Diablo III felt repetitive and fell flat. It sadly lacks heart, and felt more like a generic hack-and-slash money-grab than a high-quality, complex universe that Blizzard was known for producing in the past. Expand
  61. Sep 28, 2012
    Too much hype. Such a good looking game with great musical score. But in the end, the fun factor was just not there. The inability to chose stats was such a let down. Choosing stats and skills gives the player a feeling of ownership that the game does not provide. In the end, max level classes are the same. They all receive the same stats and skills.

    It's not that it's a bad game. But
    this game carried high expectations. And high expectations, simply carry high criticism. Expand
  62. Sep 28, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a major disappointment. It is really only 4-6 hours long. Wasted $60. Will not buy anything related to Diablo ever again. This game could be worth it if it were under $10.
  63. Sep 28, 2012
    I didn't want to give this game a 0, but... I am just so disappointed. There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. This game was quite possibly the biggest bust of 2012. Perhaps the most overhyped game in almost a decade. Disgusting.
  64. Sep 28, 2012
    Played for 30 minutes, got bored, never went back. Don't waste money on this. The days of good Blizzard carring for the quality of their games are gone.
  65. Sep 28, 2012
    After putting in several hundred hours in this game i feel absolutely disgusted with myself for wasting so much of my time and money on game made by developers who don't care about anything but $$. If you enjoy games with inflated economies filled with botters, hackers, and day traders (like runescape), this may be the game for you. Unfortunately most of the time you will find your self with a lacking feeling of reward or fun.

    Also for an ARPG the randomization in this game is absolutely horrible. Very little replay value, and an incredibly unintelligent and boring story line.

    Your time is better spent just playing its predecessors.
  66. Sep 27, 2012
    My god... did I really wait this long to write my review? I guess it bummed me out that much. Anyway, fond memories brought me to Diablo at which point I woke up and wondered what the heck I was doing. I wasn't having fun. I should have understood that when I didn't have the urge to log in (urgh permaonline), I guess I was a bit of a welltrained humanbot. Congrats to Blizzard on that account. They actually made me play something I didn't enjoy. Expand
  67. Sep 27, 2012
    I gave up on Diablo 3, i really dislike the direction that the series moved in with the addition of the auction house, the always online connection needed, and the way they simplified the RPG aspects. I ended up removing it from my hard drive.
  68. Sep 27, 2012
    nothing much to brag about this game. its all about the repetitive game style and i have never been sleepy playing any games except this 1. forces you to use the AH and RMAH to get the upgrade wasnt a very good move on any games. been played for about 600 hours now and i only found 3 upgrade for myself.
  69. Sep 26, 2012
    From the early start of the game, it may worth about 6/10, however, with more playtime more bad feeling come. U have to run act 3 over and over again to get thousands of crappy item and hope that only a few can sell. Customization is total suck, in which you can't spend your stat point. If you char are not well equiped, you need to Kite a whole map to kill an elite. My brother and my friend used to play but all quit already. It is total diappointed YOU BLIZZARD make such a boring game, and thankful nerf my barb in 1.05. Expand
  70. Sep 26, 2012
    One of the most disapointing games ever made. Truly. This game is just awful. I can't echo enough all the bad reviews on here. The subtle "pay-to-win" formula of the RMAH rules every decision of this game and is the reason this game will never be fun. This game is a perfect example of what happens to a game that's made by greedy executives rather than gamers. Torchlight 2 surpases Diablo 3 in every way including price. Expand
  71. Sep 26, 2012
    I rated this game as a 6/10 shortly after release because, despite it's flaws, I felt that the game had potential and a part of me really hoped that improvements where in the pipeline, as at the time of release things like overall combat, difficulty, loot and the auction house were clearly defective.

    However, after playing the game more than I really wanted to in order to give a fair
    score, I can honestly say that not only is D3 a bad game, it's... well, it's sort of broken my faith in gaming. It's that much of a disappointment. It's the definitive example of a company taking a franchise that was built with love and care at it's conception, and turning it into a soulless cash cow with a complete disregard to the common gamer.

    The scores on Metacritic are by and large NOT trolling. The critic scores, to put it mildly, are an absolute disgrace and a clear example of an attempt to buddy up to Blizzard - a gaming megalith - for future releases.

    Let me be clear - I'm a Blizzard fan, I appreciate the quality they have delivered in the past, but you have to judge D3 on it's own merits and not as a fanboy of the company.

    I could go into details as to what exactly makes the game poor - such as dumbed down gameplay, mind-numbing repetition, no time spent/reward ratio, an unbearably stupid loot system which renders 99% of everything you pick up utterly useless and a profession system which I can't find a negative enough word for... but it comes down to one very simple conclusion; Diablo 3 is comfortably the most disappointing game ever. But even if you took it as a standalone title and ignored the franchise history it's still one of the worst games of the year with very few redeeming features.

    Do yourself a favour - if you have fond memories of Diablo 1 & 2 and you're about to opt for D3, please don't. Keep your memories of the good times safe and sound.

    And the major review sites should be ashamed of themselves - actually ashamed - as you're misleading people into parting with hard earned cash for a title that they can't even return or resell when they find out how bad it is. If DRM is part of a title, honest reviews are going to be vital in the future.
  72. Sep 26, 2012
    Played for FOUR months.
    After 4 months of this game I can finally say I'm sick of playing a beta.
    NO game should ever make the kind of drastic changes that Blizzard makes with Diablo 3 on a monthly basis.
    Fixing things is understandable, every game has it's bugs that gets fixed. But full on changing things because they DID NOT TEST THEM is punishing the players for BLIZZARDS mistake.

    A test realm was not even created until patch 1.05 (which is not out yet). They also changed almost every skill at least once because after release they decided they did not like the way the skills worked. They worked 100% as intended.. and when players built their classes around that skill, blizzard takes it into their own hands to decide what is fun for the players.

    Blizzard has also admitted that drops are 100% effected by the Auction House... why? So the economy doesn't crash in a matter of weeks. Well.. here we are.. 4 months later.. and gold is at $0.50 per million gold.

    The most recent addition to the patches.. The Infernal Machine.
    Basically... go find a key.. use the key on a door.. face Uber bosses.
    Sound familiar? That's because the idea was from Diablo 2. Gee... They're already out of unique ideas???

    Final Fantasy XIV is currently one step below Diablo 3 on User Metacritic reviews.
    Square Enix COMPLETELY has overhauled and redesigned that game. Admitted they screwed up. Lead developed resigned, along with most of the development team. Blizzard/Activision needs to step up and demand Jay Wilson resign, along with his team. They are not improving a game that could EASILY be improved, just not the way they would like it to be for their own personal preference. The easiest way that could be produced in a few months... The addition of skill points and skill trees.
    As of right now. Strip down every level 60 barbarian and you have 100% identical barbarians. Identical skills and stats available. The addition of paragons however did allow players to gain VERY small amounts of skill points. But that does not change the fact that their will ALWAYS be a dominant build for each class, and everytime that build is used by a majority of the players, blizzard has chosen to nerf the builds. If a certain ability is used too often.. nerf it. If a certain trait on items is equipped to often.. nerf it. ANYTHING that is being done by too many people, blizzard will and has nerfed it. Until a new team or methodology of running this game is developed, it is doomed to fail much sooner than it ever should.
  73. Sep 26, 2012
    The gameplay and mechanics are actually ok. The biggest downfall is the beta-state of skills and *balance* (why TF does a single player game needs that much balancing?) due to the focus of the forced RMAH from Blizzard. It's given a strong impression that everything* revolved around the stupid RMAH. Don't even get started with the horrendous loots. Across 5 classes at 60. Mostly I play DH / Wiz / Barb, they farmed gears for monk and WD. I have found less than 10 pieces of gears of the character I play as an upgrade. I've gotten ~20~30 pieces of legendaries and there are 2 set picese (monk pants and DH boots that worth around 10 mil each at the time). All others are worthless crap that over half is below 60 that doesn't even worth anything other than vendor. The others 60+ ones gets turned into brimstones. Overall, the game is *ok*, but the implementation of RMAH, loot system, no end game, constant nerf (AKA rebalancing) of different spec / classes is just silly. Along side the way blizzard handles issues, i.e. the recent DH nerf of the 1500% trail to 300% dmg as a *BUG* which clearly was not, (as it's in the patch note, the developer review, the tool tip and everywhere else). They even have no balls to admit to nerfs. Game has "potential", too bad Blizzard / Jay Wilson isn't talented to exploit them. And Jay Wilson obviously didn't play D2 and I am slightly bothered by the fact he keeps trying to tell the playerbase what is "fun". (we think dodging attacks for player isn't fun, so we make mob attacks in dodgeable, even it *looks* mobs were hitting air 20 yards away, it still hits you! NOW THAT'S FUN!!". srsly. Expand
  74. Sep 25, 2012
    I purchased the CE. Honestly felt like somebody ran up to me and stole my wallet with $130 AU in it. My review does not take in to account any of the login issues and is based of the gameplay experience.

    The first day or so of this game was fun as it took me back to the old days of playing Diablo 1 and 2. A lot of friends and colleagues were playing the game. After a week most of them
    had dropped off without even hitting max level. I continued playing with the 1 or 2 friends left in the game and hit inferno. After that the fun experience came to an end. I failed to see any motivation to grind on act 1 and then eventually act 2 over and over just to get to act 3 and maybe act 4 to well... just keep on grinding. If people want to grind a game to may a few $$$ that's up to them. Personally I go to work for $$$ and play games for fun. Just another great example of what Bli$$ard has now become. Sure they might be rolling in cash at the moment from all the suckers out there but are people dumb enough to keep paying for this rubbish... some may be but I hope the intelligent people out there will teach them not to bite the hand that feeds them over and over or they will eventually go without food. Expand
  75. Sep 25, 2012
    Even though there is so much hate in Diablo 3, it still deserves credit for the best looking and executed looting game there is today (in modern years of course). Felt like an MMO, but yet still "single player", D3 is very brave at attempting this untested water, with things like the Real Money Auction House. If there is anything wrong with this game, it is not the way Blizzard is treating the players (making us into their test subjects), it's with the philosophy that this game shouldn't be "too easy" because the economy of the D3 items would hugely affect their income. Blizzard misunderstood what "fun" really means for the majority of players: we play because we want the accomplishment by playing, not wasting 300 hours while still unable to complete all the challenges! So whenever someone clever enough to figure out ways to have fun, Blizzard goes in to "nerf" them. This is the worst game I've had where whatever you are having can be stripped away instantly from a single player game. If not for the huge D2 background, nobody would care about such a manipulative MMORPG without content updates. Expand
  76. Sep 25, 2012
    This game had so much potential. Blizzard fails to deliver a fantasy world for you to plunder. Instead you are left with a pay to win world. The Auction House and Real Money Auction House are the two most influential parts of the game. The loot system has been diluted to the point that many players have shared experiences of hundreds of items looted, yet none were useful or sell-able. I feel that because of the so many complaints about itemization, they have dumbed down the game similar to what has happened with World of Warcraft. It is a sad day for Blizzard fans. Expand
  77. Sep 25, 2012
    I have never written a game review before but after the huge let down of Diablo 3 I have decided there is a time for everything.

    I am a huge Diablo fan and before Diablo 3 came out I convinced all my friends to pre-order it with me (about 10 of us all got it together). Upon initial play (after the huge delays due to launch, expected though) the game seemed pretty cool. I was not happy
    about a few things they had removed, ie stats, proper skill tree, etc. but the game itself started out pretty good.

    Diablo 3 is a nicely designed game in terms of graphics and character control, in fact I would rate those two aspects at about a 9/10 however controls and pretty images do not make a game.

    As with all diablo games the play time is extended by allowing players to replay the game with 3 (4 in diablo 3) difficulties. However in diablo 3 the first play through is way to easy and you are pretty much given the story line, personally I would have preferred to work for the story line with some difficulty.

    So now for my reasoning why I gave Diablo 3 a 2/10.

    Diablo 3 should have never been released as a squeal to diablo 1/2, it is far from it. Diablo 3 removes so many features from diablo 1 and 2 that it is not the same game. There is very little customization available to players. The only real customization is the choice in what spells to use, but everyone gets all of the spells so there is no real customization there. For instance I played an online game with a random, I was matched up with someone of the same class, and I was killing things better then they where so next minute they have changed their skills to exactly match mine and both our characters looked identical and had the exact same skill set. Effectively NO CUSTOMIZATION. End game is extremely boring and does not offer any "Fun" re-playability. Item drops are just pathetic and the game is designed so that you can not find the best gear for your character. You will have to buy it and in most cases this means you will need to use the real money auction house to buy really good gear. For instance I had over 250 hours played on my main character and I never found a single legendary or set Item. About a month after release all my friends where complaining about the game and said they were bored of it. I logged on the other day, after stopping playing myself for a few months, and my entire friends list has been offline for over a month. The only reason I actually gave this game a 2/10 rating is due to the awesome cinematic scenes and the quality of character control, although the story line did annoy me in places. Not to spoil anything but one particular scene was crap and would have been hated by all diablo fans.

    Diablo 3 has been designed with over all money as the goal of the game not quality of the game. It is made to appeal to everyone, not to appeal to actual gamers, they are trying to target the audience of people that don't usually play games or don't play much and would rather spend money on the real money auction house then to play the game themselves.

    There is absolutely no depth do Diablo 3, like the diablo series did have. From diablo 2 they removed;
    - Runes (as they where in diablo 2)
    - Stats (you still have stats but it is all automatically applied, so everyone is the same)
    - Any type of skill tree (every single player is given all of the available skills)
    - The ability to collect your own group of Set Items, it is impossible to actually find a complete set, lucky to find a single set item)
    - Sockets are gone.
    - NO PVP (they advertised the game with pvp and are yet to release it, months after launch)
    - Lowered the amount of players allowed in a single game.
    - Removed modding ability (diablo 2 modding was hugely popular and allowed the game to last much longer, people still play new content in diablo 2 today due to modding)
    - No Cube for combinations
    - Less characters to choose from

    Basically they removed everything that made Diablo the great game it was and instead turned it into a no penalty game with the only requirement was to point and click, no thought or brain power needed for anything in the game. Only thing that sets you above others is gear, which turns out whoever spends the most real money on the auction house is put far ahead of everyone else. I do not recommend this to anyone looking to play diablo 3, if you are a newcomer to the series you may like it. Torchlight 2 is far closer to what diablo 3 should have been and I have been addicted to that since it's launch, much better game.
  78. Sep 25, 2012
    I bought this game at premium price and I was really disappointed with the outcome. I agree with some gamers that this is really an Auction House Tycoon 3 and not Diablo 3. The graphics is mediocre. The gameplay is not engrossing. I've finished the game in normal mode using Demon Hunter. Usable gear drop was dismal and will force you to buy at the Auction House for a better gear. I got booted out from my game if my connection is slow. The installation takes ages to finish. Hello 0% installation so I will Diablo 3 the same score here. I just finished single playthrough and I'm not inclined to play it game. Such dismal game design. This is not a Diablo game. Better play Torchight 2 or Titan Quest, these are better games. Expand
  79. Sep 24, 2012
    Oh...what to say that hasn't been said already by hordes of angry disappointed fans. This is the First BAD game that Blizzard releases. Plain and simple, that's how everyone will remember Diablo 3, (hopefully the first and last). Why?? How a company with so many resources, virtually unlimited for the gaming industry, and so much time could've got it this wrong? I kept asking myself and coming with the same answer every time: "Lack of talent". This new Blizzard Diablo 3 team and specially their lead designer are simply not good enough to make a game that lives up to the expectations of the Diablo fans. Aside the fact that the game was developed around the single and main purpose of serving as Cash-Cow for Blizzard, and the internet always requirement, No LAN support, horrible launch, etc etc...You could've still made a great game out of Diablo 3...if you didn't fail in the next 50 aspects of it. Some of which are Looting system (they simply didn't get the point of it), character progression through talents/spells/attributes (they gutted them in favor of simpler/streamlined game play), the removal of random map generation, and the lack of understanding on how to properly design a grind based point-click Action RPG' mobs (boring easy to One shotted and nothing in between). They just never got it. My opinion is this is due to their lead designer and Blizzard's greediness. I call what happened to Diablo 3: "FPS mentality". Their lead designer's FPS background clearly shows in every step of Diablo 3, and it's sad, because he could Expand
  80. Sep 24, 2012
    i have been waiting awhile to give D3 a chance cuase blizz does act they just need time but as it stands they are telling "you" the player what they consider fun and so change the game accordingly when you start having fun to prevent you once again the player from having fun in a game.
    Paragon leveling is such a gimmick and a huge time sink which is fine but the fact is they put a cap on
    magic find so any gold/real money u spent for magic find will eventually become worthless later on and just in general as the dwindling player base gains more paragon levels and need less magic find. Torchlight 2 just came out and ive had more fun with it in 8 hours then i have 200+ hours on D3. i give it a big zero becuase i payed 60$ for auction house tycoon: Real money edition, not a diablo game. Expand
  81. Sep 24, 2012
    People who like juice boxes, being told what to do, who have no self respect, and enjoy products that break all the time for no reason will love this game. Please, buy it, support Blizzard and their mentality that you are lucky to play this **** game.
  82. Sep 24, 2012
    I held out for a long time before I tried D3 because of the negative reviews. I am a huge fan of D1 and D2 and, like everyone else, have waited with bated breath for over a decade for this title. I finally broke down and bought the game and I can't accurately express how disappointed I am. The reasons are similar to other complaints but the biggest issue is that I simply don't like being treated like a child with ADHD. Diablo 1 and 2 were excellent precisely because of the complexity and tough choices that were entirely removed from this game. Those complex, hard decisions are in fact the very reason they were excellent games. What were the developers thinking? Did they honestly believe that lovers of D1 and D2 would be happy with all their choices being made for them? How did they come to this conclusion? Where are the customer feedback and fan forums where fans of the previous games were complaining that Diablo was too complex and needed to be dumbed down? How does Blizzard leadership allow such completely uncalled for and totally unnecessary design decisions to be made? Why would you so drastically change something that your fan base obviously loved? It's truly mind boggling. Honestly, the overall impression I get from the game design can be summed up perfectly with one word - Lazy. The sales may have made it appear to be a hit so far but I strongly suspect that the sales numbers from D3 reflect the hopes and expectations of fans that were giving Blizzard the benefit of the doubt (I certainly fall into that category) because they definitely don't reflect a well designed, intelligent game. I only hope Blizzard decision makers are able to come to the same conclusion. Expand
  83. Sep 24, 2012
    Painfull to play. its like getting punched in the face by the dev team every time you play. gaming is dead, gaming is dead, gaming is dead, gaming is dead.
  84. Sep 24, 2012
    This game had it's launch problems, then you could play it for a while and no the RMAH has turned into what many feared it would. There should have been an option to play this game without internet connection. It's a shame, the death of Diablo no doubt.
  85. Sep 23, 2012
    Terrible game. Absolute insult to customers, especially fans of diablo 1 and 2. Game completley ignores what made the first two great. Childish graphics, removal of sill trees and attribute points, loot is awful and predetermined as opposed to randomized loot like the originals, elimination of randomized dungeons(an aspect of the first two which was considered revolutionary), a ridiculous auction house and an even more absurd real money auction house that forces you to dish out real money to recieve any gear that is decent, a development team that repeadedly insults its custormers by ignoring them and telling them how they should play, and the worst part...No offline mode. If you enjoy terrible game design and being treated like a child, then this game is for you. Expand
  86. Sep 23, 2012
    Let me explain why did I put "ridiculous" score as result of my HC experience during 300+ hours. Blind hardcore was fun, I admit it, but further gameplay turned out to be a true and evil korean style grinding fest. No atmosphere, poor design which is a mickey mouse toon if compare with D2 (hello, durance of hate), tiny locations and permanent fixes. Ok, I overcame this and played until paragon system cause I'm a die hard D2 fan. Grinding->selling->buying. AH killed the best possible social part of hack and slash - face to face trading. And as a final of this sad story I've lost my HC 60+10 bard which was on safe farm in act 2 due to lag. Sorry, this is it. I am not ready to invest more into D3 HC which requires tonns of time for progress to die after 100+ hours due to lag. My score means single positive memory of playing D3 - blind HC. After playing Torchlight 2 I feel myself so stupid for wasting time in D3. Expand
  87. Sep 23, 2012
    Save your money or think twice before buy this game, too many bot inside the game, worst drop, boring gameplay, good graphic, good music but. RMAH is bad idea and no offline game play. After 360+ hours game play srsly this game make me sick.
  88. Sep 23, 2012
    I enjoy(not love it) the game before Inferno, but after that you can see why people is against RMAH, there is no way that you can do it if you don't buy items because. And always online is a real pain if you lose connection just for 1 second(for example if you have a Router and it assigned a new IP) you are out. And it has a real story problems! In my opinion it doesn't worth $60
  89. Sep 23, 2012
    Ok, I put a 5 /10 like two months ago, I really thought that review I did was balanced. Many people found my last review helpful, but I was completely wrong. I will explain why I now think I what I wrote is completely off the mark.Here was my last review:

    I will try to be objective. First of all I think it is unrealistic to give this game a 0 or a 10. It is neigther a total disaster or
    a masterpiece. I will try to explain the score I ahve given. First of all I consider myself a casual gamer. The games I buy I usually do from Steam and I wait for special offers. I do not mind playing old games and I do so for the fun. Diablo III is an exception. Diablo II was probably the game I most enjoyed playing in my teen years and I was willing to pay 60$ for Diablo III. I think the game is fun and a nice way to keep distracted when you are bored, but I am a bit dissapointed at what it offers given its price. Maybe its my expectations given the fun I had with Diablo II are the reason for my dissapointment. First of all, I do not like that all characters will eventually have the same skills... There is no room for thinking out new builds and try them out. Also, beeing a solo player, I was very surprised at the fact that I will need to play always online. I think that is a deal breaker for many people. First of all beacause I share my internet connection, secondly becasue if I pay 60$ I will want to have access to the game whenever I want. Online playing really is not necessary I think. As for the game itself, I am half way trough nightmare difficulty and it starts to feel like the level of difficulty of diablo II. Normal difficulty was a breeze but I am happy to see that the level of skill required and plannification of fights is required in the next levels. I am not really fussed about the story, but I have to say that after 12 years in development it feels a bit empty. As for the good aspects of the game, I think it all comes down to if you are having fun or not. I am having fun at the moment. I expected more for for 60$ though...... The game feels like a diablo game, the dungeons are a bit smaller than before, but the monsters are very similar, you can even recognice many of them from Diablo II. The boss fights aren't as challenging though.... Anyway, just to sum up. I am giving this game a 5 out of 10. The biggest deduction comes when taking in mind the relation of what you pay and what you really get. The game is simply not worth that price, and it really does feel as a game that could have been created in 2005 or 2006.... It surprises me from a company like Blizzard who usually delivers good products. The internet connection is simply not fair for solo players, and I don't really think it is needed. Anyway, if you want to spend your money in a Dungeon crawler I advise to anyone who is not sure about buying the game or not to wait for Torchlight 2, created by the same developers of Diablo II. You will get a very similar product for 1/3 of Diablo III price. Just don't rush to buy this game just because it says Diablo in its tittle. It is not terrible, but you will hardly have the fun you had with the previos games. Overall I am dissapoint, but will try to make teh best of it and have fun. I hope this review helps you make a decision. Have fun everyone!
    After playing Torchlight II, I have to say that it delivers much much more than Diablo 2, which I only managed to play for 1 month before quiting. Getting what you get for Torchlight II at 1/3 of the price of Diablo III is just outstanding, its even hard to believe. The rewards, the progression, the customization, the atmosphere, the balance, but above everything else THE FUN!!!! All these things not only make Torchligh II an excelent game, but make Diablo III with 10 times the budget than Torchilight II a complete and utter failure 3 times as expensive and 3 times less polished.
    Really. If you read this do not buy Diablo 3. Do not make that mistake. The mistake I and many others made because we had a nice time playing Diablo II and thought Diablo 3 would be its continuation. It is not. Do not bother. Go for Torchlight. You can buy 3 copies and its still cheaper than diablo... I feel so stupid now... Hope this helps you! Have fun everyone!
  90. Sep 23, 2012
    Review reduced from 1 to 0 after playing Torchlight 2. This game is bad, but in comparison to TL is it down right horrible. Torchlight... Thank you...
  91. Sep 23, 2012
    Looks nice, plays like poop Avoid like the plauge. If you insist on playing it, at least play the free trial first so you can find out what a disappointment it is.
  92. Sep 22, 2012
    +Decent graphics. -Always online DRM, -Lack of skill diversity, -Connection errors, -Play to win, -Short story. This game is a step back from Diablo 2, so I recommend avoiding it.
  93. Sep 22, 2012
    The game is a failure of epic proportions. Never before had game industry seen such a huge discrepancy between expectations and final result. The expectations were high because the game was in development like 6 years with huge budget and Blizzard seemed to be a trustworthy company.

    But in the end what we've got is a primitive skill and item system and abysmally small amount of content.
    You run 3 times through the same short acts, it gets boring after seeing them once, and then comes the whooping inferno mode where you see all the same stuff for the 4th time, only this time you have to run more around the elite enemies and the only point of your repetitive actions is the hope of getting a better equipment so you can kill things faster and die less often. This chance is not just small, it is negligible, only people with no life can get something good from killing mobs 15 hrs a day, others have to use the auction. The bad item drop is probably the main problem for most people judging by the battlenet forums, but those people aren't actually seeing the whole picture - even if we were given D3 without the auction house, the game still won't lose its crappy mechanics where the powerful builds become obvious pretty fast and you are doomed to use the same 6 skills without even changing them slightly on occasion (against different type of mobs, for example). If you do, you lose a very important magic finding buff. What's even more important is that weapon and equipment system is intentionally designed to be boring, so that only a few of possible affixes are useful. This leads to a situation where they are hard to get (Blizzard wants people to become frustrated and use RMAH), but also there is no such thing as different possible types of the same gear, there is only ONE possible good option and others are inherently bad, you can't choose a different direction in accumulating bonuses on equipment.

    Fortunately, we have Torchlight 2 now, so we all can forget about this miserable failure and never play it again. Jay Wilson is not the guy who can make great games, he is just a stupid and arrogant fat guy. I hope karma punishes him hard for ruining the great franchise and crushing our dreams and hopes.
  94. Sep 22, 2012
    What a complete let down, and i have spent prob over 10,000 hours playing D1 and D2 but this game is just awful a shame of a game to carry the diablo name...........Diablo 1 was all about the atmosphere.....Diablo 2 was all about the grind and the magicfind.........Diablo 3 was all about the $$$$$$.......
  95. Sep 22, 2012
    Superbad game. Boring, money-making, over and over boring game. Blizzard, what have you done? Where is the spirit of the old "Blizzard North" of the original Diablo? Where? Oh, wait a minute...? It's runic's game "Torchlight II".
  96. Sep 22, 2012
    The gameplay is well known to everybody. I mean: it's quite the same as the other Diablos, with better graphics. That said. Constant connection? Incredibly bad. Because it's no use to gamers: just to Blizzard, so they can avoid piracy. I can understand wanting to keep your hands on the stuff you created, but if this means being unable to play far from home, and having constant lags and server queues/crashes, I call it a scam. Especially if it's being sold at a higher-than-usual price. Also: Real Money Auction House. Oh this is almost worse than constant connection. Do you really want competitive online gaming to become a matter of who is the richest? We have enough of that in real life. I say at least our games should play even, and be ruled by skill and experience. Expand
  97. Sep 22, 2012
    This is not a single player game. It's an MMO without the MM. Do NOT make the mistake to think that this game has a single player mode - it has a "play alone given that you have < 50ms latency on your constant on internet connection"- mode.

    Want to play on the train? Forget it.
    Want to play on 3g connection? Forget it.
  98. Sep 22, 2012
    Diablo. The one game we all once loved (and still love) gone utter trash (d3) due to the blatantly idiots from blizzard. Total WoW system. Basically its World of Diablocraft. Only with a hack and slash system.
    Every true D1&D2 player knows that this is NOT diablo 3. I'm sad that this great title got ruined into bottomless void....
  99. Sep 22, 2012
    The more you put into a game, the more rewarded you should feel. Right? Not in Diablo 3...The game makes me feel like the more I put into it, the more punished I feel. Also, it is hard to get past the poor design and story, lackluster abilities, and that world of warcraft touch that shouldn't be overlapping into a Diablo game. I will be very hesitant and cautious when it comes to new titles from the company. Expand
  100. Sep 22, 2012
    Weak game, no skills points, no permanent character choices, insane grinding required, very very very laggy even now in September. Just not a very fun game, still addictive in a way but not worth even a quarter of its cost, lucky I got mine as a gift :P
    The game would be ok with end game content (current none exists), less grinding required, less gold farmers ruining economy, not having
    to play through 4 times per char, a skills or talent system, a bit more difficulty (currently difficulty is an item check, no player skill required) and offline mode!!! Expand
  101. Jul 22, 2012
    I write this having nearly finished normal mode. Most of the content is in later difficulties some tell me, and I would love to check it out before reviewing if I could. Sadly though, Blizzard banned my account for hacking/using bots. This is strange because, well I haven't. But because my account information was stolen and used simultaneously on the European server, I didn't even know! Oh and they ban me per say. all I have to do is re-buy their game. That is poor customer service. I just had 60 USD stolen from me because I was hacked. No company should treat loyal customers this way. The game was pretty good- not the best, it seemed a bit dated, but it was solid. But if they can bully and steal from the people who pay them to make games, there is no point anymore.

    That is my warning guys. Somewhere between the real money auction house, the always online, and the blatantly exploitable servers, this game isn't worth the risk.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]