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  1. Aug 25, 2012
    Truly a disappointing continuation of the franchise. The reasons for this games poor show have been covered in enough detail already and I feel safe in saying I would rather have seen Diablo and all his little minions safely locked away in the mists of nostalgia instead of regurgitated, stuck together with bits of bubble gum and given a cheap lick of paint. What happened to you blizzard! Any past respect I had for you is sadly dwindling away to nothing.

    Another point I would like to make is the unbelievable disparity between the "official" critic reviews and the user reviews. Have any of them actually played this game? Or were they simply told to copy and paste what Activision-Blizzard told them when they collected their cheques?
  2. Aug 25, 2012
    To be honest I can't understand why the user ratings are so bad. What did you people expect? I bought the game knowing what I was getting into. Yes this is just a repetitive hack and slash. Yes the main point of the game is to just kill stuff and loot items. No depth really. And you know what? It is fun and addictive. It does get boring sooner or later, but what doesn't?

    I've played
    about 100 hours and I'm quite happy that I bought this game. I've had a fair share of fun. Also I expect to come back from time to time, just to have some hack' n slash fun with my friends.

    What makes me wonder the most is why does Diablo II have a much higher rating? D3 is really the same game as D2, just newer. It has new graphics and content, but all the main features, weaknesses and strengths did not change at all.
  3. Aug 24, 2012
    Basically Diablo 3 looks like a game, but it is not. Diablo 3 is a product for merchants, and gold farmers. It is a auction house simulator. The whole purpose is to buy and sell items, while Blizzard takes 15% cut of all the auction house earnings.
  4. Aug 24, 2012
    Well made, but short, repetitive and with ver very little in the way of customization. The always online idea is arse and sadly the likes of Torchlight just do this so much better these days.
  5. Aug 24, 2012
    David Brevik is a good and decent man. To even think of how unprofessional and unskilled Jay Wilson talked about him makes me very angry. This game was released broken and no one should waste money on it.
  6. Aug 24, 2012
    Once you have reached Inferno, the level at which you are promised the game will actually start, you will realize it has been a scam all along. No item drops makes the game worth your time. Take my word for it.

    The game took 11 years to make, the same amount of time was needed to ruin a perfectly viable franchise. Impressive in a sense, but not to the actual customer. Blizzard are
    getting greedy and stuffy, thank god indie studios are on the rise to replace these worthless behemoths. Don't buy it, it is all hype, no fun. Expand
  7. Aug 24, 2012
    Blizzard / Activision has fallen from heaven. Diablo 3 shows us what happens when a good franchise is paired with abysmal and downright disgraceful business practices and devlopment. Here are my observations:

    1.) Always online DRM has proven to have disastrous consequences for my game because now I am playing in inferno and when bad server connection from congestion leads to me being
    disconnected--- after I have secured level 5 nephalem valor (from killing 5 bosses to enhance drops) at great, painful effort, I have to start all over again. The game's mechanics are just being plain disrespectful. I play Diablo 3 99% of the time in single player and this mechanic has done me far more harm than good. They should have included offline option out of respect for players like me but apparently they don't care. Disgraceful! 2.) Story is brain dead and unworthy of the franchise. Character dialog is terrible and has been barely thought of. The story is disconnected from that of Diablo 2 and clearly dumbed down in preparation for some sort of bi-yearly recycling. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Guess what!? Diablo, Mephisto and Baal are apparently alive again! Trapped in the black soulstone (how did they get there!?) and now merged together into a "Legion" demon! Which is crazy because you completely destroyed them in Diablo 2; their souls have been destroyed forever in the Hellforge. They are gone and will never return. But how do you recycle a franchise without bad guys right? SO LET'S UNKILL THEM!!!

    3.) Skill system offers little diversity. The very limited skills you get from reaching certain levels is really for plain brainless damage doing or avoiding/absorbing attacks. No intelligence required for use! Tactics!? Who needs that! Terrible.

    4.) Gameplay is anemic. I consider Diablo 3 a step back in the franchise. I played Diablo 2 for many years and that offered far more options for gameplay than this one. Now everyone can be a tank/nuker at the same time except in inferno where it is freakishly difficult so that Blizzard will force you to buy items in their auction house and if you want the best, REAL MONEY IT IS! Blizzard takes 15% of all transaction costs!

    5.) Gear system. Let me make it clear that Diablo 3 is NOT about player skill. It is about having the BEST gear. Skill in this game does not help at all with the super enemies in inferno (invulnerable minions with a boss that takes ages to kill) that will require you to have the best items in the game to destroy. You cannot even kite because Blizzard threw in the 10-minute enrage timer in inferno so if you do NOT kill the boss or champion group in 10 minutes your life will automatically rapidly degenerate to zero. So the only solution is BETTER items that you can get through auction house! They did not have to do this but they did to control you and FORCE YOU to play the game their way. I find that highly disrespectful as I want to play as I see fit. Nobody should kill you for not playing a game a certain way! And I play fair.

    Diablo 3 is a waste of money. The brainless convoluted Call of Duty-equivalent of RPGs. It is completely dumbed-down to appeal to a "BROADER" audience--- Perhaps too dumbed down. Blizzard expects us, their customers, to not care about the gameplay, story and experience. They expect us to care only for one thing--- hype. "I am cool because I play Diablo 3! Did you see the website!?". Regardless of how bad that game is. Their mentality has led them to spend outrageous amounts of cash on marketing to over-hype the game while they super-rushed, starved, and went downright thrifty on the development team which led to a game that is only a third as good as it should be (the way I see it, they took only 2-3 years to make this) Because they think we are all carefree kids. Not me. I am a fan of the original and this is not the successor of Diablo 3. You do not have to support this hogwash of a game. Show them that you disapprove of the deliberate trashing of franchises by NOT buying this game.

    I am giving it a 2. Yes this is a working game that does deserve more merit if it stands on its own. And by that I mean its own franchise. If this was a new franchise I might give it a 4 or 5. But it is not a new franchise. This is Diablo 3. The successor to what many consider to be the greatest RPG of all time. And I will grade it on that basis. If you are the successor then you should be better. If you cannot. Then save face and start your own franchise. And this game has failed miserably at that. I will not compromise.
  8. Aug 24, 2012
    I'm glad I got my refund for this game back in early June of this year. I played diablo and diablo II, for YEARS. This piece of crud doesn't even have pvp.
  9. Aug 23, 2012
    It's a "good" game, but by blizzard's standards (which are exceptionally high) this game was a failure. You can get a good amount of play out of it, perhaps 100 hours, but it isn't worth $60 and it isn't comparable to the 1,000+ hours you got out of Diablo 2. The game is shallow; the horror atmosphere is gone; the quests and writing will make you cringe. D3 might be the end of the blizzard we used to know. Expand
  10. Aug 23, 2012
    - Always online is a scam. Especially when you pay full price - saving them distribution costs.
    - Real Money Auction house destroyed a core aspect of this genre - that being item find and looting. Legendary item's are anything but. Boss drops nerfed so bad its not worth working toward them. Prices on the AH are ridiculous; in the 100's of million of gold range and inflating constantly.
    Despite having 5 classes; there is only really two: Sword and board "resist all" stacker; or copious dps get hit once and die nuker. No skill or stat points, and a myriad of skills that become redundant in the endgame.
    - The story is garbage; as if written by committee. The persona's of Tyrael and Diablo forever sullied; the famous Deckard slain by a nobody; pitiful, cringe-worthy ending.
    - Completely disintegrate any respect I had for Blizzard. Where once we could trust them to come out with polished, well thought out, engaging and deep games; too franchise exploiting money grabbers.

    I want a refund. But knowing that's not on the cards - I just won't give Blizzard my money again.
  11. Aug 22, 2012
    One of the worst games I have ever played. Jay Wilson killed the Diablo franchise forever and insulted the original talented creators in every possible way. The game itself would be just ok as a game if it hadn't the name Diablo on it. And that's the problem. As a Diablo game it is unrecognizable, you don't feel like playing a Diablo game anymore. Puke. The new Blizzard sucks.
  12. Aug 22, 2012
    A piece of s*** . No really. If you played in 1996 - this is the same game only worse.
    Graphics are bad, gameplay is bad, support is bad. Its terrible. DO NOT WAS YOUR MONEY ON THIS
  13. Aug 22, 2012
    Diablo III is ultimately a good game. The problem is, a large proportion of fans were expecting a stellar, mind-blowingly amazing game. And on that front it's a disappointment, therein lies the mixed opinion coupled with a healthy dose of "I don't like things that are different" and "I can't play because of obnoxious DRM".

    There's only one major failing of the game that Diablo III is
    worthy of the harshest criticism for; the story. You'll be hard pressed to find a more generic, cheesy, poorly paced and bafflingly structured storyline within a game. Almost every trope of storytelling you can imagine is used inappropriately within the central narrative, from arrested character development to cringe-inducingly inept villains. There's a lot wrong with the story here, so if you're looking for something that tugs at your heart strings and makes you feel feelings, look elsewhere.

    That being said however, the gameplay of Diablo III is polished to a very high standard. While earlier difficulties are a relatively standard hack-and-slash experience, more complex and challenging combat begins to add layer upon layer of depth to the gameplay as you go on. Character builds, itemisation and tactics all begin to play a critical role, and alongside standard progression you have a nicely involved sideline of loot-grinding.
    Gameplay is involved and visceral, and randomly generated dungeons (though sadly randomisation is minimal in most overworld areas) keep things fresh for at least a few playthroughs.
    Visually, Diablo III boasts low polygon counts, but a richness and attention to detail that makes every setting wonderful to look at.

    Ultimately this third instalment in the Diablo franchise doesn't live up to hype, but that's probably the only major crime it commits. If you can handle the always-online requirement and the fact that this game isn't going to be winning any awards for originality or innovation, there's a lot to be enjoyed here. The developers at Blizzard have never been revolutionary artistes or champions of consumer good will, but what they *are* is incredibly effective at making video games that do exactly what they say on the tin.

    Diablo III is everything you'll want out of a hack-and-slash, and nothing more. There's enough gameplay in there for you to get more than your money's worth even for the casual player. For the enthusiast, you're likely to sink a hundred hours into this one easily.
  14. Aug 22, 2012
    Unfortunately a disaster. Repetitive and nothing that we haven't seen in other hack and slash games. Good visuals but nothing more. Good story but too few classes. You get bored efter 2 weeks
  15. Aug 22, 2012
    This is a late review, but I think a late game deserves as much. In any event, I wanted to get it right. Diablo 3 is unlike any game Ive played before in that is succeeds so brilliantly in the little things, but fails so catastrophically at its core. The graphics of Diablo 3 are among the best, its a great hybrid between hand-drawn artwork and high-octane animations in great density. Kill animations are numerous and always feel satisfying, and the landscapes nail the dark fantasy feel. The cinematic are breath-taking. The audio is also great, with an insane number of audio cues between skills and monsters and events plus a good soundtrack never hurt anyone. The game is long and begs to be replayed numerous times which shows how powerful the character progression is. The story is far too terrible to be a driving force, its characters are all one-dimensional, and plot twists are few and predictable. The only thing I didnt predict was how little closure the ending would give. But everything I just mentioned is just a drop in the bucket, because Diablo 3 fails to be either a game or a work of art. The implementation of the video and audio only exist to enhance the gameplay and the story is virtually non-existent. Theres no deeper meaning hidden anywhere. The problem is that the game aspect of Diablo 3 is also built on a flawed foundation. Diablo 3s gameplay is built entirely on 2 pillars: skills and gear. Theres nothing else to it, and both pillars are undermined by their flaws. On the one hand, the skills in Diablo 3 are amazing - at first. Unlocking new runes and new skills opens worlds of possibilities, and theres nothing more fun than switching builds around trying different playstyles. The problem is that you can only do this for a limited time. As you progress through the game and unlock new skills, you will also move onto harder difficulties. In Diablo 3 you have NO CHOICE over what difficulty, not because the game doesnt allow you to choose, but because the difficulties dont scale to level. If your the kinda gamer who likes a normal difficulty, Youll enjoy nightmare the most. But the problem is that you cant start on nightmare, and you cant end on nightmare. Once you beat nightmare, playing again will never be the same because youve already leveled beyond it. Once you beat a difficulty, going back to it is simply too easy to be any fun, your forced to do the next difficulty because its only one thats remotely challenging and its the only one in which your character can progress, either in level or gear. The new difficulties are scaled to be more difficult however. Once you get to Hell difficulty (the 3rd if you dont know), Diablo 3 gets difficult, and sometimes its unecessarily difficult, and some people like that, others dont. Hell difficulty is when your favorite builds stop working, and your playstyles start to die off one by one because they simply arent good enough. If you go all the way through that, your capped out forever on inferno difficulty, in which nearly every player in the world is limited to only a select few cookie cutter builds. You know the billions of skill and rune combos you used to have so much fun with? Well they might as well be gone because experimentation outside the cookie cutter is dealt with sheer brutality by the later difficulties. Inferno is at many times difficult on an unfair level. But my level 60 cant play anything else because theres no other difficulty where I can progress or have any fun. I can choose between far too easy and far too difficult. This feeds into the next issue, because Diablo 3 is all about the gear. The people who can do inferno can do so because they have the gear that makes it possible. But theres 2 problems with the gear. For one, gear is generated on a heirarchical basis. First it generates the level, then the number of bonuses, then the scale of each bonus, and the odds continue to roll on an exponential level ranging from complete **** to godly. The gear that gets people through inferno isnt the 1 in a 1000 drop, its not even a 1 in 10,000 drop. Its a one in a million drop. But surely theres ways to increase my chances of finding magic items. 2 things, you can use items that boost magic find but at the expense of bonuses that you NEED to survive the areas that drop good items, and then you have to actually get to those areas. To get past Act I inferno, you need AcT II gear. To get past Act II, you need Act III gear. Between the odds of finding the gear you need and not being able to progress because you need gear from an area beyond you, most players are caught in a tragic end-game loop, a loop that destroys the essential criteria of fun. Diablo 3 is a game with a time limit, theres not fun endgame stuff to do like there is in WoW, its built so that your character caps out. Theres no power/difficulty plateau, it keeps getting harder until you cant progress. Farming can only delay the cap, but whats the point? Its not fun. It's bad design. Expand
  16. Aug 21, 2012
    For a game that was 12 years in the making, it sure doesn't feel like it. No offline mode, numerous bugs, a heavily exploited economy and downright broken inferno mode make this a huge disappointment. And now the fiasco with the developers inability to take criticism as seen here: just solidifies the state of the game. Expand
  17. Aug 21, 2012
    My son bought this game. He played it for like 3-4 days? then quit and said it was boring. So decided not to play it. But I asked him if I could try it, and for awhile I could not because I did not know the password for his online account. So, I could not play it unless I buy my own copy registered under my own email.Happy to say, I did not by another copy, I asked him nicely for his password, and it worked. So I played the game and got interesting, mainly on the Witch doctor character, and the exploding frogs skill. I also played the wizard, that got all the way to nightmare and I started getting better items. When I played solo, and I could not get pass champion bosses without dying. I became frustrated and quit playing because progress is hard to attain. Back to Black Ops. Expand
  18. Aug 21, 2012
    I was a big fan of the Diablo series until this box of promises got dumped into my letter box.

    This game is nothing like Diablo 1, or 2 in either feeling of game-play or intelligence needed to play the game. The skill tree is idiot proof and there is no way to make mistakes. The only thing separating characters in this game is the gear and the organization of skills. I played this game
    for about a month and then promptly just left the game with no feeling of satisfaction what so ever.

    All characters have their own set of weapons, but no one uses them because other weapons are better, Wizzards with spears and barbarians with daggers, what was Blizzard thinking?

    If i could have gone back in time, i would have never touched this game.
  19. Aug 21, 2012
    I am hardcore D2 fan and I have to admit that D3 is ideal sequel. D2 sucks in almost every aspect that Blizzard managed to fix in D3. Broken D2 UI - fixed. Boring endgame turning into endless Hell Baal Runs - fixed. Ridiculously **** up melee combat in D2 - fixed. 85% of the skills in D2 sucks and are waste of the points - guess what, D3 managed to fix it with awesome skill system. Gold was a mock in D2 time, you may have 50kk gold which worth literally **** nothing, and now even 100k of gold worth a lot in D3. Etc, etc, every point that D2 has, was fixed, re-thinked or made from scratch in better way.
    It was definitely worth to wait 12 years for D3 release, this is superior gem in every aspect offering both excellent single and coop modes experience.
  20. Aug 20, 2012
    Did not like this game much at all, especially compared to D1 and D2. Really nothing new here, and lots of grinding and grinding. Pay-To-Win player store use is pretty much required for higher levels of play as the needed gear is simply not ALL going to drop in your lifetime. Repeated content is the name of the game. Development of chapters quickly tails off as you go from Ch1 -> Ch4.

    Unless you are a die-hard Diablo / Blizzard fan, not recommended.
  21. Aug 20, 2012
    D3 shipped in a beta state of the game. From the ground up the game reeks of poorly managed development. At release there were rampant bugs and glitches, and Blizzard has been quick to nerf classes and mechanics that players have found ways of using that Blizzard "doesn't like", yet slow to even consider fixing plainly broken things. The game came out in early May, yet it wasn't even until the previous week (mid August), that there were even discussions to attempt to move the game out of its obvious beta build. With the 1.04 patch the game takes a step out of its beta state, but still not anywhere near a release build that was worth the $60, or $100 if you made the mistake of buying the CE (most horrible CE released from Blizzard to date, everything in it apart from the art book was trash).

    Maybe next year the game will be in a worthwhile state, but needless to say, even if you ignore the general unplayable state the game was in for the first few weeks after its release, D3 is a bad game in its current state. If you haven't bought it yet, don't, wait till next year to see if it has been patched four or five times. If it has and if the forum community (on site and on fan sites) still isn't frothing with rage, with forum bans going out every five minutes to try and make the game look like it is in a more pleasant state, then go ahead and consider buying the game. Otherwise, do not even think of putting this game in your cart of any kind or even approach a register with it, there are far better games for less than half the price that can occupy even more hours of your time if you wish.
  22. bdc
    Aug 20, 2012
    Diablo 3 is not a true successor to Diablo 2, unfortunately we will never get the true successor. This game was engineered by a group of people who no longer try and make fun games, it is an utter disaster and I wish that I had never bought it (launch day), not for the loss of money, but because I unfortunately helped contribute to the game being a commercial success even though it is an utter failure in every other way.

    The critics that gave this game a good review, either weren't fans of Diablo of Diablo 2, or much more likely they are industry hacks, if ever there was a sign that you simply cannot trust professional reviewers it is with the difference in scores by users vs critics for this game. What a travesty.

    I gave this a 1 out of 10, simply because on it's own, this game would have been mediocre, but as a sequel it is an utter betrayal of the design of the series and of the fans who wasted their money on it.

    This is the equivalent of a Disney sequel and no, I'm not talking about Toy Story sequels, more like Aladdin: Return of Jafar or Lion King: Simba's Pride, totally undeserving of the name and something that was made merely to cash in on other peoples hard work by appropriating the name.
  23. Aug 19, 2012
    I've never been so disappointed with a sequel in my life, and I'd like to think that it's not only because Diablo 2 was a great game, but also because this one is really bad. Blizzard is slipping in all departements, the story is just lazy, the characters are mostly flat and boring and they actually built this game on the premise that you'll play it over and over again anyway.

    Here's a
    tip: the reason people played Diablo 2 over and over again for years and years wasn't because that was the only way to get good gear, or to change the difficulty (absolutely horrible that you can't start on harder difficulty in this goddamn game): they did it because the game was great fun to play in the first place.

    My respect for Blizzard is severely damaged, and I won't be buying a game from them again anytime soon.
  24. Aug 18, 2012
    Why give this game a 0? Because it is sooo bad that Blizz has ruined PC Gaming for me. I played 150+ hours and NEVER once did I have anywhere near as much fun as the previous Diablos.. It is uninstalled now. Sadly Blizzards now possesses a deep seated contempt for us gamers.. Every patch that has been release has further enhanced the sucky elements of the game and made it less fun. I started having more fun reading the forums and hearing other gamers complain rather than playing the game.. I CALL THIS A ZERO QUALITY GAME! If you had given the Titan's quest crew Diablo 3's budget we would be looking at a perfect 10 game. It is just criminal making a game this bad with this kind of budget. Now Blizzard is threatening people in the forums to stop complaining about the game or face account penalties. This game just feels like a conspiracy against gamers. Take something fun, and militarize into a money making job. So not fun, and terribly designed. Expand
  25. Aug 18, 2012
    It's a single-player game that requires online. The writing has taken a nosedive compared to Diablo II. The gameplay is repetitive without being as satisfying as Diablo II.
  26. Aug 18, 2012
    OK... where do i start? I have been a fan of diablo since the very 1st original game which was in my mind one of the greatest games of all time. Where the hell did it all go wrong? This is a far cry from Diablo. The only correlation between this and Diablo is the title and the fact that you have to kill "Something" called Diablo at the end of the game. This is the biggest let down of the year for me. This game should easily have been game of the year.

    The graphics are good yeah but the plot is basically laughable. The difficulty settings of Inferno basically make it impossible to farm anything unless you are in a group. There are too many stat's too have to worry about when it comes to gearing up, i mean good luck finding gear for a monk that has 1 misc res, 1 All resistance, Dex, Vit, AS, CHC, CHD, socketted, GF/MF etc... The servers are a joke, if you can beat the log in screen you find that the AH crashes on an almost weekly basis, and that you pull your hair out the roots because you get server lag that gets you killed during boss confrontations after which you get a 5K repair bill for something that wasn't your fault.

    The builds are ok while you are still learning what to do but once the novelty wears off, you quickly realize that there are only 5 or 6 skills per class worth bothering with anyway. Now that people are leaving the game in massive quantities, it has become harder and harder to gear up. Every item is randomly generated so you could end up with chest gear for a barbarian with INT and DEX on it rather than STR/Vit. Because people are leaving gear on the ah is going up astronomically because there are not as many farmers now as there used to be which has a knock on effect on everything from leveling to AH prices.

    There is no suitable upper limit cap on the ah and because of that gear worth 10K is allowed to be sold for 30 Billion... Because of this, arguments in chat are common because people who find an equivocal item automatically think that their item is worth at least 40 Million or some crap like that and some arguments between players almost verge on bullying and harassment.

    Blizzard now let people sell gold on the ah at a base value of 0.25p per 100K which is great until you realize that gold sellers are selling gold for 6 euro for 50 Million. Way to go blizzard, what sort of school of economics did you go to when you decided to make it profitable to buy gold from gold sellers rather than price them out? I mean Christ, buy 50 Mill gold off them for 6 euro and sell it on the rmah for ££££'s, yay great plan!.

    I guess the last problem is Jay Wilson... turd... Thanks for ruining what should have been an instant classic.

    And blizzard really think PVP will save this game? Considering the dps difference with some classes, the resistance of others, no pvp build and no pvp gear... PVP i think will be a total fail.

    I honestly don't know where to stop, i feel so dissapointed with this EPIC FAILURE that i feel like i want my money back. The only reason i have not tried to get my money back is because i made the money back off the RMAH.

    Honestly.... Wait for torchlight 2, dont buy this utter ****
  27. Aug 18, 2012
    The game as of august 2012 is a disappointment. You start out feeling powerful, gradually facing enemies stronger and stronger, making you feel weak and puny in the end. The opposite of how a game in this genre should feel. Items are lackluster and boring. Character customization is non existent. Re-playability is present, but not enjoyable.
  28. Aug 18, 2012
    I give it 1 point for being called Diablo. The game just doesn't have any other merrits justifying more points. It's called Diablo, but for the rest, it simply isn't a Diablo game. This is Duke Nukem Forever Goes Diabolical. It's just a release to milk money from the masses. Sorry, Activision, these are not the cashcows you're looking for.
  29. Aug 17, 2012
    I will not complain about the connectivity issues and Blizzard's recent trend of fetishism for DRM. Multiplayer SC2 has some of the same faults, and it is a great game. The problems with D3 are numerous and too large to overlook. The most glaring deficiency is the story. Foreshadowing should be subtle. Every villain in D3 tells you exactly what they are going to do and when. The side dialogue all but explicitly says what is coming up next. The new characters that enter the realm are poorly developed. I do not care at all about them or know their motivations. It is the difference between The Godfather and Avatar. The Godfather has a great story. The characters are developed. There is emotion. The scenes are visually pleasing, but the director does not bash you with action at all times. Avatar sacrifices story on the altar of cool visual effects. It is so predictable and its characters are so vapid that you want to keep watching because you paid the $12 for the ticket, and damn it, you are going to get your full 3 hours because you paid for it.

    The game is incredibly item dependent. I suppose that this is by design. Feel like you are getting killed too often? Head over to the auction house and buy some of our items. That is fine. It does not kill the game by itself. WoW did the same thing and it did not break the game. What really peeves me is bringing cash into it. Want to really smash the bad guys? Grab your mother's credit card and use some real life currency. Blizzard gets a cut of the action, of course. On that same point, there are very few times during a playthrough that you feel like you are in the right location for your level. I am usually smashing the baddies or getting manhandled like a boxing match between Mr. T and Michael Cera. The happy medium is difficult to find and fleeting.

    Blizzard has been a reliable company over their whole history. I have never been disappointed in any of their previous titles. Players of any skill level could have a blast playing over and over again. They were visually pleasing. At the same time, the gameplay was smooth, and the story was engaging. Yes, D3 is visually pleasing considering that they needed to make a game that would run on a wide range of hardware. Yet, it lacks the essential elements of a good game. It has been dumbed down and destroyed in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Blizzard used to be a team of artists that were the greatest at their craft. They have lost that slowly since WoW. No amount of bug fixes and balancing can fix that.

    As a longtime fan of Blizzard games, I am incredibly disappointed in D3. I wasted $60 and 60 hours of my life. In the future, I will no longer blindly trust in Blizzard's ability to produce a good game. Their reputation has been tarnished so severely for me. It is time to put that silly dream out of its misery like a black powder rifle to old yeller's head.
  30. Aug 17, 2012
    Oh Blizzard, you really screwed this one up. It is to be expected though, now that you have merged with those developer-killers, Activision. Your games have been going downhill since WoW: The Burning Crusade and this is just another nail in your coffin as far as a huge chunk of your fan base is concerned.
  31. Aug 17, 2012
    I found Diablo 3 painfully boring, repetitive, dated, uninspired and predictable. The boredom factor kicks in right at the beginning of the first act and unfortunately does not subside throughout the entire game. I found my brain completely switching off as I roamed aimlessly through boring dungeons, not caring about my quest or the overall plot. I was merely looking for something to excite me, but the excitement never came. The game is incredibly repetitive, however, Diablo 2 was also repetitive, yet killing countless beasts in the Arcane Sanctuary was somehow so much more fun than killing anyone in the badly designed sets of Diablo 3. The game looks like it should have been released in 2004, and lets face it, the game was finished and ready to go in 2004, however for obvious marketing reasons, Blizzard held it off until they milked WoW. There's a term for this and it's called product cannibalism. Blizzard were cautious about Diablo 3 as it no doubt would have caused the WoW players to shift games. DIablo 3 looks dated, because it is. This whole Blizzard 'It will be done when it's done' crap is merely hype building. Diablo 3 is uninspired. There is no creative flair throughout the whole game. Anyone could have written the plot, devised the monsters and vomited out that dialogue. It is total tripe. Blizzard has destroyed their own franchise. Do not purchase this game. You have been warned. Expand
  32. Aug 17, 2012
    the ridiculously overpowered monster packs and elites, mean you are forced to play with others, which are most the time clueless under geared noobs that make playing a nightmare. The lucky few who have dedicated friends and play in organised groups probably enjoy the game enormously. Unfortunately none of my friends decided to play which meant that I never managed to enjoy the game, a part of which contributes to me being envious and ultimately the expression of this review. However that could have been avoided should blizzard have decided to make the whole game doable for solo players, which is probably not very difficult from a designers point of view. They just have to scale the monster abilities accordingly.
    From the start the game put me on the USA servers without any confirmation of questions. This was due to the fact that I had played the beta, which was on USA servers and I hadn't switched the account back after buying the game, so after my char was lvl 47, I found out I was on the wrong server, and refused to remake my char. I am therefore unable to use the real money auction house, which is one of the biggest selling points of D3. Blizzard still hasn't done anything about this problem which has been in shock, and I refused to play another 100 odd hours to get to where I am now.
    The always on connection requirement adds to this problem. My connection constantly lags and disconnects. I have had to kill countless monsters twice or even three times. Sure I understand that you want to provide a safe and secure and uncrackable system, but to stretch this to an extent where the regular players must update every move they make onto an extremely laggy server is beyond all explanation. Even if it is stable nowadays, there are still problems like when your computer crashes, and you find yourself in the middle of a massive monster pack at the front of the entrance immediately after you log back in. That's right you have been successfully farming with your friends, you dc'ed and they all died and kept dying and now noone can get away because there's a ridiculous waller / fast / arcane minion pack that one shots everyone. now you have to remake and go without any of your nephalem valors from scratch.
    This game is crap in ways that boil my very bones. I played wow for such a long time, and every patch all my efforts were completely pointless, it was as though I was a noob once again. I vow to never buy a blizzard game again.
  33. Aug 16, 2012
    An empty soulless version of a fantastic game. The way Activision/Blizzard has handled there business is unacceptable and consumers need to stop putting up with it. The in-game cash shop and always online single player is not okay. Since big publishers judge success by only two things, sales and metacritic rating, tanking the metacritic rating is the only way to get their attention.
  34. Aug 16, 2012
    Long story short ; How can you ruin an epic game series? Diablo III..
  35. Aug 16, 2012
    Diablo 3 is an bizarre experiment. I feel like I should learn financial maths and use a spreadsheet to manage it. But then you have the unpredicted drop or deal that changes everything. What do you remember from the two first opus? Addiction? Well it's still there. But the "buzz" is more volatile. The main fun thing for me is still the rune system which allows a lot of cool combinations. Some aren't just useful in inferno because you'll get your ass kicked, but in hell, yes, you can evolve your character in very distinct ways. A very very good value for me, and I don't have to divide 60$ by x hours played for that. Expand
  36. Aug 16, 2012
    Dont let the fanboys fool you this is a great game although it does have its issues when it comes to endgame players, but you will have plenty of fun until then
  37. Yst
    Aug 16, 2012
    Diablo III is a fairly satisfactory dungeon romp, in the manner of its predecessors. If making enemies explode and effortlessly plowing through a horde of the undead satisfies you, this may be just the thing. Its environments are attractive, even if its story, voice acting and writing are generally of very poor quality (as this is not the game
  38. Aug 16, 2012
    The main reason why I hate this game is because it is not the social game I thought it would be. In D2, me and my friends played for years and had fun with the game. In D3, I played with the same exact group of friends, but we have all quit within a couple of months. Every aspect of the game encourages the players to play BY THEMSELVES, and not with their friends. The auction house encourages people to sell their items instead of sharing with their friends, the four player max splits up groups of friends (unlike the 8 player max in previous games), there is no pvp (yet) general the game just simply is not fun. For the player who likes to play by himself, this could be a great game. For the person who wants to play a game with his friends...this is not. Expand
  39. Aug 16, 2012
    Well, I got the Starter Edition, and I'm 100% positive I won't buy the game. By the time I reached the first boss in the game, I was getting really bored, mainly because of the same environment and the difficulty. You wander in dungeons a lot, at least in the first act. About the difficulty; This game is too easy on normal, and since I'm unable to change the difficulty, I have to rate that. Despite being totally new to the game, not once did I have to use potions. The exploration: If you're someone who tries to explore everything in a game, like me, then prepared to be punished. The dungeons have optional and main pathways, where the objective is. Thing is, if you went the wrong way (for example, you see your objective) you have to go all the way back to explore that one optional wing/room, and then again go all the way back to the main path. You get XP for mindless things like destroying barrels or benches as fast as possible. One positive thing however, is that you can interact with the environment to some degrees, like you can use a chandelier to kill some demons with it by dropping it on the ground.
    So long story short, it has way too few pros and you burn out quickly from it (3 hours for me), so I wouldn't recommend getting this game, especially for the price they are asking for it.
  40. Aug 15, 2012
    Most games you play until you get bored. Diablo 3 I played until I hated it and then some. I played 120 hours, which seems great for $60...but the game is terribly disappointing. I only kept playing because of how much I enjoyed Diablo 2. My single biggest complaint is that every level 60 character is exactly the same. There is absolutely no customization. All that distinguishes the best barbarian from the worst barbarian is gear, which you can buy on the AH for real dollars of which Blizzard takes a portion. The quests are boring, the dialogue is atrocious, the plot is inane, and the always online requirement is aggravating. And worst of all the items suck. I found 2 legendaries (uniques) over 100 hours. Why is that? Diablo 3 is shallow, boring, and does disgrace to the Blizzard name. Expand
  41. Aug 15, 2012
    One sentences should sum it up: This game is HUGE disappointment. You have to basically pay to win as NOTHING decent drops in hundred of hours of "farming", or its better to call it "grinding". No upgrades to your gear, no legendaries, no rares, NOTHING. The loot system is broken or extremely mean to players.

    MF doesn't work the way it should work. Gives you basically no item-finding
    boost at all.
    (Been farming act 3 inferno with 300% MF with mediocre results).

    To be able to clear latest act of hardest difficulty you have to buy gold or equipment for real money. The best gear in game is like 250 euro or more.

    My advice: Don't buy this game and spare your time and money...
  42. Aug 15, 2012
    The novelty of this game wears off extremely quickly and becomes a repetitive grind. This holds true when you have to complete the campaign 3 times just to reach the max level.
  43. Aug 15, 2012
    Never played diablo 1+2, but decided to try out this game after hearing all the hype. The game is OK. However, it has no entertainment value after first playthrough. Sure, you unlock a new difficulty and can earn better loot in your next playthrough - but so what. Why bother... This game is based around grind. And if you like pure grind then this is the game for you. I have not even in mmorpgs seen this kind of grind. If playing the same story over and over satisfies you then this is the game for you. Other than that i want to mention that blizzard has terrible customer service - they completely disregard their customers (because they can). Expand
  44. Aug 14, 2012
    A lot of the reported issues with this game really don't matter much until you hit Inferno mode. For those that don't own the game and don't know, Inferno mode is the fourth time playing through the campaign with the same character, and it is harder because you cap at level 60 and can't out-level the mobs to beat them if the game has been giving you crappy loot. To some, the game isn't "beaten" until you finish Inferno, and I can understand the frustration they are facing.

    That said, any game that I enjoyed for 100+ hours is definitely worth the money, and I can say that about Diablo 3. Maybe $60 is a tad high, but IMHO the quality and polish of this game is worth at least $50.
  45. Aug 14, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a good game if it wasn't developed by Blizzard. It
  46. Aug 13, 2012
    A broken game built around a real-money auction house... a sad attempt to raise revenue through micro-transactions, destroying a great franchise in the process... pathetic.
  47. Aug 13, 2012
    At first, i was like most of the people writing these reviews "OMG diablo is so boring"
    "OMG it requires no skill"
    "OMG its just click at the baddies AND its boring AND it requires no skill"
    yeah, ill say thats true until around hell, without a proper strategy for your class and with a lack of skill, you're going to get 2 shotted by the zombies in act 1 and dont even get me started on
    the rare mobs. My experience with user reviews is that they base it off impressions OR they have a friend carry them through the game so they don't actually experience it.
    SO.. my point here is, it's a GREAT game but really only if you want to drop some effort into it.
    For the future players, don't buy it if you don't want to sink time into it, if you want a quick game with no effort/time required, go play CoD.
    For the future reviewers, PLEASE don't write your review until you have leveled more than 3 characters (different classes please) to 60 and beat the game on all of those on all the difficulties, otherwise you're just going to get the "blizzard trap" where they make the game ridiculously easy until late-game.
    Have fun, and go try to beat hell azmodan, peace.
  48. Aug 13, 2012
    It seems to me that Blizzard has so much money to pay critics. It's extremely evident and this is what is wrong with the world we live in. This game is the biggest garbage I've ever played. DRM nuff said...
  49. Aug 13, 2012
    1 Out of 10 star due to I waited so many years for the game! Got so happy it was coming out.. Just to see that the leveing up to 60 in the game was better then being lb. 60.. This game had noting to do with diablo 2. No PVP, No Trading games hosted, Trash AH where people buy and resell to scam each other and make money out of paypal AH on the news other day there was a kid that make 20,000$ from real money AH. and is still making more! The game is so bad over all. Patchs wont fix my thoughts on the game now its too. The game cheated on me I will never look back Expand
  50. Aug 12, 2012
    This game is boring, dumb, has zero innovation and it's a shameless attempt for Blizzard to earn some "tax" money from people who already payed them for their game. Worst $60 ever spent IMO.
  51. Aug 12, 2012
    Let's keep it nice and short. Diablo 3 is just a Diablo 2 with lesser features and prettier graphics. If you're looking for some solid demon bashing fun with your friends, you'll like the game, other than that, the game is hollow.
  52. Aug 12, 2012
    What. Is. This.
    Issues according to me:
    1. Internet connection to play offline
    2. Lag in offline (seriously?)
    3. Very plane, you play an hour you have seen it all, I know its H&S but, the monster just get tougher, that's it.
    4. Gets boring after 3/4 hours.
  53. Aug 12, 2012
    Very good game.Nice graphics,true hack and slash game,great soundtrack.
    The always online thing didnt bothered me,except just one disconnect.
    Real money auction house is a great iea to deal with gold selling sites.
  54. Aug 12, 2012
    While fun getting through the game the first time the fact is at max level the game is dull dull dull. Recycled content and ideas only go so far. Blizzard got my money so I guess the last laugh is on me :)
  55. Aug 11, 2012
    I'm updating my score from a 1 to a 5 in anticipation of patch 1.0.4. I truly hope this patch will bring out the game that we all paid $60-$100 for. Below are the preview details of patch 1.0.4 - release date is still unknown.

    System Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
    Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng is preparing a high-level summary of some of the system changes planned for 1.0.4.

    Legendary Item Improvements, by Andrew Chambers
    Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers is working on a blog detailing all the ways we
  56. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is so utterly bad, that even writing this is more than it deserves. There is nothing fun about it except the first few-dozen hours of initial gameplay, it has no depth, it has no quality script, it has nothing original, it's in fact regression in every aspect. This game would never have sold if it wasn't signed Blizzard and it pains me so many of us buy something like this, expecting something good from a supposedly good company only to be served STUPIDLY expensive (80+ dollars at some time!!!!) CRAP. I am not going to buy Blizzard game ever again, I'm done with this company. They used to make good games, now it seems they just cash-in on their established brand. Like every **** business these days. Expand
  57. Aug 9, 2012
    What a disappointment. After over a decade of waiting this is what we get? A game where the character models and overall graphics are a blurry and ugly mess that wouldn't have been acceptable 6 years ago. Where the game-play has been reduced to left click to win and skills and attributes have been removed or simplified to increase the dependency on gear so that you'll be more likely to use the Auction House, increasing Blizzard's revenue. The voice acting is horrid, on par with a bad B grade movie at the best of times while the story is such a joke Stephanie Meyer could have written a better piece of fiction in 3 months and this took then 6 years. The always online DRM is the icing on the cake. I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by something I was looking forward to in my entire life. Expand
  58. Aug 8, 2012
    It has DRM always online. No offline mode. There is not really anything else to be said about this game. It
  59. Aug 8, 2012
    Diablo 3 does more things wrong then right, but you will not really notice them until you reach max level (which is reached very fast, relatively speaking.) For a brand new game coming out the issues that were present on release would not be such an issue if they were addressed, which they were not. Instead, Blizzard decide to patch up multiple play styles that players have in an attempt to get the player to focus on AH and RMAH. These types of actions by blizzard shows that they would rather make as much money as possible instead of fixing the integrity of the game, aka itemization and playing progression.

    Blizzard made a lot of bad choices right after launch in favor to get players to use the AH/RMAH instead of playing the game. Players now have to grind for hours at a time to have any hope of finding gear, while being stuck using the same skills none stop. At the release of the game, this was not true. You could play the game for 30 minutes and feel rewarded. At soon as RMAH was released, the game was destroyed as well as any hope of focusing players on the game inself rather the the RMAH.

    If you are looking to play a game for 100 hours for 60 bucks, then Diablo 3 is for you. If your looking for a game that will last a long time, look some where else. Diablo 3's dev team only focus is to take your money and spend it on RMAH.

    One final note: This is why this game gets the lowest score possible in my mind. Blizzard will not restore any items lost for any reason at all. Even if you put money on RMAH and a bug occurs and it takes your money, and even if they realize this to be true, they will not restore ANYTHING. FOR ANY REASON.
    If Blizzard wants to do RMAH, they have to go head over heels for the player, not screw them over.
    This game is the biggest disappoint for me then Spore and Black and White 2 combined. Blizzard's team should be ashamed of themselves for ruining something that could of last the ages.
  60. Aug 8, 2012
    I find a few good things about D3, like the combat, the skill calculator, the spells, the runes and of course the detail of the cinematics. The story, maps/dungeons, bosses, npc's and basic mobs are all boring and bland but ok none the less. The biggest problems w/ this game start to show in inferno and really rear their ugly heads in Act 2+ inferno. The elite packs RNG affix, the crap RNG gear stats, the amount of ridiculously low ilvl gear dropping in inferno, the insane lack of gear drops that could be an upgrade which in turn these things all herd players to the GAH/RMAH in order to get gear to progress to a non-existent end game. The lack of drops for a lot of players that don't want to play the AH means a lack of incentive to continue to play the game. For those that play the AH and farm for hundreds and hundreds of hours to make $100 a month, more power to you, but for some of us this isn't the game we bought into. It turns out that Blizzard created D3 as a way to continue to feed their greed using the Diablo series name. Such a shame. Expand
  61. Aug 8, 2012
    What a let down. Game had so much potential but once you hit inferno the blacksmith has it right when he says "too much work, not enough profit." Can put in weeks worth of gameplay and not get anywhere gear-wise which pretty much puts progression at an either stop or extremely difficult pace. Add the real money AH and this game turns into one of those iphone/android games where the game is pretty much impossible without purchasing perks and addons from the developer's ingame store. I'm a retired WoW player who played from vanilla to farming LK in WoTLK and for the longest time loved Blizz. But, now that they ruined the Diablo franchise (my opinion), I don't think I can forgive them. Diablo II saved me while I was in Iraq during down time. I played it on a super old Micron laptop that could barely run it. Loved the crap out of that game. I seriously think this game would of been better off as an iPad game for $9.99. Then the expectations wouldn't of been as high after what, 8 years of planning and development? (could be off on that number) In D2 there was a variety of skill builds that were feasable end game. So far in D3 there's 1 for my inferno act2 barb that works decent and 1 for my inferno act2/3ish wizard. Both are slow kill tanks. Fun times. The one part that gets me the most though is that I found my self playing the damn AH waaaay longer than I was playing the actual game! I'd spend hours browsing page after page for affordable upgrades since you're only allowed to have 3 search attributes and limited sorting. Then if you have a bid on something with less than an hour you don't want to start a game since by the time you get your 5 stacks in Act III you don't want to quit and lose them. That's a broken system in my book. I bought the game for the killing, not to play wannabe Ebay master.

    Totally unacceptable from a company as big as Blizz and shame on ActiBlizz. Haven't logged in to D3 in almost a month now and probably won't be going back unless there are HUGE changes including being able to progress in a feasable amount of time without the RMAH and making other skills and builds enjoyable and playable. I give it a 2 instead of a 1 for at the very least giving me the first 30-50 hours of enjoyable gameplay where gear that dropped actually helped me progress. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Nevermind on the 2. I'm giving a 1 instead for forcing me to log in to play a solo game. There is tons of cheating and exploits going on in your game as is so, much good that all worked out huh? Took a 8 hour road trip not that long ago, couldn't play cause mobile hot spot was way too laggy. Guess what I did for those 8 hours. Friggin AH ebay master. Horrible.
  62. Aug 7, 2012
    I enjoy Diablo 3. i know it did not blow us away, but it sure is a hell of alot better than Diablo 2. This is a game i play it to have fun, unlike torchlight 1 which i play when i'm bored out of my mind. Diablo 3 had a great story to, We all know they had little to work with. So they used The lesser evils Belial, and, Azmodan.They made to be always online so that people couldn't install it on other computers Like you can with Diablo 2 Expand
  63. Aug 7, 2012
    I would love to give this a zero, but in all honesty the art guys did their job, and the game looks great. But as a sequel to D2, it is a major disappointment. After spending 4+ years of promising the community that this was the best Diablo ever, Blizzard finally released this dumbed down, incomplete, buggy, boring, un-fun abomination. I really don't need to repeat what's wrong with this game: just go to the BattleNet forums. There are many, many well reasoned posts like this [] outlining the flaws in this game, and some pretty decent fixes proposed by the community. Sadly, Blizzard isn't listening. Equally, the so-called "critics" have failed the community. Only Armchair Empire [] got it right.

    Sorry, I'm not thankful, and I have no plans to buy the expansion unless this is fixed.
  64. Aug 7, 2012
    So.. I just returner from vacation, hadn't much to do so I launched diablo iii to play my lvl 60 monk. I haven' t played diablo for at least 20 days.... and what a surprise: after 10 minutes of playing i was so bored that i quit the game and went to watch some TV. That says all. The game has the most boring and repetitive gameplay ever. You start playing at normal.. way to easy and boring.. then nightmare .. same here.. hell is a little bit more challenging but you have already defeated diablo 2 times already so is still boring.. Inferno is a complete gear check ( that means you don't need skill to advance but good gear which you can only BUY from auction house unless you want to spend more than 1000 hours playing the same and the same act until you finally get a decent item) BTW i haven 't still found ANY set item until now... Don't buy this game unless you have 60e to throw away (and also plenty of time) Expand
  65. Aug 7, 2012
    Too linear, too repetitive, too limited, one of the worst leveling systems ever. Single player doesn't work offline.
    Problem with servers.
    Total disappointment.

    Although it has gone over 10 years since Diablo 2 was released Diablo 3 is worse.
  66. Aug 7, 2012
    This is a mediocre game, by all accounts. HOWEVER, the hype around it with the promise of getting "rich" of the real money auction house has attracted many players looking for an addiction. Blizzard has corrupted their game with what they have learned from WoW. I am sorry, but it seems that all the critics were blind and deaf. This is not a very good game. In a world where we have games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Braid/Limbo/that great indie game/ this is a mediocre game looking to get you hooked on loot. Please snap out of it! Expand
  67. Aug 6, 2012
    4/5 (Good) Come on guys, the game is good or at least it's "ok" (3/5), but I understand the negativity around it. Do you remember the FIRST time you played Diablo? and the feeling of reaching yet another "section" of the "main dungeon", where everything was new and dangerous (and you where DEFINITLY closer to hell)? How about the first time you played Diablo 2? I remember playing the DEMO where you play the Barb for the first two quests, and think: "Wow, this is... nice!" --- WHERE IS THAT "FEELING" IN D3? It's not there. So the game is good, but is NOT the game we were waiting for. Expand
  68. Aug 6, 2012
    Total disappointment. I was expecting a quality game from Blizzard.
    The game-play is incredibly boring and dull. Graphics are outdated and un-innovative, gameplay is tedious, the storyline is ridiculously bad and way too short and the character classes simply suck. You cannot modify you characters so apart from their armor they all look the same. The character mechanism have been retooled
    to the point of irrelevance. Blizzard had eight years to master one of the most anticipated games of all time. But there really is no improvements, and the game-play is cliché: you keep clicking hordes of demons, loot them and gain experience. I know that this is the basic mechanism of RPG's and the original Diablos, but it's just getting old. Expand
  69. Aug 5, 2012
    At first, it was VERY FUN!!!! Ar first i wouldce gave it 9.0 and when PvP 10.0 . BUT!!!!!!!!! It got super boring1
    I want a good story so it gets boring when it gets told so many times. Loot game yeah yeah i dont care it doesnt keep me on the game. Bo r i ng! hahahaha
    I have / had 2 nightmare and 2 normal characters. 7/10. FOR THOSE that like looting like nobodys business and dont care
    for story ALMOST!!! AT ALL! Then you can like this. It could be awesome awesome game, i bought Collector's Edition Expand
  70. Aug 5, 2012
    This game is really bad. He just leaves out all the good aspects of diablo 2 and make new features that are mediocre at best words. It was really a big disappointment, being a fan of Blizzard. Every faith that placed the company no longer exists now.
  71. Aug 5, 2012
    Diablo 3 launch was a complete failure. The game lags even on good PC, i7-860 with GTX 670 and 8 GBs DDR3 2000 MHZ. The game is dull and very boring. Now I know why a lot of the original developers have been leaving Blizzard. Blizzard no longer provides quality products it once did! This is the crappiest game in the whole series even Diablo 1 is a million times better than this Garbage! One word to describe Diablo 3 would be Boring! Not only that this game lags a lot and always online DRM does not make anything better. People still cheat, hack and steal! Dear Blizzard close your doors you are done as a developer! I hate Diablo 3 it just pisses me off on so many level. I just gave up on this crappy game and Blizzard! The fun factor of this game is zero so it gets a 0 out of 10 from me. Because I would never play this crap ever again! Expand
  72. Aug 5, 2012
    Most disappointing game I have ever played. I cannot recommend this game in its current state. Its fun going from level 1-60, but the end-game is the most terrible idea in gaming yet. The game engine purrs and combat is fun. I even enjoy the new build system. However, in the end the game feels like a scam. Every patch that has come out since release has made the game worse. You use to be able to find gear when you opened a chest but now that doesn't happen. You used to be able to die without paying ridiculously high repair costs, but now the game is nearly unplayable unless you farm for hours a day for gold or buy gold using real money in the RMAH (real money auction house). The drop rate of items is based of the AH(auction house with in game gold)/RMAH, so sometime in the middle of hell mode using the AH becomes nearly mandatory. By the time you get to inferno mode you MUST use the AH to progress, because the drop rates are abysmal. In inferno mode, with a level requirement of 60, monsters will most often drop gear less than 60 that is useless. The gear that is level 60 normally has useless stats that no one would ever want. People who succeed in this game use exploits in-game or in the AH. The game itself is filled with boters who exploit the AH and farm for gold. This makes gold prices on the AH ridiculously high, and making the game nearly unplayable for the average player. The abysmal drop rates, combined with the high repair costs all point players to the RMAH. The drop rate issue, along with the repair costs, and the RMAH have ruined the end-game. The game feels pay-to-win and this will only get worse once PVP is released (there is NO PVP currently) when people will pay $1000.00 to deck out their characters. The game feels more like a scam for your money than a form of entertainment. All my friends who were playing on release who have stopped playing. Besides all of the above reasons, cooperative (co-op) play is discouraged in the end-game as well. Even though its easy to join a game with your friends the massive HP boost the monsters get (110% per player joining) makes it more efficient to play solo. They used to get a massive damage boost too (which made it absolutely impossible to play co-op) luckily they removed that. However, there is a five buff limit in the game which a person could reach easily on solo mode. This means that the buffs you're friends give you will either cancel out a buff you wanted to have or have no effect. Likewise, any public game you join in inferno mode will 99% of the time end up facing a nearly impossibly randomly generated elite pack and thus dying over and over again... again increasing repair costs and making you farm lower content for gold to continue playing or paying real money for gold. There are more reasons I have no included like lack of PVP, consistent lag issues, no off-line mode, lack of customization, and lack of real randomization but I'll stop here. Basically, this game feels like a $60 scam to try to rip you off of more of your money. I have no confidence that they will improve the game. Look into other forms of entertainment for your $60. This is not the sequel to Diablo 2 we have been waiting for; It is the most disappointing game of 2012. Expand
  73. Kyo
    Aug 5, 2012
    Diablo 3 is not a bad game, it has good graphics, fun gameplay especially in multiplayer, and a good atmosphere. At first this game is really epic I really got into it, and after the first cutscene man I had the chills, but it dies down after act 2 or the middle of act 2. I like the classes and how each one is individual and different, from voodoo magic, traps and crossbows, powerful punches, and brutally killing everything with a giant axe. The talent trees are not that great they lack customization and kind of make you character all over the place with different skills, I would have loved to be a fire Mage for instants (No fireball spell? Really!?). That doesn't mean the skills were not cool, they felt awesome to use even if some were useless. The story is really nothing to look forward to, some plot points will really piss you off , and some would just be 'meh" nothing epic when it should have been. I got 1 character to Hell mode then stopped there feeling Diablo'ed out and haven't really touched it since, but i know I will play it again eventually. The game was fun when it lasted, and I don't regret having it in my collection. Expand
  74. Aug 5, 2012
    Reading other reviews that call this game a "triumph" makes me wonder if the reviewer even played the game. At any rate, I played the original Diablo and also Diablo 2 and I can say for certain that this game has none of the dark atmosphere of the first, and none of the enjoyable gameplay of the second. It pretty much feels like WoW ported to the ARPG genre. Here are some highlights: 1)Always-On DRM was supposed to protect us from hacking and exploits, which did neither. 2)Auction House feels mandatory since it's next to impossible to gear up for inferno based on drops in game. 3)Drops in general are terrible. Most Legendary items are laughable. 4)Enrage timers and gear checks in an ARPG (these things really only belong in an MMO) 5)Limited character builds and uninspired skills. 6)Various fixes implemented to combat the people exploiting the game that ended up punishing the legit players. Very disappointing for such a highly anticipated game. Expand
  75. Aug 4, 2012
    Most of the credit I give this game is for being true to it's heritage.

    I love the way the graphics are made, the way the music is tied to the older games in the series, and the way the story is told.

    The sad part is that the gameplay is really not that entertaining. It's the old games in a prettier wrapping. I played my main character through to the last act on nightmare, and got
    bored with the repetitive gameplay. Haven't really looked at it any more after that. Expand
  76. Aug 4, 2012
    Horrible game combine with horrible customer service. The only fun thing about D3 is the forum, but even the mods are banning people left and right just for complaining about the game.
  77. Aug 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. esse jg e totalmente legal, n e injuativo como os outros a pocas classes claro mais n deixa de ser um bom jg point click . ele se iguala muito aos outros diablos 2 e 1 mais há muitas coisas q mudam.. Expand
  78. Aug 3, 2012
    If you enjoy games with a terrible story and annoying dialog, Diablo 3 is what you want.
    Diablo 3 has the diablo title but not the diablo feeling. Diablo 3 should have been named Diablo 1.5, because Diablo 3 offers very little improvement over Diablo 2. Diablo 3 has little to no communication between players, no depth, no story and no pvp or feelings of danger and evil. When you've
    completed the first difficulty you will soon find yourself bored with having to listen to the terrible dialog again and again and the same boring quests with no reward. Did i mention that theres no pvp or competition of any sort? Something that a game like this desperately needs in order for people to have fun.

    Diablo 3 looks and sounds allright and thats about it. I made a 60 Euro mistake.
  79. Aug 3, 2012
    The perfect example of how games are going. Less content, no thought process needed from players (removed skill point allocation) and more ways for the company to rake in more cash without having to actually do anything (real money auction house). You are forced to play online and have no way at all to have a bit of privacy from your friends as it will show everyone that has you on their list when you are online without offering you any way of discreetly playing without them knowing. How something as simple as an "appear offline" button was left out of a game that makes you log on every time you want to play is beyond my understanding and just causes me to believe even more that the developers truly didn't give a rats a@# about any of their players and just pushed this out for some quick, easy cash.

    Honestly, they put in great effort in to their cut-scene animations but everything else just feels lazy.

    Profit at the expense of everything and everyone else.
  80. Aug 2, 2012
    Diablo III wasn't like the previous sequel which made me disappointed - a lot. D3 is much more simpler than D2 which made the game less enjoyable, I bet a huge part of D3 players agreed with me. I smelled a rat that the in-game fun factor was a little interfered with some blizzard's monkey businesses. But I'm sure enough if the game were sold at USD 10 instead of 60 , it would be more worth it.
  81. Aug 2, 2012
    Too many nerfs and the auction house killed the game. Blizzard could just sll you any items they want throught the real money auction house and control the economy of it. Thank you Activision!
  82. Aug 2, 2012
    Having clocked 500+ hrs into this game I'm beginning to see the shortcomings of it.
    The game is ok up to a certain point. All the annoying stuff from D2 has been removed more or less effectively, but has resulted in the birth of new and worse problems.
    The skillsystem is great, and the removal of manual statpoint allocation doesn't ruin the game, in my opinion. The story is ok, but
    could have been so much better.
    The gameplay follows the well known recipe from D2. Battle is fast paced and sometimes hectic, especially in the later difficulties.
    But the game fails on two very critical points - item drops and endgame.
    Good loot is hard to come by, by farming and when you happen to get a rare or legendary drop, it's usually worthless. When you've finally given up on farming loot because it's no fun, the interest in the game drops like a rock. That's when you might go to the AH for gear upgrades......and by doing that you lower your chances for decent drops even further....which again might make you go to the AH.
    It's a death spiral of boredom when you hit that point.

    As far as endgame...well once you've hit the level cap there's really not much more to do but farm gear.
    And since farming for good gear is like searching for water in a desert, it'll soon stop being fun.

    Basicly, the drop system, the AH and the level cap combined secures that the game stops being fun.
    This game can only be saved by buffing the drops significantly, removing the AHs, and removing the level cap, because once you hit 60 it becomes a repetitive wandering in circles with close to ZERO reward for your time.
  83. JPP
    Aug 2, 2012
    Diablo 3 = Pay to Win! Bli$ard you got it ... :(


    A Blizard com sua ganancia conseguiu acabar com o melhor jogo ja produzido. Infelizmente é uma triste realidade. Diablo 3 virou um joguinho de Facebook. Quanto mais você gastar (além do que se paga pelo jogo) melhor você vai ficando.

    D3 = PAY TO WIN!
  84. Aug 2, 2012
    I want to put 10 for the quality of the videos. It seems that only these guys have done a good job. Unfortunately I can not put even one point in the game because I was very disappointed. Game remade 11 years and every year it got worse until it turned into an arcade. Diablo series was not supposed to die as a Commercial Product.
  85. Aug 2, 2012
    well ill tell you where blizzard can jam this game... for the last 4-5 afternoons i have farmed act 1 with 270MF for about 8 hours per day. in this time i have found 1 sellable pair of gloves. even with my magic find gear i still have 100k dps (ss DH) and chew thru it very quickly. so i have literally id'd hundreds of yellows. Amazing the level 52-53 items that drop also... Even threw in a few inferno whimsy runs with a friend. Thanks blizzard, i got the hamburger thing for my troubles. I have 100 hours on barb, 100 hours on DH and around 5200 elite pack kills, i dont plan to add one more hour to that until, well until ever because this game sucks. Sure i got my monies worth if you compare cost vs hours played but seriously what a joke of a release this game is. Farming inferno constantly for a ZOMGFTWBBQWTF set or ledgendary item to drop and relise it is utter **** along with all of their "rare" counterparts.

    0 Friends online all afternoon, used to be 10+ per day. This is not just real life friends but also randoms met in public games that i have regularly played with. I look at last time logged on and most of them have not been on in days...

    PvP will not rescue this game, of course we will return out of curiosity and then see what an even bigger joke that is compared to the rest of the game and quit again.

    Anyone who wants to buy some amazing DH dps gear and barb tank gear drop me a line coz thats it for me.

    Edit: and that 1 decent item i found.. price it however i like on the AH it never sells, just like everything else. anyone apart from bots use the AH?... o wait we all have to, thats how the game was designed.
  86. Aug 2, 2012
    I gave this game a 3 for the effort. It's not unplayable. I've played a lot of it and there are moments where it's fun, and those are the moments where you get Diablo 2 nostalgia. But unfortunately they get further and further apart the longer you play. The drop rate is just bad. You can play hundreds of hours on a character and not be able to get a single usable good drop. Your only option is farm for gold and buy from the Auction House (or the Real Money Auction House).

    Once you play your first time through, you will get the realisation that the game was designed with the Auction House in mind (which, by the way, has a rather limited search capability).

    The gameplay itself is initially fine, in normal mode. You feel like a powerful hero stomping through enemies. As you progress to the difficulties, your hero becomes more and more of a wimp as you'll find it extremely difficult to kill things before they kill you. What happened? That just means you need to find time for several farming sessions to gather enough gold so you can buy your next item upgrade from the auction house.

    Lastly, I'd like to comment on the story. Sure, some of the cutscenes are impressive and up to Blizzard's standards but then you realise you can't skip them by default. You have to manually skip each and every one of them. While I can forgive the simplistic plot (you don't expect a great story), I cannot forgive the horrible dialogue and script. The majority of the script is poorly written. The NPCs say the darndest things! They tell you what just happened (when you were the one who caused it to happen). They tell you what they did (when you arrived and already know). They tell you what they're going to do (when you will go there next and find out anyway). Some of the lines are very amateurish - I do not believe that the lines were written by a professional story writer. Also, the amount of sexual innuendo is irked me. I'm not a prude, but it feels juvenile to reuse it for so many NPCs in so many situations.

    In conclusion, Diablo 3 is a decent game, if it were cheaper. The game lacks polish. Everything from minor display bugs to silly dialogue lines. And a final word to potential players: Beware the customer support and community support. They are definitely not a forthcoming and helpful bunch. Google around for Diablo 3 customer support horrors.
  87. Aug 1, 2012
    Auto-stats. Auto-skills. Auto-pickgold. 2/3 of skills are useless. Intese rubberbanding (because of blizzard servers theres a % that when u move u get "magically teleported" a few meters back). Most legendary items are beaten by rares. Items get random stats so what happens is that 99% of your drops will be worth nothing. Theres a % that you wont be able to play hardcore because of the lag you get depending on were you live (australia gets 200ms). Its easy to get to lvl 60 and thats the max level. Theres no motivation to level up. Theres no wondering arround having fun, its all about how much gold u can farm per hour. Max 4 players in a game and the monsters scaling makes inferno easyer if you play solo. The maps are smaller than in d2. Theres no ladder. What happens is that the only way to progress inferno is buying items with gold from the auction house. You get gold by farming. Farming gold is boring. Browsing the auction house for an upgrade in your gear is boring. The auction house "search" for items is horrible and tedious. Diablo 3 is repetitive, boring, unfixable, short and not worth 10 dollars. Thank you jay wilson Expand
  88. Aug 1, 2012
    When you finally find out that the game was built around the auction house, then you understand why it is boring.

    Difficulty and itemization are designed in a way to push you to the auction house where you can buy stuff for real money. Blizzard gets a 30% cut on all transactions so they WANT you to use it.

    Beside this major flaw, the game also removes the fun parts of an ARPG : 4
    players max par game but the incentive to play multiplayer games is not there anyway, boring items, most of the skills are useless, no large group of monsters that can be easily killed and last but not least, spell damage are based on your MELEE weapon damage !

    Probably the biggest disappointment of the last 5 years.
  89. Aug 1, 2012
    A lot of money was spent on this 'Arcade RPG' and 0 is an unplayable mess and I rate this game a 0 because:

    Most Clicked this game is playable one hand with your eyes closed. This is a Zero because it isn't a game.

    It is an experiment. A meta test on gold selling, auctions worth real money, and loot grinding. Please don't let games become Casinos online RPG....
  90. Aug 1, 2012
    I gave them a score of 1. and that just because of the graphics and smooth action/walking part. the rest sucks big time in this game. i do not recommend it to anybody. they just want to fill their pockets with money. blizzard agreed with activision and turned to greed over fun. this comes from a 15 year long EX blizzard fan who played every single blizzard game untill now. I'm is realy dissapoined how they destroyed the legacy by giving us this HALF completed dumbed down game.

    i repeat: YOUR NOT SMART IF YOU BUY IT!!!
    if you like repeating the same 5 inches of the game for 10000 hours, have fun.
  91. Aug 1, 2012
    In a nutshell - DIABLO 3 is garbage !! I waited 10 plus years for this game to be released and now that it has I won't be playing it anymore. Don't get me wrong I gave it a chance at close to 200 hours of game play. During that time I managed to find 3 Legendary items that were trash and not even useable. My lvl 57 Barb is always under equipped and I could never even find items to balance him through the auction house. I am sorry that it took me so long to realize just how sh@tty this game really is. The game looks like a clone of Guild Wars and the weapon situation is just as disappointing . I am now another use- to- be Blizzard fan and I WILL NEVER support them with another purchase !! I could go on and on but everyone seems to know exactly what makes this game Sh!t so I won't waste my time and yours !! [elite boss powers --- Jailer, vortex, desecrator, fast ??? WTF !!! boss example Wasps !!! What a joke !! Peace I'm out looking for a better game. Expand
  92. Jul 31, 2012
    After 2 months i'm finally over it. I'm not sad, angry and disappointed at a rate, where i should not write a review at all. First thing to mention are the awesome CGIs. That's everything positive to say about D3.
    If you're a big fan of Diablo 1 and 2 you start wondering after 3-5h of gaming. The dark, depressing and scaring atmosphere of D2 and especially D1? Gone. Good, fitting
    backgroundmusic? Gone. Nice and "realistic" graphic which would be appropriate for this era, like it was back in 2000 with D2? Gone. Replaced by unimaginative ugly and unfitting comic-graphics. Well, graphic is not everything, but the atmosphere is totally destroyed.
    Now to the important part: Gameplay!
    Well D3 is no Diablo-Game anymore at all. It is simplified and plain **** No more skillpoints to spend, not even stat-points. Everybody gets the same amount of stats and, depending on your class, the same skills. Most skills and runes are useless and you never ever use them. You just stick to the skills which work best like forever. While you're leveling you won't find ANY good item, like in D2, where you found LVL 60 legendaries while being 48. You only level up to reach LVL 60 and start farming inferno like braindead. You don't farm sets nor legendaries, because they're useless crap, but yellows with rare-stats. But you won't find them at all. Pretty motivating that you dont even gain XP anymore isn't it? What did D2 make a good game and why isn't it implemented in D3? The possibility to create a "unique" character, to have choices, and also to be able to completely choose the wrong skills and start from the beginning. And of course the itemsystem.
    I'm not willing to mention every single screwed up decision and gameplay-detail, it would take like ages.
    Diablo III is definitely the greatest disappointment in my life as a gamer. They couldn't have make it worse. It's a disaster and a shame how they screwed up the sequel of Diablo 2. It is a trash-hack n slay with "Diablo 3" printed on it, nobody would play this for more than four hours if it wasn't for the name. I can not understand why the heck there're people defending it and saying it's a good game. They must be around 12 years old and never have played ANY good game, especially not Diablo 1 nor 2.

    Well i think i'm still pretty pissed by this abomination. Last Blizzard-game i bought.
  93. Jul 31, 2012
    This game is intended to be one thing. The best dungeon crawler for PC. I do not feel that it fell short of that order. However, dungeon crawlers have not been as popular in recent years, that is why there aren't as many of them. In addition, the people that I believe this game is intended for, are gamers that are more prone to retro and classic gaming. The younger generations definately do not have the appreciation for the amount of work that these works of art take. Try playing what was out there 15-20 years ago. See how far we have come. But not to become sidetracked, I must address another very important element of the game and that is balance. The game is so refined, you can tell that they worked tirelessly to make a game that would provide for a lot of continuous play. I myself leveled up two characters, 1 monk and 1 wizard to the high 50's. However, at this point it became very very difficult. That is the reason why I made the Wizard. This would be the only downside that for many is an upside, which is the difficulty. I believe that a little more of a gradient curve is needed concerning difficulty so that players do not give up. Because one thing is for sure in the video game world, if you put down a game for more than 2 weeks there is a good chance that you won't be playing it much more in the future. Thats just the simple truth. Would I recommend this game? Of course, Dollar for Dollar I still don't think that there is a better purchase for lovers of classic dungeon crawling action. I am guilty of buying my cousin and my friend this game for gifts. Needless to say the gifting went over well.
    There is no denying that Blizzard still makes among the most polished games on the market, and I feel that we often come to expect perfection from them which is unrealistic. At some points games cannot live out all your fantasies in life. You have to get up out of the chair and walk outside.
  94. Jul 31, 2012
    For anyone who is purchasing this game out of the reputation of blizzard or Diablo 2 then this is a flat out robbery. That doesn't even get into the aspect that not only do you pay a premium $60 to get in the door but if you don't end up paying more to purchase in game items then you won't be able to beat the final difficulty.

    Aside from the disgusting greed related to their real money
    auction house, aka the RMAH, the gameplay has some elements that simply dive off the cliff as well. The storyline is at the level of a child and does not stay true to the original storyline from diablo 1 and 2. For an RPG game you will find ipad games with more customization. The only thing this game has going for it (if it could only drop the baggage of needing to live up to being a diablo game developed by blizzard) is great graphics and effects. But even those are short lived with a small amount of content in a linear storyline play style. Expand
  95. Jul 31, 2012
    seriously rushed with no consideration for its players and the money we spent on the game. i feel like signing up for RMAH just to get my money back. wish i could have my time back though. the item drops since 1.03 have made a days worth of item grind leaving you with nothing. havent seen a legendary or set in over 20 hours of gameplay.
  96. Jul 31, 2012
    Pour ma part j'ai que 60 heures de jeu, je n'avais pas joué à Diablo 2, j'ai fait pas mal le no-life à une époque sur WOW, j'attendais D3 pour tester, je suis déçu.
    J'ai pas pris beaucoup de plaisirs à jouer à Diablo 3, le jeu est assez beau mais sans être incroyable, les cinématiques sont belles, l'histoire et pas
    très poussée. Le gameplay c'est tu clicks, tu cours, tu clicks, tu cours.
    Il y'a peu de techniques de combat, et si tu veux avancer tu dois t'orrienter vers un Build pas forcément FUN à jouer.
    Je suis bloqué au début ACT4 inferno, j'ai fait environs 40 rushs sur le Boucher & Bellial qui ne m'amusent pas et ne m'ont rien apporté en loot. Et Farm HV ne m'amuse pas non plus. Je vais peut être tester des autres classes pour voir, mais refaire la même histoire, les mêmes quêtes linéaires ne m'enchante guère.

    J'ai 32 ans et j'ai commencé à jouer aux jeux vidéos vers 3-4 ans, avec plus de 1'000 jeux sur l'Amiga 500 et ainsi de suite. Je trouve que le monde du jeu vidéo va mal, en tous cas les blockbusters (selon wiki : en anglais « qui fait exploser le quartier ») veulent au final rammasser que du
  97. Jul 31, 2012
    Diablo 3 pails as a successor to Diablo 2 in many gameplay respects, however, I'll overlook most of those for this review. Diablo 3 requires always on Internet presence in order to even play the single player game. This makes lag an issue, and with my closest servers being about a third of the world away from me, the game plays like a slideshow, not matter what system on net connection I run it on. Always on DRM is not fun, and has not prevented cheaters and scammers on the auction houses or in the game, and don't get me started with the level of discourse in the forums. I would say this is an average action game at best, if you removed the online components (which seems impossible without a complete redesign), or the worst Internet game ever made if you can't. Would not recommend any Blizzard products in the future based on this. Expand
  98. Jul 31, 2012
    I give this a 4 points score. Why ?
    1) The story is toooooo obvious.
    2) The technical issues, (error 37, disconnection in European Realms, lag, stuttering because hard drive trouble) are too numerous. I have the feeling to play in a beta test stage.
    3) Then, permanent connection requirement, drop rate stupid, and looting table are just not balanced for that kind of game. EVERYTHING is
    designed to use the AH ... This is ruining the game in my opinion.

    I have tried to rise 5 kind of characters. 3 of them are already 60 capped. My main feeling is that i am looting things this is needed for a class when i am using an opposite one. Once again, this is frustrating.

    I am truly disappointed by Blizzard choices, and in the future i will consider their next games with a lot of care before buy or not it. To my eye, Blizzard is no more a good game maker. Just a business company with the following goal : make sure that people is addicted and make the maximum profit thanks to that kind of players.
  99. Jul 30, 2012
    Ah product where all the work is for the ah.
    i doesn't deserve the "name" game.
    In the past, blizzard was Blizzard. Today, it's just a common company which is selling videogames because it gives more money than a broom.
    Biggest disappointment in my gamer's life.
  100. Jul 12, 2012
    I have just created an account just to review this mediocre game.DO NOT trust anyone that says this game is good, i dont know whats wrong with them.Blizzard made an awlful game and put the name Diablo on it to make it sell, this game has so much problems, so much poor desings choice, and so much company greed that is impossible to list them all here as it would take a lot of time that i dont want to spent kicking this already dead horse.Just go to the Diablo 3 forums and you will understand.I would give 4 to this game, but because it has a legacy i am giving it 0 cuz it is insulting this game came out the way it came.Really disapointed...PLZ LISTEN TO ME DO NOT BE FOOLED, CHECK THE FORUMS. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]