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  1. Oct 8, 2012
    Boring, simple, limiting itemization. Plot & dialogue geared for a 10 year old. Very linear game play with little randomness. Stat system dumbed down beyond belief. No pvp, no endgame, no reason to continue to play. New Paragon level makes it more restrictive to level alts. Botters and spammers everywhere. Arrogant game designer who clearly has no idea how to make an ARPG and who is clearly taking his cues from WoW. Worst gaming disappointment ever. Expand
  2. Oct 9, 2012
    I cannot find anything good to say about this game. I wanted to like it, but it has no lasting end game. I played D2 for 11 years. D3 = 1 month. Too much hype; an insanely long development time that shows nothing other than perhaps legal issues regarding the auction house. Very poor story. I cannot fathom an expansion based on the ending. I prefer having the ability to make custom games not the auto-assigning. Inferno prior to the latest patch as of this writing was as a friend called it, "utterly ridiculous and a cheap gimmick" and stopped upon completing Hell difficulty. I persisted, but it was not until I found richer friends who could use the auction house could I progress past Act 2. I have a long list of friends who I played with (and I started on launch weeping through error 37), and none of them have logged in for over a month now. Most went back to WoW or some other game. I recently started playing D2 and Torchlight II; I can live without awesome graphics.

    All I care about are things like end game, replay-ability, more diversity, less grinding, and an attempt by a company to maximize the development time listening to the community.

    I get it. I'm a veteran and my eyes are clouded by nostalgia. Still, I put in my time. I tried all classes. Tried Hardcore. It doesn't work. I don't think the game can be patched to fix the issues. It was a colossal mistake from all angles. I don't care about SP. That bothers older players, but I didn't play D2 for the single player. The critics obviously did not play the game; they need to actually play these games before reviewing. I mean there is something seriously wrong with such a massive disparity 3.7 vs 88? Personally, I wish I never bought the game. I really thought it was going to be keeping me up night after night for months. I got into the beta, and I thought it was just a random area for us to test. In no way did I find elements of the teaser gameplay released in 2008 that was 10x better than what I was given.

    All in all, do yourself a favor and play anything else or if you really want to play wait until it is on sale or a certain man in charge of this game gets fired for making abusive remarks and/or the company gets off the high horse and goes back to its garage days where it has to think about the gamers and not instant profit, residual income, and other gimmicks that failed to keep me and lots of others away. Yes, that was a run-on. terrible.

    I give it a 1 out of 10. Nothing can save this franchise. SC2 has more hope. Warcraft will always be their baby. I got that much out of the 20 year anniversary they posted on the website. 75% Warcraft, 20% Starcraft, 5% (barely a mentioning) Diablo. Fin.
  3. Oct 13, 2012
    Good skill system

    Classes are meh
    Graphics are meh
    Monsters are meh
    Loot drops are meh
    Story is meh

    Action House is terrible
    Missing key classes
    No PVP even now

    What happened to Diablo?!
    (oh that's right, the main dev's went to Guild Wars and Torchlight)
  4. Nov 22, 2012
    Don't mind the game, the graphics or anything else. BUT the support is THE WORST!! Your account gets locked for no understandable reason, then you password email never shows up! I logged into this site, registered, got a new account AND verified my metacritic email...all before ever getting my Diablo confirmation email!!! Ridiculous...not to mention support doesnt come in until 10am, and is PST!!!
  5. Dec 8, 2012
    Game is horrible..and patch by patch is going down to the bottom! At least when it was without a nerf at the start the game was a bit good...but later on, they were complaining about drops and then it came the disaster! Its an auction house game so if you multiply by 10x the item drops, the prices are going down so you left with only 2-3 good items to make gold-money. I'm not talking about the other hand negatives - internet connection issues-graphics-skills... after all its based on pay to win... So many years of waiting and many old school gamers dissapointed including me. Expand
  6. Jan 3, 2013
    I couldn't spend more than just a few hours in this game. I found the storyline ok though - not the best, but not the worst. But the gameplay is boring - if you change the characters for small spaceships, you'll have a decent old school space shooter, but for a so-called adventure rpg? I feel regret of having purchased it.
  7. Mar 5, 2013
    Look! Hidden footprints! Terrible writing, terrible gameplay (my wizard has to run (kiting) all the time, it's a joke), terribly small and repetitive, but worst of all is the DRM scheme. Go Error 37 yourself Blizzard- your reputation is now destroyed- you'll be gone inside of 5 years.
  8. Mar 6, 2013
    Fundamental flaws on the game system. Absolutely zero customization on your character thanks to the primary stats.
    1000 armor 999999 dex item on barbarian? ****
    1000 armor 500 vit item on barbarian? OMG BEST ITEM EVAR.

    Oh. And bad connection disconnects you from your own game.
  9. Mar 20, 2013
    This isnt a game, its a cashcow. Pretty disgusting because Diablo II was great. Go to hell ActiBlizz
    Nasty DRM politic, casualized gameplay, everything else is bad, Im very dissapointed.
  10. May 6, 2013
    Initially, this game was quite fun. Maybe it was the fact that I had waited for 4 years constantly checking the news for any indicators on its release date. Pros: Great graphics. Combat feels good Great character animations Fluid combat Negatives: Terrible endgame Lack of 8 player games you can name create yourself like Diablo 2 had Awful gear and droprates No PVP at release big letdown
    No harassment pvp like Diablo 2 had
    No open world PVP like Diablo 2 had

    The number one disappointment for me though was the lack of a Diablo feel. The story was laughable. The villains were just ridiculous and cartoony, in a bad way. The music was overly epic and didn't fit the Diablo feel. A lot of the game felt a bit like World of Warcraft. In fact there were even naga type enemies in Act 2. One of them had a laughably awful line, "YOU WILL NOT GET INTO THE AQUEDUCT!" or something along those lines.

    Overall, just skip the game if you loved Diablo 1 or 2. If you never played the original Diablo games, this is a pretty average game, but I think everyone expected better from Blizzard.
  11. Sep 4, 2013
    Certainly not the game it should have been. Ridiculously toned down and made overly simple and linear for the masses, released on consoles. Made worse by the original director Jay Wilson's retarded behaviour on social media where he attacked Diablo II players.
  12. Oct 26, 2013
    This game is a completely failure from the whole base. It was created for being an Auction House with graphics, nothing else. As an ARPG, this game doesn't even let you how to build your character. The personalization in this area is null. You can't level up your stats nor your skills. You only need one stat to raise via equipment. And the only thing relevant is a number called DPS. This, mixed, is a complete fail in an ARPG. Farming isn't fun, people just used this game for selling items and earn some $$$.

    The graphics aren't at all close to what Diablo should be, they are way too light and colorful, and the music is a complete fail. How many tracks this game has, 2 in total?

    The cutscenes are really good, tho...
  13. Nov 6, 2013
    I'm very disappointed because can't play offline, and the most i hate about it is, I can't sell to other person who has better Internet connection than me.
  14. Nov 25, 2013
    Incredibly underwhelming. Not worth your time or money. Cartoony, lacks depth, lacks character, storyline was terrible, zero replayability, the dullest ARPG I've picked up in a long time about as bad as Space Siege.
  15. Feb 20, 2014
    What have you done, Blizzard? Nobody likes the story not even the whole game. All you do is stacking 5x Nephalem in Festering Wood then you enter a prepared crypt in mp10 and you level the same character class up to 100 all over again to get a paragon 1000 toon in the next expansion. All you do is clear the same lame crypt tapping 1-1-1-1-1 like a retard in Archon form and beam while right clicking everywhere. Here is my score infinite 0-0-0-0-0! Expand
  16. Mar 24, 2014
    I do not know why Blizzard work with the Diablo so many years, but Diablo 3 is just a misunderstanding. Boring, uninspired and without any interesting innovations. After a 4 hour session I was sick - I was thinking whether to buy a DLC "reaper of souls", but no, never!. The conclusion is simple, if you want to modern "Diablo" experience buy a Dark Souls series - This games have exactly feeling like Diablo should have. Expand
  17. Jun 21, 2012
    I rated this 3 at most simply because it wasn't what I expected. It's like I'm not playing a Diablo game at all. The overall story is too linear and weak. The totally butchered the game. It's a huge insult for me and for every Diablo fan out there. This is not worth $60 at all. It feels like $20 - $30. I'm already generous at giving it a 3. I wonder why most gaming review sites give this a high score. I smell company politics and bias here. people should be aware what they're paying for. Lastly, the online-only aspect of the game is a big big disappointment. Expand
  18. Jul 4, 2012
    After 100+ hours game play and 3x lvl 60s, I have to say that this is the only game I have ever asked the Blizzard fan-wagon to pull over so I could just get the f*ck off and get on with my gaming life. It's basically Diablo II minus THE EVERYTHING that was fun or enjoyable about the franchise. And the real burn, the real crushing hurt that sets in after about 100+ hours of game play is that you begin to understand just how bad it really is. . . that there is no way to realistically hope that subsequent patches can really "fix" what is really at the crux of existing contentions about this turd of a game in disguise: underwhelming, poor game re-design.

    Patching this game = putting lipstick on a zombie pig.

    I should also note that as my anticipation grew in the two weeks prior to Diablo III launch--I'm a real big Diablo fan or at least I used to be :(-- I hooked up my old Sony aperture grill Trintron CRT and played through Diablo I & II both to Hell difficulty levels. That experience was by far more rewarding and fun by at least an order of magnitude than the subsequent month I have given Diablo III. TRUE STORY.
  19. Jun 2, 2012
    Reason for a 0 score:
    1) Put in an always online requirement without putting up the required infrastructure support for all players wanting to play a game at all time. - Since they make it a requirement for people who just want to play a single player session to log on ALL the time and comms with the server ALL the time, then they should have made sure that their server capacity are big
    enough to support the increase server load. Moreover they could have put in place more server in more region, so that they can maintain the server during midnight, when most people of the region are sleeping. Instead, they only put up 3 server and this make it very likely that there will be high server load all round the clock. Obviously they just want to milk the cash cow.

    2) reducing the loot drop and quality to a ridiculously low level just to cater to the supposedly increase availability of gears from the Auction house. Basically they say that they take into account the availability of Auction house when deciding on the loot table. And going by the current drop rate, they expect ALL players to use the Auction house in order to supplement the loot drop if they want to progress at a reasonable pace without excessively tedious and long grinding process. Now this might appeal to some players and other who have complaint about the gold seller and other loot buyer in D2. But for people like me who just want to play the game and play multi session with friends on occasion, it breaks the immersion of the game and it seems that now I cannot ignore the Auction House now (whereas in D2 I don't care since what other people do does not affect me) and I will not be able to progress in the game without excessive frustration if I don;t partake in the Auction House. This is probably in the grand plan too, so that when Real Money Auction House comes online, more would be tempted to put up the better gears there and buyers will be forced to use RMAH if they want the legendary/rare gears.

    3) Skill tree - or lack there of. Now this is more of a personal choice. Some embraces it, but to me, it actually make me feel less diversity in my character. Technically there are thousands and thousands of combination I can play with, but the thing is, if I create 2 witch doctor, they would have access to the EXACT same skill set. And this means that once the game mature, there would be even more cookie cutter build than what blizzard is admitting now. 4) Hacking and their customer service. Hacking ... I can accept that it may happens and loop holes may happen. But Blizzard seems to be in denial and their fan boys are up in arms over claims of people been hack, even blaming the victim! This is perverse logic and it really turns me off that Blizzard actually condone such behaviour on their forum. On the other hand, they have been removing the post of the players who are overly critical and impolite about their opinion (which doesn't surprise me since it has been happening since a few years ago, when blizzard start to get a big ego). And they seems to disregard the well documented case of a few players who have ONLY their current player's loot compromise. They keep saying that the players are at fault and most likely reason is keylogger/phishing and what not. But if that is the case - a) why did some players only had one character's loot compromised and not the others? if the hacker really get their hand on the user name and password, then he would have sold ALL the gears from ALL the characters.
    b) Why is it that only their blizzard account is compromised and not their more valuable bank account? And don't make me laugh by saying that the hackers are sitting on the account. Once they get their hands on the credential, they would quickly cash out, since the over time, it is more likely for the user to detect the compromise.

    4) Which brings me to the next point - inadequate security. Until recently the password is not case sensitive and does not log you out after repeated tries. It seems that blizzard is simply skirting their responsibility and telling everyone to get an authenticator to increase their security? for a game?! And if so, why is it not included in the game itself if it is so important?

    5) patch by stealth - and I really disliked the tendency of Blizzard to patch by stealth and not publicly admitting that they have loopholes.

    And to those Fanboys, you have been saying give the game some time, and it is now coming to almost 3 weeks and their server has NOT been improving and lag is still present even when you can play. now accounts actually start to get hack. So I truly will return the game and not buy another Blizzard product again. Those who bought it online and those whose country support lemon law, I would encourage you to do the same.
  20. May 18, 2012
    I told myself I'd enjoy this game no matter how much they ruin it. We've waited over 11 years, and let's face it, it's nearly impossible to live up to the hype. But when you go back and look at the screenshots of the first 'revision' of diablo3 you wonder, was it worth re-doing? Blizzard dropped the ball firing blizzard north staff and telling them to scrap d3. Then they merged with activision and had a huge cash cow called WoW. Honestly, this isn't blizzard that we loved anymore. As many have said, a lot is wrong with this game, and I fear for the future.
    1. stats: Diablo 2 had an issue, you had no reason to not pump up one stat. Except for the fact you know, it wasn't that huge of an issue. There was simple fixes that could of took place, reducing the hp scaling per vitality point and increasing the scaling of other stats for example. There was always builds will max vita, but there was also max str and max dex (titan baba and glasscannon zons) and even max energy sorc.

    2. DRM: while this upsets me, it isn't the hugest issue. If there is maintenence, as there has been. You can't play. If the servers are far away, you lag. If you have a bad connection (such as my friend) you get a constant 2k ping. A lot better ways of preventing cheats such as client side with server side authentication could have been used to at least reduce the dependence on servers. What if in 5 years they don't want to keep the servers up? This isn't d2 where the servers can be run on a small little think for a few bucks a month. Once they are down, we have no where to go, because there is no offline/single player.

    3. MMO. This isn't the same genre as d2. There is no replay value in this game, there is no clear and understood method of farming, there is no game channels, there is no future. You level a character once, do all the town and back talk to this person talk to that person quests. Then you're sitting there trying to figure out what to do. The level cap is 60, so there is no high goal of trying to hit 99. Any gear you want can easily be bought, so what is the point of grinding mobs? You're stuck, do you wait for pvp? Wait for an expansion, just to give more cash to a company that could lock you out of this game forever in two years? Or do you do the exact same back and forth talk and grab item quests and level another char?

    Let's face it, this game has some fun hidden in it. But that's only with friends, and from what I can see, only the first run through. I hope blizzard does something quick, before they lose the diablo fanbase and is left to die.

    ps. don't even get me started on the water-color graphics, while a few acts seem better then others. The art direction is horrible. I don't want a post-processing effect slapped in my face.
  21. May 23, 2012
    You can see Blizzard's merging of their IPs in this game. It takes graphical, interface, and gameplay elements from WoW and SCII. I don't like this and how it ends up effecting things that we've come to like in the Diablo series such as the depth of character customization like a classic RPG. You can't distribute your skill points, yes it makes things more simple, but it points back to WoW and SC, the merging of these elements probably saves money (or at least allocates it for other things that may or not be improvements) but it takes away from the soul/character of the original. D3 was probably built on the SC 2 game engine..I don't want it to feel like SC! The story was a travesty, two major characters were killed off and in a cheesy cut scenes. The acts had similar environments as D2, (desert, jungle, forest, hell-ish) which was fine I suppose. No open world PvP? A WoW auction house? Sorry, I have such mixed emotions about it right now that I can't put it into words, I almost feel like I shouldn't have even played it because I can't erase the bad parts! could only wish for my memory to be erased and Blizzard to do proper justice to the game. I don't even want to play through again because it's so depressing. You go back 6 years and SC, WoW and D2 felt like DIFFERENT GAMES, now it's just a mix of all, over simplified and ...ugh so frustrating!

    I did like the graphics and sound but I found that sometimes the journals, voices and character interaction sound levels varied a lot so I found myself adjusting the sound here and there.
  22. Oct 7, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game. Played about 60 hours over a month and now 3 months later and I don't even think about it anymore (other than the money I coughed up). Game needs a SERIOUS patch or something that'll make it more challenging. Even PVP hasn't been activated yet. wtf dude?
  23. Jun 18, 2012
    Diablo 3 could have just been D2 with updated graphics and I would have been happy. Magic finding in D2 was very addicting. In D3 though, instead of hunting for unique items with interesting stats (meaning items that have stats you wouldn't find on a blue or yellow), you're searching for blue weapons with high damage and yellow items with the stats people want (vit, int, dex, str, all res, etc). All items can have these stats, which means that there aren't any truly unique items that get you excited. Sure everyone in D2 was using roughly the same items, but the varying stats could make your items better because you have +2 to all skills instead of +1!

    Another thing that is upsetting is the auction house. Instead of trading items, which is pointless with stats that can be on any item, you scrounge the auction house for a long time looking for the stats you want. This removes any social interaction the game had via trading and makes it boring.

    The skills system... The skills were pretty cool, except that you can't use all of your spells and are locked to 6 or so, along with 3 passives. Sure you can change them, but there is a cooldown if you're not in town and the cooldown increases if you're in the higher difficulties. I actually liked the spell system at first with the whole rune enhancements while you level up. However, I realized that the runes I was unlocking weren't making my spells any better and I was using the old versions of the spells through end game. It sorta ruined the whole feeling of getting stronger.

    I don't know what suckers are still playing this game, but after I reached halfway through inferno I was done. The only people I know are still playing are the ones that want to make money using the real money auction house.

    I won't bother saying what else I don't like about this game, but I would say stay away from this one. And one last thing; Diablo in D3 looks retarded.
  24. Aug 1, 2013
    This game gets a 0 for having always online DRM (required even for single player), for numerous reasons. Even if it did not have such crappy DRM, it is still only a vastly overpriced so-so game deserving of no better than a 5. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the fact I paid Blizzard for this game. I will never give them another dollar in my life even if they change their ways--they have shown their true corporate colours. It's the same way I feel about EA, another company that people should be boycotting under they go out of business. By the way, for this genre, I recommend Torchlight 2 for great quality at a great price. Expand
  25. May 16, 2012
    I would fine if Diablo3 were just a Diablo2 with updated graphics. Unfortunately it's not. Every single PvP aspect has been left out (the ones that made Diablo 2 so addictive and dangerous), co-op has been taken down from 8 players to 4 and the hardcoreness and grittiness are nowhere to be found.Graphics have been the standards of year 2005. Add to that microtransactions and DRM and you have a game that is more Farmville than Diablo. Expand
  26. May 16, 2012
    I've only owned this game for three hours and already I NEVER want to see it again in my life. Despite all the problems with trying to connect, it was when I lost ALL MY PROGRESS in the game when it disconnected. You end up losing interest very fast. OH and the story....bleh
  27. May 16, 2012
    Note - the negative reviews, hysterical as they may be, sound more like actual customers and less like paid posters than the postive ones, while the "professional critic" reviews are either glorified european blogs with a grand total of two or three on the staff or bigger outfits that live in fear of having their ATVI advertising money cut off.

    The reality is that it is a game with a
    talented team behind it, but zero experience in the genre. I'd advise checking out Torchlight II if you want to experience a game at a fair price made by people who have done it a few times before. Expand
  28. May 28, 2012
    I am sure that someone more than enough for such a product - to kill half an hour before dinner after a hard day, a virtual chat with friends, dive into nostalgia for a favorite genre, which had long been spoiling the quality ... but we're talking about Blizzard, and it does the other demand. Diablo 3 should take action / RPG to a new stage of development, and not slip like some Dungeon Siege 3.
    why Diablo 3 is not put two or three years and 11 years? Yes, the project was in a fever - the mass exodus of staff from Blizzard North, a number of "restarts" - but what appeared on the shelves in the end, neither technically nor conceptually does not justify such a long development cycle.
  29. Jun 4, 2012
    Awfuly boring gameplay, primitive graphics, many connections errors... IS this a BLIZZARD GAME ? NO !
    And "This game sucks big time and it's a disgrace compare to the original Diablo games from Blizzard North".
  30. May 25, 2012
    Terrible stoy and narration, one kid 5 yo would have done better (the same as with starcraft 2).
    Always online drm for single player in the most retarded thing ever done.
    A game built upon the shameful real money AH.
    Terrible graphics, I expecter A LOT more than the usual WOW art style.
    Gameplay wise is worse than Diablo 2 in many areas.
    Ridicolous price for a bad product like this.
  31. May 20, 2012
    (Apologies for my bad english) A few reasons because this game SUCKS: - 6 skills to use at the same time and only three passives.(in torchlight you can play with 12 of them) - No character customization (equal appearance and attributes, yes there is no attribute points, to all characters) so... - Only the gear make the difference between the characters = The game is based on loot. - Check points - Life globes WTF?
    - No free to go world. Only you can go to point A to B to C...and visit some "alternative" dungeons during the trip.
    - Legalized gold selling/ auction house with real money(Steal mode on)
    - Constant connecting to the internet even in the single player campaign.
    - The only PvP option = WoW - Clone arena
    - The Error 37
    - The last two Infernal Lords are really pathetic.
    - A real wasteful of scenic potential. (Combat scenifications, comments of the monsters, music, special situations...a huge mass of good stuff go directly to the rubbish). So, from gamer to a gamer: Just save your money for the Grim Dawn or Torchlight II, Diablo III is an absurdity
  32. Jun 5, 2012
    Game sucks, seems like it was put together by a bunch of programers that have never played a video game! Pull abilities off action bar with five stacks of valor that take an hour to get. Auction house is a joke. Chat feature is god awful. forced to buy gear off auction as nothing that drops is ever an upgrade late game. Followers attack treasure goblins. save your money until they fix all these problems or unless you only want to play threw hell difficulty. Expand
  33. May 15, 2012
    The game looks great plays great and handles great but EVERY SINGLE excellent feature about this game is completely marred and damaged because of this bullsh!t "always online", hyper-DRM requirement (scheme). I would have rated this game MUCH higher were there no DRM scheme present but this one is a doozy. If you are the least be bothered by DRM that will not let you play and prevent you from using the game you just rightly paid for then SKIP THIS GAME!!!

    If you can put up with the bullsh*t then please by all means get this game, it's a lot of fun but you are going to make a sacrifice to play it. F*CK DRM, and f*ck the morons who made blizzard implement this crap and ruin their name in the process.
  34. May 25, 2012
    Having fun playing the game WHEN I am able to. Most of the time my latency is well over 2000ms and rubber bands constantly. This game is sorely in need of an offline mode and Blizzard just does not care to include one.

    Mechanics wise everything is pretty solid though the loss of the ability to dictate where skill points are spent is pretty weak as it removes a strong element of

    Overall I am disappointed that I spent $60 for this and have gone back to playing the much more user friendly Torchlight 2.
  35. May 15, 2012
    Don't waste your time and money on this game. It's not even close to Diablo 2 or even Diablo 1. Blizzard is just trying to use it's famous title to milk customers.
  36. Jul 22, 2012
    this is sad. I'm rly disappointed. Game is very short...and very weak. I dont know why blizzard cut half of content. On gamescone 2011 they show us great content i mean sockets, talismans etc.. and they cut all these things and give players damn beta for 60eu or 60 bucks... jesus christ. FIRST TIME Bli$$ard is a liar! D2 eat on breakfast D3 - and they make this game near 12 year?! this is sad.
  37. May 18, 2012
    The software quality of this game really does deserve a 0, whatever the fanboys say. In short, a team of supposedly professional developers with a multi-million dollar budget cannot accomplish in terms of accessibility and availability what a small group of programmers can achieve on little to no budget (eg indie-games, torrent sites). Game world synchronization is a severe problem. Oftentimes, there's upwards of a full second lag between an animation completing and syncing with the game world (for example, the magic missile is fired). The UI feels rushed and seems to lack even basic customization options. You can enable hit-statistics and numbers, which is a good thing and a nod to the gamers as opposed to those looking for an interactive entertainment experience. Micro-stuttering is extremely severe for many players, myself included. The game is an absolute resource hog and seems to be hideously inefficient-- my rig _does_ play Crysis (with all its volumetric glory) at around 60 fps, but can't handle Diablo 3 @ 1920x1080. Go figure. The dismal software quality notwithstanding, there are some very strange design choices in the game itself that detracts alot from the value. For example, my Wizard runs around with a Vampiric 2-handed axe, which beats the crap out of any wand/ord combo I have seen in the game. I don't understand this at all from a gameplay perspective. The only reason I can think of for this design choice is that more items are likely to be sold on the RM auctions. It makes no stylistic, artistic or gameplay sense.

    Both the Monk and the Wizard handle their weapons in a really awkward fashion, not to mention the sloppy animations involved for these two classes. The Monk at least has some class-restrictions, so I won't be using that 2-handed axe for him; opting instead for a club/axe combo that so far has beaten any knuckles or other Monk specifics I have seen in the game. Since they don't actually use their weapons in the animation, why do they hold them in ready positions while running around? It looks terrible and feels rushed. The Demon Hunter and Barbarian seem to suffer less from this problem, but not the Witch Doctor -- the two primary weapon-using classes seem to be what the entire game has been designed around. Since the Demon Hunter was added so late in the process, I would say that the Barbarian is the class that the game has been designed for.

    Auto-levelling is probably an attempt to consolify or casualize the game, but a MUCH better option would be an "auto-level" button in the character screen. The current system feels cheap, a cop-out from actual game design and an attempt to provide a more "cinematic" experience, in other words less interactivity and fewer game rules. The overall feel is that of a remake, not a sequel or continuation. This is a Diablo 2 remake, rushed out the door. I find it very hard to believe this game had more than an 18-24 month development cycle. If it did, it doesn't reflect well at all on Blizzard.

    At its price-point, a '4' is a strong score for a game like this, in my opinion. If you take software quality into consideration, a '2' would be overly generous. In summary: * If you didn't play Diablo 1 and/or 2, this is a prime and gentle introduction to the franchise. If you can find the game for around 20-30â
  38. May 31, 2012
    I was looking forward to this game for years. I trusted Blizzard would get it right and I am the biggest Diablo fan there is... So it comes with great displeasure that I feel I must post this poor review score. I am especially upset since I bought two copies of this garbage of a game (one for a friend). Poor boss designs, frustrating connection hickups, nonexistant RPG elements, repetative gameplay, short gameplay when playing thought the first time, no ability to change the difficulty of the casual first time playthrough, unexciting and short story, uninteresting bosses and many other sad design choices.
    Why Blizzard??? Whyyyyyyy?
  39. May 15, 2012
    Game is a absolute, utter, disappointment. The entire BETA was spend fixing their paid auction house and it shows. The gameplay it self is horrible, dumbed down, and hand holding. The framework is terrible, not only requiring a constant internet connection to play single player, but the game dials home and waits for a response every. single. attack. Any attack that hits more then 3 things lags with micro stutter. Expand
  40. May 18, 2012
    Very disappointing game. I've been playing Diablo since the first one, and it seems that as time goes on, they become more mechanical and box the player into a much more linear type of gameplay. I've played through about 10 hours of Diablo, and nothing has made me crack my jaw in amazement. It's just a click fest so far with nothing new or cool to show for it. The art style also seems dysfunctional. At times, I feel like I am playing a budget title because the art style makes some of the textures look low res. The character models are horrible. I have also yet to find a single weapon drop that upgrades the weapon that I started the game with.

    The worst part of this is that they dumbed down a character development system that was already dumbed down.

    I can't believe that this game actually got an aggregate 89 score from reviewers on Metacritic. If you are new to the Diablo series, it may be worth it, but in all honesty, if you have played Torchlight, you're not missing anything. In fact, it seems that little old Torchlight had more features than Diablo does. Maybe you should wait for Torchlight 2 to come out.
  41. Jul 2, 2012
    Disappointed overall. Expected the game to have much more depth and ground breaking concepts. Errors and exploits have killed the online market. Graphics and designs were exceptional but still could have improved even more, especially with the time they had to develop it. The gold duplication exploit has destroyed the gold and real money market. There is no real point in buying/selling on the market any more. A small % of people have huge amounts of gold which wouldn't be possible, even if u played 24/7. The item's attributes and stats are a little off. Certain normal/uncommon items are better than rares and legendaries . The game overall is very linear and repetitive. Disappointed in the final product and hope an expansion will further the games experience. But i have that feeling that it will just be an expansion that will raise the level cap and still the same repetitive item hunting with no other real goals to aim for. Expand
  42. May 21, 2012
    Lag, disconnections and absence of offline mode makes this game uncomfortable to play. Also i find RMAH an awkward addition that doesn't belong in the game. Oh, and no pvp, no stats to distribute.
  43. Jun 1, 2012
    Outdated. Ugly. Short. Boring. On harder difficulties literally MAKES you to use auction house. Can't play singleplayer without internet connection. Very expensive for PC game.
  44. Jun 30, 2012
    As people have said before; a huge disappointment, literally the only improvement on Diablo 2 is that you can now pick up gold by simply running over it. Play a ranged class? You won't even get hit by an enemy until act 2, won't use a potion 'til nightmare. The rag doll effects are nice but the graphics feel worse, however it's taken 10 years to make this game. It probably would have been less misleading to release this as a spin-off from Diablo; monsters die ridiculously easy, but the pace is interrupted by boss fights that can 1 shot you when you get to higher difficulties. Strongly advise playing with a group of friends until nightmare, the regressive party mechanic which increases monster health significantly, (but not loot or xp) would probably make it a bit more enjoyable by making it at least a game you have to play with half an eye open.
    Referencing to a previous game too much is bad however, so I will say that on its own "merits", it is overpriced; i've purchased better games 9 times cheaper, each class can respec for free wherever they are, meaning everyone is running around with the same spells. I don't see a problem with the auction house, don't use it except for selling if you think it is cheating.

    In summary, don't touch if you liked Diablo 2 but it can be fun at points, which is why I have given it a 3, but it is really not a game for PC users. I like console games, HATE (future) console ports. Blizzard really dropped the ball on this one, which doesn't bold well for their (shaky) future.
  45. May 19, 2012
    I'm a fan of diablo and diablo 2 , one of the best games ever made , after seeing this game , is so dissapointing , i mean if you like it's because you're a casual that never played the previous ones ,-The auction house kills the game objective (loot and kill) , the story is bad , no more skill points or stats , i mean what the hell? that was one of the main features of diablo! , the always online DRM is stupid as hell , i'm still waiting for diablo 3 to be cracked , and although the graphics in a game are not important , blizzard totally killed them , they're so cartoonish , where's the darkness in the graphics? What happened to the world pvp? what happened to the char customization? what happened with everything? .... if you want my honest recommendation : please don't buy this game , save your wallet for torchlight 2 and please for all the casuals that liked this game : PLAY THE FIRST AND THE SECOND GAME BEFORE SAYING THAT THIS GAME IS GOOD ... oh and Bobby kotick , i'll be waiting for your bankrupt Expand
  46. May 17, 2012
    At the end of the day, without letting all connection issues and initial bugs even touch my rating, this game offers FAR TOO LITTLE CONTENT for its hefty price. Combat is kind of fun and gets more interesting once you got the choice of different skills and runes. Enemies are varied and have a wide array of attacks. The campaign feels awfully linear, lifeless and rushed though, especially if you get to the later acts. I can only imagine how much money was burnt in the process (over ten years) of creating this game - Blizzard desperately wants to have this $$$ back. So they force you to be online at all times and invented the auction house crap, the idea being to make (infinite) money (the % they charge for every transaction is more than ridiculous) with virtual items. Problem for them will be, the available content is JUST NOT WORTHY OF BEING PLAYED OVER & OVER AGAIN - all those random dungeons and pwnzer items aren't gonna change that. This will destroy the auction house revenue for Blizzard not too far after real money auctions are enabled. I for one regret buying this unworthy successor to D1 & D2 and look forward to Torchlight 2. Expand
  47. Aug 7, 2012
    So.. I just returner from vacation, hadn't much to do so I launched diablo iii to play my lvl 60 monk. I haven' t played diablo for at least 20 days.... and what a surprise: after 10 minutes of playing i was so bored that i quit the game and went to watch some TV. That says all. The game has the most boring and repetitive gameplay ever. You start playing at normal.. way to easy and boring.. then nightmare .. same here.. hell is a little bit more challenging but you have already defeated diablo 2 times already so is still boring.. Inferno is a complete gear check ( that means you don't need skill to advance but good gear which you can only BUY from auction house unless you want to spend more than 1000 hours playing the same and the same act until you finally get a decent item) BTW i haven 't still found ANY set item until now... Don't buy this game unless you have 60e to throw away (and also plenty of time) Expand
  48. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is Dungeon Siege 3 with an always online DRM. No stat points, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Automatically get every skill instead of opting for customized builds, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Items are the only way to affect stat points, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Health/Mana orbs, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Dungeon Siege 3 was terrible and got boring real quick, Diablo 3 has many of the same inferior mechanics, some aspects that are better, but one aspect that is much much worse. Always online DRM... even play the single player game.

    Given these limitations and the overall game length the launch price should have been $30.
  49. May 15, 2012
    Got it and cannot play, even with me trying to play solo. And that's if the game even starts up for me. I don't understand how a solo game requires me to log into their servers.
  50. May 26, 2012
    Had a great time playing this game with friends. It wasn't until I realized that the spread of items and the drop chance of getting something good was nearly non existent. It's also very depressing when the realization kicks in that in order to get good gear, you're forced to farm GOLD in order to BUY items from the auction house. Another failure of the auction house system is that because there are no gold dumps in game (after professions are maxed out), inflation is expected to rise at a ridiculous rate since people have nothing to spend their money on. Next, because people are more inclined to make real money instead of virtual gold, the best items are on the real money auction house, ruining the game for players wishing not to spend their real money on virtual items. Expand
  51. Jul 9, 2012
    Diablo 3 falls short in every aspect in comparison to it's predecessors. It was a solid effort on blizzards part to try to revive an outdated rpg style. However they failed to appeal to what fans wanted in Diablo 3. The auction house has had negative repercussion on game play as well as the spirit of treasure hunting and collecting. The story was uninteresting and the characters never developed any depth through the progression of the game. The skills are poorly thought out and oddly constricting. Using only a handful of skills for the majority of the game. By far the worst mistake made was the idea that the solution to "Boss runs" was to force people to minion farm. Again the game isn't terrible, it just falls so far from the expectations for the sequel and was a terrible misstep away from the components that we loved. Expand
  52. May 15, 2012
    I am so angry that I can't get enough of it!! With extreme exasperation I am telling that I like what I am seeing so far however my anger can't suppressed any longer so I am going ahead and be blunt and very harsh: It exceeded all my expectations! How dare you, Blizzard, for making a game actually fun to play, I really hoped you would never be capable of doing it even after these long years of waiting and then this!? Unbelievable! What were you thinking when you created this gem and possible piece of new reference for this genre!? A thousand curses upon you for actually making an intuitive interface and learned from the clunky approach you exposed us to in Diablo 2! Don't get me started with the skill and rune system, with madness troubling my mind I have to yet to find out the many more choices and dynamics it has to offer, you didn't even dare to gamble, you outright tossed the old cookie-cutter-inducing skill system out of the window!? With fiery rage coursing through my veins I am having troubles of expressing the sheer ingenuity of creating this annoyingly well-thought out crafting system. At least my ill temper I should not overlook the graphical aspect which while not sporting the highest fidelity makes me seethe with incredible anger about it still looking well-crafted and could you please not try to lower yourself a bit, why does it always have to be the highest quality when it comes to sound!? Such indigenously good quality shall not be left unmentioned to the world! With unfathomable hatred I am looking forward of spending many times playing this game! I am through with waiting, I've had enough of it, finally it is done and too much dismay it didn't disappoint. Wrathfully yours, Mr.Unbiased. Expand
  53. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 2 with updated graphics, a real money auction house and DRM that prevents people from playing equals one bad game. It's a shame what's happened to Blizzard. Terrible, stay away from this one.
  54. May 15, 2012
    Unplayable, and I really mean unplayable as I have yet to successfully login to play a for the most part singleplayer game. I only have a few hours a day I could spend on gaming and to be unable to play this game makes it worthless and it therefore earns the zero I'm giving it.
  55. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard's biggest flop yet. All good things must come to an end, they were very successful with their previous games but they were bound to release a flop sooner or later and Diablo 3 is that flop. I can't believe a company like Blizzard has so many problems on launch day with Diablo 3. You can't login, can't create character, and if you manage to get in then you get errors at character creator. You can't play because of constant DC's and lag. They should've thought about how much stress always online drm would put on their servers before making the decision. There is no complexity to the game, you just follow a path to the end game with no freedom. Occasional choppiness even at a constant 110 fps. The game is not finished. I think this is all a part of Blizzard's release an unfinished game and then release 50 DLCs and Expansion packs that will cost 49.99-59.99 ea. Do yourself a favor and wait for something like a free trial or something, or try the game on your friend's account before buying. Everyone has their own taste and opinions and this one is mine. Expand
  56. May 15, 2012
    I would love to write a full review, but I can't log into my single player game. Nice intro though. The issues will be mostly resolved within a week or two, but this shouldn't need to be an issue.

    Customers shouldn't be penalised for buying a game. As Gabe Newell said, publishers need to offer a better deal than the pirates do. Blizzard are failing at this right now.
  57. Jul 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a huge fan of the Diablo series (was 1 of my favorites) & logged countless hours playing the 1st 2 Diablo games. D3, however, is a terrible game in almost every imaginable way. Here's why not to buy D3:

    1)Maps: essentially not randomly generated (as they have been in past games). Most areas are static (e.g. the overworld), & some are 'randomly generated' & have 2-4 possible layouts - these areas could be more accurately described as 'randomly chosen' from predetermined layouts. This is a big change from the infinite map layouts previous Diablo games could have.

    2)No open world exploration/free play option. In addition to no random maps, gameplay is locked into quest progression. In D2, a player could start a game in any act & travel anywhere in that act or any other act. In D3 a player chooses a quest & creates a game based on that quest, having progressed through the act as if you were still on that quest. If you already killed a boss in the act, they remain dead. To travel to another act, the player must exit the game & create a new 1 by selecting a different quest.

    3)The game is linear/mechanical/repetitive. Diablo games have previously been designed to be played for years after release (D2 online community is still sizable ). D3's lack of random maps quickly leads to areas becoming tedious/boring as they are so repetitive. Worse yet, quest objectives are shown as blinking dots on the minimap (as if you couldn't remember your way around after playing identical areas many times over) so you never have to think about what the objective is or which direction you should be heading. For the most part, all RPG elements have been removed from the series (which is supposed to be an action RPG).

    4)Auction house: Many people argue it has ruined the game's economy, or that it promotes a pay-to-win playstyle. It is also the main way to trade in-game items & the UI is so terrible that it takes a very long time to do so.

    5)Nephalem Valor: forces people to stick with a build for a long time or be punished - being forced to choose between more loot/rewards or more freedom/fun (i.e. being rewarded for having less fun - a game should promote fun). 6)Significantly increased item repair costs strongly discourage people from attempting difficult content which makes the game boring/monotonous. The repair costs don't affect people who already have lots of good gear & are farming acts 3/4 & punish people who don't have much gold & are just starting to gear up.

    7)Elite mobs: designed to be what players farm for end-game items. These mobs have the same 25 randomly chosen abilities (up to 4 different affixes each encounter) across all 4 acts. For the most part every fight is similar/easy & it feels like you are running all over all 4 acts just so to engage in the same boss fight over & over again - there is little diversity between acts.

    8)Story: absolutely terrible.

    9)No end game content - nothing to keep players interested/playing for years to come.

    10)Itemization/characterization: boring - classes are not unique/use the exact same items. Item affixes have been simplified/dumbed down. Affixes such as fire, lightning, holy, etc. damage no longer has secondary effects such as crits adding DoT, stunning targets, dealing extra damage to undead - they are instead completely cosmetic.

    11)The game has a very cheesy/cartoony/family friendly art style (not referring to content) & has abandoned the more mature look of its predecessors. D3's artistic direction does not really allow for interesting/scary/whatever models of demons. 1 of the better models, Azmodan, was still less scary than Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Blizz said they think the game has a timeless, stylized, aesthetic (like they say about WoW.. but it's not suited to D3).

    13)This game borrowed too much from WoW rather than from previous Diablo games.

    12)No open world PvP. Diablo I & II had fun open world PvP. D3 will feature only arena PvP (whenever Blizz decides to finally add PvP).

    14)The game looks, feels, & plays like a game from around 2005 - it's dated.

    15)The game just generally feels rushed/incomplete (& in many ways is incomplete, e.g. no PvP at launch & no date set for when it will be implemented).

    If you're not a fan of the Diablo series/looking to waste 20 hours or so - this game should keep you adequately entertained for that long. If you played Diablo I/II & are looking for another game to spend countless hours playing over many years, this is definitely not your game. D3 does not seem broken beyond repair, but I'm not sure Blizz is prepared to put in the necessary work. Some issues (e.g. map randomization) would be far too difficult to change at this point - developers have specifically said they will not be correcting this. Recommendation: check out D3 after it has seen a year or 2 of patching - it may be in a good state by then.
  58. May 16, 2012
    All i can say about this game is CABBAGE! It's total CABBAGE!! How you gonna make a game as epic and groundbreaking as Diablo and Diablo II then release this CABBAGE?! Did they even try? This is a slap in the face to all PC elitists!
  59. Jun 1, 2012
    Is almost impossible to play this game. Servers has problems every day every time. If you buy this game you are going to have a nice box and dvd but YOU WILL NOT PLAY YOUR GAME. Also don't buy any other game who has similar protection scheme. Now I'm waiting for more than a hour and it's keeping "Accessing list of heroes". Pretty screen but nothing more. Money wasted.
  60. May 15, 2012
    It is certain that people had great hopes for this game. It's been a decade since the last Diablo game, so the hype has been building up. In addition to that, it's being developed by Blizzard, the company that has thus far produced THE best selling MMO and RTS games. It is unlikely that any company could have delivered on the hype that had built up, so it does not deserve to be rated on the basis of "did it deliver?". No, i'll rate it as a stand-alone game, i'll forget that i played Diablo 2 for years and know Blizzard to be a company which usually brings polished games with depth to the table. If i do that guess what we are left with? Right: a pretty bland game that focuses on all the wrong aspects of action RPGs. The story is well delivered, but dull. The gameplay is solid, but casual. The graphics are polished, but dated. The visual style is distinct enough (remember, we forgot that it's a sequel to D1&2, in which case the visual style should have echoed the predecessors). Now how much money are they asking for this mediocre product? Yes, the full AAA title cost: 60$. Taking into account the price point and overall performance of the game, i'd have to say that even the most hardcore Diablo fans should turn away from the company that has none of the original talent that made the previous Diablo games, and look for alternatives elsewhere, keywords:
    Path of Exile (free game in closed beta, buying store credits gives early access to beta, can not buy power)
    Grim Dawn (is on kickstarter and is funded, trying to reach stretch goals)
    Torchlight II (preorder now on Steam)
    All the mentioned games are at least on par with Diablo III, but cost you 20$ or less to play, so you could buy 3 games for the price of 1.
  61. May 15, 2012
    How can you give this game a 10 when its unplayable you got jokes, this game has been up for three days in asia yet all we get is nonstop problems in America

  62. May 16, 2012
    Just doing this because it happened to Mw3. I rather enjoy Diablo 3, and have had 0 problems. Everyone knew going in that it required internet connection. They didn't have to buy it, and Blizzard didn't need their money. All in all, they simplified most of the game, but games need to change. We cannot continue to have the same stale video games over and over again. Blizzard did an amazing job with this game. Expand
  63. May 15, 2012
    To be honest i like the game very much. I'm not sure if i can ever be objective about a Diablo title. BUT... Blizzard ruined not the game but the player experience with this online DRM nonsense! This is an absolute insult to loyal fans. Nobody should be forced to be connected to play single player all the time. I preordered the game as soon as it became available. I bought collectors edition. And when the time comes what did i get? I COULD NOT PLAY THE GAME EVEN FOR A SECOND! WE PAY THE MONEY YOU GIVE US A GOOD GAME. "Servers are full at the time" is not an excuse. You could make it capable then! BY FORCING GAMERS TO ONLINE DRM YOU ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO USE PIRATED COPIES. Expand
  64. May 25, 2012
    lack of skill and stat points, very outstreched gameplay with very little story. it gets really boring to pointlessly walk through caves and dungeons for hours. unbalanced melee and ranged classes. very unbalanced legendary gear(its rarely dropped and rarely useful). only 4 man co-op, no pvp. unbalanced elite packs at higher difficulty(elites are stronger than actual bosses).
  65. May 17, 2012
    Very poor. Cannot log into the game after having for about 24 hours, far too simplified combat, not nearly as memorable for monsters or characters as Diablo 2, and nearly no customization.
  66. May 15, 2012
    Just completed normal, and half of nightmare, its boring and all about crafting, no fun, no cool items, noo cool monsters, music is boring, graphics are old. Giving one for old blizzard reputation.
  67. May 15, 2012
    alright, enough is enough. If you are going to release a game online only, make sure u know what u are doing. If you are unsure, then release an offline mode that syncs with servers every so often with online as the main. But this is rediculous
  68. May 15, 2012
    It's essentially more of the same, nothing new, kind of a dumbed down version of Diablo 2, all features that had interesting promise in the development were removed since Blizzards target group apparently either are in preschool or are too stupid to understand skillpoints.

    Such a shame... don't understand the Hype.. what is new? Storyline is **** compared to other blizzard titles
  69. May 15, 2012
    Within the first few hours, it is obvious to see why so many are disappointed with something that was hyped up so much. Even if you ignore the DRM, the lag and the disconnections (as it is the first day), the game lacks any rpg substance that made the previous titles so good. Among other things, there is no depth in the way skills are managed, no attribute points, no customization what so ever (and by this I mean in any way, as everyone will have the same build as you),, and you can't even use your primary weapon to attack (that's right, it's just for show). Even if we ignore these, the game itself it just boring relative to other RPGs. Diablo 2, a 13 year old game, is actually much funner to play than this. If you're looking for a good sequel to Diablo, a true rpg game, or even a game that has any play value, I would highly recommend to look past this, it is definitely not up to scratch. And if you don't know where to go after reading this, I urge you to try the game dark souls, it is a brilliant rpg. Expand
  70. Oct 14, 2012
    Very bad game, outdated graphics, for a game that has been in developpment for 10 years this is a huge shame, it's going to be ported on consoles, pvp is late, game mechanics are bad, this game screams bad all over the place. I am a huge diablo fan but the third is just a pile of dump.
    Blizzard should quit Activision's deadly grasp already
  71. Jul 15, 2012
    Gave it a 4 because it provided a decent amount of playtime for the buck. But I only racked up that playtime due to playing with some friends. Even with that this game doesn't really offer much. Very linear gameplay.
  72. Jun 4, 2012
    This game is NOT good. It may please a few hardcore players, asians and gold sellers, but in the overall, its a very crappy game. - The story sucks, a lot; - The loot table is completely ridiculous; - Tons and tons of bugs, glitches in a game being developed for 10 years from a company with more then 30 years of experience; - A very healthy environment for gold sellers who spam the general chat and ruin the economy;
    - Stupid items with incompatible stats;
    - Too short, it seems that only act 1 received some attention, the rest is just a breeze and act 4 is so short it hurts;
    - Graphics could be better, suitable to the year the game was launched;
    - The combination of skills found in elite packs in Inferno is stupid, you will kill them, but you will die A LOT. Also, they will NEVER drop something to make it worth the amount of time you spent on them;
    - Repetitive, neurotic and obsessive gameplay, driving you to do the same things over and over again.

    I could keep going. The game is addictive for those with a lot of time in their hands, but its completely crap for casual players. Hell, even Bejeweled is better than this.
  73. May 29, 2012
    I would be playing today instead of writing this crappy review, but I'm locked out of the game all day because of stupid maintenance! If you didn't make us log into your stupid ass servers, Blizzard, we would be able to play the game I paid $60 dollars to rent (since I apparently don't f'ing own it - I would be able to f'ing play any game that I actually own, right dumbasses?). Only PC gamers have to put up this kind of **** I refuse to buy another Blizzard game until is optional and yes I buy a lot of games! Do you hear me Blizzard? Game itself 8.5. Having to be held hostage by Blizzards **** servers gets you a 1.0! This is how you lose your fans, Blizzard! Expand
  74. May 15, 2012
    Blizzard does not posses the technology to ensure their servers are able to handle this amount of traffic. Either that or the technology does not exist. Regardless of the actual reason, this game isn't playable at launch like every Blizzard product released. We can all be glad that Blizzard doesn't manufacture things that are important like cars, airplanes, space-shuttles, nuclear reactors, power plants or anything where lives are at stake. Bravo Blizzard, bravo. Expand
  75. May 16, 2012
    The internet need to play single player game is what killed the game.
    I don't have internet access all the time, so I can't play whenever I want to.
    Blizzard fails!
  76. May 17, 2012
    Graphics - Below Expectation
    Game Play - Below Expectation
    Music - Average
    Story - Disappointing...

    Broke my heart... Diablo 3 is not a bad game, it just fails to live up to the expectations...
  77. May 15, 2012
    Absolutely horrendous. I bought a single player game and I have to be online to play offline mode? What kind of wizardy is this **** I mean for christ sakes man if I buy a beer I don't expect an apple juice.
  78. May 15, 2012
    Disregard the trolls... that are giving this game more than 2. As always Blizzard-Activision is showing us how much they don't care about us, but about our money. The game is plainly bad, and it's made for the WoW audience, instead of the original Diablo fans. Even if you feel like you may enjoy the game (that you'll have problems even playing because of forced internet connections), do NOT buy it, don't give any amount of cash to Blizzard, do not feed the beast that is killing gaming. Expand
  79. May 22, 2012
    It is a big disappointment for those who loved d2. Putting online DRM and money AH aside the game is boring, monotonous, scripted and mindless. You have no control on your character : nothing is customizable, everything is automatic and done for you. So many years and so much money for a game to come out like this is unacceptable for the people who deserved a worthy sequel do the great game that was diablo 2. Expand
  80. May 18, 2012
    All I can say is this is...The game is unplayable. it disconnects all the time. It looks like this game was the beta for always-online gaming. the game looks great, and i got to play it for a few seconds...after getting disconnected several times it finally says some data doesn't match and i cant log back in. now i am told i may need to re-install the game i did....then it gave me the same error. where do i go to get my open-box refund? If my product doesn't work, shouldn't i get a refund? What do you mean the terms and conditions i accepted so i can play the game voids my rights as a consumer? Expand
  81. Dec 29, 2013
    Diablo 3 was good for about 7 days of gameplay, and that's it. Tremendous disappointment, stay far, far away from this and its upcoming expansion.

    Here's a list of the major issues:
    1) Online DRM. Leads to you not being able to play your single player game when servers are frequently down. Also you get some lag hiccups which can cause character deaths and slow down in the action.

    2) Loot drops terrible. Blizzard's goal seems to be to have all players buy their gear on the real money auction house. Loot drops are plentiful garbage, with next to nothing being something you would use. 99% of my gear came from the gold auction house. This is basically an E-bay simulator, not an ARPG. I suspect Blizzard creates loot and posts it themselves on the RMAH to make more money.

    3) Minimal randomization. Most of each map is the same everytime, have a few minor variations on sections.

    4) Very short game. You can do a run through in a few hours of all four acts. Add point #3 to this and it makes the game boring.

    5) Next to no character customization, again what's the point in playing this again?

    The combat system is good, but sadly the rest of the game is not. We waited 10 years for this?
  82. Jun 15, 2012
    After finally able to play leveling a monk to 30 and a wizard to 60, experienced inferno up to act 2. I can tell you what I felt is wrong with this game. While I have played diablo 1 and 2, I harbored no lingering nostalgia or yearn for an upgraded version of the predecessors, I only wanted an entertaining and fun game. Diablo 3 failed in that respect, It's just not fun or entertaining enough to warren multiple play through.

    One of the most glaring problem is that this game feel unfinished and I felt like I was a beta tester. It seems that nothing in this game is set in stone and you're investing time and literally money if you use the real money auction house in a very uncertain environment. Whenever the player find ways to make progress, blizzard will change things in the game to bar the players from making progress, this range from changing skills down to the gears that you payed for. Yes, what you buy today may not be what it is tomorrow.

    Changes are good most of the time, but blizzard seems to only change things that are favorable to themselves and not the players, it seems that their whole design and patching mentality revolves around their auction house. It's like making the auction house work is more important to them than making the game more enjoyable. There are a lot of useless skills on each class but they makes no attempts to change it for the better, not even hinting they will change them. However one skill that players found were useful and having an easy time with it, they hotfix it before we can blink. Another solution would be to give all classes useful builds, but I guess it's easier to make one useful skill in one class useless.

    It seems that blizzard is just working against the players instead of for them or with them. I highly recommend to just skip this game. You missed nothing, it's not revolutionary, it's not even evolutionary.
  83. May 17, 2012
    So, after finally getting through the multitude of errors stopping me from playing the game i payed for, the games a dud. It doesn't feel like diablo. I loved, and still love d2, so much i beat nightmare on hardcore. But you have no customization. Every other witch doctor has more or less the same skills as you, your choices simply do not matter.

    Oh and heres a bit of news that will
    probably piss some people off. The always on DRM failed. So while i am unable to play the game due to internet outage, or "Scheduled downtime" The people who stole the game are playing singleplayer without blizzard hovering over their shoulder. First you try to rip me off selling me 3 copies of SC2, and now this? Whatever blizzard, you've lost a customer. Expand
  84. Jul 10, 2012
    Not even as good as Diablo 2, which is a decade old. Mediocre graphics, and no gameplay improvements from D2. This entire game feels generic. Bland monsters, boring gear, avatars that all look the same.

    Diablo is the definition of a loot based hack and slash, and yet the two biggest drawbacks to this game are its very small bestiary, and its unimpressive lineup of loot to gather.
    A hack and slash needs a wide variety of interesting foes to fight to make combat interesting. Diablo 3 has very few monster types to fight, and they are all boring and unimpressive. The bosses are equally underwhelming. Finding good loot doesn't feel too special either, every rare item gets a dumb name by slapping two random words on it, and some random stats. The unique items are even rarer and not even as good as the random junk. Can't even customize the look of your character very far. Auction house is a mess that rewards exploiters and cheaters, and punishes honest players for not exploiting the game to earn large amounts of gold before they nerf the popular gold farming areas. Limited character builds take this action rpg from boring to tedious. Boring game that sold itself totally through hype. Bad story, bad gameplay, bad customer service. No self-respecting gamer will ever want to see Diablo 4, so hopefully we can bury this game franchise alongside Deckard Cain. Expand
  85. Dec 2, 2012
    For a game that spent so long in development, There is no excuse for Blizzard releasing the game that we got. This game is a slap in the face to any fan of the previous releases. The game-play is completely boring and repetitive, the voice work is very annoying, the art style while not bad, doesn't fit a Diablo game (It is really more suited for WOW) and the story is so thin you can see through it. This whole game feels phoned-in, like there was no heart behind it. Expand
  86. May 15, 2012
    Seriously, can I get my money back? Why would it be acceptable to charge $60 for essentially an unusable product? I was able to get in for a little bit, and based on that experience, even if I could log in, I would still want to try to get my money back. No skill point assignments, total handholding, a game that nowhere resembles the greatness of D1 and DII - Back to my original question, can someone at Blizzard please contact me about getting my refund? Expand
  87. May 20, 2012
    This is possibly the worst game in the history of all games. Bad boring gameplay, awful graphics, and a terrible story to boot. Diablo turned into a Pay 2 win with their new crappy auction house. Don't waste your hard earned cash on this garbage, Diablo is trash now
  88. Jun 6, 2012
    Piece of **** update all the time, can not work off line, result you wait and maybe you will have a chance to play.

    Story very short, not very impress
  89. May 16, 2012
    After 4 hours in a 24 hour span of nothing but error messages I finally was able to play Diablo III for about six hours. The game is nothing like what I had hoped. Every character of the same class is identical, except for equipment. There's no deviation in skills/abilities because their unlock is not strategically chosen by the player but unlocked based on level achieved. There are no stat points to spend to customize your ascension, there are no talents you can choose from a tree - it's just a skill choice + a rune choice for your attack, and every single player has the exact same options available to choose from, all of the time.

    The AI has been very buggy, with my followers just standing around watching as I fight. They sometimes just get stuck, unsure of how to reach me when standing just 10' away up a flight of stairs. There is no path finding to speak of - if I click on a point on the screen to move to, and there isn't a beeline path to reach it my character does nothing. Several times my character has lagged and jumped around on screen, and not due to the use of an ability.

    I hear the story is remarkably short compared to the previous Diablo games. So far the cinematics have been good (but HEAVILY compressed, and very messy with a lot of blocking/blurring during high-movement scenes, which seem common) and the in-game graphics look like you're playing World of Warcraft with a slightly different camera angle. The UI is improved from Diablo II, so Blizzard can tout that benefit from their mandate that all players remain connected to BattleNet ALL of the time. However, that could have been done without the draconic DRM that disconnects you the second your internet connection flakes out. I have yet to try the Auction House feature.

    I intend to keep playing, to see the game through to the end but so far Diablo III is a real letdown as a followup to Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD.
  90. Jun 20, 2012
    This game is getting worse week by week as they "patch" things that take away the fun. Basically anything you find good about the game now, next week they'll be gone.
  91. Jul 19, 2012
    I gave D1 and D2 high scores on another site, but this game is hands down the worst Diablo I've played, don't let some of the decent reviews fool ya, if you played D1 or D2 you're gonna most likely hate this game, if you haven't played either you might enjoy it. I am seriously at a lose for words on this game that is how disappointed I am with it.
  92. Jul 2, 2012
    Waste of money. The game is absolutely uninspiring after you reach lvl 60, its just one huge grindfest with no purpose, no variation or anything else, This game is one giant mistake, not something you would expect from Blizzard. Way under usual Blizzard-quality.
  93. Nov 26, 2012
    Lab rats in a labyrinth in search of cheese.

    But wait... You can also sell cheese to another rats for real money! A whole new level of inhuman experiments.
  94. May 19, 2012
    The game simply sux . And that about sums it up . adjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjhadjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjhadjghsdgjhsdfgjhdkffffffffffffffffffffffjkdhgkdjhfgjkdfghdjkfghdjkfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkghdkfjghkdjfghkdjfghdjfghjkdfghjkdghjkdfgjkdfghjkdfghdfjkghdfjkghdfjkgjkdfghkdjfghjkdfgjkdfghdkfjgidughuiehguewhguiheguiehgasdjfghsdkjh Expand
  95. May 16, 2012
    I am not jumping on the hate bandwagon, this is honesty pure and simple. This game, is, the BIGGEST let down, EVER. The DRM in this game has ruined it for me. I can kind of understand Starcraft 2, what being a competitive RTS, so, you need to protect players, but, this is just ridiculous. The game play is incredibly mundane and the environments/textures are bland. Epic EPIC letdown.
  96. May 17, 2012
    A huge disappointment. Blizzard what is that? What a f*** is that?! I must pay 60$ for this? I must pay 60$ for errors? The only problem is, I can't even play because of all the damn connectivity issues on Blizzard's end. So close....
    From Russia with love....
  97. May 15, 2012
    Horribly awful. No point in this game and it's pretty clear this was made just to cash out with the Diablo name so that retarded fanboys would shove more money into the direction of Activision-Blizzard.
  98. May 19, 2012
    Call of duty it is like a horse cal, but this game more worst that call of duty!Not good story, i never understand for what makes games like this, face palm
  99. May 20, 2012
    This would have been a decent 7 or 8, 5 or 10 years ago. After all - other companies who didnt care about hype but about making games have done it without 214124 years in development. Plenty of examples. Blizzards is being again a master marketer and nothing worked. Worked with Starcraft 2 due to better formula , even is amazing it did, and now - they pull it out again with Diablo. They made it worst - it is not even a poor action RPG, it is an arcade - you are not even poorly building up your char. I looked on achievements list and there was one - get 2 monks 2 level 60. Hah - why should i do that? To have 2 identical characters? Dont get me starting on the linearity of the story and the total lack of any illusion of choice. This game, in this year, after those many years of hype and "development" is a slap in the face to all those companies which are actually doing RPG with love and care and content and heart. Shameful. Expand
  100. May 17, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a rehash of Diablo 2 game mechanics wise, all that has changed is the progression has been simplified for people and the art style has changed towards WoW. There has been no innovation, even after a decade. Diablo 2 had it's flaws, absolutely none were fixed and although very few, more were introduced.
    This game is as shallow as they come. The only thing it does well is give
    you a great sense of progression, blizzard has captured how to do this exceptionally, and I hate to put it like this, but essentially the game provides fake fun On top of this, they promised the new way of progression would leave us with all kinds of builds and unique ways to end up. This is not true, all people have been building the same as they level up, then when it gets to 30-60 you have only 2-3 builds to choose from per character (unless you want to choose something... thats obvious nonsense....)
    This game is worth $60 if money is literally dirt to you.

    [Server lag and AFK timeouts in my single player experience]
  101. May 17, 2012
    First off I am happy that Blizzard finally came out with a new addition to the Diablo series. Unfortunately my review isn't going to be very positive when it comes to the overall score of the game. Starting off, the graphics for the game aren't even on par with today's standard. The main issue of this game is that it doesn't contain an offline mode or even a single player for that matter. That being said, me being a service member and being at sea quite often, I'm unable to play the game in my downtime. I feel this game is going to be just like Duke Nukem Forever, highly anticipated and blown out of proportion with how awesome the game is going to be. I feel also that this game will follow the same path as Blizzard's "World of Warcraft", level caps and expansions following in the upcoming years with additional payments required. The game is also set to and extremely casual level with checkpoints all throughout the game. What happened to the old way? I truly hope they address a lot of these issues with upcoming updates and perhaps redesigning the game( Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]