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  1. Aug 24, 2012
    Well made, but short, repetitive and with ver very little in the way of customization. The always online idea is arse and sadly the likes of Torchlight just do this so much better these days.
  2. Jun 6, 2012
    Ugh Possibly The Worst Game Of 2012!
  3. Jul 13, 2013
    Sigh. One of the biggest disappointments of 2012. BUT there is a remedy. Torchlight II. Go buy it. It's on sale on steam for $10 and will literally address every complaint you have with this mess.
  4. May 18, 2012
    Ha ha ha! when i look at the user score and then at the Critics' reviews i cannot help but wonder - DO THE CRITICS GET PAID BY MAGNATE COMPANIES to write reviews? :D Amazing!
    In any case, i'll continue to chime the same bells - beside a necessity in net-connection (let's put this aside and try to concentrate objectively on the game itself) - Diablo 3 is a failure because it TAKES AWAY
    from what has made previous titles so successful - it takes away Uniqueness, Replayablility, Character Customization. Very disappointed. Gave 3/10 simply for the effort.
    Let's not waste the hard-earned cash on companies that drive greed instead of customer satisfaction. Have you really thought about THE GAMERS, Blizzard? The answer is obvious and oblivious.
    I know that i rather support hard-working indie-games, who actually think about me - THE GAMER, instead of giving my money to an undeserving monster machine that is driven by forces other than GAMER SATISFACTION, be that gamer hardcore fan, or a newbie.
  5. Sep 3, 2013
    Simply put this game breaks one of gaming's cardinal sins, its just godawful boring. No thought or creativity was put into this game and even a year later there are still server issues for an offline single player game.
  6. Jul 30, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a mediocre hack and slash game with little to no character customization and an insultingly short campaign offering nothing out of the ordinary. Neither the gameplay nor the presentation brings anything new to the table, if anything the game brings less then you would expect from a hack and slash game since the game is devoid of any kind of pvp or characters customization that we have come to expect from the genre. The fact that i completed the entire campaign in a day with my friends could be forgiven if 10 hours it took was quality time. But no, the level design is pretty generic except for a few impressive backgrounds and a big part of the main quest feels like filler if anything. So in the end what you get from Diablo 3 is a mediocre action rpg with one of the worst drms i have ever had the misfortune to use. There is some serious problems when i cant advance in my single-player campaign because of stressed out blizzard servers. Stay away from this one. The sound-effects is pretty good though, i give them that. Expand
  7. Oct 24, 2012
    Why do all game devs these days only care about money. Screw your auction house, the whole point of the game is to collect stuff yourself, what is the point if you can just buy the items in the auction house? It's stupid. The game itself is too easy, Story wasn't that great,graphics are good, and gameplay is good. I just can't give a game a good score when the game itself is repetative and you can't play offline. The game should be limitless and not have it's limits. Get your s**t together or get out. That's all I can say. Expand
  8. May 30, 2012
    You can see how out of touch with reality the reviews are these days. So called pro critics all giving the game big scores... (For what is less defined) and very experienced gamers giving a much more reality based view. It is hard to critique this game simply because its an always on game. Brave to release a title like this on this basis. ADSL in most parts of the UK isnt "always on" to start with... bad former NTL areas now under the virgin brand are a classic example. I know people that can barely skype for 10 minutes at a time let alone play anything for a long period of time. Add that to the fact Blizzard seem incapable of keeping the servers up and you have a show stopping experience before you even get to the game. In a sense, in this case this is fortunate, because it hides this (MMO) Massive Mediocrity taken Online. It was how long in the making? What were they doing? Expand
  9. Oct 19, 2012
    After enjoying D2 years ago and years of waiting I must admit I'm disappointed. Don't know if time passed by Diablo or something else, but this game is BOOORING!! I hardly managed to play 2-3 hours and then went to cry for my money. Don't think I'll be back playing this anymore. Maybe I should give it change to get better but this 3 hours was too much... Feels like I played 30 hours.
  10. Nov 13, 2012
    If you played Diablo and Diablo II, then you'll know exactly what to expect in Diablo III. Most of the standard Diablo game elements are here, along with some new elements added in to modernize the game. So where did Blizzard go long? The game take far too long to get anywhere or to progress your character, the game favors grinding over exploration and progression and Blizzard has treated this game more of a MMORPG then what it should have been, a dungeon crawl. What's even more unforgivable is the fact Blizzard has actually changed drop rates to encourage players to use their over stuffed, over hyped auction house system for the game. Crippling the player's equipment just to force them to use another feature is terrible. Expand
  11. Dec 6, 2012
    Has absolutely no LAN mode nor plan SP, everything's online even your character and everything you have equipped. Gameplay is laggy even on an excellent connection but on the plus side GFX can be ran good and all that junk. Bad storyline and the updates are made by children (meaning children told blizzard this is good or bad and then they changed there minds so then everything went back to normal, there was even one update that had 2 game modes the exact same thing.. On day one the server had already crashed and had to be fixed- that should tell you something. My computer can run a bunch of games really good in high settings but with this game i recieve a BSOD, i have no idea why but my hardware barely gets used when playing this game so i rate this game 0/10 Expand
  12. Sep 13, 2013
    Stripped of all the RPG depth and character development of the first two games, Diablo III is disappointing from the start. But the pay-to-win, real money rip-off auction house makes this game nothing but a joke. To make matters worse, Blizzard then releases a console version that fixes some (not all) of the problems of the PC version, but refuses to give the paying PC customers a corrected version! PC gamers were used as a trial-run for the console port, and offered nothing for their suffering. When even respected developers like Blizzard have abandoned ethics, morals, and artistic vision, and turned to dumbed-down gaming, crappy ports, and intentional rip-offs, one must necessarily start to lose faith and hope in the whole gaming industry. Who will save us from the misery? Not Blizzard. Expand
  13. Jul 27, 2012
    Bad uniques, bad set items, no crafted items, no eth items, no jewels, no runes, no charms, no runewords, generally bad loot tables, smith not balanced, juwel guy not balanced, enemies not balanced, kite n run instead of hack n slay gameplay, no gameflow at all between act 1 and 2 inferno, bad balance of classes and skills, no pvp at all, steady serverproblems combined with no offline singleplay mode, chat bots, ingame bots, auctionhouse bots, exploiters that made billions and billions of gold worth ten thousands of dollars ruining the auctionhouse market. Take this list. Apply it to a game. Rate the game. Do it honest. Expand
  14. Mar 7, 2013
    Played this game a lot at launch, took a break, and recently picked it up again. Around launch time, things revolved too much around the real money auction house. They still do. Even though the developers continue to make changes to itemization, and while setting the monster power level increases XP gain and magic find chance, finding legendary items is still super rare and requires tons of grinding. The auction house is the carrot on a stick tempting you to bypass that grind by paying real money or tons of gold for end game items. End game items are pretty lackluster thanks to the changes in character development. The damage your skills do is now purely based on your weapon DPS which is tied to your character's chief attribute point. So if you're a barb all you'll care about is strength and vitality, a demon hunter or monk dex and vit, wizard int and vit, etc. So when you see a new item, if it doesn't have those bonuses to those attributes, it's essentially useless with a few rare exceptions. You also no longer have control over how to distribute your attribute points narrowing the list of viable builds for each class. Additionally, you unlock skills in order as you level up. "Runes" can be selected for each skill which augment or totally change how it works. Skills can also be swapped out at will once unlocked. This helps maintain some variety in play, but the number of skills are pretty scant compared to Diablo II. PvP was recently implemented, but most people seem to be doing PvE runs for legendaries or unique sets. Very few people are playing compared to Diablo II, a game nearly 15 years old at this point which should tell you something about how long times fans have been receiving it. Unless you're new to action RPGs or have never played a Diablo game, it's hard to recommend Diablo III. Expand
  15. Apr 26, 2013
    i bought that game on pre-sale, played it about 3/4 weeks and never open ir again. Why? Diablo 3 spotted the Diablo brand. Shame on you Blizzard, i was your fan. Why make the system too simplistic? Diablo 3 spell system is designed for a kid.

    The auction system has complete destroyed the entire game. The campaign are so quickly and repetitive.
  16. Oct 16, 2012
    I was going to give this game a deserved 9 out of 10 ... but can't. I've managed MINIMAL game time due to server issues. I don't care what the 'DO GOODERS' keep saying about 'Have patience'. I'm sorry, I've bought Diablo 3 to play when I wanted. Blizzard have my money therefore my side of the agreement has been met. Sadly, Blizzard have FAILED to do their part. The biggest challenge is getting past the login screen. TO THE DO GOODERS ... If you bought a car and it only came with three wheels and you were told the other one will be here in a weeks time, you'd complain. You would say 'Hold on, I've paid for a car with 4 wheels'. Well that is EXACTLY what WE the NEGATIVE REVIEWERS are writing about. It's POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and in these modern times we DESERVE more from a company who make computer games. I'm not bothered that it's day one etc etc etc. I've PAID MY MONEY and I want to PLAY THE GAME I paid for. That's the way the world works. Expand
  17. May 26, 2012
    A story that the fans cracked literally years before release, difficulty-setting with gear-dependance that had the AH in their sights since day one, epically failed launch and still on-going with latency roller-coasters, unresponsive controls and just obnoxious enemies around every corner.

    The philosophy that Jay used to "Turning people hardcore" by making a game impossible to play later
    stages without dipping money into the auction house is no way to please customers. It feels forced, necessary and dumb. If you want to make people "hardcore gamers", make a game addictive and fun instead of this miserable pile of **** which guarantees death, disappointment and endless grinding accompanied by an extremely lacking service lever after level. As far as the appeal go, graphics are extremely outdated and just like Wow, no matter how much you polish them, they will still look old along with a REPETITIVE story accompanying REPETITIVE game-play with a REPETITIVE set of maps that has no true "randomization" involved besides a small pool of maps and don't get me started on the music. Bye bye Matt. What's blizzard's first thought? FILL EVERYTHING WITH AS MUCH ORCHESTRA AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE THAT'S ALWAYS A GOOD MOVE. Thanks for leaving me hanging in over 10 years just to kick me in the balls, blizz. Expand
  18. Sep 26, 2012
    I rated this game as a 6/10 shortly after release because, despite it's flaws, I felt that the game had potential and a part of me really hoped that improvements where in the pipeline, as at the time of release things like overall combat, difficulty, loot and the auction house were clearly defective.

    However, after playing the game more than I really wanted to in order to give a fair
    score, I can honestly say that not only is D3 a bad game, it's... well, it's sort of broken my faith in gaming. It's that much of a disappointment. It's the definitive example of a company taking a franchise that was built with love and care at it's conception, and turning it into a soulless cash cow with a complete disregard to the common gamer.

    The scores on Metacritic are by and large NOT trolling. The critic scores, to put it mildly, are an absolute disgrace and a clear example of an attempt to buddy up to Blizzard - a gaming megalith - for future releases.

    Let me be clear - I'm a Blizzard fan, I appreciate the quality they have delivered in the past, but you have to judge D3 on it's own merits and not as a fanboy of the company.

    I could go into details as to what exactly makes the game poor - such as dumbed down gameplay, mind-numbing repetition, no time spent/reward ratio, an unbearably stupid loot system which renders 99% of everything you pick up utterly useless and a profession system which I can't find a negative enough word for... but it comes down to one very simple conclusion; Diablo 3 is comfortably the most disappointing game ever. But even if you took it as a standalone title and ignored the franchise history it's still one of the worst games of the year with very few redeeming features.

    Do yourself a favour - if you have fond memories of Diablo 1 & 2 and you're about to opt for D3, please don't. Keep your memories of the good times safe and sound.

    And the major review sites should be ashamed of themselves - actually ashamed - as you're misleading people into parting with hard earned cash for a title that they can't even return or resell when they find out how bad it is. If DRM is part of a title, honest reviews are going to be vital in the future.
  19. May 20, 2012
    Diablo 1 was probably the first gory game that I have bought and played for a really long time. After years, me playing Diablo would become sort of a gag for people at my dorm (click-click-click...). Then Diablo 2 came around and it was the first time I ever pre-ordered a game. And what a surprise that was. Pixelated, somewhat colorful graphics, no gruesome dying animations and magic items that would drop very rarely and not be as interesting as those in Diablo 1. But... over time and thanks to a couple of patches that fixed the item drop rate, I got to appreciate at least the basic gameplay. Still... not nearly as good as the first one.
    And now... Diablo 3. The disaster has been long in the making. For one thing, even less impressive graphics for its time than Diablo 2. Even more stylized. No dying animations at all, just crappy rag doll **** AND the world's most awful DRM: always on.
    At least one person here is complaining about people bashing new mainstream games. Well... that's because they suck! Every single one of them that gets very low ratings has screwed up something in at least one major way. I actually find it very disappointing that e.g. that bug-ridden, visually pretty unimpressive Skyrim still got fairly high ratings. It is GOOD when people fight against the **** that is being produced increasingly these days! And you know what people should do instead of only rating it low? Not even buy such pieces of crap! Because with that, you're only encouraging those companies to keep making games that are of sub-par quality.
  20. Dec 8, 2012
    Soulless. The whole game is like a shell which contains nothing inside. And countless people and my friends can confirm it was crap. We played it for a chapter and got bored and hoped it would get didn't. No offline play, no LAN play. What's worse...plentiful botting and accessing other accounts through public games? Blizzards security was almost as bad as the game itself. Items don't drop enough, it's topped by every other hacknslash in history. The creators of Diablo 2 did not create this game, instead they helped make other SUPERIOR games. Expand
  21. May 30, 2012
    This game review is serious. Serious as is serious the real world. This game may be fantastic or very addictive, it may be beautiful. But all that doesn't matter at all, because this game isn't ethic.

    At a very high price (60$) for PC standards, this game ends with the player's freedom. At launch, we met tons of server problems and many players couldn't play at day 1. Even after that,
    some days servers are still down for "maintenance" and you cannot play the game that you bought legitlly. Not happy with that, Blizzard probably will launch lots of DLC and the total cost of this game may surpass 100$ easily. And the worst thing: the real money auction house. For each transaction, they win a % of the money. With that simple principe, they could win money over the years without any need to do another game or do anything at all. And the worst scenario: some day, they'll close the servers and we'll be unable to play anymore because of the DRM system. With all this facts, Blizzard is calling me stupid, and I'm saying "Yes, I am" just for giving them their 60$. But not anymore, this has to end. Companies like EA, Activision and now Blizzard think they can do whatever they want, that they can steal their users, that money is the only thing that matters. That's way this game deserves a 0. In a normal scenario, proabably I could give it a 7 (because of the step back from Diablo 2 in some ways), but not as it is right now. And remember, my 0 could be unreal, but is just as unreal as all those 10's (no game is perfect). Expand
  22. Aug 24, 2012
    Blizzard / Activision has fallen from heaven. Diablo 3 shows us what happens when a good franchise is paired with abysmal and downright disgraceful business practices and devlopment. Here are my observations:

    1.) Always online DRM has proven to have disastrous consequences for my game because now I am playing in inferno and when bad server connection from congestion leads to me being
    disconnected--- after I have secured level 5 nephalem valor (from killing 5 bosses to enhance drops) at great, painful effort, I have to start all over again. The game's mechanics are just being plain disrespectful. I play Diablo 3 99% of the time in single player and this mechanic has done me far more harm than good. They should have included offline option out of respect for players like me but apparently they don't care. Disgraceful! 2.) Story is brain dead and unworthy of the franchise. Character dialog is terrible and has been barely thought of. The story is disconnected from that of Diablo 2 and clearly dumbed down in preparation for some sort of bi-yearly recycling. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Guess what!? Diablo, Mephisto and Baal are apparently alive again! Trapped in the black soulstone (how did they get there!?) and now merged together into a "Legion" demon! Which is crazy because you completely destroyed them in Diablo 2; their souls have been destroyed forever in the Hellforge. They are gone and will never return. But how do you recycle a franchise without bad guys right? SO LET'S UNKILL THEM!!!

    3.) Skill system offers little diversity. The very limited skills you get from reaching certain levels is really for plain brainless damage doing or avoiding/absorbing attacks. No intelligence required for use! Tactics!? Who needs that! Terrible.

    4.) Gameplay is anemic. I consider Diablo 3 a step back in the franchise. I played Diablo 2 for many years and that offered far more options for gameplay than this one. Now everyone can be a tank/nuker at the same time except in inferno where it is freakishly difficult so that Blizzard will force you to buy items in their auction house and if you want the best, REAL MONEY IT IS! Blizzard takes 15% of all transaction costs!

    5.) Gear system. Let me make it clear that Diablo 3 is NOT about player skill. It is about having the BEST gear. Skill in this game does not help at all with the super enemies in inferno (invulnerable minions with a boss that takes ages to kill) that will require you to have the best items in the game to destroy. You cannot even kite because Blizzard threw in the 10-minute enrage timer in inferno so if you do NOT kill the boss or champion group in 10 minutes your life will automatically rapidly degenerate to zero. So the only solution is BETTER items that you can get through auction house! They did not have to do this but they did to control you and FORCE YOU to play the game their way. I find that highly disrespectful as I want to play as I see fit. Nobody should kill you for not playing a game a certain way! And I play fair.

    Diablo 3 is a waste of money. The brainless convoluted Call of Duty-equivalent of RPGs. It is completely dumbed-down to appeal to a "BROADER" audience--- Perhaps too dumbed down. Blizzard expects us, their customers, to not care about the gameplay, story and experience. They expect us to care only for one thing--- hype. "I am cool because I play Diablo 3! Did you see the website!?". Regardless of how bad that game is. Their mentality has led them to spend outrageous amounts of cash on marketing to over-hype the game while they super-rushed, starved, and went downright thrifty on the development team which led to a game that is only a third as good as it should be (the way I see it, they took only 2-3 years to make this) Because they think we are all carefree kids. Not me. I am a fan of the original and this is not the successor of Diablo 3. You do not have to support this hogwash of a game. Show them that you disapprove of the deliberate trashing of franchises by NOT buying this game.

    I am giving it a 2. Yes this is a working game that does deserve more merit if it stands on its own. And by that I mean its own franchise. If this was a new franchise I might give it a 4 or 5. But it is not a new franchise. This is Diablo 3. The successor to what many consider to be the greatest RPG of all time. And I will grade it on that basis. If you are the successor then you should be better. If you cannot. Then save face and start your own franchise. And this game has failed miserably at that. I will not compromise.
  23. Aug 28, 2012
    A lot of people seem to hate this game, and I agree with the masses. Truly, truly terrible. It is a pointless clickfest, where you run around killing stuff for no apparent reason. Some "pointless clickfest" games can be really, really fun, but Diablo 3 is not one of these games.
  24. May 16, 2012
    WORSE DIABLO EVER VERY DISAPPOINTED !!! A) The worse DRM in the gaming history that requires you to be always connected and login with a server even for playing the single player campaign. I have never seen such a fascist and so annoying way from a gaming company to force even the Single player lovers to be always connected and all the time in the net just to play the single player part of the game.....B) Character customization along with the skill tree are far inferior from Diablo 2 and 1....C) Story wise this is a laughable sequel. The game story feels more like a low budget fantasy movie and like some short of soap opera and most characters in the game are forgettable D) The gameplay experience and most scenes makes this game seem more like a World of Warcraft variation than a real Diablo sequel with cartoony dated graphics. The game suffers from low quality textures and low polygon characters and poor animations , from the graphics point of view this new so-called Diablo 3 reminds me some old games from 2004-2005 period. E) WHAT Innovation???? You said innovation ?? Haha do not make me laugh you will not find anything really innovative in this mockery of a sequel.... Blizzard is just milking another cow it seems for the $$$money$$$$. Expand
  25. Dec 31, 2012
    This game just isn't good. I was hoping for the best, but I got the worst. They took casual to a whole new level. It took a good 3 hours to die my first time, whereas the previous Diablo games would truly challenge you killing you within 10 minutes if you're not good at it.
  26. May 20, 2012
    The Diablo franchise has now been reduced to a shameless & soulless cash cow and a slap in the face to all to the fan-base, his is not the game the loyal fans deserved after 12 years of dedication & loyalty.
  27. May 25, 2012
    People say not to give a game a 0, as clearly only fanboys do this, and their reviews obviously mean nothing. That is a very closed minded way to look at things. Some games do indeed deserve a 0 - Diablo 3 being a perfect example. There is basically nothing that Diablo 3 does that Diablo 2 doesn't do better. Diablo 3 is a perfect example of exactly what a sequel shouldn't be - Toned down gameplay, "b-b-but the graphics are better!!!"

    What redeeming qualities could this game possibly have that warrant a score higher than a 0? Could it be the heavily restrictive DRM? Could it be the pay to win BS? I feel like this "game" was bought more by people who are interested in the political / business sides of gaming, and the DRM that would finally be the end of piracy (which obviously isn't even true). It's like they bought it out of some kind of distorted, false interpretation of "morality", rather than to play a game.

    Diablo 3 is also a perfect example of why many people feel classic gaming is superior. The idea used to be "This company is providing a game that I am interested in. Therefore, I will buy it so that hopefully they will make more in the future. I like to have fun!" But now the idea of "gaming" is "Wow, this company sure did rape us all in the ass really hard! Now I'm going to go on the internet and accuse anyone who didn't buy it of being self-entitled!"
  28. Sep 17, 2013
    The implementation of the auction house and real money auction house destroys the fun for me. This is a poor idea, which destroys the excitement of finding something truly awesome after a long grind. There is nothing about this experience that can even come near the feeling you got in Diablo II, when finding a high level green item. All the super graphics, the smooth 3D engine, the nice music, and decent voice acting is all for nothing.
    Completing the game takes just a few hours, and after that, you are stuck with a pointless grind,
    which rewards you with absolutely nothing.
  29. Feb 12, 2014
    This game is a 4, the reason people are rating it a 1 is because it is the sequel to Diablo 2. It basically took everything that was awesome from the genre and that game and stripped it down to a crappy, boring experience. I did not enjoy any of the time I spent playing this game.
  30. Jan 13, 2014
    Not good, not good at all. Almost everything that made Diablo 2 special is gone. Especially the atmosphere. Its gone. Completely.

    Art style is so wrong, completely opposite of what Diablo should look like. Story is just stupid. Bad game.
  31. Jul 1, 2012
    Ok, I am rewriting this review because after getting near the end of the game in Nightmare mode the game have become brutally unplayable. Monsters are placed right near spawn areas, much of the time elites, and if you die then that game is pretty much over. Cheating one shot kills the second you spawn in befor e you can even get one click off is NOT fun. When I exit the game and come back in they are still waiting there for me and I am dead before the game is finished loading. It is an eternal loop of login/respawn and die. Expand
  32. Mar 7, 2014
    Diablo III is one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. The story is garbage, the graphics are cartoonish, etc etc etc. I had trouble seeing 15 months of development, not to mention the 15 years that D3 took. I'll be an old man for D4, not that I would waste my money again. To rub salt in the wounds, D3 is almost decent now that the DLC is about to be released. Too little way too late. I hope nobody buys the DLC to send a clear message to Blizzard that their game is pathetic . Expand
  33. Jul 19, 2012
    This Game ist Very Bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Nov 9, 2012
    Funny, I could have sworn I already reviewed this game. Anyhoo, I can only describe this game as a purchased virus. The few times I could actually play the game, every session was preceded by an hour of patch downloads. Now, I cannot use it at all. My account has been arbitrarily blocked more than once- This already happened to my WoW accout as well after I quit playing it for years. I spent way too much time trying to receive support since you need to log in to their crap for EVERYTHING. I refuse to MAIL them a copy of my driver's license or PURCHASE their authenticator to "avoid issues" such as this. When I had finally had enough of the ridiculous hoop jumping I went to uninstall everything Blizzard but their uninstall program does not uninstall the game- it just takes the shortcut off the desktop. Nice! This company should be the target of a class-action lawsuit. Their business strategies are nothing short of CRIMINAL. The game itself isn't horrible, but definitely not worth all the headaches to keep it going. It's like dealing with the DMV. I just want it OFF my system. I am done with everything Blizzard. Torchlight 2 is the way to go. Expand
  35. May 15, 2012
    I think the way reviews for good scores are written here that half of them are Blizzard

    Seriously though I expect waaay more from Blizzard, it makes me think they will butcher "heart of the swarm" as well.
    My how the mighty have fallen.
  36. Aug 12, 2012
    While fun getting through the game the first time the fact is at max level the game is dull dull dull. Recycled content and ideas only go so far. Blizzard got my money so I guess the last laugh is on me :)
  37. Jan 20, 2013
    It has had a terrible launch, no PvP, broken balance, fairly short campaign, mediocre storyline (some enemies have ridiculous combination of powers, like super speed, invisibility, teleportation and high damage attacks and there's completely useless skills in later difficulties), and I'm not even taking into account the *always online* requirement DRM, and modding not being allowed for it. One of the things that kept diablo 2 alive is being outright banned? To hell with this franchise. Its obvious Blizzard cares more about WoW. I'm going to find a better hack n slash game. Path of Exile is coming out soon. Expand
  38. May 22, 2012
    Game is great! But dictating when I am allowed to play it is not worthy of a single point. If Blizzard wishes to force us to login to the game then as a consumer I expect Blizzard to be online when I wish to play Diablo III.
  39. Jun 11, 2012
    The youtube videos of what Blizzard said was going to be Diablo3 are just complete lies and should be sued by many for false advertisement. All the slowly released videos to get you hyped up are completely non existent in what is Supposedly "Diablo3". Sad

    Well I have to be applaud Blizzard in all reality. From a business stand point it would seem like you're on the perfect track to make
    the shareholders at Activision very, very pleased.

    You've taken a game with so much hype built around it, a game with a rabid and wildly large fan base, a game vaulting off of the massive success of the previous generation - and you've turned it into your sacrificial lamb.

    I understand that WoW is dying. The cash cow that you have been able to depend on to fill your coffers is finally drying up. It had a great run. MoP is not likely to defibrillate the failing heart of what was once the WoW empire, and you know this. Starcraft 2, while an amazing game, cannot replace this cash cow - then again it wasn't meant to. How could it? Your business foresight is very, very attuned. Because of this you carefully planned your next chess move: Diablo 3.

    What better way to birth another golden goose than to bank an entire game off of the most addictive part of what Diablo 2 was: the item grind. Pure brilliance. And so, from the ground up, you formed this game to be solely about item exchange - this would be the titan built to replace WoW's subscription based bankroll in the form of micro transactions.

    Except one thing: you're boring.

    On May 15th 2012, after nearly a decade of anticipation, we were given Diablo 3! Except, it's not quite Diablo 3. It's a slimmed down, cut up version of the Diablo 3 everyone was taught to expect. Except, it wasn't given to us, we still had to pay you full price for it: $60.
    So where's the beef? - some might say. The beef is that this is not Diablo 3, this is an imposter. A hologram. An artificial replacement. A lame duck substitute for what hype built it up to be. A cut up and slimmed down version of what should have been. In essence: a slaughtered, sacrificial lamb.

    That leaves myself and thousands of others saying indeed, where is the beef? Blizzard's answer: there is no cow level. But hey, we got rainbows and unicorns!

    Is anyone still in complete denial about how truly boring this game is or have people started to shake off the honey moon dust?

    You eliminated enchanting, PvP, pet companions and other things from the release version so that you could market it as part of a later expansion for more money. (This is a trend in gaming that several developers have been following; withhold content you've been advertising for the past two years and charge a premium for it at a later date. I shouldn't have expected Activision-Blizzard to be any different, and that is my fault. I wrongly assumed this group was made of trend setters and leaders, not followers - so shame on me.)

    You didn't include a single player mode because you can't make money off of people if they aren't using the AH in a multiplayer format. Less work for you in the development stages, and forces people to engage in the micro-economy that your bankroll is based on. Again, brilliance. Which leads me to my final point:

    There is so LITTLE dynamic to this game I cannot believe it took this many years to create it. In fact, I don't. So why the long wait? I'll tell you: economic law.

    More specifically, the legality and complications that stemmed from the idea of a multinational game built around a Real Money Auction House. This process, I imagine, took years to iron out - while the game itself probably took no more than a few actual working years to complete (and it truly shows).

    It doesn't take an overly intelligent mind to figure WHY they would want to use a RMAH and get a cut of (a lot of) the transactions. That's fine. Here's the problem: you built the entire game around a pure gear grind, and then force that gear grind to revolve around the AH, specifically the RMAH. There is literally no other dynamic. When you build a game from a purely business stand point, you're not building a great game - and a great game this is not.

    In conclusion, gamers, do you really want to spend your time on yet another slave-like gear grind? If so, eat your heart out. You'll find no better place to do it! If not, there are a plethora of other games out there much more deserving of your $60, I promise.

    Diablo 3 was built around Activision's greed. Participate at your own will.

    Gamers hold grudges and people aren't going to forget this disaster. If you obliterate your true fan base, the pillars of your success come falling soon after.

    I give this post less than a few hours before it is deleted by Blizzard moderators. Can't have that bad flavor out there, can we? Truth hurts.
  40. Jun 9, 2012
    First the positives. First four cut scenes are amazing (last one is underwhelming). The epic feel that is present in those scenes is truly breathtaking and effort can clearly be seen. Graphics are not bad. I was expecting to dislike them because they were using the same point of view as previous Diablo games which were 12+ years old, but the game looks very nice, so much so that I would not mind seeing a real RPG (Baldur's Gate 3?) done the same way.
    Sound is very well done. Weapons and spell sound clean and you can really hear your attacks impact the targets.

    The Bad
    Story is HORRID. BAD dialogue with bad voice acting. Bosses exist to keep monologuing telling you exactly what they plan on doing and where you need to go or what you need to do to stop them.
    Difficulty is a joke. First time through, in 15-20 hours you won't die unless you really screw up. Second time around you fight a particular kind of an elite unit which can be more difficult than any boss fight. Third time around you will struggle to kill anyone... until you visit AH and spend 1 hour worth of gold pickup and get some rare items your level, unlike the drops which 5-15 levels below your level, usually with stats that make no sense, in which case game becomes easy, save for few elite mobs which again, could be more difficult than any boss. AH which is so heavily saturated with gear that extremely good end game elites can be had for 2 hours of grinding.
    Game is just too unbalanced. I have read that the inferno is extremely difficult, which could be true, but in 38 hours and two complete walkthroughs through the game and a third one more than half done, I think I have had ~2 hours of what could be called balanced game. Rest of it was way too easy and couple of occasions where it was just broken.
  41. Feb 19, 2013
    Biggest disappointment in PC gaming world. Blizzard took the near-masterpiece of Diablo 2 and dumbed it down for the WoW generation that needs instant gratification in everything. The story is god awful, worse than the trash Hollywood puts out every day. The items system is terrible everyone wants the same main stat/ vit crit crit dmg on every item and there is no choice. The actual amount of content is ABYSMALLY small (about 6-8 hours of gameplay) which is then replayed over and over in higher difficulties. Most classes run the same 2-3 builds because everything else sucks. Maps have almost 0 randomization, putting a huge dent in the replayability value that Diablo 2 and any good ARPG is known for. Game STILL doesn't have a full PvP system as of this writing, outside of gimmicky "brawling". Blizzard tried to dumb the game down and make money, but the players showed them that Diablo 3 is nothing but a polished turd, even after all of the patches to improve the game. For fans of good ARPGs like Diablo 2 I would highly recommend Path of Exile it reminds me of playing Diablo 2 for the first time. Expand
  42. May 15, 2012
    Yet another game series has been killed off by the likes of casualization in the industry. At least they bothered to change it from being rated T to rated M, but that doesn't fix even half the problems this game has. My biggest problem were the visuals. How does Diablo 2, a pretty old game, look so much better than 3? The cartoony WoW artstyle doesn't fit at all, the textures and models are crap, and the lighting is absolute **** The graphics even get in the way of gameplay, sometimes during combat there are so many random spell/skill effects on the screen that I can't see what's going on. Auction house runs on real money and the game has been significantly dumbed down for idiots. Always-Online DRM wrecks any chance of single-player which is how I played the classic games for the most part. All in all terrible game, wouldn't play. Expand
  43. May 15, 2012
    More of a tech demo than an actual game. Game is short with no soul put into it. No stat distribution. Similar classes are nearly identical without many options to make you different than other players. Only 4 players can play in a game, and maps have checkpoints are are linear. The classes also lack polish. The witch doctor is a shell of what the necromancer used to be, and the monk is a poor replacement of the paladin. This is what happens when creativity is lost in making computer games. The whole game feels like it was made by an artist who was forced to paint something he didn't want to. This game is a waste of money, go play diablo 2. Expand
  44. May 16, 2012
    The game itself is probably an 8/10, but the DRM sinks it straight down to a negative score. Unfortunately, I can't give it a negative score, so I have to go with 0 for now. DRM is the hemorrhage of the gaming industry, and it's time developers actually listen to their customers.
  45. Jun 2, 2012
    So, i wrote a review about how the story line and game play is horrible but i deleted it because i had to revise my opinion, I have been hacked twice this week because of blizzards horrible account system, there is no excuses for this, having an authenticator is not a solution to having a bad password system. only alphanumeric characters and they aren't case sensitive, not to mention there is no limit on log in attempts so bod can brute force accounts quite easily... Valve on the other had makes you send a verification to your email if you log into another mac address so much easier than buying an authenticator, this game is also horrible but their account system is worse much worse... Expand
  46. Jun 4, 2012
    Oh Activision, how you have utterly ruined the greatest gaming franchise in history.
    This entire game is based around Activision making money with the in-game real money auction house.
    Any opinions to the contrary are simply wrong. There was no motivation other than greed for making this game.
    This game plays like a version of D2 that was made for 5 year olds. No customization, vastly
    reduced loot tables, legendary items are terrible, set items are impossible to find.
    There are absolutely zero redeeming qualities to this game.
    Do NOT buy it.
  47. Aug 16, 2012
    Well, I got the Starter Edition, and I'm 100% positive I won't buy the game. By the time I reached the first boss in the game, I was getting really bored, mainly because of the same environment and the difficulty. You wander in dungeons a lot, at least in the first act. About the difficulty; This game is too easy on normal, and since I'm unable to change the difficulty, I have to rate that. Despite being totally new to the game, not once did I have to use potions. The exploration: If you're someone who tries to explore everything in a game, like me, then prepared to be punished. The dungeons have optional and main pathways, where the objective is. Thing is, if you went the wrong way (for example, you see your objective) you have to go all the way back to explore that one optional wing/room, and then again go all the way back to the main path. You get XP for mindless things like destroying barrels or benches as fast as possible. One positive thing however, is that you can interact with the environment to some degrees, like you can use a chandelier to kill some demons with it by dropping it on the ground.
    So long story short, it has way too few pros and you burn out quickly from it (3 hours for me), so I wouldn't recommend getting this game, especially for the price they are asking for it.
  48. Sep 25, 2012
    Even though there is so much hate in Diablo 3, it still deserves credit for the best looking and executed looting game there is today (in modern years of course). Felt like an MMO, but yet still "single player", D3 is very brave at attempting this untested water, with things like the Real Money Auction House. If there is anything wrong with this game, it is not the way Blizzard is treating the players (making us into their test subjects), it's with the philosophy that this game shouldn't be "too easy" because the economy of the D3 items would hugely affect their income. Blizzard misunderstood what "fun" really means for the majority of players: we play because we want the accomplishment by playing, not wasting 300 hours while still unable to complete all the challenges! So whenever someone clever enough to figure out ways to have fun, Blizzard goes in to "nerf" them. This is the worst game I've had where whatever you are having can be stripped away instantly from a single player game. If not for the huge D2 background, nobody would care about such a manipulative MMORPG without content updates. Expand
  49. May 15, 2012
    When I played D2, I liked most of all the feel of the game. Sure, I went on to play online and grind my way to greatness, but that wasn't what made it awesome. The general feel of the game was still that of an horror action game, this cartoonish look developed to cater to the wow herd is appalling, especially if you consider that the graphics look worse than torchlight. Now this game is designed around the grind mechanics, boss runs and wathever, but that wasn't what made it awesome. Add the online DRM, and this is yet another big disappointment for 2012. On a side note: I'd really like to see blizzard come up with something new instead of milking its old successes. Expand
  50. May 15, 2012
    The only score you can give a game that doesn't work is a ZERO. 12 hours after launch, I can't log in. Emergency maintenance is being performed, maybe that will fix it. If you want people to like your product, your product better be able to handle the load created by those people. Blizzard failed extremely bad with this product. Not only was it late, by about 6 months, when it finally does release, it doesn't work. Beyond that there are a lot of little bugs and inconsistencies in game like FPS problems and stuttering (if you manage to get in which I did for a brief period last night) that were reported when beta began yet never fixed, bartenders repairing gear but the blacksmith (who actually makes gear) can't, inaccurate tooltips and information in game and other various bugs. This is not a smooth release, this is not a finished product and hell, right now, it's not even a product at all since you can't play it. Expand
  51. Mar 1, 2014
    I wondered why this game was such a massive disappointment until I realized it was made by Activision. They have killed Tony Hawk, GuitarHero, Call of Duty, and now Diablo. After 12 years they finally released this game, and it is so worse than garbage that there is no word to describe it. I could go on and on about why, but basically this game leaves out everything that was good about D2 and adds a bunch of nothing...except for lag. I have not been able to run this game without constant lag on my year old dell. Ridiculous. BF3 runs at 30fps and still doesn't give lag anywhere near like this.  Expand
  52. Dec 27, 2013
    Diablo II is one of my favorite games and certainly the game I spent most time on, so I had certain expectations for this game and sadly it disappointed many of those.

    The good:
    * The graphics and in-game interface are great. There's really not much to complain about here: The game looks good and the interface has many comfort features that make managing the items and character very

    The bad:
    * Always online. There's no point in making a game that can be played alone need an internet connection. Also, the servers (Europe) have a very poor performance, even a year after the release.
    * No character customization. No stat points, no skill points. Once you're level 60, there's no reason to play the same character class again. Which leads directly to the next point:
    * No replayability. If you want your character different, you can just change the skills and items. The story is boring and the maps are always the same, too, so that doesn't exactly help.
    * Max level is too low. Absolutely stupid decision to make 60 the max level. They tried to fix it with the paragon levels, but that's just a small patch for a completely broken leveling system. Of course there will be higher levels in the expansion, why else would players buy it? Totally sad marketing strategy.
    * No ladder. Seriously? The ladder and the competition and friends that came with it was one of the greatest things about Diablo II.
    * Only 4 players per game and no open PvP.
    * No custom game names and very bad lobby interface (thanks to consoles). To create or join a game, you need to select difficulty, monster power, act and quest. That gives you about a million different combinations and with only a few thousand players online, chances are your game will be empty. All that, because consoles don't have a keyboard. Great.
    * Boring and predictable story. Not that an ARPG needs a great story, but they f*cked it up nonetheless by trying too hard.
    * No random outdoor maps. I can run through most of the game with the eyes closed by now, because the maps are always the same, except for a few randomized spots.
    * Real money auction house. The auction house is great, but including real money was a bad and greedy choice by Blizzard. Players didn't like it so instead of just removing the real money part, they will remove the whole auction house (no doubt because database queries require many servers and now that they don't make any more money with the auction house...). Greedy f*cks.
    * Removal of auction house in March 2014. Now players will get scammed on websites again when they trade items. Great.

    All I really wanted was Diablo II with better graphics and interface. Diablo II had millions of fans for a good reason, but that wasn't good enough for Bli$$ard, so they went ahead and casualized the game to squeeze out every dollar they possibly can. I hope they noticed that it's going to bite them in the *ss in the long run.

    The metacritic ratings tell the real story. Almost 9000 reviews. Average score 3.8. Yeah. Good f*cking job.
  53. May 26, 2012
    over hyped piece of crap game, bad graphics, you cant zoom you cant rotate your camera, bad story were you are catapulted into it with no real background, bad controls, bad bad bad .... blizzard yet again prove that they think their customers are brainless cows just good for milking
  54. May 28, 2012
    This game is terrible. It's too cartoonish, it's boring, easy and it's just dumb. You just have to mash your mouse button and you'll be fine. I expected more from it.
  55. Jun 19, 2012
    It's an inferior Pay2Win MMORPG; without the RPG, without the MMO. D2 and D3 have nothing in common as far as game mechanics are concerned. Even aesthetically they have nothing in common, heck Diablo's a female now with boobs.
  56. May 16, 2012
    Forget Diablo the lord of hell, the new Prime Evil that needs to be defeated is this draconian DRM nightmare that prevents legit costumers from playing what they paid for and which introduces lag into single player. If single player with lag isn't truly evil, I don't know what is. Forget hell, the HQ of Activision-Blizzard is where the true evil is to be found these days. Better take your sword, spells, or whatever and go there to fight evil. Just be prepared, there is much evil there and you better not go alone. And forget this game, it's just a shorter and simplified version of Diablo 2 with 2004 Wow Graphics that offers nothing that was not already done better by other games before. Expand
  57. May 16, 2012
    It's not even as good as D2, in any way whatsoever- loot, monster fights, skill variation/customization, fun, challenge. Why did it take so long to make a game that's subpar to the previous? It's like Duke Nukem Forever all over. The graphics are mildly improved, and the voice acting was a nice touch- in the end though it's a game with minor story and no surprises- which isn't what Diablo has been about but in the search for something positive to say about the game that's all I could find. That doesn't even go into Blizzard's greed finally making them join with the gold farmers- or the brutal launch from a company that should know by now how to run an online game... or that it has to be online no matter what.

    It's a game that could have come out... scratch that- DID come out 12 years ago. C'mon Blizz, you gotta go above and beyond.
  58. Jun 16, 2012
    This game should be rated M for Mediocre. I really wanted to like it, so I could play co-op with my friends, but the game is awful. The graphics look like something out of the 1990s, and that ruins everything. You don't care about the story or the characters because you can barely see them in the game, you don't see any facial expressions just their same lifeless portraits when they speak. The voice acting is all right, the warrior character I played actually sounds pretty cool, but that's not enough to save it.

    There's not a lot of variety in the locations either, from levels 1 to 9 you see a town, a graveyard, and some dungeons. There's so little detail in your character and the creatures you destroy, that they should have just gone with stick men. If the stick man version had some blood and gore I would have preferred it to this.

    The actual gameplay mechanics are weak as well. You don't customize your class at all at creation or after levelling, you're just given new abilities. Fighting is extremely unsatisfying unless you're fighting a boss which is rare, or a large group. You're just constantly clicking your left mouse button, there's no thought or skill required.

    And don't forget the constant internet connection requirement, not just of you but of their servers. I waited a couple weeks after getting my trial pass before playing, and when I was finally ready I was greeted with a message saying their servers were down for maintenance for another four hours. But other than that I played from levels 1 to 9 okay, and then uninstalled the game.
  59. Aug 24, 2012
    David Brevik is a good and decent man. To even think of how unprofessional and unskilled Jay Wilson talked about him makes me very angry. This game was released broken and no one should waste money on it.
  60. May 15, 2012
    I can honestly say there has never been another game that has disappointed me more. It is almost like Blizzard tried to make a game that could be simple enough to be ported to consoles. Because quite frankly this is really, really pitiful. The reasons have been covered enough, don't buy it.
  61. May 15, 2012
    DRM has to GO Blizzard!!!!! I want to be able to play this game years to come and what if your company decides to shut down the servers? Let me play the game I paid my money for without some BS always online crap. The game itself is awesome so far, but I can't play because your servers are down again. I like the art style of the game and music/sounds, combat is fun too. Unless you remove DRM or at least make option to play offline, I will give your game bad rep and 1 point out of 10. Fix your mess and I will think about changing my mind about score. Thank you!!!! Expand
  62. May 20, 2012
    Never again will I purchase a game from blizzard. My first time buying and my last. Selling a game that negates the entire idea of playing single player. You must be online to play a single player campaign? Just terrible. This is the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a game.
  63. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is so utterly bad, that even writing this is more than it deserves. There is nothing fun about it except the first few-dozen hours of initial gameplay, it has no depth, it has no quality script, it has nothing original, it's in fact regression in every aspect. This game would never have sold if it wasn't signed Blizzard and it pains me so many of us buy something like this, expecting something good from a supposedly good company only to be served STUPIDLY expensive (80+ dollars at some time!!!!) CRAP. I am not going to buy Blizzard game ever again, I'm done with this company. They used to make good games, now it seems they just cash-in on their established brand. Like every **** business these days. Expand
  64. May 15, 2012
    Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Ridiculously expensive, boring gameplay and ugly looking. Diablo 3 is utter mess and i cant recommend it to anyone.
  65. May 23, 2012
    I waited years for this? It is simply not as good as I thought and a lot of people told me, the graphics should be way better, the "roleplaying" is simple, short and boeing. In the end it is named Diablo but it looks like World of Warcraft and plays like an 5-year old free to play game. After being a big fan of Diablo and Diablo II this is very disappointing, also you have to be logged onto the Internet (RDM) even if u are just playing single player... what cheek! This is just an awful rip-off! Expand
  66. May 30, 2012
    Tired of playing the same crpg over and over and over for the last 15-20 years? Want something refreshing, surprising, innovative and challenging instead? Don't look here. If you're into seeing the state of the computer roleplaying game go absolutely nowhere, buy Diablo III and tell the corporation that paid for it that all you want is more.
  67. Jun 10, 2012
    I have played through the game on normal and now in nightmare and can honestly say it's the biggest waste of time and literally not much fun at all. I could have more fun painting my wall a new colour than with this game. I bet the later difficulties are challenging but seriously it's not fun. Just a load of drilling enemies, and even if you die you can spawn again and take them on again. Okay items makes it interesting but not until you realise there's an auction house for all the money you have so you can just buy amazing items and not die. This game is stupid and I hate it. Expand
  68. Jul 1, 2012
    I anticipated Diablo III for about a year expecting a really fun MMORPG, by the time the Beta released I was a bit disappointed after realizing the game would only allow four players in a party. But whatever, it could still be cool, and what are the odds that all my friends will buy this game and all be online at the same time.

    I got the game at its midnight release, and for the
    following week I honestly had a good amount of fun, spending several hours every day on the game and leveling my character. But after reaching Inferno mode, and really, mid way through Hell mode. I realized this game is almost completely pointless. Whether or not you defeat Inferno mode (I have not). Getting there becomes nothing more than an armor check and to get all the gold to get the necessary armor is just repetitive runs through one of the only four acts in the story.

    Choosing different character types doesn't add much to replay value because ultimately you'll just be using the moves and buffs that allow for the most DPS or armor. There's no personalization or real thinking involved in the game. There's not much to do for fun, you don't select the moves you think are cool, it all becomes simple computations of how to do more damage and better withstand the enemies which later on in the game can almost always one-shot you. It's completely ridiculous, and there's only one minigame in the entire thing that gives you a break from the monotony (which does become repetitive and boring itself soon enough) called "Auction House"...and that game is only fun for the first few times you try it too.

    I'd be lying if I said I never enjoyed this game, I really liked it for the first 40 or so hours, but after realizing what this game was really like, it's in NO way worth $60, hardly worth $6. The only fun you will have is playing with your friends, but that's a reflection of the good choices you've made with your friends and not the terrible choice you made in game purchases.
  69. Jul 7, 2012
    This is a game made by Satan himself(Bastard even got his generic name in the title) that summons an horde of demons to torture our kids while playing it, and make them too attached to money with the evil Auction House. All christian games should stay away from this game if they want to be saved.
  70. Oct 28, 2012
    This was a serious disappointment on many levels, ranging from gameplay complexity, through atmosphere, replayability, player interaction, gear availability, variability, and accessibility, to unacceptable story cheesiness. I know Diablo and D2 were not the deepest out there, but the genuinely horror atmosphere and murky, uncertain background made the actually stand out as original. DIII is totally the worst of cookie-cutter evil vs. good you can find, and it is so bad it made me almost choke. The game still offers decently paced dynamic combat and some nice, albeit too colorful, art, but it was not enough for me, certainly not at the given price. Oh, and the always-online requirement, especially given the incessant server trouble, is in my opinion unforgivable. Expand
  71. May 30, 2013
    1 point for cinematics -9 points for gameplay Act 1 was only good act in entire game everything else sucked hard .
    Act 2 makes me vomit Hurr hurr hahahaa i wont betray you go get my body & my head hahahahah thank you fool now i will destroy the world hahahah .
    Act 3 while you were busy raising the catabults my lieutnant stormed your cellar you will surely fall now after
    killing the fatty in cellar a mere victory over useless tool !!"!!!!
    Act 4 hurr hurr this is heaven basicly 1 kind of hallway over and over shemale diablo is waiting for you

    Positive --
    Act 1.

    AH & real money AH .
    Act 2 & 3 & 4 .
    Artificial dificulty we promise you you will die alot durr hurr lets add rare packs that are impossible to kill like molten jailer teleport mortar Gl with that .
    Angels are useless tyrael doesent do a damn thing and that strongest angel just keeps getting his ass kicked .
    Story sucks ass Cain dieing to evil butterfly .
    Graphics they are using wow engine that is like 8-9 years old this is worse rehash than COD.
    Loot basicly game is made so that you wont get any good loot and have to use auction house.

    Fire jay wilson remove auctionhouse atleast real money ah fix the loot make better story
  72. Jun 22, 2012
    gonna have to come back for a new review here; normal through hell are a fairly pleasant gaming experience; it wont last very long and its only fun your first time through. but the heart of the game; where all the loot tables are best; where 90% of all items are located; inferno mode. its a mess. designed around needing gear you could never ever ever hope to possibly get in less than 10000 hours played. itemization is **** for a game that is all about the loot.

    every single part of the "end-game" is directed to try and get you to use the RMAH; the game has no offline mode and the always online is frequently down and always laggy.
  73. May 16, 2012
    Shocking and disappointing. If you can get over the fact you have to pay above average for the game and that you can buy in game money for real world money there are still major problems. Before I get to that I still want to say that this game is nothing more then an obvious money sink now rather then a true attempt to carry on what may loved about D2. Its my love the last game that made me give this a go and put aside the unpleasantness surrounding the game. I should have known better. Things have been stripped apart like customisation and how can you not have an offline mode?! Oh right, need to make money as mentioned. All other game companies while obvious like EA, at least rationalised things like pre-release DLC. What Blizzard have done to Diablo 3 make them look like good guys!!! Wow cant believe I can say that. As for gameplay, well since the servers have collapsed things arnt going great there either. Yet another blunder on a list longer then my arm. To be fair the games started off quite good, but there are so many things missing and already Im seeing fast tracked explanations and associations. I think I may grow to eventually like the game, but I cannot justify Blizzard antics, this has become a circus. Thus my zero. Sorry Blizzard. You become a monster of your own success. Its apparent its about the money and not the game and so you have forever lost a customer going forward Expand
  74. May 16, 2012
    How is it that a company that pioneered so much with WoW and SC2 can fail so hard with Diablo? I can understand servers going down with WoW; never before in the history of the industry did people see load like that on day one. With Diablo 3, it's been 8 years since WoW, Blizzard should know stuff like server stability by now. Why the hell are the servers all continually down? I can't even play SINGLE PLAYER because of the DRM requiring me to host my one player games on their servers. To anyone reading, please take a note of all the 'official critics' who have reviewed this game with scores like 90/85 etc; these guys are the ones that Blizzard has paid off. I remember back when Blizzard was a good company and they let people LAN games and play one player locally. I don't want to keep ranting so I will close it off. Don't support Blizzard. Don't buy this game. Expand
  75. Jun 21, 2012
    Mkay so I'm 100 hours into the game and i dislike it more with every hour played. Its not about difficulty lvl - fresh after getting to 60 i geared up from ah with like 1 mil gold and act 1 was easy mode. First time i did it died maybe few times entire act, had to skip one elite pack that had too nasty skills for my class. Constant connection? Meh, dced few times in total so its not a biggie . But cant imagine playing in hardcore. One dc/lag and you're done... Increased repair bills ? As i said i don't die that much. What i REALLY HATE is how I'm forced to use ah all the time. During leveling if you don't use ah then you will find yourself running in gear thats for 20-30 lvls lower. Good luck with that. As lvl 60 i have ONE item that dropped from monster i killed. Other then that every single piece of equipment came from ah. Is that how games suppose to be played? I don't think so. I don't mind farming, played Korean mmo for almost 3 years ... but i need to know that there's some reward waiting for me in the end. What diablo offers? Ability to sell my gear at rmah once I'm done with it? I don't need to make money out of games, it suppose to be fun not work. If i spent 10 hours in game killing monsters and in the end i don't have even one item i can equip then whats the point. Why as lvl 60 in highest difficulty 80% of my drops are for low lvls? Another 19 has some messed up stats. Maybe 1% is worth selling in ah... Diablo feels to me more like on line market simulator than action RPG. Sure you can play the market, get rich, buy best stuff available in game but ... I rather play something else. Expand
  76. Jun 4, 2012
    What could have been a fairly good standard hack'n slash turns into a complete and utter failure by implementation of a real money auction house that forces players to buy equipment there, because drop rates have been reduced dramatically in order to prevent the real money market from being flooded by too many items.
    The items you CAN find are fubbish 99% of the time. Servers are not very
    stable. Overall the game annoys the hell out of me and I stopped playing it after 2 days. 0-/10 Expand
  77. Feb 7, 2013
    This game failed to improve on Diablo 2. The game has way too many changes from its predecessor. In addition, D3 lacks an end game as the Auction house renders the item hunt short lived. Also, the content (Acts only 4) are quite short and after you complete the game on normal (only option at first) that is all the content and sanctuary completed. So basically Diablo 3 is rinse and repeat in terms of content. Other issues include a very poor non competitive dueling system played on only 1 small map/arena. In conclusion this is a game that failed in terms of content and providing suitable end game options e.g. pvp/ custom games/map editor not existing. Expand
  78. May 21, 2012
    Whats with the hate ? jezus kids this days. graphics is not important the game that is important. The storyline is great so many background story`s lore and more. Dont know why people complaining that there is no storyline wtf. Oke compare to the old style this is just bigger and better. Why ? because its easy to play hard to learn how to control your skills and how you team up. Its more like league and legends the same element have been use. Now compare the game to this century its old school so many kids dont like this type of game play. So for more negative post **** off please. complain some where els please. So in short the game is what it is easy (normal mode) the rest is damn hard. Even bit to hard. Is this game right in this century ? no its not people dont like this art of gaming. The only want 3D models and 3D game play. So a 9 for diablo 3 why not a 10 because its only online. And there is no offline mode. People love to cheat hack and changing game elements and mods but know its not possible . Expand
  79. Jul 10, 2014
    When I played, Diablo 3 was a greedy auction house fest, with loot algorithms designed to force people to buy items from each other while giving Blizzard a cut of the money spend. Considering the price of the game and the impact it had one quality of game play, this was extremely unacceptable.

    They supposedly fixed these issues and removed the auction house in the mean time, so my
    review from back then is no longer valid. Not gonna waste more money or time on the game though, so I'll just set my score as close as possible to the average player score and then clearly state that I have no idea if the game still sucks in the current version. Expand
  80. Sep 20, 2012
    This just might be the biggest let down and over hyped game of the decade. I wish i had waited to buy to it and had not gotten digital or i would have returned this months ago. Some may like the simplistic grind till you progress game play and the real money AH, but when you really look at the game and the classes you are left disappointed and just sad that the series could end up like this.,
  81. Jan 2, 2013
    Absolute thrash of a game. Unfortunately Activision or Actiblizzard as some like to call them decided to create a 3rd installment of an epic hack and slash series - probably just to kill it, but milk as much money from suckers as possible before the death. How to kill an epic series like that? Make a short, boring game with no real pvp, patch it often but change almost nothing with them and worst of all - make it a pay2win with drop rate control working solely in order to bring more profit from auction house. Those crap-artists from actiblizzard used the credit of previous games of the series to advertise their own thrash product. The caught the sucker fish on the hook... Expand
  82. Sep 16, 2013
    After several hundreds of hours of gameplay I find myself regretting a large chunk of it. A sliver of the game is enjoyable while the rest is boring and dull.
  83. May 15, 2012
    Probably the worst game I've ever played. Does anyone else remember those fine, fine days of hours and hours of playing nothing but Diablo II back in the day? There was nothing better. Now, all of those days are ruined forever with Diablo III, which could quite possibly be the worst game I've played in the past ten years. For starters, the servers are completely broken and flawed, with absolutely no way to get into the game until you've waited more than 30 minutes and blown your brains out with a shotgun from the stress of yelling at your computer screen. On top of that, even when you do get into a game the gameplay is basically just a broken mess and a complete shadow of what Diablo II was. It's weak and unbearable, just sad to say the least. Do yourself a favor and never touch this pile of flaming bear crap. Instead, you might as well just burn down your local gaming retailer for simply stocking the game in the first place. Expand
  84. Jul 25, 2013
    Among all three (four if you count Drakensang) diablo-ish games, Diablo III, supposedly the 'original title', has to place 3rd or 4th overall. You can argue Drakensang is the worst of the four because of its insane pay to win cash grab, but Diablo 3 is not better by a lot. The only advantage Diablo III has over TL2 and PoE are: 1) Diablo III has better graphics than TL2 2) Diablo III has better physics effect than PoE

    and that's it. TL2 and PoE does better in almost, if not all grounds, and they are much cheaper games.
  85. May 18, 2012
    Since my first review was deleted(didn't contain any spoilers, nor inappropriate language), I'll keep this brief.
    If you loved D2, prepare for disappointment.
    If you've never played anything else in this genre, play anything else in this genre.
    Artstyle: grimdark cartoony(think WoW:Cataclysm)
    Writing: As regards quality of writing, nothing can be called good when it retcons so much from
    the previous games
    Gameplay: standard gameplay of this genre, with the exception that character customization has been axed in favour of gear progression. Higher difficulties just mean bigger numbers.
  86. May 21, 2012
    Worst diablo game yet. Lag in SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. Constant server downtime to play a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. Blizzard condoning using real money to buy gold and items. This will allow bad players to charge their credit card in order to cheat and be the best. Inferno difficulty is designed to suck real money out of players. The game economy is intentionally ruined by Blizzard so they can have yet another cash cow. **** you blizzard. **** you. Expand
  87. Sep 29, 2012
    I was profoundly disappointed with Diablo III. I played several weeks AFTER release day, so my review is based on the game itself, not the customer service nightmare that was release day. I played the original Diablo and Diablo II, and unfortunately, 10-12 years of development (or however long it took them) didn't result in a marked improvement. On the positive side, I will say that gameplay feels more organic, and each class feels more unique than in previous installments. I admit, I loved the unique feel of the different classes, the animation for their various abilities and being able to tailor these abilities to my individual play style. I also like the fact that I can choose a gender for each class, whereas in previous games your gender depended upon the class you chose, so that was a definite improvement. My main gripe with this game is that, after an hour or two, it's BORING. After you get past the "OMG it's D3!!!" feeling and actually play the game for a few hours, this is what the experience comes down to for me: Run Around. Kill Mobs. Loot. Run Around More. Kill Mobs. Loot More. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Previous installments of the game felt darker and instilled actual fear in me while I played, as the atmosphere and story engaged me and made the experience feel less grindy. The story in D3 seems more in the background than D1 and 2, and the repetitive gameplay and the relegation of the lore to the backburner greatly decreased my engagement in the game. It felt too easy, too repetitive and lacked the depth that was an integral part of Diablo I and II. Some would argue that Diablo I and II had very little depth, but I disagree. Yes, the story of Diablo didn't have the same complexity of the Warcraft or Starcraft franchises, but the lore was still rich and evoked a sense of fear and darkness that I simply didn't feel in D3 - even with the added cinematics, which felt hollow somehow. All in all, I was profoundly disappointed in Diablo III. Though it looks great and the classes were unique and fun to play for a short time, Diablo III felt repetitive and fell flat. It sadly lacks heart, and felt more like a generic hack-and-slash money-grab than a high-quality, complex universe that Blizzard was known for producing in the past. Expand
  88. Mar 1, 2013
    Diablo is a girl and Cain gets killed by a Power Rangers villain who uses butterfly magic. Boring items based around the same 3 stats. No build diversity at all. Auction house sucking the life out of the game as predicted. Terrible voice acting and dumb quests that you can't skip. Can't skip between acts. Only one act is viable for farming. Why would you even farm at all you into S&M or something? Even the games lead dev and head CM know the game is bad. They quit rather than try to fix it! LOL If you like torturing yourself and get off on watching the Diablo franchise fall dead at the feet of the corporations then buy this game. Expand
  89. Jul 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Diablo 3. A game i had a lot of hopes for. When diablo 2 was still new and shiny, it was a MUST for me and many of my friend's, i remember before going to school at morning i stopped by a classmate...We played some cow runs and then went to school together, chatting all the way about how good the game is. Enough of that. I'll go trough some pointers about the game.

    Story - Most important factor for me when choosing a singleplayer (This game does not have community and playing with friend's is not a benefit since you can only fit few of em)...Well story was bad, very bad...Not just a favorite "good" guy got turned into human like in B-Type Hollywood movie "You guys suck, i save humanity by going weak!" and other one died.

    Gameplay & Difficulty - Gameplay was very nice for a while. After i hit lvl 60 i realized i was playing a very polished experience of "run trough everything". It was fun to get exp and unlock new stuff. After 60 rapidly everything is dumbed down. You don' get experience, you don't get new skills, no attributes and only way to progress you'r character is to get more items. I reached act 3 inferno. It was pretty challenging...It did not test my skills how i can time my spells or how can i ditch damage before an object hits me. It tested how good i can run and do few hits, then run even more...Do enough dmg in 5min's or start over.

    Items & AH - Items...Legendary/Set item's has nice stats. Some of em has quite nice affixes...They are not very useful though...This game revolves around having very high dps weapon and as much of main stat you can muster. Then it's same old critical chance, critical damage and attack speed. So when you look for an item, you need same stat's you are having on you'r character right now, but with improved versions. Blizzard said that you don't need to go to ah/Rmah in order to progress...Well on my quest to find awesome items that will carry me trough inferno act 2...I farmed a lot and only found several good item's...For someone else. So natural progression...It's doable...If you'r butt can hold enough to farm same act for hours and hours...

    My real review:

    This game is made for people who like's to grind same thing over and over without having no benefit if possibility for some real money cash is not counted for. You'r character wont progress and character will never be a unique in ways it was in Diablo 2. Everything is set the second you create an character and there is no customization (You can ink you'r gear, unless you like legendary quality....). I highly recommend for a person who isn't looking a game that last's long. Play the game trough and forget the thing...You will be satisfied, as a person who was looking for a game to play long time....Well let's just say i was stupid enough to fall for the trick that Blizzard can make awesome sequel. Graphics are okay in my opinion, sadly it's 2012 when they could push harder for better quality. But it's known fact that blizzard sacrifices graphics quality in order to get more people into the games. I learned my lesson...I will not buy a another blizzard product unless i see all fact's about the game. This game was unplayable for some time and looking at it's future it wont be a game most of us hoped it would be.
  90. Jun 1, 2012
    i bet people rating this game more than 7.0 is just either little fanpet of bizz or on its pay roll. i wait till i finished hell mode to write this review, and i am not going to compare this game with diablo2. First of all, Graphic is dated. Audio is just bad, i am not saying the music is bad, but the way they deliver is just stupid. Combat and mixing skills for different mob seems fresh for a hack'slash game at first. but eventually u will find that there are no need to mix skill and stick with one set of skill. a lots of my frd told me the real fun starts at hell mode. (was busy these days so i m a little bit behind) but, the way i see it, it is just stupid. there is absolutly no point of scouting the map for rare monster, because the drops are bad. u will end up buying all ur eqiupment from AH and run striaght to the boss, in which it takes away all fun for the rpg experiences. i literally felt asleep while i was click, click , clicking. this isnt a sign of a good game, i remeber when i played a new GOOD game, i will stay up just to say whatelse the game is offering even when i have a early morning meeting. Diablo 3 do not give me that at all. **and one more reminder for all u fanboy, the new patch nerf some skill and the reason of it is that u are not suppose to beat the inferno mode at this time. WT..F?????????? Expand
  91. Apr 13, 2013
    Ridiculously terrible and sad game. Biggest disappointment of a decade. The only good thing about this game is nice art in game. The bad is no randomly generated maps, server down time, ping problems, end game is pay to win this list an go on and on. Also, dumbed down game play due to being ported for consoles doesn't do any good to the game either. Even though most people did already I suggest that you do not waste your money on this game. Expand
  92. Feb 9, 2014
    Not really good remake of Diablo 2 which looks like cartoon. This game is cheap as dad from Transformers movie. Frankly, I want my money back as this is not "Diablo" as I (and many) expected, it's a different game that speculate on Diablo name. Don't seems like I'm buying any other Blizzard games, not before a lot of good USERS reviews at least, as Blizzard reputation is non existing for me anymore. Expand
  93. May 15, 2012
    The little of the game I was able to play was horribly squandered on dealing with lag for a SINGLE PLAYER game. Since disbanding Blizzard North, Activ-Blizzard has really gone -south-. The DRM makes this game honestly not worth it, for something with a $60 price tag, you would think the game would be a complete product. I'll be getting Torchlight 2 and wishing about what could have been.
  94. May 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The leveling of characters through 60 in normal, nightmare, and hell modes is quite enjoyable, which is enough to keep players occupied for many hours. Unfortunately this game falls short in the end game, story, itemization, and lack of offline play.

    The story itself is uninspired with terrible dialogue. Anyone who was a fan of the previous games will literally cringe at the death of Deckard Cain, who is killed by a character attempting to get him to reconstruct a magic sword for her master. How exactly was he going to do that while dead? Why does she leave without the broken sword allowing him to reconstruct the sword? Why did this scene only warrant terrible dialogue and no real cut scene? Why does she abduct Tyraal instead of Cain? It makes no sense, and like the rest of the plot, reads like it was written by a 12 year old. Inferno mode is tedious and not fun. It consists of massive damage boosts to all mobs resulting in 1 shots to most characters attempting to enter it. Act 1 is playable because the zombies which dominate the act are slow moving, but upon entering act 2 be prepared for constant and unavoidable deaths no matter how well you play unless you spend tons of time farming or pay to win in the new real money Auction House, which allows players to turn an already paid for game into a micro transaction game. This feels like a way to milk the players for cash after they already spent 60 dollars on a retail product.

    The statistics for your character are poorly explained in the interface, and some of them are not even accurately displaying what occurs in the tooltip, resulting in players gearing the wrong stat. Along with the poor explanations of statistics the itemization for legendary and set items is so terrible that most players choose common blue drops for weapons instead of legendaries. It makes the attempt to acquire gear feel boring and stale because the most rare drops are not even close to the most powerful. Players should not have the best chance of finding good gear when they look through their bags and read all of the stats on their found items, they should be excited as soon as they see the color of the very rare drops on their screen.

    One last problem is the lack of an offline mode. This game could easily be played as a single player game and the previous Diablo games from 12-16 years ago allowed players to still experience the game without their internet connection being active. This removal of a key feature is obviously done in an attempt to prevent piracy, but is done so at the expense of their own paying customers.

    If you want a good hack and slash leveling experience and to try out the customization of all 5 character classes then you'll have fun with this game, but in its current state the vast majority of players will not want to play this game for more than a few months once they've had their fill of the overly punishing and more importantly tedious end game.

    Enjoyable leveling and character customization but poorly designed end game, bland and poorly executed story, incorrect itemization choices and explanation of statistics, and the removal of offline play hold this game back from being anything but just another fun but flawed game. This should not have been the case from a company as highly regarded as Blizzard.
  95. May 16, 2012
    Even without the server issues (which I did not experience)... the game was just bland, boring, and certainly not the diablo I've grown to know and love
  96. May 21, 2012
    I'm new to the Diablo franchise and I know part of its appeal is replaying on harder modes with different player types but I can't really recommend this game to anyone who doesn't know exactly what they are expecting. Its a short game that seems like it should be on the IPad not the PC and has some serious serious technical flaws. Onto my main complaints. First is its very short, Compared to something like Witcher 2 or Skyrim this game just seems so tiny, it really feels like an IPad game you'd pay £6 for. Even though its short much of the content isn't varied or interesting, particularly in the dungeons.

    Also the graphics aren't great, its not even that they're unattractive but rather its that they don't fit in with the dark sinister feel of the story. Finally, despite my rock solid network connection which I play games on regularly, I kept getting kicked out of my own single player game because it claimed it has lost my connection. Each time it did it I lost my progress, starting at the last checkpoint. If it wasn't for this very frustrating nonsense I'd have been completed even quicker.
  97. Mar 17, 2014
    Reduced my rating from 3 to 0. D3 no longer exists in it's original form. Blizzard killed the game with patch 2.0 for worse. All they needed to do was give us simple things like more acts/areas to play, events, etc, not revamp and facelift the entire game balance and mechanics. Barbarian class is garbage now, whilst Wizzard is godly. Main stats are on steroids, life steal buried, AH buried, BOA and no trading possible. PvP still doesn't exist as was promised >3 years ago. Blizzard/Activision is a garbage company still trying to ride on their past glories from decade ago. Expand
  98. May 20, 2012
    I found that the looting system in Diablo 3 disappointing. Once you hit hell the grinding begins and there doesn't seem to be any reason to do it because your options don't really exist but in some lame ass skill runes. The skill runes suck because they're just a breakdown of what each skill should have been without the runes anyhow. Its a graphically impressive games with some real pro work on fx but thats doesn't excuse the poor design. Expand
  99. May 28, 2012
    Huge disappointment. Story was meh. Servers are crap (I love lag in a single player game...) and are constantly being brought down/restarted. AH still doesn't work. PvP isn't even in the game. Act 4 was never actually finished. Nothing is remotely balanced. Endless bugs (from pathing/jittering to stupid follower AI to item stats that don't even work to boss abilities that bug out, I could go on for pages...) End game revolves around the AH, as there's no feasible way to grind or farm the gear needed to progress without buying off the AH (the one the doesn't work). With the RMAH in the works blizz made sure that the only way to succeed was to buy your way through inferno. In the end its a 60$ bug fest that is pay to win... Oh how the mighty have fallen. Expand
  100. Jun 20, 2012
    I've put about 150 hours into game with 3 high level characters so you know that i have played this long enough to tell you DO NOT BUY THIS GAME:

    The game was exciting although repetative up until inferno (last difficulty). In order to get past where i'm at i need millions of gold because of the broken economy in Auction House. In order for me to get that gold i either have to grind for
    one hour per 100 thousand gold or i can just buy from the "real money auction house" for 1 dollar per 100k gold. So basically grinding becomes extremely boring and repetative and makes you almost forced to pay real money to continue. If not, you're literally grinding for 1 dollar an hour. In order to get the gear i need to finish with second act of inferno I need min 15 million gold which means i either grind 120 to 160 hours the same damn part of the game or pay out of pocket 150 dollars. Than it gets worse in act 3 and 4. This game is cheap in the fact the content is so short only made harder several times over (they did that in diablo 2 which was fine cuz of limited space on CDs , now its just an excuse of being lazy in order to not make further game content). The art is pretty, but the graphics are terrible at least a good 10 years out of date. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]